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Goldenrod Cemetery - Poweshiek County, Iowa

340 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 9/3/15 at 6:00:11 AM CDT

A:   ACORD, Joseph; ARMSTRONG, Bessie M.; ARMSTRONG, Donald L.; ARMSTRONG, Ellen I.; ARMSTRONG, Harry E.; ATHERTON, James; ATHERTON, John H.; ATHERTON, Margaret F.; AXTELL, Blaine Allen; AXTELL, Charles W.; AXTELL, Dorothy E. (Butcher); AXTELL, Emma
B:   BARKER, Corydon; BARNES, Chester Pearl; BAUSTIAN, E. Irene; BAUSTIAN, Juanita F.; BAUSTIAN, Lena F.; BAUSTIAN, Marion "Bud"; BAUSTIAN, Peter J.; BAUSTIAN, Wayne R.; BOWDEN, Anna M.; BOWDEN, Baby; BOWDEN, M.Helen; BOWDEN, Margie May; BOWDEN, Mildred O.; BOWDEN, Robert; BOWMAN, Roy J.; BOWMAN, Teresa; BROWN, Daniel; BROWN, Mary M.; BROWN KINGSLEY, Elcina Bette; BURCETT, "mother" stone; BURCETT, Bincham H.; BURCETT, Father stone; BURCETT, Wilma L.; BUTCHER AXTELL, Dorothy E.
C:   CAIN, Bess; CAIN, Charles; CAIN, Ray; CAIN, Velma E.; CARL, Cora E.; CARL, George H.; CARL, Orrie R.; CARL, Orville E.; CHENEY, Clara A.; CHENEY, Crystal L.; CHENEY, Emery A.; CHENEY, Evelyn Duane; CHENEY, James R.; CHENEY, Kenneth; CHENEY, Lee Roy; CHENEY, Lonnie R.; CHENEY, Rosa M.; CHENEY, Terri Ann; CHENEY, Trent William; CHENEY, Willis H.; COCHRAN, Edna E.; COCHRAN, Grace M.; COCHRAN LASH, Mary; COLLIER, Maud (Sargood); COOK, Anna J.; COOK, Family stone; COOK, Floy S.; COOK, Glen E.; COOK, William D.; COVER MYERLY, Anna; CRANSTON, Betty; CRANSTON, Brown; CRANSTON, Clara B.; CRANSTON, Helen Opal; CRANSTON, J.C.; CRANSTON, Lydia; CRANSTON, R. Burdett; CRANSTON, Rebecca; CRANSTON, Wesley; CREITZ, Frank; CREITZ, Hattie E.; CREITZ, Jessie; CREITZ, Louisa M.; CREITZ, Maydona E.; CREITZ, Samuel F.; CRONE, Bower; CRONE, Emma E.; CRONE, Frank B.; CRONE, Rena; CRONE, stone; CULBERT, Kathleen H.; CULLISON, Marion E.
E:   EDGERTON, Family stone; EDGERTON, Mary J.; EDGERTON, William; EHRET, Fred W.; EHRET, G.; EHRET, Mable E.; EMAL, Clyde Goebel; EMAL, Opal (Rinehart); EVANS, Shirley E. (Hornbeck)
F:   FAHRNEY, Esther M.; FISCH, Charley A.; FISCH, Phyrne L.; FISCH, Walter A.
G:   GABRIEL, Catherine; GABRIEL, James; GARRETT, Clarence; GARRETT, James; GARRETT, Verna; GILLASPIE, Amy; GILLASPIE, Carl E.; GILLASPIE, John William; GILLASPIE, Thomas; GOEBEL, Adam; GOEBEL, Anna; GOEBEL, Henry; GOEBEL, Viola; GREEN, Vesta; GREEN, Wesley W.; GRIER, Annie; GRIER, Carolyn J.; GRIER, Charles; GRIER, Eliza J.; GRIER, Elizabeth Alice; GRIER, F. Marion; GRIER, Jack C.; GRIER, Joseph Benton; GRIER, Orrie M; GRIER, Vessie; GRIMES, Francis Stanley
H:   HAAG, Christena (Roth); HAAG, Letha C.; HAAG, Lillian I.; HAAG, Lottie; HAAG, Theobold D.; HERTER, Anna; HERTER, Henry; HERTER, Mathias; HILLMAN, Martha G.; HILLMAN, Verne R.; HOLMES, G. Dewey; HOLMES, George W.; HOLMES, Mary C.; HOLMES, Myrtle; HOPWOOD, A. Delmar; HOPWOOD, Blanche; HOPWOOD, Forrest E.; HOPWOOD, Janice; HOPWOOD, Kyle Clyde; HOPWOOD, Raymond; HOPWOOD, Veda Grace; HORNBECK EVANS, Shirley E.
I:   ICENBICE, Ivan J.; ICENBICE, Muriam; ICENBICE, Muriel
J:   JACOBS, Emma L.; JACOBS, Thomas F.; JERROW, Philip; JOHNSON, Edward H.; JOHNSON, Ella; JOHNSON, Joseph W.; JOHNSON, Lila F.; JOHNSON, May M.; JOHNSTON, 'Baby'; JOHNSTON, Ada E.; JOHNSTON, Baby Dau.; JOHNSTON, Baby Son; JOHNSTON, David C.; JOHNSTON, David Mac; JOHNSTON, Elizabeth J.; JOHNSTON, Frank C.; JOHNSTON, James C.; JOHNSTON, John; JOHNSTON, Joseph C.; JOHNSTON, Josh; JOHNSTON, Leona B.; JOHNSTON, Margaret O.; JOHNSTON, Mary A.; JOHNSTON, Olive; JOHNSTON, Rachel; JOHNSTON, Thomas A.; JOHNSTON, Vesta W.; JOHNSTON, Vida M.; JOHNSTON, William C.; JOHNSTON, Zelma; JORDAN, Mollie M.; JORDAN, William R.
K:   KARR, William J.; KELLER, Betty M.; KELLER, Doris (Downey); KELLER, Newell; KELLER, Wayne Haag; KENNEDY MALCOLM, Mary; KIME, Milton A.; KIME, Sarah A.; KING, Phyllis; KING, Valerie; KING, Wesley Benjamin; KINGSLEY, Elcina
L:   LADELY, Eurydice; LADELY, Kenneth Leroy; LADELY, Leora; LASH, Mary (Cochran); LIGHT, Elizabeth; LIGHT, father; LIGHT, James W.; LIGHT, James W.; LIGHT, Karen J.; LIGHT, Letha L.; LIGHT SANDERS, Margaret E.
M:   MALCOLM, Brainard; MALCOLM, harold; MALCOLM, Mary; MAXWELL, Frances M.; MAXWELL, Robert J.; MAYNES, Hugh; MAYNES, Mary M.; MCCOMBS, Patricia; MCCOMBS, Ryan Van; MEWES, Betty A.; MEWES, James L.; MIDDLEKAUFF, Henry; MIDDLEKAUFF CAIN, Velma; MILLER, Lyman B.; MOORE, Cora B.; MOORE, E. Lee; MOORE, Oliver L.; MORGAN, John C.; MORGAN, Rebecca D.; MORRIS, Dana J.; MORRISON, Jane E.; MORRISON, John; MORRISON, William; MORRISON, William; MYERLY, Anna; MYERLY, John
O:   OLIN, Douglas C.; OLIN, Julia H.; OLIN, Paul L.; ORMISTON, Eva Margaret; ORMISTON, Newell Disbro; OSBORNE, Robert B.
P:   PALMER, William; PARK, Olive J.; PAURNEY, Howard E.; PAURNEY, Howard E.; PHILLIPS, Delva M.
R:   RANK, Jacob; RAUCH, Randy L.; REDMOND, Hayes Alexander; REDMOND, Helen (Sanders); REDMOND WILLS, Madelon; RIDENOUR, Grayce; RIDENOUR, Inf. Dau.; RIDENOUR, Searle A.; RIDPATH, Emery Lyal; RIDPATH, Orpha May; RIEDER, Kade Daniel; RINEHART EMAL, Opal; ROBINSON, Blanche A.; ROBINSON, Franklin L.; ROTH GOEBEL, Anna; ROTH HAAG, Christena
S:   SANDERS, Adah B.; SANDERS, Alva B.; SANDERS, Andrew J.; SANDERS, H. W.; SANDERS, Hilpa A.; SANDERS, Margaret E. (Light); SANDERS, Mary; SANDERS, William H.; SANDERS REDMOND, Helen; SARGOOD, Guy E.; SARGOOD, James D.; SARGOOD, Mary E.; SARGOOD COLLIER, Maud; SCHLESSELMAN, Gilbert A.; SCHLESSELMAN, Glorene Elizabeth; SEATON, Ernest W.; SEATON, Family stone; SHADE, Evelyn M.; SHADE, George M.; SHERWOOD, family stone; SHERWOOD, Family Stone; SHERWOOD, Frankey M.; SHERWOOD, Josephine; SHERWOOD, Stephen; STACKHOUSE, Allen; STACKHOUSE, Harriet; STEPHENSON, Anna M.; STEPHENSON, Wessel T.; STEVENS GARRETT, Verna; STEVENSON, Charlie; STEVENSON, Maggie; SWAIN, Daniel; SWAIN, Elizabeth; SWAIN, Ida; SWAIN, Isaac; SWAIN, Jane; SWAIN, Marvin Dewey; SWAIN, Mary E.; SWAIN, William H.
T:   TANKE, Leland George; TAYLOR, Melvin; THOMPSON, George; THOMPSON, George R.; THOMPSON, Mary A; THOMPSON, William A.
V:   VAN FOSSEN, LaSharon C.; VANFOSSEN, Myrtle I.; VITERA, Jimmie J.; VITERA, Joan K.
W:   WAINWRIGHT, Catherine; WAINWRIGHT, Edward; WALSH, Emmaline; WALSH, Frank; WARD, H. Wilbur; WARD, Z. Lucile; WELSH, William; WELSH, William; WHERRY, Grant Orrin; WHERRY, Neva E.; WILHITE, Mary; WILHITE, Mary; WILLS, Madelon (Redmond); WILLS, Madelon (Redmond); WOLF, Carolyn Iva; WOLF, George; WOLF, Lowell "Bing"; WOLF, Phillip Edsel; WOLF, Zelda; WOLFORD, Clifford S.; WOLFORD, Fern Dorothy; WOLFORD, J. Albert; WOLFORD, Leah Dell; WOLFORD, Lester Andrew
Y:   YEO, Cleo Adrian; YEO, Edward A; YEO, Orlyn

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