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Mallory Cemetery - Louisa County, Iowa

375 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 8/14/18 at 6:00:15 AM CDT

A:   ALLISON, David F.; ALLISON, David Saul; ALLISON, E. Elizabeth; ALLISON, Effie M.; ALLISON, Nellie R.; ALLISON, Robert L; ASHBY, Alex; ASHBY, Lydia J.; ASHBY, Thomps R.
B:   BAKEY, Family Monument; BAKEY, Family Monument; BAKEY, Kathie; BAKEY, Stella A.; BRAS, Charles W.; BRAS, Edwin Parker; BRAS, Eleanor Anna; BRAS, Elsie Susan; BRAS, Eunice Blanche; BRAS, Eunice Blanche; BRAS, George Frank; BRAS, Hannah Mary; BRAS, Roy DeMotte; BRAS, Sarah J.; BRENDEL, August; BRENDEL, August; BRENDEL, Christiana F.; BRENDEL, Family Monument; BRENDEL, Henry; BRENDEL, Henry; BRENDEL, John C.; BROCK, Harry M.; BROCK, James P.; BROWN MATTHEWS, Emily Ann; BROWN WILLARD, Florentine; BUCHANAN, Bessie May; BUCHANAN, Beulah "Bood"; BUCHANAN, Ida Mae; BUCHANAN, Samuel Luther
C:   CASPI, Jacob; CISCO, Frances P.; COE, Charles H.; COE, Eunice E.; COFFIELD, Cassie; COFFIELD, Opal Marie; COFFIELD, THomas; COLEMAN, Flemming; COLEMAN, Lydia; COLLINS, Lester; COLLINS, Thomas; CONGDON, Charles a.; CONGDON, Frank; CONGDON, Rhoda E.; CONGDON, William W.; COOPER, Ammisetta; COOPER, Lawrence; COOPER, Vinsen M.; COOPER, Willis; CRAIG TRASK, Sophia; CROSS, Family Monument; CROSS, Fannie Lea; CROSS, Rodney H.; CROSS, Ronald M.; CROW, Gene; CROW, Harmon C.; CROW, Hettie M.; CROW, Iva B.; CROW, Ivan Neal; CROW, J. Harvey; CROW, Lee; CROW, Marion M.; CROW, Marion M.; CROW, Meta; CROW, Samuel; CROW, Samuel W.
D:   DENISON, Joseph A.
F:   FISHER, Charlie P.; FISHER, Sarah C.; FISHER, Vanhart; FOOT, Jared B.; FOOT, Jared B.; FOOTE, B. Francis; FOOTE, Hannah B.
G:   GELLE, James; GOTT, Marjorie F.; GRAVES, Cassa B.; GRAVES, Eddie; GRAVES, Faithie; GRAVES, Faithie B..; GRAVES, Family Monument; GRAVES, John A.; GRAVES, Nellie D.; GRAVES, Sarah; GRAVES, Sherman A.; GUEST, James; GUEST, John H.; GUEST, Ruth
H:   HALE, Asenath; HALE, Carrie S.; HALE, Clara; HALE, Elspeth C.; HALE, Erma; HALE, Esther; HALE, Frank; HALE, Henry; HALE, Hunter; HALE, Jay; HALE, John; HALE, John; HALE, John; HALE, Nellie; HALE, Oscar; HALE, Peter; HALE, Ray; HAYDEN, Kenny L.; HAYES TAYLOR, Amanda; HEIDTKE MATTHEWS, Ellen Silva; HINDMAN, Ada L.; HINDMAN, James A.; HOOK, Albert A.; HOOK, Alma; HOOK, Alonzo B.; HOOK, Amelia G.; HOOK, Anna M.; HOOK, C.W.; HOOK, Cornie; HOOK, Dr. Merrit B.; HOOK, Elisha; HOOK, Emily B; HOOK, Emma B.; HOOK, Family Monument; HOOK, Frank G.; HOOK, George; HOOK, George E.; HOOK, Grant; HOOK, Jane; HOOK, Mildred K.; HOOK, Myrle K.; HOOK, Nettie A.; HOOK, Robert R.; HOOK, Samuel F.; HOOK, William B.; HOOK, William B.; HOWLETT, A. G.; HOWLETT, Ella C.; HOWLETT, Freddie; HOWLETT, Jesse; HUNT, Mary Pearl
J:   JAMES, Charles W.; JAMES, E. May; JAMES, Ronald; JAMES, Walter W.; JAMES, William; JAMES, Winnie C.
K:   KEEVER, Alice H.; KEEVER, Alvin Lyle; KEEVER, Anna; KEEVER, Bessie B.; KEEVER, Charles; KEEVER, Charles; KEEVER, Elizabeth Ruth; KEEVER, Estella; KEEVER, Henry L.; KEEVER, Infant Daughter; KEEVER, Infant Son; KEEVER, James; KEEVER, James J.; KEEVER, John C; KEEVER, John G.; KEEVER, John J.; KEEVER, Joseph; KEEVER, Male Child; KEEVER, Mary A.; KEEVER, Mary E.; KEEVER, May Bell; KEEVER, Phlem; KEEVER, Sarah M.; KEEVER, Thompson J.; KEEVER, William J.; KEEVER DAVIS, Mary A.; KIMBLE, Addie; KIMBLE, Ansel W.; KIMBLE, Mary; KIMBLE, Mary E.; KORN, August; KORN, August; KORN, Fannie L.; KORN, Lydia F.
L:   LORD, Betsy
M:   MALLORY, Carrie Myrtle; MALLORY, Clara D.; MALLORY, Eden; MALLORY, Ermy; MALLORY, Family Monument; MALLORY, Family Monument; MALLORY, Family Monument; MALLORY, Fanny J.; MALLORY, George L.; MALLORY, Harmon; MALLORY, Harmon; MALLORY, Harmon; MALLORY, Hattie; MALLORY, Jane F.; MALLORY, Jane F.; MALLORY, Lola B.; MALLORY, Lola B.; MALLORY, Lorenzo; MALLORY, Mary A.; MALLORY, Riley; MALLORY, Samuel W.; MALLORY, Sue M.; MALLORY, WHO; MALLORY, Willard; MATTHEWS, Baby Daughter; MATTHEWS, Caroline; MATTHEWS, Dasie L.; MATTHEWS, Edgar A.; MATTHEWS, Ellen Silva; MATTHEWS, Emily Ann; MATTHEWS, Frank H.; MATTHEWS, Hiram Leroy; MATTHEWS, Hiram N.; MATTHEWS, Homer A.; MATTHEWS, Mabel Henrietta; MATTHEWS, Mary E.; MATTHEWS, Myrtle M; MATTHEWS, Ralph C.; MATTHEWS, Ralph C.; MATTHEWS, Robert Ray; MATTHEWS, Solomon B.; MATTHEWS, Solomon B. Sr.; MATTHEWS CROSS, Fannie Lea; MAY, Audie; MAYNE, Effie; MAYNE, Emma; MAYNE, William; MCCHESNEY, Charlie; MCCHESNEY, Clark; MCCHESNEY, Infant Daughter; MCCHESNEY, J. T. S.; MCCHESNEY, Rebecca; MCCHESNEY, Robert S.; MCDILL CROW, Marion M.; MEMORIAL, TO THE UNKNOWN; MEYERHOLZ, Annie; MEYERHOLZ, Charles; MEYERHOLZ, Clara; MEYERHOLZ, Eliza; MEYERHOLZ, Elizabeth; MEYERHOLZ, Family Monument; MEYERHOLZ, Fred; MEYERHOLZ, Henry; MEYERHOLZ, Lana; MEYERHOLZ, Mary; MILLER, Ernestine; MILLER, Paul; MOSIER, Amanda; MOSIER, Anna A.; MOSIER, Anna Faith; MOSIER, Charles L.; MOSIER, George H.; MOSIER, Zane C.
O:   OWENS, Forest
P:   PALMER, E. S.; PARSONS, Abe; PARSONS, Ava D.; PARSONS, Dean H.; PARSONS, Dean H.; PARSONS, Douglas D.; PARSONS, Family Monument; PARSONS, Jack E.; PARSONS, Jessie L.; PARSONS, Patricia A.; PATRICK, Gene H.; PATRICK, Helen J.; PATTON, Arthur A.; PERKINS, Elizabeth; PERKINS, Peter; PETTIS, John W.; PETTIS, Patricia L.; PYLE, John
R:   REIMAN, Patty C.; REIMAN, Sam; ROSS, Barry G.; RUFFNER, Eleanor Ann; RUFFNER, Jonas; RUSH, Eleanor
S:   SAD, PILE; SEARLE, Lydia; SHAFFER, William H.; SHAW, Family Monument; SHAW, Freeman; SHAW, Griffin C.; SHAW, Infant; SHAW, Kate M.; SHAW, Mary R.; SHAW, Raymond; SHAW, Rebecca; SHEAFOR, Hayden W.; SHEAFOR, Rebecca; SHEAFOR, William V.; SILLICK, Arthur Eugene; SILLICK, Asher; SILLICK, Ella M.; SILLICK, Ella Matthews; SILLICK, Fannie J.; SILLICK, Raymond; SILLICK, William M.; SINGLETON, Bessie A.; SINGLETON, J. D. Gale; SINGLETON, Lois W.; SINGLETON, Odia; SMITH, David H.; SMITH, Esther S.; SMITH COLEMAN, Lydia; SORNBERGER SMITH, Esther S.; SPROWS, Emily M.; SPROWS, J. W.; SPROWS, Rhoda M.; SPROWS, Susan E.; STEWART, Edna; STEWART, Mary E.; STEWART, Norris; STEWART, Paul C.; STEWART, Ruth E; STILLMAN, Jane; STRONG, L.. K.; SYPHRIT, Christian J.; SYPHRIT, Elizabeth; SYPHRIT, Jacob
T:   TAYLOR, Amanda; TAYLOR, George E.; TAYLOR, Gladys B.; TAYLOR, Glenn L; TAYLOR, J. Louis; TAYLOR, Ruth A.; TISOR, Marthanna; TOOLE, William L.; TRASK, Israel; TRASK, Sophia
V:   VANSCOYC KIMBLE, Mary; VANSGOYK, Adaline; VANSGOYK, Charles C.; VANSGOYK, Oscar; VENARD, Charles B.; VENARD, Claude; VENARD, Olive M.; VENARD, Opal; VENARD, Pat J.; VENARD, Perry D.; VENARD, Perry W.; VENARD, Sue M.; VENARD, Zola F.
W:   WAKELAND, Barbara J.; WEHMEYER, Clara B.; WESLEY, Charlotte; WESLEY, Eliza A.; WESLEY, Frank N.; WESLEY, George W.; WHEELER, John S.; WHEELER, Mary Ann; WILLARD, Elmer Edward; WILLARD, Florentine; WILLARD, Iona; WILLARD, Waldo B.; WILSON, Ann; WILSON, Charles; WILSON, John; WOLC, Elizabeth; WOLC, Emma; WOLC, Louisa; WOLZ, Andrew; WOLZ, John; WOLZ, Martin; WOLZ, Mary E.; WOODRUFF, Delbert

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