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Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery - Dubuque County, Iowa

1870 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 1/12/20 at 6:00:13 AM CST

B:   BACKES, MARY C.; BACKES, MELVIN M.; BACKES, Milton H.; BACKES, MILTON H.; BAKULA, Helen J.; BAKULA, Theodore W.; BAXTER, John; BAXTER, John; BAXTER, Margaret; BAXTER, Margaret; BAXTER, Phil; BAXTER, PHIL; BAXTER, Winifred; BAXTER, WINIFRED; BERG, Anna; BERG, Eva; BERG, Eva; BERG, George; BERG, Loreta; BERG, Loretta; BERG, Monica C.; BERG, Nicholas; BERG, Nicholas; BERG, Stella M.; BERRY, Timothy; BERRY, TIMOTHY; BIRD, Charles P.; BIRD, Charles P.; BIRD, Eugene; BIRDS, Elizabeth; BLAKE, Alphonsus; BLAKE, ALPHONSUS; BLAKE, Bridget; BLAKE, Gertrude; BLAKE, Joseph; BLAKE, JOSEPH; BLAKE, Joseph C.; BLAKE, Joseph Clarence; BLAKE, Mary A.; BLAKE, Mary A.; BLAKE, MARY ANN; BLAKE, Peter J.; BLAKE, Peter J.; BLAKE, PETER J.; BLAKE, William; BLAKE, William; BLAKE, William; BLAKE, WILLIAM; BLODGETT, Lucy ; BOYLE, Owen; BRADSHAW, CYNTHIA "CINDY" J.; BRADSHAW, Cynthia J.; BRADSHAW, James L.; BRADSHAW, Mary A.; BRADSHAW, Vincent P.; BRADSHAW, Wilfred N.; BRADY, Charles; BRADY, Charles; BRADY, Ellen; BRADY, Helen; BRADY, Thomas M.; BRECHT, Adam; BRECHT, Aloysius; BRECHT, Anselma A.; BRECHT, ANSELMA A.; BRECHT, Barbara; BRECHT, Barbara; BRECHT, Delbert L.; BRECHT, Dianne W.; BRECHT, Francis J.; BRECHT, FRANCIS J.; BRECHT, George; BRECHT, George; BRECHT, George; BRECHT, George; BRECHT, Johannes; BRECHT, Johannie; BRECHT, Johannie; BRECHT, Johannie; BRECHT, Leo P.; BRECHT, Lorraine; BRECHT, Maria K.; BRECHT, Nancy C.; BRECHT, Nicholas; BRECHT, Nicholas; BRECHT, Peter; BRECHT, Peter; BRECHT, Peter; BRECHT, Peter; BRECHT, Philip; BRECHT, Philip; BRECHT, Veronica; BRECHT, WALTER J.; BRECHT, Walter J. "Wally"; BRECHT ROSS, Kay V.; BRIMEYER, Carl H.; BRIMEYER, Orvelyn M.; BRIMEYER MAIERS, Lucille L.; BROOKOVER, Margaret; BROWN, John R.; BROWN BRADSHAW, CYNTHIA "CINDY" J.; BROWN BRADSHAW, Cynthia J.; BROWN BRADSHAW, Cynthia J. "Cindy"; BURDS, Hannah Mariah
C:   CARIGAN, Mary; CARIGAN, Mary; CARIGAN, Peter; CARIGAN KELLEY, Bridget; CARLIN, Lizzie; CARLIN, Michael; CARLIN, Michael; CARTER, Bridget; CARTER, Frank; CARTER, George W.; CARTER, John; CARTER, John J.; CARTER, Joseph; CARTER, Mary; CARTER, Susan; CARTER, William L.; CAVAN, John; CHAUVET, Margaret; CLEMEN, Agnes; CLEMEN, Agnes; CLEMEN, Alphonse F.; CLEMEN, Ambrose Albin; CLEMEN, Anna; CLEMEN, Antoinette C.; CLEMEN, Armella A.; CLEMEN, Carol A.; CLEMEN, Chris; CLEMEN, Cletus J.; CLEMEN, Donald G.; CLEMEN, Eileen; CLEMEN, Elenora G.; CLEMEN, Elizabeth A.; CLEMEN, Frances M.; CLEMEN, George A.; CLEMEN, Gilbert B.; CLEMEN, Grace H.; CLEMEN, Gregor; CLEMEN, Joseph A.; CLEMEN, LaVonne A.; CLEMEN, Leo W.; CLEMEN, Leon G.; CLEMEN, Leona; CLEMEN, Leona; CLEMEN, Leonard J.; CLEMEN, Maria; CLEMEN, Marie; CLEMEN, Marie; CLEMEN, Mary; CLEMEN, Peter; CLEMEN, RALPH N.; CLEMEN, Sgt Ralph N.; CLEMEN, Sylvester B.; CLEMEN, Teresa; CLEMEN, Teresa; CLEMEN, Vernon; CLEMEN, VERNON V.; CLEMEN, William G.; CLEMEN GAUL, Germaine; CLEMEN JURAN, Virginia M.; CLEMEN WAGNER, Janice M.; CLEMENS, Anthony B; CLEMENS, Catherine T.; CLEMENS, Edward A.; CLEMENS, Esther L.; CLEMENS, Laverne R.; CLEMENS, Michael J.; COLLINS, Dennis; COLLINS, John; CONNELLY, Catherine; CONNELLY, Clara; CONNELLY, John; CONNELLY, Jonthan; CONNELLY, Martin; CONNELLY TAYLOR, Mary E.; CONNOLLY, Alice; CONNOLLY, Ann; CONNOLLY, Ann; CONNOLLY, Ann; CONNOLLY, Anna; CONNOLLY, Anna; CONNOLLY, Bridget; CONNOLLY, Catherine; CONNOLLY, Charles; CONNOLLY, Charles E.; CONNOLLY, Chas.; CONNOLLY, Clara; CONNOLLY, Emial; CONNOLLY, Family Marker; CONNOLLY, John; CONNOLLY, John; CONNOLLY, John; CONNOLLY, John X.; CONNOLLY, John X.; CONNOLLY, Jonathan; CONNOLLY, Margaret; CONNOLLY, Margarett; CONNOLLY, Martin; CONNOLLY, Mary; CONNOLLY, Mary; CONNOLLY, Michael; CONNOLLY, Patrick; CONNOLLY, Terrance; CONNOLLY, Terrence; CONNOLLY, Terrence; CONNOLLY, Terry; CONNOLLY, Thomas; CONNOLLY, Thomas; CONNOLLY, Thomas; CONWAY, Joseph; CONWAY, Joseph; COOK, Charles; COOK, Clara R.; COOK, Dora C.; COOK, Elizabeth; COOK, Elizabeth; COOK, John A.; COOK, Joseph; COOK, Lavena L.; COOK, Philip J.; COOK, Rosa; COOK, Sabin C.; COOK MAIERS, Celestine L. "Cele"; COONEY, Ellen; COONEY, Mary A.; COONEY, Mary A.; COONEY, Matthew; COONEY, Matthew; CORRIGAN, Elizabeth; CORRIGAN, Elizabeth; CORRIGAN, Matthew M.; CORRIGAN, Matthew M.; CORRIGAN, Patrick; CORRIGAN, Patrick; COTTER, Katy; COTTER, Katy; CRIPPES, Elizabeth; CRIPPES, Elizabeth; CRIPPES, Elizabeth; CRIPPES, Elizabeth; CRIPPES, Elizabeth; CRIPPES, Frank J.; CRIPPES, Henry; CRIPPES, Henry; CRIPPES, Henry; CRIPPES, John; CRIPPES, John; CRIPPES, Margaret; CRIPPES, Peter J.; CUMMER, Tyler R.; CUMMER, Tyler R.; CUMMINGS LAKE, Shirley J.; CUMMINGS LAKE, Shirley J.; CUTLER, Alex; CUTLER, Alex
D:   DALY, Dennis; DALY, Dennis; DALY, Dennis; DALY, Ellen; DALY, Frank H.; DALY, Honora; DALY, Honora; DALY, Honora; DALY, John; DALY, John; DALY, John; DALY, John; DALY, John; DALY, Mary; DALY, Mary; DALY, Mary; DALY, Mary; DALY, Maurice; DALY, Maurice; DALY, Michael; DALY, Michael H.; DAMIT, George; DAMIT, George; DAVIDSAVER, ALPHONSUS C.; DAVIDSAVER, George R.; DAVIDSAVER, GEORGE R.; DAVIDSAVER, Madlyn; DAVIDSAVER, MADLYN; DAVIDSAVER, Margaret; DAVIDSAVER, MARGARET; DAVIDSHOEFER, Christian; DAVIDSHOEFER, Mary A.; DAVIDSHOEFER, William J.; DAVIDSHOFER, Charles; DAVIDSHOFER, Christian; DAVIDSHOFER, Clara "Toots"; DAVIDSHOFER, Frances; DAVIDSHOFER, Frederick; DAVIDSHOFER, Mary A.; DAVIDSHOFER, Richard F. "Dick"; DAVIDSHOFER, Sandra M.; DEMUTH, Maria; DEMUTH KONZEN, Maria; DENLINGER, Dale John; DENLINGER, Sandra Louise; DESOTELS, (Unknown); DESOTELS, Archie; DESOTELS, Fredy; DESOTELS, J. M.; DESOTELS, J. M.; DESOTELS, Joseph; DESOTELS, Joseph; DESOTELS, Josephine; DESOTELS, Josephine; DESOTELS, Josephine; DESOTELS, Josephine; DESOTELS, Laura L.; DESOTELS, Mary; DEUTMEYER ERRTHUM, Phyllis J.; DIERS ELLERBACH, Joan M.; DIESBURG, Angeline; DIESBURG, Elizabeth; DIESBURG, Elizabeth; DIESBURG, Henry P.; DIESBURG, Henry P.; DIESBURG, Lorraine; DIESBURG, Margaret; DIESBURG, Marie; DIESBURG, Peter; DIESBURG, Peter; DIESBURG, Val P.; DIESBURG, Val P.; DONEGAN, Mary; DONEGAN, Unknown; DONNEGAN, John; DONNEGAN, Mary; DUSTER, Delia M.; DUSTER, Frank; DUSTER, Frank; DUSTER, Genevieve; DUSTER, Joseph C.; DUSTER, Josephine; DUSTER, Josephine; DUSTER, Kathryn; DUSTER, Maggie; DUSTER, Maggie; DUSTER, Paul; DUSTER, Paul; DUSTER, Rita; DUSTER COOK, Lavena L.
E:   EATON, Bridget; EATON, Bridget; EATON, BRIDGET; EATON, George; EATON, George; EATON, George E.; EATON, GEORGE E.; EATON, George Jr.; EATON, James; EATON, James; EATON, James; EATON JR., George; EHLERS, Dorothea; ELLERBACH, August; ELLERBACH, Bernard; ELLERBACH, Bernard A.; ELLERBACH, Catharine; ELLERBACH, David J.; ELLERBACH, David J.; ELLERBACH, Dorothy M.; ELLERBACH, Dorothy Marie; ELLERBACH, Edwin J.; ELLERBACH, Ernest G.; ELLERBACH, Ernest G.; ELLERBACH, Francis L. "Fritz"; ELLERBACH, George; ELLERBACH, Gerald "Jerry"; ELLERBACH, Gerald J.; ELLERBACH, Joan M.; ELLERBACH, Joan M.; ELLERBACH, Joseph; ELLERBACH, Joseph; ELLERBACH, Lawrence L.; ELLERBACH, Leo; ELLERBACH, Margaret E.; ELLERBACH, Margaret E.; ELLERBACH, Randy L; ELLERBACH, Raymond C.; ELLERBACH, Regina M.; ELLERBACH, Rose C.; ELLERBACH, Rosemary A.; ELLERBACH, Sophia; ELLERBACH, Sophia; ERICKSON, Allyn; ERICKSON, Freda; ERNSTER, Peter; ERRTHUM, Anna M.; ERRTHUM, Anna M.; ERRTHUM, Anthony; ERRTHUM, Anthony; ERRTHUM, Catherine A.; ERRTHUM, Dennis P.; ERRTHUM, Dina V; ERRTHUM, Frances C.; ERRTHUM, Frances C.; ERRTHUM, Kevin E.; ERRTHUM, Kevin E.; ERRTHUM, Leo P.; ERRTHUM, Leo R.; ERRTHUM, Mary; ERRTHUM, Michael; ERRTHUM, Nicholas; ERRTHUM, Peter; ERRTHUM, Peter; ERRTHUM, Phyllis J.; ERRTHUM, Raymond; ERRTHUM, Rita M.; ERRTHUM, Robert A. "Bob"; ERRTHUM, Susan; ERRTHUM, Theresa; ERRTHUM, Theresa; ERRTHUM LUCAS, Lena P.; EVEN, Duane L.; EVEN, Duane L.
F:   FAHEY, Mathew; FAHY, Matthew; FANGMAN SCHROEDER, Armella C.; FARRELL, Ven; FARRELL, Ven; FELDMANN MEYER, Rita M.; FELDMANN MEYER, Rita M.; FELTES HAYES, Ruth M.; FERRING PFOHL, Katharian M.; FERRIS, Mary; FLEISCHMAN, K.; FLEISCHMAN, Katharine; FLEISCHMAN SCHMIDT, E.; FORTMANN, Bernard H.; FORTMANN, ROBERT W.; FOX, Jane Ann; FOX, Jane Ann; FOX, Patrick; FOX, Patrick; FOXEN, Catherine; FOXEN, Catherine; FOXEN, Catherine A.; FOXEN, Catherine A.; FOXEN, Clarence; FOXEN, Clarence; FOXEN, Father; FOXEN, Hubert A.; FOXEN, Hubert A.; FOXEN, Jacob; FOXEN, John P.; FOXEN, John P.; FOXEN, Joseph H.; FOXEN, Lorraine; FOXEN, Mary; FOXEN, Mary; FOXEN, Michael M.; FOXEN, Michael M.; FOXEN, Mother; FOXEN, Peter; FOXEN, Peter; FOXEN, Susan E.; FOXEN, Susan E.; FREIBERGER, Henry; FREIBERGER, Peter; FREIBURGER, Aloysius H; FREIBURGER, John; FREIBURGER, Louis; FREIBURGER, Marie; FREIBURGER, Mary; FREIBURGER, Peter; FREIBURGER, Wm. P.; FREIBURGER BACKES, Mary C.; FREIBURGER BACKES, MARY C.; FREIBURGER ELLERBACH, Margaret E.; FREYMANN, Eileen; FREYMANN, Eileen (Infant); FREYMANN, Grace Marie; FREYMANN, Mary; FREYMANN, Peter; FRIEDMAN, Doris L.; FRIEDMAN, George M.; FRIEDMAN, Jacob; FRIEDMAN, Jacob; FRIEDMAN, Joseph H.; FRIEDMAN, Merlin J.; FRIEDMAN, Merlin John; FRIEDMAN, Rachel; FRIEDMAN, Rachel; FRIEDMAN, Rose K.; FRIEDMAN VORWALD, Mari; FRIEDMANN, Francis
G:   GALLON, Monument; GALLON, Unknown; GANSEMER, Anna; GANSEMER, Mathias; GANSEMER, Raymond J.; GANSEMER, Remi M.; GANSEN, Agnes; GANSEN, Joseph; GASSMANN, Alvina C.; GASSMANN, Catherine; GASSMANN, Catherine; GASSMANN, Charity; GASSMANN, Christa J.; GASSMANN, Clarence J.; GASSMANN, Cynthia M.; GASSMANN, Cyril M.; GASSMANN, Elizabeth A.; GASSMANN, Elizabeth A.; GASSMANN, Frank N.; GASSMANN, Frank N.; GASSMANN, Mathew A.; GASSMANN, Michael; GASSMANN, Michael; GASSMANN, Michael N.; GASSMANN TAYLOR, Family Monument; GAUL, Germaine; GAUL, Marvin; GAUL DAVIDSHOFER, Sandra M.; GAVAN, John; GLODEN RUDEN, Barbara; GLYNN, Thomas A.; GOERDT OSTERHAUS, Emerald; GOETZ, Ellie M.; GOETZ, Owen F.; GOETZINGER, H. J.; GOETZINLER, H. J.; GOTTO, Cletus P.; GOTTO, Mary E.; GOTTO, Mary E.; GOTTO, Mary Elizabeth; GOTTO, Mary Elizabeth; GOTTO, Nicholas; GOTTO, Nicholas; GOTTO, Rosella M.; GREVE, Charles G.; GREVE, Darlene K.; GROEHLINGER, Elizabeth; GROEHLINGER, Elizabeth; GROEHLINGER, Joachim; GROEHLINGER, Joachin; GROEHLINGER, John; GROEHLINGER, Joseph P.; GROEHLINGER, Leo; GRUE, Patrick; GRUE, Patrick
H:   HABEL, Barbara; HABEL, Barbara; HABEL, Ottilia; HABEL, Ottilia; HAYES, Catharine; HAYES, Catherine; HAYES, Delia; HAYES, Edward; HAYES, Frances L.; HAYES, John F.; HAYES, Louis P.; HAYES, Ralph; HAYES, Ralph; HAYES, Ruth M.; HAYES, Timothy; HAYES, Unknown; HAYES, William; HAYES, WIlliam; HEFEL, Bernice; HEFEL, William J.; HEFEL ERRTHUM, Frances; HEFEL ERRTHUM, Frances C.; HEFEL ERRTHUM, Frances C.; HEFEL GASSMANN, Alvina C.; HEFEL GASSMANN, Alvina C.; HEFEL HEIDERSCHEIT, Josephine M.; HEFEL SCHMITT, A. Edwina; HEFEL SCHMITT, Edwina,"Anna"; HEIBERGER, Catherine; HEIBERGER, Catherine; HEIBERGER, John; HEIBERGER, John; HEIDERSCHEIF, Frances M.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Aloysius P.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Anna; HEIDERSCHEIT, Anna; HEIDERSCHEIT, Anna; HEIDERSCHEIT, Anna; HEIDERSCHEIT, Annie; HEIDERSCHEIT, Arthur; HEIDERSCHEIT, Charles M.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Donna Mae; HEIDERSCHEIT, Duane J. "Harry"; HEIDERSCHEIT, Eileen; HEIDERSCHEIT, Frances M.; HEIDERSCHEIT, George F.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Harold N.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Henry; HEIDERSCHEIT, Henry; HEIDERSCHEIT, Jane Mary; HEIDERSCHEIT, Josephine M.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Loretta E.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Loretta E.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Loretta M.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Lorretta E.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Marlene J.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Mary; HEIDERSCHEIT, Mary; HEIDERSCHEIT, Mary Agnes; HEIDERSCHEIT, Mary M.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Matthew G.; HEIDERSCHEIT, Nicholas; HEIDERSCHEIT, Peter; HEIDERSCHEIT, Peter; HEIDERSCHEIT, Peter; HEIDERSCHEIT, Peter; HEIDERSCHEIT, Peter R.; HEIDERSCHEIT RUDEN, Elizabeth; HEIRING, Albert; HEIRING, Alvina; HEIRING BAKULA, Helen J.; HEIRING ROSS, Lois J.; HEIRING ROSS, Lois J.; HEIRING VORWALD, Agnes B.; HELES, Jacob; HELES, Jacob; HELES, Jacob; HELES, Maria; HELES, Maria; HELES, Philip; HELES, Philip; HELL, Nickolas; HELL, Susan; HELLMANN, Anthony; HELLMANN, Ottilia; HEMESATH, Rev. John W.; HENKELS, Gebhard; HENKELS, Loretta; HENTGES, "No Record"; HENTGES, Maria; HENTGES, Maria; HENTGES, Maria; HENTGES, Peter; HENTGES, Peter; HENTGES, Peter; HENTRICH, William F.; HERBST THEISEN, Elizabeth A. "Betty; HERKELS WEBER, Elizabeth A. "Betty"; HERRING BAKULA, Helen J.; HERRING ROSS, Lois J.; HESS, Alvina; HESS, Catherine; HESS, Cecelia M.; HESS, Charles Sr.; HESS, Clarence F.; HESS, Cyril F.; HESS, David; HESS, Donald A.; HESS, Edna A.; HESS, Evon; HESS, Francis L.; HESS, Frank J.; HESS, Frank J.; HESS, Herman; HESS, Herman; HESS, James Joseph; HESS, John; HESS, John; HESS, JOHN; HESS, Joseph P.; HESS, Joseph P.; HESS, Joseph P.; HESS, Lawrence J.; HESS, Lucille; HESS, Lucille C.; HESS, Margarete; HESS, Margarete; HESS, Marlene; HESS, Mary C.; HESS, Pvt Charles A.; HESS, Raymond Jerome; HESS, Raymond Jerome; HESS, Reynold; HESS, Reynold; HESS, Steve R. "Hessy"; HESS, Sylvester; HESS, Vernon Raymond; HESS, Veronica; HESS, Veronica; HESS, Veronica; HESS, VERONICA; HESS, Viola C.; HESS ERICKSON, Freda; HILDEBRAND, Helen M.; HILDEBRAND, Robert J.; HILDEBRAND, Robert J.; HOEFER GOTTO, Rosella M.; HOEGER, Frederick E.; HOEGER, PFC Frederick E.
J:   JAEGER, Art; JAEGER, Clara; JAEGER, Florence T.; JAEGER, Frank M.; JAEGER, Lester A.; JAEGER, Marcella M.; JAEGER, Marie R.; JAEGER, Mathias J.; JAEGER, Merlin J.; JAEGER RUDEN, Vivian A.; JARCE, Valentine; JARDA, Valentine; JARDING, Bernhard; JARDING, Elizabeth; JOCHUM GASSMANN, Catherine; JOESTER MAIERS, Mary Ann; JOHNSON, Julie K; JURAN, Virginia M.; JURAN, William H. "Bill"
K:   KANE, Robert; KANE, Robert; KEARNS, Anastasia; KEARNS, Catherine; KEARNS, Catherine; KEARNS, Father; KEARNS, Grandma; KEARNS, James; KEARNS, James; KEARNS, James H.; KEARNS, Margaret; KEARNS, Mother; KEARNS, Nellie; KEEFFE, Mary; KEEFFE, Michael; KELFFE, Mary; KELFFE, Michael; KELLEY, Bridget; KELLEY, Michael; KELLY, Ann; KELLY, Ann; KELLY, Bridget; KELLY, Joseph; KELLY, Joseph; KENNEY, Margaret; KENNEY, Margaret; KEOGAN, Alice; KEOGAN, Alice; KEOGAN, Alice; KEOGAN, P. J.; KEOGAN, P. J.; KERWIN, Matilda; KLAREN, Clara M.; KLAREN, David J. "Davey"; KLAREN, Irenaeus J.; KLEIN SWEENEY, Helen A.; KLUESNER, Arnold J.; KLUESNER, Bernard F.; KLUESNER, Carl L.; KLUESNER, Dorothy H.; KLUESNER, Hedwig; KLUESNER, Helen A.; KLUESNER, Katherine H.; KLUESNER, Leo; KLUESNER, Mary C.; KLUESNER, Peter J.; KLUESNER, Rita K.; KLUESNER LEICK, Elizabeth Ann; KNIPPER WULFEKUHLE, Anita F.; KOEGAN, Alice M.; KOELLER, Anna; KOELLER, Anna; KOELLER, Mary; KOELLER, Mary; KOELLER, Mathias; KOELLER, Mathias; KOELLER, William; KOELLER, William F.; KOELLER THEISEN, Katherine; KOLKER, John C.; KONZEN, Anthony; KONZEN, Charley; KONZEN, Charley; KONZEN, Elisabeth; KONZEN, Elisabetha; KONZEN, Joseph T.; KONZEN, Josephine; KONZEN, Katherine (Mother); KONZEN, Lorraine E.; KONZEN, Maria; KONZEN, Maria; KONZEN, Maria; KONZEN, Maria; KONZEN, Mathew (Father); KONZEN, Peter; KONZEN, Peter; KONZEN, Theo; KONZEN, Theo; KONZEN, Theo M.; KONZEN, Theodor; KONZEN, Theodor; KONZEN, Theodor; KONZEN, Thresia; KONZEN, Thresia; KONZEN, Victor; KONZEN DEMUTH, Maria; KRESS WELTER, Anna Mae
L:   LAFRENZ, Renee Nicole; LAKE, Alphonse; LAKE, Coletta; LAKE, Donald H.; LAKE, DONALD HENRY; LAKE, Robert T.; LAKE, Shirley J.; LANGE, Alvina; LANGE, Anna; LANGE, Anna; LANGE, Anna; LANGE, Clarence N.; LANGE, Henry; LANGE, Henry; LANGE, Henry; LANGE, Henry; LANGE, Joseph; LANGE, Rosina A.; LANGE FERRIS, Mary; LANSER, Catherine; LANSER, Catherine; LANSER, John; LANSER, John; LANSER, Michael; LE GRAND, MARIE; LE GRAND, VICTOR; LEGRAND, Albert N.; LEGRAND, Amanda Marie; LEGRAND, Catherine; LEGRAND, Father; LEGRAND, Janice M.; LEGRAND, Lorene M.; LEGRAND, Marie; LEGRAND, Mother; LEGRAND, Nicholas A.; LEGRAND, Robert N.; LEGRAND, Victor; LEHMANN JAEGER, Florence T.; LEHMANN JAEGER, Florence T.; LEICH ELLERBACH, Dorothy M.; LEICH ELLERBACH, Dorothy Marie; LEICK, Alfred A.; LEICK, Elizabeth Ann; LEICK, Hilda E.; LEICK, John H.; LEICK, Joseph M.; LEICK, Leona J.; LEICK, Leonard Gilbert; LEICK, Mary; LEICK, Meralda A.; LEICK, Meralda A.; LEICK, PVT Joseph M.; LINK, Gerald M.; LINK, Gerald M. "Rock"; LINK, Leon F.; LINK, M. Catherine (Kay); LINK, Richard "Dick" F.; LINK, Viola C.; LINK MEYER, Mary; LINK MEYER, Mary; LOES, Peter; LOES, Peter; LUCAS, Clarence; LUCAS, Clarence N.; LUCAS, Delores R.; LUCAS, Dolores R. "Dolly"; LUCAS, Elisabeth C.; LUCAS, Gertrude; LUCAS, Infant; LUCAS, John; LUCAS, John; LUCAS, Lawrence P. "Larry"; LUCAS, Lena P.; LUCAS, Marie S.; LUCAS, Mary; LUCAS, Nicholas; LUCAS, Nicholas N.; LUCAS, Nicholas T.; LUCAS, Peter J.; LUCAS, Susan; LUCAS, Thomas; LUCAS, Thomas; LUCAS, Thomas; LYNCH, Alecia M.; LYNCH, Bernard; LYNCH, Caroline E.; LYNCH, Lorretto; LYNCH, Mark B.; LYNCH, Mary Frances; LYNCH, Michael; LYNCH, Michael, Rev.; LYNCH, Pauline; LYNCH, Peter M.; LYNCH, Thomas; LYNCH MCGOVERN, Mary E.; LYNCH MCGOVERN, Sarah Anna
M:   MAGUIRE, Andrew; MAHON, Ella; MAHONEY, Mary; MAHONEY, Michael; MAIERS, Anton J.; MAIERS, Bernard A. "Bernie"; MAIERS, Bernice S.; MAIERS, Bertha M.; MAIERS, Bertha S.; MAIERS, Can't Read; MAIERS, Catherine; MAIERS, Catherine E.; MAIERS, Celestine L. "Cele"; MAIERS, Charles J.; MAIERS, Clara R.; MAIERS, Clarence G.; MAIERS, Emmett M.; MAIERS, George J.; MAIERS, Gilbert; MAIERS, Gilbert J.; MAIERS, Harriet L.; MAIERS, Henrietta; MAIERS, James A.; MAIERS, John J.; MAIERS, John J.; MAIERS, Leon George; MAIERS, Lucille L.; MAIERS, Mabel C.; MAIERS, Mary; MAIERS, Mary A.; MAIERS, Mary A.; MAIERS, Mary A.; MAIERS, Mary A. "Connie"; MAIERS, Mary Ann; MAIERS, Mary M.; MAIERS, Mathias G.; MAIERS, Matthias J.; MAIERS, Peter; MAIERS, Peter J.; MAIERS, Peter J.; MAIERS, Peter J.; MAIERS, Ronald N.; MAIERS, Rose M.; MAIERS, Susan; MAIERS, Therese A.; MAIERS, Tresa K.; MAIERS, Unknown; MAIERS, Vincent N.; MAIERS, Wilmer P.; MAIERS MCQUILLEN, Clotilda; MAIERS RIES, Mary; MANDERS THEISEN, Shirley A.; MARKHAM, Edmund Francis; MARKHAM, Edmund Francis; MARKHAM, Emma A.; MARKHAM, Emma A.; MARKHAM, Isabelle; MARKHAM, John T.; MARKHAM, Katherine; MARKHAM, Rachel; MARKHAM, Stephen; MAST GASSMANN, Cynthia M.; MATHEY, Cathrine; MATHEY, Margaret; MATHEY, Peter; MC CREA KEARNS, Catherine; MCALDON, Eugene; MCALDON, James; MCALDON, Philip; MCALDON, Rose; MCALEER, Rose; MCALOON, Eugene; MCALOON, James; MCALOON, Philip; MCALOON, Rose; MCCAFFREY, Bridget; MCCAFFREY, Joseph; MCCAFFREY, Joseph; MCCAFFREY, Maggie; MCCAFFREY, Maggie; MCCAFFREY, Margaret; MCCAFFREY, Margaret; MCCAFFREY, Philip; MCCAFFREY, Thomas; MCCAFFREY, Thomas; MCCREA KEARNS, Catherine; MCCULLOUGH, Bridget; MCCULLOUGH, Bridget; MCCULLOUGH, Clement; MCCULLOUGH, Clement; MCCULLOUGH, Elizabeth; MCCULLOUGH, Elizabeth; MCCULLOUGH, James; MCCULLOUGH, John; MCCULLOUGH, John; MCCULLOUGH, John; MCCULLOUGH, John; MCCULLOUGH, Leonard; MCCULLOUGH, Leonard; MCCULLOUGH, Margaret; MCCULLOUGH, Margaret; MCCULLOUGH, Matthew; MCCULLOUGH, Matthew; MCDONALD, John; MCDONALD, John; MCDONALD, John; MCDONALD, John J.; MCDONALD, John J.; MCDONALD, Margaret; MCDONALD, Margaret; MCDONALD, Patrick; MCDONALD, Patrick; MCGOVERN, Bernard; MCGOVERN, Bernard; MCGOVERN, Bernard; MCGOVERN, Bernard A.; MCGOVERN, Catherine; MCGOVERN, Catherine; MCGOVERN, Charles Francis; MCGOVERN, Charles L; MCGOVERN, Charles L.; MCGOVERN, Mark; MCGOVERN, Mark; MCGOVERN, Martin A.; MCGOVERN, Martin A.; MCGOVERN, Mary; MCGOVERN, Mary; MCGOVERN, Mary E.; MCGOVERN, Mary E.; MCGOVERN, Sarah Anna; MCGOVERN BLAKE, MARY ANN; MCGUIRE, Alice; MCGUIRE, Bernard F.; MCGUIRE, Charles; MCGUIRE, Clement J.; MCGUIRE, Elizabeth; MCGUIRE, Ellen; MCGUIRE, Ellen; MCGUIRE, Ellen; MCGUIRE, Esther; MCGUIRE, Eugene; MCGUIRE, Father; MCGUIRE, Feliz; MCGUIRE, Hugh; MCGUIRE, Hugh; MCGUIRE, Hugh; MCGUIRE, Hugh; MCGUIRE, James; MCGUIRE, Joseph; MCGUIRE, Letty; MCGUIRE, Mary; MCGUIRE, Mary; MCGUIRE, Mary; MCGUIRE, Mary F.; MCGUIRE, Mother; MCGUIRE, Oliver; MCGUIRE, Philip; MCGUIRE, Philip; MCGUIRE, Raymond; MCGUIRE O"ROURKE, Catherine; MCKANNA, Patrick; MCKIGAN, James; MCPARLAND, Joseph F. D.D.; MCPARLAND, Susan E.; MCQUILLAN, Thomas; MCQUILLEN, Annastasia; MCQUILLEN, Clotilda; MCQUILLEN, Clotilda; MCQUILLEN, Cyrus J.; MCQUILLEN, KATHLEEN M.; MCQUILLEN, LORAS C. "Lefty"; MCQUILLEN, Ralph P.; MCQUILLEN, Ralph P.; MCQUILLEN, Thomas; MCQUILLEN, THOMAS; MEINEN, Ben H.; MEINEN, Charity M; MEINEN GASSMANN, Charity; MEINEN LUCAS, Delores R.; MEINEN LUCAS, Dolores R.; MEINEN LUCAS, Dolores R. "Dolly"; MEINEN STEGER, Cleo Ann; MENADUE, Robert M.; MENKE WESSELS, Frances A.; MERGEN, Lena M.; MERGEN, Mary Anna; MERGEN, Mathias; METHY, John; MEYER, Anna; MEYER, Anna Maria; MEYER, Anton; MEYER, Anton; MEYER, Anton; MEYER, Blanche; MEYER, Charles C "Chuck"; MEYER, Charles D.; MEYER, Christain; MEYER, Cletus J.; MEYER, Coletta; MEYER, Donald C.; MEYER, Elizabeth; MEYER, Emmett; MEYER, Emmett; MEYER, Emmett; MEYER, John; MEYER, John Baptist; MEYER, John P.; MEYER, Katharina; MEYER, Katharine; MEYER, Kathrina; MEYER, Kathrina; MEYER, Laverne; MEYER, Marie A.; MEYER, Mary; MEYER, Mary; MEYER, Mary; MEYER, Mary .C.; MEYER, Mary .C.; MEYER, Mary C.; MEYER, Mary Lena; MEYER, Mary Lena; MEYER, Mike; MEYER, Nicholas; MEYER, Nicholas J.; MEYER, Peter; MEYER, Rita M.; MEYER, Rita M.; MEYER, Susanna; MEYER, Theresa K.; MEYER, Tony J.; MEYER, Wihelm; MEYER RIES, Mary; MEYER RIES, Mary; MIKANNA, Patrick; MUELLER, Mary; MUELLER, Michael; MUELLER, Michael JR.; MUHALL, John; MULBALL, Jeo; MULHALL, Catherine; MULHALL, Catherine; MULHALL, JNO.; MULHALL, John
N:   NELSON GASSMANN, Christa J.; NEUMANN RUDEN, Catherine; NICHOL, Catherine; NICHOL, Catherine; NICHOL, Joseph; NICHOL, Joseph; NICHOL, Katie A.; NICHOL, Katie A.; NICHOL, Maggie E.; NICHOL, Maggie E.; NICHOL, Mary A.; NICHOL, Mary A.; NICHOL, Richard A.; NICHOL, Richard A.; NICHOL, Thomas; NICHOL, Thomas
P:   PAPE WERNKE, Anna Mae; PAPE WERNKE, Anna Mae; PENDERGAST, Patrick; PENDERGAST, Patrick; PENDERGAST, Patrick; PETERS, Infant; PETERS, Son; PFEILER, Aloysius M.; PFEILER, Aloysius M.; PFEILER, Apollonia; PFEILER, Apollonia; PFEILER, Bertha; PFEILER, Catherine; PFEILER, Eldora S.; PFEILER, Frances; PFEILER, Frances; PFEILER, John; PFEILER, John; PFEILER, Joseph; PFEILER, Joseph; PFEILER, Joseph; PFEILER, JOSEPH; PFEILER, Joseph; PFEILER, JOSEPH; PFEILER, Joseph L.; PFEILER, Joseph M.; PFEILER, Lorraine E.; PFEILER, LORRAINE E.; PFEILER, Louis J.; PFEILER, Marcellus N.; PFEILER, Marie; PFEILER, Marie; PFEILER, Mary Ann; PFEILER, Mathias; PFEILER, Mathias; PFEILER, Matthew W.; PFEILER, Theresa; PFEILER, Thomas J.; PFEILER, Victoria; PFEILER, Victoria; PFEILER, William J.; PFEILER PLATT, Theresa; PFOHL, Anthony; PFOHL, Anthony; PFOHL, Katharian M.; PFOHL, Katharina M.; PICRAY, John Joseph; PICRAY, John Joseph; PLATT, Baby; PLATT, Theresa; PLOESSL, Donald A. (Donnie); PLOESSL, Rosemary C.
R:   RAUSCH BRECHT, Barbara; RECKER, Louis L.; REICHMANN, John; REICHMANN, Kathrina; REILEY, Anna; REILEY, Anna; REILEY, Catherine; REILEY, Catherine; REILEY, Michael; REILEY, Michael; REILLY, Catharine; REILLY, Michael; REITER, Alfred J.; REITER, Katie; REITER, Marie M.; REITER, Mary M.; REITER, Nicholas; REITER, Nick; REITTINGER VONDERHAAR, Margaret M.; REUTER HEIDERSCHEIT, Anna; RIES, Jason Jon; RIES, Kieth Edward; RIES, Mary; RIES, Mary; RIES, Mercedes K.; RIES, Peter; RIES, Peter; RIES, Susanna; RIES, Susanna; RIES, Vincent M.; RIES MAIERS, Mary; RILEY, Anna; RILEY, Catherine; RILEY, Catherine; RILEY, James; RILEY, Michael; RINIKER, Clarence F.; RINIKER, Elizabeth; RINIKER, Lizzie; RINIKER, Thresia; ROLING, Agatha M.; ROLING, Emil A.; ROLING, Jerome W.; ROLING, Leonard T; ROLING, Marcella F.; ROLING, Mary Lou; ROLING DENLINGER, Sandra Louise; ROLING WEBER, Alice Mae; ROLING WEBER, ALICE MAE; ROONEY, Ann; ROONEY, Ann; ROONEY, Ann; ROONEY, Ann; ROONEY, Bernard; ROONEY, Bernard; ROONEY, Catharine; ROONEY, Cathrine; ROONEY, Elizabeth; ROONEY, Elizabeth; ROONEY, Eugene; ROONEY, EUGENE; ROONEY, Frances; ROONEY, Frances L.; ROONEY, Hugh; ROONEY, Hugh; ROONEY, James; ROONEY, Margaret; ROONEY, MARGARET; ROONEY, Mary C.; ROONEY, MARY C.; ROONEY, Patrick; ROONEY, Patrick; ROONEY, William; ROONEY, William; ROONEY, WILLIAM; ROONEY, Wm.; ROSS, Duane A. "Pete"; ROSS, Duane A. (Pete); ROSS, Duane A. Pete"; ROSS, Gary A.; ROSS, Kay V.; ROSS, Kevin P.; ROSS, Lois J.; ROSS, Lois J.; ROSS, Lois J.; ROTH MCQUILLEN, KATHLEEN M.; RUDEN, Anna; RUDEN, Barbara; RUDEN, Catherine; RUDEN, Catherine; RUDEN, Catherine; RUDEN, Deloras C.; RUDEN, Elizabeth; RUDEN, Frank J.; RUDEN, Gert E.; RUDEN, John; RUDEN, John; RUDEN, Joseph G.; RUDEN, Lavern G.; RUDEN, Leo; RUDEN, Leo; RUDEN, Lester M.; RUDEN, Louis M.; RUDEN, MARY A.; RUDEN, Mathew; RUDEN, Michael; RUDEN, Michael; RUDEN, Nicholas; RUDEN, Nicholas J.; RUDEN, Peter; RUDEN, Peter; RUDEN, PFC Frank J.; RUDEN, Silvius N.; RUDEN, Vivian A.; RUDEN, Wille; RUDEN, Willie; RUDEN GASSMANN, Elizabeth A.; RUDEN JARDING, Elizabeth; RUDEN SCHMITT, Katharena; RUDEN SCHMITT, Katharena; RUDEN ZOCK, Anna E.; RUSCH, Darlene C.; RUSCH, Leo L.; RUSCH, LEO L.; RYAN, Anna; RYAN, John; RYAN, Sheena; RYAN, Thomas H.; RYAN, Thomas H.
S:   SAUBER, Margaret; SAUBER, Margaret; SAUBER, Mathias; SAUBER, Mathias; SAUBER, William; SAUBER, William; SAUBER RUDEN, Anna; SCHAFFER, Carol A.; SCHAUL, Anna; SCHAUL, Hilda; SCHAUL, Leo; SCHAUL, Nick; SCHIELTZ, Armella M.; SCHIELTZ, Esther; SCHIELTZ, Joseph A.; SCHIELTZ, Vincent J.; SCHILTZ, Anna Marie; SCHILTZ, Barnerd; SCHILTZ, BARNERD; SCHILTZ, Mathias; SCHILZ, ANNA MARIE; SCHILZ, Mathias; SCHMAL, Aloysius J.; SCHMAL, Aloysius J.; SCHMAL, ALOYSIUS J.; SCHMAL, Aloysius J.; SCHMAL, Jacob; SCHMAL, Mary M.; SCHMAL GANSEMER, Anna; SCHMIDT, Bernhard H.; SCHMIDT, E.; SCHMIDT, Walburga; SCHMIDT, Walburga; SCHMIDT, Walburga; SCHMIDT FLEISCHMAN, K.; SCHMIDT FLEISCHMAN, Katharine; SCHMIT, PAUL; SCHMIT, PETER; SCHMITT, A. Edwina; SCHMITT, Albert N.; SCHMITT, Allie; SCHMITT, Allie; SCHMITT, Angeline; SCHMITT, Angeline; SCHMITT, Bertha A.; SCHMITT, Calista C. M.; SCHMITT, Calista C.N.; SCHMITT, Catharian; SCHMITT, Catharina; SCHMITT, Catherine; SCHMITT, Catherine; SCHMITT, Catherine; SCHMITT, Cecelia; SCHMITT, Cecelia E.; SCHMITT, Cecelia K.; SCHMITT, Charles R. "Chas"; SCHMITT, Clarence M.; SCHMITT, Clarence M.; SCHMITT, Connie Lynn; SCHMITT, CONNIE LYNN; SCHMITT, Edward N.; SCHMITT, Edward N.; SCHMITT, Edwina,"Anna"; SCHMITT, Elizabeth; SCHMITT, Emil M.; SCHMITT, Evelyn M.; SCHMITT, Frances K.; SCHMITT, Francis; SCHMITT, Frank N.; SCHMITT, Irene K.; SCHMITT, John; SCHMITT, Katharena; SCHMITT, Katharena; SCHMITT, Katharena; SCHMITT, Katie C.; SCHMITT, Lena; SCHMITT, Lena; SCHMITT, Lena; SCHMITT, LENA; SCHMITT, Leo M.; SCHMITT, Magdelena; SCHMITT, Magdelena; SCHMITT, Margaretha; SCHMITT, Margaretha; SCHMITT, Margaretha; SCHMITT, Michael; SCHMITT, Michael; SCHMITT, Michael; SCHMITT, Michael; SCHMITT, Michael; SCHMITT, Michael; SCHMITT, Mother; SCHMITT, Mother; SCHMITT, N. M.; SCHMITT, Nicholas; SCHMITT, Nicholas; SCHMITT, Nicholas; SCHMITT, Nicholas; SCHMITT, Nicholas; SCHMITT, Nicholas; SCHMITT, Nicholas; SCHMITT, Paul; SCHMITT, Peter; SCHMITT, Peter; SCHMITT, Peter J.; SCHMITT, Peter J.; SCHMITT, Peter P.; SCHMITT, Peter P.; SCHMITT, Peter P.; SCHMITT, Peter Ries; SCHMITT, Peter, Sr.; SCHMITT, Peter, Sr.; SCHMITT, Ralph T.; SCHMITT, Raymond N.; SCHMITT, Reynold; SCHMITT, Stella; SCHMITT, Theodore; SCHMITT, Theodore; SCHMITT, Theresa; SCHMITT, Theresa; SCHMITT, Theresa; SCHMITT HESS, Evon; SCHMITT HESS, EVON; SCHNEIDER, Anna; SCHNEIDER, ANNA; SCHNEIDER, Brenda L.; SCHNEIDER, Darlene C.; SCHNEIDER, Edmund; SCHNEIDER, Henry A.; SCHNEIDER, HENRY A.; SCHNEIDER, John; SCHNEIDER, Joseph H.; SCHNEIDER, Karla J.; SCHNEIDER, Marguriet; SCHNEIDER, Marie; SCHNEIDER, Marquriet; SCHNEIDER, Mathias; SCHNEIDER, Mathias; SCHNEIDER, Merlin J.; SCHNEIDER, Merlin J.; SCHNEIDER, Michael J.; SCHNEIDER, Mike; SCHNEIDER, MIKE; SCHNEIDER, Viola M.; SCHOMER BRECHT, Maria K.; SCHROEDER, Antonette M.; SCHROEDER, ANTONETTE M., GERTRUDE & MATHIAS; SCHROEDER, Armella C.; SCHROEDER, Catherine; SCHROEDER, Catherine; SCHROEDER, Gertrude; SCHROEDER, Joseph N,; SCHROEDER, Kate; SCHROEDER, Mathias; SCHROEDER, Monument; SCHROEDER, Peter; SCHROEDER, Peter; SCHROEDER, Stephen; SCHUELLER HEIDERSCHEIT, Donna Mae; SCHULTZ, ANTON J; SCHULTZ, Anton J.; SCHULTZ, Cecilia; SCHULTZ, Clarence L.; SCHULTZ, Dorrence; SCHULTZ, Eldon M.; SCHULTZ, ELDON M.; SCHULTZ, Emma M.; SCHULTZ, Evalena; SCHULTZ, EVALENA; SCHULTZ, Henry B.; SCHULTZ, HENRY B.; SCHULTZ, Inez I.; SCHULTZ, INEZ L.; SCHULTZ, Joseph H.; SCHULTZ, Lawrence J.; SCHULTZ, Lena M.; SCHULTZ, Orvetta; SCHULTZ, PVT Joseph H.; SCHULTZ, Theresa E.; SCHULTZ, THERESA E.; SCHULTZ LEGRAND, Janice M.; SEYMOUR, Anna G.; SEYMOUR, James P.; SEYMOUR, John J.; SEYMOUR, Mary Ann; SEYMOUR, Mary Ann; SEYMOUR, Mary C.; SEYMOUR, Patricia; SEYMOUR, PATRICIA; SEYMOUR, Theresa; SEYMOUR, Thomas; SEYMOUR, Thomas; SEYMOUR, Thomas; SHEEHAN, Flocella; SHEEHAN, Flocella; SHEEHY O'REGAN, Catharine; SHEEHY O’REGAN, CATHARINE; SIMMONS, William; SIMMONS, William; SLOWEY, Catherine; SLOWEY, Catherine; SLOWEY, Cecelia; SLOWEY, CECELIA; SLOWEY, Emily; SLOWEY, Emily; SLOWEY, Hugh; SLOWEY, Hugh; SLOWEY, James; SLOWEY, James; SLOWEY, Peter; SLOWEY, Peter; SMITH, Charles E.; SMITH, Chas E.; SMITH, Katie; SMITH, Katie; SMITH, Leason; SMITH, Leason; SMITH, Mary; SMITH, Mary; SMITH, Mary A.; SMITH, Mother; SMITH, Mother; SMITH, Peter; SMITH, Peter; SMITH, Sarah A.; SMITH, Sarah A.; SMITH, Thomas F.; SPEITZ, Annie; SPEITZ, Katie P.; SPEITZ, Mark; SPEITZ, Peter; SPELTZ, Annie; SPELTZ, Katie F.; SPELTZ, Katie F.; SPELTZ, Peter; STAGER, Josephine; STAGER, Josephine; STAGER, Katie E.; STAGER, Katie E.; STAGER, Mary Ann; STAGER, Mary Ann; STAGER, Mattie; STAGER, Mattie; STEGER, BEN JAY; STEGER, Ben Jay; STEGER, Cleo Ann; STEGER, KATE; STEGER, Lena; STEGER, NICK; STEGER, Walter L.; STEGER, Walter L.; STEGER, Walter L.; STILLMUNKES, Alphonse G.; STILLMUNKES, Anastasia M.; STOFFEL, Lucille P.; STOFFEL PLOESSL, Rosemary C.; STOFFELL, Irvin M.; STRONCK, Theodore; STRONG, Margreta; STRONG, Margreta; STRONK, Anna; SULLIVAN, DENNIS; SULLIVAN, Ellen; SULLIVAN, Ellen; SWEENEY, Caroline; SWEENEY, Catharine A.; SWEENEY, Catherine; SWEENEY, David; SWEENEY, Edgar C.; SWEENEY, Elizabeth E.; SWEENEY, Elizabeth F.; SWEENEY, Ellen; SWEENEY, Family Monument; SWEENEY, Francis M.; SWEENEY, Helen A.; SWEENEY, Helen F.; SWEENEY, James; SWEENEY, James; SWEENEY, James; SWEENEY, James; SWEENEY, James C.; SWEENEY, James C.; SWEENEY, James, Jr.; SWEENEY, John; SWEENEY, John; SWEENEY, John E.; SWEENEY, Joseph; SWEENEY, Joseph A.; SWEENEY, Josephine; SWEENEY, Josephine W.; SWEENEY, Martin; SWEENEY, Martin; SWEENEY, Martin H.; SWEENEY, Mary; SWEENEY, Mary; SWEENEY, Mary Ellen; SWEENEY, Mary Jean; SWEENEY, Mary M.; SWEENEY, Maurice; SWEENEY, Myles L.; SWEENEY, Theresa; SWEENEY, Thomas; SWEENEY, Thomas; SWEENEY, Thomas J.; SWEENEY, Thomas P.
T:   TAUKE MAIERS, Therese A.; TAYLOR, Bridget M.; TAYLOR, Dorothy; TAYLOR, Family Monument; TAYLOR, Francis; TAYLOR, Francis & Dorothy; TAYLOR, Francis J. (Frank); TAYLOR, Frank J.; TAYLOR, Frank J. & Bridget M.; TAYLOR, Joseph T. (Joe); TAYLOR, Leo P.; TAYLOR, Leo P.; TAYLOR, Mary; TAYLOR, Mary; TAYLOR, Mary E.; THEISEN, Angeline; THEISEN, Anna; THEISEN, Anna L.; THEISEN, Anna Marie; THEISEN, Cecilla E.; THEISEN, Clarence; THEISEN, Elizabeth A. "Betty; THEISEN, Francis G.; THEISEN, Francis J.; THEISEN, George J.; THEISEN, James W.; THEISEN, Jeffery J.; THEISEN, John; THEISEN, John; THEISEN, John A.; THEISEN, John J.; THEISEN, John M.; THEISEN, Joseph J.; THEISEN, Katherine; THEISEN, Katherine; THEISEN, Lawrence M.; THEISEN, M. Catherine; THEISEN, Margret M.; THEISEN, Marie; THEISEN, Marvin J.; THEISEN, Mary B.; THEISEN, Mary C.; THEISEN, Mary H.; THEISEN, Mary M.; THEISEN, Mathias; THEISEN, Mathilda; THEISEN, Matt A.; THEISEN, Michael; THEISEN, Milo J.; THEISEN, Ronald J.; THEISEN, Shirley A.; THEISEN, Susan; THEISEN, Susan M.; THEISEN, Susie M.; THEISEN, Will M.; THEISEN, Will M.; THEISEN HILDEBRAND, Helen M.; THEN, David R. "Eldee"; THEN, Debbie K.; THIESEN RUDEN, Catherine; THIESEN RUDEN, Catherine; THOMPSON, Albert; THOMPSON, ALBERT; THOMPSON, Anna; THOMPSON, Arnold J.; THOMPSON, Katherine Marie; THOMPSON MAHON, Ella; TRENZ, Cathrana
U:   UNGS, Elizabeth; UNGS, Henry J.; UNGS, William J.; UNKNOWN, Ellen; UNKNOWN, James; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown
V:   VONDERHAAR, James Paul; VONDERHAAR, Leonard J.; VONDERHAAR, Margaret M.; VONDERHAAR, Randy Joseph; VONDERHAAR, Steve M.; VORWALD, Agnes B.; VORWALD, Anna; VORWALD, David, "Dave"; VORWALD, Eugene "Gene"; VORWALD, Infant; VORWALD, Infant; VORWALD, John; VORWALD, Lavina E.; VORWALD, Marguerite; VORWALD, Marguerite; VORWALD, Mari; VORWALD, Mark S.; VORWALD, Marquerite; VORWALD, Marquerite; VORWALD, Norbert L.; VORWALD, Patricia A.; VORWALD, Patricia A.; VORWALD, Robert F.; VORWALD, Robert F.; VORWALD HEIRING, Alvina; VORWALD HEIRING, Alvina; VORWALD THEN, Debbie K.; VOSHELL VORWALD, Patricia A.
W:   WAGNER, Janice M.; WAGNER, Willis P. "Willie"; WALDRON, Mary; WALDRON, Mary; WALDRON, Mary; WALDRON, Peter; WEBBER, Mary; WEBBER, Matt C.; WEBER, Alice Mae; WEBER, ALICE MAE; WEBER, Elizabeth A. "Betty"; WEBER, Joseph Arnold; WEBER, Robert L.; WEGMANN MAIERS, Harriet L.; WEINS, Nickolas P.; WELHALL, JNO; WELTER, Anna Mae; WELTER, Ralph A.; WELTER ELLERBACH, Rose C.; WELTY, Frederick A.; WELTY, Frederick A.; WELTY, J. Anton; WELTY, J. Anton; WELTY, Mary; WELTY, Mary; WERNERT, Mary Ann; WERNERT, Mary Ann; WERNKE, Anna Mae; WERNKE, Anna Mae; WERNKE, John T.; WERNKE, Odelia S.; WERNKE, Roger P.; WESSELS, Frances A.; WESSELS, Robert W. "Bob"; WILGENBUSCH, Elizabeth; WILGENBUSCH, Herman; WORLD WAR I & II, Soldiers Memorial; WULFEKUHLE, Albin D.; WULFEKUHLE, Aloysius; WULFEKUHLE, Anita; WULFEKUHLE, Anita F.; WULFEKUHLE, Barbara; WULFEKUHLE, Cecilia; WULFEKUHLE, Edwin C.; WULFEKUHLE, Edwin C.; WULFEKUHLE, Elmer; WULFEKUHLE, Virgil
Z:   ZALAZNIK, Nellie; ZALAZNIK, Nellie; ZINNEN, Margaretha; ZOCK, Anna E.; ZOCK, Joseph M; ZUERCHER, Lee A.

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