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St Johns Spring Fountain a.k.a. German Lutheran Cemetery - Bremer County, Iowa

418 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 5/30/13 at 7:34:47 AM CDT

B:   BANY, David A; BANY, David A; BEHRENS, Emma; BEHRENS, Esther S; BEHRENS, Henry C; BEHRENS, Reinhart F; BEHRENS, Reinhart F; BENZIN, August; BENZIN, Elisabeth K D; BENZIN BRUNS, Dorothea; BENZINE, Anna; BENZINE, Elisabeth K D; BENZINE, Johann Fritz, W C; BENZINE BRUNS, Dorothea; BENZOW, Clarie F; BENZOW, Fred; BOCK, Bernida; BOCK, John H; BOCK, Mabel J; BOCK, Tillie D; BOCK, Walter H; BODERMAN, Alfred F; BODERMAN, Clarence; BODERMAN, Ernest H; BODERMAN, Genevieve; BODERMAN, Helen K; BODERMAN, Ida; BODERMAN, Louis; BODERMAN, Louise H; BODERMAN, Walter F; BODERMANN, Albert; BODERMANN, Alwine A L A; BODERMANN, Anna; BRAUN, Edward H; BRAUN, Garry; BRAUN, Louis H; BRAUN, Marie A; BRAUN, Sophia; BRAUN, Todd; BREMER, Carl F F; BREMER, Carl F F; BREMER, Dorethea Louise; BREMER, Dorothea Louise; BREMER, Wilhelmine; BRUCH, Ruth; BRUCH, William; BRUNS, Dorothea; BRUNS, Dorothea; BRUNS, Karl E A; BRUNS, Karl E A; BRUNSCHEON, Alvin; BUHR, Edwin C; BUHR, Lizzie; BURKE, Theo ?
C:   CLAUS, Emma; CLAUS, Minnie; CLAUS, William H
D:   DEDOR, Edwin; DEDOR, Ernest G; DEDOR, George; DEDOR, Gertrude; DEDOR, Mary; DETTMER, Stacie Kay; DIENST, August; DIENST, Father (August); DIENST, Mother; DIERCKS, Bertha S; DIERCKS, George E; DIERCKS NORDMAN, Leota; DREIER, Engel Maria; DREIER, Heinich Friedrich; DREIER, Henry C; DREIER, Johann; DREIER, John F; DREIER, Sophie Wilhelmine; DREIER, Wilhelmine
E:   EIMERS, John H; EIMERS, Minnie C; ERHARDT, David A.; ERICKSON, Gene A
F:   FAGENBAUM, Emmett; FAGENBAUM, Kay Ann; FAGENBAUM, Lenora; FELDT, Maria D; FELDT, Maria Dorothea; FIGANBAUM, John; FIGANBAUM, Maude; FIGANBAUM, Robert L; FIGANBAUM, Terri L; FOX, Esther M; FOX, Neil L; FOX, Wayne Allan; FRESE, Emillie M; FRESE, Theo (Rev); FRIEDMAN, Fredrick; FRIEDMAN, Sophia; FRIEDMANN STEPHENS, Hulda E
G:   GAEDE, Albert; GAEDE, Alberta; GAEDE, Amel; GAEDE, Anna; GAEDE, Elmer; GAEDE, James G.; GAEDE, James George; GAEDE, Larry Dean; GAEDE, Lester; GAEDE, Marlys; GAEDE, Minnie; GAEDE, Pamela Sue; GAEDE, Paul; GAEDE, Roy H; GAEDE, Roy H; GAEDE, Vollie; GITCH, Arnold H; GITCH, Laura M; GOODENBOUR, Walter F H; GRIESERT, Robert; GRIESERT, Robert E
H:   HAEGER, Albert A F; HAEGER, Anna E; HOTH, Brenda Sue; HOTH, Sophia; HUEGLI, Elsie; HUNEMULLER, August; HUNEMULLER, Clara; HUNEMULLER, Clarence; HUNEMULLER, Leslie G; HUNEMULLER, Leslie G; HUNERBERG, Charlotte J; HUNERBERG, Charlotte J; HUNERBERG, Johann; HUNERBERG, John; HUNERBERG FELDT, Maria Dorothea
J:   JASCHEN, Marlys
K:   KAHLE BENZINE, Anna; KASEMEIER, Adella; KASEMEIER, Baby; KASEMEIER, Bernhard; KASEMEIER, Bertha; KASEMEIER, Edwin; KASEMEIER, Ella; KASEMEIER, Herman W; KASEMEIER, Lyle B; KASEMEIER, Marie; KASEMEIER, Son Of; KASEMEIER, Theodore; KEDING, Heinrich, Sr; KEDING, Louise; KEDING, Robert H; KEDING, Wilhelmine; KEDING, Wilhelmine; KEUPKER, Victor E; KING TIETJE, Louise; KIRCHHOFF, Helena; KIRCHHOFF, Reimund; KIRCHMAN, Anna; KIRCHMANN, August; KIRCHMANN, Baby; KIRCHMANN, Fredrick; KIRCHMANN, Henry; KIRCHMANN, Ida; KIRCHMANN, Mary; KIRCHMANN, William; KUEKER, Infant Son; KUEPKER, Anna L; KUEPKER, Elizabeth; KUEPKER, Erwin F; KUEPKER, George F; KUEPKER, Martha S; KUEPKER, Norma; KUEPKER, Norman; KUEPKER, Walter H; KUKER, Anna M; KUKER, Barbara Ann; KUKER, Erwin H; KUKER, Herman L; KUKER, Ida Mae
L:   LARUE, Dale S; LARUE, Norma F A; LAUBE, Gustav H; LAUBE, Hulda M; LEECH, Infant Son; LOU, Carol
M:   MATTHESEN, Asmus; METTLIN, Laurence L; MEYER, Adolph; MEYER, Alvina; MEYER, August G; MEYER, Baby; MEYER, Baby Daughter; MEYER, Bertha; MEYER, Dalton F; MEYER, Daniel A; MEYER, Earl; MEYER, Edward A; MEYER, Elroy W; MEYER, Ferdinand; MEYER, Gail M; MEYER, Harry L; MEYER, Ida; MEYER, Irma; MEYER, James A; MEYER, Johan; MEYER, Larry D; MEYER, Leo E; MEYER, Leta; MEYER, Lorenz; MEYER, Louis; MEYER, Louise; MEYER, Lowell; MEYER, Maria; MEYER, Maria; MEYER, Mertie L; MEYER, Naomi L; MEYER, Rudolph W A; MEYERHOFF, Clarence; MEYERHOFF, Margarete; MINKEL, Lenora; MINKEL, Rudolph; MOELLER, Bernard F; MOELLER, Hulda S
N:   NACKE, Caroline; NACKE, Clara; NACKE, Ernest; NACKE, Henry; NACKE, John Henry; NIEMANN, Ernest V; NIEMANN, Fred A; NIEMANN, Mary M; NORDMAN, Leota
P:   PIPHO, Anne; PIPHO, Christian; PIPHO, Donald Frederick; PIPHO, Elsie; PIPHO, Fred G; PIPHO, Herman; PIPHO, Janet S; PIPHO, John; PIPHO, Leonard; PIPHO, Louise; PLAGEMANN, Johann; PLAGEMANN KIRCHHOFF, Helena; PLASTER, Esther; PLASTER, Herbert; POOCK, Myron Jerome; POOCK, Son of; POOCK, Walter L H; PRIES, Arlitha M; PRIES, John H
R:   REINKE, Ray V; REINKE, Ray V; RIECHMANN, Ellen R; RIECHMANN, Fred J; RIECHMANN, H Fred; RIECHMANN, John H; RIECHMANN, Minnie; RIECK, Albert; RIECK, Baby Son; RIECK, Elsie Mae; RIECK, Evelyn; RIECK, Heinrich J C; ROBERTSON, Ella; ROBERTSON, Raymond; ROGAHN, Carl A; ROWE ZELL, D Sophia
S:   SCHEEL, Johannes; SCHEEL, Johannes; SCHEEL, Wilhelmina; SCHEEL, Wilhelmina; SCHELLHORN, Marvin; SCHNADT, H. C.; SCHNADT, Henry W; SCHNADT, Louise; SCHORTAU, Infant Daughter; SCHULTZ, Arthur; SCHULTZ, Bertha; SCHULTZ, Friedericke; SCHULTZ, Henry F; SCHULTZ, Henry F; SCHULTZ, John; SCHULTZ, Lois L; SCHULTZ, Verla B; SCHURKE, Therese; SCHWAKE, Anna M; SCHWAKE, C Wilhelm; SCHWAKE, E. M.; SCHWAKE, Erwin J; SCHWAKE, F. W.; SCHWAKE, Frank; SCHWAKE, Gustave C; SCHWAKE, Leta L; SCHWAKE, Minnie E; SCHWAKE, Richard W; SCHWAKE, Verla M; SCHWERIN, Bertha M; SCHWERIN, Ernest W; SCHWERIN, Lester A; SCHWERIN, Louise L; SEEHASE, Amanda; SEEHASE, August; SELL, Bertha; SELL, Fred; SELL, Frederick; SELL, Lenora; SPECHT, Caroline; SPECHT, Fred; SPECHT, Henry; SPECHT, Henry; SPECHT, Meta; STAACK, Berdena C; STAACK, Leo W; STAHLHUT, Alma; STAHLHUT, Amanda; STAHLHUT, Anna; STAHLHUT, Caroline; STAHLHUT, Edward F; STAHLHUT, Ernst; STAHLHUT, Ernstina; STAHLHUT, Eugene; STAHLHUT, Frederick; STAHLHUT, Fritz; STAHLHUT, Gottlip; STAHLHUT, Grace; STAHLHUT, Henry; STAHLHUT, Herman; STAHLHUT, Hulda; STAHLHUT, Mary; STAHLHUT, Renee; STAHLHUT, Renee M; STAHLHUT, Rex Lavern; STAHLHUT, Sophia; STAHLHUT, Stena; STAHLHUT, Walter; STAHLHUT, Werner; STEEGE, August W; STEEGE, August W.; STEEGE, Christoph; STEEGE, Christoph H; STEEGE, Emma; STEEGE, Emma; STEEGE, Fred C; STEEGE, Henry; STEEGE, Johanna; STEEGE, Karolina M; STEEGE, Lydia; STEEGE, Maria; STEEGE, Maria; STEEGE, Maria D; STEEGE, Maria D; STEEGE, Wilhelmine L; STEERE STEEGE, Maria D; STEPHENS, Hulda E; STEPHENS, Louis Elmer; STUMME MEYER, Naomi L
T:   TAYLOR, Donald A; TAYLOR, Donald A; TIETJE, Emma M; TIETJE, Friedrich; TIETJE, Johannes; TIETJE, John Henry; TIETJE, Louise; TIETJE, Louise; TIETJE, Wilhelm; TIETJE, Will A; TIETJE HAEGER, Anna E; TONN(E), Klara; TREPTOW, Christoph; TREPTOW, Johan F; TREPTOW, Johann F; TREPTOW, Marie
V:   VOLKER, Albert; VOLKER, Brogen Marie; VOLKER, Clara; VOLKER, Delbert A; VOLKER, Delbert Arthur; VOLKER, Engel; VOLKER, Friederick; VOLKER, Friedericka; VOLKER, Friedrich; VOLKER, Joachim; VOLKER, Roger A
W:   WEDEMEIER, Duane C; WEDEMEIER, Jodi Marie; WEIDLER, Doris M; WEIDLER, George A; WEIFORD, Ron R; WEIFORD, Ron R; WEISKIRCH, Matilda; WEISKIRCH, William; WENTHE, Sophia; WENTHE, Sophia; WILHARM, Engel Maria; WILHARM, Johann G; WOLF, Wilhelm; WOODCOCK, Eugene M; WOODCOCK, Gene; WOODS, Kenneth Thomas
Z:   ZELL, D M Wilhelminne; ZELL, D Sophia; ZELL, D Sophia; ZELL, Gottfried; ZELL, Martha; ZELL, W M Ida; ZELL, W M Ida

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