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Glendon Cemetery - Guthrie County, Iowa

344 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 3/5/20 at 11:05:40 AM CST

A:   ABBOTT, Minnie V.; AUSMUS, Mary K.; AUSMUS, Peter C.
B:   BACON, Justin E.; BACON, Melvina O.; BACON MILLER, Nellie M.; BANKS, Beverly Jean; BANKS, Billie L.; BANKS, Victor Lynn; BEGHTEL, Lydia; BEGHTEL, William; BYERS, Rachel
C:   CABBAGE, Anna K.; CABBAGE, John; CABBAGE, John P.; CABBAGE, John P.; CABBAGE, Josephine; CABBAGE, Lewis L.; CABBAGE, Lora A.; CABBAGE, Nancy; CABBAGE, Nancy; CABBAGE, Wm Henry; CAMERON, Wanda Lucille; CAMPBELL, James P.; CAMPBELL, Mary; CARPENTER, Baby; CARPENTER, C. H.; CARPENTER, H. C.; CARPENTER, Phebe; CARPENTER, Willie F. M.; CAVE, Mervin A.; COLE, L. I.; COLE, S. W.; COLE, Unice; COLEMAN, ???; COLEMAN, ????; COLEMAN, ????; COLEMAN, Albert Z.; COLEMAN, Carrie; COLEMAN, Dew?r; COLEMAN, E. Anna; COLEMAN, Edward M.; COLEMAN, Francis Marion; COLEMAN, Garrett Francis; COLEMAN, George I.; COLEMAN, Infant; COLEMAN, Infant; COLEMAN, Joseph M.; COLEMAN, Katharine; COLEMAN, Kathie Katherine; COLEMAN, Lemuel P.; COLEMAN, Nancy; COLEMAN, Rebecca E.; COLEMAN, Rossanna; COLEMAN, Siddie M.; COLEMAN, Stella; COLEMAN, Thomas M.; COLEMAN, Zoa; COLEMAN MCCLELLAN, Rosannah C.; CRAWLEY, Charles R.; CRAWLEY, Charles T.; CRAWLEY, Daniel Garrett; CRAWLEY, Elizabeth J.; CRAWLEY, Elma Ellen; CRAWLEY, George H.; CRAWLEY, Harley M.; CRAWLEY, Infant; CRAWLEY, James A.; CRAWLEY, John D.; CRAWLEY, John W. H.; CRAWLEY, Martha M.; CRAWLEY, Mary B.; CRAWLEY, Mary S.; CRAWLEY, Rex T.
D:   DALE, Lewis; DUPUY, Albert R.; DUPUY, Alice M.; DUPUY, Bertha J.; DUPUY, Charles H.; DUPUY, Clara; DUPUY, Clarance; DUPUY, David N.; DUPUY, Dorothy L.; DUPUY, Dorothy Louise; DUPUY, Elmer E.; DUPUY, Evline; DUPUY, Guy M.; DUPUY, Harmus; DUPUY, James H.; DUPUY, Jane M.; DUPUY, Martha H.; DUPUY, Mary C.; DUPUY, Nellie M.; DUPUY, Nellie Martha; DUPUY, William G.
F:   FISH, Florence Elmina; FISH, George G.; FISH, Infant; FISH, Jane; FISH, Leon D.; FISH, William L.; FISHER KNIGHT, Amy Cloy; FOX, Alice A.; FOX, Charley E.; FOX, John A.; FOX, Nancy F.; FOX, Viva Anne; FULLER, Wallace
G:   GITTINS, Joseph; GITTINS, Merl R.; GITTINS, Orpha M.; GRAY, Pollie J.
H:   HARGOE, ????; HARGOE, ????; HASKINS, Hiram; HILSABECK, Elias
J:   JONES, Danie L.
K:   KISER, Lutisha; KNIGHT, Amy Cloy; KNIGHT, Arba R.; KNIGHT, Arba R. Jr.; KOPASKA, Elmer Lee; KOPASKA, Florence; KOPASKA, Otto; KOPASKA, T. Willa
L:   LANING, Emie???; LANING, Infant; LEWIS MILLER, Catherine; LIST, ????; LIST, ????; LYST, Oliver P.
M:   M???, ????; M???, B. L.; MAINS, Albert; MAINS, Alsie; MAINS, Eliza J.; MAINS, G. Adeline; MAINS, Gary E.; MAINS, George E.; MAINS, George W.; MAINS, Hannah; MAINS, Helen L.; MAINS, Henry; MAINS, Hester; MAINS, Infant; MAINS, Infant; MAINS, Infant; MAINS, Infant; MAINS, James A.; MAINS, Jemima L. T.; MAINS, Jesse P.; MAINS, Jesse P. Family Stone; MAINS, John H.; MAINS, Kenneth E.; MAINS, Lewis Martin; MAINS, Lucinda C.; MAINS, Malinea A.; MAINS, Sarah E.; MAINS, Sarah S.; MAINS, William E.; MAINS, William H.; MAINS, William S.; MAINS, Wm C.; MAINS, Wm C. Family Stone; MAN?, ?orian ?.; MAN???K, Phebe A.; MASTERS, Amy W.; MASTERS, Orr; MCCLELLAN, ???; MCCLELLAN, ????; MCCLELLAN, Amelia M. (Bottom); MCCLELLAN, Amelia M. (top); MCCLELLAN, Bessie E.; MCCLELLAN, Elizabeth; MCCLELLAN, Homer A.; MCCLELLAN, James H.; MCCLELLAN, James H. Family Stone; MCCLELLAN, Joena? E; MCCLELLAN, Leonard E.; MCCLELLAN, Louisa A.; MCCLELLAN, Malinda Em??; MCCLELLAN, Olvie E.; MCCLELLAN, Richard H.; MCCLELLAN, Rosannah C.; MCCLELLAN, Walter F.; MCCLELLAN, William P.; MCGLOTHLEN, Charles; MCGLOTHLEN, Pearl M.; MESSINGER, Clyde; MESSINGER, Emma M.; MESSINGER, Floyd W.; MESSINGER, Ida E.; MESSINGER, Martha; MESSINGER, Phillip; MESSINGER, Rose Elaine; MESSINGER, W. M. Claude; MESSINGER, William; MILLER, ???; MILLER, ????; MILLER, ????; MILLER, ?. E.; MILLER, Alma; MILLER, Amanda L; MILLER, Carrie; MILLER, Catherine; MILLER, Catherine J.; MILLER, Charles P; MILLER, Christian; MILLER, Christian; MILLER, Elijah S.; MILLER, Elizabeth; MILLER, Elizabeth; MILLER, Elizabeth A.; MILLER, Emma; MILLER, Enos; MILLER, Fay Allen; MILLER, Florence M.; MILLER, Fred A.; MILLER, Fred A. Family Stone; MILLER, G. W.; MILLER, Garrett; MILLER, Gilbert H.; MILLER, Harriet ?.; MILLER, infant; MILLER, Isaac E.; MILLER, Isabelle; MILLER, Jacob J.; MILLER, Jacob K.; MILLER, Jacob K. Family Stone; MILLER, James B.; MILLER, James B. Family Stone; MILLER, John F.; MILLER, John L.; MILLER, Joseph; MILLER, Joseph L.; MILLER, Joseph S.; MILLER, Julia A.; MILLER, Maisy; MILLER, Malinda E.; MILLER, Martha M.; MILLER, Marvin; MILLER, Mary A.; MILLER, Mary E.; MILLER, Mildred L; MILLER, Murray; MILLER, Nancy C.; MILLER, Nellie I.; MILLER, Nellie M.; MILLER, Oliver P.; MILLER, Perry Lee; MILLER, Peter L.; MILLER, Rachel M.; MILLER, Rachel W.; MILLER, Ray T.; MILLER, Rosa E.; MILLER, Rufaann; MILLER, S. P.; MILLER, Sarah D.; MILLER, Susan; MILLER, T. H.; MILLER, Vera W.; MILLER, Walter; MILLER, William J.; MILLER, William J. Family Stone; MOORE, ????; MOORE, Albert R.; MOORE, Almeda; MOORE, Almira; MOORE, Ida; MOORE, John Lee; MOORE, Molly; MOORE, Odel; MORAINE, A. D.; MORAINE, Mary F.; MORLAN, Ira F.; MORLAN, L. Viola; MOYER, Anna; MOYER, Catherine; MOYER, Clarence; MOYER, Cora; MOYER, Harry W.; MOYER, John W.; MOYER, Marvin Orvil; MULLEN, J. M.; MULLEN, Mary A.
N:   NOOLE, ???s; NOOLE, 4 Stone group; NOOLE, Infant; NOOLE, Infant; NOOLE, Infant
O:   OUTLAND, L. C.; OUTLAND, Lillie Viola; OUTLAND, R. A..
P:   PAGE, Loris; PARRISH, Amos; PATTERSON, ????; PATTERSON, Gna?ey; PATTERSON, Harriet; PATTERSON, Harvey; PATTERSON, John; PATTERSON, Sophrona Thorla; PORTER, Larry D.; PORTER, Norma J.; PORTER, Shelene Deann; POWELL, Donna E.
R:   RATLIFF, Caraloa May; RATLIFF, Cassandra; RATLIFF, Edward A.; RATLIFF, Herman; RATLIFF, Thos. P.; REED, Elizabeth; REED, Leona; ROGERS, David
S:   SAMPSON, ????; SAMPSON, Abram Aaron; SAMPSON, Emmanuel Allen; SAMPSON, Emmanuel M.; SEMM???, Cora; SMITH, Robert J.; STANLEY, George M.; STANLEY, Stella M.; STRANGE, Bessie A.; STRANGE, Ebenezer F.; STRANGE, Eliza; STRANGE, Emmett L.; STRANGE, Fay A.; STRANGE, John F.; SUFFEL, Frederick; SUFFEL, M. M. C.
T:   TERRY, Brandy Lee; TERRY, Earl J.; TERRY, Glen E.; TERRY, Lewis W.; TERRY, Lois F.; TERRY, Marvin E.
W:   WARE, Benjamin F.; WARE, Caroline; WARE, Charley; WARREN, Daisy; WASSON, Baird; WILLIAMS, H. B.; WILLIAMS, Myrtle E.; WILLIAMS, Persis; WRIGHT, Janet Elaine

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