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East Lawn Cemetery - O'Brien County, Iowa

178 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 5/19/15 at 6:00:14 AM CDT

B:   BAILEY, Peter R.; BISHOP, John F.; BLOXHAM, Elizabeth; BLOXHAM, Thomas; BOSMA, Harm M.; BOSMA, Katheryn B.; BOSMA, Nancy; BOSMA WOLFE, Mathilda; BOWNE, Walter B.; BROWN, John A.; BUCK, Alvin C.; BUNCE, Joseph D.; BURNAM, Horatio P.
C:   CASSIDY, Paul; CHAPIN, Laura M; CHAPIN, Margrett J; CHURCH, Dorothy Mae; CHURCH, Irvin L.; COATS, John S.; CUTSINGER, James
D:   DARNELL, Mortimer B.; DAVIS, Edgar J.; DEACON, John R.; DENNEY, Henry; DENNY, Henry; DONOVAN, Andrew Jackson; DONOVAN, Byron
E:   EDINGTON, Perry A.; ELLIOTT WOODS, Bessie; ETHEL, May; EVERETT, John; EWERS, R. Gladney
G:   GILLESPIE, Milton; GINGREY, James N.; GOODYEAR, Benjamin; GROENDYKE, Cornelius; GROENDYKE, Jennie; GUTHRIE, Frederick H.
H:   HAMILTON, Montgomery; HAYES, Elizabeth; HAYES, John M.; HERRICK, Augustus F.; HICKS, John Wesley; HICKS, Phineas; HINDERS VOSS, Hattie; HINDT, Belle E.; HINDT, Clarance F.; HINDT, Fannie; HINDT, Richard F.; HOLYOKE, Horace Parker; HOOK, Calvin; HULST EVERETT, John; HULST GROENDYKE, Jennie
J:   JOHNSON, Joseph; JOHNSON, Margrate; JOHNSON, William; JOHNSON, William C; JOHNSON MORFITT, Mary A
K:   KLOCK, George N.; KNEPPER, William H.; KRUGER SMITH, Matilda
L:   LANE, Henry C.; LIAS, John Wesley; LIAS, Joseph O.; LLOYD RIDER, Jeanette E; LOCKWOOD, Russel B.; LOGAN MERWIN, Margaret; LYLE, William
M:   MARTIN, Robert; MATTSON MYERS, Harriet; MCCLELLAN, Marcellus G.; MENNIG, George; MERRILL, James M.; MERWIN, Cora L.; MERWIN, Daniel; MERWIN, Margaret; MERWIN NETTIE, B.; MESSER, Edwin P.; MOFFITT, Daniel; MORFITT, Daniel; MORFITT, Homer F; MORFITT, Mary A; MORFITT, Wayne; MYERS, Anna Elizabeth; MYERS, Dr. William Henry; MYERS, Ellerslie B.; MYERS, Harriet; MYERS NELSON, Margaret Elizabeth
N:   NELSON, Margaret Elizabeth; NETTIE, B.; NIRK, John
O:   OSGOOD, Clement C.; OSGOOD, Hattie M.; OSGOOD, Homer Lee; OSGOOD, Mabel O.; OSGOOD, Maron; OSGOOD, Maude E.; OSGOOD, Wilbur J.
P:   PATTERSON, George; PATTERSON, Iva Smith; PEDERSON, Blanche; PEDERSON, Christian; PEDERSON, Ellen; PEDERSON, Samuel George; PEDERSON PETERSON, Emma; PERKINS, Francis M.; PETERSON, Christian; PETERSON, Emma; PHILBY, Enoch; POTTER SMITH, Noma D.; POWELL, Lucy; POWELL, William J.; POWELL WILSEY, Ida May; POWERS, Ai Seeley; POWERS, Emeline; POWERS POWELL, Lucy
R:   RICHARDS MYERS, Anna Elizabeth; RIDER, Emily; RIDER, James E; RIDER, Jeanette E; RIDER, Joseph; RIDER, Lee R; ROBBINS CHAPIN, Laura M; ROBERTS, James
S:   SCOTT, Henry [Harry] A.; SEIDEL, Joseph; SHRIVER, James M.; SHRIVER, Sarah J.; SLEEPER, Addie M.; SLEEPER, George Wells; SLEEPER, Julia Frances; SLEEPER, Raymond A.; SLEEPER, William H.; SMEAD, Seth R.; SMITH, Addie Tefft; SMITH, Christian; SMITH, Clara; SMITH, Elizabeth Jayne; SMITH, Etta; SMITH, George; SMITH, Joseph A.; SMITH, Matilda; SMITH, Mattie M.; SMITH, Noma D.; SMITH, William M.; SMITH BOSMA, Nancy; SMITH HINDT, Fannie; STINSON, Alice D.; STINSON, Helen; STINSON, John A.; STONE, Josiah F.; STONE, Josiah F.; STRONG, William N.; STUMPF, Leonard A.
V:   VOSS, Hattie; VOSS, Winant; VROOMAN, David K.
W:   WARD, Edwin A.; WELLMAN, Horace; WHITMORE, Ezra; WILSEY, George W.; WILSEY, Ida May; WILSEY CHURCH, Dorothy Mae; WINCHESTER, Benhadad Benjamin; WINCHESTER, Permelia; WINTER, Henry H.; WOLFE, Mathilda; WOLFE, Robert; WOOD, John; WOODS, Bessie; WOODS, Wallace; WYKOFF, James

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