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Westfield Cemetery - Poweshiek County, Iowa

320 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 3/22/19 at 6:00:11 AM CDT

A:   ADAMS, Walter S.; ALLEN EVERSDYK, J. Eunice; ALTIC, Abigale A.; ALTIC, Emily A.; ALTIC, J.C. Schroffe; ALTIC, Manda; ALTIG, Henry C.; ALTIG OTCHECK, Henrietta; ANDERSON AUDAS, Annette; ATEN, Loretta E.; AUDAS, Annette; AUDAS, George Thomas; AUDAS, Juanita; AUDAS, Norman
B:   BAHRENFUSE, Anna J.; BAHRENFUSE, Clair E. (Barney); BAHRENFUSE, Doris E.; BAHRENFUSE, Frank H.; BAKER, Leota E. (Wright) Eversdyk; BAKER, Warren C.; BAYLES, Jessie; BAYLES, Lila; BELCHER, Forrest P.; BRANNAN, Geraldine A.; BRINKMEYER, Sharon Sue; BROWN, Anna A.; BROWN, George; BROWN, Henry T.; BROWN, Ida L.; BROWN, John; BROWN, Laura B.; BROWN, Maria Jane; BROWN, Mary J.; BULLERS, Betty L.; BULLERS, Kevin; BULLERS, Kyle; BULLERS, Paul C.; BURNHAM, Velma; BURNHAM, William T.
C:   CALVERT, Hollis; CALVERT, Juanita Alice (See); CHAMPION LINCOLN, Beryl; CHAMRA, Bertha M.; CLARK, Dennis S.; CLARK EVERSDYK, Cindy D.; CLEGHORN SEE, Phyliss; CLEMENTS, Helen Ruby (Heckler); CLEMENTS, James Halferty; CONARD, Henry Shoemaker; CONARD, Louisa (Sargent); COPPINGER, Mary Ann; CRISWELL, Bernard; CRISWELL, Elmer; CRISWELL, Linda J.
D:   DALE, Amy E.; DALE, B.E.; DALE, Darlene Pearl; DALE, David; DALE, David; DALE, Elizabeth; DALE, Thomas O.; DEMING, John; DEXTER, Gertrude M.; DEXTER, Joseph I.; DICE, John Henry; DICKINSON, Laura A.
E:   EDWARDS, Gerald Eugene; EDWARDS, JoEllen; EDWARDS, Paul L.; EVERSDYK, Cindy Diane; EVERSDYK, Dennis Scott; EVERSDYK, J. Eunice; EVERSDYK, Marion O.
F:   FAIRCLOTH, Jacob; FAIRCLOTH, Louisa; FAIRCLOTH, Nancy D.; FERNEAU, Lee W.; FERNEAU, Rex D.; FOSTER, Bennie R.; FOSTER, Verona; FOSTER BRINKMEYER, Sharon Sue; FRAKER, Anita L.; FRAKER, Bernard L.; FRANCE, Axel E.; FRANCE, Rose E.
G:   GANYO, Pamela Sue; GEORGE GRANT BROWN, Maria Jane; GILLESPIE KRUMM, Thelma; GRANDSTAFF, Betty Marie; GRANDSTAFF, Freddie L.; GRANDSTAFF, Vern Jerome; GRANT, Maria Jane; GUYER, Dale E.; GUYER, Duaine; GUYER, Janice; GUYER, Paul; GUYER, Roxie F.
H:   HAMILTON, Donald L.; HAMILTON, Irene Alice; HAMOR, Darlene; HAMOR, Paul; HARBISON, Ellen; HARBISON, G. W.; HARBISON, George; HARBISON, Nellie May; HARPER SEE, Pearl E.; HAYES, JR., Robbie; HECKLER CLEMENTS, Helen Ruby; HEISHMAN, Tina Louise; HILLIER, John George; HOFFSTETTER, Ida; HOFFSTETTER, John; HOGANSON, Lucille; HOWELL, Richard; HOWELL, Samuel P.; HOWELL, Susanna P.
J:   JENKINS, Ambrose; JENKINS, Anjaline; JENKINS, Harry; JENKINS, Nehemiah; JOHNSON, Curtis E.; JOHNSON, Delores M.; JOHNSON, Steven G.; JONES, Ona (Whitaker); JONES, Virgil DeVerne
K:   KAHLER SEE, Rosa; KELLER, Brian; KELLER, Charles H.; KELLER, Franklin; KELLER, Howard; KELLER, John S.; KRUMM, Adolph; KRUMM, Alma Mae; KRUMM, Carlene A.; KRUMM, Doris; KRUMM, Eloise (Ryan); KRUMM, Esther; KRUMM, Floyd H.; KRUMM, Irene; KRUMM, John; KRUMM, John V.; KRUMM, Lorraine J.; KRUMM, Marion; KRUMM, Paul; KRUMM, Paul Losey; KRUMM, Richard H.; KRUMM, Rudolph; KRUMM, Thelma; KRUMM, Valentine; KRUMM, Violet Irene
L:   LAKOSE, Kyle Wayne; LAKOSE MACKERMAN, Teresa Duncan; LARGE, Doris; LARGE, John; LARGE, Mayme B.; LATIMER, Christena; LATIMER, Willie; LAWRENCE, Katherine J.; LAWRENCE SEE, Flora L. AKA Loetta; LAWRENCE SEE, Janet F.; LEIGHTY SEE, Geneva J.; LINCOLN, Alex; LINCOLN, Alice; LINCOLN, Andrew; LINCOLN, Beryl (Champion); LINCOLN, Charles; LINCOLN, Christina S.; LINCOLN, Edward; LINCOLN, Edward; LINCOLN, Elizabeth; LINCOLN, Elizabeth C.; LINCOLN, Elsie; LINCOLN, Emma B.; LINCOLN, Ernest Edwin; LINCOLN, Henry; LINCOLN, Henry W.; LINCOLN, John Edwin; LINCOLN, John R.; LINCOLN, Keith D.; LINCOLN, Mary C.; LINCOLN, Mary Hazel; LINCOLN, Myrtle B.; LINCOLN, Nellie; LINCOLN, Nellie M.; LINCOLN, Olive; LINCOLN, Robert C.; LINCOLN, Robert E.; LINCON, Mary C.; LIVEZEY, Albert; LIVEZEY, Enid; LIVEZEY, George W.; LIVEZEY, James A.; LIVEZEY, Jennie L.; LIVEZEY, Leslie J.; LIVEZEY, Mary E.; LIVEZEY, William P.; LORD, Carolilne B.; LORD, Charles; LORD, Elizabeth S.; LORD, Jesse C.; LORD, Joy
M:   MACKERMAN, Teresa Duncan (LaKose); MATTESON, Fanny; MATTESON, Perry; MCLAIN, Earl R.; MITCHELL, Ernest
O:   ONTHANK, Charles H.; ONTHANK, Lorean L.; OTCHECK, Arthur; OTCHECK, August; OTCHECK, Barbara Carol; OTCHECK, Eunice; OTCHECK, Henrietta; OTCHECK, Verne M
P:   PAGEL SEE, Lucille P.; PALMER, David K.; PARKER, Franklin; PARKER, John; PARKER, John; PARKER, Liza; PARKER, Mary; PARKER, Rex; PARKER, T.B.; PEARCE, Cora May; PEARCE, Dolly M.; PEARCE, George Franklin; PEARCE, George W.; PEARCE, Herbert V.; PEARCE, Margaret; PEARCE, P.S.; PEARCE, Rose M.; PEARCE FOSTER, Verona; PEARCE HOGANSON, Lucille; PHILLIPS, Zinia Mirza; PROSSER, Catharine; PROSSER, Daniel D.; PROSSER, Elizabeth; PROSSER, George W.; PROSSER, Infant; PROSSER, Matilda; PROSSER, Thomas; PROSSER, William; PROSSER, William; PROSSER, Wm.; PROSSER PEARCE, Margaret
R:   REEVES, Ann; REEVES, Elmer; REEVES, Walter; RIDLEY, Charles A.; RUSSELL, Sylvester; RYAN KRUMM, Eloise
S:   SARGENT CONARD, Louisa; SCHOOLEY, Jennie; SEE, Bertha J.; SEE, Clifford D.; SEE, Clifford N.; SEE, Dale; SEE, Elizabeth; SEE, Flora L. AKA Loetta; SEE, Floyd H.; SEE, Geneva D.; SEE, Geneva J.; SEE, George; SEE, Harold; SEE, Harry A.; SEE, Ida M.; SEE, Janet F.; SEE, Jessie E.; SEE, Joseph Aka Joe B.; SEE, Lawrence E.; SEE, Lucille P.; SEE, Marion F.; SEE, Michael AKA Bunk; SEE, Michael Aka Junior; SEE, Missouri; SEE, Myrtle M.; SEE, Pearl E.; SEE, Phyliss; SEE, Raymond E.; SEE, Raymond Jr.; SEE, Rosa; SEE, Virginia L.; SEE ATEN, Loretta E.; SEE AUDAS, Juanita; SEE CALVERT, Juanita Alice; SHUTTS, Doug; SILLE GRANDSTAFF, Betty Marie; SISNORIS SEE, Elizabeth; SMITH, Lloyd A.; STEENHOEK, Frederick; STEENHOEK, Roy; STEFFEN, Ella E.
T:   TERPSTRA, Andrew K.; TERPSTRA, Anna Lena; TERPSTRA, Mary Hester; THOMAS, Dorthy M.; THOMAS, Linda C.; THOMAS SEE, Virginia L.; THOMAS THOMAS, Dorthy M.; THOMPSON, Marilyn Jean; THOMPSON, Robert N.; TREESE SEE, Bertha J.; TRIPLETT, Deirdre M.
V:   VOGEL, Stanley
W:   WATSON, Franklin; WHITAKER JONES, Ona; WHITE, Fred; WILSON, Alford T.; WILSON, Charles; WILSON, Geneva M.; WILSON, George T.; WILSON, George W.; WILSON, Helen E.; WILSON, Mildred E.; WILSON, Mirza; WILSON, Shirley J.; WOODROW KRUMM, Irene; WRIGHT BAKER, Leota E.; WRIGHT EVERSDYK, Leota E.; WRIGHT SEE, Ida M.

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