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Waterman Cemetery - O'Brien County, Iowa

189 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 3/12/16 at 6:00:20 AM CST

A:   ADAMS, John Quincy; ADAMS, Julia; AHRENS JALAS, Doris; ALEXANDER, George W.; ALEXANDER, J. Hartley; ALEXANDER, Ruth; AMENDT JALAS, Evelyn
B:   BAILEY, Asa C; BAILEY, Mary; BAILEY, Mary; BAILEY FLINDERS, Anna; BARRY, Carl A.; BARRY, Don A.; BARRY, Edwin M.; BARRY, Eldora Z.; BARRY, Mabel J.; BARRY, May V.; BARRY, Robert; BARRY, Roger C.; BARRY SHEPARD, Lucretia; BIDWELL, Benjamin; BIDWELL, Francis L.; BIDWELL, Minerva A.; BLISS, Josephine; BOYD, Robert W.; BRYAN GILLESPIE, Mary Jane
C:   CLIFTON GILBERT, Elizabeth; CLIFTON GILBERT, Elizabeth; COLCORD, George F.; COLEMAN, Philo G.; COMOUR, Celia; COWAN, Joseph
D:   DAVIS, David T.; DAVIS, M. V.; DEK, Adrian; DEK, Adrian; DEK, Elizabeth; DEK, Elizabth; DEK BAILEY, Mary; DEK BAILEY, Mary; DEK DEK-MANN, Elizabeth; DEK DEK-MANN, Elizabeth "Libbie"; DEK-MANN, Elizabeth; DEK-MANN, Elizabeth "Libbie"; DOLING, Ellen; DOLING, Julius C.
F:   FLINDERS, Anna; FLINDERS, Arthur C; FLINDERS, Arthur Challand; FLINDERS, Family headstone; FLINDERS, George; FLINDERS, Laura C; FLINDERS, Laurence G; FLINDERS, Mayme G; FLINDERS, Mayme G; FLINDERS, Samuel C; FLINDERS, Samuel Challand; FLINDERS, Verla Mae; FLINDERS, Verla Mae; FLINDERS FLINDERS, Verla Mae; FLINDERS FLINDERS, Verla Mae; FRUSH, John H.
G:   GILBERT, Elizabeth; GILBERT, Elizabeth; GILBERT, William; GILBERT, William; GILBERT SIEFKIN, Annie; GILLESPIE, Levi; GILLESPIE, Mary Jane
H:   HANKEN SIEFKIN, Grace; HANKEN SIEFKIN, Grace; HARKNESS, David; HARKNESS, David; HARMON, Desalvo B.; HASS, Ella Dorothy; HASS, Henry; HAYE, George; HECKERT, Moses; HESS COMOUR, Celia; HICKS, James H.; HICKS, James H.; HILL, Emma P.; HILL, Harry H.; HILL, Jane J.; HILL, Leon W.; HILL, Merrill "Jim"; HILL, Merton W.; HILL, Pauline C.; HILL, Russell D.; HILL, Verna E.; HOAGLAND, Henry E.
J:   JALAS, Anna; JALAS, Anna; JALAS, August; JALAS, August H.; JALAS, Delores; JALAS, Dennis; JALAS, Doris; JALAS, Eleonora; JALAS, Evelyn; JALAS, Harry; JALAS, Henry; JALAS, Henry; JALAS, Henry; JALAS, Henry; JALAS, Jazelle; JALAS, Misty; JALAS, Mollie; JALAS, Mollie; JALAS, Molly; JALAS, Robert R.; JALAS, Roy; JALAS RAY, Lucille; JENKINS, James C.; JONES HASS, Ella Dorothy; JORDAN, Samuel Josiah; JORDAN, Samuel Josiah
K:   KELSEY, Hiram; KREKOW, Jean; KREKOW, Lillian F.; KREKOW, Martin; KREKOW, Paul Martin; KREKOW, R.D. Reinhard
L:   LEE, Annie; LEE, Frank M.; LEONARD, Emily; LEONARD, Eva B.; LEONARD, Frank; LEONARD, Samuel H.; LONG, Alexander Q.; LOUTHAN, George W.
M:   MARTIN, James P.; MARTIN WORTH, Asenath; MEMORIAL, Vets; MENKE JALAS, Delores
N:   NELSON, George; NELSON, George W.; NOTT, Thomas B.; NOTT KREKOW, Jean
P:   PARKS, James; PEAKER, Charles; PECK, John H.; PECK, Lewanna; PECK, Ruth J.; PRIME, Margaret; PROEHL JALAS, Anna
R:   RAY, Don; RAY, Lucille
S:   SELK, Burdette J.; SELLER TRIPLETT, Maria; SELLERS TRIPLETT, Maria Priscilla; SHELDON, Daniel M.; SHEPARD, Lucretia; SHEPARD, Thompson; SHEPARD BLISS, Josephine; SIEFKIN, Annie; SIEFKIN, Frank; SIEFKIN, Frank; SIEFKIN, George; SIEFKIN, George; SIEFKIN, Grace; SIEFKIN, Grace; SIEFKIN, Henry G.; SIEFKIN, Ralph M.; SIEFKIN, Zerus W.; SNIDER, John; STOCKWELL, James H.
T:   TODD, Samuel S.; TRIPLETT, Amos; TRIPLETT, Amos Clyde; TRIPLETT, Edward D.; TRIPLETT, family headstone; TRIPLETT, Henry; TRIPLETT, Maria; TRIPLETT, Maria Priscilla; TRIPLETT, Marian L.; TRIPLETT, Mary
V:   VANCE, Lewis Perry; VANHORN, Richard M.; VOS, Anthony
W:   WATERMAN, Hanibal; WATERMAN, Hannah; WATERMAN, Memorial; WHEELER, Henry C.; WITTROCK, Bertha; WITTROCK, Chester; WOODS, William Houston; WORTH, Asenath; WORTH, Lionel A.

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