McClure Cemetery - Clinton County, Iowa

A:   ANDERSEN, Mary; ANDRESEN, Annie; ANDRESEN, Annie; ANDRESEN, family monument; ANDRESEN, father; ANDRESEN, Freddie; ANDRESEN, Freddie; ANDRESEN, Ingweer; ANDRESEN, mother; ARP, Theodore H.
B:   BRIDERSEN, Wilhelmine; BRODERSEN, Carl; BRODERSEN, infant son; BRODERSEN, Lizzie; BRODERSEN, Lizzie; BRODERSEN, Minnie J.; BRODERSEN, mother; BRODERSEN, Raymond; BRODERSEN, Redlef; BRODERSEN, Redlef S.; BRODERSEN, Willie Redlef; BRODERSEN, Willie Redlet
C:   CASE, Elizabeth "Lousiana" Royalty; CASE, Jeremiah; CASE, Laura A.; CASE, Louisiana; CASE, Obediah William; CASE, Obedian J.; CASE, Oscar S.; CASE, Roswell A.; CASE, Thomas L.; CASE, Thomas W.; CHRISTIANSEN, Ingwer; CHRISTIANSEN, Seren; CHRISTIANSEN, Wilhelmina; CRABB, Cyntha J.; CRABB, Delilah; CRABB, infant daughter; CRABB, Ruth; CRABB, Stephen; CRABB, Stephen
D:   DAHL, Charlie; DAHL, Katharine
G:   GILMORE, Albert; GILMORE, Albert; GILMORE, Elizabeth A.; GILMORE, Elizabeth A.
H:   HAMREN, Anna; HAMREN, Augusta C.; HANSEN, Agnes; HANSEN, Anna M.; HANSEN, family monument; HANSEN, father; HANSEN, Lorenz; HANSEN, Mary; HANSEN, mother; HICKS, Elana A.
L:   LOHSE, D.; LUCKSTEAD, Cathrin; LUCKSTEAD, George J.; LUCKSTEAD, infant son; LUCKSTEAD, infants; LUCKSTEAD, Irene; LUCKSTEAD, John; LUCKSTED, family monument; LUCKSTED, Ida M.; LUCKSTED, Sophia M.
M:   MCCLURE, Archibald C.; MCCLURE, family monument; MCCLURE, Lovania; MCCLURE, Marlin
N:   NISSEN, Elizabeth; NISSEN, Henrietten C.; NISSEN, John
R:   ROYALTY, Elizabeth; ROYALTY, Oratio C.; RUSSELL, Benjamin
S:   SCHRADER, Berney A.; SCHRADER, Catherine; SCHRADER, Clara; SCHRADER, family monument; SCHRADER, Ferdinand; SCHRADER, Fred; SCHRADER, Henry; SCHROEDER, F.; SCHROEDER, Magdalene; SHULL, Albert O.; SHULL, Isaiah; SPERLING, Christopher; SPERLING, Elizabeth; STOWERS, Edna; STOWERS, family monument; STOWERS, father; STOWERS, Gerald B.; STOWERS, Gerald Bruce; STOWERS, Ida M.; STOWERS, Ida May; STOWERS, John; STOWERS, mother
T:   THIESSEN, Adolph E.; THIESSEN, Herman; THIESSEN, Jacob; THIESSEN, Jacob F.; THIESSEN, Jacob F.; THIESSEN, Wilhelmine
W:   WHITE, Minnie A.; WILLIAMS, family monument; WILLIAMS, father; WILLIAMS, Jane; WILLIAMS, mother; WILLIAMS, Stephen
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