Pittsburg Cemetery - Van Buren County, Iowa

B:   BAIRD, Infants; BAIRD, Josiah; BAIRD, Larinda S.; BAIRD, Laura; BAIRD, Nathan; BAIRD, Rufus; BAIRD, Sarah L; BAIRD, Sarah L.; BEGGS, Amy D; BEGGS, Jeffrey J; BEGGS KERR, Elizabeth; BILLHYMER, George F; BILLHYMER, Mary Ann; BRILL, Samuel; BRILL LONG, Rose M
C:   CARRUTHERS ELSE, Ada; CARUTHERS, James; CARUTHERS, Mary E.; CAY, William Kenneth "Bill"; CHANNEL, William J; CLAYPOOL HANEY, Melissa Jane; CLEMENS, Cassandra E; CLEMENS, R Bella; CLEMONS DRUMMOND, Mary A.; COLE, Benjamin Clyde; COLE, Charlie Wesley; COLE, Clyde; COLE, Elijah Shadrick; COLE, Ernestine Laverne; COLE, Georgeanna; COLE, Grover Paul; COLE, Ira P; COLE, Jeannie; COLE, Karlene M; COLE, Lucille Donart; COLE, Lucy Mae; COLE, M Louise; COLE, M Louise Holden; COLE, Morris Joshua; COLE, Morris Leonard; COLE, Ray Lawrence; COLE, Raymond Fern; COLE, Raymond Fern "Leland"; COLE, Roberta M; COLE, Sarah Lititia; COLE, Willa; COLE LIMING, Sophia; COLE SCOTTON, Letha Ruth; COLE THOMAS, Eliza; COOK, Benjamin; COOK, David C.; COOK COLE, Willa; COOK POLLING, Mayme; COOKSEY, Daniel Webster; COOKSEY, Della Mae; COOKSEY, Infant Daughter; CRAIG, John; CRAIG, Olive M; CRAIG MCGAFFEY, Ruth J.; CRAIG STOOPS, Addie
D:   DIVELEY COLE, Roberta M; DOOLEY, Nellie Leota; DOOLEY, Williams James; DRUMMOND, Henry; DRUMMOND, John Abel; DRUMMOND, Martin Van Buren; DRUMMOND, Mary A.; DRUMMOND, Mary A.; DRUMMOND, Ursala; DRUMMOND COOKSEY, Della Mae; DRUMMOND MCGAFFEY, Jane; DUFFIELD, Charles Edgar; DUFFIELD, Mary M.; DUFFIELD MEGRATH, Margeretta Jane; DYE STOOPS, Mary
E:   ECKHOFF THOMAS, Anna M; ELSE, Ada; ELSE, Harold W.; ELSE, Marion Louisa; EVANS, Minnie; EVANS CRAIG, Olive M; EVANS CRAIG, Olive M.; EWING LEWMAN, Edna Mae
F:   FORBES, Cynthia; FORBES, Robert; FUNK TWOMBLY, Chloe
G:   GILBERT MARTIN, Lola Elizabeth; GIPSON, John W. & Mary E.
H:   HALE BILLHYMER, Mary Ann; HANEY, Aaron; HANEY, Charles C.; HANEY, Della M.; HANEY, Lillian May; HANEY, Melissa Jane; HANEY, Oscar S.; HANEY, Verona M.; HANEY, William Silas; HANEY MCGAFFEY, Jessie Ann; HANEY MCGAFFEY, Olive Vie; HOIE, Ruby May; HOLDEN COLE, M Louise; HOLLAND SCOTTEN, Rosella; HOLLEN DUFFIELD, Mary M.; HOLLINGSWORTH KERR, Betty Jo; HOOTMAN KERR, F. Pearl
J:   JACKSON, Isabelle; JACKSON, Isabelle; JACKSON LONG, Sarah; JACKSON LONG, Sarah J; JACKSON LONG, Sarah J; JAMISON ELSE, Marion Louisa; JENKINS COLE, Lucille Donart; JONES, Jennie; JONES, John; JONES BAIRD, Larinda S.
K:   KELLY UMPHREY, Mary; KERR, Betty Jo; KERR, Elizabeth; KERR, F. Pearl; KERR, Glen; KERR, James; KERR, Kenneth V; KERR, Martha Esther; KERR, William A & Delilah
L:   LEWMAN, Brian; LEWMAN, Edna Mae; LEWMAN, Thomas Clayton; LIMING, John; LIMING, Sophia; LONG, Clyde A; LONG, Ethel Rickard; LONG, Harold; LONG, Hugh & Lula Martin; LONG, Hugh Forest; LONG, Jack; LONG, James; LONG, James; LONG, James & Sarah Jackson; LONG, James T; LONG, James T; LONG, Lula; LONG, Otto & Tilla Scotten; LONG, Otto J; LONG, Rose M; LONG, Sarah; LONG, Sarah; LONG, Sarah J; LONG SCHRECKENGOST, Myrta Evelyn
M:   MANNING CARUTHERS, MARY E.; MARTIN, J Ed; MARTIN, John; MARTIN, Lola Elizabeth; MARTIN, Russel; MARTIN LONG, Lula; MAY, Joseph; MCGAFFEY, Albert W.; MCGAFFEY, Charles H.; MCGAFFEY, Clarence William; MCGAFFEY, David; MCGAFFEY, Esther Mae; MCGAFFEY, Jane; MCGAFFEY, Jessie Ann; MCGAFFEY, Olive Vie; MCGAFFEY, Ruth J.; MCGAFFEY EVANS, Minnie; MEGRATH, Henry N.; MEGRATH, Margeretta Jane; MORRISON, Andrew William, Hester Ann; MORRISON, Ella; MORRISON, Emmit; MORRISON, James E and Anna E; MORRISON, Lester J. & Wilda; MORRISON, Susie
P:   PARKER, Alfred; PARKER, Sarah; PEARSON, Phineas Amandus; PEARSON DOOLEY, Nellie Leota; PILOTE, John; PILOTE, John; POLING, Will; POLLING, Mayme; POOR DRUMMOND, Mary A.
R:   REAM, Jacob; REAM, Jacob; REAM, Margaret; REAM, Margaret; REAM REAM, Margaret; REAM REAM, Margaret; RHOADES COLE, Sarah Lititia; RUPLINGER HANEY, Verona M.
S:   SCHRECKENGOST, Charles H; SCHRECKENGOST, Charles Henry; SCHRECKENGOST, Minnie Neoma; SCHRECKENGOST, Minnie Neoma; SCHRECKENGOST, Myrta Evelyn; SCOTTEN, Eli W; SCOTTEN, Rosella; SCOTTEN, Sarah; SCOTTEN, Sarah Morrison; SCOTTON, Eli Willis; SCOTTON, Eli Willis, Rosella S.; SCOTTON, James N.; SCOTTON, John Walter; SCOTTON, Letha Ruth; STONE COLE, Karlene M; STOOPS, Addie; STOOPS, Esther; STOOPS, Eugene; STOOPS, LeRoy; STOOPS, Mary; STOOPS, Ralph; STOOPS HANEY, Lillian May
T:   THOMAS, Anna M; THOMAS, Eliza; THOMAS, Harvey; THOMAS, Kenneth O; THOMAS, Otto; THOMAS HOIE, Ruby May; THOMAS POLING COLE, M Louise Holden; TWOMBLY, Capt. Voltaire P.; TWOMBLY, Chloe; TWOMBLY, Chloe A.; TWOMBLY, Voltaire
W:   WILSON, Della; WILSON BEGGS, Amy D; WIX COLE, Georgeanna
Z:   ZAHAU COLE, Jeannie

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