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Shaver Cemetery - Warren County, Iowa

196 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 1/22/17 at 10:51:06 AM CST

B:   BARR, Bobbie; BARR, John A.; BARR, Lewis H.; BARR, N. Princess; BARR, Nancy J.; BARR, William T.; BARR, Wilma P.; BECK, Elsie L.; BECK, infants; BECK, J. Clint; BIGGER, James Thomas; BIGGER, James Thomas; BIGGER, Marilyn; BUFFETT, Emmet O.; BUMGARNER, William; BUTLER, Aimee; BUTLER, Amanda E.; BUTLER, Gilbert H.
C:   CANNEY, G. Maude; CHUMBLEY, Maudie L.; CHUMBLEY, Thomas Lester; CHUMBLEY, Winton Paul; CLARK, H. Dwaine; CLARK, Marvel L.; CLARY, John; CLARY, Malinda; CLARY, Mary; CLARY, Orvell M.; CURNES, Edna M.; CURNES, Otto M.; CURTIS, Phoebe; CURTIS, Phoebe E.
D:   DERROUGH, Alpha B.; DERROUGH, Gordon; DERROUGH, Nancy; DERROUGH, Nellie A.; DERROUGH, Roy U.; DOUGLAS, Ellen; DOUGLAS, Hugh; DOUGLAS, Hugh Jr.; DOUGLASS, Margaret Emma; DOUGLASS, W. F.; DUNCAN, William
F:   FEAR, Emma; FEAR, John C.; FEAR, Mary C.; FEAR, William H.; FETTERS, James L.; FETTERS VICTORA, Effie; FOWLKES, Mary A.; FOWLKES, Phillip E.
G:   GARRISON, Amy A.; GARRISON, William; GOODRICH, Andrew; GOODRICH, Bessie; GOODRICH, Margaret; GOODRICH, Mary E.; GOODRICH, Neriah; GOODRICH, Sarah; GRIFFITH, Carol M.
H:   HALL, Loveridge S.; HALTERMAN, James; HALTERMAN, Mary A.; HENDERSON, Rachel; HENDERSON, Thomas M.; HESS, Rebecca; HODGES, infant son; HOWE, Alice J.; HOWE, William L.; HUGGINS, Homer
J:   JAMES, Jerusha
K:   KENNEDY, John H.; KENNEDY, Morgan; KING, Ada; KING, Allen H.; KING, Alva R.; KING, Anna R.; KING, Brosia A.; KING, C. Dorothea; KING, Charles J.; KING, Elmer R.; KING, George H.; KING, Marion E.; KING, Mary F.; KING, Perry D.; KING, Roy E.; KING, Ruth E.; KING, Sylvia P.; KING, W. D.; KING, Wanton; KING CLARY, Mary; KINSLEY, Robert
L:   LENOX, Robert S.; LEWIS, Emily H.; LEWIS, George W.; LEWIS, Phebe; LOWE, Barbra A.
M:   MALLET LEWIS, Phebe; MCCONNELL, George; MCCONNELL, Mabel Agnes; MELGRIN, Ludah E.; MIDDLESWART, Fannie M.; MIDDLESWART, Hester A.; MIDDLESWART, James M.; MIDDLESWART, Joseph H.; MIDDLESWART, William A.; MORRIS, James I.; MORRIS, Minnie Belle; MORRIS, Prudy; MORRIS, Stanton
N:   NICHOLS, Ester P.; NICHOLS, Raymond E.
P:   PARKER, Susan N.; PETERSON, Harley R.; PETERSON, Nicholas; PETERSON, Phebe E. Lewis; PIERCE, Anna; PIERCE, Charles Monroe; PIERCE, Daniel; PIERCE, Leona; PIERCE WILLIAMS, Virginia M.; PIKE, Blanche Morris
R:   RAMAY, John; RAMAY, Lydia; RAMAY, Pearl
S:   SHAVER, Benjamin E.; SHAVER, Elizabeth; SHAVER, Georgianna; SHAVER, Gordon D.; SHAVER, Henry; SHAVER, Lydia J.; SHUPE, Verna I.; SIMMERMAN, Elizabeth M.; SIMMERMAN, Perry L.; SMITH, Amanda; SMITH, Mary; SMITH, Mary E.; SMITH, William C.; STEWART, E.B.; STOKESBURY, Elma Luella; STORY, Linnie Agnes; SUMNER, Elizabeth F.; SUMNER, Mahala J.
V:   VICKROY, Cecil Leroy; VICKROY, E. Owen; VICKROY, Hazel J.; VICKROY, Leonard "Doc"; VICKROY, Wanda Mary; VICKROY BIGGER, Marilyn; VICTORA, Effie
W:   WHITE, Emma; WICKETT, Isabella; WICKETT, John; WILLIAMS, Albert R.; WILLIAMS, Alice; WILLIAMS, Allen C.; WILLIAMS, Alpheus; WILLIAMS, Alpheus; WILLIAMS, Anna; WILLIAMS, Clarence F.; WILLIAMS, Cora; WILLIAMS, Cornela; WILLIAMS, Cornelius; WILLIAMS, Don O.; WILLIAMS, Edith; WILLIAMS, Elizabeth; WILLIAMS, Florence E.; WILLIAMS, Gabriel; WILLIAMS, George L.; WILLIAMS, George W.; WILLIAMS, Grant; WILLIAMS, Hannah C.; WILLIAMS, James; WILLIAMS, Jessie M.; WILLIAMS, Josephine E.; WILLIAMS, Lucy A.; WILLIAMS, Margie May; WILLIAMS, Mark; WILLIAMS, Mark; WILLIAMS, Marshal E.; WILLIAMS, Mary; WILLIAMS, Merrill Everett; WILLIAMS, Nancy A.; WILLIAMS, Rachel E.; WILLIAMS, Richard R.; WILLIAMS, Rosa M.; WILLIAMS, Susan; WILLIAMS, U.F.; WILLIAMS, Uriah S.; WILLIAMS, Virginia M.; WILLIAMS, William A.; WILLIAMS CURTIS, Phoebe; WILLIAMS WRIGHT, Marie; WRIGHT, Marie; WRIGHT, Russell B.

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