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Gerholdt Cemetery - Black Hawk County, Iowa

164 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 10/16/17 at 6:00:11 AM CDT

B:   BENHAM, Anne; BENHAM, EMB (Eva); BENHAM, Eva Maud; BENHAM, George; BENHAM, Hiram E; BENHAM, MF; BENHAM, TAB (Theodore); BENHAM, Theodore A; BENHAM, Theodore A; BENHAM, William A; BENHAM, William J; BENHAM, WJB (William); BOVEE, B
C:   COLE GRAHAM, Louisa
F:   FEIST, Caroline W; FEIST, Frank C; FEIST, Minnie; FEIST, Rosa Elizabeth; FELTON, JF (John); FELTON, John; FORD, Family; FORD, Henry J; FORD, Lark L; FORD, Lillian M; FORD, Martha; FORD, Mary; FRANZKA, Caroline
G:   GERHOLDT, ABG (Abner); GERHOLDT, Albert A; GERHOLDT, Anna C; GERHOLDT, Carl; GERHOLDT, Charles F; GERHOLDT, Esther; GERHOLDT, Father; GERHOLDT, FHG (Freddie); GERHOLDT, Freddie H; GERHOLDT, JH; GERHOLDT, John H; GERHOLDT, JPG (Joseph); GERHOLDT, Leonora; GERHOLDT, Mother; GERHOLDT, Mother Father; GERHOLDT, Robert; GERHOLT, Mary; GRAHAM, Abner B; GRAHAM, Joseph P; GRAHAM, Louisa
H:   HACKETT, Family; HACKETT, Janetta; HACKETT, JH (Janetta); HACKETT, JH (John); HACKETT, John; HACKETT, TH (Thomas); HACKETT, Thomas; HACKETT, WAH (Wm); HACKETT, Wm Alonzo; HELDT, ME; HELDT, Sherlotta
J:   JANES, Baby; JANES, Charles; JANES, DG; JANES, DGJ (DG); JANES, EJ (Ellen); JANES, Elery L; JANES, Eliza; JANES, Ellen; JANES, EWJ (Eliza); JANES, LAJ (Laura Ann); JANES, LAJ (Lucy A); JANES, Laura Ann; JANES, LJ (Laura); JANES, LJ (Lyman); JANES, Lucy A; JANES, Lucy A; JANES, Lyman; JONES, Elery L; JONES, Lucy A
L:   LENT, Franklin
M:   MARK, Jeff; MARK, Jeffrey W; MARK, Jorjean; MARK, Jorjean M; MARK, Julie; MARK, Julie J; MARK, Les; MARK, Leslie W; MARK, Thomas C; MARK, Wayne C; MARKS, JorJean; MATZ, Adolph; MATZ, Adolphus F; MATZ, Budd; MATZ, Juliana H; MCNALLY, Eliza; MCNALLY, EM (Elia); MCNALLY, EM (Eliza); MCNALLY, JM (John); MCNALLY, JM (John); MCNALLY, John; MILLER, Brother; MILLER, Ellis; MILLER, Frederick W; MILLER, Frederick W; MILLER, Frederick W; MILLER, George; MILLER, Jacde; MILLER, Jennie; MILLER, Margaret; MILLER, Margaret; MILLER, Matthias; MILLER, Minnie; MILLER, Percy; MILLER, Sarah; MILLER, Sarah; MILLER, Sarah; MORGAN, Andrew; MORGAN, Hattie M; MORGAN, J; MORGAN, John; MORGAN, Mary Ann
N:   NELSON, Jean Anne; NELSON, Leon Allen; NEWELL, Charles; NEWELL, EAN (Eva); NEWELL, Eva Augusta; NEWELL, FEN (Florence); NEWELL, Florence Elma; NEWELL, Florence Elma; NEWELL, GEN (George); NEWELL, George E; NEWELL, Martha; NEWELL, MEN (Martha); NEWELL, MN (Martha); NEWELL, Unknown
R:   RABE, Christian F; RABE, John F; RABE, John F; RABE, Sophia E; RABE, Sophia E
S:   SIEPERT, Johann F; SIEPERT, Johann F
U:   ULLRICH, Family; ULLRICH, Henrich A; ULLRICH, JAU; ULLRICH, Margaret; ULLRICH, MU (Margaret); ULLRICH, Valtine; ULLRICH, VU (Valtine); UNKNOWN, Infant
V:   VANGUNDY, Enogh; VANGUNDY, EV (Enogh); VANGUNDY, Mary Geneva; VANGUNDY, MGV (Mary); VOSSBERG, Johann WC
W:   WEBSTER, Abigail S; WEBSTER, ASW (Abigail); WEBSTER, AW (Allen); WEBSTER JANES, Eliza

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