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Lacona St. Mary's Cemetery - Warren County, Iowa

258 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 7/2/18 at 6:00:24 AM CDT

A:   ANFINSON, Edna J.; ANFINSON, Lloyd E.
B:   BACKSTROM, Patsy A.; BAUER, Anna A.; BAUER, Bertha Rose; BAUER, Dolores M.; BAUER, Duane A.; BAUER, Glenn A.; BAUER, James H.; BAUER, Norbert; BAUER, Norbert J.; BAUER, Robert B.; BAUER, Robert F.; BAUER, Valentine; BAUER, Veronica A.; BISHOP, Edward E.; BISHOP, Gerald L..; BISHOP, Jane A.; BISHOP, Rosa M.; BLAIR, Jack V.
C:   CATTELL, Patricia Ann
D:   DAUGHERTY, Dale S.; DAUGHERTY, LaDonna M.; DAUGHERTY, Richard Lee; DAVIS, Elaine Seuferer; DITTMER, Anna; DITTMER, August J.; DITTMER, Elizabeth Jeanne; DITTMER, Evelyn B.; DITTMER, Gladys A.; DITTMER, John; DITTMER, Joseph B.; DITTMER, LaVerne F.; DITTMER, Laverne F.; DITTMER, Leon Joseph; DITTMER, Lloyd F.; DITTMER, Loretta Mae; DITTMER, Louis J.; DITTMER, Lucille Hilda; DITTMER, Mamie O.; DITTMER, Mary A.; DITTMER, Mike; DITTMER, Norbert R; DITTMER, Robert J.; DITTMER, Rosemary M.; DITTMER, Ruth C.; DITTMER, Virginia A.; DITTMER, Wm Henry; DOWER, Declan
E:   ENDRES, Bernard N.; ENDRES, Leona B.
F:   FARRELL, Mildred; FEHRER, Alfred J.; FEHRER, Bertha E.; FEHRER, Darlene F.; FEHRER, Evadne V.; FEHRER, Frank; FEHRER, Frank S.; FEHRER, John H.; FEHRER, Theresa; FEHRER, W. Wayne; FORD, Edwin J.; FORD, Edwin J.; FORD, Hildred L.
G:   GREUBEL, Elizabeth M.; GREUBEL, Emma; GREUBEL, Frank P.; GREUBEL, infant son; GREUBEL, Karen D.; GREUBEL, Mary A.; GREUBEL, Paul; GRIESBAUM, Edward J.; GRIESBAUM, Mae M.
H:   HOCH, Dean J.; HOCH, Esther; HOCH, Paul J.; HOCH, Regina M.; HOCH, Walter; HOCH, Walter S.; HOFFMAN, Anna; HOFFMAN, Augusta M.; HOFFMAN, Donald F.; HOFFMAN, John; HOFFMAN, Joseph E.; HOFFMAN, Julia K.; HOFFMAN, Paul O.; HOFFMAN, Ralph
J:   JACOBS, Charles R.; JACOBS, Juanita R.; JACOBS, Marjorie E.; JACOBS, Michael Joseph; JACOBS, Robert R.
K:   KELLER, Bertha M.; KELLER, Guy G.; KELLER, Marie E.; KESSLER, Andrew; KESSLER, Lovena; KLEIN, Carl G.; KLEIN, Catherine; KLEIN, John; KLEIN, Loretto A.; KLEIN, Margaret A.; KLEIN, Raymond; KLEIN, Theresa A.; KLEIN, W. Walter; KNOCHEL, Clara A.; KNOCHEL, Ferdinand; KNOCHEL, Joseph M.; KONRAD, Albert Andrew; KONRAD, Alice M.; KONRAD, Allen A.; KONRAD, Anna J.; KONRAD, Barbara; KONRAD, Barbara J.; KONRAD, Christian; KONRAD, Clarence A.; KONRAD, Cleta M.; KONRAD, Debra Ann; KONRAD, Dolores; KONRAD, Esther; KONRAD, Frances A.; KONRAD, George J.; KONRAD, Herbert J.; KONRAD, infant daughter; KONRAD, Irma J.; KONRAD, Jerome; KONRAD, Joseph; KONRAD, Joseph Norbert; KONRAD, Margaret L.; KONRAD, Nicholis J.; KONRAD, Norbert P.; KONRAD, Paulus C.; KONRAD, Rene G.; KONRAD, Simeon J.; KONRAD, Theresa M.; KONRAD, Veronica J.; KONRAD, Walburg
L:   LEPLEY, Richard Lee
M:   MANSER, Blaine; MARSH, Howard W.; MILLER, Clarence J.; MILLER, Eva M.; MILLER, George W.; MILLER, Herman; MILLER, Leota A.; MILLER, Norma Jean
O:   OBRIEN, Edna G.; OBRIEN, Robert M.; OFFENBURGER, Frances; OFFENBURGER, Frank Z.; OFFENBURGER, Ruth J.; OHNEMUS, Elizabeth B.; OHNEMUS, Emma M.; OHNEMUS, Floyd J.; OHNEMUS, Frank C.; OHNEMUS, Isabel; OHNEMUS, Leander N.; OHNEMUS, Perry; OSBORN, Beatrice M.
P:   PANTHER, Raymond G.; PANTHER, Raymond George; PUTZ, Emma K.; PUTZ, Joseph; PUTZ, Lawrence C.; PUTZ, Mary M.
R:   RANKIN, Chester; RANKIN, Ruth; RAWSON, Bernice J.; RESNEDER, Alois; RESNEDER, Anna; RIEBHOFF, Francis L.; RIPPERGER, Albert; RIPPERGER, Caroline J.; RIPPERGER, Catherine; RIPPERGER, Charles A.; RIPPERGER, Clara; RIPPERGER, Dean Paul; RIPPERGER, Dennis Lee; RIPPERGER, Edwin Vitus; RIPPERGER, Firman; RIPPERGER, Florence; RIPPERGER, Glen J.; RIPPERGER, Grace V.; RIPPERGER, Herman J.; RIPPERGER, Herman J.; RIPPERGER, Joseph V.; RIPPERGER, Lawrence J.; RIPPERGER, Leo N.; RIPPERGER, Marcella J.; RIPPERGER, Margaret J.; RIPPERGER, Marilyn J.; RIPPERGER, Mary G.; RIPPERGER, Michael T.; RIPPERGER, Thomas; RIPPERGER SCHURMAN, Cecilia Hicks
S:   SCHAEFER, Anthony; SCHAEFER, Bertha; SCHAEFER, Della; SCHAEFER, Dorothy; SCHAEFER, Edward J.; SCHAEFER, Howard E.; SCHAEFER, Rachel; SCHAEFER, Stephen; SCHAEFER, Viona A.; SCHNEIDER, Donald A.; SCHNEIDER, Edward E.; SCHRADER, Julia; SCHRADER, Walter; SCHUMACHER, Arabella; SCHUMACHER, Frank A.; SCHURMAN, Cecilia Hicks; SCHURMAN, Edward F.; SCHURMAN, Elvin Elrod; SCHURMAN, Frank A.; SCHURMAN, Frank A.; SCHURMAN, Henry M.; SCHURMAN, Lyle E.; SCHURMAN, Mary M.; SCHURMAN, Mildred C.; SCHURMAN, Pauline Kay; SCHURMAN, Susanna F.; SCHURMAN, Susanna F.; SELDERS, Anna M.; SELDERS, S.O.; SELDERS, S.O.; SEUFERER, Anna B.; SEUFERER, B. Blanche; SEUFERER, Betty; SEUFERER, Edward A.; SEUFERER, Floyd; SEUFERER, Giles E.; SEUFERER, Henry J.; SEUFERER, John F.; SEUFERER, John P.; SEUFERER, Mary A.; SEUFERER, Mary Catherine; SEUFERER, R. Irene; SNUGGS, Frances R.; SNUGGS, Henry G.; SNUGGS, James Thomas; SNUGGS, Samuel L.; SPAULDING, Dwayne Paul; SPAULDING, Dwayne Paul; SPAULDING, Ethel; SPAULDING, Eugene; SYTSMA, Jeffrey
W:   WACHTER, Marie Sarah; WADLE, Agatha A.; WADLE, Amelia K.; WADLE, Clara A.; WADLE, George A.; WADLE, Helen M; WADLE, Henry L.; WADLE, Wilma; WALK, Joseph A.; WALK, Nora A.; WALK, Wayne J.; WALLACE, James F

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