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Holt Cemetery - Taylor County, Iowa

195 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 6/21/19 at 7:43:08 PM CDT

A:   ABBIT, Mary; ABBIT, Mary; ABBIT, Silas C.; AKERS, Carrie; AKEY, Nancy Jane
B:   BAILEY, Theodore; BAILEY, Theodore H.; BAILEY WINSLOW, Edith Arvilla; BAKER, Priscilla (Prissila); BAKER, Prissila; BAKER MOORE, Alatha Jane; BARNARD DILLABAUGH, Sarah Jane; BARTON, Alida Isabel; BARTON, Edwin B.; BARTON, Lola May; BIGGS, Sarah; BOMAN (BOWMAN) HERRING, Susan A.; BOYLE HOSKINSON, Anna; BROWN, Rosanna Lodema; BURCH, Willie R.
C:   CHENOWETH, Martha A.; CHURCHILL, Albert; CHURCHILL, Albert; CHURCHILL, Charles "Charlie"; CHURCHILL, James W.; CHURCHILL, John; CHURCHILL, John; CHURCHILL, John, Infant son of; CHURCHILL, Osa D.; CHURCHILL, Rosanna; CHURCHILL, Rosanna Lodema; CHURCHILL, Sarah; CHURCHILL, Sarah; CHURCHILL, William B. "Willie"; CLARK ROBEY, Sarah A.; COYAN GARRETT, Mary; COYAN GARRETT, Mary Ann; CRAM, Lona May; CRESSE, Zebulon
D:   DAVIS, Charles W. Moltri; DILLABAUGH, Delbert; DILLABAUGH, Hattie A.; DILLABAUGH, Norman; DILLABAUGH, Omar Rose; DILLABAUGH, Sarah Jane; DILLABAUGH, Stella B.; DUNKIN, Argatha; DUNKIN, Charles Newton; DUNKIN, Dora Ann; DUNKIN, L.D.; DUNKIN, Lorenzo Dow; DUNKIN, Reuben Henry; DUNKIN, Reubin Henry; DUNKIN, Susan; DUNKIN, Susan Mary; DUNKIN, Thomas Elsworth; DUNKIN, William Sheridan; DUNKIN SCOTT, Elizabeth Jemima "Jennie"
E:   ELLIOTT, Hugh C.; ELLIOTT, James Henderson; ELLIOTT, M. J. Inez
F:   FRANK BROWN, Rosanna Lodema; FRANK CHURCHILL, Rosanna; FRANK CHURCHILL, Rosanna Lodema; FRANK MABRY, Rosanna Lodema; FREEMAN, Fred; FREEMAN, Fred Fremont
G:   GARRETT, Jacob; GARRETT, Jacob; GARRETT, Mary; GARRETT, Mary Ann; GREIGG, Bathsheba "Sheba"; GREIGG, Sheba; GREIGG, Solomon; GREIGG, Solomon
H:   HARRIS, Alfred F.; HARRIS, Margaret; HARRIS, Margaret; HAYDEN, Benjamin Ames; HAYDEN, Maria Antoinette; HERRING, Florence N.; HERRING, Harry M.; HERRING, Lillie; HERRING, Susan A.; HODGES GREIGG, Bathsheba "Sheba"; HOSKINSON, Anna; HOSKINSON, Anna; HUDSON, Joshua; HUDSON, Mary Virginia
K:   KEASLING, Laura Bell; KEASLING, Mary D.; KEASLING, Mirah E.
L:   LAIRD, Ida; LAIRD, Ida E.; LAIRD, Ida M; LAIRD, James Alonzo "Lonie"; LAIRD, Jesse; LAIRD, John; LAIRD, John; LAIRD, Rebecca; LAIRD, Rebecca; LAIRD, Robert; LAIRD HARRIS, Margaret; LEVERICK (LAVERICK) WALKER, Ann
M:   MABRY, Rosanna Lodema; MCCARTNEY DUNKIN, Susan; MCCARTNEY DUNKIN, Susan Mary; MCCOLLUM (MCCOLLAM) SAVAGE, Jane; MCCOLLUM (MCCOLLAM) WEST, Jane; MCCRACKEN, Emerson; MCWILLIAMS, Thomas; MCWILLIAMS, Thomas; MELLINGER, Sarah; MILLER, Liva E.; MILLER, Minnie E.; MILLS HUDSON, Mary Virginia; MOORE, Adaline; MOORE, Adaline; MOORE, Alatha; MOORE, Alatha Jane; MOORE, Edward William "Ned"; MOORE, Edward William, Family plot of; MOORE, Edward William, Infant son of; MOORE, Edward William, Infant son of; MOORE, Elihu; MOORE, Elihu; MOORE, Emarine; MOORE, Emmaretta; MOORE, J.G.; MOORE, Jabez; MOORE, Jabez Green; MOORE, Jabez Green, Jr.; MOORE, James M.; MOORE, Mary Eva; MOORE VING, Alatha; MORE (MOORE), Charles Harry; MORGAN, Bessie May; MORGAN, Clida (Clyde) V.; MORRIS, Anna; MORRISON, Abednego; MORRISON, Lizzie; MORRISON, Luna M.; MULFORD, Elizabeth; MULFORD, Henry J.; MULFORD, Henry J.
O:   OGDEN MOORE, Emmaretta
P:   PARKS, Alice; PARKS, James W.; PEPLER, George
R:   RAPH, Alice; ROBEY, Merle L. "Murb"; ROBEY, Murb; ROBEY, Sarah A.; ROBEY, Thornton William; ROBEY, Thornton William
S:   SAVAGE, Jane; SAVAGE, Robert; SCHRUTCHFIELD, H.F.; SCHRUTCHFIELD (SCRUTCHFIELD), Henry F.; SCOTT, C.N.; SCOTT, Cornelius Norton; SCOTT, Elizabeth; SCOTT, Elizabeth Jemima "Jennie"; SCOTT, Franklin; SCOTT, Jesse; SCOTT, John F.; SCOTT, Laura Ellen; SNYDER, Amos; SNYDER, Amos; STAFFORD MULFORD, Elizabeth
T:   TOWNSEND LAIRD, Rebecca; TURNER, Job C.; TURNER, Job C., Daughter of
V:   VING, Alatha; VING, James Robert, Infant Daughter of; VING, James Robert, Infant son of
W:   WALES HAYDEN, Maria Antoinette; WALKER, Alfred "Fred"; WALKER, Ann; WALKER, Ann; WALKER, Elizabeth; WALKER, William; WALKER, William, Jr.; Warriner, John; WARRINER, John C.; WEST, Jane; WEST, Jane; WEST, John; WEST, John C.; WINSLOW, Edith Arvilla; WRIGHT BIGGS, Sarah; WRIGHT CHURCHILL, Sarah; WRIGHT MELLINGER, Sarah
Y:   YOUNGS, Celia; YOUNGS, Morton

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