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North Grove Cemetery - Mills County, Iowa

385 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 2/12/19 at 6:00:11 AM CST

A:   ABEL, Mary L.; ABEL, Otto A.; ADAMS, E. Darlene; ADAMS, Francis E.
B:   BAKER, Albert R.; BAKER, Margret E.; BENEDICT, Horace S.; BENEDICT, Jane L.; BENEDICT DEWOLF, Daisy; BLACKMAN, Adline; BLACKMAN, Adline; BLACKMAN, Charles H.; BLACKMAN, David S.; BLACKMAN, Phyllis G.; BLACKMAN, Tho's H.; BLACKMAN MORSE, Dora A.; BLACKMAN ROBERTS, Francis Delinda; BOWEN, Alexander; BOWEN, Alexander M.; BOWEN, Cassina; BOWEN, Elizabeth; BOWEN, Emma A.; BOWEN, Franklin C.; BOWEN, Franklin G.; BOWEN, George; BOWEN, George M.; BOWEN, Grigg M.; BOWEN, Jack E.; BOWEN, James W.; BOWEN, Joey; BOWEN, Linda L.; BOWEN, Lorena; BOWEN, Mamie C.; BOWEN, Mark W.; BOWEN, Neva D.; BOWEN, Nicholas James; BOWEN, Nicholas James; BOWEN, Ruth M.; BOWEN, Samuel A.; BOWEN, Virginia R.; BOWEN, Walter G.; BOWEN, Weeren G.; BOWEN, Wilber E.; BOWEN SCOTT, Lucinda Aldina; BOWMAN, Alexander; BOWMAN EDIE, Permelia "Milly" "Amelia"; BRADWAY, Evalena A.; BRADWAY, Lloyd L.; BRADWAY, Loyd; BRIGGS, Charles M.; BRITTON, Roy W.; BROWN, Henry; BROWN, Joseph; BROWN CROSS, Ida
C:   CAMPBELL, Ira P.; CAMPBELL, Rebecca; CAMPBELL, William; CARRAHER, Fredy; CARRAHER, Infant Daughter; CARY, Elizabeth H.; CARY, Shepherd; CARY BLACKMAN, Adline; CARY EDIE, Elizabeth; CHENEY, Silas Charles; CLARK, Enid Lorraine; CLARK, Marie H.; CLINE, Clara S.; CONVERSE, Fannie L.; COZAD, James E.; COZAD, Lottie P.; CROSS, Ida; CROSS, Ida M.; CUNNINGHAM, Carmelia Pl; CUNNINGHAM, George M.; CUNNINGHAM, Henry; CUNNINGHAM, James; CURTIS, Thomas
D:   DALRYMPLE, Albert B.; DANLEY, Maxine Thursa; DANNELLY, David Louis; DANNELLY, Florence Ellen; DANNELLY, James; DANNELLY, James; DANNELLY, Martha E.; DANNELLY, Martha E.; DEWOLF, Daisy; DUNBAR, Elizabeth Buelah; DUNBAR, Homer Ancil; DUNBAR, James; DUNBAR, Margaret Ellen; DUNBAR, Marilla C.; DUNBAR, Orville L.; DUNBAR SCOTT, Betty Fern
E:   EATON, Carrie; EATON, Louis I.; EATON, Richard F.; EATON, Sarah J.; EDGINGTON GUSTIN, Mary Polly Ann; EDIE, Albert Galatin; EDIE, Burl B.; EDIE, Carl W.; EDIE, Carl W.; EDIE, Darwin; EDIE, Dorothy M.; EDIE, Edwin Albert; EDIE, Elizabeth; EDIE, Emma Mae; EDIE, Isaac; EDIE, John A.; EDIE, John Andrew; EDIE, Joseph; EDIE, Oscar F.; EDIE, Oscar Francis; EDIE, Permelia "Milly" "Amelia"; EDIE, Raymond T.; EDIE, Sarah; EDIE, Sarah J.; EDIE, Thursa L.; EDIE JAMES, Nettie Minerva; EDIE SCOTT, Emma Mae
F:   FISHER, Elsie; FISHER, George; FISHER, Infant Son; FISHER, Infant Son; FISHER, Jessie B.; FISHER, Percy; FISHER, Viola; FISHER, Walter A.; FLEMING, Andrew G.; FLEMING, Harold D.; FLEMING, Harold E.; FLEMING, Jimmy; FLEMING, Julia O.; FLEMING, Lena; FLEMING, Loretta; FLEMING, Russell J.; FLEMING, Wayne F.; FLEMING KINDIG, Myrtle V.; FORESTER MORSE, Elizabeth; FREEMAN, William S.
G:   GABHART, Donna; GOLTRY, Robert L.; GORRELL, Daisy E.; GORRELL, James H.; GREEN, B. M.; GUSTIN, Charles E.; GUSTIN, Esther; GUSTIN, Infant Daughter; GUSTIN, Mary Polly Ann; GUSTIN EDIE, Sarah
H:   HAMEL, Lillian; HANEY, Bonnie; HANEY, George W.; HANEY, Hester Mae; HANEY, Mary E.; HANEY, Mary E.; HANEY, Nancy C.; HANEY, Paul; HANEY, Squair T.; HANEY, W. Frank; HATHAWAY, Catharine; HATHAWAY, Catharine; HATHAWAY, Joseph; HATHAWAY, Mark; HIXSON, Donald L.; HIXSON, Goldie A.; HIXSON, Lyle Laverne; HODGE EDIE, Emma Mae; HONEYMAN, Elizabeth; HORST, Kenneth P.; HOYT, Hiram; HOYT, Sarah; HUNT, Massie A.; HUNT, Winfield S.; HUNTER, William; HUNTSMAN, Alfred; HUNTSMAN, Alfred; HUNTSMAN, Ambrosia; HUNTSMAN, F. M.; HUNTSMAN, Hannah; HUNTSMAN, Harry; HUNTSMAN, Nancy; HUNTSMAN, Perry; HURD, Carrie; HURD, Jesse E.; HURD DUNBAR, Elizabeth Buelah; HUTCHINGS, Dora; HUTCHINGS, Emma; HUTCHINGS, Harold; HUTCHINGS, Ira R.; HUTCHINGS, Maggie; HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth
I:   IMEL, Clarence A.; IMEL, Elizabeth; IMEL, Ethel H.; IMEL, John; IMEL, John; IMEL SCOTT, Xira M.
J:   JAMES, Charles Alonzo; JAMES, Goldie Marie; JAMES, Nettie Minerva
K:   KELLER, Herman N.; KELLER, Mary C.; KELLER GUSTIN, Esther; KERNS, Audrey M.; KERNS, William E.; KINDIG, Dwain E.; KINDIG, Myrtle V.; KINDIG, Russell Page
L:   LEMONS, Fred; LEMONS, Myrtle A.; LEWIS, Ethel; LEWIS, Katharine; LEWIS, Lillian Easter; LEWIS, Otho W.; LEWIS, William G.; LIVELY, Catharine M.; LLOYD, Elizabeth; LLOYD, Henry; LOCKABILL SCOTT, Malverna Ruth
M:   MABBITT, Donald W.; MABBITT, Joseph; MABBITT, Kenneth Michael; MABBITT, Mary C.; MCDOWELL, Abbie; MCDOWELL, Louis V.; MCGREGOR, Elizabeth; MERWIN, Cora D.; MILLER, E. M. "Dutch"; MILLION LEWIS, Lillian Easter; MOORE, Samuel F.; MOORE, Virginia J.; MOORE, Virginia J.; MORSE, Alphonso; MORSE, Beulah M.; MORSE, Dora A.; MORSE, Dora A.; MORSE, Dora A.; MORSE, Edwin A.; MORSE, Elizabeth; MORSE, Ina e.; MORSE, Iva M.; MORSE, Joseph A.; MORSE, Lane F.; MORSE, Mary A.; MORSE, Mary D.; MORSE, Ralph E.; MORSE, Raymond C.
N:   NAUGLE, Belinda; NAUGLE, Delinda; NEWBERRY, Clarrie E.; NEWBERRY, Johnie; NEWBERRY, Mattie R.; NEWBERRY, Willie G.
O:   OLDHAM, Clint D.; OLDHAM, Clint D.; OLDHAM, Elsie; OSTRANDER, Lodemia; OSTRANDER, Milton J.; OWEN, Loami; OWEN, Minnie A.; OWEN, Samuel C.
P:   PARKER, Irene L.; PARKER, Joseph L.; PATTERSON, Iva; PICKERING, Agatha H.; PICKERING, Hallie C.; PORTER MOORE, Virginia J.; PRUETT, George; PRUETT LEWIS, Ethel
R:   RICHARDSON, Horace P.; RICHARDSON, Mary Francis; RICHARDSON, Paul; RICHARDSON, Paul W.; RIHNER, Lorraine P.; ROATH, Caroline; ROATH, Hannah J.; ROATH, James W.; ROATH, Laura S.; ROBERTS, Francis D.; ROBERTS, Francis Delinda; ROBERTS, James M.; ROBERTS, James Marion; ROBERTS, Mildred M.; ROBERTS, Ross G.; ROCKAFELLOW, Catherine; ROCKAFELLOW, John H.; ROLSTON, Amelia; ROLSTON, Elizabeth; ROLSTON, Elizabeth; ROLSTON, Timothy; ROSS, Charles; ROSS, Charles; ROSS, Polly; ROSS, Polly
S:   SALMONS, Amanda; SALMONS, Amy J.; SALMONS, Anna M.; SALMONS, Clyde L.; SALMONS, Euphie H.; SALMONS, Eva M.; SALMONS, Fay W.; SALMONS, Ivan J.; SALMONS, John; SALMONS, John H.; SALMONS, John Randolph; SALMONS, Randolph; SALMONS, Sarah, James, Rebecca, Henry; SALMONS PATTERSON, Iva; SCOTT, Alfred M.; SCOTT, Bert L.; SCOTT, Betty Fern; SCOTT, Carl W.; SCOTT, Carl Woodrow; SCOTT, Charles E.; SCOTT, Edward W.; SCOTT, Emma Mae; SCOTT, Grace Edith; SCOTT, Harold I.; SCOTT, Iva Content; SCOTT, Jack Charles; SCOTT, John E.; SCOTT, Lucinda Aldina; SCOTT, Malverna Ruth; SCOTT, Mary Lucille; SCOTT, Ross LeRoy; SCOTT, Walter L.; SCOTT, Xira M.; SCOTT GABHART, Donna; SHANNON RICHARDSON, Mary Francis; SIMPSON, Infant Son; SMITH, Gracie E.; SMITH, Isaac N.; SMITH, Isaac N.; STOCKSTELL, Lena; STOCKSTELL, Lena Eileen; STOCKSTELL, Orval; STOCKSTELL, Orval Bryan; STROUD, Charlotte Alta; STROUD, Edwin; STROUD, Leroy; STROUD, Nellie M.; STROUD, R. Roxy; STROUD, Richard Dean; STROUD, Russell Norman
T:   THOMAS, Ammon J.; THOMAS, Carrie A.; THOMAS, Donald D.; THOMAS, Flossie L.; THOMAS, Lester L.; THOMAS, Mae L.; THOMAS, Mersyl J.; THOMAS, Walter W.; TURNBEAUGH, Donald; TURNER, Jess; TURNER, Jess
W:   WARNKE, Carol M.; WARNKE, Kenneth C.; WATSON, C. S.; WATSON, Hanna E.; WATSON, Margaret; WATSON, William; WAYMIRE, Brent David; WAYMIRE, J. Everett; WAYMIRE, Mildred G.; WHEELER, Herbert; WINGER, Olive; WINGER, Olive; WINGER, Samuel; WINGER, Samuel; WINTERS, Blanche; WINTERS, Duane W.; WINTERS, Duane W.; WINTERS, Faye L.; WINTERS, Floyd E.; WINTERS, Gayle; WINTERS, George E.; WINTERS, Martha A.; WINTERS, Paul; WINTERS, Paul; WINTERS, Roy
Y:   YOUNG, Matt L.; YOUNG, Mildred L.; YOUNG, Rose Ella; YOUNG, Wilbur

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