Pleasant Hill a.k.a. Schwenneker Cemetery - Audubon County, Iowa

A:   ANDERSON, Andrew; ANDERSON, Augusta; ANDERSON, Father (Andrew); ANDERSON, G. A. (Gustave A.); ANDERSON, George; ANDERSON, Mother (Augusta); ANDERSON, William C.; ARTIST, Clyde P.; ASKEW, Elmer Burdette "Mike"; AUPPERLE, Anna Mariea; AUPPERLE IMMEL, Minnie
B:   BAKER, Family Monument; BAKER, John W.; BAKER, Mary K.; BAKER VAN AERNAM, Mary A.; BEER, A.; BEER, A. C.; BEER BOTTORFF, Emma E. (Emma Edith); BENBOW EDWARDS, Margaret; BENNETT, Infant Daughter; BENTON, Son; BIRELINE TIBBEN, Minnie; BOEHME, Charles H.; BOEHME, Family Monument; BOEHME, Fred T. (Fred Theodore); BOEHME, L. Alice (Alice Lauretta); BOEHME, Maude Ethel; BOEHME, Ray; BOTTORFF, Emma E. (Emma Edith)
C:   CARSTENS, Dale John; CARSTENS, Ella Irene; CARSTENS, Jacob (John Jacob "Jake"); CARSTENS, Minnie (Minnie Sophia); CARSTENS, Ora (Ora Ada); CARSTENS, Roy Fredrick; CLARA VANAERNAM RIESGAARD, Clara; COLL, Father (Philip Colclazier); COLL, Philip (Philip Colclazier); CONRAD, Arnim; CONRAD, Christ; CONRAD, Edith Idella; CONRAD, Edward; CONRAD, Family Monument; CONRAD, George; CONRAD, Henry; CONRAD, Herbert A.; CONRAD, Joseph, Sr. "Joe" (Joseph A.); CONRAD, Mary L.; COOK, Babe; COOK, Emma Jean; CORRELL, George; CORRELL, Myra Belle; CORRELL, Myra Belle
D:   DAMMAN, Anna K. (Anna Katherine); DAMMAN, August W. (August William); DAMMAN, Evelyn; DAMMAN, Family Monument; DAMMAN, Hannah; DAMMAN, John F.; DAMMAN, Merle (Merle J.); DAMMAN, Ruby; DAMMANN PETRI, Frieda (Frieda Hanna Sophia); DAVIS KNOX, Clara E. (Clara Evaline); DEDE SCHWENNEKER, Anna Margaretha Christina; DOSE HUSS, Mother (Sophia F.); DOSE HUSS, Sophia (Sophia F.)
F:   FAGA IMMEL, Laura D; FRANK, Charles; FRANK, Charles; FRITCHE WAHLERT, Ernestine W.
G:   GOMMERS TIBBEN, Anna "Annie"
H:   HAYDEN, Walter P.; HECKMAN, Catherine Cecelia "Cathie"; HECKMAN, Dale Walter; HECKMAN, Edward W. "Ed" (Edward Walter); HECKMAN, Grace Kathryn; HECKMAN, Melvin A. (Melvin Arthur); HECKMAN, Neva Lucile; HECKMAN, Velma E.; HECKMANN, Louis (Andreas Ludwig); HECKMANN, Louisa (Louisa Caroline); HEEREN, Anna H.; HEEREN, John D.; HESS REIMERS, Lena (Magdaline); HESS REIMERS, Mother (Magdaline "Lena"); HINZ, Claus; HOCAMP NEWMAN, Hannah; HUSS, Claus; HUSS, Edward C.; HUSS, Edward C.; HUSS, Father (Claus); HUSS, Mother (Sophia F.); HUSS, Sophia (Sophia F.)
I:   IMMEL, Donnis (Donnis Marie); IMMEL, Family Monument; IMMEL, Floyd A; IMMEL, John F; IMMEL, Laura D; IMMEL, Martha A; IMMEL, Martin G; IMMEL, Minnie; IMMEL, William J; IMMEL LIESKE, Mary K
J:   JACKMAN, Charles W.; JACKMAN, John M.; JACOBSEN, Charles H. "Charlie" (Charles C. Henrich); JACOBSEN, Chas. H. (Charles H.); JACOBSEN, Family Monument; JACOBSEN, Henry; JACOBSEN, Ida; JACOBSEN, Rosa W. "Rosie"; JACOBSEN MEYER, Anna M.; JACOBSEN PALM, Charlotte "Lottie"; JOBES, Lillie; JOBES, Willie J.
K:   KIMM, Clarence A. (Clarence Alfred) "Pop"; KIMM, Clarence Alfred; KIMM, Edward Eugene; KIMM, Edward Eugene; KIMM, Henry W. (Henry Winfield); KIMM, John L.; KIMM, Lawrence L. (Lawrence Lester); KIMM, Letha C. (Letha Celia); KIMM, Mathilda W. (Mathilda Wilhelmia Sophia) "Tillie"; KIMM, Silas E. (Silas Edward); KIMM RUTH, Dorothea A. (Dorothea Anna); KIMM SCHULTZ, Elizabeth Matilda "Liz"; KLONUS ANDERSON, Augusta; KLONUS ANDERSON, Mother (Augusta); KNESS BOEHME, L. Alice (Alice Lauretta); KNOP PAULSEN IMMEL, Donnis (Donnis Marie); KNOX, Carl E. (Carl Edward); KNOX, Clara E. (Clara Evaline); KNOX, Infant Daughter; KNOX, James E.; KROEGER, Charlie; KROEGER, D. H.; KROEGER, Family Monument; KROEGER, Teno; KROEGER WEDEMEYER, Agnes
L:   LAGE JACOBSEN, Rosa W. "Rosie"; LASS, August; LASS, Henrietta; LIESKE, Mary K; LIESKE, Rudolph R; LITTLEFIELD, Alice F. (Alice Florance); LONG, F.G. Threna
M:   MARTEN KIMM, Mathilda W. (Mathilda Wilhelmia Sophia) "Tillie"; MAXWELL, Irene L. (Irene Laura); MAXWELL, W. Merle (Wilbur Merle); MAXWELL HECKMAN, Neva Lucile; MEYER, Anna M.; MEYER, Charley H.; MEYER, George J.; MEYER, George J. (George Jacob); MEYER, Nora M.; MORAN HECKMAN, Catherine Cecelia "Cathie"; MORGAN, Anna E.; MORGAN, Maude; MORGAN, Ray O.; MORGAN, Sarah (Sarah Ann)
N:   NEWMAN, Hannah; NEWMAN, Infant (Ralph D.); NEWMAN, William (William C.)
O:   OSWALT PROHASKA, Lovina E. (Lovina Ellen)
P:   PALM, Charlotte "Lottie"; PALM, Father (Johann D.); PALM, Johann D.; PALM, John J. (John Jurgen); PALM, Laura D.; PALM, Lena D.; PALM, Mother (Aberneit); PALM WAHLERT, Anna Margrethe; PAULINA K. "LENA" HOCAMP PROHASKA, Lena K. (Paulina K.); PAULSEN IMMEL, Donnis (Donnis Marie); PETERS, Anna F. (Anna Elsabea Fredericka); PETERS, Family Monument; PETERS, Peter J.; PETERS, Peter J. (Peter Jacobs); PETERS, Ralph E.; PETRI, Florence (Florence Marie); PETRI, Frieda (Frieda Hanna Sophia); PETRI, John (John Henry); PETRI, John H. G.; PETRI, Wilhelmina M. "Minnie"; PETRI HECKMANN, Louisa (Louisa Caroline); PETRI MAXWELL, Irene L. (Irene Laura); PROHASKA, Alfred F. (Alfred Francis); PROHASKA, James H.; PROHASKA, Lena K. (Paulina K.); PROHASKA, Lovina E. (Lovina Ellen)
R:   REIMERS, Father (John Nicholas); REIMERS, John N. (John Nicholas); REIMERS, Lena (Magdaline); REIMERS, Louis; REIMERS, Mother (Magdaline "Lena"); REIMERS, William; REINKE KIMM, Letha C. (Letha Celia); RIESGAARD, Clara; RUHR, Carolina; RUTH, Dorothea A. (Dorothea Anna); RUTH, Roy W. (Roy Wilbur)
S:   SCHALOW DAMMAN, Hannah; SCHLOTFELDT, Carl; SCHLOTFELDT, James F.; SCHMIDT CONRAD, Mary L.; SCHULTZ, Elizabeth Matilda "Liz"; SCHWAB, Infant; SCHWENNEKER, Anna Margaretha Christina; SCHWENNEKER, Arthur P.; SCHWENNEKER, Benjamin Franklin; SCHWENNEKER, Carrie E.; SCHWENNEKER, Carrie M.; SCHWENNEKER, Christian F.; SCHWENNEKER, Clark A.; SCHWENNEKER, Dale E.; SCHWENNEKER, Dale E. (Dale Edward); SCHWENNEKER, Dallas L. (Dallas Lawrence); SCHWENNEKER, Edward C.; SCHWENNEKER, Emma; SCHWENNEKER, Family; SCHWENNEKER, Gail H.; SCHWENNEKER, Gladys L.; SCHWENNEKER, Gladys M.; SCHWENNEKER, Henry; SCHWENNEKER, James E. "Ed" (James Edward); SCHWENNEKER, Lawrence H.; SCHWENNEKER, Lenora May; SCHWENNEKER, Luella L.; SCHWENNEKER, Peggy L.; SCHWENNEKER, Peter Cornelius; SCHWENNEKER, Theodore; SCHWENNEKER, Wilhelm (William); SCHWENNEKER, William; SCHWENNEKER PETERS, Anna F. (Anna Elsabea Fredericka); SCHWENNEKER TIBBEN, Wiebke Katherine; SHOEMACHER ECHTERNACHT, Lavina; STORMAN WAHLERT, Elsabea Wilhelmina; STORMAN WAHLERT, Mother (Elsabea Wilhelmina)
T:   TIBBEN, Amos; TIBBEN, Anna; TIBBEN, Anna "Annie"; TIBBEN, Anna M. "Annie"; TIBBEN, Charles Frank; TIBBEN, Family Monument; TIBBEN, John C; TIBBEN, John W; TIBBEN, Lawrence J; TIBBEN, Minnie; TIBBEN, Nellie; TIBBEN, Robert C; TIBBEN, Vernon R; TIBBEN, Wiebke Katherine; TIBBEN CARSTENS, Minnie (Minnie Sophia); TIBBEN DAMMAN, Anna K. (Anna Katherine); TIBBEN IMMEL, Martha A; TIBBEN KROEGER, Teno; TIBBEN VOSS, Lola I.; TOFT, Donald F. "Don" (Donald Franklin); TOFT, Donna L. (Donna Lou)
U:   UNKNOWN, Unknown
V:   VAN AERNAM, George M. (George Monroe); VAN AERNAM, Mary A.; VANAERNAM, Charles H.; VANHOLT BAKER, Mary K.; VOLK JACOBSEN, Ida; VOLZ, Arthur M.; VOLZ, Cora A. (Cora Amelia); VOLZ, Geo. M. (George Martin); VOSS, Carl J. (Carl John); VOSS, Lola I.; VOSS, Ronald; VOSS, Shirley; VOSS TOFT, Donna L. (Donna Lou)
W:   WADDLE WAHE, Minnie; WAGNER PETRI, Wilhelmina M. "Minnie"; WAHE, Minnie; WAHE, William; WAHE WITTE, Louise; WAHLERT, Anna Margrethe; WAHLERT, Arthur (Arthur Edward "Ed" ); WAHLERT, Elsabea Wilhelmina; WAHLERT, Ernestine W.; WAHLERT, Father (Johann Christ); WAHLERT, George R.; WAHLERT, J. F. (Jacob Frederic, Sr.); WAHLERT, Johann Christ; WAHLERT, Mother (Elsabea Wilhelmina); WAHLERT, Peter Fredrik; WAHLERT SCHWENNEKER, Carrie E.; WAHLERT TIBBEN, Anna; WEDEMEYER, Agnes; WEGNER, Carl F.; WILLIAMS MORGAN, Sarah (Sarah Ann); WILSON, Robert R.; WILSON, Robert R. (Robert Raymond) "Robbie"; WINKELMANN, Anna M.; WINKELMANN, Family Monument; WINKELMANN, Gladys M.; WINKELMANN, Ray D.; WINKELMANN, Walter P.; WITTE, Henry (Henry John); WITTE, Louise; WREDE WINKELMANN, Anna M.
Y:   YEATON CONRAD, Edith Idella; YOAKAM, Walter O.
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