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Oak Grove Cemetery - Harrison County, Iowa

199 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 5/6/14 at 7:00:11 AM CDT

A:   AXTELL, Kenneth
B:   BATES, Daisy; BATES, Joe; BEAVER, Joseph B; BOIES, Edward A; BOYD, George; BOYD, John H; BOYD, Richard George; BRIDGMAN, John; BROOKHOUSER, Dessie; BROOKHOUSER, James J; BROOKHOUSER, John C; BROOKHOUSER, Margaret; BROOKHOUSER, Myrta; BRUNDIGE, Anna; BRUNDIGE, Howard C; BRUNDIGE, Kenton; BRUNDIGE, Odetta; BUNCH SPENCER, Lillie .O
C:   CATLIN, Colonel H; CHEOUT, Emily Josephine; CLARK THOMPSON, Harriet Charlotia; CLOTHIER HIRST, Malinda; COFFMAN, Lewis-Louis; COFFMAN, Mary L; COFFMAN, Mary L; COFFMAN, Roy Francis; COFFMAN, Roy Francis; COLE, Ethan; COLE, Lucretia; COLE MISCHKE, Lucrecita; COMMORAD SPENCER, Emma .C; COOK, Harry Baldwin; COOK, Oliver Joesph; CORY, Glen Raymond; CORY JOHNSON, Clara; COULTHARD, Elizabeth L; COULTHARD, Elizabeth L; COULTHARD, Hugh Ross; COULTHARD, Hugh Ross; COX, Anna; COX, Anna C.; COX, George; COX, George; COX, Jennie McIntosh; CRISPIN, Cyrenius; CRISPIN, Florence
D:   DAVIS, Charlotte; DEWEESE, Barthena
E:   EPPERSON, Emma; EPPERSON, James; EPPERSON, Unknown; EVANS, Minnie
F:   FOREMAN SPENCER, Sarah E; FOUTS, Abner; FOUTS, Mary; FRY, James; FRY, James R.; FRY, James, R., Jr.; FRY, Lulu E.
G:   GORE, Josephine "Josie"; GORE, Steven F.
H:   HAIGHT, Clifton J.; HAIGHT, Helen; HAIGHT, Silas Augustus; HATCHER, F. M; HATCHER, Rhoda; HINKLE, Eliza; HINKLE, Eliza; HINKLE, Joseph; HIRST, Alta Pearl; HIRST, Clyde; HIRST, Eva May; HIRST, Family Plot; HIRST, John; HIRST, John Wesley; HIRST, Malinda; HIRST MATHENA, Mary; HOAG SMITH, Emma Lunette; HOAG SMITH, Emma Lunette; HOAG SMITH, Emma Lunette; HUEGEL, Josephine
I:   IRWIN, Grace Alda; IRWIN, Ned William
J:   JACKSON, Elzada; JACKSON, Elzada; JANES, LaRue Beryl; JONES, Ardellis; JONES, Claude; JONES, Claude; JONES, Howard; JONES, Hugh; JONES, Robert; JONES, Walter
K:   KIMMER, Cora V.; KIMMER, Myrtle Maggie; KIMMER, Orian W.; KIMMER, Wesley A.; KIMMER GORE, Josephine "Josie"; KIRKLAND, John R
L:   LAW, Mearie
M:   MACE, Elias; MACE, Fern Louise; MACE, Helen Ruth; MACE, Ruth .Ann; MACE SPENCER, Millie Jane; MARKSBURY, Samuel; MATHENA, Howard; MATHENA, Howard J; MATHENA, Mary; MATTOX, James A; MATTOX, Sarah; MCCAIN, Edna; MCCULLOUGH, John R; MCGEE SPENCER, Helen .L; MCINTOSH, Addison L; MCINTOSH, Elizabeth; MCINTOSH, Margaret; MCINTOSH, Moses B; MCMILLEN FRY, Lulu E.; MCQUEEN, Evaline; MISCHKE, Lucretia; MISCHKE, Lugustus; MITCH, Lazar; MORGAN, Martha Jane; MORGAN, Seth Harrison; MOW, John Christian; MOW, Sophia
P:   PALMER, Benjamin F
R:   REEL MATTOX, Sarah; REIFF, Lynae Marie; REIFF, Robert Owen; RHOTEN, Kizzie; RHOTEN, Thomas; ROLAND MORGAN, Martha Jane; ROTHENAY, Christine; ROTHENAY, Frederick M.; ROTHENAY, Lucille
S:   SMITH, Emma Lunette; SMITH, Emma Lunette; SMITH, Emma Lunette; SMITH, Walter Aaron; SMITH, Walter Aaron; SMITH, Walter Aaron; SMITH COFFMAN, Mary L; SMITH COFFMAN, Mary L; SMITH COULTHARD, Elizabeth L; SMITH COULTHARD, Elizabeth L; SMITH IRWIN, Grace Alda; SPENCER, Albert; SPENCER, Albert . F; SPENCER, Archie .A; SPENCER, Benjamin F; SPENCER, Benjamin Packard; SPENCER, Elias .Max; SPENCER, Elias Emery; SPENCER, Emma .C; SPENCER, Essie.D; SPENCER, Helen .L; SPENCER, Infant; SPENCER, Lillie .O; SPENCER, Lucreha; SPENCER, Mary . B; SPENCER, Millie Jane; SPENCER, Orie.E; SPENCER, Robin .R; SPENCER, Sarah; SPENCER, Sarah . E; SPENCER, William .P; SPENCER MCCAIN, Edna; SPENCER SPENCER, Mary . B; STEELE, Emma; STEELE, Henry Fielding; STODGEL KIMMER, Myrtle Maggie; STOKES, Ruth; STOKES, William
T:   TEDFORD, Eugenia Ann; TEDFORD, George W; TEDFORD, Lydia M; TEDFORD, Thomas I; THOMPSON, Erwin; THOMPSON, Harriet Charlotia; TROUT, Harvy; TROUT, Sarah; TROUT, Sarah
V:   VESSEL, John Carlton; VESSELS CHEOUT, Emily Josephine; VESSELS KIMMER, Cora V.
W:   WEST, Lewis; WEST, Luzina; WHITE, J. R.; WILSON, Josephine; WILSON, Olive; WILSON, Thomas; WYANT, Edgar . Dean; WYANT, Garphelia . M; WYANT, Lola
Y:   YAGER, William E; YAGER TEDFORD, Eugenia Ann

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