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Fairfield Township Cemetery - Grundy County, Iowa

241 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 2/20/19 at 6:00:10 AM CST

A:   ACKERSON, Adelia (Ferris); ARCHER, Candance (Elmer); ARCHER, Dale F.; ARCHER, Dickey; ARCHER, Freddie; ARCHER, Freddy; ARCHER, George W.; ARCHER, Harry L.; ARCHER, Herman; ARCHER, Laura A.; ARCHER, Lavina M.; ARCHER, Mary A.; ARCHER, Nellie; AZELTINE, Ezra B.
B:   BAILEY, G. Ward; BAILEY, Neva (Brock); BAKKER, Willie A.; BISDEE, Alice C.; BISDEE, Bertha; BISDEE, Edward; BISDEE, Edward; BISDEE, Freddie; BISDEE, Grace E.; BISDEE, Sarah A.; BOOKMAN, Albert H.; BOOKMAN, Eliza R.; BOYD, Sarah; BOYRIE, Arthur; BOYRIE, Harry; BOYRIE, Vorick; BRENNAN, Francis E. (Bookman); BROOKS, Ann
C:   CASE, Clyde I.; CASE, F. Isabell; CASE, Ivan L.; CEPERLEY, Betsey; CEPERLEY, David; CEPERLEY, Silas; CHASE, Ada M.; CHASE, Angeline A.; CHASE, Ava B.; CHASE, Henry O.; CHASE, Inez V.; CHASE, infant child of H. O. & L.; CHASE, N. O.; CHASE, Roy; CHILDS, H. B.; CHRISTIANSON, Harry E.; CHRISTIANSON, Howard W.; COLLINS, Adaline; COLLINS, Addie M.; COLLINS, Chas.; COLLINS, Emma G.; COLLINS, Ervin M.; COLLINS, Hattie E.; COLLINS, Lizzie J.; COLLINS, Steven B; COLLINS, Susan A.; COOK, Albert A.; COOK, Effie C.; CORWIN, Lydia Leith; CROUSE, Wm Dow; CUNGDON, Willie
D:   DILGER, Bartholomew; DILGER, Willis F.; DINGEL, Henry; DINGEL, Lillian; DOLVIN, Amy M.; DOLVIN, David; DOLVIN, Louise E.; DOLVIN, Rosell D.; DORITY, T.
E:   EDDY, Marcius; EDDY, Paulina; ELMER, Hannah (Archer); ELMER, Jane
F:   FERRIS, George A.; FERRIS, George C.; FERRIS, James J.; FERRIS, Mary (Ingalls); FOBES, Clarence; FOBES, Elsie; FOBES, Gleo; FOBES, Homer; FOBES, Lutenah; FOBES, Warren; FORTUNE, Abegail R.; FORTUNE, Alexander; FORTUNE, Emar F.; FORTUNE, Emma; FORTUNE, George W.; FORTUNE, Wm A.; FOSTER, James; FREELAND, Nettie; FULLER, Deloss
G:   GAGE, Debby; GAGE, Lilly L. B.; GAGE, Smithey F.; GARDNER, Edson D.; GIBBS, Kristi (Harper); GLEASON, Alvin C.; GLEASON, Samuel V.; GLEASON, Sheldon L.; GRANDON, Sally E.; GREEN, Ella; GRIFFITH, Mary A.; GRIFFITH, Sally; GRIFFITH, Samuel W.; GRIFFITH, Theresa E.; GRIFFITH, William
H:   HAMMOND, Nettie; HARPER, Robert L.; HEMMERLING, Rosa E. (Whitney); HUNTLEY, Burton C.; HUNTLEY, Frank I.; HUNTLEY, Georgia F.; HUNTLEY, Jamie; HUNTLEY, Levisa; HUNTLEY, Spencer F.; HUNTLEY, Thomas Frank; HURLBUT, Addie; HURLBUT, Betsey E.; HURLBUT, Cornelia; HURLBUT, Ebenezer Wright; HURLBUT, Enoch J.; HURLBUT, Louisa A.; HURLBUT, Louisa P.; HURLBUT, Mary
I:   INGALLS, Cora L.; INGALLS, H. L.; INGALLS, Horace; INGALLS, Jasper; INGALLS, Merton; INGALLS, Phebe; INGALLS, Roxey; INGALLS, Sally M.; INGALLS, Samuel W.; INGALLS, Unity
J:   JACOBSON, Mary; JOHNSON, Jacob W.; JOHNSON, Johnney; JONES, Cora Mabel; JONES, Gordon G.; JORDEN, Joyce; JUHL, Eva M.
K:   KENISON, Minnie Zellie Blanch; KENISON, Rose Ida; KENISON, Roxcy S.; KERNS, William H.
L:   LEWIS, Lavinia B.; LINCOLN, Aurelia L.; LINCOLN, Wallace E.
M:   MACK, Flora A.; MACK, Lillie E.; MALLERY, Harris W.; MILLER, Asher; MILLER, Douglas R.; MILLER, Patricia A.
P:   PARMENTER, Ella (Ferris); PECK, Clara E.; PECK, Clarence W.; PECK, Cora L.; PECK, Darling; PECK, Frank W.; PECK, Fred A.; PECK, Gerald L.; PECK, Jane A.; PECK, Nelson H.; PECK, Silas; PECK, Virgia M.; PECK, William D.; PECK, Ziporah; PICKET, Lucy; PLUMMER, Eddie C.; PRICHARD, Isaac; PRICHARD, Lena; PRICHARD, Orinda J.
R:   RITTGERS, Anna Alice; RITTGERS, Lester Findley; ROADMAN, P. J. (McConnaughey); ROADMAN, R. B.; ROYCE, Albert O.; ROYCE, Wilson D.
S:   SARGENT, Irving; SARGENT, Orville T.; SARGENT, Rosetta; SARGENT, Wm J.; SIBLEY, Frank E.; SINKLER, Emily; SINKLER, Loyal; SINKLER, Stephen; SMITH, David; SMITH, Margarett M.; SMITH, Rensler J.; STOW, Elvira D.; STOW, Julia E.; STOW, Mary; STOW, Mary E.; STOW, Wm
T:   TAYLOR, Addie Estelle; TAYLOR, Polly Elvira (Royce); TAYLOR, Walter G.; TAYLOR, William Henry; TERRY, Harriet; THAYER, Marion A.
U:   UTTER, Al. E.; UTTER, Ann; UTTER, Florence; UTTER, John; UTTER, John E.; UTTER, Margaret (Hoglan); UTTER, Mary J.
W:   WAGNER, infant baby; WAGNER, Vernon; WALCOTT, Carrie; WALES, M. Ada; WALKER, C. A.; WALKER, Calvin; WALKER, Lydia; WALKER, Marie; WELLS, Harriett J.; WELLS, infant son of F. S. & G. O.; WHEELER, Deborah; WHEELER, George W.; WHEELER, R. C.; WHITNEY, Anna B.; WHITNEY, Harry E.; WHITNEY, Millie; WHITNEY, William; WILSON, Anna S.; WILSON, Eliza E.; WILSON, John; WILSON, John C.; WILSON, Leora; WILSON, Margaret E.; WOLCOTT, Almira D. (Spaulding); WOLCOTT, Alonzo; WOLCOTT, Harry S.; WOLCOTT, James M.

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