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Brooks Cemetery - Henry County, Iowa

192 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 1/5/14 at 7:00:09 AM CST

A:   ALLSUP RAINES, Harriet Elizabeth; ANDERSON, Alta Gertrude; ANDERSON, Asa; ANDERSON, Asa Isaac; ANDERSON, Earl Asa; ANDERSON, Edward; ANDERSON, Eli Alexander; ANDERSON, Hazel Cecil; ANDERSON, John Edward; ANDERSON, June Geneva; ANDERSON, Martha Maria; ANDERSON, Martha R.; ANDERSON, Mary Elizabeth; ANDERSON, Sarah Ann; ANDERSON MCGREGOR, Goldie Belle
B:   BANGHAM, Humphrey; BANGHAM, Infant daughters; BANGHAM, Lola Evelyn; BANGHAM, Mary; BANGHAM, Minnie; BEAMES WILLEY, Nellie Mae; BEER, Daniel; BEER, Florence; BEER, Richard; BEER, Richard; BEER BELL, Mable May; BELL, Alice Florence; BELL, Joseph Adrian; BELL, Mable May; BELL DORRY, Dorothy; BLANCHARD, Dorothy Mae; BLANCHARD, Dorothy Mae; BLANCHARD, Gene H.; BLANCHARD, Herbert Eugene; BLYTHE, Cartha Eileen; BLYTHE, Jack William; BOLAR WILLEY, Ruth Ann; BOYD, Flora Emma; BROOKS, Isaac; BROOKS PRIER, Mary Polly; BROOKS PRIER, Mary Polly; BROWN, Albert Philetus; BROWN, Alfred R.N.; BROWN, Carrie F.; BROWN, Charles A.; BROWN, Charles Michael; BROWN, Don Carlos; BROWN, Donald R.; BROWN, Donald Raymond; BROWN, Elmer David Albert; BROWN, Frances; BROWN, Frances Lucille; BROWN, Henry H.; BROWN, Ida Marie; BROWN, Infant; BROWN, Infant; BROWN, Jerdan Leroy; BROWN, Joseph Luff; BROWN, Mary Ellen; BROWN, Nathan B.; BROWN, Sarah; BROWN, Sarah E.; BROWN, Sarah Elizabeth; BROWN, Sarah T.; BROWN, Timothy Jon; BROWN, Violet Laverna; BROWN, William Archibald; BROWN, Wm. Thomas; BROWN, Woodrow Wilson; BROWN BLANCHARD, Dorothy Mae; BROWN BLANCHARD, Dorothy Mae; BROWN MARTIN, Jeannette Lynn; BROWN STAFFORD, Hattie Pearl; BROWN THORINGTON, Coleen; BURGE, William Thomas; BURGE BROWN, Sarah Elizabeth
C:   CALHOUN, Aubrey P.; CALHOUN, Margaret; CALHOUN, William; COLTON, Infant son; CONOR ANDERSON, Alta Gertrude; COOK, Annie Nettie
D:   DAVIS, Lewis; DAVIS, Mayme Elizabeth; DORRY, Dorothy
E:   E., A.A.; EHRHART, James; EHRHART, Liddie; EHRHART, Melvin
H:   HAMILL RAINES, Pheobe; HATTON, Fannie L.; HENDERSON, John W.; HILLARD, Mary; HILLARD, Wesley; HITT, Peter; HITT, William H.; HORSEY, Andrew Jackson; HORSEY, Catherine(Kate)
K:   KAPSCH, Helen Fern; KEARNS, Alfred; KENDALL BROWN, Frances Lucille
L:   LEEDHAM, Albert D.; LEEDHAM, Edmond Miles Christopher; LEEDHAM, John F.; LEEDHAM, Maria; LEEDHAM, Marietta; LEEDHAM, Roy W.; LEEDHAM ANDERSON, Sarah Ann; LEWIS, David; LEWIS, Elisabeth; LEWIS, Lola Bell; LEWIS, Mary; LEWIS, Sampson
M:   MARTIN, Clara A.; MARTIN, David K.; MARTIN, Jeannette Lynn; MARTIN, L. Maria; MARTIN, Thomas D.; MARTIN BROWN, Carrie F.; MARTIN KAPSCH, Helen Fern; MATHEWS ANDERSON, June Geneva; MCAMIS, David; MCGREGOR, Goldie Belle; MCGREGOR, Raymond D.; MEFFORD EHRHART, Liddie
N:   NELSON HILLARD, Mary; NUGEN, George W.; NUGEN, Infant daughter; NUGEN, Infant son
P:   PERRY WILLEY, Donna Jean; PIERCE WILLEY, Nina A.; PRIER, John P.; PRIER, John P.; PRIER, Mary Polly; PRIER, Mary Polly; PRIER WILLEY, Mary Jane; PRIER WILLEY, Mary Jane
R:   RAINES, Freddie; RAINES, Harriet Elizabeth; RAINES, Isaac Clark; RAINES, Pheobe; RAINES, Zebedee; RAINES LEEDHAM, Marietta; RAMSEY, infant son; RAMSEY BROWN, Sarah T.
S:   SANDELL, Robert B.; SEPTER, Terry Ray; SMITH BLYTHE, Cartha Eileen; STAFFORD, Hattie Pearl
T:   TAYLOR, Indiana A.; TAYLOR WILLEY, Ella; THORINGTON, Coleen; THORINGTON, Dwight Allen; THORINGTON, Robert W.; THORINGTON, Robert Wesley; TREJO, Diana Lynn; TREJO, Jazzmine Renea; TREJO, Joseph Albert; TREJO, Marcia Jean; TRIPP BROWN, Violet Laverna
W:   WASHBURN, Anna L; WASHBURN, Arthur N.; WASHBURN, Edgar N.; WASHBURN, Nathaniel Nelson; WHARFF WILLEY, Elizabeth; WHARFF WILLEY, Elizabeth; WILLEY, Alanson L.; WILLEY, Alexander; WILLEY, Donna Jean; WILLEY, Elizabeth; WILLEY, Elizabeth; WILLEY, Ella; WILLEY, John Raymond; WILLEY, John Wendell; WILLEY, John Woodbridge; WILLEY, John Woodbridge; WILLEY, Joseph Jefferson; WILLEY, Mary Elizabeth; WILLEY, Mary Jane; WILLEY, Mary Jane; WILLEY, Matilda; WILLEY, Nellie Mae; WILLEY, Nina A.; WILLEY, Ruth Ann; WILLEY, Theodosia; WILLEY, Theodosia; WILLEY ANDERSON, Mary Elizabeth; WILLEY BEER, Florence; WILLEY BROWN, Ida Marie; WILLEY HORSEY, Catherine(Kate); WILLEY TREJO, Marcia Jean

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