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St. Bridget's Cemetery - Pottawattamie County, Iowa

169 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 9/3/18 at 6:00:18 AM CDT

B:   BELL, Twr.; BENNETT, Ann E.; BENNETT, E.W.; BENNETT, Headstone; Bradshaw, Catharine; BRADSHAW, Headstone; BRADSHAW, Patrick; BRECHT, Maggie
C:   CLARK, Phillip; CLARK, Phillip; CLOUSE, Mary C. & Leo W.; CLOUSE, Mary C. Ryan; COKER, Wayne E. & Rhea D.; COYLE, Ellen; COYLE, Patrick; COYLE, Patrick Doyle & Ellen
D:   DAUGHERTY, Headstone; DAUGHERTY, Thomas J.; DOLAN MARTIN, Catherine Elizabeth; DRAKE, John C.; DRAKE, John C.; DRAKE, John C.; DRAKE, Lou Ann; DUGGAN, Headstone; DUGGAN, John & Nellie
F:   FAGAN, Paul W. & Florence
G:   GILLMORE, Charles N. & Bridget V.; GILLMORE, Mary; GOESER, Christopher John; GRIES, Abner P. & Frances A.; GRIFFIN, Daniel
H:   HANSON, Daniel H.; HANSON, Erma H.; HANSON, Thomas L.; HANSON, Thomas L.; HORSTMEYER, Infant son; HOUGH, Charles A.
K:   KEENE, Patrick; KELLEY, Joseph L.; KELLEY, Joseph L. & Theresa A.; KILKENNEY, Mary; KINYON, Agnes Mary; KLEMENT, Deloris I. & Harry R.
L:   LAFFERTY, Headstone; LAFFERTY, Mary; LAWLOR, Headstone; LAWLOR, Johanna; LEUCK, Robert J., Reva J. & Jane A.
M:   MARTIN, Alphonsus; MARTIN, Alphonsus; MARTIN, Catherine Elizabeth; MARTIN, Charles; MARTIN, Charles; MARTIN, Charles; MARTIN, Charles F.; MARTIN, Headstone; MARTIN, Loughlin A.; MARTIN, Loughlin A.; MARTIN, Loughlin A.; MARTIN, Urban; MCBRIDE, Fannie; MCBRIDE, Fannie 2; MCBRIDE, Frankie; MCBRIDE, Frankie 2; MCBRIDE, Headstone; MCBRIDE, Mary; MCBRIDE, Thomas; MCBRIDE, Thomas [Headstone]; MCCLEAR, Daniel; MCCRICKARD, Headstone; MCCRICKARD, Infant Son; MCCRICKARD, Joseph M.; MCCRICKARD, Mary; MCCRICKARD, Mary 2; MCCRICKARD, Michael; MCCRICKARD, Michael 2; MCCRICKARD, Stasia Hellen; MCCRICKARD, West; MCEVOY, Headstone; MCEVOY, James; MEIS, Marion & William J.; MICHELSON, Baby; MICHELSON, Emma Rose; MICHELSON, Headstone; MICHELSON, Infant; MICHELSON, Patrick Leo; MICHELSON, Peter A.; MILLIMAN, Mary; MONNIN, Charles J. & Willie A.; MURRAY, Headstone; MURRAY, Michael
N:   NOURSE, William R. & Mildred I.
O:   O'NEILL, Maggie; O'NEILL, Sadie; OTTERPOHL, Norma J. & Edward H.
R:   REILLY, Tresa; RICHTER, Cory; ROGERS, Annie J.; ROGERS, Headstone; ROGERS, Mary Ann; ROGERS, Mary Ann; RYAN, Arthur D.; RYAN, Catherine & Julia; RYAN, Daniel; RYAN, Edmond; RYAN, Edmond [Headstone]; RYAN, Eva V. & Raymond J.; RYAN, Headstone; RYAN, Jacqueline Marie; RYAN, Jerome E.; RYAN, John; RYAN, John; RYAN, John 2; RYAN, John 3; RYAN, Julia; RYAN, Julia; RYAN, Julia 2; RYAN, Katie 2; RYAN, Lawrence; RYAN, Lawrence; RYAN, Lawrence [Headstone]; RYAN, Lena M. & James C.; RYAN, Malachy; RYAN, Malachy; RYAN, Mary C.; RYAN, Mary T.; RYAN, Patrick; RYAN, Richard; RYAN, Timothy; RYAN, Winnifred; RYAN, Winnifred
S:   SCOTT, Mary & Annie E.; SENNETT, Bernard John; SENNETT, Headstone; SENNETT, John R & Nell V.; SENNETT, Mary; SENNETT, Mary; SENNETT, Mary Johannah; SENNETT, Richard; SHARER, Mary; SMITH, Headstone; SMITH, Julia; SMITH, Terrance; SNIDER, Catherine; SNIDER, Headstone; SNIDER, P.; SNIDER, Unknown; SNIDER, Unknown; STEPHENS, Mary Eleanor
T:   TAMISEA, Charles E.; TAMISIEA, Amelia; TAMISIEA, Charles E. [Headstone]; TAMISIEA, Francis J.; TAMISIEA, Francis J.[Headstone]; TAMISIEA, Headstone; TAMISIEA, John; TAMISIEA, Loree; THORDSEN, Margaret
V:   VAN MEVEREN, Norma Jean & Elmer
W:   WARD, Headstone; WARD, Nellie; WILSON, Conrad A. & Gladys V.; WILSON, Francis J.; WILSON, John Edward & Johannah Ryan; WILSON, Thomas J.
Z:   ZAHNER, Catherine; ZAHNER, Jacob; ZAHNER, Jacob & Catherine; ZAHNER, Lizzie

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