Woodland Municipal a.k.a. Iowa Center Cemetery - Story County, Iowa

A:   AYERS, Carrie Belle; AYERS, Charles Theodore; AYERS, Francis Mae "Fanny"; AYERS, Harrison H. "Harley"; AYERS, Henry Orlando; AYERS, Lewis Clair; AYERS, Paul Edward; AYERS, William "Willie"; AYERS SCOTT, Bertha Mae
B:   BELCHER FRY, Elizabeth; BENNETHUM, John G.; BENNETHUM, Katy A.; BENNETHUM, Mary Ann; BENNETHUM HOPPER, Rutha C.; BRODIE, Edna Pearle; BRODIE, John R.; BROWN, James; BROWN, Phylis Irene; BRUNSON R., A.; BURNHAM PATTERSON, Alice Elvira
C:   CONN FRY, Bessie; CORVIN DUNAHOO, Jennie (Corvin); CORY, Jeremiah
D:   DOUGHERTY, Amelia J.; DOUGHERTY, Catherine "Katie"; DOUGHERTY, Michael; DOUGHERTY, Michael; DUNAHOO, Dale Gerald; DUNAHOO, Ella Grace; DUNAHOO, Elmer; DUNAHOO, Elmer Clayton; DUNAHOO, Floyd; DUNAHOO, Jennie (Corvin); DUNAHOO, Leonard; DUNAHOO, Lester E.; DUNAHOO, Louisa Cordelia; DUNAHOO, Marion D.; DUNAHOO, Susan Hattie; DUNAHOO, Truey May; DUNAHOO, Virginia Ileah; DUNAHOO, William Samuel; DUNAHOO HALL, Sarah J. (Dunahoo); DUNAHOO HULSHIZER, Fern Rachel; DUNAHOO WALKER, Jessie Marie
E:   EATHERTON, Ebenezer; EATHERTON, Elizabeth
F:   FRENCH BRODIE, Edna Pearle; FRY, Bessie; FRY, Elizabeth; FRY, John; FRY, John E
G:   GAMBLE, Dean C.; GAMBLE, George M.; GAMBLE, Mabel L.; GAMBLE, Rosa M.; GAMBLE, William M.; GAMBLE, Zola I.; GLASGOW DUNAHOO, Truey May; GODBY, Daniel Wesley; GODBY, Margret Jane; GOODNOW DUNAHOO, Louisa Cordelia; GRUBBS, Abraham; GUGE, Francis A.; GUGE, William H.; GUGE SMITH, Francis M. "Fannie"
H:   HAGERMAN EATHERTON, Elizabeth; HALL, John R.; HALL, Sarah J. (Dunahoo); HALTERMAN, Charlotte A. "Lottie"; HALTERMAN, Clarence Willis; HENRY SMITH, Lulu Mae; HIGLEY NOWNING, Mabel Vergie; HOPPER, George Washington; HOPPER, Rutha C.; HULSHIZER, Fern Rachel; HULSHIZER, Roland R.
J:   JACOB, Kurtz
K:   KETCHEM GODBY, Margret Jane; KITCHEN, Harvey; KITCHEN, Leona M.; KITCHEN, Marjorie; KITCHEN, Maud; KITCHEN, William; KURTZ, Edgar; KURTZ, Elvina; KURTZ, Mary Matilda; KURTZ, Oscar Samuel
M:   MARSHALL, Andrew J.; MARSHALL, Mary J.; MAYFIELD, Harley Howard; MAYFIELD, Roxie M.; MCBRIDE, John E; MCBRIDE, John Russell; MCBRIDE, Shirley E; MCCARTNEY DUNAHOO, Marion D.; MCCORD WHITE, Nancy E.; MOORE, John Quincy.; MOORE, Martha A.; MOORE KURTZ, Mary Matilda
N:   NOWNING, David Dean; NOWNING, James C.; NOWNING, Mabel Vergie; NOWNING AYERS, Carrie Belle
P:   PIZER HALTERMAN, Charlotte A. "Lottie"
R:   R., A.; RIEKENE MCBRIDE, Shirley E
S:   SCOTT, Bertha Mae; SEE, Catherine L.; SEE, Mary Armetta "Melly"; SEE, Silas N.; SEE, William E.; SEE SEE, Mary Armetta "Melly"; SELBY, Charles; SELBY, Hannah E.; SELBY, Henry W.; SELBY SIMPSON, Lucretia; SELLERS SMITH, Sarah Ellen "Sally"; SIMPSON, Lucretia; SMITH, Charles F.; SMITH, Francis M. "Fannie"; SMITH, Harold; SMITH, Isabelle; SMITH, John W.; SMITH, John Tyler; SMITH, Lulu Mae; SMITH, Rachael A.; SMITH, Rachel; SMITH, Rachel A.; SMITH, Sarah Ellen "Sally"; SMITH, Susannah; SMITH, Thomas Rodman; SMITH, WIlliam V.; SMTH, Susannah; SPILLERS DOUGHERTY, Amelia J.; STOOPS SMITH, Rachel
T:   THOMAS, Infant Son; THOMAS, Manervia E.; TILLOTSON DUNAHOO, Susan Hattie
W:   WALKER, Charles James; WALKER, Jessie Marie; WALKER DUNAHOO, Virginia Ileah; WEBB MOORE, Martha A.; WELCH DOUGHERTY, Catherine "Katie"; WENRICK BENNETHUM, Mary Ann; WENRICK KURTZ, Elvina; WHITE, Harrison "Harry" Reid; WHITE, James T.; WHITE, James T.; WHITE, Nancy E.; WHITE, Sarah A. "Sadie"; WHITINGER SMITH, Susannah; WISE SELBY, Hannah E.
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