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Freeport Cemetery - Winneshiek County, Iowa

299 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 1/27/20 at 6:00:09 AM CST

A:   ANDERSON, Alfred M.; ANDERSON, Alfred P.; ANDERSON, Andrew A; ANDERSON, K Olia; ANDERSON, Maud A.; ANDERSON, Rachel; ARMENTROUT, Charles Wm.; ASK, Johan; AUSTIN, Stephen
B:   BEEBE, Chas L; BEEBE, H.; BEEBE, Harriet; BENNETT, Hannah; BENNETT, Hannah; BENNETT, John; BIDWELL, ????; BIDWELL, Theodore; BLEND, Charlie; BLUMER, Linus A.; BROOKS, Alice M.; BROOKS, Charles; BROOKS, Harry A.; BROWN, Ferman G.; BULMER, Miner C.
C:   CLAUSEN, Martin; CLAUSEN, Minnie C.; COOK, Emma M.; COOK, William T. S.; COUGHLIN, D. F.; COUGHLIN, Georgie; COUGHLIN, Georgie W; COUGHLIN, James H.; COUGHLIN, L. E.; COUGHLIN, Linda; COUGHLIN, Linda E; COUGHLIN, Winnie O.
D:   DELAY, A. W.; DELAY, Charles E; DELAY ULBERG, Orpha; DICKINSON, Wm B; DOOLITTLE, Baby; DRAKE, N. S.; DUFF, Hazel M.; DUFF, Nels J.
E:   ELLIOTT, Florence M.; ELLIOTT, John; EXEY, Ambrose M.; EXEY, Ambrose M.; EXEY, Mae J.
F:   FANNON, A. R.; FANNON, William H; FISH, Melvin Dee; FREER, Frank Maulon; FRENCH, Susanah; FRENCH, William M.; FRINK, Alonzo; FRINK, Alonzo; FRINK, Alonzo Family Stone; FRINK, Annie E.; FRINK, B. E.; FRINK, Betsy E.; FRINK, Laura; FRINK, Levy; FRINK, S.; FRINK, Sarah; FULLER, Mary Jane
G:   GIFFIN, Jane; GIFFIN, Lydia; GIFFIN, Robert; GIFFIN, Susan; GOTTSCHALK, Nina F.; GOTTSCHALK, Willis C.
H:   HALL, Evelyn; HALL, Harry D.; HALLMAN, Harold W; HALLMAN, Inez M; HALLMAN, James; HALLMAN, Mae; HALLMAN, Walter W.; HALLMAN, Walter W. Family Stone; HARDESTY, James E; HARGREAVES, Jennie May; HARGREAVES, Selina; HATHWAY, Mrs M M; HENDRICKSON, F. A.; HENDRICKSON, Francis A; HENDRICKSON, Julia A; HILLER, Amy; HOUCK, Esther M.; HOUCK, Wilber L.; HOUCK, Wilber L.; HUTCHISON, Eliza; HUTCHISON, Julia L.; HUTCHISON, Nicholas
J:   JACOBSON, Mildred E. Hummel Hemenway; JAGERSON, Alice K.; JAGERSON, Baby; JAGERSON, Cora D.; JAGERSON, Gladys H.; JAGERSON, Harold A.; JAGERSON, Hattie; JAGERSON, Lester A.; JAGERSON, Nina V.; JAGERSON, Oliver; JAGERSON, Richard J.; JAGERSON, Royal O.
K:   KATHI, Pe; KELLOGG, Carrie; KELLOGG, Edward B; KELLOGG, Ettie May; KELLOGG, Harriet M.; KELLOGG, Infant; KELLOGG, W. D. Dr; KELLOGG FRINK, Annie E.; KIRKLAND, Alexander; KIRKLAND, Ellen M; KIRKLAND, Geo W; KIRKLAND, James; KIRKLAND, Louise; KIRKLAND, Mary J; KIRKLAND, Mary J; KIRKLAND, Mary O.; KIRKLAND, Orrilla; KIRKLAND, Phebe; KIRKLAND, Robert W.; KLOTZBACH, Carlton T.; KNIGHT, Ella; KNIGHT, Walter; KREUTTER, Grace M.; KREUTTER, William
L:   LEWIS, A.O.; LEWIS, Margaret; LIEN, Allen Dale
M:   MANSFIELD, D????; MANSFIELD, Phoebe; MARIETTA, Alice; MARTINSON, Gary B.; MARTINSON, Harold; MARTINSON, Harold J.; MASON, Marjorie E.; MCGONIGLE, Mildred "Jackie"; MCGONIGLE, Paul S.; MCKEE, A. W.; MCKEE, Alvina; MCKEE, Arthur W.; MILLER, Anna E.; MILLER, Charles L.; MILLER, Charles Leslie; MILLER, Clarence W.; MILLER, Eva J; MILLER, Filmore C.; MILLER, Margaret A.; MILLER, Palma M.; MILLER, Phyllis; MILLER, Roy B.; MILLER, Rubin Raymond; MILLER, Ruby M.; MILLER, Theodore R.
O:   OBRIHAM, Charles J; OBRIHAM, George W.; OTTESON, Helen; OTTESON, Orrie
P:   PALMER, Florence; PALMER, Henry; PLAGGE, Myrtle
R:   RAITT, Oliver; RALLYA, Eliza; RALLYA, Ellis; RASMUSSEN, Elsie A.; RASMUSSEN, Harold; RILEY, John T.; RISTE, Adolph G; RISTE, Esther C.; RISTE, Harriet J.; RISTE, Richard E.; ROBINSON, Cynthia J.; ROBINSON, Heber; ROBINSON, Infant Son; ROBINSON, Marietta; ROBINSON, Robert T; ROBINSON, Roger W.; ROBINSON, Roger W. Family Stone; ROOK, G. B.; ROWSE, Cerise Kay; RUFFRIDGE, Mary
S:   SAFFORD, Lucy A; SAFFORD, Orpha; SAFFORD, Stukley S.; SANAKER, C. O.; SANDERSON, Franklin D.; SANDERSON, Loretta M.; SCHIELD, August; SCHNEIDER, Lila Grace; SCHNEIDER, Vera D; SCHNEIDER, Wm H "Bill"; SHEETS, Andrew; SHEETS, Andrew; SHEETS, Catharine; SHEETS, Catharine; SHEETS, Family Stone; SHEETS, Hannah; SHEETS, Hannah; SHEETZ, Aaron M; SHEETZ, Elsie S; SHEETZ, Fred M; SHEETZ, Fred M. Family Stone; SHEETZ, Hazel L; SHEETZ, Loraine N; SHEETZ, Rollie L; SHEETZ, Tessa; SHEETZ, Vernon C; SHEETZ GRACE, Lila; SKINNER, Geo W; SKINNER, Isaac; SKINNER, Rosette; SKINNER MARIETTA, Alice; SMITH, Alonzo C; SMITH, Elizabeth; SNYDER, A; SNYDER, Aaron; SNYDER, Catherine; SORENSON, Anna C.; SORENSON, Hans; SORENSON, Hans W.; SORENSON, Maren; SORENSON, Soren S.; SORENSON, Stella O.; STEE, Anders H; STEE, Anne Martine; STEE, Martha; STEFFEN, Alvin; STEFFEN, Timothy A.; STEVENS, Dora May; STEVENS, Edward O.; STEVENS, Emmet; STEVENS, Etta S; STEVENS, Mary Amelia; STINSON, John; STINSON, Mary; STRAYER, E. D.; STRAYER, Elizabeth; STRAYER, Eva D; STRAYER, John; STRAYER, John Family Plot; STRAYER SHEETS, Catharine; SUMNER FRENCH, Susanah; SUMNER FRENCH, Susanah
T:   THOMPSON, Albert M.; THOMPSON, Leona A.; TUCKER, ????; TUCKER, Caroline; TUTTLE, Allice M; TUTTLE, Joseph G.; TUTTLE, Wilhelmina M.
U:   ULBERG, Orpha
V:   VAN GORP, E. Max; VAN GORP, E. May; VAN GORP, Florence M.; VAN PELT SHEETZ, Tessa; VINCENT KELLOGG, Carrie; VINE, Clarence E.; VINE, Jeannette E.
W:   WARN, Charles; WARN, Geo; WARN, Harriet; WARN, Infant Son; WARN, John H; WARN, John H. Family Stone; WARN, Mary C; WARN, Sylvester; WARN, Sylvester; WEST, Parthigna C; WHEELER WOMELDORF, Mary A; WHITE, Sam; WOMELDORF, David; WOMELDORF, Hattie; WOMELDORF, Mary A; WOMELDORF, Minnie; WOMELDORF, Nelson; WOMELDORF, Sena; WOMELDORF, Walter S; WORTH, Henry H.; WORTH, Lucy M.; WUTTLE, Joseph G
Z:   ZIMA, Sophia

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