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Salem Cemetery - Lucas County, Iowa

280 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 6/19/14 at 7:00:28 AM CDT

A:   ARNOLD, David Phetteplace; ARNOLD, Edward W.; ARNOLD, Kity; ARNOLD, M. & D.'s inf dau; ARNOLD, Sophia
B:   BECKER, Catherine M.; BECKER, Catherine M.; BECKER, Henry; BECKER, Jacob; BECKER, Peter; BECKER, Ralph John; BECKER ELLIS, Carrie; BRITT, Tom Roscoe; BRYANT, Family Stone; BRYANT, Floyd M.; BRYANT, Ira; BRYANT, Katheryn M.; BRYANT, Laura E.; BRYANT, W. W.
C:   CAMPBELL, Laburna A.; CAMPBELL, William J.; CHURCH, Salem; CLARK, George; CLARK, Harry L.; CLARK, Joe E.; CLARK, John H.; CLARK, Kity; CLARK, Rachel E.; CLARK, Will
D:   DAY, Margaret W.
E:   ELLIS, Carrie; EVANS, Elizabeth; EVANS, Rev. Marcus L.
F:   FOX, Earl; FOX, Isabelle; FOX, John N.; FULLER, Cecile; FULLER, Charles W.; FULLER, Claude C.
G:   GARTIN, C. C. S.; GARTIN, John L.; GARTIN, Ora L.; GOOKIN, Alexander; GOOKIN, Alma; GOOKIN, Craig; GOOKIN, Hazel; GOOKIN, Langdon; GOOKIN, Lydia A.; GOOKIN, Marshall A.; GOOKIN, Samuel; GOVE, Mary E.
H:   HALL, Maude; HARRIS, J. W. Henry; HATFIELD, Calvin E.; HATFIELD, Harlan Ellis; HATFIELD, Harlan Ellis; HATFIELD, Jesse F.; HATFIELD, Kenneth L.; HATFIELD, Lizzie; HATFIELD, Lois M.; HATFIELD, Martha J.; HATFIELD, Nadine I.; HATFIELD, Nancy Jane; HATFIELD, Robert D.; HATFIELD, Tessie A.; HATFIELD, Theodore W.; HATFIELD, Valaska B.; HAWK, George W.; HAWK, George W.; HAWK, Isaac; HAWK, Mary; HETSER EVANS, Elizabeth; HICKERSON, Elisabeth C.; HICKLE, Jacob E.; HICKLE, Rosa May; HILL, Josiah C.; HILL, Margaret E.; HOBSON, Ernest T.; HOBSON, Margret A.; HOBSON, Martha E.; HOBSON, Mary E.; HOBSON, Milburn; HOBSON, Perry; HOLMES, Mayme Blanche; HOLMES, Pheoby M.; HOLMES, W. H.; HOPPER, Mary E.; HOPPER, Roy Elmer; HOPPER, Russell A.; HOPPER, W. M.; HOPPER, William A.; HOUSTON, John; HOUSTON, Margaret; HOUSTON RAGSDALE, Sarah J; HUPP, Aaron; HUPP, David; HUPP, Hannah; HUPP, John; HUPP, Josiah; HUPP, Lucinda; HUPP, Maggie B.; HUPP, Margaret A.; HUPP, Otto O.; HUPP, Sarah J.; HUPP, Susie A.; HUPP, William
J:   JOHNSON, C. G.; JOHNSON, Christena; JOHNSON, Margaret E.; JOHNSTON, Frank B.; JOHNSTON, Glenn R.; JOHNSTON, Harry; JOHNSTON, Jae Helen; JOHNSTON, Justine Ann; JOHNSTON, Laura; JOHNSTON, Laura K.; JOHNSTON, M.E.S
K:   KACKLEY, George A.; KELLER, Carl A.; KELLER, Jessie M.; KELLER, Lila E.; KELLER, Luther L.; KELLER, Marion A.; KELLER, Mary A.; KELLER, William M.
L:   LEWIS REDLINGSHAFER, Frances Caroline; LINVILLE, Maude Hopper; LOVELL, Ezra; LOVELL, Faye C.; LOVELL, George W.; LUEDTKE, Jessica Dawn
M:   MARTIN, Jessie; MCKINLEY, Eugene M.; MCKINLEY, Martha M.; MITCHELL, Lois; MORGAN, Elijah H.; MYERS, Daniel; MYERS, Daniel F.; MYERS, Ethel; MYERS, Flora; MYERS, Harriet; MYERS, Irwin; MYERS, Jacob H.; MYERS, Jacob H.; MYERS, Mary B.; MYERS, Reefa L.
O:   OAKES, Bertha; OAKES, Inf. son; OAKES, Infant; OAKES, Kate M.; OAKES, Mary E.; OAKES, Vera V.; OAKES, William T.
P:   PARSONS, Lilly Bell; PETTINGER, Erville M.; PETTINGER, Robert G.; PFRIMMER, Joyce L.; PICKETT, Alice M.; PICKETT, Gale A.; PICKETT, Wm. S.; PLYMATE, Ethel; PLYMATE, Olive K.; PLYMATE, Peter F.
R:   RAGSDALE, Cynthia Ann; RAGSDALE, Daniel; RAGSDALE, Edward C.; RAGSDALE, Infant Child; RAGSDALE, Mary A.; RAGSDALE, Sarah J; REDLINGSHAFER, Adelia O.; REDLINGSHAFER, Charles M.; REDLINGSHAFER, Dorotha; REDLINGSHAFER, Frances Caroline; REDLINGSHAFER, George David; REDLINGSHAFER, George William; REDLINGSHAFER, William L.; REYNOLDS, Gerald; REYNOLDS, Harriett E.; REYNOLDS, Mary; REYNOLDS, Nelson M.; RISBECK, Charley H.; RISBECK, George; RISBECK, Harry C.; RISBECK, Leroy S.; RISBECK, M.J.S; RISBECK, Matilda J.; ROBERTS, Betty F.; ROBERTS, Donald B.; ROBERTS, Gary E.; ROBERTS, Johnnie Lee; ROBERTS, Larry G.; ROBERTS, Noah J.; ROBERTS, Terry Lynn; ROBERTS, Twila Louise; ROBERTS WEST, Patricia B.; RUSSELL, Alexander S.; RUSSELL, John; RUSSELL, Margaret; RUSSELL, Martha; RUSSELL, Mary
S:   SCHRECK, John W.; SCHRECK, Williminea; SCOTT, Aaron S.; SCOTT, David J.; SCOTT, Elizabeth A.; SCOTT, Henry T.; SCOTT, Hester A.; SCOTT, John C.; SCOTT, Mary C.; SCOTT, Merrett E.; SELDERS, C. G.; SELDERS, Charlotte; SELDERS, G. W.; SELDERS, Geo. W.; SELDERS, H. A.; SELDERS, H. Adella; SELDERS, H. J.; SELDERS, Harry; SELDERS, Harry; SELDERS, Henry; SELDERS, J.; SELDERS, John; SELDERS, M. L.; SELDERS, M. Louise; SELDERS, M. T.; SELDERS, T. M.; SELDERS, W. O.; SHARP, Betty Jean; SHARP, Etta M.; SHARP, Harold L.; SHARP, John A.; SHARP, John O.; SHARP, Lottie M.; SMITH, Charles E.; SMITH, Estela; SMITH, Family Stone; SMITH, Linda M.; SMITH, Linda Marie; SMITH, W. Burdette; SNYDER, Etta; SOLINGER FOX, Isabelle; STONE, Florence W.; STONE, M. Everett
W:   WAGONER, Curtis O.; WALLACE, Alexander; WALLACE, Elizabeth; WALLACE, James; WEISS REDLINGSHAFER, Dorotha; WELLS, David; WELLS, Lucy; WEST, Patricia B.; WHITE, Alia; WHITE, Charley; WHITE, Edward T.; WHITE, Glen; WHITE, James W.; WHITE, Julia J.; WHITE, Lucy C.; WHITE, Mary; WHITE, Mary E.; WHITE, Paris M.; WHITE, Tobias G.; WHITE, William M.; WILLADSON, Max; WILLADSON, Rose; WILSON, Elizabeth A.; WILSON, Francis M.; WILSON, Ira G.; WILSON, Isaac M.; WILSON, Lewis B.; WILSON, Rachel; WILSON, W. M.; WILSON DAY, Margaret W.; WRAY, Charlotte; WRAY, Joab C.

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