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Hickory Grove Cemetery - Henry County, Iowa

256 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 1/10/16 at 6:00:14 AM CST

A:   ALLEN, Albert O; ALLEN, Catherine E; ALLEN, Charlotte; ALLEN, John L; ANDERSON, Carroll B.; ANDERSON, Dora May; ANDERSON, E. D.; ANDERSON, Eliza J P; ANDERSON, Frank L.; ANDERSON, Infant; ANDERSON, Infants; ANDERSON SPRY, Ella
B:   BARTLETT, Susannah S; BASSHOW, William M; BEELER, John; BOWERS, W. H.; BRAKEBILL, John; BURNS, Zenas B; BURT, Emily; BUSTARD, Elizabeth; BUSTARD, Flora L.; BUSTARD, George B; BUSTARD, Matthew; BUSTARD, Sherman T
C:   CAMPBELL, Alfred J.; CAMPBELL, Chaney; CAMPBELL, Hugh; CAMPBELL, Prudence; CAMPBELL, Theodore; CAMPBELL, Theodore; CAMPBELL CARNAHAN, Ada; CARNAHAN, Ada; CARNAHAN, Anna M; CARNAHAN, Cassius E; CARNAHAN, Catharine G; CARNAHAN, Celestia H; CARNAHAN, Irvin; CARNAHAN, James M.; CARNAHAN, S. M.; CARTER, Eleanor; CARTER, Harriet J; CARTER, Howard; CARTER, Jemima; CARTER, Leroy Perry; CARTER, Margaret Frances; CARTER, Mary A; CARTER, William; CARTER, William E; COOK, Albert; COSTELLO, Thomas P.; COX, Anna Bell; COX, Henry B.; COX, John; COX, Rebecca; CURE CARNAHAN, Celestia H
D:   DAVIS, Enoch; DAVIS, Family Stone; DAVIS, Farlow Sr; DAVIS, James H.; DAVIS, Luey L; DAVIS, Sarah R; DAVIS, Sophia; DEAR, Mary; DRAPER, Levi S; DRAPER KING, Mary; DRUMMOND, David; DRUMMOND, Eliza A; DRUMMOND, James T.; DRUMMOND, Nancy P; DRUMMOND, William L.
E:   EARLY, John
F:   FARISS, Laura H; FARISS, Mary; FARISS, Mary Ann; FORD, Ida N.; FORD, John E; FORD, Rosetta C
G:   GARRISON BURNS LAUER, Grace; GASS, Anna M.; GASS, Carolilne M; GASS, Charlotte; GASS, Elias; GASS, George S.; GASS, Mary Ruth; GASS, Olive H; GASS, Rachel; GASS, Rachel; GHEEN, Ann; GHEEN, Enos; GOODMAN, Rebecca; GRUBER, Emily J; GRUBER, Infants; GUSS, Frank; GUSS, Hannah; GUSS, Mary
H:   HERRICK, Harlan B; HILYARD, George; HORN COX, Rebecca; HOSICK, Mary; HULL, Sylvanus
J:   JOHNSON, Hilbert Lloyd; JOHNSON, Jane; JOHNSON, Morgan; JOHNSON, Stone; JOHNSON, Thomas; JONES, Alice J.; JUNE, Charles
K:   KING, Mary; KITCH, Belle; KITCH, Carl William; KITCH, Geo; KITCH, Mary E; KITCH, Mina J; KITCH, Walter S; KITCH, Wm W.; KNAPP, John A; KNAPP, John A; KNAPP, Luetta; KNAPP, Luetta
L:   LAFFERTY, Elizabeth; LAFFERTY, John; LAFFERTY, Martha J; LAFFERTY, Stone; LAFFERTY KITCH, Belle; LAFFERTY TRAUT, Mary Ida; LAUER, Grace L; LEACH, Alfred A; LOCKHART CAMPBELL, Prudence; LONG, Chas Bruce; LONG, Rachel C.; LOWERY, Ambrose; LYON CARTER, Eleanor
M:   MAIRET, Paul; MANNING, A. J.; MCCONNELL, William Alexander; MONELL, James; MONTGOMERY, Jestin I; MOORE, Alfred E.; MOORE, Gertrude Hope; MORRISON, Joseph F.; MORTON, Robert; MORTON GASS, Charlotte
N:   NEFF, Sarah; NEWBY, Jenney; NEWBY, Merica J; NIXON, Clara E; NIXON, Nancy Jane; NIXON, William F
O:   OGG, Alberta; OGG, Frank; OGG, Mary A.; OGG, Owen; OGG, William B.
P:   PAUL, H. B.; PAUL, Horace E; PAUL, Nancy B; PAUL, Stone; PAUL, Susan M.; PAYNE, Elma M; PHIPPEN, Alma; PLUNKET, Samuel W.; POWELL, John
R:   RESSEL, Katherine; RESSEL, Philip; RESSEL, Philip H.; ROTH, Albert B.; ROTH, Ida Mae; ROTH, Mable A.; ROWLAND, Thomas H; RUSSELL, G W; RUSSELL, Phillip
S:   SACKETT, John; SACKETT, Rhoda; SACKETT JONES, Alice J; SACKETT JONES, Alice J.; SAVAGE, Alexander B; SCHNEIDER TRAUT, Caroline; SEBERG, Harlan Clyde; SENSIBAUGH, Charles H; SENSIBAUGH, Emily K.; SENSIBAUGH, George Marion; SENSIBAUGH, Mary Olive; SENSIBAUGH, O. R.; SHIPLET, Hariett; SHIPLET, Stone; SHIPLET, Wrighton; SHUSTER, Maria; SKIPTON, Elizabeth; SKIPTON, Francis; SKIPTON, Matthew; SKIPTON, Sarah; SKIPTON, Viletta; SMITH, Adam; SMITH, Cecelia; SMITH, John S.; SMITH, Lydia E.; SMITH, Noah L.; SOWEL, William C; SOWELL, Catharine; SOWELL, Wilson J; SPOON, Nancy; SPRING, William; SPRY, Charles William; SPRY, Ella; SPRY, Homer James; SPRY, Joseph W.; STEVENSON, Ann W; STEVENSON, C. C.; STEVENSON, Calvin T; STEVENSON, Infant; STOTT YOUNG, Esther
T:   TEEMAN, Mary L; THOMPSON, James A; THOMSON, Mable A; THOMSON, Tomas P.; TRAUT, Bernhard; TRAUT, Bertha L; TRAUT, Caroline; TRAUT, George; TRAUT, Henry H; TRAUT, J. George; TRAUT, Lillie C.; TRAUT, Maggie E.; TRAUT, Mary Ida; TRAUT, Stone
W:   WHITE, Rebecca; WHITNEY, Jeremiah; WHITNEY, Mary; WILLSON, Martha; WILLSON, Martha E; WILSON, E.; WINTERS, Amy; WINTERS, Frank W; WINTERS, John; WINTERS, John W.; WINTERS SKIPTON, Elizabeth; WINTERS SKIPTON, Sarah; WOLFF, Caroline; WOLFF, Sarah Bernice
Y:   YOUNG, Esther; YOUNG, John S; YOUNG, John S; YOUNG, Mary B; YOUNG, William; YOUNG, William P; YOUNT, Isaac N

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