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Lake Center Cemetery - Hamilton County, Iowa

328 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 9/5/17 at 6:00:12 AM CDT

A:   ANDERSON, Anders; ANDERSON, Andrew E.; ANDERSON, Andrew T.; ANDERSON, Anna Covena; ANDERSON, Bertha Louise; ANDERSON, Betsy; ANDERSON, Carrie Madsona; ANDERSON, Donald Martin; ANDERSON, Emil John, Jr.; ANDERSON, Emil John, Sr.; ANDERSON, Engeborg; ANDERSON, Gerhard; ANDERSON, John S.; ANDERSON, Juditha J.; ANDERSON, Lars; ANDERSON, Martha; ANDERSON, Orlug; ANDERSON, Ruth; ANDERSON, Ruth M.; ANDERSON HOVE, Julia A.; ANDERSON OLSON, Mathilde; ANDERSON OPPEDAL, Hannah O.; ASHEIM, Martha O.
B:   BERGGREN JOHNSON, Ida S.; BRANDANGER, Ragnhild H.; BRUDAAS, Lawrence; BRUDAAS, Ole L.; BRUDAAS, Rosie Emelie; BRUDAAS, Sigrid J.
C:   CULBERSON, Carl; CULBERSON, Charles H.; CULBERSON, Henry; CULBERSON, infand daughter; CULBERSON, Johanna; CULBERSON, Manon L.; CULBERSON, Racinhild; CULBERSON, Twin Sons
F:   FAMILY PLOT, Torkel S. Oppedal; FAMILY STONE, Satre; FARDAL, Anna; FARDAL, Anna A.; FARDAL, Anna J.; FARDAL, Arthur Newman; FARDAL, Bessie; FARDAL, Clarence J; FARDAL, Clarence J.; FARDAL, Clarence J.; FARDAL, Effie T.; FARDAL, Eleda; FARDAL, Elling H.; FARDAL, Elmer H.; FARDAL, Elmer J.; FARDAL, Enid T.; FARDAL, Gerhard O.; FARDAL, Gertrude E.; FARDAL, Gunhilda; FARDAL, H. H.; FARDAL, Hans E.; FARDAL, Harold E.; FARDAL, Helen S.; FARDAL, Ingeborg; FARDAL, Iva Bessie; FARDAL, Joe E.; FARDAL, John E.; FARDAL, Julia A.; FARDAL, Julian Joseph; FARDAL, M. Eugene, Jr; FARDAL, M. Eugene, Sr.; FARDAL, Nels E.; FARDAL, Nels N.; FARDAL, Olive A.; FARDAL, Sharon Elling; FARDAL MECHAELSEN, Nadine A.
H:   HAGEN, Ella; HAGEN, Hildora; HAGEN, Ida; HAGEN, Nick E.; HAMILTON VOLD, Michelle; HANSON, B. I.; HANSON, Blanche; HANSON, Elizabeth J.; HANSON, Guri Helena; HANSON, Hans G.; HANSON, Harold; HANSON, Hildora; HANSON, Ingeborg; HANSON, Ingeborg K.; HANSON, Irving H.; HANSON, Iver G.; HANSON, Jens; HANSON, Ole; HAUGLAND, Conrad B.; HAUGLAND, Helmer I.; HAUGLAND, Mabel J.; HAUGLAND, Malena; HAUGLAND, Ole G.; HAUGLAND OPPEDAL, Julia Marie; HEGGELUND FARDAL, Eleda; HELGESON, Helge; HELGESON, Ingeri; HELGESON, Jens; HELGESON, Knudt; HILL FARDAL, Olive A.; HOLMES, Inger; HOVE, Amel P.; HOVE, Anna; HOVE, Bertha; HOVE, Bertha G.; HOVE, Christie P.; HOVE, Christine; HOVE, Christine A.; HOVE, Edwin B.; HOVE, Erick P.; HOVE, Esther J.; HOVE, Gertrude M.; HOVE, Imbert I.; HOVE, Ingeborg; HOVE, Isabel Petrine; HOVE, Iver E.; HOVE, John J.; HOVE, Julia A.; HOVE, Julian A.; HOVE, Lewis; HOVE, Myrtle M.; HOVE, Peder L.; HOVE, Peter A.; HOVE, Peter J.; HOVE, Sam J.
I:   IVERSON, Albert L.; IVERSON, Belle I.; IVERSON, Bertha H.; IVERSON, Edward E.; IVERSON, Einer; IVERSON, Eliza J.; IVERSON, Elizabet J.; IVERSON, Family Plot Lasse; IVERSON, Ida Louise; IVERSON, Ilert; IVERSON, Ingeborg; IVERSON, Iver E.; IVERSON, Iver L.; IVERSON, Johannes; IVERSON, John L.; IVERSON, Lasse; IVERSON, Lecta S.; IVERSON, Lewis Ingvald; IVERSON, Margaret Inez; IVERSON, Matilda; IVERSON, Ruth
J:   JACOBSON, Elmer L.; JACOBSON, Marie G.; JAKOBSON, Jacob E.; JAKOBSON, Jodine M.; JOHNSON, Bertel W.; JOHNSON, Delberta Mae; JOHNSON, Emma J.; JOHNSON, Hazel L.; JOHNSON, Ida S.; JOHNSON, Iva I.; JOHNSON, Iver; JOHNSON, Jertru Karine; JOHNSON, John W.; JOHNSON, Lewis; JOHNSON, Myrtle M.; JOHNSON, Nels B.; JOHNSON, Oleney; JOHNSON, Olina; JOHNSON, William M.; JORSTAD, Bertelle Margrete
K:   KNUTSON, Angie M.; KNUTSON, S. Tiller
L:   LINDBORG, Britha H.; LOMELDE, Gunhilda; LOUIS, Agaten; LOUIS, Lena M.; LOUIS, Redine
M:   MADSON, Embert O.; MADSON, Emma J.; MATHEASON HANSON, Blanche; MATHRE, Anna; MATHRE, Bert; MATHRE, Lizzie; MATHRE, Oscar; MATHRE, Severt S.; MATHRE, Tillie; MATHRE, William; MATHRE FARDAL, Helen S.; MECHAELSEN, Howard E.; MECHAELSEN, Nadine A.; MEHEL, Anna; MEHL, Helge; MIKKELSEN, Emelie; MIKKELSEN, Ingeborg; MIKKELSEN, Martha Gurine; MILTON OLSON, Elizabeth M.; MONSEN, Mesine Alette Marie; MONSEN, Sivert; MONSON, Haldis A.; MONSON, Hans
N:   NELSON, Getluc; NELSON, Ingeborg B.; NELSON, Iver; NELSON, Iver E.; NELSON HOVE, Bertha G.; NEUBAUER OLSON, Anna E.; NILSON, Johanne Krestine
O:   OLSON, Albrigt; OLSON, Alias; OLSON, Anna E.; OLSON, Anna M.; OLSON, Britha; OLSON, Cecil Boyd; OLSON, Elizabeth M.; OLSON, George; OLSON, Gladys; OLSON, Hans; OLSON, Ingeborg; OLSON, Ingebright; OLSON, Iver B.; OLSON, Jasper W.; OLSON, Julia C.; OLSON, Louise; OLSON, Marie; OLSON, Mathilde; OLSON, Verner E.; OLSON, Werner E.; OLSON, William E.; OPPEDAL, Alfred K.; OPPEDAL, Astrid A.; OPPEDAL, Barbara R.; OPPEDAL, Berge; OPPEDAL, Bertha; OPPEDAL, Borni R.; OPPEDAL, Delmar Odean; OPPEDAL, Erling Odine; OPPEDAL, Gerald J.; OPPEDAL, Geroge E.; OPPEDAL, Guttorm J.; OPPEDAL, Hannah O.; OPPEDAL, Hans Bertine; OPPEDAL, Harold L.; OPPEDAL, Henry H.; OPPEDAL, Imbert Ishmael; OPPEDAL, Ingeborg; OPPEDAL, Ingeborg G.; OPPEDAL, Isaac G.; OPPEDAL, Isaac O.; OPPEDAL, Ivar L.; OPPEDAL, Jean T.; OPPEDAL, Johan; OPPEDAL, Julia Marie; OPPEDAL, Leo D.; OPPEDAL, Ludvig; OPPEDAL, Maurine Inez; OPPEDAL, Mons H.; OPPEDAL, Ole Benjamin; OPPEDAL, Oline; OPPEDAL, Petrine M.; OPPEDAL, Torkel L.; OPPEDAL, Torkel S.; OPPEDAL, Trine Bertine; OPPEDAL JACOBSON, Marie G.; OPPEDAL MATHRE, Tillie; OPPEDAL NELSON, Ingeborg B.
P:   PAULSON, Franklin N.; PAULSON, Inger; PAULSON, Roger L.; PAULSON, Stanley; PETERSON, Infant
S:   SATRE, Albert; SATRE, Anthony B.; SATRE, Elizabeth; SATRE, Geneva R.; SATRE, Hans J.; SATRE, Hilford; SATRE, Ingeborg Instefjord; SATRE, Ingebrgt; SATRE, Ingebrigt; SATRE, Iola J.; SATRE, Irene T.; SATRE, Isaac; SATRE, Johan L.; SATRE, John I.; SATRE, Julius S.; SATRE, Leonard; SATRE, Mons Anderson; SATRE, Paul H.; SATRE, Ruby E.; SATRE, Sigrid; SATRE FARDAL, Iva Bessie; SATRE HANSON, Elizabeth J.; SATRE HOLMES, Inger; SATTRE, Ingeborg; SATTRE, John Anderson; SKAALURE, Christ; SKAALURE, Elias; SKAALURE, John J.; SKAALURE, Johnette; SKAALURE, Lauritz; SKAALURE, Olive; SKAALURE, Ragnele; SKAALURE, Randie; SMITH, Raymond M.
T:   TAKLE, Baard I.; THORSON, Hans; TYNNING, Ingeborg; TYNNING, Johan Magnus; TYNNING, Johannes; TYNNING, Lasse O.; TYNNING, Ludvig M.; TYNNING, Marie; TYNNING, Martha; TYNNING, Mons M.; TYNNING, Ollegaard S.; TYNNING, Peter J.; TYNNING, Petrine; TYNNING, Randena
V:   VOLD, Collin R.; VOLD, Michelle

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