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Saint Mary's Cemetery - Ringgold County, Iowa

367 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 4/14/17 at 10:40:39 AM CDT

A:   AHRODER SCHULZE, Anna Mary Elizabeth; ASKIN WARD, Mary
B:   BERNARD, MULLIN; BISHOP, Cecilia T.; BOPP, James Francis; BOPP, Margaret W.; BROWN, Francis; BROWN, Martha Jane (CROY); BROWN, Robert Augustus
C:   CAMPBELL, George A.; CANNY, Hortense; CANNY, Madelaine Elizabeth; CANNY, Magdalene; CANNY, Mary "Catherine" (HANNON); CANNY, Thomas; CANNY, William; CANNY VANDERPLUYM, Mary Catherine; CARR, Catherine Ann; CARR, Eugene Emmet; CARR, Frank B.; CARR, Gladys (CLARK) STEELE; CARR, Helen A.; CARR, James W.; CARR, Katherine (WARD); CARR, Kathleen M; CARR, Kathleen M.; CARR, Maurice Leo; CARR, Patrick; CARR, Patrick F.; CARR, Paula "Maxine" (SHAY); CARR, Sarah (O'TOOLE); CARR, Virginia L.; CARR HALEY, Margaret; CLARK FORQUER, Charity Ellen; CLAYTON GARITY, Sarah J.; CLIFFORD, Patrick; CONWELL, Edward; CONWELL, Julia M. (DAUGHTON); CROY BROWN, Martha Jane; CULHANE, Rev. Maurice J.; CUNNINGHAM SHAY, Anna Bridget; CUNNINGHAM SHEIL, Elizabeth
D:   DALE HANNON, Elizabeth; DANT, Emily Adeline (GATES); DANT, George Albert; DANT, Robert Edward; DAUGHTON CONWELL, Julia M.; DAVIS SHEIL, Mary Ann; DELANY HIGGINS, Margaret; DILLON SULLIVAN LAMBERT, Hannah; DILLON SULLIVAN LAMBERT, Hannah; DONOVAN EASON, Rosella Agnes "Ella"; DUNCAN, Andrew L. "Andy"; DUNCAN, Ellen A.; DUNCAN, Harvey S. "Harve"; DUNCAN, Mary "Theresa" (O'CONNELL)
E:   EASON, Cornelious S.; EASON, Minnie (TELLIER); EASON, Rosella Agnes "Ella" (DONOVAN); EASON SHAY, Teresa Cecelia
F:   FLANAGAN MULLIN, Rose; FORQUER, Charity Ellen (CLARK); FORQUER, Francis W. "Frank; FORQUER, Joseph; FORQUER, M. E.; FORQUER, Philip A.; FORQUER, Philip D.
G:   GARITY, Eddie R.; GARITY, James M.; GARITY, Patrick Henry; GARITY, Sarah J. (CLAYTON); GARITY, William P.; GATES DANT, Emily Adeline; GAVIN HOULIHAN, Mary; GEIGER, Jessie Agnes; GRAY, John E.; GRAY, Mary C.; GRIFFIN, Margaret; GRIFFIN O'CONNOR, Mary; GRIFFITH, Margaret (HANNON); GROGAN SHEIL, Marea; GROGAN WARD, Margaret "Nellie"
H:   HALEY, James F.; HALEY, Margaret (CARR); HANNON, Elizabeth (DALE); HANNON, John "Emmett"; HANNON, Michael; HANNON, Nelle; HANNON CANNY, Mary "Catherine"; HANNON GRIFFITH, Margaret; HART, Agnes (O'ROURKE); HART, Dennis J.; HART, Dennis J.; HART, Elizabeth A.; HART, Infants; HART, John Gerard; HART, John Gerard; HART, Katie; HART, Margaret Ellen (SHAY); HART, Mary H.; HART, Mary (MULLIN); HART, Mary Catherine; HART, Mary Theresa (O'CONNELL); HART, Michael; HART, Richard; HART, Richard; HART, Richard L.; HART, Vincent Griffin; HART, W. Edward; HART LAMBERT, Ann; HART LAMBERT, Mary Ellen; HART NOLAN, Julia; HART SHAY, Anna Margaret; HART SHAY, Caroline Maxenta; HART SHAY, Margaret Ellen; HARTNETT, O. C.; HARVEY SHAY, Lois; HIGGINS, Bartholomew; HIGGINS, Charley; HIGGINS, Daniel B.; HIGGINS, Edward B.; HIGGINS, John Jr.; HIGGINS, Margaret (DELANY); HIGGINS, Mary E. (SMITH); HOULIHAN, Bartholomew; HOULIHAN, Mary (GAVIN); HOWE, Avis P.; HOWE, John; HOWE, John D.; HOWE, John III; HOWE, Julia L.; HUTCHISON, Kenneth William; HUTCHISON, Teresa "Eileen" (SHAY)
K:   KELLY, Effie; KING, Mary J.
L:   LAMBERT, Ann (HART); LAMBERT, Anna; LAMBERT, Hannah (DILLON) SULLIVAN; LAMBERT, Hannah (DILLON) SULLIVAN; LAMBERT, J. H.; LAMBERT, James W.; LAMBERT, John; LAMBERT, John; LAMBERT, Leo Hart; LAMBERT, Margaret M.; LAMBERT, Mary Ellen (HART); LAMBERT, Rose P.; LAMBERT, William "Bill"; LAMBERT, William R.; LAMBERT MULLIN, Ellen; LAMBERT SHAY, Rosa; LEE, David; LEE, David G.; LEE, Elizabeth Margaret "Lizzie"; LEE, Maurice; LEE, Olive A.; LEE MOLONEY, Mrs. Kate; LEE WINEINGER, Minnie; LYNCH, Cleo E.; LYNCH, Regina E.; LYNCH WORTHINGTON, Ruby Irene
M:   MAHAN, Caroline; MAHAN, Thomas J.; MALONEY, Margaret; MALONEY, Mary Ann (SHIELS); MALONEY, William; MALONEY, William; MALONEY MULLIN, Ellen "Nell"; MARTIN, Anna M.; MARTIN, Edward J.; MCDONALD, Mary Jane (O'CONNOR); MEINDL, Dr. Joseph Louis; MEINDL, Ellen Carmelita; MIX WORTHINGTON, Loretto; MOBLEY, Burl Lee; MOBLEY, Helen "Martena" (VANDERPLUYM); MOLLOY, Rev. Terence J. A.; MOLONEY, Mrs. Kate (LEE); MONAHAN, Helen M. (SHAY); MONAHAN, Richard K.; MULLIN, Catherine; MULLIN, Dennis; MULLIN, Dennis; MULLIN, Dennis; MULLIN, Edward J.; MULLIN, Edward John; MULLIN, Ellen "Nell" (MALONEY); MULLIN, Ellen (LAMBERT); MULLIN, James; MULLIN, John; MULLIN, John Jr.; MULLIN, Mary "Catherine" (SULLIVAN); MULLIN, Michael "John"; MULLIN, Nano (O'CONNOR); MULLIN, Roger; MULLIN, Rose (FLANAGAN); MULLIN, William; MULLIN, William Dennis; MULLIN, William Patrick; MULLIN HART, Mary; MULLIN RICE, Julia; MULLIN SHAY, Ellen Josephine "Nell"; MULLIN SHAY, Mary E.
N:   NOLAN, James Michael; NOLAN, Julia (HART); NOLAN, Roger J.; NOVAK, Anna; NOVAK, Anthony M.; NOVAK, Cyril "Laverne" "Bus"; NOVAK, Cyril Celestine; NOVAK, Ivan Ray; NOVAK, Joe; NOVAK, John L.; NOVAK, Matt; NOVAK, Maude A.
O:   O'CONNELL DUNCAN, Mary "Theresa"; O'CONNELL HART, Mary Theresa; O'CONNOR, Dr. Thomas; O'CONNOR, Ella C.; O'CONNOR, James; O'CONNOR, James "Edward"; O'CONNOR, James Erin; O'CONNOR, Jennie E.; O'CONNOR, John D.; O'CONNOR, John Hubert; O'CONNOR, John T.; O'CONNOR, Julia Marie (SHAY); O'CONNOR, Kathryn L.; O'CONNOR, Leah M.; O'CONNOR, Mary (GRIFFIN); O'CONNOR, Maurice G.; O'CONNOR MCDONALD, Mary Jane; O'CONNOR MULLIN, Nano; O'CONNOR SHAY, Monica Mary; O'ROURKE HART, Agnes; O'TOOLE CARR, Sarah
P:   PINER, Sarah R.; PRICE, Infant Son
Q:   QUILTY, Bridget G.; QUILTY, Bridget K.; QUILTY, Thomas M.; QUIRK, Catherine
R:   REIDLINGER, Caroline; REIDLINGER, Charles J.; REIDLINGER, John B.; REIDLINGER, Lucie A.; RICE, Julia (MULLIN); RICE, Roscoe W.; RILING, Mary; RYAN, Infant Daughter; RYAN, Infant Son; RYCHNOVSKY, Albena B.; RYCHNOVSKY, Albert S.; RYCHNOVSKY, John S.; RYCHNOVSKY, Joseph John; RYCHNOVSKY, Maxine; RYCHNOVSKY, Ruth (JAMES)
S:   SCHULTZE YANN, Thresa; SCHULZE, Anna Mary Elizabeth (AHRODER); SCHULZE, Henry; SHAY, Anna Bridget (CUNNINGHAM); SHAY, Anna Margaret (HART); SHAY, Caroline Maxenta (HART); SHAY, Dennis R.; SHAY, Edward L.; SHAY, Edward Luke "Eddie"; SHAY, Ellen Josephine "Nell" (MULLIN); SHAY, Jeremiah "Jerry"; SHAY, John Gerard; SHAY, John Warin; SHAY, Joseph Leo; SHAY, Josephine (WARIN); SHAY, Julia; SHAY, Julia (WHELAN); SHAY, Lois (HARVEY); SHAY, Luke; SHAY, Luke E.; SHAY, Mamie R.; SHAY, Margaret Ellen (HART); SHAY, Margaret Mary "Maggie"; SHAY, Marie Julia; SHAY, Marie Julia; SHAY, Marinetta; SHAY, Mary E. (MULLIN); SHAY, Michael Chauncey; SHAY, Mildred Marie; SHAY, Monica Mary (O'CONNOR); SHAY, Richard Gerard; SHAY, Rita Catherine; SHAY, Robert Emmett; SHAY, Rosa (LAMBERT); SHAY, Teresa Cecilia (EASON); SHAY, Thomas; SHAY, Thomas Stephen Jr.; SHAY, Thomas Stephen Sr.; SHAY, William Edward; SHAY, William Henry; SHAY, William Luke; SHAY CARR, Paula "Maxine"; SHAY HART, Margaret Ellen; SHAY HUTCHISON, Teresa "Eileen"; SHAY MONAHAN, Helen M.; SHAY O'CONNOR, Julia Marie; SHAY WARIN, Mary; SHEIL, Bernice; SHEIL, Clement; SHEIL, Elizabeth (CUNNINGHAM); SHEIL, James; SHEIL, James L.; SHEIL, James W.; SHEIL, James William; SHEIL, Leonard A.; SHEIL, Marea (GROGAN); SHEIL, Margaret; SHEIL, Margaret R.; SHEIL, Mary Ann (DAVIS); SHEIL, Michael E.; SHEIL, Thomas Edward; SHIELS MALONEY, Mary Ann; SMITH HIGGINS, Mary E.; STEELE CARR, Gladys (CLARK); SULLIVAN MULLIN, Mary "Catherine"; SULLIVAN WARIN, M. Caroline "Carrie"
T:   TELLIER, Anthony; TELLIER, Exodus; TELLIER, Sophronia; TELLIER EASON, Minnie
V:   VANDERPLUYM, Mary Catherine (CANNY); VANDERPLUYM, Paul Louis; VANDERPLUYM MOBLEY, Helen "Martena"
W:   WARD, Charles Lawrence; WARD, Margaret "Nellie (GROGAN); WARD, Mary (ASKIN); WARD, Patrick; WARD CARR, Katherine; WARIN, Anna E; WARIN, Brohter; WARIN, Frank J.; WARIN, George Francis; WARIN, Jane Ann; WARIN, John Donald; WARIN, John Thomas; WARIN, Joseph T.; WARIN, M. Caroline "Carrie" (SULLIVAN); WARIN, Mary (SHAY); WARIN, Mary Calista; WARIN, Mary J.; WARIN, Roger Francis; WARIN, Rose C.; WARIN, William Sullivan; WARIN SHAY, Josephine; WARREN WORTHINGTON, Mary C.; WEISS, Louis; WHELAN SHAY, Julia; WINEINGER, Minnie (LEE); WORTHINGTON, Galen L.; WORTHINGTON, Helen Marie; WORTHINGTON, Hellen Marie; WORTHINGTON, James Francis; WORTHINGTON, James Francis; WORTHINGTON, Judy Irene; WORTHINGTON, Loretto (MIX); WORTHINGTON, Mary C. (WARREN); WORTHINGTON, Ruby Irene (LYNCH); WORTHINGTON, Samuel H.
Y:   YANN, Thresa (SCHULTZE)

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