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Cottonwood Cemetery - Henry County, Iowa

393 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 9/30/16 at 6:00:10 AM CDT

A:   ALLIMAN, Clarence; ALLIMAN, Duane; ALLIMAN, Erma; ALLIMAN, Florence; ALLIMAN, Ira G.; ALLIMAN, Lillian Lucille; ALLIMAN, Lonn R.; ALLIMAN, Lydia L.; ALLIMAN, Mae; ALLIMAN, Peter K.; ALLIMAN, Sumiko; ALLIMAN, W. J. "Jack"; ALLIMAN, William; ALLIMAN HINKLE, Nettie; ALLIMAN NEFF, Mayme E.; ALLRED, Arthur G.; ALLRED, Harold; ALLRED, Lillie; ALLRED, Lillie R.; ALLRED, Luther; ALLRED, Rev. R. J.; ALLRED, Rev. R.J.; ALLRED, William; ALLRED, William J.; ALLRED, Wilma J.; ALLRED CAMPBELL, Wilma; ALLRED MCGUIRE, Bessie; ALLRED STONE, Mary; ALTER, Adelaide J.; ALTER, Agnes; ALTER, Alma; ALTER, Almond; ALTER, Bessie; ALTER, Ellsworth V.; ALTER, Francis; ALTER, Francis H.; ALTER, George; ALTER, Grace F.; ALTER, Thornton; ARBOGAST, Charles; ARBOGAST, Dorothy; ARBOGAST, Linda S.; ARBOGAST, Linda S.
B:   BAKER, Carrol; BAKER, Carrol; BAKER, Dustin Edward; BAKER, Ferrel; BENDER, Florence; BENDER, Florence; BENDER, John; BENDER, John; BIDWELL, Martha E.; BIDWELL, Martha E.; BIDWELL, Martha E.; BRANCH NEFF, Lou Syvia; BRANNEN, Almyra; BRANNEN, Almyra; BRANNEN, John Wesley; BRANNEN, John Wesley
C:   CALHOUN, Edman; CALHOUN, Mary; CALHOUN, Melvin Leon; CALHOUN, Neoma; CALLISON, Lucy; CALLISON, William; CAMPBELL, Wilma; CARROLL, Don; COCHRAN, Howard Glen; COCHRAN, Lucy; COCHRAN, William; COCHRAN, William Taft; COOK JOHNSON, Mary; CUSTER, Frances; CUSTER, Robert
D:   DAVISON, Grace; DAVISON, John; DAVISON, John Albert; DAVISON, John Alert; DAVISON NEFF, Virginia M.; DICKINSON, Earl; DICKINSON, Ruth
E:   EAGLE, Jean; EAGLE, Jean A.; EAGLE, William; EAGLE, William; EAGLE, William G.; EAGLE, William G.; EDWARDS, Derald; EDWARDS, Yvonne
F:   FAHLGREN, Donna; FAHLGREN, M. Tony; FARANAS, Christ; FARMER, Anna; FARMER, Anna E.; FARMER, Frank; FARMER, Frank B; FARMER MCGUIRE, Dolores; FORT, George; FORT, Georgia; FRISBEE ALTER, Adelaide J.
H:   HALLOCK, Everette; HALLOCK, Junie V.; HARDISON, Judy; HENSLEY NEFF, Grace A.; HESSELTINE, Evelyn; HESSELTINE, Harry; HESSELTINE, Thomas; HESSELTINE, Victor; HESSELTINE, Victor; HILL, Marlene K; HILL, Marlene K.; HILL MCGUIRE, Violet; HILL RICH, Mildred; HINKLE, Nettie; HUDSON, Jack; HUDSON, Lucille; HYDE, F. Esther; HYDE, John; HYDE, John Jr.; HYDE, Mary; HYDE, Patricia; HYDE, Richard
I:   IMHOFF, Georgia; IMHOFF, Georgia; IMHOFF, Glenn; IMHOFF, Glenn E.
J:   JOHNSON, Mary
K:   KUNE ALLRED, Wilma J.; KURTZ NEFF, Margaret Ann
L:   LEE, Gladys; LEE, Gladys B.; LEE, Gladys B.; LEE, Harold Arthur; LEE, Harold Arthur; LEE, William Perl; LEE, Willliam Perl; LOWE, Anna; LUPTON NEFF, Esther M.; LYON, Fred; LYON, Margarette
M:   MAGDEFRAU, Darlene; MAGDEFRAU, Darlene K.; MAGDEFRAU, Frances; MAGDEFRAU, Michael D.; MAGDEFRAU, Richard; MAGDEFRAU, Robert; MAGDEFRAU, Robert E.; MANNING, Dwight; MANNING, Edward Ruban "Mike"; MANNING, Emma; MANNING, Frank; MANNING, Henry; MANNING, Henry E.; MANNING, Joyce; MANNING, Joyce E.; MANNING, Mark Anthony; MANNING, Martha; MANNING, Mazie; Manning, Mazie W.; MANNING, Mildred; MANNING, Patricia; MANNING, Ray; MANNING, Robert D.; MANNING, Royce; MANNING, Royce A.; MANNING, Susan C.; MANNING, Susan C.; MANNING BAKER, Ferrel; MANNING CALHOUN, Mary; MARION, Cleo; MARION, Eleonore; MARION, Herman; MARION, Jackie; MCGILL, John; MCGILL, Pansy; MCGUIRE, Bessie; MCGUIRE, Bessie; MCGUIRE, Dolores; MCGUIRE, Dolores; MCGUIRE, Emery; MCGUIRE, Harry; MCGUIRE, Lavonne Carol; MCGUIRE, Max; MCGUIRE, Max & Bessie; MCGUIRE, Richard Dean; MCGUIRE, Roger Gene; MCGUIRE, Scott C.; MCGUIRE, Scott C.; MCGUIRE, Violet; MCGUIRE, Violet; MCMULLEN, John K.; MCMULLEN, Minnie; MESSER RICKS, Betty; MOWERY, Minnie M.; MOWERY, Perl A.; MOWERY HILL, Marlene K; MOWREY, Minnie; MOWREY, Perl; MOWREY HILL, Marlene K.
N:   NEFF, Alice; NEFF, Alice M.; NEFF, Alice M.; NEFF, Anna; NEFF, Anna M.; NEFF, Arline; NEFF, Arline L.; NEFF, Arline L.; NEFF, Betty L.; NEFF, Charles E.; NEFF, David; NEFF, David; NEFF, David R.; NEFF, Don; NEFF, Effie J.; NEFF, Effie J.; NEFF, Elizabeth; NEFF, Elmer; NEFF, Esther; NEFF, Esther M.; NEFF, Esther M.; NEFF, Evelyn; NEFF, Forest M.; NEFF, Frank; NEFF, Fred; NEFF, Fred S.; NEFF, Gerald; NEFF, Grace A.; NEFF, Grace A.; NEFF, Harold "Bud"; NEFF, Henry; NEFF, Infant Daughters; NEFF, Isaac C.; NEFF, Ivy; NEFF, Jesse C.; NEFF, Jesse C.; NEFF, Joy L.; NEFF, Lester; NEFF, Lois Ann; NEFF, Lou Sylvia; NEFF, Lou Syvia; NEFF, Lydia; NEFF, Lydia (Nora) E.; NEFF, Margaret Ann; NEFF, Margaret Ann; NEFF, Mary; NEFF, Mary; NEFF, Mary Ruth; NEFF, Mary Ruth; NEFF, Maude; NEFF, Maude; NEFF, Mayme; NEFF, Mayme E.; NEFF, Patricia; NEFF, Richard F.; NEFF, Sadie; NEFF, Sam; NEFF, Sam V.; NEFF, Virginia; NEFF, Virginia M.; NEFF, Vivian; NEFF, Walter; NEFF, William; NEFF, William H.; NEFF, William H.; NEFF ALLRED, Lillie R.; NEFF PANGBORN, Lydia R.; NEFF ZICKEFOOSE, Bessie E.; NICOLA, Edith C.; NICOLA, Freda; NICOLA, Lester
P:   PANGBORN, Frank; PANGBORN, Frank L.; PANGBORN, Lydia; PANGBORN, Lydia R.; PAUL, Charles L; PAUL, Dorothy L.; PICKENS BRANNEN, Almyra; PICKENS BRANNEN, Almyra
R:   RESCHLY, Elmer; RESCHLY, Margaret; RICH, Kenneth; RICH, Mildred; RICH, Robert; RICKS, Bennie C.; RICKS, Betty; RICKS, E. June; RICKS, George; RICKS, Harold Zane; RICKS, John; RICKS, Joseph; RICKS, Lillian; RICKS, Lillian L.; RICKS, Selena; ROTH NEFF, Arline L.; RUGG, L. Helen; RUGG, Walter
S:   SCHAFER, Richard D.; SCHAFER, Richard Dean; SCHAFER, Theresa; SCHAFER, Theresa Sue; SCHANTZ, Edward; SCHANTZ, Neoma; SCHINAGL, Eldora; SCHINAGL, Jack; SCHIRMER, Dallas; SCHIRMER, Esther; SINN, Garnet; SINN, Garnet; SINN, Karen; SINN, Larry; SINN, Wade; SINN, Wade; SINN NEFF, Alice M.; SNIDER BENDER, Florence; STALTER NEFF, Mary; STARR, Buffy Lynn; STARR, Myrtle; STARR, Phillip; STARR, Tincle; STARR, Virgil; STONE, Allice; STONE, Charles; STONE, Eugene V.; STONE, Eugene V.; STONE, H. Villard; STONE, H. Villard; STONE, Mary; STOVER, Betty J.; STOVER, Floyd; STOVER, Floyd B.; STOVER, M. Lenora; STOVER, N. Lenora
T:   TSCHANTZ NEFF, Effie J.; TUCKER, Arnold; TUCKER, Clark; TUCKER, H. Ellen; TUCKER, Ruth; TUCKER NEFF, Lydia (Nora) E.
V:   VAN SANT, Anna; VAN SANT, Anna M.; VAN SANT, Arlis; VAN SANT, Infant Daughter; VAN SANT, John; VAN SANT, Lucile Doris; VAN WINKLE, Caryoll; VAN WINKLE, Frances P.; VAN WINKLE, Gary; VAN WINKLE, Hurly H>; VANWINKLE, Caryoll; VANWINKLE, Frances; VANWINKLE, Harley; VANWINKLE, Marjorie; VANWINKLE, Vernon; VAYAN, Robert; VERHELST, April Suzanne
W:   WAGNER, Dorothy; WAGNER, Florence; WAGNER, Florence; WAGNER, Leo; WAGNER, Leo; WAGNER, Lester; WAGNER, Lester; WENGER MCGUIRE, Lavonne Carol; WIGGINS, Leroy; WIGGINS, LeRoy; WIGGINS, Macy; WIGGINS, Macy D.; WIGGINS, Mary; WIGGINS, Mary J.; WIGGINS, Opal; WIGGINS, Retha Carol; WIGGINS, Retha Carol; WIGGINS,, Opal I.; WILLIAMSON NEFF, Joy L.; WINTERS, Grace; WINTERS, Rev. Charles; WINTERS NEFF, Maude; WRIGHT, Charlott
Z:   ZEAR, Nina; ZEAR, William; ZEAR NEFF, Vivian; ZICKAFOOSE, Bessie; ZICKAFOOSE, William; ZICKEFOOSE, Bessie; ZICKEFOOSE, Bessie E.; ZICKEFOOSE, William

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