Clark Cemetery - Madison County, Iowa

A:   ACKELSON, Ruby Aleatha; ADAMSON, Martha J.; ALEXANDER, Agnes; ALEXANDER, Electa Ann; ALEXANDER, George Banks; ALEXANDER, Infant Daughter; ALLEN, Easter Mae; ANDERSON, Gladys Ilene A.; ANDERSON, Merle Andrew
B:   BANCROFT, George; BANCROFT, Sarah; BATTON, Fanny E.; BATTON, Fanny E.; BEARDSLEY, Mary; BECKER, Christena; BERTHOLF, Clara E.; BERTHOLF, Edith; BERTHOLF, Ellis Elwood; BERTHOLF, Geneva; BERTHOLF, Halden Starr; BERTHOLF, James L.; BERTHOLF, Leanna; BERTHOLF, Mary Ann; BERTHOLF, Mary LuRetta; BERTHOLF, Nellie; BERTHOLF, Wesley C.; BEVINS, Katherine "Kate"; BEVINS, S.Henry; BLOHM, Herman Julius; BOLING, Arthursa; BOLING, Blufford; BOLING, Charles; BOLING, Edward L.; BOLING, Family Stone; BOLING, Mollie; BOLING, Mollie; BOLING, Samuel Huston; BRANAMAN, Josephine Jeanette; BULLOCK, Elbert; BULLOCK, Family Stone; BULLOCK, John D.; BULLOCK, Lucy Belle
C:   CALLAWAY, Abraham; CALLISON, Albert Andrew; CALLISON, Christopher Scott; CALLISON, Christopher Scott; CALLISON, Delila A.; CALLISON, Eliza; CALLISON, Emory Victor; CALLISON, Family Stone; CALLISON, Hazel Darlene; CALLISON, J. JoAnn; CALLISON, James Isaac; CALLISON, Julia Ann; CALLISON, Lloyd Bradshaw; CALLISON, Lowell Dwayne; CALLISON, Mary Emily; CALLISON, Pearl; CALLISON, Rufus Johnson; CALLISON, Victor; CALLISON, Victor L.; CALLISON, W. B.; CALLISON, William Clayton; CARLSON, George C.; CARLSON, Marian Josephine; CAVE, Nelson; CLARK, Elizabeth; CLARK, John E.; CLARK, Julia Ann; CLARK, Marion Morrison; CLARK, Nathaniel; CLARK, William J.; COAKLEY, Jeremiah; COAKLEY, Susanna; COOK, Amanda Jane; COOK, Charles W.; COOK, Marion F.; COOK, Thomas Evert; COOK, Thomas Groves; CRESAP, Dwight L; CRESAP, Janice E.; CRESAP, Mark Allen; CUMMINS, Amariah B.; CUMMINS, Bernice Aldeth; CUMMINS, Earl B.; CUMMINS, Family Stone; CUMMINS, Francis Marion (Frank); CUMMINS, Gustavus Adolphus; CUMMINS, Lela A.; CUMMINS, Marion M.; CUMMINS, Mary Isabella; CUMMINS, Mary Jane
D:   DEMAR, Hattie; DEMAR, William Grant; DUFF, Karen Margaret
F:   FAUX, Barbara Jean; FAUX, Russell E. "Hobie"; FINK, Myrtle Daisy; FISHER, Louis L.; FISHER, Mary J.; FISHER, Medorah; FLEMING, Anna Belle; FLEMING, David Gene; FLEMING, Hazel; FLEMING, John Grant; FLEMING, Vera M.; FOLLMER, Ruth Fidilla; FORSYTH, Virginia Louise; FORSYTH, Wilbur Duane; FORYSTH, Wilbur D; FREDERICK, Frederica; FREDERICK, Frederick; FREDRICKSON, Ada May; FREDRICKSON, Family Headstone; FREDRICKSON, Infant; FREDRICKSON, John Milton; FREDRICKSON, Mildred Amelia; FREIHAGE, Grant Alfred; FREIHAGE, Margaret L. Bivens
G:   GROUT, Charles Henry; GROUT, Claude Dwight; GROUT, Eleanor M.; GROUT, Gary Wayne; GROUT, Lois F.; GROUT, Loren Alan; GROUT, Loren Alan; GROUT, Mary Delila
H:   HAM, Donald E.; HAM, Karen Margaret; HANDLEY, Daisy Dean; HANDLEY, Horace Ezra "Ed"; HARDING, Clara Louise; HARTSOOK, Stella; HENRY, Beverly Jo; HESS, Flora Ethel M.; HESS, Glen William; HESS, Laura May; HESS, Omer Everett; HOLT, Josephine Jeanette; HUTCHINS, Annie; HUTTON, William B.
J:   JEFFS, Alfred C.; JEFFS, Alfred Edwin; JEFFS, Clarence G.; JEFFS, Dale Lee; JEFFS, Delia Myrtle; JEFFS, Easter Mae; JEFFS, Edward Oscar; JEFFS, Ernest C.; JEFFS, Family Headstone; JEFFS, Frances Ellen; JEFFS, Henry Cecil; JEFFS, James Lincoln; JEFFS, Lenora A.; JOHNSON, Daryle Lloyd; JOHNSON, Easter Mae; JOHNSON, Linda Jean
K:   KUKUK, Frederick; KUKUK, Frederick; KUKUK, Herman R.; KUKUK, Mary Fredrika
L:   LECOCQ, George C.; LECOCQ, Mary; LECOCQ, William Hippolyte; LINDQUIST, Charles Augustus; LINDQUIST, Charles J.; LITTON, Jimmie R.; LITTON, Wallace; LONGINAKER, Herbert L.; LONGINAKER, Isaac S.; LONGINAKER, Johanna "Hannah"; LONGINAKER, Laura T.; LONGINAKER, Thersa M.; LONGSHORE, John M.; LONGSHORE, Nancy Jane; LONGSHORE, Thomas; LORD, Ladoska Eloise
M:   MACUMBER, Alexander; MACUMBER, Alonzo "Lon"; MACUMBER, Andrew; MACUMBER, Avery Winfield; MACUMBER, Clarinda; MACUMBER, Elizabeth; MACUMBER, Ella K.; MACUMBER, Ellsworth; MACUMBER, Elwood; MACUMBER, Helen Marie; MACUMBER, Henry; MACUMBER, Infant; MACUMBER, Infant; Macumber, Infant Son; MACUMBER, Iris Elizabeth; MACUMBER, James E.; MACUMBER, John Averill; MACUMBER, Mildred N.; MACUMBER, Morris Minville; MACUMBER, Nancy Olive; MACUMBER, Ora; MACUMBER, Peter; MACUMBER, Robert R.; MACUMBER, Robert R.; MACUMBER, Sarah M.; MACUMBER, Tena Elvira "Ella"; MACUMBER, Verna Ceola; MACUMBER, Vivian A.; MACUMBER, William Emory; MACUMBER, Winifred Leone; MCKIBBAN, Columbus; MCKIBBAN, James; MCKIBBAN, James Felton; MCKIBBAN, John R.; MCKIBBAN, Joseph; MCKIBBAN, Josiah; MCKIBBAN, Lee Vincent; MCKIBBAN, Louden R.; MCKIBBAN, Lucille Irene; MCKIBBAN, Lucinda "Lucy"; MCKIBBAN, Marjorie Katherine; MCKIBBAN, Mary; MCKIBBAN, Nelson J.; MCKIBBAN, Neva Beulah; MCKIBBAN, Ray; MCKIBBAN, Roy; MCKIBBAN, Sarah Ann; MCKIBBAN, Sylvester; MOORE, Mary I.; MUNDELL, Beulah Dessamond; MURRELL, Jennie
O:   OGDEN, Flora
P:   PARKER, Bernice Katherine; PARKER, Carl Raymond; PARKER, Raymond J.; PENNY, Wilma I.; PETTIT, Brian Loven; PETTIT, Lilbert Loven; PETTIT, Lilbert Loven; PETTIT, Sandra Vicki Inez.; PORTER, Fred Elsworth; PORTER, Myrtle Daisy; PORTER, Nancy Adeline; PORTER, Ransom M.
R:   RHODES, Delila L.; RHODES, Elizabeth Ann Frances; RHODES, James Nathaniel; RHODES, James Starr; RHODES, Jennie A.; RHODES, Lanoria; RHODES, Leston Clark; RIPPEY, Isabella; RIPPEY, Matthew Patterson; ROBY, Susan Rebecca; ROBY, William H.; ROSS, Elizabeth Myrtle "Lizzie"
S:   SAWHILL, Lois Maxine; SAWHILL, Ronald Wayne; SAWHILL, Wayne Gaylord; SEILER, Beulah Dessamond; SEILER, Clifford Russell; SEILER, Hazel Maurine; SEILER, John Alfred; SEILER, Nellie Grant; SEILER, Roena Ruth; SHAW, Mary Jane; SHAW, Thomas; SHEARER, Elijah; SHEARER, Emma Dora; SHEARER, Jeremiah; SHEARER, Mary; SHELDON, Josephine Jeanette; SMITH, Andrew M.; SMITH, Chester H.; SMITH, Daisy Dean; SMITH, Dale Leroy; SMITH, Ellis Clair; SMITH, Elmer Edward; SMITH, Elmer Edward; SMITH, Everett Ernest; SMITH, Frank E.; SMITH, Frederick T.; SMITH, Gailen James; SMITH, Gene Rogers; SMITH, Hyampsul A. "Hiram"; SMITH, Jennie May; SMITH, Lee H.; SMITH, Lois Rose; SMITH, Lon E.; SMITH, Lydia Ellen; SMITH, Mary I.; SMITH, Mildred Emma; SMITH, Myrlee Leota; SMITH, Ruth A.; SMITH, Ruth E.; SMITH, Sarah Ann; SMITH, Wilbur E. (Wib); STALCUP, Josephine Jeanette; STARR, James B.; STARR, Mary Jane "Jennie"; STUART, Lois E.; STUART, Ronald Louie
T:   TARBELL, Louisa; TARBELL, Nancy Josephine (Josie); TARBELL, Philip B.; TARBELL, Sarah B; TARBELL, William; TARBELL, William H.; THRIFT, Infant
U:   UNKNOWN, Metal Marker; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown
W:   WALLACE, Chester; WALLACE, Ethel G.; WALLACE, Helen Marie; WALLACE, Lloyd Alvin; WALLACE, Mary Elizabeth; WALLACE, Raymond L.; WEST, Carrie May; WEST, Martha E.; WHITE, Anna May; WHITE, Gertrude Mae; WHITE, Infant; WHITE, Jessie; WHITE, Sidney Merrill; WHITE, Sidney Robert; WOLF, Essie C.; WOLF, Laura Jane
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