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Cambrian Cemetery - Louisa County, Iowa

435 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 4/5/18 at 9:54:34 AM CDT

A:   ANWYL, Alfred "Fred"; ANWYL, Ann; ANWYL, Elizabeth; ANWYL, Evan; ANWYL, Lillie; ANWYL, Mary J.; ANWYL, William; ANYWL, Thomas; ARDEAN SMITH, Clark; ARTHUR, Anna; ARTHUR, Elizabeth; ARTHUR, Evan H; ARTHUR, Helen; ARTHUR, Hugh T.; ARTHUR, John; ARTHUR, Margaret; ARTHUR, Nellie B; ARTHUR, R.. Leonard; ARTHUR, Ruth; ARTHUR, Stanley; ARTHUR, William L; ARTHUR ROBERTSON, Grace
B:   BOZMAN WILLIAMS, Myrna M.; BUTLER, James L.; BUTLER, Margaret A; BUTLER, Margaret A.
C:   CADAWALDER OSTREM, Ardith W.; CECIL, Clement S.; CECIL, Marian; CZERNIAKOWSKI, Debra Mary
D:   DAVIES, Abednego; DAVIES, Edward W.; DAVIES, Howard; DAVIES, Howard; DAVIES, Jane; DAVIES, John R.; DAVIES, Lydia; DAVIES, Martha J.; DAVIS, Alfred; DAVIS, Alfred E.; DAVIS, Amy; DAVIS, Amy E; DAVIS, Anna E.; DAVIS, Blodwen; DAVIS, Craig; DAVIS, Daniel; DAVIS, David D.; DAVIS, David E.; DAVIS, E. Arline; DAVIS, Eben G.; DAVIS, Eleanor; DAVIS, Elizabeth Ann; DAVIS, Ellen; DAVIS, Enos; DAVIS, Glenn A; DAVIS, H. A.; DAVIS, Harvey; DAVIS, Hazel; DAVIS, Howell; DAVIS, Hugh Carroll; DAVIS, Humphrey; DAVIS, Infant; DAVIS, J. Hayden; DAVIS, J. Newton; DAVIS, Jane D.; DAVIS, Jennette I.; DAVIS, Joseph; DAVIS, Laura J.; DAVIS, M. Eleanor; DAVIS, Mabel Isabelle; DAVIS, Margaret; DAVIS, Margaret J.; DAVIS, Mary; DAVIS, Mary; DAVIS, R Emrys; DAVIS, R. Emry; DAVIS, Robert E; DAVIS, Rowland G.; DAVIS, Sem; DAVIS, Vera M; DAVIS KOEHN, Lena Rae; DAVIS PLETT, Dorothy; DUNCAN, William I.; DUNCAN, Winifred
E:   EDWARDS, Connie Lou; EDWARDS, Evan L; EDWARDS, Evan L.; EDWARDS, Hannah; EDWARDS, James L.; EDWARDS, James L.; EDWARDS, Jane Ann; EDWARDS, John L; EDWARDS, Lewis; EDWARDS, Lillian G.; EDWARDS, Louise; EDWARDS, Mary; EDWARDS, Mary; EDWARDS, Mary Alice; EDWARDS HOLMES, Mary L.; EDWARDS ROTTER, H. Gayle; EVANS, Catharine; EVANS, David J.; EVANS, Elizabeth A.; EVANS, Esther; EVANS, Freddie; EVANS, Jane; EVANS, Jeremiah; EVANS, Kate J.; EVANS, Mary E.; EVANS, Rev. Thomas. W.; EVANS, Sarah; EVANS, Sarah E.; EVANS, Thomas; EVANS, Tommy; EVANS, Watkin; EVANS JONES, Jennie; EVANS STEPHENS, Bessie
F:   FINKE, Bobbi Joe; FINKE, Clifford; FINKE, Evelyn J.
G:   GIPPLE, Colleen K.; GREENE, Margaret Marie; GREENE, Warren; GREENE JONES, Maud L.; GRIFFITH, David; GRIFFITH, David C.; GRIFFITH, Edward G.; GRIFFITH, Elizabeth; GRIFFITH, Elizabeth; GRIFFITH, John; GRIFFITH, Margaret; GRIFFITH, Margaret A.; GRIFFITH, Margaret B.; GRIFFITH, Mark; GRIFFITH, Marlene; GRIFFITH, Victoria C.; GRIFFITHS, Daniel W; GRIFFITHS, Edward E.; GRIFFITHS, Ellen; GRIFFITHS, Ellen; GRIFFITHS, Gordon; GRIFFITHS, Jane; GRIFFITHS, Jennie A; GRIFFITHS, John A.; GRIFFITHS, John A.; GRIFFITHS, M. Agnes; GRIFFITHS, Thomas H.; GRITFITHS, Thomas
H:   HAWKINS, Infant Daughter; HAWKINS, Rosina J.; HAWKINS, Stephen McKinley; HERR REES, Elizabeth; HINDERMAN, Arthur W.; HINDERMAN, Rev. Arthur W.; HOLMES, Clair; HOLMES, Genevieve; HOLMES, John Wilbur; HOLMES, Mary L.; HUGHES, Edward J.; HUGHES, Elizabeth; HUGHES, Gladys; HUGHES, John; HUGHES, Johnie; HUGHES, Margaret; HUGHES, Richard; HUGHES, Richard David; HUGHES WILLIAMS, Rachel; HUMPHREYS, Calvin E.; HUMPHREYS, Edward V.; HUMPHREYS, Eleanor M.
J:   JAMES, James Darold; JAMES, Sarah; JAMES, William; JENKINS, Catherine A.; JENKINS, Elizabeth J.; JENKINS, Kate M.; JENKINS, Richard; JOHNS WHITE, Rosina; JONES, Alvin V.; JONES, Alyce; JONES, Bessie; JONES, Catharine; JONES, Catharine M.; JONES, D. Albert; JONES, David N.; JONES, Elizabeth; JONES, Ellen; JONES, Ernest; JONES, Esther; JONES, Fannie; JONES, Hannah E.; JONES, Hugh; JONES, J. E., Mrs.; JONES, J. E., Rev.; JONES, Jane; JONES, Jennie; JONES, Jennie; JONES, John; JONES, John D.; JONES, John D.; JONES, John G.; JONES, John L.; JONES, Joseph H.; JONES, Lester; JONES, Maggie A.; JONES, Margaret; JONES, Margaret E.; JONES, Margaret E.; JONES, Marian; JONES, Marie; JONES, Mary; JONES, Mary; JONES, Mary; JONES, Mary E.; JONES, Mary E.; JONES, Maude L.; JONES, Oscar Anwyl; JONES, Paul; JONES, Philip; JONES, Rachel; JONES, Richard; JONES, Robert G; JONES, Thomas E; JONES, Thomas J.; JONES, Walter H.; JONES, Wanda P.; JONES, William; JONES, William E.; JONES, William M.; JONES, William O.; JONES JENKINS, Kate M.
K:   KEIPER ANWYL, Lillie; KNOWLES, Ann; KNOWLES, David A., Sr.; KNOWLES, Elizabetha; KNOWLES, Richard; KNOWLES, Thomas A.; KOEHN, Lena Rae
L:   LAMMERS, Mary F.; LEWIS, Alice; LEWIS, David G.; LEWIS, George; LEWIS, Margaret; LIPPERT REES, Laura E.; LOVE, Granville; LOVE, Sadie E.; LYON WILLIAMS, Grace
M:   MCBRIDE DAVIS, Mabel Isabelle; MENDENHALL, Leland; MILLER, Evelyn I.; MILLER, John H.; MILLER, Lois E.; MILLLER, Orval J.; MOODY REES, Jessie M.; MORGAN, Alfred; MORGAN, Annie; MORGAN, Edward; MORGAN, Evan; MORRIS, David; MORRIS, David Albert; MORRIS, Frances Martha; MORRISON MORRIS, Frances Martha; MORROW, Arthur R.; MORROW, Irene T.
N:   NORTON, Ellen; NORTON, Francis
O:   OSTREM, Ardith W.; OSTREM, Lisa; OSTREM, Roy Everett; OWEN, Joseph; OWEN, Mary; OWEN, William; OWENS, David E.; OWENS, Dean A., Sr.; OWENS, Dean Allen, Jr.; OWENS, Della M.; OWENS, Dorothy; OWENS, Glenn J; OWENS, Greta D; OWENS, Howell W,; OWENS, John R.; OWENS, John R.; OWENS, Lenore; OWENS, Leroy; OWENS, Margaret D.; OWENS, Mary; OWENS, Mary Anna; OWENS, Myrtle P.; OWENS, Robert Evan; OWENS, Russell; OWENS, Viola; OWENS, William Glenn; OWENS, William R
P:   PATTEN, Malcolm; PATTEN THOMAS, Lynette; PETERS, Alma; PETERS, Calvin L; PETERS, Calvin L; PETERS, Dennis; PETERS, Emma D; PETERS, Keith A.; PETERS, Leona; PETERS, Lewis; PETERS, Omrie; PETERS, Richard E; PETERS, Venice; PIPER, Chester; PIPER, Isabelle; PLETT, Dorothy; PLETT, Henry E.; PUGH CECIL, Marian
Q:   QUIGLEY, Jesse D; QUIGLEY, M Evelyn
R:   REES, Cathrine Elizabeth; REES, David; REES, Donald Dean; REES, Edward Rowland; REES, Elizabeth; REES, Ethel Mae; REES, Evan I.; REES, Evan Morgan; REES, Farrel I.; REES, Hannah; REES, Harold Ithiel; REES, Henry L; REES, Howell; REES, Infant son; REES, Ivah Lucille; REES, Jennie Pearl; REES, Jessie M.; REES, John H.; REES, John M.; REES, Laura E.; REES, Lena Mae; REES, Margaret; REES, Oliver; REES, Rowland; REES, Ruth; REES, Sharolyn; REES, Sherry A.; REES, Sophia; REES GREENE, Margaret Marie; REES ROBERTS, Mary Mabel; RICHARDS, Ann; RICHARDS, Catharine; RICHARDS, David J; RICHARDS, Edith J; RICHARDS, Edwin M; RICHARDS, Humphrey; RICHARDS, John; RICHARDS, Mary; RICHARDS, Sarah; ROBERTS, Harry I.; ROBERTS, Hugh; ROBERTS, Lincoln Gwes; ROBERTS, Margaret A.; ROBERTS, Mary; ROBERTS, Mary E; ROBERTS, Mary J.; ROBERTS, Mary Mabel; ROBERTS, Robert; ROBERTS, William; ROBERTS, William P.; ROBERTS OWENS, Mary Anna; ROBERTSON, Grace; ROBERTSON, John William; ROBERTSON WILSON, Shirley; ROTTER, H. Gayle; ROTTER, Perin William
S:   SCHLUTZ PETERS, Leona; SMITH, Clark Ardean; SPENCER, Ada; SPENCER, Blake; STEPHENS, Bessie
T:   THOMAS, Anna; THOMAS, Anna D.; THOMAS, Annie; THOMAS, Arthur Leroy; THOMAS, Barbara A.; THOMAS, D. Harlan; THOMAS, Dennis; THOMAS, E. Elmer; THOMAS, Elizabeth; THOMAS, Esther Ann; THOMAS, Gladys J; THOMAS, H Haydon; THOMAS, Henry C.; THOMAS, John G.; THOMAS, Lynette; THOMAS, Margaret W.; THOMAS, Mida L.; THOMAS, Richard; THOMAS, Thomas J.; TUDOR, Catharine; TUDOR, David; TUDOR EVANS, Sarah
W:   WATSON REES, Sherry A.; WHITE, Rosina; WHITHAM, Irvin; WHITHAM, Norma M.; WILLIAMS, Alice M.; WILLIAMS, Arthur; WILLIAMS, Blanche; WILLIAMS, Elias; WILLIAMS, Gerald L.; WILLIAMS, Grace; WILLIAMS, Howard G.; WILLIAMS, Jane; WILLIAMS, Jane; WILLIAMS, John; WILLIAMS, John M.; WILLIAMS, John R.; WILLIAMS, Luther; WILLIAMS, Maggie; WILLIAMS, Margaret A.; WILLIAMS, Marie M.; WILLIAMS, Mary; WILLIAMS, Mary Jane; WILLIAMS, Morgan E.; WILLIAMS, Myrna M.; WILLIAMS, Rachel; WILLIAMS, Richard; WILLIAMS, Richard Ervin; WILLIAMS, Roland; WILLIAMS, Ruth Darlene; WILLIAMS, Tommie; WILLIAMS, William W.; WILLIAMS GRIFFITHS, Jane; WILLIAMS HAWKINS, Rosina J.; WILLIAMS REES, Jennie Pearl; WILLIAMS REES, Sophia; WILLLIAMS, William E; WILSON, Shirley; WILSON, William O.; WYNN, Robert J.

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