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Chester Center Cemetery - Poweshiek County, Iowa

395 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 5/19/17 at 6:00:37 AM CDT

A:   AHRENS, Julia; ALEXANDER, Earl H.; ALEXANDER, Lottie L.; ARMSTRONG, Archibald; ARMSTRONG, Ella A.; ARMSTRONG, Peggy Arlene; ARMSTRONG, Thomas Alvin; ARTHALONY, James; ATWOOD, Clifford H.; ATWOOD, David A.; ATWOOD, Isabelle; ATWOOD, Orville LeRoy; ATWOOD, William E.; ATWOOD, William H.; ATWOOD SISCO, Amaryllis 'Rilla'; ATWOOD THOMPSON, Mary A.
B:   BACON, Joshua C.; BACON, Mary J.; BAKER, Mary E.; BARNES, Charles A.; BARNES, Lucretia S.; BARNES, JR., Charles A.; BEAN, Catherine; BEAN, Irwin A.; BEAN, Pearl; BLACK, Wildon B.; BRADLEY, Marjorie A.; BRADLEY, Thomas G.; BROWNELL, Alice; BUCHENAU, J.G.; BURCH, Esther E.
C:   CAMP, Sephanie; CARPENTER GNAU, Ruth; CARTER, Carrie A; CARTER, Edward P; CARTER, Lucy E.; CARTER, Lydia C; CARTER, Martha M.; CARTER, Samuel C; CARTER, W A; CARTER, W. A.; CARTER, Willard C.; CLAY, Anna; CLAY, Cora; CLEMENT, Ellen L.; CLEMENT, Nettie E.; COCKING, Charles W.; COCKING, Clara H.; COCKING, Infant Son; COMSTOCK, Jerry W.; COMSTOCK, Joey D.; COMSTOCK, Robert J.; COOLING, Philip Nathaniel; COOLING, Richard A.; COOLING, Sarah JoAnn
D:   DARE, Daughter; DARE, Edwin; DARE, Minnie; DARE, Son; DEMPSTER, Fran; DEMPSTER, John E.; DEMPSTER, John J.; DEMPSTER, Keith Greer; DEMPSTER, Muriel Eleanor; DEMPSTER, Nellie E.; DEMPSTER, Rita Fran; DEMPSTER BURCH, Esther E.; DEMPSTER FITZSIMMONS, Josephine; DIMIT, Christina C.; DIMIT, Eliza J.; DIMIT, Joanna; DIMIT, Lisander; DIMIT, Roy M.; DIMIT, William C.; DIMOND, Leonard A.; DIMOND, Maurine R.
E:   EAMES, Daryl Mayo; EMMERT, Sally A.; EMMERT, Willard A.
F:   FISHER, Alfred J.; FISHER, Edward; FISHER, Emma E.; FISHER, Eugene W.; FISHER, Lizzie A.; FISHER, Mary; FISHER, Mary Ellen; FISHER, Ruth E.; FITZSIMMONS, Josephine; FOREHAND, Elbert D.; FOREHAND, Grace E.; FOREHAND, Leroy D.; FOREHAND, Mary J.; FOREHAND, Mina M.; FOSTER, Barbara Ann; FOSTER, Thomas; FOSTER GUILE, Janette; FRINK, Patty Mae; FULLER, Bertha A.; FULLER, Emery G; FULLER, Eugene; FULLER, George T.; FULLER, Grace; FULLER, John W.; FULLER, Margaret E.; FULLER, Nancy A.; FULLER, P. Yates; FULLER, Thomas; FULLER, Typhena J.; FULLER, William T; FULLER, Willie S.; FULLER JUNGBLUT, Nettie
G:   GNAU, Daniel T.; GNAU, Donna R.; GNAU, Ruth; GRAFFAN CAMP, Sephanie; GRAFTAN, Lavinia; GRATTAN, Albert M.; GRATTAN, Leland C.; GUILE, Arthur A.; GUILE, Janette
H:   HAFKEY, Charles A.; HAFKEY, Daugher; HAFKEY, Daughter; HAFKEY, Frank T.; HAFKEY, George F.; HAFKEY, Helena E.; HAFKEY, Lula A.; HAFKEY, William C.; HAFKEY SPANGLER, Tilla; HAFKEY WEEBER, Vera; HANN, Elizabeth E.; HARRIS, Carolena W.; HARRIS, Dean Allan; HARRIS, Elizabeth S.; HARRIS, Frank A.; HARRIS, Infant Daughter; HARRIS, James Joseph; HARRIS, Leona F; HARRIS, Mary Blanche; HARRIS, Merle A.; HARRIS, Raymond W.; HARRIS, Thomas A.; HARRIS, William T.; HARRISON, Ivan R.; HARRISON, Mabel A.; HARTZELL, Iona M.; HARTZELL, Ray R.; HAYS, Albert T.; HAYS, Irene Mary; HAYS, Jennie T.; HAYS, Joseph P.; HAYS, Juliette; HAYS, Marlan Max; HAYS, Max Mahler; HAYS, Son; HAYS, Thomas H.; HEALD, Arthur; HEALD, Lucinda Prentiss; HENDRICKSON, Charlie R.; HENDRICKSON, Hazel R.; HENDRICKSON, Hilda M.; HENDRICKSON, Infant Son; HENDRICKSON, Mary S.; HENDRICKSON, Nudt; HENDRICKSON, Rachel C.; HJELTE, Anna C.; HJELTE, August S.; HORN, George; HORN, Nora A.; HOSTETTER NEWCOMER, Catharine; HUBBARD, Earl; HUBBARD, Thelma; HUMPHREY, Barbara A.; HUMPHREY, Chester A.
J:   JOHNSON, Charles; JOHNSON, Ellen A.; JOHNSON, Elmina A; JOHNSON, Emery A.; JOHNSON, Helen; JOHNSON, Mary; JOHNSON, William E. L.; JUNGBLUT, Nettie
K:   KINNAN, Ellen P.; KINNAN, Ellis P.; KNOWLES, Imogene N.
L:   LAMB, Mary; LAMMERT, Hazel V.; LAMMERT, Lee; LARKIN, Delos; LAVENT, Fannie; LAVENT, Omar; LAW, James; LUX, James Krepela
M:   MARSH, Mary J.; MARSH, Paulina; MARSH, Rodney; MARTIN NEWCOMER, Mary; MAYO, Clifford N.; MAYO, Herbert N.; MAYO, Mary E.; MCDANIEL, Charles Elmer; MCDANIEL, Phoebe Ella; MITCHELL, Cecile L.; MITCHELL, Robert T.; MONTGOMERY, Catherine M.; MORGAN, Anna; MORGAN, Dwight R.; MORGAN, Ernest Roy; MORGAN, George Dewey; MORGAN, Julia E.; MORGAN, Lucy T.; MORGAN, W. Boone; MORRIS, Clara Ada; MORRIS, George H.; MORRIS, Lillian M.; MORRIS, Mary; MORRIS, Mary Idell; MORRIS, Moreau; MURK, Elnora L.; MURPHY, Ariel H.; MURPHY, Lawrence E.
N:   NEWCOMER, Bertha F.; NEWCOMER, Catharine; NEWCOMER, Charley O.; NEWCOMER, Chester J.; NEWCOMER, Family; NEWCOMER, Frank; NEWCOMER, Grace E.; NEWCOMER, Infant Daughter; NEWCOMER, John; NEWCOMER, John Henry; NEWCOMER, Joseph; NEWCOMER, Laura Ellen; NEWCOMER, Lucille; NEWCOMER, Lydia; NEWCOMER, Mary; NEWCOMER CLAY, Anna; NEWCOMER JOHNSON, Helen; NEWCOMER PHILLIPS, Catherine "Kate"
O:   OLDS, Ella W; OLDS, Georgiana; OLDS, Noble B.; OLDS FULLER, Grace
P:   PALMER, Aletha J.; PALMER, George W.; PARKE MURPHY, Ariel H.; PARSONS, Carl B.; PARSONS, Gladys A.; PHILLIPS, Catherine "Kate"; PHILLIPS, Donald Dean; PINKERTON, Edward P.; PINKERTON, James H.; PINKERTON, Mary A.
R:   RAFFETY, Edgar L.; RAFFETY, Esther E.; REED, Frank H.; REED, George W.; REED, Gladys E.; REED, Raymond H.; REED, Robert R.; REED MURK, Elnora L.; RICHARDSON, Eddie; RICHARDSON, Elizabeth; RICHARDSON, Marion F.; RICHARDSON, Ruey; RICHARDSON, William T.; RICKARD, Alvin; RICKARD, Anna; RICKARD, Anna; RICKARD, Ella; RICKARD, Elmer T; RICKARD, Fanny; RICKARD, Henry Martin; RICKARD, Jane P; RICKARD, Martin; RICKARD, Mary Jane; RICKARD, Ralph; RICKARD, Rose Edna; RIST, George A.; ROBINSON, Lola A.; ROBINSON, Walter C.; ROTH, Cony May; ROTH, Elsie Grace; ROTH, Sophia; RUTHERFORD, Fannie; RUTHERFORD, Henry Sherman; RUTHERFORD, James; RUTHERFORD, William J.; RUTHERFORD SOASH, Esther
S:   SEAGER DEMPSTER, Fran; SEARS, Alice M.; SEARS, Edgar Alvin; SEARS, Edward E.; SEARS, Esther C.; SEARS, Etta Florence; SEARS, James Edgar; SEARS, Maynard B.; SEARS, Maynard E.; SEARS, Milton Adelbert; SEARS, Shirley Mae; SEARS JOHNSON, Mary; SHERMAN, Almira D.; SHERMAN, Ancenette; SHERMAN, Anginette; SHERMAN, Anna May; SHERMAN, Beulah; SHERMAN, Charles Waite; SHERMAN, Clara F.; SHERMAN, G. Walter; SHERMAN, Henry S.; SHERMAN, Jason W.; SHERMAN, L.N.; SHERMAN, Laura Jane; SHERMAN, Mahala; SHERMAN, Nancy L.; SHERMAN, Sophrona A.; SHERMAN, William T.; SHERMAN, Wilson; SIEHL, John F.; SIEHL, Stella M.; SISCO, Amaryllis 'Rilla'; SISCO, Obed; SISCO, Oliver; SISCO NEWCOMER, Laura Ellen; SMITH, Darla Kay; SOASH, Esther; SPANGLER, D. Frank; SPANGLER, Grace L.; SPANGLER, Tilla; SPANGLER, William H.; SPARKS, W. P.; SPARKS FISHER, Mary; SQUIRE, Kenneth L.; STAHL, Esther M.; STAHL, Fanny H.; STAHL, Henry E.; STAHL, Henry F.; STAHL, Howard H.; STAHL, Keith D.; STAHL, Margaret M.; STAHL, Raymond D.; STAYTON, Josephine D.; STAYTON, W. Maxine; STAYTON, William H.; STEWART, Armifrancella; STINSON, Cloid L.; STINSON, Ella A.; STINSON, Glen H.; STINSON, W.H.; STRADER RICKARD, Anna; SWAIM, George M.; SWAIM, Ira W.; SWAIM, Mary E.; SWAIN, Nellie E.; SWAIN, William; SWIFT, Charlotte; SWIFT, George W.; SWIFT, William
T:   TARVIN, Everett Roy; TARVIN, Lois M.; TARVIN, Roy; TARVIN, Una Mae; TAYLOR, Electa H.; THOMPSON, Arthur H.; THOMPSON, Mary A.; THOMSON, Arthur H.; THOMSON, George F.; THOMSON, Lulu S.; TICE, Lloyd Williiam; TURNER, Janice; TURNEY, George E.; TURNEY, Hamilton K.; TURNEY, Mary Etta; TURNEY, Ruth G.
V:   VANCE, Lillian E.; VANCE, Stanley L.; VERWERS, Richard K.; VERWERS, Roberta J.; VOGT, Clarence A.; VOGT, Selma M.
W:   WALTERS, Granville A.; WARD, Howard S.; WATTERS, Granville A.; WEEBER, Margaret Anne; WEEBER, Vera; WESCO, Nancy J.; WESCO, Reuben; WHELAN, Children; WHELAN, Son; WILLIAMS, August; WILLIAMS, M.H.; WILLIAMS, Violet V.; WILLIAMS AHRENS, Julia; WILLIAMS GRAFTAN, Lavinia; WILLIAR, Frank J.

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