Butler Cemetery - Page County, Iowa

A:   ANDREWS, Arthur; ANDREWS, Benjamin; ANDREWS, Julia A; ARMAGOST, Alfred; ARMAGOST, Olive
B:   BARNES, Fred; BARNES, Harry Everett; BARNES, Ida; BARNES, Mildred; BARNES, Roseine Ella; BARNES, William H; BATES BOWER, Harriet Ellen; BEERY, Ambrose; BEERY, Amos; BEERY, Anna; BEERY, Benona W.; BEERY, Blanch B; BEERY, Blanche Mae; BEERY, Bueford; BEERY, Daniel J; BEERY, Earle L; BEERY, Edward J; BEERY, Elizabeth; BEERY, Enoch A; BEERY, Ernest Wilson; BEERY, Essie R; BEERY, Evalena H; BEERY, Grace; BEERY, Harry L.; BEERY, Infant; BEERY, Iva Leona; BEERY, Iven Joseph; BEERY, J.S. Ora; BEERY, James Daniel; BEERY, John; BEERY, Joseph; BEERY, Joseph Logan; BEERY, Julia Ann Nevada; BEERY, Laura; BEERY, Lemoyne; BEERY, Lida Ellen; BEERY, Lloyd; BEERY, Lydia; BEERY, Mae; BEERY, Martin; BEERY, Mary; BEERY, Mary Catherine; BEERY, Mary R.A.; BEERY, Med J; BEERY, Merwin Lee; BEERY, Myrtle H; BEERY, Nancy; BEERY, Naomi Grace; BEERY, Noah E; BEERY, Nora; BEERY, Percy A; BEERY, Peter Blosser; BEERY, Phyllis Loy; BEERY, Rachel; BEERY, Rose E; BEERY, Samuel; BEERY, Sarah; BEERY, Sarah; BEERY, Sarah Ann; BEERY, Sarah Lucinda; BEERY, Solomon Forest; BEERY, Ula M; BEERY, Vernola"Nola"; BEERY, Wendell Hugh; BEERY, Wilma J; BEERY BROWN, Julia A; BEERY EBERLY, Onida; BEERY KUNKEL, Mahala; BEERY MCCLARNON, Bessie Mae; BEERY MCCLARNON, Elsie L; BEERY NEVIUS, Velma; BEERY STEMEN, Amanda; BEERY STOUT, Martha Mae; BERRY TAYLOR, Ola May; BLOSSER, John A.; BLOSSER BEERY, Sarah; BOERSTLER BEERY, Elizabeth; BONSALL, John Q; BONSALL, Martha; BOWEN, John; BOWER, Charles F; BOWER, Harriet Ellen; BROWN, Alva W; BROWN, Anna Marie; BROWN, Archie C; BROWN, Blanche Mae; BROWN, Daniel Wise "DW"; BROWN, Darold Dean; BROWN, Darold Thomas; BROWN, David Paul; BROWN, David Wesley; BROWN, Edna F; BROWN, Elizabeth; BROWN, Etson Ansel; BROWN, Evelyn Ruth; BROWN, Geneva Julia; BROWN, Harve L; BROWN, Hazel M; BROWN, James Wise; BROWN, Jessie Alfred; BROWN, Julia A; BROWN, Martha Jane "Jennie"; BROWN, Mary Ellen; BROWN, Mary Ellen; BROWN BURTON, Clara Mae; BROWN CODER, Blanche; BROWN HAMM, Hulda Jane; BROWN JONES, Phyllis Jean; BROWN VINCENT, Eva Pearl; BRUCE RINE, Gladisann; BRWON, Alva W; BUNTING, Bonnie M; BUNTING, Leland Keith; BURCH, Scott Andre; BURTON, Albert Ledroit; BURTON, Clara Mae; BURTON MCNULTY, Gwendolyn Ruth; BURTON MYERS, Leatrice Jane; BUTLER, Emma; BUTLER, Enos William; BUTLER, Infant; BUTLER, Noah; BUTLER, Rebecca; BUTLER, Temperance; BUTLER HATFIELD, Mary Ann (Freel); BUTLER HORNING, Hattie; BUTTS, Anthony; BUTTS, Lydia
C:   CABBAGE WOODRUFF, Ollie Florence; CALHOON BROWN, Blanche Mae; CASSELMAN ARMAGOST, Olive; CASTLE, Annie E.; CLAYTON, Elizabeth Lorayne; CLEARWATER HUDDLE, Estella Marie; CLEVENGER, Eva F; CODER, Blanche; CODER, Fred; COOK HAMM, Estella Clara; CORMACK, Nancy Angeline; CORMACK HILL, Bessie; COX, Archie B.; COX, Celinda J.; COX, Charles T; COX, Edith E; COX, Freddie Rex; COX, Roxella; CUSSINS, Dora; CUSSINS, Mary Catherine; CUSSINS, Samuel
D:   DAVISON, Dale Trevor; DAVISON, Golda; DAVISON, Lain L; DAVISON, Merrill E; DAVISON, Pearl; DAVISON MILLER, Laura Belle; DENNIS MILLER, Martha J
E:   EBERLY, Andrew E.; EBERLY, Benjamin E.; EBERLY, Blanche E.; EBERLY, Carrie E.; EBERLY, Danise; EBERLY, Dixie Lynn; EBERLY, Edward S.; EBERLY, John Leroy; EBERLY, Martin D; EBERLY, Onida; EBERLY, Ray M.; EBERLY, Robert R.; EBERLY, Sarah Louisa; EBERLY BARNES, Roseine Ella; ELLIS, Nancy J; ELLIS, Phebe; ENGLAND, Shirley A
F:   FASTENAU, Joyce Marie; FERGUSON, Charles; FRAZIER CUSSINS, Mary Catherine; FRUITS, Geroge W; FRUITS, Matilda; FRUITS, Sebastian; FRUITS BEERY, Julia Ann Nevada; FRUITS BEERY, Mary Catherine; FRUITS HARRISON, Martha Caroline
G:   GIBSON, Charley; GIPE, Pearl "Perlie" S.; GLEAVES REDMAN, Jennie C; GLOSHEN BROWN, Martha Jane "Jennie"; GOOD, David; GOOD, John S; GOOD, Lydia; GOOD, Magdalena; GOOD, Sarah; GOOD, Susan; GOOD HORNING, Anna; GOOD HUFFMAN, Magdalena; GOOD MARKWELL, Margaret; GOOD MARKWELL-BATES, Sarah; GRIFFITH, Charles A.; GRIFFITH, Dewey C.; GRIFFITH, Edgar; GRIMES, Hilton Leon; GRIMES, Margaret H; GRIMM GOOD, Sarah; GWIN POSTEN, Sarah Elizabeth
H:   HALEY, Ruth Elaine; HAMM, Charles Alva; HAMM, Charlotte Belle "Lottie"; HAMM, Christian; HAMM, Donald Infant; HAMM, Effa; HAMM, Elizabeth; HAMM, Esta; HAMM, Estella Clara; HAMM, Herbert Lincoln; HAMM, Hulda Jane; HAMM, Jacob; HAMM, Jessie Samuel; HAMM, Mary; HAMM, Nellie; HAMM BEERY, Wilma J; HAMM DAVISON, Golda; HAMM GOOD, Magdalena; HAMM HAMM, Mary; HAMM JOHNSON-GIBSON, Madge Iva; HAMM JOURNEY, Sarah Elizabeth; HAMM PHIPPS, Audrey; HAMM SQUIER, Avis Elva; HARMS, Lavern A; HARMS, Lula A; HARPER, Chloe; HARRELL, Edith May; HARRELL, Marion; HARRISON, G. William; HARRISON, George William; HARRISON, Julia F; HARRISON, Lizzie W; HARRISON, Martha Caroline; HATFIELD, Mary Ann (Freel); HEIDELBAUGH BUTLER, Temperance; HEIDLEBAUGH, Martha; HEIDLEBAUGH, Martha E; HEIDLEBAUGH BEERY, Rachel; HEIDLEBAUGH HAMM, Elizabeth; HIATT COX, Celinda J.; HILL, Bessie; HILL, Edward; HILL, Emma; HILL, Gladys M; HILL, Infant; HILL, J.H.; HILL, Kenneth R.; HILL, Mabel; HILL, William Roy; HOFFMAN, Henry L; HOFFMAN, Leroy; HOLLINGSWORTH, William; HORNING, Anna; HORNING, Anna Martha; HORNING, Charlottie; HORNING, Clark J; HORNING, Cora May; HORNING, Edna Infant; HORNING, Hattie; HORNING, Infant Son; HORNING, Isaac; HORNING, Jacob; HORNING, John; HORNING, Joseph; HORNING, Laurine; HORNING, Leona; HORNING, Letta V; HORNING, Mary C.; HORNING, Nellie Infant; HORNING, Ora; HOWARD, Earnest; HOWARD, Ernest; HOWARD, George W; HOWARD, Louisa M; HOWARD, Marion; HUDDLE, Abraham; HUDDLE, Estella Marie; HUDDLE, Lela B; HUDDLE, Leonard; HUDDLE, Mary; HUDDLE, Maude E; HUDDLE, Noah; HUDDLE, Orison W; HUDDLE BROWN, Mary Ellen; HUDDLE BROWN, Mary Ellen; HUDDLE EBERLY, Sarah Louisa; HUFFMAN, Magdalena; HUFFMAN, Mary C; HUMPHRY, Birdella; HUMPHRY, Frank Pearl; HUTSON TAYLOR, Frances
J:   J JOURNEY, Michael; JEWETT HORNING, Anna Martha; JOHNSON, Charlotte Elizabeth; JOHNSON, Leo Byrle; JOHNSON-GIBSON, Madge Iva; JONES, Phyllis Jean; JONES WOODRUFF, Emma; JOURNEY, Michael; JOURNEY, Sarah Elizabeth; JOURNEY, William Thomas; JOURNEY EBERLY, Blanche E.
K:   KNIZELY, William Craig; KNIZLEY, Lydia Magdalene; KNIZLEY, Marguerite Elaine; KNIZLEY, William Perry; KUNKEL, Henry; KUNKEL, Mahala; KUNKEL, Mary Estella"Stella"; KUNKEL, Michael
L:   LAIRD BEERY, Vernola"Nola"; LAPP, David; LINEBAUGH WOODRUFF, Mary Lucille; LONG, George G; LONG, Mollie F; LONG BROWN, Elizabeth; LONG HILL, Gladys M; LYLES, William M
M:   MACKIE, Anna; MADDOX, Harry; MARKWELL, George; MARKWELL, J.F.; MARKWELL, Margaret; MARKWELL-BATES, Sarah; MARTIN, baby; MARTIN, Daniel Marion; MARTIN, Lillie Viola; MARTIN, Mae; MCCLARNON, Bessie Mae; MCCLARNON, Elsie L; MCCLARNON, John Scott; MCCLARNON, Leonard Clark; MCCLARNON, Ren Robert; MCCLARNON, Robert A; MCCURDY BEERY, Lida Ellen; MCNULTY, Gwendolyn Ruth; MENEFEE, Mary A; MILLER, Edward Mason; MILLER, Joseph W; MILLER, Laura Belle; MILLER, Martha J; MILLER, Mary E; MILLER BEERY, Phyllis Loy; MILLER HUDDLE, Maude E; MILLS, Infant Son; MORLEDGE HILL, Emma; MYERS, Leatrice Jane; MYERS, Raymond Max "Shorty"
N:   NEVIOUS, Thora Elaine; NEVIUS, Cecil Leroy; NEVIUS, Velma; NEWBERG, Harvie Raymone; NEWBERG, Peggy Joyce; NIXON, Abram; NIXON, Ruth; NIXSON BEERY, Mary
P:   PADDOCK REDMAN, Emma; PERRYMAN CORMACK, Nancy Angeline; PHIPPS, Audrey; PHIPPS, Blanche P; PHIPPS, Roy; PHIPPS, Thomas L; PHIPPS CLAYTON, Elizabeth Lorayne; PHIPPS KNIZLEY, Marguerite Elaine; POSTEN, Charles Wesley; POSTEN, Sarah Elizabeth
R:   REDMAN, Albert; REDMAN, Emma; REDMAN, Jennie C; REYNOLDS BUTLER, Rebecca; RHODES, Lester; RINE, Charles Earnest; RINE, Gladisann
S:   SCHWARTZ, Loyd Earl; SCHWARTZ, Loyd Earl; SCHWARTZ, Ruth Lavaun; SCOTT, Walter; SCROGGS, Harold Leon; SCROGGS, Miriam Jane; SHELLENBERGER, Henry; SHELLENBERGER, Jacob; SINN, Catharine; SINN, Charles; SINN, Christian; SINN, Christian, Jr; SLY, Mary M; SNIVELY, Henry H; SNIVELY GOOD, Susan; SPANGLER, James S; SPANGLER, Martha; SPANGLER, William E; SPENCER, Henry Lorenzo; SQUIER, Avis Elva; SQUIER, Don; SQUIER, Ellsworth Nathan; SQUIER, Lenora; STEMEN, Abraham; STEMEN, Amanda; STEMEN, Emery L; STEMEN, Infant Son; STEMEN, Infant Son 2; STEMEN KNIZLEY, Lydia Magdalene; STOUT, Martha Mae; STRANGE, Allen C; STRANGE, Susie B; STRANGE MARTIN, Lillie Viola; STRUTHERS, Emma Lovina; STRUTHERS, George E; SWAIM HEIDLEBAUGH, Martha; SWANEY, A.P.; SWANEY, Alice; SWANEY, Cora; SWANEY, Mary; SWANEY, Samuel; SWANEY, Willie
T:   TAYLOR, Billy; TAYLOR, Charles; TAYLOR, Charles Ralph; TAYLOR, Frances; TAYLOR, Henry"Hank"Irvin; TAYLOR, Jimmy; TAYLOR, John W; TAYLOR, Ola May; TAYLOR, Wanda Jean; TAYLOR BUNTING, Bonnie M; TAYLOR NEWBERG, Peggy Joyce; TAYLOR SCROGGS, Miriam Jane; THOMPSON HAMM, Nellie; TROXEL WOODRUFF, Joann
V:   VAIL, Emma; VINCENT, Eva Pearl; VINCENT, Marjorie Allene; VINCENT, Otho Jr.
W:   WALLICK, Lovina; WALLICK, Samuel M; WALLICK STRUTHERS, Emma Lovina; WAREHAM, Doris F; WAREHAM, Jack W; WEAVER, David E; WEAVER, Elizabeth"Lizzie"; WEAVER, Hannah B; WEAVER, John Henry; WEAVER, Ora Don; WEAVER, William Dale; WILLIAMS, Arthur; WILLIAMS, Cleophas; WILLIAMS, Delilah; WILLIAMS, Golda; WILLIAMS, John L; WILLIAMS, Linus; WILLIAMS HARPER, Chloe; WILSON, Robert, Jr; WOLFF, Clare A; WOLFF, Edna; WOLFF, Jennie; WOLFF, William Albert; WOODRUFF, Amy; WOODRUFF, Charles Robert; WOODRUFF, Emma; WOODRUFF, Eva F.; WOODRUFF, Gertie; WOODRUFF, Glen; WOODRUFF, Henry Lee; WOODRUFF, Joann; WOODRUFF, Joseph Samuel; WOODRUFF, June; WOODRUFF, Mary; WOODRUFF, Mary Lucille; WOODRUFF, Matthew Clair; WOODRUFF, Nehemiah; WOODRUFF, Ollie Florence; WOODRUFF BONSALL, Martha; WOODRUFF HALEY, Ruth Elaine; WOODRUFF HAMM, Charlotte Belle "Lottie"; WOODRUFF SCHWARTZ, Ruth Lavaun; WRAY FRUITS, Matilda
Y:   YOUNG, Annie I
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