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Harlington Cemetery - Bremer County, Iowa

8856 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 2/4/20 at 7:05:40 PM CST

A:   AAROEN, Mary Ann; ABELMUND, Abie J; ABELMUND, Patty L; ABELT, Michael; ABRAHAM, Bremer; ABRAHAM, Bremer; ABRAHAM, Clara; ABRAHAM, Clara E.; ABRAHAM, F Marion; ABRAHAM, Jay; ABRAHAM, Jay Bruce; ABRAHAM, John; ABRAHAM, John; ABRAHAM, Lucy; ABRAHAM, Lucy; ACKEN, Cleon; ACKEN, Iola M; ACKEN, John; ACKEN, Malinda; ACKEN, Mary A; ACKEN, Wayne W; ACKEN RUST, Iowa Annabelle; ACKMAN, Erwin B; ACKMAN, Fred M; ACKMAN, Mamie; ACKMAN, Minnie; ACKMANN, Conrad H; ACKMANN, Conrad, Sophia; ACKMANN, Gustus; ACKMANN, Henrich; ACKMANN, Henrich; ACKMANN, Sophia; ACKMANN, Sophia Gattin Von; ADAMS, Andrew; ADAMS, Emma T; ADAMS, Fred; ADAMS, Horace; ADAMS, Ida E; ADAMS, Jesse; ADAMS, Virginia; ADDIS, John C; ADDIS, Olinda A; ADELMUND, Abie J.; ADELMUND, Annie A; ADELMUND, Joe N; ADELMUND, Patty L.; ADKINS, Anna; AHLS, Family; AHLS, Harry; AHRENS, Paul R; AHRENS, Robert R; AHRENS, Thelma A; AHRENS, Thelma M; AINSWORTH SLATER, Mary; ALBRECHT, Adolph; ALBRECHT, Baby (Kenneth); ALBRECHT, C John; ALBRECHT, Carma; ALBRECHT, Caroline; ALBRECHT, Edwin; ALBRECHT, Eileen J; ALBRECHT, Ella; ALBRECHT, Elsie; ALBRECHT, Fred H; ALBRECHT, Harley W; ALBRECHT, Harley W; ALBRECHT, Louisa S; ALBRECHT, Louisa S, Fred H, C John, Carma; ALBRECHT, Louise, Julius; ALBRECHT, Margaret Mary; ALBRECHT, Marie; ALBRECHT, Rudolph; ALBRECHT, Waldo Dewitt; ALBRECHT, Waldo Dewitt; ALBRIGHT, August; ALBRIGHT, Dora; ALBRIGHT, Dora, August, Edward; ALBRIGHT, Edward; ALCOCK, Edna Irene; ALCOCK, Emma; ALCOCK, Francis; ALLEN, Clara Mae; ALLEN, Floyd L; ALLEN, Justin W; ALLEN, Katy; ALLEN, Lucinda; ALLEN, Lucy; ALLEN, Mary Ann; ALLEN, Nelson J.; ALLEN, Nelson O; ALLEN, Oscar; ALLEN, Roswell; ALLEN, Sarah A; ALLEN, Wesley; ALTON, Gary Linden; AMES, James; AMES, Joseph T; AMES, Mary E; AMES JR, J Thomas; ANDERSON, Arley G; ANDERSON, Arley G; ANDERSON, Christian L; ANDERSON, Doris I; ANDERSON, Dorothy M; ANDERSON, E Pearl; ANDERSON, Edward E; ANDERSON, Glenn L; ANDERSON, Glenn L; ANDERSON, John C; ANDERSON, Loretta L; ANDERSON, Loretta L; ANDERSON, Mabelle M; ANDERSON, Marian S; ANDERSON, Marian s; ANDERSON, Mary G; ANDERSON, Maynard C; ANDERSON, Nancy L; ANDERSON, Nellie; ANDERSON, Walter L; ANDREWS, Carrie; ANDREWS, Hettie; ANDREWS, Jonas M; ANDREWS, Jonas M; ANDREWS, Katherine; ANDREWS, Lucinda L; ANDREWS, Rillie; ANDREWS WARREN, Mary L; ANDRIES, Anita M; ANGUS, Arnold A; ANGUS, Esther B; ANNETT, Betty Lou; ANNIS, Clarence L; ANNIS, Elizabeth; ANTES, Catharine; ANTES, Catharine; ANTES, Henry W; ANTES, Henry W; ARCHER, Belle; ARCHER, Ben J; ARCHER, Mary J; ARCHER PECK, Alma; ARCHER PECK, Alma; ARCHER PECK, Alma; ARDUSER, Joseph; ARDUSER, Lena; ARENHOLZ, Alberta; ARENHOLZ, Esther; ARENHOLZ, George; ARENHOLZ, Harm; ARENHOLZ, Hulda; ARENHOLZ, Joseph h; ARENHOLZ, Thomas; ARJES, Coleen Mae; ARJES, John C; ARJES, Mildred R; ARJES, Roger E; ARMSTRONG, Eliza; ARMSTRONG, Eliza; ARMSTRONG, Harry; ARMSTRONG, Harry; ARMSTRONG, Lottie; ARMSTRONG, Lottie; ARMSTRONG, Lycurcus; ARMSTRONG, Lycurcus; ARNO LIEBERS, Howard; ARNOLD, Laura M; ARNS, A; ARNS, Anna; ARNS, Anna; ARNS, Anna E; ARNS, August; ARNS, Christian; ARNS, Clara M; ARNS, Clara M; ARNS, Dora M; ARNS, Edna; ARNS, Edward G; ARNS, Eliza; ARNS, Ella L; ARNS, Ella L; ARNS, Elsa E; ARNS, Emma C; ARNS, Esther M; ARNS, Floyd; ARNS, Frank D; ARNS, Frank D, Emma C, Viola F; ARNS, Frank D, Emma C, Viola F; ARNS, Fred; ARNS, Fred; ARNS, Fred; ARNS, Harvey F; ARNS, Harvey F; ARNS, Henriette; ARNS, Henry; ARNS, Henry; ARNS, Henry; ARNS, Infant; ARNS, Irving; ARNS, Iva; ARNS, John; ARNS, John; ARNS, Katie; ARNS, Kenneth Family; ARNS, Lester C; ARNS, Lois; ARNS, Loren F; ARNS, Louisa E; ARNS, Louisa E; ARNS, Mary; ARNS, Mary; ARNS, Mary E; ARNS, Minnie; ARNS, Minnie; ARNS, Mollie; ARNS, Viola F; ARNS BOEDECKER, Mary; ASCHBRENNER, Alma L; ASCHBRENNER, Ernest H; ASCHBRENNER, Herman E; ASCHBRENNER, Josephine M; ASCHBRENNER, Karen A; ASCHBRENNER, Lorraine E; ASCHBRENNER, Mary K; ASCHBRENNER, Melvin J; ASCHBRENNER, Ray D; ASMUS, Lillie; ASMUS, Paul; ATWOOD, Harlow; AUNER, Alice S; AUNER, Alice S; AUNER, William Henry; AUNER, William Henry; AUSTIN, Cora; AUSTIN, Craig; AUSTIN, Muriel "Mert"; AUSTIN, Roger W; AUSTIN, Waival I; AVERY, Anna; AVERY, Darrell D; AVERY, G. W.; AVERY, Maria; AVERY, Orrin; AVERY, Orrin; AVERY, Orrin; AVERY, Orrin; AVES, Arline B; AVES, Luverne L; AYERS, Alathea; AYERS, Harry; AYERS, Ruth E.; AYERS, William; AYLESWORTH, Wm J; AZBELL, Bonnie Mae; AZBELL, Bonnie Mae; AZBELL, Irene L; AZBELL, William
B:   BABACE, Jane; BABACE, Thomas; BABACE, Thomas; BABACE TALLETT, Jane; BABBAGE, Joseph D; BABCOCK, Albert; BABCOCK, Aldora; BABCOCK, Annie H; BABCOCK, Charles A; BABCOCK, Clara; BABCOCK, Danois; BABCOCK, Dick; BABCOCK, Dora; BABCOCK, Edith P; BABCOCK, Guy; BABCOCK, Harriet; BABCOCK, L Bert; BABCOCK, Lydia B; BABCOCK, Mary; BABCOCK, Matilda; BABCOCK, Nancy Ann; BABCOCK, Orlando; BABCOCK, Ralph C; BABCOCK, William D; BABCOCK, William Henry; BABCOCK, William R; BABCOCK, William R; BABCOCK, William R; BABCOCK, William, Edith; BABCOCK BUHROW, Florence Eleanor; BABCOCK HEMINGWAY, Iva; BACHER, Charles; BACHER, Charles; BACHER, Emma; BACHER, Emma; BACHER, Leo; BACHER, Leo; BAETKE, August P; BAETKE, Ellen Salen; BAHE, Melva P; BAHE, Raymond G; BAHLMANN, Ann M; BAHLMANN, Clara L; BAHLMANN, Dietrich H; BAHLMANN, Dietrich, Clara; BAHLMANN, Duane C; BAHMEIER, Ada; BAHMEIER, Henry; BAHR, Alma C; BAHR, Emil; BAHR, Newton L; BAILEY, Amanda; BAILEY, Charles W; BAILEY, Charles W.; BAILEY, Evelyn T; BAILEY, Evelyn Theresa; BAILEY, Jennie; BAILEY, Marietta C; BAILEY, Marietta Chapin; BAILEY, Marietta D; BAILEY, Marietta D.; BAILEY, Milton C; BAILEY, Milton Carl; BAILEY, Ramona M; BAILEY, Robert D; BAILEY, William W; BAILEY, William Wallace; BAILEY, WW Sr; BAILEY ELLIS, Esther; BAILEY ELLIS, Esther; BAILEY REYNOLDS, Cornelia A; BAIRD, Ella A; BAIRD, J Charles; BAKER, Alva L; BAKER, Arlo; BAKER, Carol Ann; BAKER, Clara K; BAKER, Clarence R; BAKER, Dorothy; BAKER, Eva M; BAKER, Everett L; BAKER, Everett, Clara; BAKER, Hilda C; BAKER, Minnie; BAKER, Pearl B; BAKER, Robert R; BAKER, Robert Russell; BAKER, William F; BAKER, Wm Fred; BALE, Brother (John); BALE, Father (Horatio); BALE, HN; BALE, John; BALE, Lizzie; BALEY ELLIS, Cinderella; BALEY ELLIS, Cinderella; BALEY ELLIS, Cinderella; BALSLEY, Arthur E; BALSLEY, Charlotte M; BALVANZ, Martin C; BALVANZ, Tillie M; BANDFIELD, Benjamin S; BANDFIELD, Nora O; BANSER, Delores; BANSER, Lester; BANSER, Lester Herman; BANTZ, Laurence F; BANTZ, Norma E; BANY, Louis Carl; BANY, Theodore H; BANY, Violet M; BARBER, CM (Mrs); BARBER, George S; BARBER, Helen; BARBER, J B; BARBER, LeRoy; BARBER, Mary L; BARBER, Randall S; BARBER, W Jay; BARBER, WM (MD); BARBER KERN, Edith; BARBER MILIUS, Maxine A; BARCLAY, Evelyn J; BARCLAY, Katherine; BARCLAY, Wm H; BARKER, Edwin C; BARKER, Helen M; BARKER, HM; BARKER, W F; BARKER, William F; BARKER HUTCHISON, Clara; BARKHAUSEN, Alice C; BARKHAUSEN, Alvin W; BARKHAUSEN, Alvin W; BARKHAUSEN, Eugene Paul; BARKHOFF, Archie A; BARKHOFF, LaVonne L; BARNETT, Louise; BARR, Jimmy Joe; BARR, Jimmy Joe; BARR, Melvin A; BARR, Shirley G; BARRETT, Alba C.; BARRETT, Alba, Sybilla, & Oliver; BARRETT, Lynn; BARRETT, Oliver H; BARRETT, Sybilla C.; BARTHOLOMEW, Hazel N; BARTLETT, Connie L; BARTLETT, Edwin J; BARTLETT, Irene A; BARTLETT, Ruby E; BARTLETT, Tom; BARTLING, Augusta; BARTON, Sidney G; BARYSINGER, Margaret; BASKINS, Abner K; BASKINS, Abner, Effie; BASKINS, Arlyss; BASKINS, Charlie; BASKINS, Effie; BASKINS, Jennie; BASKINS, Joseph; BASKINS, Katherine L; BASKINS, Malinda; BASKINS, Mary; BASKINS, Mary E; BASKINS, Minnie; BASKINS, Phebe E; BASKINS, Romane C; BASKINS, Sherman L; BASKINS, William; BATES, Amelia M; BATES, Ella F; BATES, F W; BATES, George L; BATES, Mary; BAUER, Clarence; BAUER, Cowin; BAUER, Cumin; BAUER, Esther; BAUER, Floyd L; BAUER, Gladys D; BAUER, Ida; BAUER, Leroy H; BAUER, Louis; BAUER, Malita H; BAUER, Margaret K; BAUER, Paul G; BAUER, Sophia M; BAUER, William J; BAWEN GRIFFITH, Maidie; BAWEN GRIFFITH, Maidie; BAXTER TEGTMEIER, Miriam E; BAYSINGER SEWELL, Margaret; BEAL, Addelaide; BEAL, John Hill; BEAL, William Jameyson; BEAM, John A; BEAM, Margaret A; BEAN, A W; BEAN, Mary; BEAN, Mary; BEAN, Mary; BEARD, Clara C; BEARD, Floyd K; BEARDSLEY, Alice M; BECK, Anna; BECK, Charlie; BECK, Cyrus; BECK, Effie; BECK, Emma; BECK, Emma; BECK, Eugene; BECK, Father (Joseph); BECK, Father (John); BECK, John; BECK, Joseph; BECK, Joseph S; BECK, Joseph S; BECK, Josephine; BECK, Karoline K; BECK, Karoline K; BECK, Katie; BECK, Katie; BECK, Libbie L; BECK, Libbie L; BECK, Mary; BECK, Mary E; BECK, Mother (Mary); BECK, Mother (Anna); BECK, Perry; BECK, Perry; BECK, Samuel C; BECK EICHMANN, Ida; BECK MITCHELL, Elsie; BECK MITCHELL, Elsie; BECK PATCHIN, Myrtie; BECK PATCHIN, Myrtie F.; BECKER, Albert L; BECKER, Conrad; BECKER, Elsie M; BECKER, Grant E; BECKER, Louise; BECKER, Margaret C; BEEBE, Albert W; BEEBE, Bell F; BEEBE, Donald; BEEBE, Eva; BEEBE, George M; BEEBE, George W; BEEBE, K M; BEEBE, Margaret M; BEEBE, Martell D; BEEBE, Mary; BEEBE, Matilda A; BEEBE, Norma C; BEEBE, Norman G; BEEBE, Philo; BEEBE, William M; BEED, C. Lockwood; BEED, Mabel; BEHNE, Dale L; BEHNE, Nadine F; BEHRENDS, Clarence; BEHRENDS, Tena H; BEHRENS, Grace J; BEHRENS, James H; BEINER, Dixie L; BEINER, Willi O; BEISNER, Clarence; BEISNER, Leo H; BEISNER, Mildred; BELL, John; BELL, Mary E; BELL, Mary E; BELLINGER, Bonnie; BELLINGER, Delbert E; BELLINGER, Gary "Dizzy"; BELLINGER, Marie A; BELLINGER, Merlin Wayne; BELLINGER, Ricky D; BELLINGER, Roxanne L; BELLINGER LUSSON, Nancy Lou; BELLIS, Katherine P; BELLIS, Lowell W; BELLIS, Matilda; BELLIS, Warren C.; BENEDICT, Dorothy; BENEDICT, Myron D; BENING, Rose; BENNETT, Cynthia M; BENNETT, Floyd E; BENNETT, George E.; BENNETT, Mina K; BENNETT, Robert; BENNETT CAREY, Cora; BENNING, Dianne M; BENNING, Eileen K; BENNING, Eldon; BENNING, Pauline; BENNING, Raymond; BENTLEY, Mollie W; BENTON, Louise A; BENTON, Robert W; BENTROTH, Henry; BENTROTH, Jennie; BENTROTH, Percy; BENTROTH, Unknown; BENZINE, Elsie; BENZINE, Herman; BERG, Carroll F; BERG, Diane K; BERG, Donald R; BERG, Emma; BERG, Jeffrey D; BERG, Marle M; BERG, Marlys C; BERGER, Grace B; BERGER, John N; BERGMAN, Baby; BERGMAN, Clarence H; BERGMAN, Elston Lowell; BERGMAN, Laurel C; BERGMAN, Ruby M; BERGMANN, Ardis P; BERGMANN, Ardis, Arlie; BERGMANN, Arlie L; BESSINER, John; BESSINER, John; BESSINER, Lena; BESSINER, Lena; BESSINER, Nellie; BESSINER, Nellie; BESSMER, Albert D; BESSMER, Anna G; BESSMER, Christina; BESSMER, J David; BESSMER, Johanna F; BESSMER FARNHAM, Armina; BETSINGER, Charles; BETSINGER, Charles L; BETSINGER, Dora; BETSINGER, Dora E; BETSINGER, Edith; BETSINGER, G Edward; BETSINGER, George; BETTENGA, Lester; BETTENGA, Myrtle; BETTS, Jemery Robert; BEYER, Christian P; BEYER, Olive M; BICE, Father (Leonard); BICE, L N; BICE, Leonard; BICE, Miranda; BICE, Miranda; BICE, Miranda; BIDLEMAN, J .G.; BIDLEMAN, M. F.; BIENEMANN, Gillen T; BIERMAN, Charlie; BIERMAN, Viola; BIERMANN BOCK, Alice; BIGELOW, Aoella; BIGELOW, Clinton A; BIGELOW, David W; BIGELOW, Jessie G; BIGELOW, Mary L; BIGELOW, Nona Marie; BIGELOW BEAL, Addelaide; BIGGS, Flora; BIGGS, Frank Lewis; BILLING, Claude; BILLS, Willie; BILLS MILLER, Mary J; BINGHAM, Alvahe; BINGHAM, Alvahe; BINGHAM, Ernest; BINGHAM, Ernest A; BINGHAM, Eva; BINGHAM, Howard S; BINGHAM, Idillia B; BINGHAM, Lucian; BINGHAM, Sadie; BISCHOFF, Estelle D; BISCHOFF, Werner A; BISSICK, Anna F; BISSICK, Paul W; BIXBY, Isabelle E; BIXBY, Raymond w; BLACK, Albert S; BLACK, Carl F; BLACK, Hannah C; BLACK, Hazel M; BLACK, Sarah E; BLACK, William W; BLACKLEDGE, Harrison; BLACKLEDGE, Harry; BLAIN, Anna; BLAIN, Claude H; BLAIN, Eliza; BLAIN, Ellsworth "Bud"; BLAIN, Eugene; BLAIN, George E; BLAIN, Mamie E; BLAIN, Maude M; BLAIN, Silas E; BLAIN, William; BLAIN MCKEAG, Florence; BLASBERG, Allene; BLASBERG, Alwin L; BLASBERG, Edgar R; BLASBERG, Lavera; BLASBERG, Melva E; BLASBERG, Pat; BLASBERG, Steve; BLASBERG, Vernon; BLASIER, Cecil L; BLASIER, Ella L; BLASIER, Louis K; BLASIER, Mary A; BLASIER, Matilda; BLASIER, Milton J; BLASIER, Velma; BLASIER, Wellington; BLISS, Harlan; BLISS, Violetta; BLODGETT, Lillian; BLOESER, Berdina; BLOESER, Floyd H; BLOOM, Anna; BLOOM, Anna & Charles; BLOOM, Anna Elizabeth; BLOOM, Charles; BLOOM, Charles; BLOSSOM, Charles; BLOSSOM, Cyrus; BLOSSOM, Elizabeth; BLOSSOM, Infant; BLOSSOM, James; BLOSSOM, William; BLUME, Brittney Anne; BLUML, Judy C; BOBZIEN, H Craig; BOBZIEN, Martha T; BOCK, Alice; BOCK, Ella; BOCK, Erwin; BOCK, William; BOCKHAUS, Lawrence W; BOCKHAUS, Mildred; BOCQUET, Charles; BOCQUET, Mary; BODECKER, Charles; BODECKER, Eileen D; BODECKER, Wm A "Bill"; BODEKER, Anson F.; BODEKER, Arthur W; BODEKER, August C; BODEKER, Bertha SJM; BODEKER, Carl H; BODEKER, Edward A; BODEKER, Flora M; BODEKER, Gould H; BODEKER, Harry Anson; BODEKER, Henry F; BODEKER, Hulda M; BODEKER, Ida E; BODEKER, Irene F; BODEKER, Kittie; BODEKER, Norma A.; BODEKER, Ralph A; BODEKER HOUGHTON, Ida; BOECKMANN, Alvena E; BOECKMANN, Dorothy F; BOECKMANN, Ewald H; BOECKMANN, Stanley F; BOEDECKER, Ed C; BOEDECKER, Grace A; BOEDECKER, Herman A; BOEDECKER, Laura; BOEDECKER, Lorenz L; BOEDECKER, Mary; BOEDECKER, Walter W; BOEDECKER, Wilhelmina; BOEDECKER, William; BOEDEKER, Carl; BOEDEKER, Maria; BOERSCHEL, Albert F; BOERSCHEL, Alice A; BOERSCHEL, Louie; BOERSCHEL, Mary; BOESEN, Anna; BOESEN, Harold A; BOESEN, John; BOETTCHER, Darlene J; BOETTCHER, George H; BOEVERS, Arnold; BOEVERS, La Vera; BOEVERS SCHWARZE, Malita; BOGAN, Howard L; BOGAN, Larry L; BOGAN, Mina M; BOGAN, Myrna J; BOGAN, Richard D; BOLTE, Carl; BOLTE, Clarence H; BOLTE, Renetta L; BOLTE, Sophia; BOLTON, Burton S; BOLTON, Ethel; BOLTON, Margaret E; BOLTON, William L; BOLZ, Leroy; BOLZ, Lillian; BOND, Michael; BONSTINE, Jacob; BOOL, Abbie; BOOROM, Dahlia H; BOOROM, Lester E; BOOROM, Lucille; BOOROM, Lucille; BOOROM, Susan; BOOROM, Susan L; BOOROM, Wilbur; BOOROM, Wilbur; BOOROM, William F; BOOROM, William J.; BOOROM, Wm J; BOOROM MCDONALD, Aimee; BOOTH, Abbie; BOOTH, Alfred M; BOOTH, Elihu L; BOOTH, Ethel F; BOOTH, George L; BOOTH, Hattie V; BOOTH, Sidney C; BOOTH, Volney S; BOOTS, Frances M; BOOTS, Vincent R; BOOTS, Vincent R; BORCHERS, Anna E; BORCHERS, Hulda; BOSER, Susan; BOSTWICK, Arthur & Theresa; BOSTWICK, Arthur L; BOSTWICK, Theresa; BOSWELL, Loretta; BOTTERMAN, Anna; BOTTERMAN, Dick A; BOUDEN SKINNER, Elizabeth; BOUTELL WILLEY, Elizabeth; BOVEIA, Albert Leslie; BOVEIA, Albina; BOVEIA, Beverly; BOVEIA, Clyde J; BOVEIA, Francis L; BOVEIA, Gary J; BOVEIA, John; BOVEIA, Marian E; BOVEIA, Mata W; BOVEIA, Nancy Catherine; BOVEIA, Wayne E; BOVERS, Caroline; BOVERS, Herrmann; BOVIA, Frank; BOVIA, Mary; BOWEN, Judy M; BOWEN, Robert J; BOWEN, Robert James; BOWLES, Dorothy R; BOWLES, Glabe F; BOWMAN, Anne; BOWMAN, Emma; BOWMAN, Emma; BOWMAN, Luella; BOWMAN, Luella; BOWMAN, William; BOWMAN, William; BOYER, John; BOYER, John P; BOYER, Sarah; BOYNTON, Athan H; BRACKNEY, Charles E; BRACKNEY, Wanda C; BRADLEY, Mable; BRADT GRINNELL, Achsah E; BRADY, Harry; BRADY, Harry; BRANCH, John; BRANCH, John; BRANCH, John & LE; BRANCH, LE; BRANCH, LE; BRANCH, LE; BRANDEBURG, Ada R; BRANDEBURG, Arnold R; BRANDEBURG, Edwin J; BRANDEBURG, Eva M; BRANDEBURG, Evam, Edwin J, Max Richard, Arnold R, Ada R; BRANDEBURG, Max Richard; BRANDENBURG, Bertha; BRANDENBURG, Dorothy E; BRANDENBURG, Emilie; BRANDENBURG, Emilie; BRANDENBURG, Gilbert; BRANDENBURG, Harold A; BRANDENBURG, Homer; BRANDENBURG, John; BRANDENBURG, John; BRANDENBURG, Lisetta; BRANDENBURG, Lisetta; BRANDENBURG, Richard; BRANDENBURG, Richard; BRANDENBURG, Sophia; BRANDENBURG, Sophia; BRANDENBURG, Unknown; BRANDES, Grace; BRANDES, Louise; BRANDES, Martin; BRANDT, Amanda; BRANDT, August; BRANDT, Carolina; BRANDT, Clarence; BRANDT, Darlene D; BRANDT, Eldo J; BRANDT, Eldo J; BRANDT, Emil H; BRANDT, Ernest; BRANDT, Ernest W; BRANDT, Faye L; BRANDT, Harold; BRANDT, Henry; BRANDT, Hilda S; BRANDT, Ida A; BRANDT, John; BRANDT, John F; BRANDT, LaVern F; BRANDT, Leslie E; BRANDT, Lillie; BRANDT, Margaretha; BRANDT, Maria; BRANDT, Martha A; BRANDT, Meta; BRANDT, Milton C; BRANDT, Milton E; BRANDT, Richard F; BRANDT, Richard F; BRANDT, Richard W; BRANDT, Sara Renee; BRANDT, Selma D; BRANDT, Verna L B; BRASE, Arlene L; BRASE, Fred; BRASE, Hedwig; BRASE, Mabel; BRASE, Wilbert H; BRASE COOLEY, Wilma; BRATTON, Arthur C; BRATTON, Arthur C Jr; BRATTON, Marjorie A; BRATTON, Marjorie E; BRAUTIGAM, Theodore; BRAY, Elizabeth; BRAY, William; BRAYTON, Edward L; BRAYTON, Georgianna; BRAYTON, Mauna H; BRAYTON, Stephen E; BRECHNER, Charles; BRECHNER, Joseph F; BRECHNER, M. Ellen; BRECHNER, Maud; BREDOM, Fran Emilie; BREDOM, Waltor Paul; BREDOW, Anna; BREDOW, Anna M; BREDOW, Edgar G; BREDOW, Esther; BREDOW, Esther M; BREDOW, Florence M; BREDOW, Herbert E; BREDOW, Julius G; BREDOW, Otto; BREDOW, S F; BREDOW, S F; BREDOW NIEDORF, Family; BRETTMANN, Albert J; BRETTMANN, Alida C; BRETTMANN, Mildred L; BRETTMANN, Walter L; BRIDEN MISHLER, Eva; BRIDGES, George A; BRIDGES, Judith J; BRIDGES, Ruth C; BRIGGS, Fannie A; BRINER, Burdett O; BRINER, Clyde H; BRINER, David Lee; BRINER, Doris L; BRINER, Harland J; BRINER, Harland J; BRINER, John L; BRINER, Lois B; BRINER, Norma J; BRINER, Rose L; BRINER, Wesley W; BRINER, Wesley W; BRINGGOLD, Abraham G; BRINGGOLD, Ada Jane; BRINKMAN, Harvey; BRINKMAN, Harvey L; BRINKMAN, Irene M; BRINKMANN, Christian C; BRINKMANN, Emil R; BRINKMANN, Family; BRINKMANN, Family; BRINKMANN, Glen C; BRINKMANN, Nora A; BRINKMANN, Rachel F; BROADIE, Adam; BROADIE, Alfred A; BROADIE, Alfred A; BROADIE, Alvaline; BROADIE, Celeste M; BROADIE, Family; BROADIE, George A; BROADIE, Hellen G; BROADIE, Herbert H; BROADIE, Hilda L; BROADIE, Jane S; BROADIE, Jean P; BROADIE, LeRoy W; BROADIE, Maude F; BROADIE, Minnie B; BROADIE, Wesley H; BROADIE, Wesley J; BROADIE LEE, Minnie; BROCK, Benedick; BROCK, Clara; BROCK, Hugh L; BROCK, Marrha; BROCK, William; BROCKA, Herman C.; BROCKA, Mary M.; BROCKWAY KRUEGER, Eva; BROCKWAY KRUEGER, Eva; BRODERSEN, Floyd; BRODERSEN, Verla G; BRODERSON, Christine; BRODERSON, Family; BRODERSON, Herman L; BRODERSON, Vera G; BROOKS, A Ruth; BROOKS, Ardys J; BROOKS, Arthur E; BROOKS, Donald L; BROOKS, Elma L; BROOKS, F Louise; BROOKS, Family; BROOKS, Floyd P; BROOKS, Marjorie; BROOKS, Richard C; BROOKS, Rita F; BROOKS, Robert E; BROOKS, W John E; BROOKS, W John E; BROOKS, Will M; BROOKS, William D; BROSTROM, Caroline A; BROSTROM, Glenn B; BROTHERTON, Cora; BROTHERTON, James; BROTHERTON, Josephine; BROTHERTON, May; BROWN, A F; BROWN, Arthur J; BROWN, Christopher; BROWN, Christopher; BROWN, Conrad; BROWN, Conrad; BROWN, EA; BROWN, Eleanor M; BROWN, Father (Wm); BROWN, Frederick E; BROWN, Grace; BROWN, JE; BROWN, John A; BROWN, John P Judson; BROWN, Lilla; BROWN, Mary; BROWN, Mary Jane; BROWN, Minnie; BROWN, Minnie; BROWN, Mother (Mrs Wm); BROWN, Mrs Wm; BROWN, Nellie; BROWN, Nellie Pearl; BROWN, Robt A; BROWN, Susannah; BROWN, Susannah; BROWN, Verbena K; BROWN, Verland C Sr; BROWN, William; BROWN, William; BROWN, Wm; BROWN CLARKE, Adelia; BROWNSON, Glenn M; BROWNSON, Grace E; BROWNSON, Hattie M; BROWNSON, Laurence H; BRULA, Edna; BRULA, Edward; BRULA, Eulila; BRUNHOEFER, Frieda; BRUNHOEFER, Herman; BRUNOTTE, Chris; BRUNOTTE, Margaret; BRUNS, Albert T; BRUNS, Alice I; BRUNS, Carl G; BRUNS, Christine Lynn; BRUNS, Dorothy A; BRUNS, Edward H; BRUNS, Ethel A; BRUNS, HF Anton; BRUNS, Irva L; BRUNS, Jennie S; BRUNS, Lucille O; BRUNS, Richard A; BRUNS, Robert B; BRUNS, Robert C; BRUNS, Verlyn Carl; BRUNS, Viola C; BRYAN, Opal; BRYANT, Family; BRYANT, Lida E; BRYANT, Zabina Z; BRYE, Lydia E; BRYE, Melvin O; BUCHAN, James E.; BUCHHOLZ, Adele M; BUCHHOLZ, Dale L; BUCHHOLZ, Fred J; BUCHHOLZ, Fred J; BUCHHOLZ, Lucille R; BUCHHOLZ, Maxine; BUCHHOLZ, Raymond F; BUCKNELL, Harland; BUCKNELL, JD; BUDER, Louis; BUEHRER, Esther M; BUEHRER, Theophil M; BUESING, Engel; BUESING, Engel; BUESING, Herman; BUESING, Herman; BUESING, Louis; BUESING, Louis; BUHMANN, Caroline; BUHMANN, Family; BUHMANN, Henry; BUHR, Daniel H; BUHR, Daniel H; BUHR, Dorlene; BUHR, Esther; BUHR, Laura A; BUHR, Laura A; BUHR, Leslie; BUHR, Leslie A; BUHR, Lorenz W; BUHR, Maynard; BUHR, Merla R; BUHROW, Florence Eleanor; BUHROW, Lloyd Friedrich Wilhelm; BUHROW, Mathilda; BUHROW, Matthew W; BUHROW, Terry J; BUHROW, William H; BUHROW, William L; BULS, A Clara; BULS, Clarence W; BULS, Elda M; BULS, Ernst F; BULS, Gustav; BULS, Gustav; BULS, Marsha M; BULS, Minnie; BULS, Minnie; BULS MUELLER, Bertha; BULS SCHWARZE, Ida; BUMGARDNER, Claudia; BUMGARDNER, Kenneth C; BUMGARDNER, Lowell C; BUMGARDNER, Oma C; BUNDY, Hiram E; BUNDY, Mary; BUNDY, Mary; BUNDY, Sarah; BUNDY, Sarah; BUNDY AUNER, Alice S; BUNDY AUNER, Alice S; BUNDY SHEPARD, Julia; BUNTH, Caroline; BUNTH, Earl L; BUNTH, FHB (Frederick); BUNTH, Frederick H; BUNTH, Herman; BUNTH, Mary J; BUNTH, Minie B; BUNTH, MJB (Mary); BUOHTEL, Jonathon; BURBANK, Ada F.; BURBANK, Caroline E; BURBANK, Flora; BURBANK, Flora; BURBANK, Jerome; BURBANK, Jerome; BURBANK, Jerusha; BURBANK, Jerusha; BURBANK, Oscar; BURBANK LEE, Carrie; BURGE SCHUMACHER, Bertha; BURLESON, Alice; BURLESON, Donald; BURLESON, Howard; BURMAN, Alfred E; BURMAN, Augustus E; BURMAN, Baby; BURMAN, Bernice; BURMAN, Blanche; BURMAN, Charles E; BURMAN, Charles E; BURMAN, E Goldie; BURMAN, Edwin; BURMAN, Edwin C; BURMAN, Ella J; BURMAN, Howard; BURMAN, Ida E; BURMAN, Ida Rosetta; BURMAN, Jean E; BURMAN, Jennie C; BURMAN, John C; BURMAN, Kenneth; BURMAN, Merwin O; BURMAN, Oren W; BURMAN, Rosetta; BURMAN, Rosetta J; BURMAN, Roy; BURNS, Clarissa; BURNS, Herald E; BURNS, Margaret J; BURR, Ce??cie; BURR, Fannie A; BURR, George; BURR, H S; BURR, Lois; BURR, Louise; BURR THOMPSON, Mary; BURRELL, Bertha E; BURRELL, Clarence E; BURRINGTON, Carrie; BURRINGTON, Carrie B; BURRINGTON, Charles; BURRINGTON, Charles; BURRINGTON, Father (HH); BURRINGTON, Father (HH); BURRINGTON, Mother (Hannah); BURRINGTON, Mother (Hannah); BURRINGTON, Stella A; BURRINGTON, Stella A; BURRINGTON, Willie; BURRINGTON, Willie; BURROUGHS, Rose M; BURROUGHS, Wendell L; BURTON, Edna; BURTON, Edna; BURTON, Elmer; BURTON, Elmer C.; BURTON, Elmer C.; BUSCH, Bertha M; BUSCH, Caroline; BUSCH, George; BUSCH, Henry; BUSCH, Henry W; BUSCH, Josephine; BUSCH, Lester L; BUSCH, Lillie I; BUSCH, Marvin; BUSCH, Maurine; BUSCHING, Ben F.; BUSCHING, Benjamin F.; BUSCHING, Edward; BUSCHING, Edward H; BUSCHING, Father (Heinrich); BUSCHING, Frank; BUSCHING, Heinrich; BUSCHING, Mabel M.; BUSCHING, Matilda; BUSCHING, Mother (Matilda); BUSER, Susan; BUSHNELL, Herbert E; BUSSE, Harold; BUSSE, Henry; BUSSE, Marie; BUSSE, Minna; BUSSE, Viola; BUSSE, William; BUSSEY, Della; BUSSEY, William; BUTLER, Rollin; BUTLER, Vernie; BUTLER SHAFFER, Mary; BUTTERFIELD, H E; BUTZLAFF, Dorothy J; BUTZLAFF, Laurence H; BYE, Dick; BYE, Howard R; BYE, Rena; BYERGO, Bessie; BYERGO, Elias N; BYL, Carol M; BYRAN, Alfred P; BYRAN, Clara O; BYRAN, Clarence B; BYRAN, Hazel B
C:   CADY, Chester; CADY, Sarah; CAFFNEY, Asa J; CAFFNEY, Asa J; CAFFNEY, Jessie M; CAFFNEY, Jessie M; CAFFNEY, Kenneth D; CAFFNEY, Kenneth D; CAGLEY, Frances E; CAGLEY, Levi G; CAGLEY, Royal L; CAGLEY, Winnifred; CAIN, Earl A; CAIN, Elizabeth; CAIN, Golda; CAIN, Mother (Elizabeth); CAIN, Oral; CAIN, Simeon; CALKINS, M E (Mary); CALKINS, Mary E; CALKINS, Mattie Lo; CALYEAN, Louis M; CALYEAN, Nellie B; CAMERON, Albert A; CAMERON, Nona M; CAMPBELL, Ida M; CAMPBELL, John; CAMPBELL, Marcy Lynn; CAMPBELL, Patricia; CAMPBELL, Rosemary; CAMPBELL, Samuel R; CAMPBELL, Woodley W; CANFIELD, Debra C; CANFIELD, Dennis L; CANFIELD ROSE, Mary; CANNON, Catherine B; CANNON, William J; CANOUNG, Jane; CAPPER EVELAND, Anne; CARDENAS, Gladys C; CARE, Maud; CAREY, Cora; CAREY, Emma; CAREY, Everett; CAREY, John; CAREY, Margaretta; CARINGER, Sarah A; CARLSON, Bettie; CARLSON, Donna M; CARLSON, H Glenn; CARLSON, Hjalmer H; CARLSON, Macy E; CARLSON, Ralph H; CARLTON, Nancy Ann; CARLTON, Samuel E; CARMA, C John; CAROLUS, Grace A; CAROLUS, Harvey H; CARPENTER, Charles E; CARPENTER, Clara F; CARPENTER, Lloyd; CARPENTER, Louis H; CARPENTER, Mary; CARPENTER, Muriel; CARPENTER DAILY, Maria; CARR, Ethel J; CARR, W M; CARRAN FREDRICK, Jean; CARRIER, Estelle; CARSON, CM; CARSON, Ella; CARSON, Ella; CARSTENSEN, Arlene B; CARSTENSEN, Caroline; CARSTENSEN, Clarence F; CARSTENSEN, David A; CARSTENSEN, E Mayme; CARSTENSEN, Frank; CARSTENSEN, James; CARSTENSEN, Lenore J; CARSTENSEN, Louis A; CARSTENSEN, Mary B; CARSTENSEN, Sandra H; CARSTENSEN, Sarah M; CARSTENSEN, Vincent H; CARSTENSEN, William G; CARSTENSEN PAUP, Lucille; CARSTENSEN PAUP, Lucille; CARVER, Ariel Rockne; CARVER, Dorothy J; CARVER, Francis B; CARVER, Laurence J; CARVER, Lizzie; CASE, Anson; CASE, Anson; CASE, Catherine; CASE, Chauncey; CASE, Chauncey; CASE, Clarence; CASE, Clarence E; CASE, Clarence E; CASE, Emma; CASE, Emma R; CASE, Ernest; CASE, Ernest A; CASE, Family; CASE, Fanny; CASE, Fanny; CASE, Father; CASE, George L; CASE, Infant; CASE, Jennie; CASE, Julia; CASE, Leora; CASE, Leora M; CASE, Lettie; CASE, Louis; CASE, Louis M; CASE, May; CASE, Minnie; CASE, Mother; CASE, Nelie; CASE, Nelie; CASE, Peter; CASE, Preintice A; CASE, Samuel E; CASE, Sarah; CASE, Willie; CASE, Wirt; CASE, Wirt G; CASE COOPER, Estella; CASE MERNER, Harriet; CASE REEVES, Katherine; CASPER, Dora; CASPER, Michael C; CAVE, Bert H; CAVE, Charles R; CAVE, Dorothea L; CAVE, Enos Wayne; CAVE, Ethel J; CAVE, Harriet S; CAVE, Lena; CAVE, Wayne C; CHAMBERLIN, Alta E; CHAMBERLIN, Alta E; CHAMBERLIN, H C; CHAMBERS, Alton; CHAMBERS, Avery; CHAMBERS, Charles; CHAMBERS, Cora; CHAMBERS, Cynthia E; CHAMBERS, Daniel H; CHAMBERS, Family; CHAMBERS, Father (Daniel); CHAMBERS, Joseph S; CHAMBERS, Josephine E; CHAMBERS, Lauren A; CHAMBERS, Mary I; CHAMBERS, Maude; CHAMBERS, Mollie; CHAMBERS, Mother (Josephine); CHAMBERS, Mother (Mary); CHAMBERS, Myron; CHANDLER, Angie Nett; CHANDLER, Arthgur E; CHANDLER, Arthgur E; CHANDLER, Arthur E; CHANDLER, E Louise; CHANDLER, Esther L; CHANDLER, Esther L; CHANDLER, Irene; CHANDLER, James A; CHANDLER, James Arthur; CHANDLER, Willard Wellman; CHANDLER MARCIA LOU, Hartmann; CHANDLER STURDEVANT, Maybelle L; CHAPIN, Cecil C; CHAPMAN, Louisa W; CHAPMAN, Louisa W; CHAPMAN, Marjorie; CHAPMAN, Willard s; CHAPMAN, William; CHAPMAN, William; CHAPMAN BENEDICT, Dorothy; CHAPMAN GREMMELS, Marion; CHESTNUT, Dorothy F; CHESTNUT, Edwin W; CHESTNUT, Josh William; CHESTNUT, Lily L; CHESTNUT, Maralyn J; CHESTNUT, Maude; CHESTNUT, Oron O; CHESTNUT, Velma V; CHESTNUT, Vercell M; CHESTNUT, Viva; CHESTNUT, Willard C; CHEZIK, Delma; CHEZIK, John; CHITTENDEN, Alice; CHITTENDEN, Benjamin; CHITTENDEN, Christine; CHITTENDEN, Daniel; CHITTENDEN, Daniel; CHITTENDEN, Daniel; CHITTENDEN, G E; CHITTENDEN, G E; CHITTENDEN, Gordoon; CHITTENDEN, Phebe; CHITTENDEN, Phebe; CHITTENDEN, Unknown; CHRISTIAN, Hans; CHRISTIAN, Lucy E; CHRISTIAN, William H.; CHRISTOPHEL, Alma; CHRISTOPHEL, Anna; CHRISTOPHEL, Clarence C; CHRISTOPHEL, Edith S; CHRISTOPHEL, Esther V; CHRISTOPHEL, Family; CHRISTOPHEL, Floyd; CHRISTOPHEL, Frank; CHRISTOPHEL, Frank; CHRISTOPHEL, Fred; CHRISTOPHEL, George W; CHRISTOPHEL, Henry; CHRISTOPHEL, Henry E; CHRISTOPHEL, Hilda; CHRISTOPHEL, Louise M; CHRISTOPHEL, Luella L; CHRISTOPHEL, Marea; CHRISTOPHEL, Margaretha; CHRISTOPHEL, Martha; CHRISTOPHEL, Martha; CHRISTOPHEL, Mildred M; CHRISTOPHEL, Robert; CLARK, Charles E; CLARK, Dickie; CLARK, Donna Jean; CLARK, Frank O; CLARK, Fred G; CLARK, George C; CLARK, Gladys H; CLARK, James George; CLARK, Jane; CLARK, Jane; CLARK, Jessie O; CLARK, John; CLARK, John; CLARK, John T; CLARK, Lavern A; CLARK, Marie B; CLARK, Martha; CLARK, Martha; CLARK, Mary; CLARK, N G; CLARK, Romane O; CLARK, William W; CLARK WAGNER, Caroline; CLARK WAGNER, Caroline; CLARKE, Adelia; CLARKE, Adelia; CLARKE, George H; CLARKE, George H; CLARKE, Laura; CLARKE, Laura B; CLARKE, Laura B; CLARKE, Lillie; CLARKE, Lillie; CLARKE, Lillie; CLARKE, Rufus; CLARKE, Rufus; CLARKE BROWN, Lilla; CLARKE CONNOR, Alvaline; CLARKE PAGE, Jessie; CLARY, Helen; CLARY, Laverne R; CLATTLY, Benjamin John; CLATTLY, Benjamin John; CLATTLY, Harriet Ellison; CLATTLY, Harriet Mary; CLATTLY, Harriet Mary; CLATTLY, Pearl; CLAUSING, Anna; CLAUSING, Bernice; CLAUSING, Bertha; CLAUSING, Elmer; CLAUSING, Erma H; CLAUSING, Erwin; CLAUSING, Fred J; CLAUSING, Henry C; CLAUSING, Hilda; CLAUSING, Hjalmer H; CLAUSING, Macy E; CLAUSING, Roland H; CLAUSING, Selma; CLAUSING, Sophia; CLAUSING, Theodore; CLAUSING, Wm; CLELAND, J Edwin; CLEMANS, Mary E; CLEMENS DUECKER, Doris; CLEMMENSEN, Joann; CLEMMENSEN, Larry; CLEVELAND, Harry H; CLEVELAND, Melba S; CLEWELL, Charles H; CLEWELL, Eldon L; CLEWELL, Floyd H; CLEWELL, Frances E; CLEWELL, Frank E; CLEWELL, Geraldine J; CLEWELL, Gertrude; CLEWELL, Howard M; CLEWELL, Howard M; CLEWELL, Laura L; CLEWELL, Lena A; CLEWELL, Mildred I; CLEWELL, Mildred I; CLEWELL, Ruth M; CLEWELL, W N "Bud"; CLEWELL, Walter D; CLEWELL KLINETOBE, Joyce; CLEWELL PLAGE, Hazel; CLEWELL PLAGE, Hazel; CLUE, Harvey; CMELIK, Helen B; CMELIK, Robert H; CMELIK, Robert H; COACHER WHITE, Marion; COATS, Mary; COATS, Nellie E; COATS, Pyrle E; COATS, Silas D; COATS, Wm H; COBURN, Edgar W; COBURN, Inez; COBURN, Joseph T; COBURN, Lucy Jane; COBURN, Mary J; CODDINGTON, Family; CODDINGTON, Herbert W; CODDINGTON, James W; CODDINGTON, Vere M; COE, Bertha; COE, Frank John; COFFIN, Catherine; COFFIN, Robert W; COFFIN, William J; COFFMAN, Dorothy E; COFFMAN, Robert W; COLBURN, Anna U; COLBURN, Charles S; COLBURN, Family; COLBURN, Florence M; COLBURN, Lloyd; COLBURN, maude; COLBURN, William; COLBY, Abraham; COLBY, Fidelia A; COLBY, Harry E; COLBY, Julia; COLBY, Mae Francis; COLBY, Nanna M; COLE, Alvin T; COLE, Arlo Benson; COLE, Dana B; COLE, Jay Floyd; COLE, Leo; COLE, Sarah J; COLE COOL, Mary Louise; COLE WILCOX, Jennie; COLE WILCOX, Jennie; COLLINS, Albert A; COLLINS, Anna A; COLLINS, Clarenda A; COLLINS, Harold J; COLLINS, Harry A; COLLINS, Leland A; COLLINS, Norman D; COLLINS, Selma K; COLLINS, Vera G; COMPTON, FP; CONCANNON, Fred R; CONCANNON, Rae J; CONNELL, Diana; CONNELL, Platt; CONNER, Alwyn B; CONNER, Mary I; CONNOR, Alvaline; CONNOR, Earl; CONNOR, Earl; CONNOR, Earl; CONNOR, Ida; CONNOR, Ida; CONNOR, Ida; CONNOR, John; CONNOR, Lewis C; CONNOR, Nora; CONRAD ACKMANN, Sophia Gattin Von; CONSTABLE, Ursula; COOK, B; COOK, Clarence; COOK, E Clayton; COOK, Earl; COOK, Elizabeth; COOK, Elmer H; COOK, Evonne M; COOK, Florence E; COOK, Gretia J; COOK, Harry H; COOK, Howard; COOK, James C; COOK, James C; COOK, Lena; COOK, Mabel C; COOK, Mary L; COOK, Mildred L; COOK, Nellie; COOK, Olga; COOK, Olive H; COOK, Ralph F; COOK, Richard A; COOK, Terri Sue; COOK, William H; COOK, Wm H; COOKE, Jay J.; COOL, Abbie; COOL, Abbie; COOL, Carrie; COOL, Claude Arthur; COOL, Daniel M; COOL, Fredly; COOL, Julia A,; COOL, Lydia M; COOL, Mary Louise; COOL, William A; COOL, William Irvin; COOL CLARK, Mary; COOLEY, Harley M; COOLEY, James "Ugh"; COOLEY, John H; COOLEY, Leo F; COOLEY, Leo Frank; COOLEY, Loretta L G; COOLEY, Louise A; COOLEY, Wilma; COOLEY WILCOX, Luella; COON, Baby; COON, Kathleen; COONRADT, Dale L; COONRADT, Delores C; COONRADT, Ernest E; COONRADT, Lois M; COONRADT, Robert C; COONRADT, Ruth G; COOPER, Bert; COOPER, Estella; COOPER, Everett; COOPER, Geo; COOPER, Georgie; COOPER, Josie; COOPER THATCHER, Grace; COOPER WEBER, Elizabeth Corey; COREY, Elizabeth; COREY, Fidella E; COREY, George; COREY, George; COREY, Harriett; COREY, James C; COREY, Leroy; CORLETT, Curtis C; CORLETT, Ellamay; CORNFORTH, Ada; CORNFORTH, Alice; CORNFORTH, Bateman; CORNFORTH, Bateman; CORNFORTH, Jennie M; CORNFORTH, Margaret; CORNFORTH, Orrin; CORNFORTH, Sarah; CORNFORTH, William; CORNILS, Charlotte; CORNILS, Donna M; CORNILS, Jacob; CORNILS, Margaret C; CORNILS, Paul J; CORNWELL, Hiram; CORNWELL, Nancy; CORSON, Barbara; CORSON, Calvin James; CORSON, Carter; CORSON, Edna; CORSON, Family; CORSON, James R; CORSON, James R; CORSON, Joann; CORSON, Karen Ann; CORSON, Steven "Duke"; COTTINGHAM, Anna Victoria; COTTRILL, David; COTTRILL, George; COTTRILL, Hattie; COUSE, Carlton; COUSE, Caroline; COUSE, H? H?; COUSIN, Doris M; COUSIN, Paul; COUSIN, Paul William; COUSIN, Richard L; COVERT, Abagail; COVERT, Mary; COVERT, Sidney; COWAN, Jane H; COWAN, Richard A; COWAN, Richard Allen; COWGER, George K; COWGER, Opal M; COY, Erastus; COY, Erastus; COY, Mary; COY, Mary; COYKENDAHL, C P; CRAENING, Etta; CRAMER, Almon; CRAMER, Charles; CRAMER, Mary; CRAMPTON, Jessie A.; CRAMPTON AVERY, Maria; CRAWFORD, Bernadine K; CRAWFORD, Calvin; CRAWFORD, Calvin; CRAWFORD, Family; CRAWFORD, Shirley; CREGER/KRIEGER POTHAST, Caroline; CRETZMEYER, Phelix; CRISSMAN, Minnie; CROSBY, Clara; CROSBY, Ernest; CROSBY, Guy H; CROSBY MITCHELL, Elsie; CROSS, LaVerne C; CROSS, Martha H; CROTTY, Elizabeth A; CROTTY, Robert D; CROUSE, George; CROUSE, Nora; CRUTHERS, David H; CRUTHERS, Eliza; CRUTHERS, Florence; CRUTHERS, George; CRUTHERS, James; CRUTHERS, James W; CRUTHERS, Minnie; CRUTHERS, William D; CUFFEL, Floyd A; CULBERTSON, Floyd; CULBERTSON, Floyd V; CULBERTSON, Merle; CULLINANE, David J; CULLINANE, David J; CULLINANE, David J; CULLINANE, Family; CULLINANE, Johanna M; CULLINANE, Johanna M; CULLINANE, Johanna T; CULLINANE, Johanna T; CULLINANE, John J; CULLINANE, John J; CULLINANE, Mary F; CULLINANE, Mary F; CULLINANE, Mary J; CULLINANE, Mary J; CULLINANE, Richard A; CULLINANE, Richard A; CUNNINGHAM, Alma; CUNNINGHAM, Alma; CUNNINGHAM, Fannie; CUNNINGHAM, Fannie; CUNNINGHAM, John; CUNNINGHAM, John; CURRY, Daphna L; CURRY, Donna; CURRY, James A; CURRY, William Earl; CURTIS, Alice; CURTIS, Carrie; CURTIS, Charles; CURTIS, Charles; CURTIS, Clara L; CURTIS, Ezra; CURTIS, Frank S; CURTIS, Fred L; CURTIS, G Henry; CURTIS, G Henry; CURTIS, George; CURTIS, George; CURTIS, Grace; CURTIS, Harrie E; CURTIS, John; CURTIS, John A; CURTIS, Linda B; CURTIS, Magnolia M; CURTIS, Margaret; CURTIS, Martha; CURTIS, Mary; CURTIS, Mary; CURTIS, Millard; CURTIS, Millard H; CURTIS, Robert E; CURTIS, Roena E; CURTIS, Ruby; CURTIS, Sarah; CURTIS, Sarah; CURTIS, Sidney; CURTIS, Sidney; CURTIS CROSBY, Clara; CUTSHAW, Edith E; CUTSHAW, Lydia; CUTSHAW, Mabel; CUTSHAW, William
D:   DAHLSTROM, Delight L; DAHLSTROM, Lester B; DAILY, Andrew; DAILY, Maria; DAILY, Rolla C; DAILY, Rolla C.; DALTON, Peter; DALTON, Sarah; DALTON BLUME, Brittney Anne; DANA, Florence; DANA, Ronald; DANA, Ronald Fred; DANIELS, Emelia E; DANIELSON, Jeanne M; DANIELSON, Paul H; DARRAH, James W; DARRAH, Zona G; DARROUGH LONG, Margaret; DARROUGH LONG, Margaret; DAVENPORT, F Robert; DAVENPORT, Frank W; DAVENPORT, Hattie M; DAVIDSON, Dale; DAVIDSON, Dale; DAVIDSON, Darlyce J; DAVIS, Anna; DAVIS, Bonnie J; DAVIS, Evelyn May; DAVIS, Frank A; DAVIS, Fredick T; DAVIS, John R; DAVIS, John W; DAVIS, Marie M; DAVIS, Mary M; DAVIS, Nellie A; DAVIS, Sophia; DAVIS, Theodore E; DAVIS, Tom; DAWSON, Edward; DAWSON, John; DAWSON, Kate; DAWSON, Miriam; DAWSON INGER, Lucy; DE NEUI, Betty J; DE NEUI, John; DE NEUI, John A; DE NEUI, Ruth; DE PUE, Nelda E; DE PUE, Ross S; DEAN, Angeline; DEAN, Arthur; DEAN, Billie; DEAN, Daniel; DEAN, Daniel; DEAN, Daniel; DEAN, Daniel E; DEAN, Daniel E; DEAN, Earl; DEAN, Edith; DEAN, Edward; DEAN, Elton; DEAN, Emma J; DEAN, ES; DEAN, Eve; DEAN, Family; DEAN, Frank Y; DEAN, Frankie; DEAN, Geo H; DEAN, Geo R; DEAN, George; DEAN, George; DEAN, Harvey; DEAN, Helen V; DEAN, Ida; DEAN, Lucretia; DEAN, Lucretia; DEAN, Lucretia; DEAN, Maria; DEAN, Mary; DEAN, Mary E; DEAN, Minnie; DEAN, Phebe; DEAN, Ralph A; DEAN, Rebecca; DEAN, Sadie J; DEAN, Silas; DEAN, Silas; DEAN, Thomas; DEAN, William; DEAN, Wm; DEBOWER, Betty Marie; DEBOWER, Ella C; DEBOWER, Frank H; DEBOWER, Wayne K; DEBOWER, Wayne K; DEGE, Anna A; DEGE, Paul O; DEGELAU, Anna Marie; DEGELAU, Arthur; DEGELAU, Arthur E; DEGELAU, Edwin; DEGELAU, Edwin A; DEGELAU, Fred; DEGELAU, J Ann; DEGELAU, J. Ann; DEGELAU, Mary; DEGELAU, Minnie; DEGELAU, Minnie; DEGRAW CARR, Ethel J; DEIKE, Celia M; DEIKE, Dennis R; DEIKE, Dennis Ray; DEIKE, Martin O; DEIKE, Martin O; DEIKE, Ray E; DEIKE, Ruth E; DEINDOEFER, Johannes; DEINDOEFER, Katharina; DEINEMA, Audrey P; DEINEMA, Florence; DEINEMA, John J; DEINEMA, John J; DEINEMA, John J; DEINEMA, Mercedes; DEINEMA, William G.; DEKE, Frederick; DEKE, Minnie; DENIO HOFFMAN, Celinda; DENKINS, Eva; DENNER, Alvin E; DENNER, Bernice E; DERWENT GARNER, Mary; DESGRANGERS SCHELL, Grandma; DETTMER, Arline M; DETTMER, Fred "Fritz"; DETTMER, Friederich H; DETTMER, Marie; DEWEY, Audrey J; DEWEY, Charles L; DEWEY, Emelda; DEWEY, Evelyn N; DEWEY, Geo raymond; DEWEY, Richard C; DEWEY, Rolland L; DIAMOND, Henry; DIAMOND, Mary J; DICKEN, Aaron; DICKEN, Andrew; DICKEN, Carrie B; DICKEN, Carrie B; DICKEN, Floren; DICKEN, Floren; DICKEN, Isabell; DICKEN, Maria; DICKEN, Nancy A; DICKEN, Nancy A; DICKEN, Stephen A; DICKEN, Stephen M; DICKENS CHAMBERLIN, Alta E; DICKINSON, Emeline R; DICKINSON, Family; DICKINSON, Jonathan; DICKINSON, Jonathan; DICKINSON, Martha A; DIERCKS, Carl; DIERCKS, Elda K; DIERCKS, Eldon T; DIERCKS, John E; DIERCKS, Mabel N; DIERCKS, Wernold H; DIESTLER, Lester F.; DIESTLER, Louie F.; DIESTLER, Lulu M.; DIESTLER, Ruth M; DIESTLER INGHAM, Vera; DIETRICH, Beverly J; DIETRICH, Gus; DIETRICH, Lillie; DIETRICH, Roger C; DIETZ, Clarence; DIETZ, Eldora; DIETZ, George; DIETZ, Gertrude; DIETZ, Harley; DILGER, Donald M; DILGER, Donald Miner; DILGER, Gertrude; DILLAVOU, Alice M; DILLAVOU, Herbert E; DILLER, Richard L; DINELLI, Alfhio Frank; DINELLI, Alphio Frank; DINELLI, Lena; DINELLI, Lucrezia; DINELLI, Raymond; DIRKSEN, James H; DIRKSEN, James H; DIRKSEN, Lavonne L; DIX, John A; DIXON, Arthur J.; DIXON, Nona B; DOBBINS, Joseph N; DOBBINS, Joseph N; DOBBINS, Ruth E; DODD, Franklin C; DODD, Shirley M; DODGE, Fannie; DODGE, Fannie; DOHERTY, Kathryn M; DONALH, Olna; DONALSSON, Henry; DONATH, Louisa; DORLAND SPEARS, Betty Lou; DOUGLAS, John; DOUGLAS, John; DOUGLAS, Lillian; DOUGLAS, Mary; DOUGLAS, Samuel; DOUGLAS, Samuel; DOUGLAS, Wm; DOVE, Lydia Mary; DOVE, Mae; DOVE, W Victor; DOVE, William C; DOVE BABCOCK, Edith P; DOWNIE, Leon; DOWNING, Addie; DOWNING, Ella; DOWNING, Esther H.; DOWNING, Fred; DOWNING, Fred M.; DOWNING, Jane; DOWNING, Lou V.; DOWNING, Martha M; DOWNING, Raymond; DOWNING, Raymond R; DOWNING, Thomas; DOXEY, Fred R; DOXEY, Fred R; DOXEY, Lillian M; DOXEY, Lillian M; DRAEGER, Fred; DRAEGER, Mamie E; DRAINE, Harry A; DRAKE, William Scott; DRALLE, Donna D; DRALLE, Leland F; DRAPE, Allan W; DRAPE, Bonnie M; DRAPE, Eugene W; DRAPE, Family; DRAPE, Ruth J; DRAPE, Theodore; DRAPE, Viola; DRAVIS, DonnaLee Jane; DRAVIS, Harold; DRAVIS, Mabel; DRAVIS, William Charles; DREWIS, Elda; DREWIS, Roland; DREWIS, Roland E; DRIOHAROSON, Alf; DROSTE, Anna A; DROSTE, Arthur; DROSTE, Edgar F; DROSTE, Eugene L; DROSTE, Frances E; DROSTE, Frieda A; DROSTE, Henry W; DROSTE, John F; DROSTE, Lavern C; DROSTE, Lavern Carl; DROSTE, Loretta; DROSTE, Marion; DROSTE, Mary Sue; DROSTE, Victor W E; DROSTE, William; DROSTE, William F; DROSTE, Wynona "Connie"; DUBOIS, Burdge; DUBOIS, Chester; DUBOIS, Fannie; DUBOIS, H N; DUBOIS, Lucia M; DUBOIS, Mary; DUCKER, Albert W; DUCKER, Alice E; DUCKER, Carl L; DUCKER, Charles F; DUCKER, Clarence H; DUCKER, Clarence H; DUCKER, Elsie; DUCKER, Erwin; DUCKER, Evelyn F; DUCKER, Family; DUCKER, Frederika; DUCKER, Helen P; DUCKER, Muriel; DUCKER, Regina; DUCKER, Sophia; DUCKER, Walter; DUCKER, Walter Fred; DUCKER, William B; DUCKER, Wm; DUECKER, Doris; DUER, James N; DUER, Sadie M; DUERSCHNER, Clara; DUERSCHNER, Frederick H; DUERSCHNER, Sophia List; DUEY, Joyce Ann; DUEY, L J; DUEY, L J; DUEY, Marianna; DUFT MILLER, Helen C; DUITSMAN, Gladys M; DUNCAN, Dorothy R; DUNCAN, Marvin J; DUNCAN ELLSWORTH, Eva M; DUNN KERN, Emma; DUNSCOMB, Elizabeth; DURAN, Leet; DUVALL, Charles; DUVALL, Cora M; DWIGHT ST JOHN, Ella
E:   EASTMAN, Abbie T; EASTMAN, Annette; EASTMAN, Harry; EBERT, Anna L; EBERT, Cora; EBERT, George H; ECK CASPER, Dora; ECKER, Ernest Conkey; ECKER, Janet; ECKER, Janet; ECKER, Robert; ECKER, Winifreda; ECKLOR, Helen P; ECKLOR, Velma Naomi; ECKSTEIN, Frederick Carl; ECKSTEIN, Frieda Katherine; EDGAR, Irene S; EDGAR, Robert A; EDGAR, Robert A Sr; EDMAN, Elden P; EDMAN, Elden P; EDMAN, Joyce G; EDWARDS, Arthur; EGGIESTON, Harold F; EGGIESTON, Martha J; EGGLESTON, Alpheus; EGGLESTON, Betsey; EGGLESTON, Betsey; EGGLESTON, Birdie M; EGGLESTON, Carl; EGGLESTON, Charles; EGGLESTON, Chester D; EGGLESTON, Christian H; EGGLESTON, Ella; EGGLESTON, Ernest D; EGGLESTON, Ethel Jane; EGGLESTON, Eva E; EGGLESTON, Family; EGGLESTON, Father (RW); EGGLESTON, Frances; EGGLESTON, Fred E; EGGLESTON, Glenn O; EGGLESTON, Ida S; EGGLESTON, Katherine; EGGLESTON, Leroy S; EGGLESTON, Lorraine Ruth; EGGLESTON, Mabel A; EGGLESTON, Maria; EGGLESTON, Mary; EGGLESTON, Mary A; EGGLESTON, Maxon W; EGGLESTON, Maxon Ward; EGGLESTON, Milo A; EGGLESTON, Mother (Ella); EGGLESTON, Nellie; EGGLESTON, Philinda M; EGGLESTON, R W; EGGLESTON, Silas; EGGLESTON, Silas Myron; EGGLESTON, Siles; EGGLESTON, William; EGLESTON, Maxon; EGLI, Eleanor G; EHLERS, Elaine M; EHLERS, Raymond D; EHLERT, Harley E; EHLERT, Ruth M; EHLERT, Thelma A; EHLERT, Walter G; EICHMAN, Frank E.; EICHMAN, Louisa; EICHMAN, Wilhem; EICHMANN, Henry N; EICHMANN, Ida; EICHMANN, Louis E; EICHMANN, Theresa G; EICHMANN, V Violette; EICHMANN, William H; EICK, Anna; EICK, Carol L; EICK, Darwin D; EICK, John H; EICK, John Herman; EICK, Marlys P; EICK, Will; EIFERT, Carl A; EIFERT, J Stanley; EIFERT, John; EIFERT, John H; EIFERT, John H; EIFERT, Katharina; EIFERT, Leota P; EIFERT, Maude E; EIFERT, Maude E; EIFERT, Nettie R; EIFERT, Sophia; EIFERT, Sophia; EIFERT JOHNSON, Ida; EIGHMEY, Amy R; EIGHMEY, Orley; EISENHART, Arthur A; EISENHART, Eli; EISENHART, Eli; EISENHART, Eli; EISENHART, Eli; EISENHART, Jennie S; EISENHART BEAN, Mary; EISENHART BEAN, Mary; EISENHART BEAN, Mary; ELDREDGE, F Eugene; ELDREDGE, Margaret J; ELDRIDGE, Betty L; ELDRIDGE, Joseph J; ELIASEN, Elsina L; ELIASEN, Family; ELIASEN, Leona A; ELIASEN, Leonard L; ELIASEN, Stuart G; ELIZA EYSTER/OYSTER, Ann "Elizabeth"; ELLGEN, Grace P; ELLINGER, John W; ELLINGER, John W; ELLINGTON NOEL, Lola; ELLIS, Cinderella; ELLIS, Cinderella; ELLIS, Cinderella; ELLIS, Eliza; ELLIS, Esther; ELLIS, Esther; ELLIS, Flora V; ELLIS, George P; ELLIS, Grace M; ELLIS, Helen M; ELLIS, John; ELLIS, Joseph G; ELLIS, Joseph Jr; ELLIS, Margaret L; ELLIS, Nathan Palmer; ELLIS, Nathaniel P; ELLIS, Nina; ELLIS, Zettis; ELLIS BRAYTON, Georgianna; ELLIS CLARKE, Lillie; ELLIS CLARKE, Lillie; ELLIS CLARKE, Lillie; ELLISON, Harriet; ELLISON, James; ELLISON, James; ELLISON, Marlys A; ELLISON, Milan C; ELLISON CARRIER, Estelle; ELLISON CLATTLY, Pearl; ELLSWORTH, Bertha G; ELLSWORTH, Eva M; ELLSWORTH, FE; ELLSWORTH, FE; ELLSWORTH, Frank E; ELLSWORTH, Fred Grant; ELLSWORTH, GE; ELLSWORTH, GE; ELLSWORTH, Geo; ELLSWORTH, Gorham E; ELLSWORTH, HB; ELLSWORTH, HB; ELLSWORTH, Lutie B; ELLSWORTH, Margaret; ELLSWORTH, MJ; ELLSWORTH, MJ; EMERY, Harry Elmer; EMERY, Luella; EMMERT, Anna M; EMMERT, William H; EMMONS, Mary; EMMONS, TP; ENDELMAN, Ryan; ENDELMAN, Ryan James; ENGELBRECHT, Amalia; ENGELBRECHT, Amalia; ENGELBRECHT, Edwin G; ENGELBRECHT, Family; ENGELBRECHT, Helene Rosa Mary; ENGELBRECHT, Helene Rosa Mary; ENGELBRECHT, Herbert; ENGELBRECHT, Hilda C; ENGELBRECHT, Robert M; ENGELBRECHT, Verona; ENGELBRECHT AAROEN, Mary Ann; ENNIS, John W; EPLEY, Austin Owlin; EPLEY, Ben J.; EPLEY, Clara; EPLEY, Daniel; EPLEY, Ella; EPLEY, Ellen; EPLEY, J H; EPLEY, J H; EPLEY, James; EPLEY, James; EPLEY, Maggie; EPLEY, Maggie; EPLEY, Mary; EPLEY, Mary; EPLEY, Orson; EPLEY, Reka; EPLEY, Salome; EPLEY, Walter L; EPPEL, Marilyn; EPPEL, Paul; ERBES, Carrie; ERBES, George; ERBES, Valentine; ERION, Elissa Anne; ERNST, Family; ERNST, George; ERNST, Oren; ERNST, Virginia; ERNST, Willie; ESSEN, Anne Gebbie; ESSEN, Anne Gebbie; ESSEN, Ivar L; ESSEN, Ivar L; ESSEN, Trygve E; ESSEN, Trygve E; ESSEN, Zella M; ESTREM, Andrew; ESTREM, Caroline L; EVANS, David; EVANS, Dora; EVANS, Mabel M.; EVANS, Mable; EVARTS, Lillian; EVELAND, Alva; EVELAND, Anna; EVELAND, Anne; EVELAND, Carlton; EVELAND, Carlton Gene; EVELAND, Charles; EVELAND, Charles Orrin; EVELAND, Clara; EVELAND, Clyde A; EVELAND, Clyde Austin; EVELAND, Emma; EVELAND, Emma C; EVELAND, James; EVELAND, James D; EVELAND, John; EVELAND, John M; EVELAND, Lena; EVELAND, Lena L; EVELAND DODGE, Fannie; EVELAND DODGE, Fannie; EVERS, Eno J; EVERS, Eno J; EVERS, Minnie; EYSTER/OYSTER, Ann "Elizabeth"
F:   FABER, Jim; FAILS, Anna Laura; FAILS, Ernest; FAILS, George; FAILS, Grace e; FAILS, James; FAILS, John Cole; FAILS, Kenneth Jr; FAILS, Kenneth W; FAILS, Lester; FAILS, Rose Mary; FAILS, William Robert; FAILS, Zetta; FAIRBROTHER, Mercedes; FAIRBROTHER DEINEMA, Mercedes; FAIRFIELD, Asa C.; FAIRFIELD, Edna J; FAIRFIELD, Emma Jane; FAIRFIELD, Frances E.; FAIRFIELD, Phoebe; FANGMEIER, Margaret Regina; FANGMEIER, Milton; FANTER, David C; FANTER, David C; FANTER, David C; FANTER, David C; FANTER, Judith M; FARNHAM, Armina; FARNHAM, C Wesley; FARNHAM, Charles R; FARNHAM, Charles R; FARNHAM, Grace E; FARNHAM, Robert W; FARR, Hazel Dean; FARRAN, David L; FARRAN, Marianne E; FARRINGTON, Ann L; FARRINGTON, Byron L; FARRINGTON, Matthew; FARWELL, Family; FARWELL, Frank E; FARWELL, Infants; FARWELL, Julia F; FASSE, Elnora M; FASSE, Victor L; FASSETT, Ellis C; FASSETT, Paul; FASSETT, Paul; FASSETT, Rena; FASSETT, Rena; FASSETT, Sadie A; FAVILLE, Andrew Dailey; FAVILLE, B F (Betsey); FAVILLE, Betsey; FAVILLE, Infant; FAVILLE, Maria; FAVILLE, Maria M; FAVILLE, MMF (Maria M); FAVILLE, O F (Oran); FAVILLE, Oran; FEGLEY, Gertrude E; FEGLEY, Warren W; FEHRING, Duane A; FEHRING, Mary J; FEHRING, Peter W; FEHRING, Peter W; FEHRING, Vera C; FELCHER, Anna; FELLER, Mathilda; FELLER, Nicholas; FERGUSON, Gerald A; FERGUSON, Kay K; FGRITZ, Elise; FGRITZ, Johann; FIKENSCHER, Agnes; FIKENSCHER, Theresa; FINDLEY, Carrie; FINDLEY, Charlie; FINDLEY, John; FINDLEY, Letitia C; FINLEY, Family; FINLEY, Minnie; FIRMAN, Nellie D; FISCHER, Cornelius Rev; FISCHER, Hilda; FISCHER, Martha; FISH, Doris M; FISH, Virgil W; FISHER, Donald R; FISHER, Donald R; FISHER, Dorothy G; FISHER, Marian L; FISHER, Wilbur H; FISHER COOK, Olive H; FLEGE, Anna; FLEGE, August; FLEGE, Caroline; FLEGE, Curtis G; FLEGE, Delores M; FLEGE, Evelyne; FLEGE, Fred H; FLEGE, Gary L; FLEGE, Glenys; FLEGE, Grace E; FLEGE, Harry E; FLEGE, Joelette; FLEGE, Laura M; FLEGE, Louis; FLEGE, Richard E; FLEGE, Werner; FLEITER, Catherine; FLEITER, Joseph; FLESHNER, Annetta J; FLESHNER, Glen R; FLESHNER, Glen R; FLEWELLEN, Gladys Mary; FLIEHLER PHIPPS, Kathryn; FLOOD, Bertha E; FLOOD, Edgar; FLOOD, Elery W; FLOOD, Francis C; FLOOD, Ina M; FLOOD, Mary O; FLUGGA, Anna M; FLUGGA, Eldora; FLUGGA, John F; FLYNN, Carolee; FLYNN, Duane; FLYNN, Esther M; FLYNN, Leo C; FLYNN, Leonard D; FLYNN, Maxine C; FOBES, A Glen; FOBES, Almirah; FOBES, Benjamin; FOBES, Irma L; FOELSKE, Elmer E; FOELSKE, Florence C; FOLKERS, Catharine M; FOLKERS, Virgil H; FOLKERS, Virgil H; FORD, Edward J; FORD, James; FORD, Josephine K.; FORD, Marion V; FORTNER, A; FORTNER, Church; FORTNER, Clarissa J; FORTNER, Pearl; FORTNER, Roy; FORTNER, Shute; FORTNER ELLIS, Eliza; FORTNEY, Etta M; FORTNEY, Frank; FORTNEY, Leatha; FOSSELMAN, Charles J.; FOSTER, Adelaide; FOSTER, Adelaide; FOSTER, Annie; FOSTER, Avis; FOSTER, Avis; FOSTER, Blanche; FOSTER, Blanche; FOSTER, C; FOSTER, Carrie A; FOSTER, Clarence; FOSTER, Duane C; FOSTER, Duane Clarence; FOSTER, Elinor; FOSTER, Eva E; FOSTER, Father; FOSTER, Father; FOSTER, Father (John); FOSTER, Florence; FOSTER, Florence; FOSTER, Frances; FOSTER, Helen; FOSTER, Helen; FOSTER, James; FOSTER, James; FOSTER, John R; FOSTER, Joseph; FOSTER, Joseph; FOSTER, Karen Eva; FOSTER, L; FOSTER, Loyd; FOSTER, Loyd; FOSTER, Mabel; FOSTER, Mother; FOSTER, Mother; FOSTER, Norman J; FOSTER, Peter B; FOSTER, Rachel; FOSTER, William P; FOUTCH, Avonelle M; FOUTCH, E Jane; FOUTCH, Wayne; FOUTCH, Wayne A; FOX, Geo W; FOX, John A; FOX, Priscilla A; FRANCIS, Charlene L; FRANCIS, Dalton E; FRANCIS, Dalton E; FRANCIS, Frank Shepherd; FRANKLIN, James A; FRANKLIN, Mora B; FRANKLIN, Ross B; FRANZEN, Dona M; FRANZEN, Edward P; FRASHIER, Amy; FRASHIER, Daniel; FRASHIER, Gladys; FRASHIER, William C; FREDRICHS, Adeline; FREDRICHS, Adeline; FREDRICHS, August; FREDRICHS, August; FREDRICK, Arnold A; FREDRICK, Arnold A; FREDRICK, Gloria T; FREDRICK, Jean; FREDRICK, Stephen E; FREDRICK, Walter Jr; FREEBORN, W M; FREEBURY, Clara V A; FREEMAN, Hannah; FREEMAN, Irving H; FREEMAN, Irving H; FREEMAN, Jonathan; FREEMAN, Jonathan; FREEMAN, Lena M; FREEMAN, Lena M; FREEMAN, Lydia A; FREEMAN, Lydia A; FREIE, Maria; FREIE MEYER, Nora; FRENCH, Donna M; FRENCH, Larry R; FRERICHS, George H; FRERICHS, George H; FRERICHS, Hannah L; FRERICHS, Hannah L; FRERICKS, Glenn Dean; FRESE, Amanda M; FRESE, Erle J; FRESE, Henry C; FRETZ, Ruth F; FRITTS HARRIS, Sarah; FRITTS HARRIS, Sarah; FRITZ, Adelia R; FRITZ, Carl; FRITZ, Conrad; FRITZ, Jeremiah; FRITZ, Katherine A; FRITZ, Marie; FRITZ, Mary A; FRITZ, William E; FROST SMITH, Eliza C; FRUEHLING, Marion M; FRUEHLING, Wilmut G; FRYK, Bruce; FRYK, Diane; FUERSTENBERG, Eileen; FUERSTENBERG, Fred; FUERSTENBERG, Gertrude; FUERSTENBERG, Jerald; FUERSTENBERG, Romane R; FUERSTENBERG, Romane R; FUERSTENBERG, Shirley A; FUERSTENBERG, Wendell; FUOSS, Delores A; FUOSS, Edward G; FURGASON GOODSPEED, Mary J
G:   GAARD, Family; GAARD, Helen Mae; GAARD, Robert Clifford; GABE, Dora; GABE, Fred; GABE, Leon; GABE, Louis; GABE, Sarah; GABLE CRAMPTON, Jessie A.; GADE, Bernice; GADE, Wayland; GAEDE, Warren R; GAFFNEY, Kenneth D; GAFFNEY, Margaret B; GAFFNEY, Margaret B; GALLAGHER, Eugene E; GALLAGHER, Eugene E; GALLAGHER, Martha; GALLAGHER, Martha; GALLAGHER, William A; GALLMAN, Catherine; GALLMAN, John J.; GAMBAIANI, Alfonso; GAMBAIANI, Benny A; GAMBAIANI, Betty; GAMBAIANI, Carrie; GAMBAIANI, Darlene; GAMBAIANI, Frank; GAMBAIANI, Joe; GAMBAIANI, Joe; GAMBAIANI, John; GAMBAIANI, Louis; GAMBAIANI, Marie; GAMBAIANI, Marie; GAMBAIANI, Peter; GAMBAIANI, Robert J; GAMBAIANI, Santa M; GAMBAIANI, Tony; GAMBAIANI, Tony; GAMBAIANI, Tootie; GAMBAIANI, Yvonne; GANOUNG, Isaac; GANOUNG, Jane; GANOUNG, Maria; GARDNER, Carol J; GARDNER, Harriet E.; GARDNER, William E; GARLAND, Earl; GARLAND, Earl S; GARLAND, Margaret; GARLAND, Margaret; GARNER, Arnold L; GARNER, Charles; GARNER, Charles; GARNER, Clayton Leonard; GARNER, Elda; GARNER, Erna; GARNER, Frances; GARNER, Harriett; GARNER, Harriett; GARNER, James; GARNER, James C.; GARNER, Jennie; GARNER, K Gerald; GARNER, Mark Glenn; GARNER, Mark Glenn; GARNER, Mary; GARNER, Mary Ann; GARNER, Mary Ann; GARNER, Rdna Kathleen; GARNER, S.; GAULKE, Betty A; GAULKE, Eugene L; GAYLOR, Ardis A; GAYLOR, Frederick C; GEDDES, Nancy A; GEDDES, Sarah F; GEFFERT, Bertha; GEFFERT, Fred; GEIGER, Bertha M; GEIGER, Jacob A; GENSTER, Frederick J; GENSTER, Jeffrey Laird; GERBERDING, Amanda; GERBERDING, Family; GERBERDING, William A; GERHARDT, Catherine; GERHARDT, Henry; GERHARDT, Phillip; GERLACH, Chr G (Rev); GERLACH, Laura; GETTS, Family; GETTS, Lela; GETTS, Matie L; GETTS, Verne U; GETTS, William W; GEUTHER, Alvin A; GEUTHER, Augusta; GEUTHER, Bertha; GEUTHER, Emil W; GEUTHER, Esther E; GEUTHER, Eugenia H; GEUTHER, Family; GEUTHER, Fred; GEUTHER, Herman; GEUTHER, Louise; GEUTHER, Lydia Emma; GEUTHER, Matilda M; GEUTHER, Mutter (Eugenia); GEUTHER, Mutter (Eugenia); GEUTHER, Neal F; GEUTHER, Neal F; GEUTHER, Vater (Emil); GEUTHER, William; GEUTHER, Wm; GEUTHER HELLER, Velda; GEWEKE, Arthur A; GEWEKE, Arthur L; GEWEKE, Edna V; GEWEKE, Edwin R; GEWEKE, Norma J; GEWEKE, Sarah W; GIBLIN SPARKS, Elizabeth; GIBSON, Dwight; GIBSON, Elizabeth; GIER, Doris E; GIESLER, Ena J; GIESLER, Family; GIESLER, Family; GIESLER, Henry; GIESLER, Henry; GIESLER, Lester H; GIESLER, Louisa; GIESLER GOERZ, Elois E; GILBERT, Edythe; GILBERT, Edythe; GILES, Ada; GILES, Ada; GILES, P B; GILES, P B; GILLETTE, Fayette M; GILLETTE, Grace A; GILLETTE, Harry; GILLETTE, Thedie; GINTHER, Elizabeth; GINTHER, Elizabeth A; GINTHER, Father (John); GINTHER, John; GINTHER, John; GINTHER, Jpohn; GINTHER, Maude; GINTHER, Maude; GINTHER, Maude; GINTHER, Mother (Elizabeth); GIRKIN, Steve A; GIRKIN, Steve Alan; GISH, Elias A; GISH, Estella Mae; GISH, Henry; GISH, Julia; GISH, Margaret C; GISLER, Bessie L; GLATTLY, Lillian M; GLATTLY, Solomon R; GLEASON, Della; GLEASON, Della; GLEASON, Faye; GLEASON, George; GLEASON, Malcolm F; GLEASON, Maria; GLEASON, Mary; GLEASON DICKEN, Isabell; GOERZ, Elois E; GOERZ, Harold; GOFORTH, John; GOLDHAMMER, Henry; GOLDSBERRY, Harold A; GOLDSBERRY, Phyllis L; GOOCH ZELLE, V Frances; GOOD, Ernestine; GOODSELL ELLISON, Harriet; GOODSPEED, Alta; GOODSPEED, Family Headstone; GOODSPEED, Gordon E.; GOODSPEED, Grace B; GOODSPEED, Grace B.; GOODSPEED, Heman; GOODSPEED, Mary J.; GOODSPEED, Meda; GOODSPEED, Nettie; GOODSPEED, Ray H; GOODSPEED, Ray H; GOODSPEED, Retta; GOODSPEED, Retta; GOODSPEED, Robert G; GOODSPEED, Robert G; GOODSPEED, S.; GORDON, Ann D; GORDON, Lila; GORDON, P R "Spike"; GORDON, Paul; GORHAM, Edith May; GORMAN, Martha M; GORS, Ed; GORS, Edward; GORS, Family; GORS, Father (Ed); GORS, Florence; GORS, Henry J.; GORS, James; GORS, James Frank; GORS, Lorraine; GORS, Mae; GORS, Margaret; GORS, Mother (Mae); GORS, Nettie; GORS, Robert C; GOSS, Fred A; GRAENING, Adele (MD); GRAENING, Anetta; GRAENING, Arthur; GRAENING, Bertha; GRAENING, Bertha S; GRAENING, Carl; GRAENING, Clara; GRAENING, Elisabeth; GRAENING, Family; GRAENING, Herman W; GRAENING, Johannes; GRAENING, Lorenz; GRAENING, Ruth; GRAENING, Sophie M; GRAENING ()D, C .H.; GRAESER, Albert H; GRAESER, Alvin J; GRAESER, Alvina B; GRAESER, Bernice H; GRAESER, Edwin H; GRAESER, Edwin H; GRAESER, Fred C; GRAESER, Lillian M; GRAESER, Louis H; GRAESER, Marvel V; GRAESER, Minnie; GRAESER PETERSON, Katherine; GRAF, Earl; GRAF, Jaunita; GRAHAM, Benjamin E; GRAHAM, Carrie R; GRAHAM, Donald C; GRAHAM, Effie K; GRAMENZ, Augusta D; GRAMENZ, Ellis B; GRANT, Allan Marshall; GRANT, Allan Marshall; GRANT, Frank; GRANT, Frank; GRANT, Hattie; GRANT, Hattie; GRANT, Ruth; GRANT, Ruth; GRANT, Samuel; GRANT, Samuel; GRASER, Bernard L; GRASER, Carl; GRASER, Clifford; GRASER, Daisy S; GRASER, Helen L; GRASER, Martha; GRAVES, Eliza; GRAWE, Callie L; GRAWE, Carl F; GRAWE, Frederick C; GRAWE, Frederick Carl; GRAWE, Harold L; GRAWE, Harold W; GRAWE, Jane Ann; GRAWE, Joe R; GRAWE, Louise D; GRAWE, Marjorie; GRAWE, Mary L; GRAWE, Nina M; GRAWE, Ruth J; GRAY, Anna; GRAY, Bess A; GRAY, D W; GRAY, Dick W; GRAY, Edwin; GRAY, Father; GRAY, Henry; GRAY, Laura; GRAY, Mother; GRAY, William; GREENE, Dora; GREINER LEET, Lena; GREMMELS, Marion; GREY, Frances M; GREY, Joseph B; GRIEVE, Robert; GRIFFITH, J Willard; GRIFFITH, J Willard; GRIFFITH, Maidie; GRIFFITH, Maidie; GRINNELL, Achsah E; GRINNELL, Amanda SH; GRINNELL, E E; GRINNELL, Elijah; GRINNELL, V Rooman B; GROFF, Floyd; GROSSMAN, Anna; GROSSMAN, Gottfried S; GROSSMAN KUTHE, Wilhelmine; GROSSMAN LASHBROOK, Lillian; GROSSMAN LASHBROOK, Lillian; GROSSMANN, Anna; GROSSMANN, Anna; GROSSMANN, Arthur C; GROSSMANN, G A; GROSSMANN, G A; GROSSMANN, George; GROSSMANN, George; GROSSMANN, George; GROSSMANN, Louise E; GROSSMANN, Nancy; GROSSMANN, Nannie; GROSSMANN, Nannie; GROSSMANN, Sylvia; GROSSMANN, Sylvia; GROSSMANN LIST, Emma; GROVER, Harold E; GROVER, Lewis Edward; GROVER, Marjorie Irene; GRUBEN, Harold; GRUBEN, Hilda L; GRUBEN, Mary; GRUBEN, Mathew; GUENTHER, Elizabeth; GUENTHER, William; GUERGENS, Pauline; GUERGENS, William; GUINEY, Agnes M; GUINEY, Ed M; GUINEY, John E; GUMZ, Frederick A; GUMZ, Lorna; GUTHRIE, Sertie; GUTHRIE DR, J. M.; GUYER, Anna; GUYER, Anna; GUYER, Frederick G; GUYER, William; GUYER, William
H:   HAAG, Caroline; HAAG, James; HAAR, Emma; HAAR, Louie H; HAASE, Caroline; HAASE, Caroline; HAASE, Frank G; HAASE, Freidrica; HAASE, Herbert J; HAASE, Louis F; HAASE, Sophia; HAASE PAGE, Jessie; HACKBARTH, Emma W; HACKBARTH, Gustav C; HAEFNER, Bertha; HAEFNER, Esther M; HAEFNER, Fred; HAEFNER, Gus; HAEFNER, Harry A; HAEFNER, Harry A; HAEFNER, Lucy; HAEFNER, Oscar G; HAEFNER, Ruby I; HAGEMANN, Bernice D; HAGEMANN, Carl E; HAGEMANN, Don L; HAGEMANN, Don L; HAGEMANN, Dorlena; HAGEMANN, Dorothea; HAGEMANN, Dorothy S; HAGEMANN, Emma; HAGEMANN, Ernest W; HAGEMANN, Family; HAGEMANN, Family; HAGEMANN, Family; HAGEMANN, Fred P; HAGEMANN, Friederich; HAGEMANN, Harry H; HAGEMANN, Henry F; HAGEMANN, Henry F; HAGEMANN, Katherine A; HAGEMANN, Myrtle M; HAGEMANN, Sandra J; HAGEMANN, Shirley A; HAGEMANN, Sophia N; HAGEMANN, Vernon F; HAGEN, CF; HAGEN, Henrietta; HAGEN, Henrietta; HAGEN, Henry; HAGEN, Henry; HAGEN, William A; HAHLWEG, Alvera; HAHLWEG, Elmer R; HAIGHT CHESTNUT, Maude; HAKENEWERD, Beverly; HAKENEWERD, Hulda; HAKENEWERD, Laverne; HAKENEWERD, Lawrence; HAKENEWERD, Lawrence E; HAKENEWERD, William; HALBERT, George H.; HALE COOK, Gretia J; HALL, Clarissa; HALL, Clarissa; HALL, Etta Mabel; HALL, Fannie; HALL, George; HALL, Jeremiah; HALL, Josie; HALL, Laurence; HALL, Mildred Ruth; HALL, Paul S; HALL, Ruth B; HALL, Sophia; HALLMAN, Gene H; HALSE, Jane; HALSE, Thomas; HALTER, Andrew J; HALTER, Esther M; HALVORSEN, Hartwig F; HAM, Mary; HAM, mary; HAM, Vera; HAMBLET, Noah M; HAMBLET, Noah M; HAMBLET, Roxy; HAMBLIN, Alice; HAMBLIN, Ernest; HAMILTON, David A; HAMILTON, David Arthur; HAMILTON, Sue M; HAMILTON, Velda L; HAMILTON, Wayne E; HAMKE, Amanda; HAMKE, Fred; HAMMOND, Family; HAMMOND, Mary; HAMMOND, Mary; HAMMOND, Thomas; HAMMOND, Thomas L; HAMMONDS, Geo O; HAMMONDS, Perthena; HANCHETT, Kate; HANCHETT, Lewis S.; HANCHETT, Ray M.; HANER, Geo R; HANER, George R; HANER, Helen M; HANER COE, Bertha; HANER KERR, Daisy; HANEY, Elizabeth; HANIFY BOOTH, Ethel F; HANNER, Jane; HANNER, John; HANNER, John; HANNER, Margaret; HANNER, Margarette; HANNER, Margarette; HANSEN, Alice O; HANSEN, Christiana; HANSEN, Erling A; HANSEN, Erling A; HANSEN, Hans; HANSEN, Howard C; HANSEN, Lyle W; HANSEN, Mabel C; HANSEN, Myrtle J; HANSEN, Phyllis M; HANSEN, Roger; HANSEN, Thelma Carroll; HANSIN, Stephen A; HAPPEL, Andrew J; HAPPEL, Carolyn L; HAPPEL, Harold C; HAPPEL, Harold Conrad; HAPPEL, Jodi Lynn; HAPPEL, Louise S; HAPPNER CORNFORTH, Margaret; HARDEN, Frank; HARDEN, Ida R; HARDEN, Irvin; HARDIN, Lloyd I; HARDIN, Oscia M; HARMENING, Amelia; HARMENING, H C; HARMENING, Josephine M; HARMENING, Louise W; HARMENING, Marvin C; HARMENING, Roland J; HARMON, Alide; HARMON, Alzina E; HARMON, Ester C; HARMON, Esther Catherine; HARMON, Henry; HARMON, Lucy; HARMON, Lucy; HARMON, Mary; HARMON, Miriam Irene; HARMON, Wm P; HARMON, Wm P; HARMON ANDREWS, Hettie; HARMON CASE, Jennie; HARMS, Albert E; HARMS, Albert E; HARMS, Doris J; HARMS, Douglas D; HARMS, Leola E; HARMS, Paul H; HARNISCH, Elsie; HARNISCH, Henry; HARRIMAH, Frank E; HARRIMAN, H B; HARRIMAN, Hannah B; HARRINGTON, Gerald; HARRINGTON, Oliver C; HARRINGTON, Ronald; HARRINGTON, S Catharine; HARRINGTON, Velda; HARRINGTON, Violet; HARRIS, Alfred; HARRIS, Charles S; HARRIS, Hannah; HARRIS, Jacquelyn L; HARRIS, Merle E; HARRIS, Sarah; HARRIS, Sarah; HARRIS, William; HARRIS, William; HARSTAD, Dorothy E; HARSTAD, Gertrude B; HARSTAD, H Ole; HARSTAD, Wendell G; HARSTAD SLATER, Lois Carol; HARTMAN, Alvin F; HARTMAN, Anna M; HARTMAN, Carl F; HARTMAN, Donald R; HARTMAN, Duane H; HARTMAN, Elaine d; HARTMAN, Elmer Henry; HARTMAN, Ernest H; HARTMAN, Family; HARTMAN, Fred; HARTMAN, Henry William; HARTMAN, Hetty D; HARTMAN, Mary; HARTMAN, Nell M; HARTMAN, Nettie M; HARTMAN, Oscar E; HARTMAN, Simon; HARTMAN, Velma R; HARTMAN, Vida M; HARTMAN, Wilhelmina; HARTZELL, Bernice S; HARTZELL, Laurence E; HARVEY, Alvera G; HARVEY, Beverly; HARVEY, Ceciil W; HARVEY, Duane; HARVEY, Edna L; HARWOOD, Francis; HARWOOD, Francis; HARWOOD, Lizzie; HARWOOD, Lizzie; HARWOOD, Sophronia; HARWOOD, Sophronia; HASTINGS, Charles; HASTINGS, Charles; HASTINGS, Charles H; HASTINGS, Dianah; HASTINGS, Dianah; HASTINGS, Ellen A; HASTINGS, George H; HASTINGS, Harold; HASTINGS, Lee C; HASTINGS, Martha J; HASTINGS, Mary; HASTINGS, Mary; HASTINGS, Rita Ann; HATHAWAY, Emeline; HATHAWAY, Larry L; HATHAWAY, Sharon L; HATHAWAY, Wm B; HAVEN, Ivan W; HAY, Harley C; HAY, Henry A; HAY, LaVern F; HAY, Lucille M; HAY, Marie C; HAYES, Clara C; HAYES, Earl E; HAYES, Melinda M; HAYES, Michael; HAYES, Walter F; HAYT, Roy C; HAYWARD, Clarence B; HAYWARD, Nancy P; HAZLETT, Fannie; HAZLETT, H; HAZLETT, James Young; HAZLETT, Opha; HAZLETT, Roy; HAZLETT, Roy; HAZLETT STONE, Jane; HAZLETT STONE, Jane; HAZLITT, Gibson H; HAZLITT, Harold G; HAZLITT, Lenore E; HAZLITT, Swantje H "Susie"; HEADINGTON ROD, Jeanette R; HEIBERG, Edith; HEIBERG, George Wilken; HEIBERG, William; HEIDEMANN, Carl; HEIDEMANN, Herman; HEIDT, Armour P; HEIDT, Marguerite; HEIN, Ernest; HEIN, Esther; HEINE, Father (Herman); HEINE, Herman; HEINE, Mina; HEINE, Mother (Sophie); HEINE, Sophie; HEINE, William; HEINRICH, Mary S; HEINRICH, Raymond J; HEINZE, Ettie; HEISE, Carl; HEISE, Selma; HEISER, Christine Sue; HEISER, Cora May; HEISER, Elsie I; HEISER, Esther; HEISER, Etta M; HEISER, Everett C; HEISER, Forrest H; HEISER, Henry F; HEISER, John; HEISER, Leona A; HEISER, Myrna Lee; HEISER, Norma M; HEISER, Robert; HEISER, William E; HEIST, Emma; HEIST, Ernst; HELLER, Roger Lee; HELLER, Velda; HELWICK, Adrian C; HELWICK, Adrian C; HELWICK, Mary K; HEMINGSON, Bernard K; HEMINGSON, Minnie H; HEMINGWAY, Alice; HEMINGWAY, Family; HEMINGWAY, Iva; HEMINGWAY, John Dexter; HEMINGWAY, Richard Max; HEMINGWAY, William Maynard; HENKEL, Bertha; HENKEL, Henry; HENKLE, Cylena I; HENKLE, Gene Gordon; HENKLE, George O; HENKLE, Howard O; HENKLE, Laura F; HENN, Georgia M; HENN, John P; HENNINGER, Claude J; HENNINGER, Rose A; HENNINGS, Carl B; HENNINGS, Carl B; HENNINGS, Emma A; HENNINGS, Fred H; HENNINGS, Fred H; HENNINGS, Kathy L; HENNINGS, Mable L; HENNINGS, Maria; HENNINGS, Ruth A; HENNINGS, Wilhelm; HENNINGS, William F; HENRY KAMMEYER, Jean; HENZE, Barbara M; HENZE, Chris; HENZE, James R; HENZE, Mabel; HERMAN, Flora L; HERMAN, William F; HERRING SCHAEFER, Hannah C; HERRS, Anna; HERRS, William; HERTEL, Dorothy M; HERTEL, Elmer W; HERTLEIN, Georg; HERTLEIN, Lawrence J; HERTLEIN, Mary S; HERTLEIN GRAENING, Ruth; HERZOG, Clark R; HERZOG, Helen; HERZOG, Helen A; HERZOG, Robert O; HESS, Ellen E; HESS, Lawrence C; HESSE, Adolph; HESSE, Bertha Libby; HESSE, Calvin W; HESSE, Elmer W; HESSE, Fred J; HESSE, Helen; HESSE, Marguerite E; HESSE, Mildred; HESSE, Opal; HEWITT, Robert Ross; HEYER, Carl A; HEYER, Gustav R C; HEYER, Louise A; HEYER, Martha E; HEYER, Werner A; HIBBARD, Jane; HICKS, Harry T; HICKS, Mabel L; HIDORE, Marion; HIDORE, Thelma M; HIGBY MILLER, Nathaniel; HIGGINS, Ella M; HIGGINS, Golden C; HIGGINS, Ralph P II; HILD, Tracy Ann; HILDEBRANDT, Clara; HILDEBRANDT, Edna; HILDEBRANDT, Ella; HILDEBRANDT, Everett; HILDEBRANDT, Fred; HILDEBRANDT, John C; HILL, Ann F.; HILL, Charity; HILL, Charles J; HILL, Charles J; HILL, Earl S; HILL, Edrie V; HILL, Frances I; HILL, Francis A; HILL, Henrietta D; HILL, Hugh; HILL, James W; HILL, John; HILL, Leonard L; HILL, Lizzie A; HILL, Matilda; HILL, Opal C; HILL, Pauline M; HILL, Thomas A; HILL, Verlin B; HILL, Vern A; HILL, Wilma L; HILL, Wm H; HILL, Wm H; HILL ELLSWORTH, Margaret; HILLMAN, Ida; HILLMAN, Ida; HILLMAN, Otto; HILLMAN, Otto; HILLMANN, Fred H; HILLMANN, Geo C; HILLS, Lida; HILLS, Richard; HILMER ROSENTHAL, Beverly; HILTON, Esther C; HILTON, Fred E; HINCH, Dennis M; HINCH, Family; HINCH, Rebecca A; HINDERS, Claus C; HINDERS, Dorothy L; HINDERS, La Vera; HINDERS, Marcelite A; HINDERS, Reiner; HINDERS, Steven R; HINDS, Amanda L; HINDS, Delmer E; HINDS, Esther E; HINDS, Family; HINDS, Preston; HINDS GLATTLY, Lillian M; HINE, Betty; HINE, Murray Father; HINE, Murray Mother; HINE, Murray N; HINE, Murray N; HINMON, Ella E; HINMON, Wm Wesley; HINTON, Lorenzo D; HIRLEMAN, Catharine A; HIRLEMAN, Catharine A; HIRLEMAN, Catherine A; HIRLEMAN, D G; HIRLEMAN, D G; HIRLEMAN, David G; HIRLEMAN, Family; HIRLEMAN, Father; HIRLEMAN, Grant E; HIRLEMAN, Hazel; HIRLEMAN, Irving; HIRLEMAN, Irving Leroy; HIRLEMAN, LeRoy?; HIRLEMAN, Margaret; HIRLEMAN, Margaret C; HIRLEMAN, Maria; HIRLEMAN, Michael; HIRLEMAN, Mother; HIRLEMAN, Thomas; HIRLEMAN, Thomas A; HIRLEMAN KRIEGER, Sarah; HIRSCH, Augusta; HIRSCH, Chris L; HIRSCH, Darlys M; HIRSCH, Darrell D; HIRSCH, Eldon Jr; HIRSCH, Eldon Jr; HIRSCH, Fred; HIRSCH, Louise M; HIRSCH, Martha W; HIRSCH, Sandra K; HITER, C Leonard; HITER, Family; HITER, Melba; HIX, Leland G; HIX, Patricia B; HOBBS, Roy E; HODGE, Lester L; HODGE, Martha M; HODGES, Annie; HODGES, Carrie E; HODGES, Edward H.; HODGES, Emily P; HODGES, Ernest C; HODGES, Harriet E; HODGES, Jane; HODGES, John; HODGES, Joseph C; HODGES, Maude M; HODGES, Melville C; HODGES BYERGO, Bessie; HOEPER, Anna; HOEPER, Eldora; HOEPER, Elmer; HOEPER, Emma; HOEPER, John; HOEPER, Julius; HOEPER, Rosa; HOEPER, Wilhem; HOERMAN, Emma; HOERMAN, Evelyn J; HOERMAN, Fred; HOERMAN, Infant; HOERMAN, Martha B; HOERMAN, Walter A; HOF, Ethel E; HOF, Harold H; HOFFMAN, Celinda; HOFFMAN, Celinda Denio; HOFFMAN, Darwin J; HOFFMAN, Henry Jackson; HOFFMAN, Henry Jackson; HOFFMAN, Ione Fannye; HOFFMAN, John; HOFFMAN, John; HOFFMAN, John; HOFFMAN, Joseph; HOFFMAN, Joseph; HOFFMAN, Joseph H; HOFFMAN, Joseph H; HOFFMAN, Nancy; HOFFMAN, Nancy; HOFFMAN, Nancy; HOFFMAN, Ralph W; HOFFMAN, Rosella M; HOFFMAN, Ruby V; HOFFMAN, William Carl; HOFFMAN BUNTH, Caroline; HOHNSBEHN, Claus C; HOHNSBEHN, Claus C; HOHNSBEHN, Father (Hans P); HOHNSBEHN, Hans P; HOHNSBEHN, Hans P; HOHNSBEHN, Mother (Claus C); HOILISTER MILLER, Sarah E; HOINS, Albert G; HOINS, Eloise K; HOINS, Frieda D; HOINS, Janet M; HOINS, Lavern E; HOINS, Lavern Edward; HOINS, Victor A; HOLLENBECK, David W; HOLLENBECK, David W; HOLLENBECK, Eudora D; HOLLENBECK, Eudora D; HOLLENBECK, Nellie F; HOLLENBECK, Nellie F; HOLLEY, Donald A; HOLLEY, Lenora A; HOLLOWAY, Frank A; HOLLOWAY, Lucretta; HOLM, Bernita; HOLM, Howard L; HOLM, Roger Arthur; HOLMAN, Margaret E; HOLMES, Edna C; HOLMES, John L; HOLMES, John s; HOLMES, John S; HOLMES, Lola Mae; HOLT, Anna Taylor; HOLT, Daniel; HOLT, Daniel; HOLUB, Laura W; HOLUB, Louis E; HOMAN, Adolph; HOMAN, Adolph; HOMAN, August; HOMAN, Bertha; HOMAN, Carl; HOMAN, Esther; HOMAN, Malinda; HOMAN, Vern F; HOMAN, Vern F; HOMANN, Caroline; HOMANN, Clara; HOMANN, Henry L; HOMANN, Judith M; HOMANN, Ronald E; HOMANN, Ronald E; HOMANN, Vernon D; HOMANN GERBERDING, Amanda; HOMANN HOWARD, Margaret; HOMEISTER, Esther A; HOMEISTER, Henry C; HOMEISTER, Hermine; HOMEISTER, William; HOOKER, Harold D; HOOKER, James; HOOKER, Mary; HOOKER, Mary; HOOKER, Newton; HOOKER, Phoebe; HOOKER, William; HOOVER, Celia Child; HOOVER, Elmer E; HOOVER, Henry S; HOOVER, Lou; HOOVER, Lou; HOOVER, Lou; HOOVER VAN FLEET, Miriam C; HOPER, Family; HOPER, Louis; HOPER, Minnie; HOPPENWORTH, Alfred C; HOPPENWORTH, Alvina; HOPPENWORTH, August C; HOPPENWORTH, Carl; HOPPENWORTH, E C "Pete"; HOPPENWORTH, Edwin "Heavy"; HOPPENWORTH, Gustav; HOPPENWORTH, Herold; HOPPENWORTH, Lillian; HOPPENWORTH, Louise; HOPPENWORTH, Margaret M; HOPPENWORTH, Minna; HOPPENWORTH, Olga; HOSTETLER, Charles Norris; HOSTETLER, Frieda; HOSTETLER, Joseph; HOSTETLER, Nathan; HOTH, Rozilla A "Rosie"; HOTH, Victor J; HOUGH, Ellen L; HOUGH, Ellen L; HOUGHTON, Effie; HOUGHTON, Gulielan; HOUGHTON, Ida; HOUGHTON, Myron I; HOUGHTON, Wm R; HOUSER, Lucinda J; HOUSER, Thompson; HOVEY, Charles Edward; HOVEY, George Wilder; HOVEY, Grace L; HOVEY, Grace L; HOVEY, James; HOVEY, Mary L; HOVEY, Mary L; HOWARD, James A Jr; HOWARD, Jane L.; HOWARD, Kittie; HOWARD, Kittie; HOWARD, Margaret; HOWARD, S.A.J.; HOWE, Dennis L; HOWE, Emma L; HOWE, Nancy L; HOWE, Shelley L; HOWE, Susan A; HOYER GUMZ, Lorna; HOYT, Sherman Clayton; HUBBARD, Rosina B; HUBBARD, Walter A; HUBER, Anna; HUBER, Charles J; HUBER, Gertrude W; HUBER, Matt; HUBER, Matthew J; HUBER, Myrtle H; HUCK, Aldora E; HUCK, Arthur F; HUCK, Edna G; HUCK, Ernst J; HUCK, Gladys E; HUCK, Jane; HUCK, John C; HUCK, Leslie W; HUCK, M Sophie; HUCK, Walter L; HUCK, Willis; HUGHES, John; HUGHES, Martha; HUISMAN, Betty J; HUISMAN, Duane T; HULICK, Dale E; HULICK, Gladys E; HULLMAN, Bertha; HULLMAN, Clara; HULLMAN, James A; HULLMAN, Mary F; HULLMAN, Mary F; HULLMAN, Theodore C; HULLMAN, Theodore H; HULLMAN, Theodore H; HUMMER, W J; HUMPHREYS, Nora; HUNEMILLER, Elizabeth C; HUNEMILLER, Grant R; HUNEMILLER, Laverne; HUNEMILLER, Margaret L; HUNEMILLER, Martin C; HUNEMILLER, Mary Ann; HUNEMILLER, Richard L; HUNEMILLER, Rose L; HUNEMILLER, Thomas G; HUNEMULLER, Albert; HUNEMULLER, Amanda; HUNT, Claude; HUNT, JM; HUNT, Lois; HUNT, Willie; HUNT CURTIS, Carrie; HURLBUT, A; HURLBUT, A. Ray; HURLBUT, D; HURLBUT, Family; HURLBUT, Fred; HURLBUT, Fred B.; HURLBUT, Lorraine C.; HURLBUT, Mary; HURLBUT, Mary J.; HURLEY, Florence; HURSH, Althea; HURSH, Arthur L; HURSH, Bell; HURSH, Bell; HURSH, Bell; HURSH, Bert; HURSH, Berthie H; HURSH, Berthie H; HURSH, Effie; HURSH, Elvy; HURSH, Fanny A; HURSH, Fanny A; HURSH, Fanny A; HURSH, George; HURSH, George; HURSH, George D; HURSH, Grace; HURSH, Katherine; HURSH, Martha; HURSH, Mary; HURSH, Mary A; HURSH, Samuel; HURSH, William; HURSH BECK, Mary E; HURSH REES, Edith Pearl; HUSCH, George L A; HUSKINS, Clarinda M; HUSKINS, James C; HUSMAN, Nancy; HUSTON, Carol J; HUSTON, Daniel K; HUSTON, Don L; HUSTON, Nina R; HUTCHISON, Clara; HUTCHISON ECKER, Janet
I:   ILLIAN, Bernard; ILLIAN, Gerald B; ILLIAN, Gerald B; ILLIAN, Glenn B; ILLIAN, Joyce A; ILLIAN, Lila M; ILLIAN, Mildred; ILLINGWORTH, Edward; ILLINGWORTH, Minnie; INFELT, Florence; INFELT, Florence; INFELT, George H; INFELT, George H; INFELT, Orie; INFELT, Orie; INFELT, Phyllis; INGALLS, Eliza; INGALLS, Isaac; INGER, Family; INGER, John D; INGER, John Dawson; INGER, Lucy; INGER, Maria E; INGERSOLL, Arnold H; INGERSOLL, Burnett V; INGERSOLL, Elida A; INGERSOLL, Everett C; INGERSOLL, Family; INGERSOLL, Family; INGERSOLL, Family; INGERSOLL, Fannie L; INGERSOLL, Floyd; INGERSOLL, Fred; INGERSOLL, George; INGERSOLL, Isabelle P; INGERSOLL, Ivan; INGERSOLL, Lewis; INGERSOLL, Loretta; INGERSOLL, Lydia M; INGERSOLL, Mabel L; INGERSOLL, Nicholas O; INGERSOLL, Roger; INGERSOLL, Truman Lee; INGERSOLL, Vergil; INGERSOLL, Viola; INGERSOLL, Wayne L; INGERSOLL KRUEGER, Meta; INGHAM, Alice L; INGHAM, Edith; INGHAM, Harvey Stewart; INGHAM, Leslie Glenn; INGHAM, Lynn L; INGHAM, Sarah; INGHAM, Vera; INGHAM, Winnie; ISEMAN, Henry; ISEMAN, Lucinda; ISEMAN, Rosa; ISERMAN, Arthur; ISERMAN, Arthur J; ISERMAN, Ella; ISERMAN, Erwin; ISERMAN, Family; ISERMAN, Fred; ISERMAN, Fred; ISERMAN, Harlan; ISERMAN, Harold; ISERMAN, Ida R; ISERMAN, Ida R; ISERMAN, J Family; ISERMAN, John; ISERMAN, John A; ISERMAN, Josephine; ISERMAN, Marian; ISERMAN, Marie; ISERMAN, Mary; ISERMAN, Mildred M; ISERMAN, Roberta Ann; ISERMAN, Vern; ISERMAN, Vern Family; ISERMAN, Vern Richard; ISERMAN, Viola; ISERMAN, Viola M; IVERSON, Elmer O Sr; IVERSON, Ervin S; IVERSON, Ervin S; IVERSON, Ever N; IVERSON, Family; IVERSON, Myrtle A; IVERSON, Olga; IVERSON, Ruth V
J:   JACKSON, Elizabeth E; JACKSON, Elizabeth E; JACKSON, Elmore W; JACKSON, Elmore W.; JACKSON, Family Headstone; JACKSON, Janet; JACKSON, Vonnie L; JACOBS, Herman C; JACOBS, Linda S; JACOBSEN, Merlin M; JACOBSON, Bobby Joe; JACOBSON, Clifford A; JACOBSON, Joyce E; JACOBUS, James; JACOBUS, James; JAMES, Jacobus; JANS, John; JANS, Mabel; JANSSEN, Sandra D; JANSSEN, William J; JARVIS, Alva H; JARVIS COOK, Mary L; JASCHEN, Rosetta M; JASCHEN, Walter F; JAY, E Everett; JAY, Evelyn; JAY, Family; JAY, Jane M; JAY, Jane M; JAY, Margaret; JAY, William H; JAY, William H; JENKINS, Elvira; JENKINS, Father (William); JENKINS, Mother (Elvira); JENKINS, William; JENKINS CALKINS, Mary E; JENKINS HINDS, Amanda L; JENNINGS, Lois; JENSEN, Arnold; JENSEN, Axel R; JENSEN, Beulah May; JENSEN, Carl A; JENSEN, Marie; JENSEN, Melvin; JENSEN, Mildred; JENSEN, Ottilie; JENSEN, Ruth A; JENSEN, Virginia L; JENSEN, Wayne E; JENSEN, Wesley August; JENSEN, Zapopa; JENSON KOHLMANN, Ardith; JIDISCH, August J; JOENS, Caroline; JOENS, Henry; JOENS, Herbert; JOENS, Hilda; JOHANNSEN, Derwood; JOHANNSEN, Derwood M; JOHANNSEN, Hans P; JOHANNSEN, Kathryn; JOHANNSEN, Myrtle M; JOHNSON, Alpha M; JOHNSON, Anna; JOHNSON, Annie E; JOHNSON, B W; JOHNSON, Bertie Lou; JOHNSON, Blanche B; JOHNSON, David; JOHNSON, Dorothy M; JOHNSON, Dorothy V; JOHNSON, Elmer M; JOHNSON, Florence B; JOHNSON, Frank W; JOHNSON, Glen E; JOHNSON, Gordon M; JOHNSON, Harm H; JOHNSON, Harm Henry; JOHNSON, Hulda; JOHNSON, Ida; JOHNSON, Jane M; JOHNSON, John; JOHNSON, Kenneth D; JOHNSON, Leo; JOHNSON, Leo A; JOHNSON, LeRoy P; JOHNSON, LeRoy Phillip; JOHNSON, Margaret L; JOHNSON, Marilyn R; JOHNSON, Mervin K; JOHNSON, Nels P; JOHNSON, Patricia L; JOHNSON, Ralph R; JOHNSON, Ramona; JOHNSON, Rhoda H; JOHNSON, Richard; JOHNSON, Richard C; JOHNSON, Richard C; JOHNSON, Robert D; JOHNSON, Wendell E; JOHNSTON, Charlotte A; JOHNSTON, Florence; JOHNSTON, Merlin G; JOHNSTON, Merlin G; JOHNSTON, Millard; JONES, Annie; JONES, Carroll M; JONES, Daisy; JONES, Debra A; JONES, Delbert James; JONES, Eugene Dewey; JONES, George; JONES, Hannah E; JONES, Herbert; JONES, Jasob; JONES, Jasob; JONES, Jean E; JONES, Laura; JONES, Louise; JONES, Margaret Holland; JONES, Myrna R; JONES, Nancy Lorain; JONES, Newborn; JONES, Orville C Sr; JONES, Robert C; JONES, Robert C; JONES, William; JONES BURTON, Edna; JONES BURTON, Edna; JONES DEGELAU, J. Ann; JORDAN, H. J.; JORDAN, Helen Violet; JORDAN, Maggie; JORDAN, Maggie; JORDAN, Maude G; JORDAN, Orville C; JORDAN, Ray T; JORDAN BOOROM, Susan; JORGENSEN, Carl M; JORGENSEN, Florence M; JUDAS, Clarence J; JUDAS, Elmer; JUDAS, Erwin F; JUDAS, Hortense; JUDAS, Ida; JUDAS, Irene M; JUDAS SWENSON, Augusra R; JUDAS SWENSON, Augusta R; JUDISCH, Ernest; JUDISCH, Minnie; JUDISCH, Reuben L; JUDISCH, Rose B; JUHL, Anker P; JUHL, Lavon R; JUHL, Olive M; JUHL, Ralph W; JUNG, Dale C; JUNG, Donna N; JUNGBLUT, Herman C; JUNGBLUT, Johanna K; JURGEMEYER, Ida Lee; JURGEMEYER, Louis H
K:   KABEN, Elisabeth; KAIN, Wm; KAISER, Albert F; KAISER, Bertha; KAISER, Clara; KAISER, Conrad; KAISER, Else G; KAISER, Emilie; KAISER, Emilie; KAISER, Emma; KAISER, Fred; KAISER, Geo J; KAISER, Henrietta; KAISER, Henrietta; KAISER, Henry; KAISER, Henry; KAISER, Henry F.; KAISER, Herman; KAISER, Irene; KAISER, LaVern; KAISER, Minnie; KAISER, William; KALAL, Ben; KALAL, Benjamin; KALAL, Laura; KALLENBACH, Alfred; KALLENBACH, Dorathea; KALLENBACH, Malane A; KALLENBACH, Pauline; KALLENBACH, William; KALLENBACH, William H; KALSO, Chris; KALSO, Christina; KAMMERER, Elizabeth; KAMMERER, Louis; KAMMEYER, Albert H; KAMMEYER, Arlene M; KAMMEYER, Beverly A; KAMMEYER, Edward; KAMMEYER, Harlan F; KAMMEYER, Jean; KAMMEYER, Leatta; KAMMEYER, O W; KAMMEYER, Pauline; KAMMEYER, William P; KAPPMEYER, Fred; KAPPMEYER, Fred; KAPPMEYER, Fred; KAPPMEYER, Mary; KAPPMEYER, Mary; KAPPMEYER, Mary; KAPPMEYER POOCK, Leona M; KARASCH, Helen B; KARASCH, John A; KARKER, John; KARSTEN, Albert; KARSTEN, Esther "Kay" Martha; KARSTEN, Esther "Kay" Martha; KARSTEN, Helen E; KASBCHM, J Friedebich; KASEMEIER, Bertie; KASEMEIER, Carl E; KASEMEIER, Emma D; KASEMEIER, Emma E; KASEMEIER, Harriet M; KASEMEIER, Henry; KASEMEIER, John F; KASEMEIER, La Vern O; KASEMEIER, Lavona D; KAUN, Grace L; KEELEY CURTIS, Mary; KEELEY CURTIS, Mary; KEENEY, Albert S; KEENEY, Charles; KEENEY, Charles C; KEENEY, Jennie; KEENEY, Maud H.; KEENEY, Myrtle; KEENEY, Phede; KEENEY, Phede; KEENEY, William; KEENEY, William H; KEHE, Dorothy F; KEHE, Family; KEHE, LuVern W; KEHE, Margaret E; KEHE WELTNER, Frieda; KEITH, Roswell; KEITH EVELAND, Lena; KELLER, Elisabeth; KELLER, Henry; KELLER, Minnie; KELLER ROSE, Caroline; KELLEY, Emma V.; KELLEY, Henry B.; KELLEY, Howard L; KELLEY, Linnie S; KELLEY, Rachel; KELLEY, Rachel; KELLEY MANN, Edna M.; KEMMING, Augusta A; KEMMING, Chris F; KEMMING, Chris L; KEMMING, Erna; KEMMING, Margaret J; KEMP, Cora M; KEMP, Walter L; KENNEDY, Ann; KENNEDY, Macomb; KENNEDY, Mary L; KENNEY, Elizabeth; KENNEY, Elizabeth C; KENNEY, Fred; KENNEY, Isaac; KENNEY, Isaac H; KENNY COOK, Elizabeth; KERN, Chester David; KERN, Edith; KERN, Edna; KERN, Emma; KERN, Family; KERN, Family; KERN, Lester C; KERN, William Sloan; KERNS OBERHEU, Janelda; KEROFF, John; KEROFF, Mary; KERR, Cecil Clyde; KERR, Daisy; KERR, Frank; KERR, Hester; KERR, Jos; KERR, Joseph P; KESSLER, Junior M; KESSLER, Robert M; KETCHUM, TD; KETTNER, Dorothy; KETTNER, Gary L; KETTNER, Meinhardt E; KIFFNER, Family; KIFFNER, Frank A; KIFFNER, Minnie C; KILMER, Mary A; KILMER, William H; KIMBALL GRAENING, Adele (MD); KIMMELSHUE, Laura; KIMMELSHUE, William E; KINCAID, Arlene; KINCAID, Evelyn; KINCAID, Grant; KINCAID, William P; KING, Donald E; KING, Mary A; KINGERY, Anthony W; KINGSLEY, Adelaide V; KINGSLEY, Alice; KINGSLEY, Baby; KINGSLEY, Calvin; KINGSLEY, Clarence E; KINGSLEY, Dellice E; KINGSLEY, Donna L; KINGSLEY, Elbert; KINGSLEY, Elenor; KINGSLEY, Elenor; KINGSLEY, Elizabeth R; KINGSLEY, Esther Marie; KINGSLEY, Ethel May; KINGSLEY, Grace E; KINGSLEY, Harold C; KINGSLEY, Harold E; KINGSLEY, Herbert W Doc; KINGSLEY, Jum W; KINGSLEY, Marie K; KINGSLEY, Mary W; KINGSLEY, Morton M; KINGSLEY, Nae L; KINGSLEY, Naomi L; KINGSLEY, Ralph; KINGSLEY, Raymond W; KINGSLEY, S H; KINGSLEY, S H; KINGSLEY, Sharon M; KINGSLEY, Stanton; KINGSLEY, W S; KINGSLEY, W S; KINGSLEY LORD, Charlotte; KINNEY, Amos; KINNEY, Cliff; KINNEY, Earnest; KINNEY, Frank L; KINNEY, Ida May; KINNEY, Mary A; KINNEY, Mary E; KIRBY, Opal M; KIRBY, Wilfred B; KIRCHOFF, August E; KIRCHOFF, Mary L; KIRKLAND, W Archie; KLAGES HARTMAN, Mary; KLATT, Olinda; KLATT, Olinda; KLATT, Ramona O; KLATT, Theo C; KLATT, Theo C; KLAUDT, Anna M; KLAUDT, G J; KLAUDT, Gilmore J; KLAUDT, Ida; KLEIN, Albert; KLEIN, Dorothy; KLEINSCHMIDT, Alberta; KLEINSCHMIDT, Arnold E; KLEINSCHMIDT, Elda E; KLEINSCHMIDT, Elsie; KLEINSCHMIDT, Fred W; KLEINSCHMIDT, Leonard C; KLEINSCHMIDT, Merle F; KLEINSCHMIDT, Thelma V; KLEINSCHMIDT HARTMAN, Wilhelmina; KLINE, Barry; KLINE, Barry Franklin; KLINE, Fran; KLINETOBE, Joyce; KLUITER DEGELAU, Minnie; KNAPP, Anna E; KNAPP, Christopher; KNAPP, Henry R; KNAPP, J Robert; KNAPP, Leone C; KNAPP, Lloyd R; KNAPP, Mabel H; KNEPPER, Cecil B; KNEPPER, Mable L; KNIEF, Martha L; KNIEF, Martin C; KNIGHT, C Le Vern; KNIGHT, Emma; KNIGHT, Lura M; KNIGHT, Percy; KNIGHT, Sarah; KNIGHT, William; KNIGHT BLODGETT, Lillian; KNIGHT CHAPMAN, Marjorie; KNIGHT SCHUKNECAT, Wynona; KNITT, Patricia Kae; KNITT, Raymond F; KNITT, Virginia M; KNOCK, Freeda; KNOCK, Randall J; KNOCK, Wallace; KNOTT, Alfred; KNOTT, Alfred; KNOTT, Allie May; KNOTT, Arthur P; KNOTT, Bessie; KNOTT, Carrie; KNOTT, Eddie; KNOTT, Edward; KNOTT, Edward; KNOTT, Ellen; KNOTT, Erma S; KNOTT, Grace; KNOTT, Infant; KNOTT, Jane; KNOTT, John; KNOTT, John; KNOTT, Marion E; KNOTT, Mary; KNOTT, Minnie; KNOTT BEED, Mabel; KNOTT DILGER, Gertrude; KNOTT HAZLETT, Fannie; KOCH, Alfred C; KOCH, Anna M; KOCH, Edna; KOCH, Fred C; KOCH, Joan J; KOCH, Lowell A; KOCH, Lowell A; KOCH, Mardella M; KOCH, Marilyn L; KOCH, Otto F; KOCH, Paul F; KOCH, Pauline Ellen; KOCH, Ruth A; KOCH, Wilhelmina; KOCH, William; KOCH, Wm; KOCH, Wm Ralph; KOCK, Clarence; KOCK, Ruth; KOEBERLE, Lillian S; KOEBERLE, Louise; KOEBERLE, Marie B; KOEBERLE, Moritz; KOEBERLE, Theodore A; KOEFF, Benjamin A "Toby"; KOEFF, Claribel; KOEFF, Gary L; KOEFF, Gus; KOEFF, Nettie; KOEFF, Veleko; KOEHLER, Arlene C; KOEHLER, Arlene C; KOEHLER, Eugene W; KOEHLER, Eugene W; KOEHN, Heinrich; KOEHN, Louise; KOELLING, Louis; KOELLING, Louis; KOELLING, Lydia; KOELLING, Vernon L; KOENIG, John F; KOENIG, Mary; KOHAGEN, Charles C; KOHAGEN, Christine; KOHAGEN, Emma; KOHAGEN, Esther; KOHAGEN, Family; KOHAGEN, Henry A; KOHAGEN, Jessie L; KOHAGEN, John A; KOHAGEN, Malinda W; KOHAGEN, Malinda W; KOHAGEN, Minnie; KOHAGEN, Vera; KOHAGEN, William; KOHAGEN HILDEBRANDT, Ella; KOHAGEN REHLING, Ella Frances; KOHLMANN, Ardith; KOHLMANN, Arthur C; KOHLMANN, Arthur C; KOHLMANN, Auguste H; KOHLMANN, Edwin H; KOHLMANN, Family; KOHLMANN, George; KOHLMANN, Martha; KOHLMANN, Rachel V; KOLLENKARK, Benjamin Scott; KOLLMANN, Dale H; KOLLMANN, Donna Mae; KOLLMANN, Evelyn M; KOLLMANN, Fred W; KOLLMANN, Mata Fick; KONKEN, Ina; KONKEN, John; KOONTZ, Jessie M; KOPPLIN, William; KORMAN, Anna; KORMAN, Chris; KORTE, Caroline B; KORTE, Carrie; KORTE, Carrie M; KORTE, Clara; KORTE, Family; KORTE, Fred; KORTE, Fred E; KORTE, Harold; KORTE, Helen; KORTE, Herbert; KORTE, William H; KORTE HOMANN, Clara; KORTH, Clara M; KORTH, Gustav; KORTH, Leonel John A; KORTH, Mary; KOSBAU, Paul S; KOSBAU CORSON, Joann; KRAFT, Fred H; KRATCHMER, Craig Scott; KRATCHMER, Edna; KRATCHMER, martin; KRATCHMER, Mary Lee; KRATCHMER, Ronald; KRATCHMER, Thelma G; KRAUSE, Family; KRAUSE, Jane Ann; KRAUSE, John A; KRAUSE, Lloyd; KRAUSE, Mathilda L "Toby"; KREMPEL, Ray A; KRETSCHMAR, August; KRETSCHMAR, August; KRETSCHMAR, August; KRETSCHMAR, Cleota; KRIEGER, Allie; KRIEGER, Bert; KRIEGER, Jennie; KRIEGER, R C; KRIEGER, Sarah; KROEPEL, Harvey A; KROEPEL, Shirley A; KROMER, Augusta; KROMER, Erwin H; KROMER, Lavera; KROMER, Paul E; KROMER, William; KRUEGER, Alfred; KRUEGER, Alfred; KRUEGER, Eva; KRUEGER, Eva; KRUEGER, Herman; KRUEGER, Loren; KRUEGER, Loren; KRUEGER, Lorene; KRUEGER, Lorene; KRUEGER, Meta; KRUEGER EICHMAN, Louisa; KRUMWIEDE, Adele D; KRUMWIEDE, August; KRUMWIEDE, Dorothea; KRUMWIEDE, Emma; KRUMWIEDE, Fred W; KRUMWIEDE, Frederick W; KRUMWIEDE, Friederich; KRUMWIEDE, Henry; KRUMWIEDE, Hilda; KRUMWIEDE, Richard W; KRUMWIEDE, Wilhelmiene; KRUSE, Marlys M; KRUSE, Verlin W; KUBICEK, Beverly L; KUBICEK, Edward C; KUBICEK, Louise; KUBICEK, Melvin C; KUEKER, Amelia; KUEKER, Betty L; KUEKER, Darrell D; KUEKER, Ernest; KUEKER, Ewald H; KUEKER, Eyla E; KUEKER, Herbert E; KUEKER, Leslie; KUEKER, Louis; KUEKER, Mildred; KUEKER, Millie; KUETHE, Carl G; KUETHE, Emma A; KUHLMANN, Anna; KUHLMANN, Herman; KUKRAL, Bonnie J; KUKRAL, Edward J; KUKRAL, Edward J; KURTT, John F; KURTT, Laurel L; KUSLER, Ellen D; KUTHE, Friedrich; KUTHE, Marcaretha; KUTHE, Wilhelmine
L:   LABL, W L; LADAGE, Anna; LADAGE, Guelma A; LADAGE, John; LADAGE, Pearl L; LAGE, Audrey M; LAGE, Wesley G; LAGE, Wesley Gustav; LAGESCHULTE, Alice; LAGESCHULTE, Alice L; LAGESCHULTE, Arles; LAGESCHULTE, Betty A; LAGESCHULTE, Chester L; LAGESCHULTE, Clarence; LAGESCHULTE, Clarence; LAGESCHULTE, Edward B; LAGESCHULTE, Edward B; LAGESCHULTE, Elsie K; LAGESCHULTE, Esther M; LAGESCHULTE, Frances W; LAGESCHULTE, Frank; LAGESCHULTE, Fred; LAGESCHULTE, Henry P; LAGESCHULTE, Larry E; LAGESCHULTE, Lavern E; LAGESCHULTE, Leona R; LAGESCHULTE, Martha A; LAGESCHULTE, Mary; LAGESCHULTE, Norma E; LAGESCHULTE, Paul F; LAGESCHULTE, Ralph C; LAGESCHULTE, Ray; LAGESCHULTE, Regina; LAGESCHULTE, Rosina M; LAGESCHULTE, Sarah; LAGESCHULTE, Virginia; LAGESCHULTE, Wendell F; LAGESCHULTE, William E; LAGOMARCINO, Cora A; LAGOMARCINO, Family; LAGOMARCINO, John J; LAING, Robert; LAIRD, Baby; LAIRD, Eliza J; LAIRD, Emma C; LAIRD, Father (Nathaniel); LAIRD, Harriett S; LAIRD, Laura B; LAIRD, Mother (Eliza); LAIRD, Nathaniel; LAIRD, R Eldon; LAIRD, Ralph E; LAIRD, Ralph Eldon IV; LAMB, Frank L.; LAMB, Leah M.; LAMBERT, Albert C; LAMBERT, Cassa M; LAMBERT, Herbert; LAMBERT, Lillian; LAMPE, Arlan L; LAMPE, Brian Jay; LAMPE, Carl; LAMPE, Erwin Conrad; LAMPE, Family; LAMPE, Kenneth; LAMPE, LaDonna; LAMPE, Lavern E; LAMPE, Martha; LAMPE, Mary E; LAMPE, Mildred R; LAMPE, Theodore W.; LAMPE, William Lee; LAMSON, Hagrie; LANDRY, Lucy Elizabeth; LANE, Carl; LANE, Carl; LANE, Claude; LANE, Clifford E; LANE, Clifford E; LANE, Edward; LANE, Father (b 1826); LANE, Father (Farrand); LANE, Fay; LANE, George; LANE, Mattie D; LANE, Mattie D; LANE, MayRose; LANE, Mother (Betsey); LANG, R; LANGHOLZ, Edna I; LANGHOLZ, Hidore; LANGHOLZ, Roland T; LANGHOLZ, Rosenau; LANGHOLZ, Rudolph W; LANGHOLZ, Rudolph W; LANTZ, David; LANTZ, Ione; LANTZKY, Gladys M; LANTZKY, Walter R; LARSON, Bertha E; LARSON, Carla; LARSON, Orene A; LARSON, Robert; LARUE, Christina; LARUE, Cordelia; LARUE, Francis; LARUE, J O; LARUE, Wm Eli; LASHBROOK, Cora; LASHBROOK, Cora; LASHBROOK, Cora A; LASHBROOK, Cordell; LASHBROOK, Cordell; LASHBROOK, Della; LASHBROOK, Della; LASHBROOK, Eselina; LASHBROOK, Hannah; LASHBROOK, John; LASHBROOK, Lillian; LASHBROOK, Lillian; LASHBROOK, Thos; LASHBROOK, Ulysses; LASHBROOK, Ulysses; LATIMER, Addie M; LATIMER, James G; LATIMER, Robert J; LATTY DAVIS, Anna; LATWESEN, Anna D; LATWESEN, Edwin; LATWESEN, Emma; LATWESEN, Emma; LATWESEN, Emma A; LATWESEN, Ervin F; LATWESEN, Father (Johann F); LATWESEN, Fred Jr; LATWESEN, Fred Jr; LATWESEN, Henry W; LATWESEN, Johann F; LATWESEN, Mother (Anna D); LATWESEN, Selma; LAUBE, Emma A; LAUBE, Ernst; LAUBE, Martha; LAUBE, Mary M; LAUBENDER HERTLEIN, Mary S; LAUCK, Sophia; LAUER, Family; LAUER, Father; LAUER, Mother; LAUER, Quince; LAUER, Top; LAUGHERY, Clarence; LAUGHERY, Lena M; LAVELL, Dora; LAVELL, Forrest A; LAVONE, Mary J; LAWRENCE, Bernard; LAWRENCE, Verna; LAWRENCE BRIGGS, Fannie A; LAWTON, Elizabeth; LAWTON, Elizabeth; LEAVITT, Jerome; LEDESMA, Antony Michael "Tony"; LEE, Carrie; LEE, Frances H; LEE, Frank Alvord; LEE, Lori B; LEE, Lucille; LEE, Minnie; LEE, Nellie; LEE, Nellie; LEE, Nellie; LEE, Nellie; LEE, Stephanie Ann; LEE, Stephen C; LEE, William Marton; LEE, William Marton; LEE BROADIE, Minnie B; LEE IVERSON, Olga; LEERHOFF, George; LEERHOFF, Rosa; LEES, Catharine; LEES, Samuel; LEET, Aleva; LEET, Frances A; LEET, John A; LEET, Lena; LEET, Romane G; LEET CURRY, Donna; LEHMAN, Electa; LEHMAN, Iva M; LEHMAN, Maggie; LEHMAN, Moses; LEHMAN, Sidney Miles; LEISINGER, Alice; LEISINGER, Carl; LEISINGER, Clarence C; LEISINGER, Darlene; LEISINGER, Ervin A; LEISINGER, George A; LEISINGER, Gustav; LEISINGER, Henry O; LEISINGER, Hilda A; LEISINGER, Lavern H; LEISINGER, Leonard; LEISINGER, Marie; LEISINGER, Martha; LEISINGER, Melvin; LEISINGER, Norma L; LEISINGER, Paul E; LEISINGER, Sena R; LEITHA, Anna; LEITHA, Blanche; LEITHA, Chris; LEITHA, Edward; LEITHA, Family; LEITHA, John; LEITHA, Leonard; LEITHA, Leonard L; LEITHA, Lute S; LEITHA, Ruth; LEMKE, Dorothy M; LEMKE, Luverne H; LEMONS, Alta M; LENIUS, Adolph J; LENIUS, Esther M; LENIUS, Harold H; LENIUS, Herman G; LENIUS, Lorenze K; LENIUS, Margaret E; LENIUS, Sophia; LENZ, Albert; LENZ, Allegra; LENZ, Carl; LENZ, Carl Jr; LENZ, Edith; LEONARD, Effie; LEONARD, Floy; LEONARD, George; LEONARD, Grace; LEONARD, John L; LEONARD, Mamie; LEONARD, Mary I; LEOTA MCNELLIS, June; LEROY, Wayne; LEVALLEY, GW; LEVALLEY, Leila I; LEVALLEY, Morehead; LEVALLEY, Sidney B; LEVERICH, Mary C; LEVICK, Lewis "Buzz"; LEVICK, Miriam E; LEWIS, Ernest E; LEWIS, Ernest E; LEWIS, Herbert G; LEWIS, John Henry; LEWIS, Tillie W; LEWIS, William; LIDDLE, Luella H; LIDDLE, Paul R; LIEBERS, Howard; LIEBERS, Lilian; LIERMANN, Berdine M; LIFFRING, Lawrence; LIFFRING, Lawrence E; LIFFRING, Pearl; LIFFRING MEDDERS, Anna May; LILLIBRIDGE, Frieda; LILLIBRIDGE, Merl C; LILLIBRIDGE, Vern; LILLIBRIDGE, Waneta; LINDLEY, George; LINDNER, Al; LINDNER, Albert H; LINDNER, Albert H; LINDNER, Bertha E; LINDNER, Carlton W; LINDNER, Chris C; LINDNER, Edwin A; LINDNER, Elmer; LINDNER, Emlie C; LINDNER, Emma; LINDNER, Erna; LINDNER, Family; LINDNER, Gertrude; LINDNER, Gustav G; LINDNER, Irene; LINDNER, Martha M; LINDNER, Martha M; LINDNER, Martin A; LINDNER, Maxine; LINDNER, Paul H; LINDNER, Robert William; LINDNER, Sherwin G; LINDNER, Sherwin G; LINDNER, Shirley G; LINDNER, Sophie C; LINDNER, William A; LINDQUIST, Alford A; LINDQUIST, Family; LINDQUIST, Sarah J; LINDROTH, Efferd K; LINDROTH, Helen J; LINOW, Bernard; LINOW, Christian; LINOW, Emma; LINOW, Maria; LINOW, Robert M; LIPMAN, Edward; LIPMAN, Louise; LIST, Emma; LIST, Paulus; LITTERER, Marjorie A; LITTERER, Wilbur B; LOBSACK, Emilie; LOHMANN, Adela; LOHMANN, Adela; LOHMANN, Emil H; LOHMANN, Lillie M; LOHMANN, Nadean; LOHMANN, Nadean; LOMBARD, Carrie M; LONG, Atlas; LONG, Atlas; LONG, Atlas; LONG, Dan; LONG, Daniel; LONG, Daniel; LONG, Diana M; LONG, Elizabeth; LONG, Grace; LONG, Herbert; LONG, Isabel; LONG, Isabel; LONG, Isabel; LONG, Jacob; LONG, Jacob H; LONG, Laura; LONG, Margaret; LONG, Margaret; LONG, Peter; LONG, Peter; LONG JR, Jacob; LONG SMITH, Laura; LOOMER, David; LOOMER, Melissa; LOOMIS, Glen E; LOOMIS, Mary J; LOOMIS, Washington; LORCH, Clara C; LORCH, John F; LORD, Charlotte; LORENZ, Gaylerd; LOSCH, Bertha M; LOSCH, Frida B; LOSCH, Yvonne E; LOUDERMILK, Boudy J; LOUDERMILK, Boudy James; LOUDERMILK, Boudy James Jr; LOUDERMILK, Mary D; LOUSTEAU, John; LOUSTEAU, Mary E; LOVEJOY, A . E.; LOVEJOY, Ami; LOVEJOY, Augusta; LOVEJOY, Beth M; LOVEJOY, Dorlan D; LOVEJOY, Family; LOVEJOY, Harley Seth; LOVEJOY, Keith D; LOVEJOY, Lillie M; LOVEJOY, Susanna Ruth; LOVEJOY, W E; LOWDER, Bertha S; LOWDER, Charles M; LOWDER, Charles T; LOWDER, Family; LOWDER GISLER, Bessie L; LOWE, Atlas L; LOWE, Capitola; LOWE, Capitola; LOWE, Capitola; LOWE, Isabel; LOWE, John H; LOWE, Letitia M; LOWE, Margaret H; LUCHTENBURG, Dorothy; LUCHTENBURG, Jim L; LUCHTENBURG, Judy A; LUCHTENBURG, Melvin; LUCK, Douglas Harold; LUCK, Glen F; LUCK, Velma A; LUDEMANN, Carl; LUDEMANN, Caroline; LUDEMANN, Charles; LUDEMANN, Herman; LUDEMANN, Maria; LUDEMANN, William; LUDWIG, Charlotte; LUDWIG, John; LUDWIG, Marie; LUDWIG, Oscar J; LUESENHOP, Herman L; LUESENHOP, Jim B; LUESENHOP, Jim B; LUESENHOP, O Iza; LUHRING, Anna L; LUHRING, Arlan L; LUHRING, Caroline; LUHRING, Helen; LUHRING, Henry; LUHRING, Henry A; LUHRING, Norma R; LUHRING, Viola K; LUHRING, Will G; LUHRING, Will G; LULOFF, Dorotha J; LULOFF, Henry; LULOFF, Lawrence W; LULOFF, Luvern R; LULOFF, Minnie; LULOFF, Oswald; LULOFF, Theresa; LUNDBERG, Frieda; LUNDBERG, Glen V; LUNDBERG, Hilda L; LUNDBERG, Oscar F; LUSCHER, Herman F; LUSK, Agnes M; LUSK, Joseph F; LUSSON, Nancy Lou; LUTH, Frederick W; LUTH, Katharina; LUTH, WF; LUTZ, Helena; LUTZ, Helena; LUTZ, Rev . FR.; LUTZ, Rev. FR.; LUTZKE, Henry C; LYLE, Bruce; LYNCH, A Lester; LYNCH, Albert L; LYNCH, Anna L; LYNCH, Baird; LYNCH, Dixie L; LYNCH, Esther; LYNCH, Gertrude; LYNCH, James A; LYNCH, Stella Mae; LYNCH, Veil; LYNN, Gladys M; LYNN, Raymond F; LYNN, Raymond F
M:   MAAS, Louis William; MAASER, Carl E. ( MD); MAASER, Carl F.; MAASER, Edna J.; MAASER, Hattie M; MAASER, Infant; MAASER, William F.; MAASS, Wilhelmine; MABB, Agnie M; MABB, Albert; MABB, Grover G; MABON, Cleola A; MABON, Lowell A; MABON, Lowell A; MAHARA, Esther; MAHARA, William; MAHNKE, Arthur J; MAHNKE, Louise A; MAIN, Delores D; MAIN, Earl W; MAIN, Earl W; MANDERUD, Ruth M; MANGO, Jim; MANGO, Virginia; MANN, Edna M; MANN, George; MANN, Ola; MANN EMERY, Luella; MANTHLY, Fredericka; MANTHLY, Henry; MANTOR, Minnie; MARCH, Mabel J; MARCH, Newton; MARCIA LOU, Hartmann; MARDORF, Alfred; MARDORF, Carl J; MARDORF, Olga E; MARDORF, Rosalma; MARKS, Albert C; MARKS, Edith M; MARKS CARPENTER, Muriel; MARSCHHEUSER, Beatrice; MARSH, Burton T.; MARSH, Ellen H; MARSH, Julius; MARSH, Kate W; MARSH, Norman B; MARSH AMES, James; MARTICOFF, Ella; MARTICOFF, Martin; MARTIN, CEH; MARTIN, CEH; MARTIN, Ebenezer; MARTIN, Elda K; MARTIN, James Robert; MARTIN, James Robert; MARTIN, Jeanette M; MARTIN, JMP; MARTIN, JMP; MARTIN, Leland; MARTIN, Ruth; MARTIN, Sarah A; MARTIN, W Adrian; MARTIN, Wm Earl; MARTIN, Wm P; MARTIN, WPM; MARTIN, WPM; MARX, Anne V; MARX, Loyal H; MASK, Barry L; MASK, Cheryl L; MASON, Clara G; MASON, Daisy May; MASON, Harvey E; MASON, Karen; MASON, Kent I; MASON, WF; MATCHEN, George W.; MATCHEN, Jane; MATCHEN, W.; MATCHEN, William; MATHEWS, Ethel; MATTHIAS, August; MATTHIAS, Erwin "Matt"; MATTHIAS, Jacqueline J; MATTHIAS, Leona L; MATTHIAS, Lester J; MATTHIAS, Naomi F; MATTHIAS, Ottilie; MATTKE, Emma; MATTKE, Harry C; MATTKE, Irma M; MATTKE, Norman E; MAUNDER, Robert; MAXFIELD, Eddie H; MAXFIELD, Edward J; MAXFIELD, Pearl L; MAXFIELD, Phyllis R; MAXFIELD, Robert D; MAY, Caroline A; MAY, Charles; MAY, Frank; MCALISTER, Hilda; MCBRIDE, Cora E; MCCAFFREE, Katherine V; MCCAFFREE, Owen O; MCCALL, Amanda; MCCALL SHEPARD, Elvira; MCCALPINE, Pearl; MCCARTNEY, Agnes; MCCARTNEY, Agnes; MCCARTNEY SELENSKY, Ella; MCCASLIN, Charles E; MCCASLIN, Mabel L; MCCLELLAN, Clara B; MCCLELLAN, Ida E; MCCLURE, J Lee; MCCLURE, Zillah; MCCLURE PHILLIPS, Sarah; MCCORD, Idell C; MCCORD, Robert; MCCORD, William H; MCCORD, William H; MCCORMACK, Charles; MCCORMACK, Emily J; MCCORMACK, Mary; MCCORMACK, O C; MCCORMACK, Ota C; MCCORMICK, Danita L; MCCORMICK, Kenneth J; MCCRACKEN, Aaron; MCCRACKEN, Aaron; MCCRACKEN, Edith May; MCCRACKEN, Edward G; MCCRACKEN, Sarah L; MCCRACKEN, Sarah L; MCCULLOCH, Joyce A; MCCULLOCH, Ronald B; MCCUMBER, Arnold R; MCCUMBER, Clara B; MCCUMBER, Inez A; MCCUMBER, Martha R; MCCUMBER, William H; MCDANIEL, Gertrude A; MCDANIEL, Ira H; MCDERMOTT, Kittie A; MCDERMOTT, Kittie A; MCDONALD, Aimee; MCDONALD, Aimee N; MCDONALD, Betty M; MCDONALD, Eliza Ann; MCDONALD, Richard E; MCDOWELL, Catherine S; MCDOWELL, Harold A; MCDOWELL, Nellie M; MCDOWELL, Warren F; MCELHANEY BOOROM, Lucille; MCELROY, Hugh; MCELROY, Mary; MCENANY, Donald D; MCENANY, Lavon R; MCENANY, Loren P; MCENANY, Mabel A; MCENANY, Mark Patrick; MCENANY, Patrick M; MCENANY, Virginia A; MCENANY BOSWELL, Loretta; MCFARLAND, Agnes; MCFARLAND, Christy; MCFARLAND, Delbert G; MCFARLAND, Flora; MCFARLAND, George A; MCFARLAND, Ida E; MCFARLAND, John; MCFARLAND, John H; MCFARLAND, Merlin L; MCFARLAND FRITZ, Katherine A; MCFARLANE, Christina; MCFARLANE, Christina; MCFARLANE, Christina; MCFARLANE, Clyde E; MCFARLANE, Emma M; MCFARLANE, George A; MCFARLANE, George A; MCFARLANE, John; MCFARLANE, John; MCFARLANE, Martha A; MCFARLANE, Martha A; MCFARLANE, Robert; MCFARLANE, Robert; MCFARLANE, Robert; MCGEE, Charles O; MCGEE, Marjorie E; MCGIMPSEY, Esther M; MCGIMPSEY, Gladys E; MCGIMPSEY, Mary Jane; MCGIMPSEY, Robert A; MCGIMPSEY, Robert J; MCHELLAND, Mary A; MCKEAG, Florence; MCKEE, Helen R; MCKEE, Paul E; MCKEE, Paul F; MCKELVEY SCHIELD, Eileen; MCKENZIE, Aaron A; MCKENZIE, Aaron Anthony; MCKENZIE, Ruby Marie; MCMEEKIN, Donald E; MCMULLEN, Austin; MCMULLEN, Diana J; MCMULLEN, Florence; MCMULLEN, John C; MCMULLEN, John C; MCNAUL HURSH, Bell; MCNEILUS, Floyd H; MCNEILUS, Floyd H; MCNEILUS, Logan; MCNEILUS, Marion G; MCNEILUS, Marion G; MCNEILUS, Michelle; MCNELLIS, June; MCNERNEY, Kenneth; MCNERNEY, Maxine; MCQUARRIE, Harry C; MCQUEEN, L L; MCROBERTS, Alma M; MCROBERTS, Anna C; MCROBERTS, C Mabel; MCROBERTS, C Mabel; MCROBERTS, Cheryl Rae; MCROBERTS, Edna; MCROBERTS, Francis M; MCROBERTS, Iva; MCROBERTS, John; MCROBERTS, Kenneth; MCROBERTS, Lydia; MCROBERTS, Ray; MCROBERTS, Raymond F; MCROBERTS, William C; MCROBERTS, Wm T; MCSHERRY, Nellie M; MEADOWS, William L; MEADOWS VOSS, Edna; MEDDERS, Agnes; MEDDERS, Agnes; MEDDERS, Anna May; MEDDERS, Anna May; MEDDERS, William; MEDDERS, William; MEHMEN, Alan R; MEHMEN, Bena; MEHMEN, Blanche; MEHMEN, George; MEHMEN, Grace; MEHMEN, Jeanette M; MEHMEN, Josephine G; MEHMEN, Klaus; MEHMEN, Klaus; MEHMEN, Mema; MEHMEN, Ralph H; MEHMEN, Raymond k; MEIER, Edna L.; MEMORIAL, Veterans; MENKE, Raymond A; MENKE, Wava H; MENSCHING, Carrie; MENSCHING, Edward; MENSCHING, Ella; MENSCHING, Elmer; MENSCHING, Family; MENSCHING, Fred; MENSCHING, Lorenz; MENSCHING, Sophie; MENSING, Martha L; MENSING, Robert A; MENUEY BOETTCHER, Darlene J; MENZEL, Charles; MENZEL, Charles; MENZEL, Father; MENZEL, Father; MENZEL, Martha; MENZEL, Minnie; MENZEL, Minnie; MENZEL, Mother; MENZEL, Mother; MENZEL, Roy C; MERCER, Dillard; MERCER, Lena; MERNER, Harriet; MESSENGER, Recinalo; MESSENGER, Recinalo; MESSENGER, Recinalo; MESSINGER, Family; MESSINGER, Jeremiah C; MESSINGER, Sarah E; METHER, Carl; METHER, Dan; METHER, Emaline Dorothea; METHER, Florence; METHER, Florence; METHER, Frances; METHER, Nellie; METHER, Paul; METHER, Unknown; METHER, Walter M; METHFESSEL, Carl Albert; METHFESSEL, Carl W; METHFESSEL, Emma; METHFESSEL, Family; METHFESSEL, Wilma E; METZ, Charles David; METZ, Charles David; MEYER, Alex; MEYER, Anna; MEYER, Carolyn M; MEYER, Claudette S; MEYER, Cora G; MEYER, Darlene M; MEYER, Edith M; MEYER, Edna B; MEYER, Edward F; MEYER, Edward H; MEYER, Elmer W; MEYER, Emma D; MEYER, Family; MEYER, Fred H; MEYER, Henry F; MEYER, Herbert K; MEYER, Hugo; MEYER, Ida A; MEYER, John E; MEYER, John F; MEYER, John H; MEYER, Karl W; MEYER, Kurt; MEYER, Lester E; MEYER, Loretta W; MEYER, Mabel L; MEYER, Marcia Y; MEYER, Margaret; MEYER, Marie B; MEYER, Mary; MEYER, Nora; MEYER, Ruth M; MEYER, Sigmund J; MEYER, W M "Bill"; MEYER, Walter G; MEYER, Wilbert W; MEYER, Wilhelmina; MEYER, William G; MEYER FREIE, Maria; MEYER GOEKE DUWE SINNOTT, Evelyn Mae Elizabeth; MEYERHOFF, Malinda; MEYERHOFF, Oscar; MEYERHOFF, Oscar; MEYERS, Catherine C; MEYERS, Clara E; MEYERS, Fred; MEYERS, G (Dottie); MEYERS, Grover; MEYERS, Irene E; MEYERS, Louvena; MEYERS, Margaret Ellen; MEYERS, Paul A; MEYERS, William W; MEYERS BAILEY, Evelyn Theresa; MICHAEL, Angeline Irene; MICHAEL, Bertha; MICHAEL, Eldo A; MICHAEL, Elizabeth; MICHAEL, Emil; MICHAEL, Family; MICHAEL, Frankie; MICHAEL, Friederika; MICHAEL, Geo A; MICHAEL, Herman F; MICHAEL, Hilda I; MICHAEL, Irene; MICHAEL, Jerry Joe; MICHAEL, Jimmy; MICHAEL, Mary Ellen; MICHAEL, Pauline; MICHAEL, Ralph; MICHAEL, Ranetta; MICHAEL, Reinhold; MICHAEL, Wendell W; MICHAEL, William; MICHAEL CRISSMAN, Minnie; MICHAEL MARTIN, Ruth; MICHAEL SCHWERIN, Rosetta; MICHAEL SWEET, Ellis; MICHAELSON, Marilyn L; MICHAELSON, Samuel S; MICHAELSON, Samuel Spencer; MICKLEY, Margaret; MICKLEY, Thomis; MILES LEHMAN, Electa; MILIUS, Christine; MILIUS, Christopher; MILIUS, Edith; MILIUS, Maxine A; MILIUS, Paul L; MILIUS, Werner; MILIUS SCHOOF, Pauline; MILLER, Albert; MILLER, Alice; MILLER, Arlene M; MILLER, Atta L; MILLER, August; MILLER, Berdene H; MILLER, Caroline; MILLER, Caroline; MILLER, Caroline; MILLER, Catharine; MILLER, Catherine J; MILLER, Charld; MILLER, Charld; MILLER, Charles W; MILLER, Cila; MILLER, Eddie; MILLER, Elaine Rose; MILLER, Elmira; MILLER, Faith; MILLER, Fanny J; MILLER, Fern; MILLER, Frieda; MILLER, Geo; MILLER, Geo; MILLER, Gertrude A; MILLER, Gilbert; MILLER, Harry; MILLER, Helen C; MILLER, Ira B; MILLER, James; MILLER, James; MILLER, James C; MILLER, Jennie; MILLER, John Tallet; MILLER, John Tallet; MILLER, Julia; MILLER, Julia C; MILLER, Julia R; MILLER, Koert; MILLER, Laura; MILLER, Laura B; MILLER, Leonard; MILLER, Leonora; MILLER, Leslie William; MILLER, Lillian A; MILLER, Louie J; MILLER, Lyle R; MILLER, Marlene E; MILLER, Marlene E; MILLER, Mary J; MILLER, Matt; MILLER, Matt; MILLER, Nathaniel; MILLER, Obbo John; MILLER, Otto F; MILLER, Paul A; MILLER, Pearl R; MILLER, Rachel; MILLER, Richard D; MILLER, Richard D; MILLER, Sarah E; MILLER, Shirley Jean; MILLER, Thompson; MILLER, Velda; MILLER, Virginia F; MILLER, Walter; MILLER, Will; MILLER, William "Bill"; MILLER, William A; MILLER, William H; MILLER BODEKER, Kittie; MILLER VANTILBURO, Fannie; MILLER-FUX, Eliza; MILLS, Elijah; MILLS, Samuel; MILUS, Bertha; MILUS, John; MINKLER, Lorne S; MINNAERT, Clarence P; MINNAERT, Clarence P; MINNAERT, Edward T; MINNAERT, Evelyn L; MINNAERT, Frances V; MINNAERT, Marlys M; MINNAERT, Robert E; MIRS, Carol J; MIRS, Frank J; MIRS, Frank Junior; MISHLER, Ada A; MISHLER, Austin; MISHLER, Clyde H; MISHLER, Esther M; MISHLER, Eva; MISHLER, Hannah; MISHLER, Helen; MISHLER, J Henry; MISHLER, Jeannine; MISHLER, Mary; MISHLER, Merle H; MISHLER, Verlyn J; MISHLER, Verlyn Jay; MISHLER, William A; MITCHEL, Bessie; MITCHELL, Bessie E; MITCHELL, Elsie; MITCHELL, Elsie; MITCHELL, Elsie; MITCHELL, Mary E; MITCHELL, Mary E (Mother); MITCHELL, Milton (Father); MITCHELL, Milton G; MITCHELL, Oliver Humes; MITCHELL DOVE, Mae; MIX LAUCK, Sophia; MIX SORNBORCER, Love A; MOEHLING, Clarence E; MOEHLING, Herman E; MOEHLING, Marguerite; MOEHLING, Prudence E; MOELLER, August A; MOELLER, Bonita R (Bonnie); MOELLER, Carolyn W; MOELLER, Clara; MOELLER, Daniel A; MOELLER, David L; MOELLER, Emelia; MOELLER, Erhard; MOELLER, Geraldine L; MOELLER, H August; MOELLER, Ida H; MOELLER, John E; MOELLER, John E; MOELLER, Lawrence W; MOELLER, Myrtle I; MOELLER, Robert; MOELLER, Shirley; MOELLER, William F; MOELLER, William F; MOELLER STEEGE, Caroline; MOFFET, Billie E; MOFFET, Chauncey E; MOFFET, Elsie O; MOFFET, Lois; MOHR, Alma J; MOHR, Edwin H; MOHR, Fredrick; MOHR, Fredrick; MOHR, George F; MOHR, George H; MOHR, Henrietta; MOHR, Luella N; MOHR, Mary K; MOHR, Mary K; MOHR, Thekla; MOHR, Thekla; MOHR, William Fred; MOLLER, Fred W; MOLLER, Fred W; MOLLER, Martha H; MONAGHAN, Edgar J; MONAGHAN, Gerald T; MONAGHAN, James Louis; MONAGHAN, Jennifer Sue; MONAGHAN, Matthew John; MONAGHAN, Pernella R; MONAGHAN, Rosalinda B; MONAGHAN, Thomas J; MONAGHAN, Viola L; MONG, Olive R; MONG, Robert E; MONG, Robert E; MONTGOMERY, Vernietta; MONTROSS, Leah; MONTROSS, Percy; MOODIE, Carter; MOODIE, Marion; MOODY, George; MOODY, Louisa A; MOONEY, F; MOORE, Albert M.; MOORE, Charloite C; MOORE, Florinda O.; MOORE, Tolman W.; MOORE, Wesley W; MOORE BAILEY, Marietta Chapin; MOORE SEAMANS, Caroline D.; MORES, Sarah S; MORES, Sarah S; MORES, WH; MORES, WH; MORES RUSSELL, Dacy; MOREY, David; MOREY, David; MOREY, Dorintha; MOREY, Family; MOREY, George Avery; MOREY, Harry A; MOREY, Harry A; MOREY, Harry A; MOREY, Ida; MOREY, Roland George; MORGAN, Cecil J; MORGAN, Olga E; MORMANN, Emily J; MORMANN, James D; MORMANN, Valerie A; MORRILL, Edith K; MORRILL, Ephriam B; MORRILL, Ethel M; MORRILL, Frank; MORRILL, Hazel E; MORRILL, James A; MORRILL, James A; MORRILL, James A; MORRILL, John R; MORRILL, Mary; MORRILL, Mary A; MORRILL, Richard B; MORRIS, John I; MORRIS, Ruth Anne; MORSE, C Newton; MORSE, Caleb; MORSE, Lidie F; MORSE, Sarah B; MORSE, Sarah E; MORSE, Stephen H; MORTON, Ethel; MORTON, Ethel Marie; MORTON, Jay; MORTON, Jay Cope; MOULDS, Blanche M; MOULDS, Donald E; MOULDS, G Henry; MOULDS, George Henry; MOULDS, George T; MOULDS, Ida G; MOULDS, Myrtle; MOYER, Donald B; MOYER, Eva Maye; MOYER, Frances; MOYER, Harold E; MOYER, Herman G; MOYER, Kathryne; MOYER, Leslie C; MOYER, Marguerite; MOYER, Roger Allen; MOYER, Wilma S; MUECKE, Wilhelm; MUEHLING, Gwendolyn L; MUEHLING, Leroy L; MUELLER, Albert G; MUELLER, Anna; MUELLER, August; MUELLER, Bertha; MUELLER, Elisa; MUELLER, Ernest A; MUELLER, Ernest L; MUELLER, Esther W; MUELLER, John H; MUELLER, Louise H; MUELLER, Martha; MUELLER, Mildred M; MUELLER, Roland C; MUELLER, Viola E; MUELLER, William; MUHLENHAUPT, Chris W; MUHLENHAUPT, Chris W; MUHLENHAUPT, Helen E; MULDER, Donna L; MULDER, George S; MULLEN, Edward; MULLEN, Harriet; MUMMELTHEI, Cary C; MUMMELTHEI, Frieda; MUMMELTHEI, Frieda; MUMMELTHEI, Herman J; MUMMELTHEI, Herman J; MUMMELTHEI, Ida; MUMMELTHEI, Lorenz W; MUMMELTHEI, Marlys J; MUMMELTHEI, Nicholas Wm; MUMMELTHEI, William; MUMMELTHEI, Wm Sr; MUMMELTHIE, Clara; MUMMELTHIE, Nicholas W; MUMMELTHIE, Otto; MUMMELTHIE, Robert L; MUNGER, Frank H; MUNGER, Grace A; MUNGER, Harmon S; MUNGER, Jane E; MUNSTERMAN, August; MUNSTERMAN, Emma; MUNSTY, Emma C; MURPHY, Catherine; MURPHY, David H; MURPHY, Donella; MURPHY, Family; MURPHY, Family; MURPHY, Jane E; MURPHY, John J; MURPHY, Oscar; MURPHY, Viola S; MURTAGH, James; MURTAGH, Mercy; MYERS, Abraham; MYERS, Annie E; MYERS, Billie J; MYERS, Bonnie Jean; MYERS, Caroline; MYERS, Carrie; MYERS, Edmond J; MYERS, Ellwood; MYERS, Etta; MYERS, Family; MYERS, J K; MYERS, James "J D"; MYERS, James D; MYERS, Permilla; MYERS, Ray B; MYERS, Velda A
N:   NAPIECEK, David A; NAPIECEK, Jann S; NAPIECEK, Leonard; NAPIECEK, Leota; NASSEN, Family; NASSEN, Herbert H; NASSEN, Ida M; NASSEN, Walter C; NAVING WADE, Mary Price; NELSON, Caroline C; NELSON, Charles A; NELSON, Danny A; NELSON, Donald S; NELSON, Edith S; NELSON, Fred; NELSON, Henrietta; NELSON, Thomas G; NERGE, John W.; NESSETH, Clarence P; NESSETH, Clarence P; NESSETH, Helen M; NEVERMANN, John H; NEVERMANN, Sophia; NICHOLS, Charles; NICHOLS, Charles Q; NICHOLS, Clarissa; NICHOLS, Frank L.; NICHOLS, Helen M.; NICHOLS, Henry Gould; NICHOLS, Levi; NICHOLS, Nellie L; NICHOLS, Sarah Agnes; NICHOLS HANNER, Margaret; NICOLAUS, Elizabeth L; NICOLAUS, Jacob J; NIECE, Frank L; NIEDERT, Darlene; NIEDERT, Randall; NIEDORF, Family; NIEDORF, Henry J; NIEDORF, Henry J; NIEDORF, Hilda C; NIEDORF, Hilda C; NIEMAN, Estelle G; NIEMAN, Galen G; NIEMAN, Martin; NIEMAN, Rhoda; NIEMANN, Fred W; NIEMANN, Johanna E; NIEMEYER, Clara; NIEMEYER, Elmer; NIEMEYER, Elmer H; NIEMEYER, Emma S; NIEMEYER, Esther; NIEMEYER, Gustav G; NIEMEYER, Henry; NIEMEYER, Renetta C; NIEWOHNER, August H; NIEWOHNER, August H; NIEWOHNER, Esther M; NIEWOHNER, Family; NIEWOHNER, Frederick L; NINELLI, Alfhio Frank; NISSEN, Earl E; NISSEN, Eva M; NISSEN, Frank W; NISSEN, John C; NISSEN, Lawrence F; NISSEN, Lois B; NISSEN, Mary; NISSEN, Minne M; NISSEN ALCOCK, Emma; NITCHER, Franklin T; NITCHER, Robert Allen; NITGHER, Franklin T; NITGHER, George H; NIX, Helen L; NIX, John M; NOBLE KNIGHT, Emma; NOEL, Annette B; NOEL, Donna Jean; NOEL, Fern E; NOEL, Frank Fred; NOEL, Howard E; NOEL, Lola; NOEL, Nancy Sue; NOEL, Vancil F Jr; NOEL, Vancil F Sr; NOEL, W M; NOEL RUSSELL, Mike; NOGGLE, Family; NOGGLE, I E; NOGGLE, I E; NOLTE, Dorothy J; NOLTE, Helen E; NOLTE, Judith D; NOLTE, Martha; NOLTE, Marvin L "Bud"; NOLTE, Oscar; NOLTE, Wayne Allen; NOLTE, Wayne E; NOLTE, Will S; NOLTING, Alta E; NOLTING, Conrad E; NOLTING, Elinore; NOLTING, Family; NOLTING, Henry; NOLTING, Herbert C; NOLTING, John W; NOLTING, Mary L; NOLTING, W; NOLTING, Wilhelmina; NOLTING, Wilhelmina; NOLTING SCHEINA, Helen; NOLTING WIEBKE, Irma; NORDAHL, Cynthia Kay; NORDAHL, Terry Allen; NORDMAN, Carl; NORDMAN, Elizabeth; NORDMAN, Family; NORDMAN, Florence M; NORDMAN, Hattie; NORDMAN, Leslie W; NORDMAN, Lucille S; NORDMAN, Reginald; NORDMAN, Reginald W; NORMAN, Belle; NORMAN, Belle; NORMAN, Donna Ann; NORMAN, Flora M; NORMAN, John A; NORMAN, Mary J; NORMAN, Samuel V; NORMAN HOSTETLER, Nathan; NORMAN HOSTETLER, Nathan; NORMAN RUSSELL, Genevieve; NORRIS, Catherine J; NORRIS, Catherine J; NORRIS, Charles; NORRIS, Charles; NORRIS, Frank; NORRIS, Henrietta; NORRIS, Henrietta; NORRIS, James; NORRIS, Keeler; NORRIS, Keeler; NORRIS, Lizzie; NORRIS, Lizzie; NORRIS, William; NORRIS, William; NORRIS NORMAN, Belle; NORRIS NORMAN, Belle; NORTON, Caroline; NORTON, Dorothy B; NORTON, Eugene R; NORTON, Eugene R (Gene); NORTON, Henry E; NORTON, Lucretia; NORTON, Vera; NORTON, Vera Viola (MD); NOTTGER, Cecile C; NOTTGER, Clyde C; NOTTGER, F C; NOTTGER, Family; NOTTGER, Philip C; NUGERT, Charlie; NUGERT, Lizzie; NUGERT, Milo; NUHN, Wm; NUSS, Anna G; NUSS, Fred W; NUSS WILHARM, Louise; NUSZ, Anna Mary R; NUTTING, Albert O.; NUTTING, Florence F.; NUTTING AUSTIN, Cora; NUTTING BASKINS, Effie; NUTTING TAYLOR, Edith; NYE, Sarah Ellen; NYGREN, Bernardine; NYGREN, Herman J; NYGREN, Jimmy W; NYGREN, Robert H; NYGREN, Selma A
O:   O'DONNELL, John F; O'HARE, Robert J; O'HARE, Sally R; OBERDORF, Edgar; OBERDORF, Edgar; OBERDORF, Louis; OBERDORF, Louis; OBERDORF, Lyle; OBERDORF, Lyle; OBERDORF, Sarah; OBERDORF, Sarah; OBERHEU, Albert; OBERHEU, Alvilda; OBERHEU, Anna; OBERHEU, Blanche; OBERHEU, Elda M; OBERHEU, Ernest; OBERHEU, Eugenia; OBERHEU, Helen; OBERHEU, Janelda; OBERHEU, Marigene L; OBERHEU, Mary Ruth; OBERHEU, Otto C; OBERHEU, Theodore F; OBERHEU, Walter; OBERHEU, Wilbert; OBERHEU, Wilbert H; OBERHEU, Wilhelm; OBERMEYER, Emma; OESTMANN, Lena; OESTMANN, Wilhelm H; OGDEN, W H; OHLENDORF, Charlie; OHLENDORF, Chris H; OHLENDORF, Family; OHLENDORF, Henry W; OHLENDORF, Minnie; OLDENBURGER, Benjamin F; OLDENBURGER, Betty Ann; OLDENBURGER, Dennis H; OLDENBURGER, Emma Lou; OLDENBURGER, George B; OLDENBURGER, Gertrude; OLDENBURGER, Henry & Dennis; OLDENBURGER, Henry B; OLDENBURGER, Henry B; OLDENBURGER, Sandra K; OLDS, James P; OLDS, John J; OLDS, Lydia M; OLDS BIGGS, Flora; OLDS BOOTH, Abbie; OLDS PIERCE, Marie; OLESON, Dorothy L; OLSON, Charles A; OLSON, Emilie; OLSON, George; OLSON, Hilma E; OLSON, Leonard T; OLSON, Sandra J; OLTROGGE, Anna D; OLTROGGE, Darlene L "Tammy"; OLTROGGE, Frederick C; OLTROGGE, Hilda; OLTROGGE, Kenneth L; OLTROGGE, Larry J; OLTROGGE, Louis; OLTROGGE, Mariann D; ONDER, Inez V; ONDER, John; ONSTAD, Charles O; ONSTAD, Janis L; OPPENHEIMER, Irene; OPPENHEIMER, Martin J; ORMSTON, Betty; ORMSTON, Beverly R; ORMSTON, Dorothy R; ORMSTON, Eddie; ORMSTON, Elisabeth A; ORMSTON, Ellenoir; ORMSTON, Family; ORMSTON, Harriett I; ORMSTON, Lyle V; ORMSTON, Mabel L; ORMSTON, Mabel L.; ORMSTON, Merwyn W; ORMSTON, Richard L; ORMSTON, Robert; ORMSTON, Robert L; ORMSTON, Thomas; ORMSTON, William H.; ORMSTON, William H.; ORTH, Alma P; ORTH, Emma; ORTH, Emma P; ORTH, Henry; ORTH, Leo H; ORTH, Mabel; ORTH, William V; ORTH ZELLE, Verona; OSHITA, Margery Emiko; OSINCUP, Alma M; OSINCUP, Alma M; OSINCUP, Elsie C; OSINCUP, F Willard; OSINCUP, Family; OSINCUP, Frank A; OSINCUP, Frank A; OSINCUP, Lynn C; OSINCUP, Mary; OSINCUP, Melva J; OSINCUP, Paul W; OSINCUP, Robert; OSINCUP, Violet R; OSTER, Emma J; OSTER, Emmaroy J; OSTER, Joseph W; OSTERHOLM, Anice M; OSTERHOLM, Donald L; OSTERHOLM, Robert; OSTERHOLM, William A; OTTERSBERG, Gerhard; OTTERSBERG, Konrad; OTTERSBERG, Margaret; OUIMBY, John B; OUIMBY, Lucy E; OUIMBY, William B; OWEN, Charles A; OWEN, Dora; OWEN, Fred; OWEN, Fred R; OWEN, Jas R; OWENS, Diane Lynn; OWENS, Lucile; OWENS, Virgil L
P:   PABST, John D "Jack"; PABST, Lois J; PAGE, Frank Howard; PAGE, Guy; PAGE, Harold; PAGE, Harry Rollins; PAGE, Jessie; PAGE, Minnie M; PAGE, Samuel H; PAGEL, Anna; PAGEL, Vern A; PALMER, Ada; PALMER, S; PALMER CAREY, Emma; PAPE, Elizabeth; PAPE, Elizabeth; PAPE, Frederick; PAPE, Fredrick; PAPE, Hazel; PAPE, Milton; PAPE, Rose; PAPE, Theodore Louis; PARKER, Ida F.; PARKER MARTIN, Jeanette M; PARKHURST, T A; PARROTT, Harrison W; PARROTT, Mamie G; PARSONS, Charlie; PARTON HODGES, Annie; PATCHIN, Myrtie; PATCHIN, Myrtie F.; PATTERSON, Amanda; PATTERSON, Catharine; PATTERSON, Catherine P; PATTERSON, Family; PATTERSON, Fannie; PATTERSON, Fannie; PATTERSON, Father (Samuel); PATTERSON, Florence E; PATTERSON, Garland V; PATTERSON, Grandma; PATTERSON, Hattie L; PATTERSON, James H; PATTERSON, Lester J; PATTERSON, Loren J; PATTERSON, Mother (Catharine); PATTERSON, Robert L; PATTERSON, Samuel; PATTERSON, Thelma; PATTERSON, Thera; PAUKNER, Fay E; PAUKNER, George L; PAUKNER, Helen; PAUKNER, J Mike; PAUKNER MCALISTER, Hilda; PAUL, Charley; PAUL, Charlie; PAUL, Clarinda; PAUL, George; PAUL, Stanley T; PAULSEN, Clarice E; PAULSEN, Murvin R; PAULSEN, Murvin Ray; PAUP, Herbert S; PAUP, Herbert S; PAUP, Lucille; PAUP, Lucille; PAYTON, Emily; PAYTON, Emily; PAYTON, Wm; PAYTON, Wm; PECK, Alma; PECK, Alma; PECK, Alma; PECK, Lizzie; PECK, Lizzie; PECK, Vine; PECK, William H; PEDDLE, Gary W; PEDDLE, Jean M; PEDDLE SPRAIN, Debra; PELLAND, Dale Leroy; PELTON, George E; PELTON, Julius; PELTON, Oshea; PELTON, Willie; PERKINS, Alta M; PERKINS, Helen L; PERKINS, John A; PERKINS BRANDES, Grace; PERR, Lloyd Arthur; PERROW, Ruth; PERRY, Edward N; PERRY, HD; PERRY, Lloyd Arthur; PERRY, Lovia C; PERRY, Martha J; PERRY REEVES, Esther; PETERS, Bertha A; PETERS, Betty R; PETERS, Fred C; PETERS, John B; PETERS, John H; PETERS, John H; PETERS, Martha O; PETERS, Verdeen R; PETERS, Vernon F; PETERSEN, Alma; PETERSEN, Bernard P; PETERSEN, Berniece R; PETERSEN, Nota C; PETERSEN, Ralph A; PETERSEN, Robert L; PETERSEN THIES, Louise; PETERSEN THIES, Louise; PETERSON, Alverta; PETERSON, Charlene J; PETERSON, Charlotte M; PETERSON, Donovan "Pete"; PETERSON, Elizabeth E; PETERSON, Family; PETERSON, Gary L; PETERSON, Gerald A; PETERSON, Gerald A; PETERSON, James W; PETERSON, Katherina K; PETERSON, Katherine; PETERSON, Merle; PETERSON, Merle Benton; PETERSON, Richard J; PETRI, Leo H; PETRI, Leo H; PETRI, Margaret E; PETTIE, Mrs R. C.; PFEFFER, Henry; PFEFFER, Mary J; PFUND, C. C.; PFUND, Hans; PFUND, Henry; PFUND, Lena B.; PFUND, Rosalie; PFUND VENEMAN, Louise; PHELAN, Elsie; PHELPS, Ethelyn; PHELPS, Guy V; PHELPS, Isabel M; PHELPS, Ray W; PHILIPPI, Elizabeth Ann; PHILIPPI, Ernest William; PHILLIPS, Angie; PHILLIPS, Angie E; PHILLIPS, Angie E; PHILLIPS, Anna M; PHILLIPS, George J; PHILLIPS, Mary B; PHILLIPS, Ralph W; PHILLIPS, Roy; PHILLIPS, Sarah; PHILLIPS, Sayles; PHIPPS, Kathryn; PHIPPS, Oren P; PICHELMANN, Amelia E; PICHELMANN, August; PICHELMANN, Henry F; PICHELMANN, Louise; PICHT, Howard B; PICHT, Myrtle O; PICKARD, Clifford; PICKARD, Louise; PIEHL DE NEUI, Ruth; PIERCE, Asaph; PIERCE, Clifton; PIERCE, Clifton J; PIERCE, Daniel C; PIERCE, Family Headstone; PIERCE, Marie; PIERCE, Minnie C; PIERCE, Minnie Cornelia; PIERCE, Paulina; PIKE, Charles W; PIKE, Louise C; PIKESLEY, Christie H; PIKESLEY, George; PIKESLEY, George W; PIKESLEY, Hannah T; PIKESLEY, Jane K; PINNEY, Cora E; PINNEY, George A; PINNEY, Gertrude; PINNEY, Horace; PINNEY, John; PINNEY, Mary; PINNEY, Mother; PINNEY, Sallye; PIPHO, Bertha A; PIPHO, Martin J; PIPHO, Wayne; PIPHO, Wilbert; PISOTT, J M; PITCHER, Daniel M; PITCHER, Iva Netta; PITCHER, Mary E; PITCHER, Sarah E; PLAGE, Hazel; PLAGE, Hazel; PLATT, Clarence C; PLATT, Mary A; PLATTE, Agnes C; PLATTE, Birdie R; PLATTE, Carl; PLATTE, Catharina; PLATTE, Clara; PLATTE, Clara; PLATTE, Edward F; PLATTE, Elmer J; PLATTE, Emma; PLATTE, Emma; PLATTE, Emma; PLATTE, F.H.C.; PLATTE, Fred; PLATTE, Fred H; PLATTE, Gustave PC; PLATTE, Henry; PLATTE, John; PLATTE, John; PLATTE, John H; PLATTE, Laurena; PLATTE, Leota C; PLATTE, Lois I; PLATTE, Louis; PLATTE, Otto; PLATTE, Richard C; PLATTE, Richard C; PLATTE, Sara L; PLATTE, Shirley Ann; PLATTE, Violet D; PLATTE, Wayne A; PLATTE, Wilhelmine; PLATTE, William B; PLATTE, William C.; POCKELS, Family; POCKELS, Lucia; POCKELS, Theodore; PODLEWSKI, Nick S; POE, Twins; POEHLER, Donald W; POEHLER, Donald William; POEHLER, Herman; POEHLER, Loretta; POEHLER, Sylvia A; POETZINGER, Gae; POETZINGER, Louis; POMEROY, Charlessa; POMEROY, Joseph; POOCK, Arlen H; POOCK, Herman C; POOCK, Leona M; POOCK, Ruben C; POORMAN, Addie M; POORMAN, Anna; POORMAN, John H; POORMAN, Minia Bell; PORTER, Clara J; PORTER, Harold H; PORTER, John W; PORTER, Marie E; POTHAST, Caroline; POTHAST, Erna L; POTHAST, Harold W; POTHAST, Henry F. A.; POTHAST, Henry F. A.; POTHAST SPURBECK, Helen; POTTER, Albert M; POTTER, Annie; POTTER, Family; POTTER, Fannie G; POTTER, Nancy Joyce; POTTER, Ralph; POTTER PATTERSON, Fannie; POWELL, Leslie; PRAETZ CLAUSING, Anna; PRIES, Alwina; PRIES, Arthur; PRIES, Delia; PRIES, Delia; PRIES, Dina; PRIES, Dina; PRIES, Donald I; PRIES, Doris M; PRIES, Edwin H; PRIES, Edwin H; PRIES, Emil; PRIES, Emil; PRIES, Erwin; PRIES, Esther; PRIES, Harold C; PRIES, Ida M; PRIES, Isabelle F; PRIES, Louis; PRIES, Louis; PRIES, Louis F; PRIES, Martha C; PRIES, Verona E; PRIES, Viola; PRIES, Viola; PRITCHARD, Harold A; PRITCHARD, Harold W; PRITCHARD, Mina; PRITCHARD, William; PRITCHARD, Winifred M; PROCTOR WILCOX, Arabelle; PROPP, Bertha; PROPP, Helen; PROPP, Henry; PROPP, Iva M; PROPP, John; PROPP, Sophie; PROPP, William H; PROUDFOOT, Edith; PROULX, Beatrice M; PROULX WISMER, Jennetta; PRUE, Anna A; PRUE, Elizabeth; PRUE, Nelson; PRUE, Wesley X; PRUETT, Susan Ann; PUFFER, Carl E; PUFFER, Edward S; PUFFER, Mattie; PUFFER DAVIS, Marie M; PUGH, George E; PURYEAR, Gladys M; PURYEAR, Paul E; PYER, Bertha H; PYER, Ross W; PYER, William D; PYNE MORES, Sarah S; PYNE MORES, Sarah S
Q:   QUADE, Harold F; QUADE, Judith A; QUADE, Margaret L; QUADE, Vernon W; QUILLING, Friedchen; QUILLING, Rose D; QUILLING, Wilhem F; QUILLING, Will; QUINELL, M B
R:   RABE, Charles W.; RABE, Minnie; RACKER, Dewey Earl; RACKER, Elinore M; RACKER, Leonard H; RACKER, Madiline J; RACKER, Sarah Laverne; RACKER, Tressie E; RACKER, William A; RADA, Sandra L; RADA, Walter F; RAECKER, Antonia; RAECKER, Antonia; RAECKER, Henry; RAECKER, Henry; RAECKER, Lisette B; RAECKER, Lisette B; RAECKER, Minnie M; RAECKER, Simon; RAECKER, Wilferd R; RAGSDALE, Diane Marie; RAGSDALE, Grace M; RAGSDALE, Ralph E; RAMSEY, Amanda; RAMSEY, Edward V; RAMSEY, Edward V; RAMSEY, Jess W; RAMSEY, Lucy M; RANDALL, Richard L; RANSOM, Carroll; RANSOM, Mary Lou; RANSOM HALL, Clarissa; RANSOM HALL, Clarissa; RASMUSSEN, Augusta; RASMUSSEN, Carl C; RASMUSSEN, Donna M; RASMUSSEN, Hilda M; RASMUSSEN, Lester; RASMUSSEN, Robert A; RATHE, Amel; RATHE, Chas; RATHE, Chas Sr; RATHE, Dorothy; RATHE, Emma; RATHE, Family; RATHE, Frederick; RATHE, Frederisa; RATHE, Herbert W; RATHE, Ida; RATHE, J H; RATHE, Louise; RATHE, Louise; RATHE, Martha; RATHE, Mary; RATHE, Pauline; RATHE, William H; RATHE FLUGGA, Eldora; RATHE WILDHAGEN, Sophie; RATHMANN, Francis M; RAUSCH, Anna M; RAUSCH, Emil H; RAUSCH, Helen M; RAY, Jean F; RAY, John; RAY, Lawrence H; RAY, Mabel S; RAY, Mary; RAY, William H; REAGAN, Carol J; REAGAN, Joseph C; REBECCA, Anna; REDIES, Darlys; REDIES, Henry F; REDIES, Marvin; REDIES, Minnie F; REDINGTON, Clara A; REDINGTON, Family; REDINGTON, Father; REDINGTON, George M; REDINGTON, Grandma; REDINGTON, Henry; REDINGTON, Mother; REDINGTON, Oliva; REDINGTON, Oliva; REDINGTON, William H; REED, Roy J; REED, Thelma R; REES, Edith Pearl; REEVE, Mary Ellen; REEVE, Oliver Jay; REEVES, Amy Stone; REEVES, Bessie H.; REEVES, Chester A.; REEVES, Elmer M.; REEVES, Esther; REEVES, Esther; REEVES, Eva C.; REEVES, Ida May; REEVES, Katherine; REEVES, Manassah; REEVES, William Harvey; REEVES, William Puryer; REEVES ANDREWS, Katherine; REHLING, Conrad; REHLING, Dorothy; REHLING, Ella Frances; REHLING, Karl; REICHERT, Dick; REICHERT, Ellen; REILING, Charles; REILING, Family; REILING, Louise; REILL, Jacob; REINECKE, H H; REINECKE, Minnie; REINECKE, W F; REINHARDT, Alene; REINHARDT, Bertha; REINHARDT, Clarence; REINHARDT, Leland; REINHARDT, Marjorie; REINHARDT, Robert; REINHARDT, Robert R; REINHARDT, Robert R; REINKING, Louise E; REINKING, Walter H; REITER, Alice H; REITER, Edward E; REITER, Geraldine L; REITER, Samuel R; REITH, Carl; REITH, Carl; REITH, Carl; REITH, Freda; REITH, Freda; REMICK, John; REMICK, John; REMICK, Malvina; REMICK, Malvina; REMINGTON, Frank; REMINGTON, Frank G; REMINGTON, Kenneth; REMINGTON, Kenneth; REMINGTON, Leroy; REMINGTON, Leroy; REMINGTON, Myrtle; REMINGTON, Myrtle A; REMINGTON, Vena; REMINGTON, Vena; RENN, F Earl; RENN, Gladys E; RENN, Irvin M; RENN, Lillian; RENNER, Agnes; RENNER, Clara B; RENNER, Emma; RENNER, Frances; RENNER, Grace E; RENNER, Hazel B; RENNER, John; RENNER, Mae F; RENNER, Murray; RENNER, Shiloh; RENNER, W A; RENNING, Edward C; RENNING, Sadie E; REPP, Caroline A; REPP, Clayton A; REPP, Dorothy E; REPP, Dorothy E; REPP, M Donald; REPP, Mdonald; RESSLER, Wyoma A; REW, Ellen M; REW, Ellen M; REW, Father (Noel); REW, John L; REW, Lucas P; REW, Lucas P; REW, Lydia E; REW, Martha A; REW, Mother (Lydia E); REW, Noel; REW, Nona M; REW, Nona M; REWERTS, Ernie; REWERTS, Lois; REX CURTIS, Grace; REYES, Luther H; REYNOLDS, Cornelia A; REYNOLDS, Hester; REYNOLDS GRANT, Hattie; REYNOLDS GRANT, Hattie; REYNOLDS RISDON, Jenna; RHINE, Clara M; RHINE, Harold H; RICE, C H; RICE, C H; RICE, Mary A; RICE, Mary A; RICHARDS, Edwin C; RICHARDS, Edwin C; RICHARDS, Louise S; RICHARDS, Louise S; RICHARDS, Maude; RICHARDS, Maude; RICHARDSON, Alfred; RICHARDSON, Eliza; RICHARDSON, Geo F; RICHER, Elsil A; RICHEY, Ardie E; RICHEY, Father; RICHEY, George A; RICHEY, George A; RICHEY, Georgia M; RICHEY, Orilla H; RICHEY, Willie L; RICHEY, Willie L; RICHMANN, Catherine L; RICHMANN, David J; RICHMANN, Emelda; RICHMANN, Hardwig; RICK, Cecil H; RICK, James B; RICK, M Dorothy; RICK, Mary E; RICKER, Mary B; RIEKEN, Albert L; RIEKEN, Virginia L; RIEMAN, Hie A; RIEMAN, W Marie; RIERSON, Arthur W; RIERSON, Arthur W; RIERSON, Bessie V; RILEY, J T; RILEY, V M; RINNELS, Betty Jean; RINNELS, Dustin Nicholas; RINNELS, Jasper "Jack"; RISDON, Cora; RISDON, Jenna; RISDON, Linus W; RISLEY, Jessie; RITTER, Anna; RITTER, Charles E; RITTER, Charles E; RITTER, Christen; RITTER, Ervin Carl; RITTER, George; RITTER, John F; RITTER, John O; RITTER, John O; RITTER, L; RITTER, Lester; RITTER, Lydia J; RITTER, Mabel; RITTER, Samuel; RITTER, Susana; RITTER, Thomas J; RITTMAN CURTIS, Martha; RITZKE MAURER, Catharina; ROBBINS, Barney W; ROBBINS, Beulah C; ROBBINS, Beulah C; ROBBINS, C Howard; ROBBINS, Cyrus; ROBBINS, E. Luverne; ROBBINS, Jerry Lee; ROBBINS, Linda; ROBBINS, Patricia; ROBERTS, Charles Albert; ROBERTS, Charley; ROBERTS, Charley; ROBERTS, James V; ROBERTS, Lizzie; ROBERTS, Lizzie; ROBERTS, Marilyn; ROBERTS, Milo; ROBERTS, Milo; ROBERTSON, E Claude; ROBERTSON, I Kathryn; ROBINSON, Cynthia A; ROBINSON, Frank A; ROBINSON, Infant son; ROBINSON, Lavon O; ROBINSON, Moses; ROBINSON, Moses; ROBINSON, Rosa K; ROBINSON, Sarah J; ROBINSON, Sarah J; ROCKWOOD, Esther; ROD, Adeline M; ROD, Ernest J; ROD, Irma M; ROD, Jeanette R; ROD, Marvin C; RODECK, Pauline; RODEMEYER, Agnes; RODEMEYER, Clara; RODEMEYER, Ernest; RODEMEYER, Fred; RODEMEYER, Mary; RODEMEYER, William; RODRUCK, Anna J; RODRUCK, Carl E; ROEHL, Frank A; ROEHL, Marie A; ROEHL, Marie E; ROETTJER, Alma L; ROETTJER, Henry; ROEVER, Anna; ROEVER, Dorothy K; ROEVER, Edith L; ROEVER, Emma C; ROEVER, Ethel; ROEVER, Henry J; ROEVER, John; ROEVER, Kermit; ROEVER, Mary; ROEVER, Otto H; ROEVER, Vivian R; ROEVER, W H; ROEVER, William H; ROFFLER, Jacob; ROFFLER, Peter; ROHDE, Elda M; ROHDE, Frank A; ROISELAND, Donald S; ROISELAND, Dorothy K; ROLLINS PAGE, Minnie M; ROLOFF, Edna; ROLOFF, Emil; ROLOFF, Family; ROLOFF, Harold; ROLOFF, John C.; ROLOFF, Minnie C; ROSCHKE, Alvera R; ROSCHKE, Harold; ROSCHKE, Paul H; ROSCHKE, Ruth E; ROSE, Caroline; ROSE, Father (Henry); ROSE, Henry L; ROSE, Karl; ROSE, Mary; ROSE, Mary A; ROSE, Mary F; ROSE, Mother (Mary A); ROSE, Paul R; ROSE, Paul R; ROSENAU, Emil F; ROSENAU, Emil F; ROSENAU, Ervin G; ROSENAU, Evalyne A; ROSENBERRY, James; ROSENBERRY, May; ROSENCRANS, Erma (Emma); ROSENTHAL, Beverly; ROSOL, Gerald; ROSOL, Janet G; ROSOL, Raymond R; ROSOL, Ruth; ROSS, Ethel; ROSS, Ethel A; ROSS, Henry Eveland; ROSS, Mother; ROSS CARLSON, Bettie; ROUELSON, James W.; ROUELSON, Rebecca; ROVER, August; ROVER, Dora; ROWRAY, Alberta C; ROWRAY, Ardith; ROWRAY, Claude; ROWRAY, Claude Sr; ROWRAY, David; ROWRAY, David H; ROWRAY, Edward A; ROWRAY, Family; ROWRAY, Father; ROWRAY, Julia; ROWRAY, Margaret E; ROWRAY, Minnie A; RUBENDALL, A Myrtle; RUBENDALL, Harold N; RUBENOW, Carl W; RUBENOW, Florence E; RUBENOW, Henry F; RUBENOW, Louise D; RUDDICK, Burton; RUDDICK, Burton; RUDDICK, George William; RUDDICK, Guy W; RUDDICK, Guy William; RUDDICK, GWR (George); RUDDICK, Maud; RUDDICK, Maud; RUDEBECK, Lucille; RUDEBECK, Melvin; RUNYARD, Carl; RUNYARD, Cecelia A; RUNYARD, Edward A; RUNYARD, Edwin J; RUNYARD, Elsie Louise; RUSH, Allen; RUSH, Family Headstone; RUSH, Jessie; RUSH, Jessie; RUSSELL, Agnes A.; RUSSELL, Arlene; RUSSELL, Charles; RUSSELL, Dacy; RUSSELL, Floyd E; RUSSELL, Genevieve; RUSSELL, Genevieve; RUSSELL, Grace H; RUSSELL, John; RUSSELL, Joseph H; RUSSELL, Joseph H.; RUSSELL, Kenneth R; RUSSELL, Mike; RUSSELL, Pyrle A; RUSSELL, Ralph R.; RUSSELL GARDNER, Harriet E; RUST, Albert L; RUST, Emily G; RUST, Family; RUST, Frank; RUST, Henry L; RUST, Herman; RUST, Iowa Annabelle; RUST, Lena Icy; RUST, Louis H; RUST BINGHAM, Eva; RYAN, Jack Larry
S:   SAATHOFF, Dale L; SAATHOFF, Dixie L; SACK, Ernest; SACK, Sophia; SAINT, Delbert "Bud"; SAINT, Donna Rosenau; SALGE, Harold; SALGE, Helen; SAMSEL, Donald G; SANDER, Doris F.; SANDER, Doris F.; SANDER, J. F.; SANDERS, Gladys L; SANDERS, Mildred; SANDERS, Wallace D; SANDERS, Wallace D; SANDERS, Wilbur; SANDS, Anna Mae; SANDS, Louis T; SANDS, Robert L "Bob"; SANDS, Robert Lynn; SANDS, Rose A "Rosie"; SATTLER, Marie; SAUERBREI, Anna; SAUERBREI, Walter; SAUERBRY, Arthur; SAUERBRY PHELAN, Elsie; SAUL, Glenn A; SAUL, Harriett C; SAULMAN, Phillip H.; SAVAGE, Jack L; SAVAGE, Janet K; SAWTELL JENKINS, Elvira; SAYERS, Eleanor L; SAYERS, John E; SCHAALE, Rudolf; SCHAALE, Rudolf A; SCHAEFER, Clara A; SCHAEFER, Ella Mae; SCHAEFER, Ellen; SCHAEFER, Freda; SCHAEFER, Frederick; SCHAEFER, Hannah C; SCHAEFER, Judith L; SCHAEFER, L P; SCHAEFER, L P "Whitey"; SCHAEFER, Louisa; SCHAEFER, Milton R; SCHAEFER, Milton R; SCHAEFER, Otto; SCHAEFER, Paul W; SCHAEFER, Romaine "Bud"; SCHAEFER, Shirley Ann; SCHAEFER, William P; SCHAFER, Charles M; SCHAFER, Charles M; SCHAFFER, Fred K; SCHALLER, Alfred; SCHALLER, Alfred "Fred"; SCHALLER, Edward A; SCHALLER, Elizabeth E; SCHALLER, Erna Elma; SCHARNHORST, Betty J; SCHARNHORST, Dietrich; SCHARNHORST, Emma; SCHARNHORST, Fred; SCHARNHORST, Herbert; SCHARNHORST, Ida; SCHARNHORST, Irene; SCHARNHORST, Irene; SCHARNHORST, Lavern; SCHARNHORST, Lloyd H; SCHARNHORST, Marie; SCHARNHORST, Marion; SCHARNHORST, Martha; SCHARNHORST, Walter; SCHARNHORST, Walter; SCHARNHORST, Werner H; SCHARNHORST, William; SCHARNHORST LUHRING, Norma R; SCHARP, Anna M; SCHARP, Herman E; SCHAUER, Emma W; SCHAUER, George John; SCHAUER, Hilda E; SCHAUER, John C; SCHAUER, John G; SCHEINA, Helen; SCHELL, Amelia V; SCHELL, Father (Philip W); SCHELL, Grandma; SCHELL, Henry C; SCHELL, Jacob; SCHELL, Katharine; SCHELL, Katharine; SCHELL, Libbie A; SCHELL, Louisa; SCHELL, Louise; SCHELL, Mabel A; SCHELL, Mother (Libbie A); SCHELL, Peter; SCHELL, Philip W; SCHELLHORN, Arnold; SCHELLHORN, Arnold H; SCHELLHORN, August; SCHELLHORN, Edna; SCHELLHORN, Family; SCHELLHORN, Henry; SCHELLHORN, Ida; SCHELLHORN, Louise; SCHELLHORN, Sophia; SCHERB, Adeline N; SCHERB, Paul J; SCHERER, Ida E; SCHERER, Woodrow C; SCHERF, Donald D; SCHERF, Jane N; SCHIEFELBEIN, Emil A; SCHIEFELBEIN, Nettie; SCHIELD, Eileen McK; SCHIELD, Emma; SCHIELD, Fred; SCHIELD, Gilbert A; SCHIELD, Lillian M; SCHIELD, Marjorie; SCHIELD, Rae W; SCHIELD, Shirley M; SCHIELD, Vern; SCHIELD, Wilbur L; SCHILLING, Eugene; SCHILLING, Fred; SCHILLING, Harlan J; SCHILLING, Hulda; SCHILLING, Margaret; SCHILLING HUNT, Lois; SCHLOEMER, Clarence L; SCHLOEMER, Florence; SCHLOEMER, Gladys P; SCHLOEMER, Jack; SCHLUND, Edward; SCHLUND, Ottilie; SCHLUTSMEYER, Arthur H; SCHLUTSMEYER, Family; SCHLUTSMEYER, Family; SCHLUTSMEYER, Frances M; SCHLUTSMEYER, Frances M; SCHLUTSMEYER, Fred H; SCHLUTSMEYER, Henry C; SCHLUTSMEYER, Henry C; SCHLUTSMEYER, Irene Mae; SCHLUTSMEYER, Mollie A; SCHMID, Bernhard; SCHMID, Mother Father; SCHMID, Olinda; SCHMID, Our Baby; SCHMIDT, Arthur; SCHMIDT, Arthur; SCHMIDT, Bertha; SCHMIDT, Bethel L; SCHMIDT, Earl G; SCHMIDT, Ethel G; SCHMIDT, Gus; SCHMIDT, Hanna; SCHMIDT, John; SCHMIDT, John H; SCHMIDT, John H; SCHMIDT, Leonard E; SCHMIDT, Louisa; SCHMIDT, Minna; SCHMIDT, Mutter (Hanna); SCHMIDT, Mutter (Hanna); SCHMIDT, Phyllis E; SCHMIDT, Willie; SCHNEIDER, Edward K; SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth; SCHNEIDER, Henry; SCHNEIDER, Jacob G; SCHNEIDER, Lavera L; SCHNEIDER, Viola W; SCHNEPEL, Magdalene; SCHNEPEL, Willy; SCHNURSTEIN, Gertrude M; SCHNURSTEIN, John; SCHNURSTEIN, Judith Clarene; SCHNURSTEIN, Marlo James; SCHNURSTEIN, Wilmer J; SCHNURSTEIN ROVER, Family; SCHOENBECK, Edward; SCHOENBECK, Ella; SCHOER, Casper J; SCHOER, Sadie E.; SCHOOF, Amelia; SCHOOF, Caroline; SCHOOF, Fred; SCHOOF, Henry; SCHOOF, Herman J; SCHOOF, Herman John; SCHOOF, Irene A; SCHOOF, John; SCHOOF, Lois A; SCHOOF, Merwin "Sam"; SCHOOF, Pauline; SCHOOF, Sophie; SCHOOF, Verna M; SCHOOF, William John; SCHOONMAKER, Phoebe; SCHOONOVER, Gwendolyn; SCHOONOVER, Leo; SCHOONOVER, Michael E; SCHORNHORST, DaMaris K; SCHORNHORST, Eldo W Jr; SCHORNHORST, Florene I; SCHRADER, Jennie; SCHROEDER, Albert J; SCHROEDER, Amelia C A; SCHROEDER, Arlen H; SCHROEDER, Arlen H; SCHROEDER, Bertha C; SCHROEDER, Beverly M; SCHROEDER, Duane R; SCHROEDER, Edwin; SCHROEDER, Edwin H; SCHROEDER, Florence; SCHROEDER, Fred; SCHROEDER, Henry A; SCHROEDER, Henry W; SCHROEDER, Herman; SCHROEDER, Maria; SCHROEDER, Mary Ellen A; SCHROEDER, Myrtle; SCHROEDER, William; SCHROEDER EVELAND, Emma; SCHROEDERMEIER, Anna; SCHROEDERMEIER, Arnold H; SCHROEDERMEIER, Arthur F; SCHROEDERMEIER, Carl C; SCHROEDERMEIER, Carrie; SCHROEDERMEIER, Carrie; SCHROEDERMEIER, Cleo E; SCHROEDERMEIER, Dorothy L; SCHROEDERMEIER, Evertt; SCHROEDERMEIER, Family; SCHROEDERMEIER, Family; SCHROEDERMEIER, Family; SCHROEDERMEIER, Floyd; SCHROEDERMEIER, Frances; SCHROEDERMEIER, Frank W; SCHROEDERMEIER, Fred A; SCHROEDERMEIER, Friedrich; SCHROEDERMEIER, George; SCHROEDERMEIER, Henry; SCHROEDERMEIER, Howard E; SCHROEDERMEIER, Hulda H; SCHROEDERMEIER, Lisette E; SCHROEDERMEIER, Louise; SCHROEDERMEIER, Lucy; SCHROEDERMEIER, Mary; SCHROEDERMEIER, Nellie; SCHROEDERMEIER, Neva M; SCHROEDERMEIER, Ralph H; SCHROEDERMEIER, Simon; SCHROEDERMEIER, Stanley R; SCHROEDERMEIER, Sylvia A; SCHROEDERMEIER, Viva L; SCHROEDERMEIER, Wilhelmina; SCHUKNECAT, Wynona; SCHUKNECHT, Dorothea; SCHUKNECHT, Edward; SCHUKNECHT, Joseph; SCHULT, Gerda; SCHULT, Hans; SCHULTZ, Adella; SCHULTZ, Beulah M; SCHULTZ, Carl L; SCHULTZ, Chas; SCHULTZ, Delbert C; SCHULTZ, Delbert C; SCHULTZ, Delbert C; SCHULTZ, Family; SCHULTZ, Father; SCHULTZ, Henry H; SCHULTZ, Mildred E; SCHULTZ, Mother; SCHULTZ, Pauline; SCHULTZ, Sophia; SCHULTZ, Susan; SCHULTZ, Walter; SCHULTZ GRAENING, Clara; SCHULZ, Bertha I; SCHULZ, Jacob J; SCHULZ, Otto W; SCHULZ, Viola M; SCHULZE, Albert C; SCHULZE, Anna; SCHULZE, Anna; SCHULZE, Dorothy; SCHULZE, John William; SCHULZE, Lewis; SCHULZE, Lottie L; SCHULZE, Louis; SCHULZE, Louis; SCHULZE, Roland; SCHULZE, William; SCHULZE, William L; SCHUMACHER, Bertha; SCHUMACHER, Clarence J; SCHUMACHER, Luceal C; SCHWAB, Henry W; SCHWAB, Louise B; SCHWAKE, Anna; SCHWAKE, Clara; SCHWAKE, Herbert J; SCHWAKE, Herbert J; SCHWAKE, Herman; SCHWAKE, John; SCHWARTZ, Harvey; SCHWARTZ, Ruth R; SCHWARZE, Carl; SCHWARZE, Carl; SCHWARZE, Harriet Ann; SCHWARZE, Ida; SCHWARZE, Malita; SCHWARZE, Nancy Lou; SCHWARZE, Randolph Carl; SCHWARZE TEGTMEIER, Oretha; SCHWEER, Kevin Richard; SCHWEER, Kevin Richard; SCHWEMM, Erna E; SCHWEMM, Henry; SCHWERIN, Janet Ann; SCHWERIN, Rosetta; SCHWERIN, Walter A; SCOBEY, Nancy M; SCOBEY MD, John; SCOLES, Beatrice E; SCOLES, Charles R; SCOTHORN, Florence G; SCOTT, Bachelia E; SCOTT, Broe; SCOTT, Brop; SCOTT, Maude; SCOTT, Maude; SCOTT, Mother (Bachelia); SCOTT, P B (Prior); SCOTT, Prior B; SCURLOCK, Maurine; SEAMANS, Caroline D.; SEAMON, Charles W; SEAMON, Charles W; SEAMON, Christina; SEAMON, Christina; SEAMON, Emma S; SEAMON, Emma S; SEAMON, Louis A; SEAMON, Louis A; SEAMON, Margaretha; SEBASTIAN, Louise; SEBASTIAN, Reinhold A; SEE, Catherine Gram; SEE, Charles Bell; SEEGERS, Family; SEEGERS KAISER, Minnie; SEEKATZ, Emil; SEEKATZ, Hattie; SEELEY, Clara E; SEELEY, Jennie E; SEELEY, S L; SEGEBARTH, Emma S; SEGEBARTH, Esther L; SEGEBARTH, George W; SEGEBARTH, Henry C; SEGEBARTH, John D; SEGEBARTH, Norma M; SEIBERT, Charles E; SEIBERT, Lucinda J; SEITZ, Priscilla D; SELENSKY, Ella; SELENSKY, Ella; SELENSKY, Florence; SELENSKY, Florence M; SELENSKY, John; SELENSKY, John; SELENSKY, Orma; SELENSKY, Orma M; SELL, John H; SELL, Katherine M; SELLEY, C Fred; SEMM, William H; SENIDICT GRANT, Ruth; SENIDICT GRANT, Ruth; SENST, Edna C; SENST, Elaine B; SENST, Ewald E; SENST, George D; SENST, George Daniel; SENST SOTERES, Kathleen; SERFOSS, Fred; SERFOSS, Meta; SERFOSS, Unknown; SEWELL, Allen; SEWELL, Edward S; SEWELL, Elmer C; SEWELL, Father; SEWELL, Helena M; SEWELL, Lillian V; SEWELL, Lydia; SEWELL, Margaret; SEWELL, Margaret; SEWELL, Margaret L; SEWELL, Mother; SEWELL, T. J.; SEWELL, T. J.; SHADER, Carrie; SHADER, Paul H; SHAEFFER, Henry; SHAFER, Family; SHAFER, Fred H; SHAFER, Julia C; SHAFFER, Bertis; SHAFFER, Carl R; SHAFFER, CC; SHAFFER, Charles I; SHAFFER, Elizabeth; SHAFFER, Elmer C; SHAFFER, George C; SHAFFER, John; SHAFFER, Lela Ann; SHAFFER, Lorne; SHAFFER, Louis; SHAFFER, Louise W; SHAFFER, Mary; SHAFFER, Minnie; SHAFFER FELCHER, Anna; SHALTER, Samuel I; SHANE, Adaline; SHANE, Bertha S; SHANE, Charles P; SHANE, James J.; SHANE, Stella E; SHANEWISE, Catherine; SHANEWISE, Catherine; SHANEWISE, Catherine; SHANEWISE, Frank B; SHANEWISE, Frank B; SHANEWISE, Mabel; SHANEWISE, Margaret; SHANEWISE, Margaret; SHANEWISE, William; SHANEWISE, William; SHATTUC AVERY, Anna; SHATZER, Janice Lou; SHATZER, Norman Gene; SHAW, Clara H; SHAW, Frances; SHAW, Lucina; SHAW, Lucina; SHAW, Newton L; SHAW, Newton L; SHAW, Pauline K; SHAW, Robert E; SHEA, Wenceslaus James; SHEEHAN, Ann C; SHEEHAN, M M; SHEFFIELD, AM; SHEICHTER, Sherman U.; SHELDON, Albert; SHELDON, Albert H.; SHELDON, Elizabeth; SHELDON, Elizabeth K.; SHELDON, Family Headstone; SHELDON, Frederick S; SHELDON, Harriet C; SHELDON, Infant; SHELDON, Lottie; SHELDON, Lottie A.; SHELDON, Lula; SHELDON, Lula I.; SHEPARD, Anna May; SHEPARD, Charles; SHEPARD, Daniel; SHEPARD, Delbert; SHEPARD, Delbert; SHEPARD, Elvira; SHEPARD, Emma D; SHEPARD, Genevieve; SHEPARD, Genevieve; SHEPARD, Howard S; SHEPARD, Ila M; SHEPARD, Julia; SHEPARD, Julia A; SHEPARD, Leroy; SHEPARD, Mother (Adelia); SHEPARD, Robert G; SHEPARD, Willard; SHEPARD BROADIE, Alvaline; SHEPFER, Ann E; SHEPHERD, Adaline; SHEPHERD, Adelbert; SHEPHERD, Lou Alva; SHEPHERD, Roy D; SHEPHERD HESSE, Opal; SHERMAN, Caroline L; SHERMAN, Frank F; SHERMAN COOK, Nellie; SHOESMITH, Boyd W; SHOLES, Surmen; SHOOK, Archa R; SHORES, Wm; SHOSTROM MORTON, Ethel Marie; SHUMAKE, Viola; SICKERT, Henry C; SICKERT, Louis D; SICKERT, Louisa S; SICKERT, Nina L; SICKLES, Luella; SICKLES, Milo; SICKLES, Milton; SIEBRANDS, Beverly; SIEBRANDS, Dalen; SIEFKEN, Lydia K; SIEFKEN, Scott H; SIEFKEN, Scott H; SIEFKES, Elizabeth H; SIEFKES, Grace E; SIEFKES, Hermann W; SIEFKES, Wilhelm J; SIEVERS, Carolyn M; SIEVERS, Larry W; SIEVERS, Lloyd W; SIEVERS, Reinhart; SIEVERS, Rose; SIEVERS, Vernitta C; SIMMONS, Alice; SIMMONS, Baby; SIMMONS, Charlotte; SIMMONS, Elizabeth; SIMMONS, Jemima; SIMMONS, John; SIMMONS, John; SIMMONS, Joseph; SIMMONS, Lloyd; SIMMONS ALCOCK, Francis; SIMON, Berlin L.; SIMON, Harry G.; SIMPSON, Loretta M; SIMPSON, S B; SINKEY, Albert; SINKEY, Elizabeth W; SINNOTT, Evelyn Mae Elizabeth; SITZER, Daniel S; SITZER, Daniel S; SITZER, Elizabeth; SITZER LOUSTEAU, Mary E; SKILLEN, Cornelia; SKILLEN, James Rev; SKILLEN, Sarah; SKILLIN, James; SKILLIN, James; SKILLIN, Lucinda; SKILLIN, Lucinda; SKILLIN, Mary; SKILLIN, Mary; SKINNER, Elizabeth; SKINNER, John; SKINNER, Larry L; SKINNER, Mardell K; SLATER, Fred C; SLATER, Lois Carol; SLATER, Mary; SLATER, Sophie P; SLAWSON, Bruce C; SLAWSON, Freda J; SMALLEY, Edward; SMALLEY, Louisa; SMART, Emma F.; SMART, Ida J; SMART, Jennie G.; SMILIE, Alma F.; SMILIE, Charles N; SMILIE, Francis; SMILIE, Mary A.; SMILLIE, Infant; SMITH, Albe; SMITH, Anna; SMITH, Augusta; SMITH, Augusta L; SMITH, Charles F; SMITH, Clara; SMITH, Cora S; SMITH, Eliza C; SMITH, Elizabeth M; SMITH, Elmer L; SMITH, Eoedta H; SMITH, Floyd W; SMITH, Floyd W; SMITH, Guy W; SMITH, Harold H; SMITH, Hubert F.; SMITH, Jeremiah I; SMITH, John; SMITH, John; SMITH, John Robert; SMITH, Laura; SMITH, Laura; SMITH, Luella V; SMITH, Lydia; SMITH, Mary; SMITH, Mary Elizabeth; SMITH, Mary M; SMITH, Neil; SMITH, Ora Clarence; SMITH, Oscar R; SMITH, Rachel R; SMITH, Rachel R; SMITH, Rhoda S; SMITH, Roberta; SMITH, W L; SMITH, W L; SMITH, W R; SMITH, William; SMITH LONG, Laura; SMITH SCOTT, Bachelia E; SMITH SORNBORCER, Ellie; SMITH STEARNS, Carrie; SNYDER, Robert Louis; SOHLE, Anna; SOHLE, Arthur; SOHLE, Bonnie; SOHLE, Christoph; SOHLE, Christopher; SOHLE, Earl W; SOHLE, Edward; SOHLE, Ellen L; SOHLE, Father; SOHLE, Georgetta; SOHLE, Harold A; SOHLE, Henry; SOHLE, Herman J; SOHLE, Jean Arlean; SOHLE, Loretta M; SOHLE, Louisa; SOHLE, Louisa; SOHLE, Minnie; SOHLE, Mother; SOHLE, Selma; SOHLE, Walter W; SOLDWISCH, Ada L; SOLDWISCH, Alfred L; SOLDWISCH, Anna; SOLDWISCH, Doris; SOLDWISCH, Edward; SOLDWISCH, Elda; SOLDWISCH, Elizabeth; SOLDWISCH, Eva M; SOLDWISCH, Ewald; SOLDWISCH, Friederich; SOLDWISCH, George F; SOLDWISCH, Herbert; SOLDWISCH, Julia E; SOLDWISCH, Louis J; SOLDWISCH, Minnie; SOLDWISCH, Minnie P; SOLDWISCH, Otto C; SOLDWISCH, Velma L; SOLDWISCH, Wendell F; SOLDWISCH, William H; SOLIS, Perfecta; SOLIS, Rafael; SOMMERFELT, Martha; SORNBORCER, E W; SORNBORCER, Ellie; SORNBORCER, Love A; SORNBORGER, Babies; SORNBORGER, EWS; SORNBORGER, Nellie; SOTERES, Kathleen; SOUTHWICK, Lillie R; SOUTHWICK, Nona; SPANJER TJADEN, Antje; SPARKS, Elizabeth; SPARKS, F Wayne; SPARKS, Family; SPARKS, Francis R; SPAULDING, Caroline; SPAULDING, George A; SPEAKER, Abic; SPEAKER, Abigail; SPEAKER, Benjamin; SPEAKER, Benjamin; SPEAKER, Frank L; SPEAKER, Grace; SPEAKER, Grace; SPEAKER, John; SPEAKER, Mary; SPEAKER, Ralph W; SPEAKER, Sasina; SPEARS, Betty Lou; SPELLMAN, Myron; SPELLMAN, Myron; SPENCER, Arthur L; SPENCER, Lena C; SPENCER, Oliver S; SPENCER, Vina L; SPERRY, Jemima E; SPERRY, John; SPERRY, LuVern E; SPERRY, Mary A; SPERRY, Matteson; SPERRY, Matteson C; SPERRY, Ruth; SPICER, Orie A; SPIER, Arnold J; SPIER, Clarence; SPIER, Darla K; SPIER, Helen M; SPIER, Leota N; SPIER, Richard E; SPRAIN, Debra; SPRATT, Draper Dean; SPRATT, Draper Dean; SPRATT, Leola Mae; SPURBECK, Betty J; SPURBECK, Helen; SPURBECK, Herschel H; SPURBECK, Walter "Pete"; SPURBECK SCURLOCK, Maurine; ST JOHN, Ella; ST JOHN, H Dell; ST JOHN, James C; ST JOHN, Minnie; ST JOHN, Minnie; ST JOHN JENNINGS, Lois; STAACK, Harry F; STAACK, Harry Fred; STAACK, Leona A; STAACK, Leona Anna; STAACK, Rozella; STACY, Alonzo; STACY, Earl E; STACY, Edith; STACY, Eleanor G; STACY, Floyd; STACY, Hulda; STACY, Inez; STACY, Iva J; STACY, Junius E; STACY, Marion; STACY, Mary; STACY, Mary G; STACY, Maureen; STACY, Raymond; STACY, Wayne Frances; STACY, Wilbert; STADTLANDER, Jay P; STADTLANDER, Jill c; STAFFORD, August A; STAFFORD, Chris A; STAFFORD, Dorothy A; STAFFORD, Earl F; STAFFORD, Earl F; STAFFORD, Everett; STAFFORD, Foscot A; STAFFORD, Geraldine; STAFFORD, Hattie A; STAFFORD, Irve A; STAFFORD, Lucy; STAFFORD, Mary L; STAFFORD, Nellie M; STAFFORD, Roger; STAFFORD, William C; STAFFORD, William C; STALLMAN, Jacqueline Sue "Jackie"; STALLMAN, Susan Marie; STANFORD, Ann Olin; STANLEY, Dora B; STANSELL, Beverly A; STANSELL, Dennis K; STANSELL, Keith G; STANSELL, Noel R; STANSELL, Sally Jo; STARR, Family; STARR, Father; STARR, George P; STARR, Gladys; STARR, John; STARR, Maratha; STARR, Mother; STARR, Wm L; STARR BINGHAM, Sadie; STARR CARSON, Ella; STAUFFER, Bernadine K; STAUFFER, Gertrude; STAUFFER, Lawrence C; STEARNS, Carrie; STEARNS, Henry Valentine; STEBBINS, ML; STEBBINS, ML; STEBBINS, Noran N; STEEGE, Carl; STEEGE, Carl; STEEGE, Caroline; STEEGE, Doretta M; STEEGE, Edwin L; STEEGE, Edwin W; STEEGE, Elsie M; STEEGE, Family; STEEGE, Fred W; STEEGE, Harry; STEEGE, Hattie; STEEGE, Hattie; STEEGE, Henry C; STEEGE, Herman; STEEGE, Minnie; STEEGE, Raymond J; STEEGE, Reinhard F; STEELE, Charles W; STEELE, Eva A; STEELE, Neva N; STEELE, Virgil E; STEELE MCCARTNEY, Agnes; STEERS, Mary; STEFFEN, Elizabeth; STEFFEN, Otto; STEHN, Bertha; STEHN, Bertha (Daughter); STEHN, Ernest H (Son); STEHN, John Chris; STEIBER, Betsy A; STEIBER, Danny L; STEINBRONN, Ernest; STEINBRONN, Meta; STEPHENS, Carrie M; STEPHENS, Edwin L; STEPHENS, Eliza Ellen; STEPHENS, Eliza Ellen; STEPHENS, William; STEPHENS, William; STEPHENS GILBERT, Edythe; STEPHENS GILBERT, Edythe; STEPHENS VOGT, Bessie; STEPHENS VOGT, Bessie; STEPHENSON, Florence; STEPHENSON, George; STEPHENSON, Harry; STEPHENSON, Meta; STEPHENSON, Richard; STEPHENSON, Richard E; STEVENS, R Elaine; STEVENS, William L; STEVENS, William L; STILL, Elizabeth R; STILLE, Theodore J; STIRLEN, Marilyn M; STIRLEN, Ned N; STIRLEN, Ned Neas; STIRM, Donald; STIRM, Esther; STOCKING, Charles F; STOCKING, Elizabeth; STOCKING, John K; STOCKING, Lenora; STOCKWELL, Catherine; STOCKWELL, Laroy; STOCKWELL, William; STOCKWELL EGGLESTON, Mary; STODDARD, Augusta; STODDARD, Cort; STOEBER, Carolyn K; STOEBER, Carolyn K; STOFFREGEN, Catherine; STOFFREGEN, Clara C; STOFFREGEN, Herman F; STOFFREGEN, Herman F; STONE, Cynthia M; STONE, Frannie; STONE, H Hazlett; STONE, Jane; STONE, Jane; STONE, John W (Rev); STONE, John W (Rev); STONE, Opha; STONE, Stephen S; STOSKOPF, Emerson J; STOSKOPF, Mabel B; STOVER ACKEN, Mary A; STROM, Donald L; STROM, F Irene; STROM, Ivan; STROM, Mary; STROM, Norma A; STROM, Robert J; STROM, Ruth C; STROM ROWRAY, Julia; STROMER, Arnold; STROMER, Barbara; STROMER, Florence; STROMER, Gary; STROMER, Mary; STRONG, Emily A; STRONG, Orrin A; STROTMAN, Amanda M; STROTMAN, Leslie W; STROTTMAN, David D; STROTTMAN, Edwin H; STROTTMAN, Emma C; STROTTMAN, Evelyn S; STROTTMAN, Louis W; STROTTMAN, Ralph W; STROTTMAN, Rita I; STROTTMAN, Sally A; STROTTMAN, William A; STRUCK, Gottfried; STRUCKMANN, Family; STRUCKMANN, Minnie E; STRUCKMANN, Minnie E; STRUCKMANN, Virgil; STRUCKMANN, Virgil Wayne; STRUCKMANN, Wilhelm; STRUCKMANN, Wilhem; STRUCKMANN MOYER, Fails; STRUKMEIER, Wm; STUDIER, Fred W; STUDIER, Maudine S; STUDLEY, Priscilla; STUDLEY, Sam; STUFFBEAN, Emma E; STUFFBEAN, Ivan R; STUFFELBEAM, Mary; STUFFLEBEAM, Annie C; STUFFLEBEAM, Donald W; STUFFLEBEAM, Dwight; STUFFLEBEAM, Emma; STUFFLEBEAM, Emma E; STUFFLEBEAM, Ercell; STUFFLEBEAM, Ivan; STUFFLEBEAM, Lenos H; STUFFLEBEAM, LeRoy; STUFFLEBEAM, Melva; STUFFLEBEAM, Ralph F; STUFFLEBEAM, Ronny L; STUFFLEBEAM, Rubena; STUFFLEBEAM, Ruth; STUMME, Arthur; STUMME, Herman J; STUMME, Herman John; STUMME, Mary M; STUMME, Richard J; STUMME, Rose; STUMPF, Ida M; STUMPF, Rex W; STUNKEL, August; STUNKEL, Caroline; STUNKEL, Clara S; STUNTZ PAPE, Hazel; STURDEVANT, Asenath; STURDEVANT, Ed; STURDEVANT, Frank L; STURDEVANT, Ira H; STURDEVANT, Johney; STURDEVANT, Lafayette; STURDEVANT, Lillie; STURDEVANT, Mary; STURDEVANT, Maybelle L; STURDEVANT, Sarah; STURDEVANT, Sarah L; STURDEVANT, William; STUROEVANT, James M; STUROEVANT, Mary; STUROEVANT, Mary; SULLIVAN, John D; SUNDERMEIER, Chris L; SUNDERMEIER, Herbert L; SUNDERMEIER, Sophia; SUTHERLAND, Charles A; SUTHERLAND, Eva Jane; SUTHERLAND, Orlo Max; SUTHERLAND, Walter; SWARTZ, Barbara; SWARTZ, Cleo F; SWARTZ, Robert L; SWEET, Burton E; SWEET, Ellis; SWEET, Ellis; SWEET, Ellis; SWEET, Isabelle C; SWEET, Jesse E; SWEET, Lyle L; SWEET, May; SWEET, Melvin J; SWEET, Robert F; SWEET, Wilhelmina A; SWEET MILLER, Leonora; SWEET SCOTHORN, Florence G; SWEET WALLING, Beth E; SWENSEN, Alf W; SWENSEN, Alice M; SWENSON, Augusra R; SWENSON, Augusta R; SWENSON, Clarence L; SWENSON, Edna; SWENSON, Ernest; SWENSON, Family; SWENSON, Lydia O; SWENSON, Wm Edmund; SYNDER, Clarence C
T:   TABER, Addie; TABER, Albert; TABER, Carrie B; TABER, Charles H; TABER, Ely F; TABER, Frank S; TABER, Lydia D; TABER, Ray; TABER, Susan; TAGGERT, Carrie L.; TAGGERT, James; TALLETT, H; TALLETT, Jane; TALLETT BABACE, Jane; TANNER, AJ; TANNER, AJT; TANNER, AJT (Andrew); TANNER, Andrew; TANNER, Charles; TANNER, Charley; TANNER, Ellen M; TANNER, EMT (Ellen); TAYLOR, Augustine R; TAYLOR, Charles; TAYLOR, Charles; TAYLOR, Edith; TAYLOR, Edward; TAYLOR, Edward; TAYLOR, Elizabeth; TAYLOR, Erastus; TAYLOR, Francena C; TAYLOR, G R; TAYLOR, Gerdell; TAYLOR, Paulina; TEGTMEIER, Aaron A; TEGTMEIER, Betty; TEGTMEIER, Christine; TEGTMEIER, Deltta F; TEGTMEIER, Family; TEGTMEIER, Herman; TEGTMEIER, Jack D; TEGTMEIER, John A; TEGTMEIER, Miriam E; TEGTMEIER, Oretha; TEGTMEIER, Rick; TEGTMEIER, Wilhelmina; TEGTMEIER ZELLE, Ramona; TEHOUHT BOOL, Abbie; TEISINGER, Sharon Ann; TELSCHOW, Augusta; TELSCHOW, Carl; TELSCHOW, Ervin; TELSCHOW, Evelyn E; TELSCHOW, Ila; TELSCHOW, Wilhelmina; TELSCHOW, William; TEMPLE, Christina M; TEMPLE, Claude R; TEMPLE, Helena M; TEMPLE, William H; TENNILLE, Oscar Lee; TENNILLE SCHAEFER, Shirley Ann; TERRY, Dudley; TESTORFF, Hulda; TESTORFF, Will; THARP, Berne L; THARP, Doris L; THATCHER, Grace; THAVES, Clyde W; THAYER, Charlie; THAYER, Elizabeth; THAYER, JB; THAYER, Vharlie; THIEKING, Gladys; THIEKING, Gotthold; THIEKING, Gotthold; THIEKING, Leonard; THIEMAN, Adella; THIEMAN, Elda; THIEMAN, Louie; THIEMANN, Albert; THIEMANN, Anna M; THIEMANN, Bertha; THIEMANN, Caroline; THIEMANN, Erna E; THIEMANN, Ewald; THIEMANN, Friedrich; THIEMANN, Friedrich; THIEMANN, Herman F; THIEMANN, Hermann C; THIEMANN, Karoline; THIEMANN, Karoline; THIEMANN, Richard f; THIEMANN, Sophie; THIEMANN BUCHHOLZ, Maxine; THIES, Cassie S; THIES, Edward J; THIES, Family Headstone; THIES, Family Headstone; THIES, Frank C; THIES, Frank C.; THIES, Harvey J; THIES, Harvey J.; THIES, Hattie S; THIES, Hattie S.; THIES, Henry A; THIES, Henry A.; THIES, Ida; THIES, Ida; THIES, Laura E; THIES, Laura E; THIES, Laura E.; THIES, Louise; THIES, Louise; THIES, Myrtle; THIES, Myrtle; THIRZA INGHAM, Sarah; THOMPSON, Alva; THOMPSON, Anna; THOMPSON, Annie S; THOMPSON, Edith; THOMPSON, Edward; THOMPSON, Emma F; THOMPSON, Father (Seth); THOMPSON, Frank; THOMPSON, Frank E; THOMPSON, Gary; THOMPSON, Gertrude; THOMPSON, Josephine M.; THOMPSON, Joy; THOMPSON, Leon Lewis; THOMPSON, Mary; THOMPSON, Mother (Sarah); THOMPSON, Nellie; THOMPSON, Ralph E; THOMPSON, Saeah A; THOMPSON, Sarah; THOMPSON, Seth; THOMS, Alvina; THOMS, Anna M; THOMS, E William "Bill"; THOMS, Edna L; THOMS, Emil W; THOMS, Ernst; THOMS, Ernst H; THOMS, Family; THOMS, Harry; THOMS, Henry F; THOMS, Ida L; THOMS, Kathy J; THOMS, Viola; THURM, Bernard F; THURM, Matilda M; THURMAN PATTERSON, Thera; TIBBETTS, Gertrude S; TIEDT, Arthur F; TIEDT, Clarence H; TIEDT, Dena M; TIEDT, Emma; TIEDT, Ernst; TIEDT, Esther L; TIEDT, Paul E; TIEDT, Randolph R; TIERNAN, Gale J; TIERNAN, Martha F; TIETJE, Erwin W; TIETJE, Erwin W; TIETJE, Helen L; TIETJE, Louie W; TIETJE, Martha E; TIGGEMAN, Emma; TIGGEMAN, George; TILLMANNS, Verna F; TILLMANNS, Walter G; TIMBLIN FAILS, Rose Mary; TITUS, Harmon M; TITUS, Nellie M; TITUS, Pearley Ernest; TITUS-ALAMEDA, Iola; TJADEN, Antje; TJADEN, Family; TJADEN, Friedrich J; TJADEN, Gerold A; TJADEN, Johann F; TJADEN, Ruth I; TODD, Dorothy Lee; TODD, Herbert C; TOENJES, Stephen David; TOEPFER, Clara E; TOEPFER, Howard F; TOFTE, Grace E; TOFTE, William F; TOLL, Claire K; TOLL, Clarence; TOLL, Grace M; TOMLINSON RICHEY, Ardie E; TONDRO, Elvira F; TONNE, Louis F; TONNE, Millie D; TORESDAHL, Marjorie C; TORESDAHL, Raymond M; TORKELSON, Adolph; TORKELSON, Sina; TOWER, Frank; TRAETOW, Carl A; TRAETOW, Carl C; TRAETOW, Emma; TRAETOW, Emma; TRAETOW, Family; TRAETOW, Lydia; TRAMMELL, Ruth Ann; TRAUTMAN, Howard J; TRAUTMAN, Norma L; TRAVIS, E. R.; TRELOAR, Dorothy; TRENOR, R B; TREPTOW, Marjorie J; TREPTOW, Paul F; TREROTOLA, John F; TREROTOLA, John F; TREROTOLA, Marianna; TRIBON, Arthur; TRIBON, Mardell; TRIMBLE, Melva L; TRIMBLE, Melvin E; TRIPP STOCKWELL, Catherine; TROWBRIDGE, Laviaia; TROWBRIDGE, William; TRUESDALE, Barbara L; TRUESDALE, Vernon P; TRUMBO MICHAEL, Elizabeth; TRUMPOWER, James A; TRUMPOWER, Lewis M; TRUMPOWER, Sarah A; TUFTS CASE, Minnie; TURNBALL, Denise C; TURNBALL, Mildred M; TURNBALL, Robert M; TURNBALL HESSE, Mildred; TURNER, Addie L; TURNER, Addie L; TURNER, Curtis W; TURNER, Fphraim T; TURNER, Fphraim T; TURNER, Grace G; TURNER, Harold G; TURNER, Lloyd E; TURNER, Lloyd E; TURNER, Minna C; TURNER, Virginia C; TWOMBLEY, Louise F; TYRRELL, Amelia M; TYRRELL, Ann; TYRRELL, Charles W; TYRRELL, Clara M; TYRRELL, David H; TYRRELL, Edward; TYRRELL, Edward; TYRRELL, Elizabeth; TYRRELL, Family; TYRRELL, Flora; TYRRELL, Flora G; TYRRELL, Frank M.; TYRRELL, Guy; TYRRELL, Martha A; TYRRELL, Mary Jane; TYRRELL, Nicholas; TYRRELL, Ruth E; TYRRELL, Susan; TYRRELL, Thomas; TYRRELL, Thomas W; TYRRELL, Warren J; TYRRELL, William P; TYRRELL, Wm; TYRRELL BROOKS, A Ruth; TYRRELL LYNCH, Gertrude
U:   UECKER, Charles R; UECKER, Charles R; UECKER, Helen A; UECKER, Jeanne M; UHLENHOPP, Myrna J; UHLENHOPP, Wendell G; ULTCH, Edna; ULTCH, George; ULTCH, Leo H; ULTCH, Leo H; ULTCH, Mary; UNKNOWN, Dolly; UNKNOWN, Myrtle
V:   V, Virginia Elaine; VALLAND, Anna C; VAN BRAMER, Father (John); VAN BRAMER, John; VAN BRAMER, Minnie; VAN BRAMER, Mother (Nancy); VAN BRAMER, Nancy; VAN BRAMER, Nelson; VAN BRAMER, Nelson; VAN DORN, Ada C; VAN DORN, Debra Jean; VAN DORN, Edward R; VAN DORN, Estella L; VAN DORN, Estella L; VAN DORN, Family; VAN DORN, Hiram C; VAN DORN, John Michael; VAN DORN, Lucy P; VAN FLEET, Henry; VAN FLEET, John B; VAN FLEET, Katherine H; VAN FLEET, Miriam C; VAN HOSEN, Daniel F; VAN NORDSTRAND, Adelbert; VAN NORDSTRAND, Adrian; VAN NORDSTRAND, Frances; VAN NORDSTRAND, Tinney; VAN WERT, J H; VANDERVEER, Annie K; VANDERVEER, Guy O; VANDERVEER, Henry R; VANDERVEER, Jeannette T; VANDREWS, Lewie; VANTASSEL, Oliver; VANTASSEL, Phebe; VANTILBURO, Fannie; VENEMAN, Louise; VER STEEG SWARTZ, Cleo F; VESTAL, Frances M; VIC, John; VIKSTROM, Clara M; VIKSTROM, Victor L; VOECKS, Lucille A; VOECKS, Walter G; VOGEL, Genevieve; VOGEL, Howard; VOGHT ALBRECHT, Caroline; VOGT, Bessie; VOGT, Bessie; VOGT, Henry C; VOGT, Louise; VOIGHT, Emma; VOIGHT, John; VOLKER, August; VOLKER, Clarence H; VOLKER, Fred J; VOLKER, Louise; VOLKER, Minnie; VOSS, Edna; VOSS, family; VOSSBERG, Clara M; VOSSBERG, Clarence W; VOSSBERG, Henry W; VOSSBERG MILLER, Laura; VOSSELLER, Altana M; VOSSELLER, Earl S; VOSSELLER, Edith; VOSSELLER, Edith E; VOSSELLER, John H; VOSSELLER, Loey; VOSSELLER CORSON, Edna; VROOM COLBY, Julia
W:   WADE, Eliza J; WADE, Joseph; WADE, Joseph J; WADE, Mary Price; WADE, Sarah A; WADEY, Mildred A; WADSWORTH, Abner; WAEDEKIN, Werner C; WAGGETT, David; WAGGETT, Dorothy H; WAGGETT, Kay; WAGGETT, William; WAGNER, Caroline; WAGNER, Caroline; WAIT, James L; WAIT, James L; WAIT, Reva M; WAITE, Elpha; WAITE, Vern; WALDSCHMIDT, Meta; WALDSCHMIDT CRAENING, Etta; WALKER, Alice M; WALKER, Charles L; WALKER, Dorothy M; WALKER, George F; WALKUP, Clinton; WALLBAUM, Fred R; WALLBAUM, Fred R; WALLBAUM, Mary Ellen; WALLING, Beth E; WALTEMATE, Bessie; WALTEMATE, Beulah; WALTEMATE, Ernest H; WALTEMATE, George; WALTEMATE, Zenita M; WALTER, Dwight M; WALTHER, Bertha; WALTHER, Evelyn; WALTHER, Harold H; WALTHER, Herman G; WALTHER, Kenneth; WALTHER, Mabel C; WALTHER, Marguerite M; WALTHER, Otto; WALTHER, Rudolph A; WALTHER, Sophia; WARD, Albert; WARD, Albert L; WARD, Carol Ann; WARD, Frances L; WARD, Frances L; WARD, Gerald L; WARD, Lorena E; WARD, Sarah; WARD, Vera; WARD, W; WARD, W; WARD, Walter B; WARD, Wesley; WARD SMITH, Rhoda S; WARE, Eudora; WARE, Henry; WARE, Henry; WARE, Sarah H.; WARREN, Mary L; WATERMAN, Emma; WATKINS, Frank W; WATKINS, Louis A S; WATKINS, Lydia J; WATKINS, Lydia J; WATKINS, M M; WATKINS, Mary D; WATKINS, Ralph R; WATKINS, Ralph R; WATKINS, Ray E; WEATHERBEE, Edna S; WEATHERBEE, Frank G; WEBER, Elizabeth Corey; WEBER, Frederick C; WEBER, George; WEBER, Ida A; WEBER, Irene E; WEBER, Kenneth G; WEBER, Millie M; WEBER, W L; WEBER, William Jr; WEBER BARNETT, Louise; WEBSTER, Bertha M; WEBSTER, Charles D; WEBSTER, Elwyn G; WEBSTER, George E; WEBSTER, Lucinda C; WEDEKING, Anna A; WEDEKING, Christine; WEDEKING, Ernest D; WEDEKING, Erwin; WEDEKING, Evelyn; WEDEKING, H K; WEDEKING, Lauren; WEDEKING, Mary L; WEDEKING, Melosena; WEDEKING, Stanley; WEDEKING, Wilma; WEDEMEIER, Dorothy; WEDEMEIER, Esther; WEDEMEIER, Mathilda; WEDEMEIER, Otto A; WEDEMEIER, Otto J; WEDEMEIER, Raymond; WEDEMEIER STAACK, Leona Anna; WEHLING, Lorenz; WEHLING, Paula; WEHRHAN, Darrell D; WEHRHAN, Darrell Dean; WEHRHAN, Shirley R; WEHRMACHER, Lulu; WEHRMACHER, Selma B; WEHRMACHER, W H; WEICK, Ella L; WEICK, Family; WEICK, Florence; WEICK, William W; WEIDEMANN, Dan C; WEIDEMANN, Dick H; WEIDEMANN, Family; WEIDEMANN, Fred C; WEIDEMANN, Fred W; WEIDEMANN, Henry T; WEIDEMANN, Sophie; WEIDLER, Abigail; WEIDLER, Edwin; WEIKERT, Dorothy E; WEIKERT, Earl H; WEIKERT, Jean Elizabeth; WEIKERT, Luther L; WEISBRODT, Luella M; WEISBRODT, William H; WELCHER, Catherine R; WELCHER, Clarence E; WELLS, Amanda; WELLS, Della; WELLS, Dud; WELLS, Family Headstone; WELLS, Frank; WELLS, H. R.; WELLS, Mrs H R; WELLS, Wayne; WELLSMAN, Charles W; WELLSMAN, Elizabeth; WELLSMAN, Fannie E; WELTNER, C; WELTNER, Dorothea; WELTNER, Elizabeth S; WELTNER, Family; WELTNER, Frieda; WELTNER, Irma; WELTNER, Karl F; WELTNER, Kurt H; WELTNER, Kurt Harold; WELTNER, Lillian M; WELTNER, Paul; WELTNER OBERMEYER, Emma; WEMPLE, David W; WEMPLE, Lucian R; WEMPLE, Mary P; WENCE, W W; WENCE, Walter; WENDT, Albert; WENDT, Emma V; WENDT, Ida F; WENDT, Jake B; WENTE, Bertha; WENTE, Emil C; WENTE, Erwin; WENTE, Family; WENTE, Fred; WENTE, Fred; WENTE, Gertie B; WENTE, Hilda; WENTE, Magdalena; WENTE, Marie; WENTE, William; WENTWORTH, Elberta G; WENTWORTH, Elizebath; WENTWORTH, George A; WENTWORTH, Seaman R; WESCOTT, Harley; WESCOTT, Marjorie; WESLEY, J; WEST FAVILLE, Betsey; WEST HILL, Charity; WESTENDORF, Adella; WESTENDORF, Brian; WESTENDORF, Brian E; WESTENDORF, Donald E; WESTENDORF, Donald E; WESTENDORF, Dorothy L; WESTENDORF, Emelia; WESTENDORF, Ernest; WESTENDORF, Ernest H; WESTENDORF, Ervin; WESTENDORF, Father (Ernest); WESTENDORF, Grace N; WESTENDORF, Henry F; WESTENDORF, John J; WESTENDORF, Lawrence; WESTENDORF, Leo F; WESTENDORF, Lester L; WESTENDORF, Lester Lee; WESTENDORF, Milton C; WESTENDORF, Mother (Emelia); WESTENDORF, Phyllis R; WESTENDORF, Robert H; WESTENDORF, Sophia L; WESTENDORF, Wilbert; WESTENDORF, Wilbert; WESTENDORF, Wilma; WESTENDORF CORSON, Barbara; WESTMEYER, Betty J; WESTMEYER, Brent R; WESTMEYER, Russell E; WHAITE, John J.; WHEELER, Beverly L; WHEELER, Clarence H; WHEELER, Jennie A; WHEELER, Paul B; WHEELER, Paul Burke; WHELDON, P H; WHITAM, George A; WHITE, Carl E; WHITE, David R; WHITE, Dorothy M; WHITE, George W; WHITE, Hazelton; WHITE, James; WHITE, John; WHITE, Lydia; WHITE, Marion; WHITE, Mary; WHITE, Milton; WHITE, Norma J; WHITE, William Allen; WHITESIDE, Archie Ray; WHITESIDE, Earl E; WHITESIDE, Family; WHITESIDE, Frank; WHITESIDE, Irma F; WHITESIDE, James; WHITESIDE, Kathryn Irene; WHITESIDE, Kenneth W; WHITESIDE, Lee F; WHITESIDE, Lila M; WHITESIDE, Marvin D; WHITESIDE, Mildred M; WHITESIDE, Nellie V; WHITESIDE, Temperance; WHITESIDE, William M; WHITESIDE NIEMAN, Rhoda; WHITMIRE, C Leonard; WHITMIRE, Mary B; WHITNEY, Dorothy L; WHITNEY, Mabel; WHITNEY, Merwyn L; WHITNEY, Robert U; WHITTEMORE MD, Joseph; WICKHAM, Clarence E; WICKHAM, Clarence E; WICKHAM, Maud V; WICKHAM, Victoria M; WIDDEL, Irma M; WIDDEL, Reuben John; WIDDEL, Ruben J; WIEBKE, B C; WIEBKE, B C; WIEBKE, Irma; WIEBKE, Lila I; WIEDEN, Norma M; WIEDEN, Verlyn W; WIEDERAENDERS, Martin F; WIEDERAENDERS, Olivia M; WIER, Nettie K; WIGGIN, Louisa H; WILCOX, Arabelle; WILCOX, Bennie; WILCOX, Charles Hayden; WILCOX, Charles Hayden; WILCOX, Clara B; WILCOX, Ebenezer Hayden; WILCOX, Edward; WILCOX, Family; WILCOX, Family; WILCOX, Flora L; WILCOX, Forest R; WILCOX, Freddie; WILCOX, Genevieve; WILCOX, Harrie; WILCOX, Irvan R; WILCOX, Jennie; WILCOX, Jennie; WILCOX, Jesse B; WILCOX, Luella; WILCOX, Lydia; WILCOX, Margia; WILCOX, Miriam; WILCOX, Remus Wesley; WILCOX, Sarah C; WILCOX, Willie; WILCOX, Wm J; WILD, Carroll H; WILD, Carroll H; WILD, Dorothy J; WILD, John Robert; WILDEBOER, Dave B; WILDEBOER, Family; WILDEBOER, Helen; WILDEBOER, John; WILDEBOER, Larry J; WILDEBOER, Margaret C; WILDEBOER, Tillene J; WILDEBOER HITER, Melba; WILDEBUER, Florence L; WILDEBUER, Henry B; WILDHAGEN, Caroline; WILDHAGEN, Family; WILDHAGEN, Henry; WILDHAGEN, Sophie; WILE, A . J.; WILE, Eva; WILE, Family Headstone; WILE, Family Headstone; WILE, Ida J; WILE, Infant; WILE, Infant; WILE, Iva Jane; WILE, J Fred; WILE, John; WILE, John LaVerne; WILE, Judith; WILE, Margaret; WILE, Woodleigh; WILHARM, Emil; WILHARM, Henry W; WILHARM, Louise; WILHARM, Mary; WILHARM, Millie; WILHARM, Sophia; WILHARM, Wanda M; WILHARM WOLF, Mabel; WILKENS, Anna Dorothea; WILKENS, Bertha Margaretha; WILKENS, Family; WILKENS, Frank C; WILKENS, Freda A; WILKENS, Hans O; WILKENS, John; WILKENS, Lavera; WILLBEE, Georgianna; WILLBEE, Robert E; WILLEY, Donna J; WILLEY, Elery P; WILLEY, Elizabeth; WILLEY STADTLANDER, Jill c; WILLIAMS, Bathsheba; WILLIAMS, Edward; WILLIAMS, Edward; WILLIAMS, Elizabeth; WILLIAMS, Elver J; WILLIAMS, Ezra; WILLIAMS, Henry; WILLIAMS, Ida May; WILLIAMS, Ida May; WILLIAMS, Margaret M; WILLIAMS, Mary; WILLIAMS, Peter; WILLIAMS, Roy W; WILLIAMS, Timothy A; WILLIAMS, Truman F; WILLIS, Ada B.; WILLIS, Albert; WILLIS, Calista; WILLIS, Catherine P; WILLIS, Charles; WILLIS, Fanny S.; WILLIS, Father (RN); WILLIS, Galista; WILLIS, H G; WILLIS, Ida F; WILLIS, Ida F; WILLIS, Martha; WILLIS, Mary E; WILLIS, Mother (Catherine); WILLIS, RN; WILLIS, Susie M; WILLIS, W N; WILLIS FARRINGTON, Ann L; WILLIS JONES, Annie; WILSON, A B; WILSON, Colleen Marie; WILSON, Edna M; WILSON, H A; WILSON, Jennie; WILSON, John R; WILSON, Sam'l; WILSON, Unknown; WILSON, Unknown; WILSON, Vera B; WINCHELL, Clark D; WINCHELL, Emma M; WINCHELL, Glenn R; WINCHELL, Mildred F; WINCHELL, Minnie E; WINCHELL, Walter A; WINDOW, James; WINDOW, Mary J; WINDOW, Paul B; WINDOW, Thomas J; WINKELMAN, Dorlena I; WINKELMAN, Erwin W; WINKELMAN, Erwin W; WINKELMAN, Lorenz H; WINKELMAN, Loyd F; WINKELMAN, Virginia A; WINKELMAN BAUER, Ida; WINKELMANN, Fred; WINKELMANN, Maria; WINKELMANN, Sophia; WINKLEPECK, Seth; WINKLEPLECK, Gladys C; WINNE, Edward; WINNE, Grace; WINNE, Lydia; WINNER, Anson M; WINNER, Maranda; WINNER SMART, Ida J; WINSOR, Girena; WINSOR, Girena; WINSOR, H L; WINSOR, Henry; WINSOR, Henry; WINTZ, Llewellyn R; WINTZ, Martin K; WINTZ, Marvin K; WINTZ, Murrel M; WINZENBURG, George W; WINZENBURG, Hulda M; WINZENBURG, Walter; WIRT, Margaret; WISE, Patricia; WISE, Stanley; WISMER, Family; WISMER, Jennetta; WISMER, Jennetta; WITH, Laurence; WITH, Ruth; WITTEBURG, Arlin; WITTEBURG, Viola; WITTENBURG, Arlin John; WITTENBURG, Esther L; WITTENBURG, Oswald A; WITTENBURG, Ozzie; WITTER, Annie; WITTER, Louie; WOELK JENSEN, Ottilie; WOLF, Emma; WOLF, Fred G; WOLF, Fred G; WOLF, Mabel; WOLFF GARLAND, Margaret; WOOD, Alma N; WOOD, Arthur M; WOOD, C. E.; WOOD, Cecelia H; WOOD, G W; WOOD, James W.; WOOD, Minnie R; WOOD, Stewart; WOOD, William H; WOODCOCK, C R; WOODCOCK, Grace M; WOODCOCK, John H; WOODCOCK, Mary; WOODCOCK, Mary Jane; WOODFORD, Esther; WOODFORD, Esther; WOODFORD, Father (HM); WOODFORD, Henry; WOODFORD, Henry N; WOODFORD, Henry N; WOODFORD, HM; WOODFORD, HM; WOODFORD, Mother (Esther); WOODRICH, Glen; WOODRICH, Marie; WOODRICH, Martha; WOODRING, Abigail; WOODRING, Allan James; WOODRING, Allan James; WOODRING, Allan James; WOODRING, Anson; WOODRING, Belle Hora; WOODRING, Donald Curtis; WOODRING, Emily; WOODRING, Family; WOODRING, Frank W; WOODRING, Gale R; WOODRING, George; WOODRING, H; WOODRING, Isaac; WOODRING, J Frank; WOODRING, James A; WOODRING, James A; WOODRING, Janet; WOODRING, La Vonne; WOODRING, Lena N; WOODRING, Lena N; WOODRING, Mary E; WOODRING, Mary E; WOODRING, Pearl; WOODRING, Richard; WOODRING, Richard Paul; WOODRING, Robert T; WOODRING, Rozlia; WOODRING, Thomas; WOODRING, William; WOODRING, William; WOODRING SMITH, Laura; WOODRUFF, AA; WOODRUFF, AA; WOODRUFF, Albert H; WOODRUFF, Athelia E; WOODRUFF, Betsey; WOODRUFF, Clarence; WOODRUFF, Clarence R; WOODRUFF, Donald W; WOODRUFF, Eli A; WOODRUFF, Harry; WOODRUFF, Henry; WOODRUFF, John D.; WOODRUFF, Lurena E; WOODRUFF, Ruth L; WOODRUFF, Sarah E; WOODRUFF, Van; WOODRUFF SWEET, May; WOODS, Floyd I; WOODS, Floyd Issac; WOODS, Mildred M; WORKMAN EMMERT, Anna M; WORTHIMSTOM, John; WRIGHT, Clare L; WRIGHT, GC; WRIGHT, Gertie G; WRIGHT, Jim; WRIGHT, JW; WRIGHT, Sophia H; WUBBENA, Henry F; WUBBENA, Hertha S; WUEST, Anna; WUEST, Mathias; WUEST HANCHETT, Kate; WUTH, Caroline; WYLAM, Barbara; WYLAM, Burneile; WYLAM, Claude E; WYLAM, Cynthia J; WYLAM, Duane; WYLAM, Jasper; WYLAM, LaVerne E; WYLAM, LaVerne E; WYLAM, Mamie F; WYLAM, Rosie H; WYNHOFF, Anna D.; WYNHOFF, Ethel V; WYNHOFF, Frank; WYNHOFF, Herman F; WYNHOFF, Marie; WYNHOFF, Martha M.
Y:   YOGLA, Clifford D; YOGLA, Laura Gail; YORK, John B.; YORK, John C.; YORK, Octavia; YOST FLEGE, Evelyne; YOUMANS, Amy; YOUMANS, Arthur A; YOUMANS, Emma; YOUMANS, John; YOUMANS, Lola A; YOUMANS, Minnie; YOUMANS, Russell V; YOUMANS, Stephen; YOUNG, Arthur E; YOUNG, C Duane; YOUNG, C Duane; YOUNG, Cashus; YOUNG, Edward; YOUNG, Elizabeth; YOUNG, Harrison; YOUNG, Leslie J; YOUNG, Margaret; YOUNG, Mavis L; YOUNG RATHE, Dorothy
Z:   ZAHN, Alfred; ZAHN, Arthur; ZAHN, Beverly; ZAHN, Beverly E; ZAHN, Family; ZAHN, Family; ZAHN, Harold Carl; ZAHN, Martha; ZAHN, Walter C; ZELLE, Arthur; ZELLE, Dora Lina; ZELLE, Edgar A; ZELLE, Edwin; ZELLE, Elinore; ZELLE, Emma; ZELLE, Harold A; ZELLE, Herbert; ZELLE, Lester Lavern; ZELLE, Marie G; ZELLE, Marvin J; ZELLE, Marvin J; ZELLE, Ramona; ZELLE, V Frances; ZELLE, Verona; ZIMMERMANN, Marie L; ZIMMERMANN, Rudolf A; ZOLER, John; ZOLLER, Anna; ZOLLER, Christiana; ZOLLER, Dell; ZOLLER, Emma J; ZOLLER, Gertrude; ZOLLER, John W; ZOLLER, Louis A; ZOLLER, Otto H

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