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Klein Cemetery - Muscatine County, Iowa

522 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 2/13/16 at 5:00:15 AM CST

A:   ANDREAS, Adam; ANDREAS, Carrie M.; ANDREAS, Elizabeth; ANDREAS, Harry A.; ANTHONY, Hannah L.; ANTHONY, Judith T.; ANTHONY, Thomas C.
B:   BACHELOR HAHN, Mary H.; BALLENGER, Daughter; BEATTY, Debra J.; BISHOP, Bert; BISHOP, Father; BISHOP, H. Frank; BISHOP, Mary C.; BISHOP, Mother; BISHOP, Ollie; BOGGS, Cynthia A.; BOORN, Inez L.; BOORN, Paul E.; BROWN, Eden; BROWN, Edward E.; BROWN, Elizabeth; BROWN, Mary; BROWN, Thomas H.; BRUMBAUGH, C. S.; BRUMBAUGH, Noami; BRYANT, Conrad D.; BRYANT, Ida Mae; BRYANT, Ulysses L.
C:   CAMPBELL, John A.; CAMPBELL, Julia A.; CANAAR, Ida Mae; CANAAR, Oscar C.; CANAAR, Robert E.; CHAFFEE BEATTY, Debra J.; CHRISTY, Ronald K.; CLOUGH, David; CLOUGH, David; CLOUGH, Edith; CLOUGH, F. Lewis; CLOUGH, Father; CLOUGH, George M.; CLOUGH, George M.; CLOUGH, John; CLOUGH, John N.; CLOUGH, John N.; CLOUGH, Lewis; CLOUGH, Mary; CLOUGH, Mother; CLOUGH, Mother; COOLEY, Clarence; COOLEY, Doris Helen; COOLEY, Vella; CORIELL, America; CORIELL, Elizabeth; CORIELL, Isaac; CORIELL, Martha; CORIELL, Sela W.; CORRIELL, Chester C.; CORRIELL, Lucinda H.; CORRIELL, Sanford L.; COTTRELL, Danny Lee; CREPS, Cora; CREPS, Hugh H.; CREPS, Louis; CROMER, Charles C.; CROMER, Family Stone; CROMER, George J.; CROMER, Lydia; CROMER, Sarah
D:   DARR, E.; DARR, Julia O.; DENKMAN, Eugene 'Gene'; DENKMAN, Ralph E.; DENKMAN, Ruth K.; DICKEY, Ardith D.; DICKEY, Bart Dean; DICKEY, Leland R.; DICKEY, Viola E.; DODGE, Milton; DOERFLER, George; DOERFLER, George; DORFLER, Barbara; DOUGLAS, Jason; DUNBAR, Clarence Emery
E:   ELLIOTT, Betty V.; ELLIOTT, Maurice 'Bill'; ELLIOTT GERTH, Joyce Edna; ENGLE, Benjamin W.; ENGLE, Child; ENGLE, Sarah; ENGLE, V. W.; EVELAND, Augusta; EVELAND, Beal D.; EVELAND, Evaline J.; EVELAND, Eveland J.; EVELAND, Family Monument; EVELAND, Father; EVELAND, Frank P.; EVELAND, James; EVELAND, John; EVELAND, Johnson; EVELAND, Joseph; EVELAND, Jospeh J.; EVELAND, Mary Isabella
F:   FISCH, Conrad; FISCH, Elizabeth; FISCH, J. G.; FISCHER, Carl T.; FISCHER, Minnie F.; FOSTER, Frances; FOSTER, Harmon; FOSTER, Levenia; FOSTER, Walter; FOX, Alice; FOX, Alice; FOX, Fred; FRENZEL, Annie E.; FRENZEL, Christoph; FRENZEL, Family Monument; FRENZEL, George M.; FRENZEL, John A.; FREYMARK, August; FRYBERGER, Andrew W.; FRYBERGER, Augusta E.; FRYBERGER, Family Monument; FRYBERGER, Hester E.; FRYBERGER, Hester E.; FRYBERGER, Infant Son; FRYBERGER, Infant Son; FRYBERGER, Jennetta; FRYBERGER, Jennetta; FRYBERGER, Wilson; FRYBERGER, Wm. B.
G:   GERTH, Gerald Ward; GERTH, Joyce Edna; GLICK, Florence C.; GLICK, Florence C.; GRAY GLICK, Florence C.; GREER, Warren E. Jr.; GRIM, Joyce; GRUNDER, Janyce F.
H:   HAHN, Anna E.; HAHN, Earlen J.; HAHN, Family Monument; HAHN, Father; HAHN, Infant Son; HAHN, Mary H.; HAHN, Mother; HAHN, Paulus; HANKINS, Chas. T.; HANKINS, Evelyn; HANKINS, Evelyn M.; HANKINS, Grace; HANKINS, Grace B.; HANKINS, Leon T.; HANKINS, Leon T.; HANKINS, Paul R.; HARRISON, Alberta; HARRISON, Alvin A., Jr.; HARRISON, Alvin Sr.; HATHAWAY, Children; HATHAWAY, Clyde G.; HATHAWAY, Georgia L.; HATHAWAY, Kay Duane; HATHAWAY, Seward T.; HATHAWAY, Sylvester D.; HAYES MCKILLIP, Ella; HEALEY, William; HEDRICK, Kathryn I.; HENDRICK, Kenneth F.; HODSON, Family Monument; HODSON, Susan; HOHN, Lawrence; HOLLADAY, James D. 'Panther'; HOLLMAN, Frank Edward; HOLMES, Anna M.; HOLMES, Ivan 'Jake' R.; HONTS, Joshua Joseph; HORSELEY, R. P.; HORSLEY, Cora; HOSKINS, Anna E.; HOSKINS, Family Monument; HOSKINS, Stephen M.; HOSKINS SMITH, Margaret; HUCKE, Anna Katherina; HUCKE, C. Elizabeth; HUCKE, Conrad; HUCKE, Lillian E.; HUCKE, Orval H.; HURSHMAN, Peter
I:   IVEY, William H.
J:   JAMES, Ruth A.; JEWETT, Clara Elizabeth; JOHNSON, Sololmon C.; JUGENHEIMER, Sarah F.
K:   KAUFMANN, Family Monument; KAUFMANN, Father; KAUFMANN, Fred F.; KAUFMANN, Katharine K.; KAUFMANN, Mother; KILE, Albert; KILE, Henry; KILE, Pearl; KING, Martha A.; KLEIN, Barbara; KLEIN, Barbara; KLEIN, Clara K.; KLEIN, Harold L.; KLEIN, Katharine; KLEIN, Katharine; KLEIN, Katherine; KLEIN, Lizzie; KLEIN, Lorentz; KLEIN, Lorenz; KLEIN, Paulus; KLEIN, Paulus
L:   L., J. A.; LANFIER, Edna J.; LANFIER, Viola M.; LANFIER, Viola M.; LANFIER, William H.; LARSON, John A.; LASCHANZKY, Arthur H.; LASCHANZKY, Helen M.; LASCHANZKY, Jack; LATTA, Emily A.; LATTA, Isabel; LATTA, Moses; LAW MCKILLIP, Flora M.; LAWRENCE BROWN, Mary; LEWIS, Blanche A.; LEWIS, Charles F.; LODGE, Milton; LONGSTRETH, Frank K.; LONGSTRETH, Louvina E.; LONGSTRETH OELERICH, Marjorie May; LUCAS, Joseph; LUCAS, William H.
M:   MALONE, Elva H.; MALONE, Fred S.; MALONE, Rose Marie; MANLY, Chas. F.; MANLY, Chas. F. Jr.; MANLY, Effie C.; MANLY, Ervin C.; MANLY, Frank C.; MANLY, Jessie M.; MANLY, Lydia E.; MANLY, Sarah A.; MARTIN, Arthur; MARTIN, Clara M.; MARTIN, Clara Mae; MARTIN, Clarence; MARTIN, Della; MARTIN, Ethel; MARTIN, Ethel; MARTIN, Frank W.; MARTIN, Frank W.; MARTIN, Infant Twins; MARTIN, Infants; MARTIN, Mother; MARTIN, Mother; MATHIS, Anna Grace; MATHIS, Family Monument; MATHIS, John D.; MATHIS, Lizzie C.; MATHIS, Sarah Olive; MAYLONE, A. G.; MAYLONE, Babies; MAYLONE, Carl L.; MAYLONE, Carol L.; MAYLONE, Charles E.; MAYLONE, Christine Lynn; MAYLONE, Darlene J.; MAYLONE, Dolores M.; MAYLONE, Donna M.; MAYLONE, Ella E.; MAYLONE, Eugene; MAYLONE, Eugene E.; MAYLONE, George C.; MAYLONE, Gertrude E.; MAYLONE, Harry H.; MAYLONE, Isabelle; MAYLONE, John J., Sr.; MAYLONE, John W.; MAYLONE, Kenneth D.; MAYLONE, Lois M.; MAYLONE, Margaret A.; MAYLONE, Marjorie J.; MAYLONE, Mary G.; MAYLONE, Melissa Ann; MAYLONE, Nellie M.; MAYLONE, Nina M.; MAYLONE, Paul W.; MAYLONE, Stella; MAYLONE, Thomas E. Jr.; MAYLONE, Wm. H.; MCCONNAHA, Clayton G.; MCCONNAHA, Della A.; MCCONNAHA, Family Monument; MCCONNAHA, Helen; MCCONNAHA, John N.; MCCONNAHA, U. S. Grant; MCCONNELL, James F.; MCKILLIP, Daniel; MCKILLIP, Ella; MCKILLIP, Eva May; MCKILLIP, Family Monument; MCKILLIP, Flora M.; MCKILLIP, Frank A.; MCKILLIP, Hugh; MCKILLIP, Hugh; MCKILLIP, Keil Mark; MCKILLIP, Leona F.; MCKILLIP, Leoneora E.; MCKILLIP, Margaret; MCKILLIP, Marguerite; MCKILLIP, Mark; MCKILLIP, Mark 'Mike'; MCKILLIP, Mary E.; MCKILLIP, Ora Lucille; MCKILLIP, Wm. C.; MCKINNEY, Arthur B.; MCKINNEY, Fred; MCKINNEY, Mary J.; MCKINNEY, William F.; MENTINK, Allen; MENTINK, Clara M.; MENTINK, Edward Wm.; MENTINK, Ethel; MENTINK, Garret W.; MENTINK, Garret W.; MENTINK, George W.; MENTINK, Harry; MENTINK, Jo Hannah; MENTINK, Ruth; MENTINK, Vera M.; MENTINK GRIM, Joyce; MENTINK WOLFORD, Pearl; METTEER, George; METTEER, Mary K.; MILDER, Edwin Joseph; MILLER, Anna; MILLER, Edith; MILLER, Edith; MILLER, Edward; MILLER, Family Monument; MILLER, Fredrick; MILLER, Fredrick; MILLER, Fredrick E.; MILLER, Henry; MILLER, Lyall C.; MILLER, Martha; MILLER, Martha E.; MILLER, Sophia; MILLER, Susan; MOORE, Curtis L.; MOORE, John W.
O:   O'DONNELL, DeAnne Leigh; O'DONNELL, Matthew Charles; O'DONNELL, Matthew Charles; OELERICH, Marjorie May; OVESON, George
P:   PALLISCHECK, Virginia L. 'Ginger'; PENDELL, Elmer Dallas; PENDELL, Vera Virginia; PETERS, Ellen C.; PETERS, Marvin R.; PHILLIPS, Harlan Samuel 'Skeeter'; PHILLIPS, June Marion 'Tillie'; PHILLIPS SIVIA, Delores June 'Dee Dee'; PILGRAM, Henry; PILGRAM, John; PILGRAM, Mary E.; PILGRAM LANFIER, Viola M.; PRILGRAM, Ana Elisabeth
R:   RAMIREZ, Dorothy M.; RANNE, Peter; REED, Allen; REED, Anita Elsie; REED, Anna B.; REED, B. M.; REED, Charles E.; REED, Charles Wayne; REED, Family Monument; REED, Father; REED, George W.; REED, Gerald W.; REED, Harold F.; REED, Harry P.; REED, Jessie L.; REED, Louisa; REED, Mabel L.; REED, Mother; REED, Nellie; REED, Nellie; REED, Perry; REED, Thomas J.; REED, Walter Clifford; REED REICHERT, Elaine F.; REICHERT, Elaine F.; REICHERT, Richard D.; REYNOLDS, Esther C.; REYNOLDS, Family Monument; REYNOLDS, Jannetta; REYNOLDS, Wm.; ROTTMAN, Charles H.; RUCKDESCHEL, Eva; RUCKDESCHEL, Flora; RUCKDESCHEL, John C.
S:   SATTERTHWAITE, Alice; SATTERTHWAITE, Almeria; SATTERTHWAITE, Beth; SATTERTHWAITE, Blanche; SATTERTHWAITE, Blanche; SATTERTHWAITE, Cyrus; SATTERTHWAITE, Elizabeth 'Beth'; SATTERTHWAITE, Father; SATTERTHWAITE, George; SATTERTHWAITE, Howard; SATTERTHWAITE, Infant Daughter; SATTERTHWAITE, Isaac B.; SATTERTHWAITE, John; SATTERTHWAITE, Laura; SATTERTHWAITE, Maynard; SATTERTHWAITE, Maynard; SATTERTHWAITE, Mother; SATTERTHWAITE, Sarah; SCHAFNIT, Cornelia; SCHAFNIT, Cornelia; SCHMIDT, Emma M.; SCHMIDT, Mother; SCHMITT, Aaron W.; SCHMITT, Ada M.; SCHMITT, Bertha A.; SCHMITT, Cyril E.; SCHMITT, Geroge E.; SCHMITT, Harold R.; SCHMITT, Maxine K.; SCHMITT, William H.; SCHOMBERG, Elizabeth; SCHUESSLER, Anna; SCHUESSLER, Eva; SCHUESSLER, Gustuf; SCHUESSLER, Walter; SCHUESSLER, William; SCHUETER, Gary Lee; SEAMER, Francis 'Butch'; SEAMER, Francis M.; SHAFFER, Lydia; SHAFFNITT, Jacob; SHANNON, Ervin; SHANNON, Frank; SHANNON, Wilma; SISK PHILLIPS, June Marion 'Tillie'; SIVIA, Delores 'Dee Dee'; SIVIA, Delores June 'Dee Dee'; SIVIA, Ernest Edward; SIVIA, Ernest Edward Sr.; SMITH, Elanor; SMITH, James; SMITH, Kermit H.; SMITH, Margaret; SMITH, Morris J.; SMITH, William W.; SMITH SNIDER, Janet L.; SNIDER, Hilbert 'Hib'; SNIDER, Janet L.; SROUP, Josephine L.; STONE, Elizabeth E.; STONE, Elizabeth E.; STORM, Annie E.; STORM, Charles F.; STROCK, Andrew; STROUP, Charles W.; STROUP, Jessie
U:   UMLANDT, Lucy; UNKNOWN, Leona; UNKNOWN, Oliver
W:   WALKER, Bertha; WALKER, Darline R.; WALKER, Elizabeth; WALKER, Emma; WALKER, Emma; WALKER, Father; WALKER, Gilbert L.; WALKER, Lewis; WALKER, Malissa; WALKER, Malissa; WALKER, Mother; WALKER, Sid; WEIKERT, William; WILL, Christ N.; WILL, Christian; WILL, Family Monument; WILL, Family Monument; WILL, Francis Jerry; WILL, Frank W.; WILL, George; WILL, George J.; WILL, George W.; WILL, Gertrude; WILL, Harlan Karl; WILL, Infant Daughter; WILL, John; WILL, John C.; WILL, Katie L.; WILL, Margaret; WILL, Nicholas; WILL, Sophia M.; WILL, Walter P.; WILL, Walter Peter; WILL UMLANDT, Lucy; WINDMAN, Charley C.; WINDMAN, Fred; WINDMAN, John M.; WINDMAN, William; WOLFORD, James M.; WOLFORD, Pearl

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