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Immaculate Conception aka Petersville Cemetery - Clinton County, Iowa

975 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 5/26/17 at 6:00:11 AM CDT

A:   ALDRICH, Alice; ALDRICH, Alice
B:   BANOWETZ, Delores M.; BANOWETZ, Eugene A.; BATHALTER, Elizabeth J.; BATHALTER, Joseph J.; BATHALTER, Josephine; BENNIS ENRIGHT, Julie F.; BOTKIN, Edward A.; BOWDEN, David; BOWDEN, Johanna; BOWDEN, Johanna; BOWDEN, Joseph; BOWDEN, Katherine; BOWDEN, Laurence; BRITT, Mary; BRITT, Thomas H.; BRITT SPAIN, Mary J.; BRUHN, Henry D.; BRUHN, Ina M.; BRUHN, Marvin E.; BRUHN, Mary E.; BURKE, (Mary) Jean; BURKE, Beatrice M.; BURKE, Elizabeth A.; BURKE, family monument; BURKE, father; BURKE, George M.; BURKE, Gerald Valentine; BURKE, John; BURKE, John; BURKE, John; BURKE, John J.; BURKE, Martin J.; BURKE, Mattie C "Pat"; BURKE, Maudie S.; BURKE, mother; BURKE, Nancy; BURKE, Nancy; BURKE, Raymond A.; BURKE, Rose; BURKE, Susanna; BURKE, Thomas J.; BURKE, William J. Sr.; BURKE, William J., Sr.; BURKE, William M.; BURKE CALLAHAN, Carmella; BURKE KUDRICH, Elizabeth; BURLESON, Leo F.; BURLESON, Leo F.; BURNETT, family monument; BURNETT, John; BURNETT, Joseph; BURNETT, Joseph; BURNETT, Sarah
C:   CALLAHAN, Carmella; CALLAHAN, Charles R.; CALLAHAN, children; CALLAHAN, family monument; CALLAHAN, John; CALLAHAN, Nellie; CALLAHAN, Nora; CANTY, Ellen; CANTY, James Leo; CARLBERG, Frances; CARTLETT, Frankie A.; CASHELL, Mary; CASHELL, Mary; CASHELL, Mary; CAVANAGH, Frank W.; CAVANAGH, John J.; CAVANAGH, Lucy A.; CAVANAGH, Mary K.; CAVANAUGH, Infant Son; CLAREY, Ellen; CLAREY, Patrick; CLARK, family monument; CLARK, Michael; CLARK, Michael; CLARK, mother; CLARK, Sarah; CLARK O'MEARA, Mary; CLARY, J.; CLARY, T.; CLEARY, Dorothy A.; CLEARY, Edward J.; CLEARY, Gladys F.; CLEARY, infant daughter; CLEARY, infant son; CLEARY, Joan Myrna; CLEARY, Mary C.; CLEARY, Teresa; CLEARY, Terrance E.; CLEARY, William J.; CLEARY, William J.; CLEARY, William Joseph; CLEARY, William L.; CLEARY, William P.; CLEARY MORGAN, Kathryn M.; CLEARY WELSH, Margaret Ellen; CLIFFORD, Anna J.; CLIFFORD, Tim J.; COLLINS, Catharine; COLLINS, Catharine; COLLINS, John; CONNOLE, A. Bernadette; CONNOLE, John W.; CONNOLE CROWLEY, Elsie Ann; CONWELL, Daniel; CONWELL, Mary A.; CONWELL, Winifred; COOK, David Carroll; COOK, Helene Marie; COSTELLO, Alphonsus; COSTELLO, Ann; COSTELLO, Ann; COSTELLO, Clarence; COSTELLO, Daniel E.; COSTELLO, Elizabeth; COSTELLO, Elizabeth E.; COSTELLO, Ellen E.; COSTELLO, family monument; COSTELLO, family monument; COSTELLO, father; COSTELLO, John; COSTELLO, John A.; COSTELLO, John H.; COSTELLO, John H.; COSTELLO, John M.; COSTELLO, John N.; COSTELLO, Julia A.; COSTELLO, Kate; COSTELLO, Margaret; COSTELLO, Margaret; COSTELLO, Margaret; COSTELLO, Mary; COSTELLO, Mary A.; COSTELLO, Mary A.; COSTELLO, Mary V.; COSTELLO, Mathew; COSTELLO, Matt F.; COSTELLO, Matt J.; COSTELLO, mother; COSTELLO, Patrick J.; COSTELLO, Teresa; COSTELLO, Thomas J.; COSTELLO, W.F.; COSTELLO, William; COSTELLO LUCKSTEAD, Elizabeth J.; COSTELLO O'MEARA, Ann; COSTELLO WATERS, Theresa; COSTELLO WATTERS, Gertrude A.; COSTOLO, Ann; COSTOLO, Ann; COSTOLO, Matthew; COSTOLO, Matthew; CROWLEY, Bridget; CROWLEY, Clare; CROWLEY, Elsie Ann; CROWLEY, family monument; CROWLEY, father; CROWLEY, Infant Son; CROWLEY, James W.; CROWLEY, John; CROWLEY, John J.; CROWLEY, Mae Teresa; CROWLEY, May F.; CROWLEY, mother; CROWLEY, Patrick John; CROWLEY, Thomas P.; CROWLEY, Vincent E.; CROWLEY, William V.; CULLINAN, Gertrude
D:   DALEY MCCLIMON, Mary; DE NOMA, Angeline; DE NOMA, Joseph; DE NOMA, Julia; DE NOMA, Peter; DENOMA, family monument; DENOMA, Julia; DENOMA, Peter; DEVANY, Julia; DEVANY, Julia; DOLAN, Angela; DOLAN, Catherine A.; DOLAN, Francis R.; DOLAN, Frank; DOLAN, Gayle R.; DOLAN, Jerome J.; DOLAN, Kevin J.; DOLAN, Martha; DOLAN, Martin H.; DONAHUE, Agnes E.; DONAHUE, Charles J.; DONAHUE, Charles J.; DONAHUE, Frank; DONAHUE, Mary; DRISCOLL, family monument; DRISCOLL, Jeremiah; DRISCOLL, Magie; DRISCOLL, Magie; DRISCOLL, Magie; DUFFY, Bernard; DUFFY, family monument; DUFFY, father; DUFFY, Fredrick; DUFFY, Martin; DUFFY, Mary; DUFFY, Patrick J.; DUFFY, Patrick J.; DUFFY CROWLEY, Bridget; DUNLAVY, Gertrude; DUNLAVY, James P.; DUNLAVY, Joseph S.; DUNLAVY, Mary A.; DUNN, Bernard; DUNN, Bridget; DUNN, Bridget; DUNN, Donald P.; DUNN, Elizabeth; DUNN, family monument; DUNN, family monument; DUNN, Lois L.; DUNN, Margaret; DUNN, Peter; DUNN, Stephen J.; DUNN, Stephen J.
E:   ENRIGHT, Julie F.; ERPELDING, Frank
F:   FAHEY, Edward; FAHEY, family monument; FAHEY, Thomas; FAHEY, William; FARRELL, family monument; FARRELL, John; FARRELL CROWLEY, Clare; FITZGERALD, Ann; FITZGERALD MCGINN, Eliza; FLANNERY, Bernard; FLANNERY, father; FLANNERY, James J.; FLANNERY, Margaret; FLANNERY, mother; FLANNERY, William A.; FLINN COSTELLO, Kate; FLYN, John; FOX, Ann; FOX, family monument; FOX, John W.; FOX, Michael; FOX, Michael; FOX, Willie; FULLAN, family monument; FULLAN, family monument; FULLAN, James; FULLAN, John J.; FULLAN, John J.; FULLAN, Julia; FULLAN, Maria; FULLAN, Sarah; FULLAN, Sarah; FULLAN, Thomas; FULLAN WATTERS, Margaret
G:   GABETT, Joseph; GABETT, Richard J.; GAFFNEY MCGINN, Margaret; GALLAGHER, Annie C.; GALLAGHER, Mary F.; GANNON, Bernadette; GANNON, Bernadette Monument; GANNON, Dennis Jude; GANNON, family monument; GANNON, Julia; GANNON, Patrick J.; GANNON, William James; GIBSON, Lillian F.; GLEASON, Catharine; GLEASON, Catherine; GLEASON, family monument; GOLDING, John; GOLDING, John; GOLLOBIT, Joseph F.; GOLLOBIT, Joseph F.; GOODALL, Arthur; GOODALL, Arthur; GOODALL, Catherine; GOODALL, Catherine; GOODALL, Earle M.; GOODALL, family monument; GOODALL, John M.; GOODALL, Julia; GOODALL, Kathryn T.; GOODALL, Lola B.; GOODALL, Martha; GOODALL, Raymond H.; GOODALL, Willie; GOODALL ALDRICH, Alice; GOODALL ALDRICH, Alice; GRANDICK, Anthony J.; GRANDICK, Arla J.; GRANDICK, Arla J.; GRANDICK, Jerome B. Sr.; GRANDICK, Jerome B., Sr.; GRANDICK, John P.; GRANDICK, Kathryn R.; GRANDICK, Raymond
H:   HANDY, Adolph E.; HANDY, Margaret V.; HANNA, Marcella; HANRAHAN, Alice; HANRAHAN, Daniel; HANRAHAN, Daniel; HANRAHAN, Eleanor; HANRAHAN, Ellen; HANRAHAN, Ellen; HANRAHAN, family monument; HANRAHAN, family monument; HANRAHAN, father; HANRAHAN, grandmother; HANRAHAN, Harriet M.; HANRAHAN, Irene; HANRAHAN, Julia; HANRAHAN, Julia; HANRAHAN, Julia; HANRAHAN, Martha; HANRAHAN, Martin; HANRAHAN, Martin; HANRAHAN, Martin; HANRAHAN, Patrick; HANRAHAN, Thomas; HANRAHAN, Thomas; HANRAHAN, William; HANRAHAN, William D.; HANRAHAN WATERS, Mary; HANRAHAN WATERS, Mary; HARTY, John; HARTY, Mary; HARTY, William; HARTY, William; HEENAN, Bridget; HEENAN, Catherine; HEENAN, Dennis; HEENAN, family monument; HEENAN, Jane; HEENAN, John; HEENAN, Mary; HEENAN, Mary; HEENAN, Mary H.; HEENAN, Mathew; HEENAN, Michael; HEENAN, mother; HENEKE, Maria; HENKES, Margareta; HICKS, Mary Clare; HICKS, Sister M. Clare; HIGGINS MCGINN, Mary; HOGAN, John; HOGAN, Marcella; HOGAN, Mary; HOGAN, Nicholas; HOGAN, Nicholas; HYNES, Blanche E.; HYNES, Leo A.
J:   JOHNSON, family monument; JOHNSON, Mary A.; JOHNSON, Terressa; JOHNSON, Terressa; JOHNSON, Terressa; JOHNSON CARTLETT, Frankie A.; JOHNSON THOMAS, Dora
K:   KAIN WELSH, Loretta; KANE, Helene F.; KANE, James R.; KANE, Patrick; KANE, William; KAY, Sharon; KELLY, Bridget E.; KELLY, Charles; KELLY, Charles; KELLY, family monument; KELLY, father; KELLY, Martin; KELLY, Martin; KELLY, mother; KELLY, Patrick; KELLY, Patrick W.; KELLY, Winifred; KELLY O'MEARA, Ellen; KENNEDY, Josie; KENNEDY SPAIN, Margaret; KEOUGH, Mary J.; KEOUGH, Thomas F.; KUDRICH, Anthony E.; KUDRICH, Elizabeth
L:   LANAGHAN, Catharine; LANAGHAN, Catherine; LANNAGHAN, Patrick; LANNAGHAN, Patrick; LAWLER, daughter; LAWLOR, Alice; LAWLOR, Daniel; LAWLOR, Daniel; LAWLOR, Daniel F.; LAWLOR, family monument; LAWLOR, father; LAWLOR, John D.; LAWLOR, John D.; LAWLOR, Louis; LAWLOR, Mary; LAWLOR, Mary; LAWLOR, Mary; LAWLOR, mother; LAWLOR, Patrick J.; LAWLOR, Sarah; LAWLOR, Thomas; LEE, Mary; LEE, Philip J.; LENTZ, Joseph; LENTZ, Lucy A.; LIPPENS, Dorothy June; LIPPENS, John Leo; LIPPENS, Julia B.; LIPPENS, Mary Ann; LIPPENS, Peter; LIPPENS, Philip; LUCKSTEAD, Elizabeth J.; LYNCH, John E.; LYNCH, Rev. John E.
M:   MALLON, Arthur J.; MALLON, Daniel; MALLON, Donald F.; MALLON, Edward L.; MALLON, Edward L.; MALLON, Edward L.; MALLON, Eleanor; MALLON, family monument; MALLON, family monument; MALLON, Katherine; MALLON, Mary C.; MAURINE, John James; MAURINE, Rose; MCALLISTER CROWLEY, Mae Teresa; MCCAFFREY, Bridget A.; MCCAFFREY, Bridget A.; MCCANN, Mary; MCCLIMON, Frank L.; MCCLIMON, James F.; MCCLIMON, John James; MCCLIMON, Lola R.; MCCLIMON, Mary; MCCLIMON SMITH, Bertilla; MCCOY, Anna C.; MCCOY, Anthony; MCCOY, Anthony F.; MCCOY, family monument; MCCOY, family monument; MCCOY, infant son; MCCOY, Mary Ann; MCCOY, Mary Ann; MCCOY, Mary Ann; MCCOY, Patrick; MCCOY, Patrick; MCCOY, Ruth E.; MCCOY, Simon T.; MCDERMOTT, Arlene F.; MCDERMOTT, Charles W.; MCDERMOTT, E. Leonard; MCDERMOTT, Edward L.; MCDERMOTT, Helena E.; MCDERMOTT, James P.; MCDERMOTT, Jean F.; MCDERMOTT, Marcella P.; MCDERMOTT, Margaret J.; MCDERMOTT, W. Cleo; MCDERMOTT KANE, Helene F.; MCDONALD, Eliza; MCDONALD, Eugene F.; MCDONALD, family monument; MCDONALD, J. Lawretta; MCDONALD, James; MCDONALD, John J.; MCDONALD, John T.; MCDONALD, Julia; MCDONALD, Martin F.; MCDONALD, Martin T.; MCDONALD, Martin T.; MCDONALD, Matilda; MCDONALD MAURINE, Rose; MCDONNELL, Anna I.; MCDONNELL, Charles F.; MCDONNELL, family monument; MCDONNELL, James Leo; MCDONNELL, Mary Veronica; MCELHATTON, family monument; MCELHATTON, John; MCELHATTON, Margaret; MCGINN, Ann; MCGINN, Christopher; MCGINN, Daniel; MCGINN, Daniel B.; MCGINN, E. Agnes; MCGINN, Edwin W.; MCGINN, Edwin W.; MCGINN, Eliza; MCGINN, Elizabeth; MCGINN, Elizabeth A.; MCGINN, Ellen; MCGINN, family monument; MCGINN, family monument; MCGINN, family monument; MCGINN, father; MCGINN, James; MCGINN, James P.; MCGINN, James R.; MCGINN, Jane; MCGINN, Johanna; MCGINN, Josephine; MCGINN, Josephine Catherine; MCGINN, Leonard J.; MCGINN, Leonard J.; MCGINN, Margaret; MCGINN, Mary; MCGINN, Mary E.; MCGINN, Mary E.; MCGINN, Michael; MCGINN, mother; MCGINN, Nellie; MCGINN, Nona C.; MCGINN, Peter; MCGINN, Peter; MCGINN, Thomas J.; MCGINN, William; MCGINN, William; MCGINN, William H.; MCGINTY, Ann; MCGINTY, Ann; MCGINTY, Catherine; MCGINTY, family monument; MCGINTY, father; MCGINTY, John; MCGINTY, John; MCGINTY, John C.; MCGINTY, John C.; MCGINTY, Thomas; MCGINTY YEGGE, Catherine; MCGONEGLE, Edward; MCGONEGLE, Ellen; MCGONEGLE, Ellen; MCGONEGLE, Ellen; MCGONEGLE, Patrick; MCINTOSH, Mary; MCLAUGHLIN, family monument; MCLAUGHLIN, John; MCMAHON, Anna; MCMAHON, Anna; MCMAHON, James; MCMAHON, James; MCMAHON, James; MCMAHON, James; MCMAHON, John; MCMAHON, John; MCMAHON, John; MCMAHON, Mary; MCMAHON, Mary; MEARS, Margaret; MEIGHAN, Arthur A.; MEIGHAN, Bernard; MEIGHAN, Ella G.; MEIGHAN, family monument; MEIGHAN, father; MEIGHAN, Mary E.; MEIGHAN, William "Bill"; MONAHAN, Bartholemew R.; MONAHAN, Bartholomew; MONAHAN, Bartholomew Richard; MORGAN, Kathryn M.; MURPHY, Catharine; MURPHY, family monument; MURPHY, John
N:   NABB, Eleanor V.; NABB, Judith K.; NABB, Leon C.; NABB, Leon C.; NABB, Leon C.; NABB, Thomas L.; NABB SPIDLE, Marilyn J.; NUTTERVILLE, family monument; NUTTERVILLE, John
O:   O'CONNELL, Cornelius D.; O'CONNELL, Cornelius D.; O'CONNELL, Dennis; O'CONNELL, Jeremiah M.; O'CONNELL, Johannah; O'CONNELL, John; O'CONNELL, Johny C.; O'CONNELL, mother; O'DOWD, Peter; O'DOWN, Thomas; O'FARRELL, Catharine Q.; O'FARRELL, family monument; O'FARRELL, John; O'FARRELL, Patrick T.; O'GRADY, Agnes; O'GRADY, Ellen; O'GRADY, infant children; O'GRADY, Margaret; O'GRADY, Margaret; O'GRADY, Margaret A.; O'GRADY, Margaret A.; O'GRADY, Mary E.; O'GRADY, Michael; O'GRADY, Simon R.; O'GRADY, William; O'MARRA KENNEDY, Josie; O'MEARA, Ann; O'MEARA, Anna; O'MEARA, Anna; O'MEARA, Bridget; O'MEARA, Bridgett; O'MEARA, Bridgett; O'MEARA, Catherine; O'MEARA, Eliza; O'MEARA, Elizabeth; O'MEARA, Ellen; O'MEARA, Ellen V.; O'MEARA, family monument; O'MEARA, father; O'MEARA, father; O'MEARA, Francis; O'MEARA, Francis; O'MEARA, Francis; O'MEARA, James; O'MEARA, James S.; O'MEARA, Jane F.; O'MEARA, John; O'MEARA, John; O'MEARA, John; O'MEARA, John; O'MEARA, John J.; O'MEARA, John Justin; O'MEARA, John L.; O'MEARA, John L.; O'MEARA, John R.; O'MEARA, John R.; O'MEARA, Kathryn; O'MEARA, M. Lillian; O'MEARA, M. Lillian; O'MEARA, Martin J.; O'MEARA, Mary; O'MEARA, Mary; O'MEARA, Mary; O'MEARA, Mary A.; O'MEARA, Mary Viola; O'MEARA, mother; O'MEARA, mother; O'MEARA, Mrs. Thomas; O'MEARA, Myron J.; O'MEARA, Patrick; O'MEARA, Patrick L.; O'MEARA, Patrick R.; O'MEARA, Patrick W; O'MEARA, Patrick W.; O'MEARA, Rebecca Rose Jane; O'MEARA, Robert Joseph; O'MEARA, Robert Joseph; O'MEARA, Rose A.; O'MEARA, Sarah; O'MEARA, Sarah; O'MEARA, Thomas F.; O'MEARA, Thomas P; O'MEARA, Thomas P.; O'MEARA, Wiliam; O'MEARA, William; O'MEARA, William; O'MEARA COSTOLO, Ann; O'MEARA COSTOLO, Ann; O'MEARA SPAIN, Ann; O'MEARA SPAIN, Ann; O'MEARA SPAIN, Mary; OMEARA, Catherine; OMEARA, family monument; OMEARA, Katie Helena; OMEARA, Martin W.; OMEARA, Nellie; OMEARA, Patrick
Q:   QUIGLEY, Bridget A.; QUIGLEY, family monument; QUIGLEY, John; QUIGLEY, John; QUIGLEY, John; QUIGLEY, Michael F.; QUIGLEY SPAIN, Bridget; QUINLAN, Catherine; QUINLAN, Frank; QUINLAN, Richard Clement; QUINLAN, Richard Clement; QUINLAN, William; QUINLAN BURKE, Nancy; QUINLAN BURKE, Nancy; QUINLAN VON SCHRADER, Dora; QUIRK, M.C.; QUIRK, P.J.; QUIRK, William
R:   REED, James K.; REED WELSH, Catherine; REILLY, Charles; REILLY, Mary; REILLY, Terence W.; REYNOLDS, Alice J.; REYNOLDS, Bernard; REYNOLDS, Ellen; REYNOLDS, Emmett L.; REYNOLDS, Leonard; REYNOLDS, Winifred; ROBERTS, John; ROBERTS, John; RYAN, Cornelius; RYAN, family monument; RYAN, father; RYAN, J.M.; RYAN, James; RYAN, Johanna; RYAN, Mary Ann; RYAN, Mary B.; RYAN, mother; RYAN, Patrick; RYAN, Patrick; RYAN, Thomas; RYAN, Willfred
S:   SAGER, Kelly N.; SANDER, George E.; SANDER, Harry G.; SANDER, Louise; SCHECK, Bernhardt; SCHECK, Carl H.; SCHECK, Christina; SCHECK, Helen M.; SCHECK, Olga; SCHECK, William H.; SCHMIDT, Henry F.; SCHMIDT, Louise; SCHREIBER, David Paul; SCHREIBER, Irma E.; SCHREIBER, John P.; SCOTT, Ellen Dernice; SCOTT, Emma; SCOTT, family monument; SCOTT, Thomas; SHANNON, Bernice; SHULL, Johnnie; SHUMAKE, Henrietta S.; SHUMAKE, Robert F.; SIEVERS GANNON, Bernadette; SIEVERS GANNON, Bernadette Monument; SINGELMANN, George H.; SINGELMANN, Rose L.; SMITH, Alyce M.; SMITH, Ann R.; SMITH, Anson A.; SMITH, Bertilla; SMITH, Catherin; SMITH, Edward J.; SMITH, Elizabeth D.; SMITH, Ellen; SMITH, Ellen; SMITH, family monument; SMITH, father; SMITH, Joames; SMITH, John; SMITH, Joseph J.; SMITH, Joseph J.; SMITH, Karen Ann; SMITH, Kate; SMITH, Maggie; SMITH, Maggie; SMITH, Mamie; SMITH, Mary; SMITH, Mary A.; SMITH, mother; SMITH, Patrick; SMITHERMAN, Tillie; SPAIN, Alexander; SPAIN, Alice B.; SPAIN, Ann; SPAIN, Ann; SPAIN, Anna C.; SPAIN, Anna C.; SPAIN, Bridget; SPAIN, Carnelius; SPAIN, Cathryn; SPAIN, Charles E.; SPAIN, Cornelius; SPAIN, Cornelius; SPAIN, Cornelius; SPAIN, Dan J.; SPAIN, Daniel; SPAIN, Daniel; SPAIN, Daniel Leo; SPAIN, Elizabeth; SPAIN, Ellen; SPAIN, family monument; SPAIN, family monument; SPAIN, family monument; SPAIN, father; SPAIN, father; SPAIN, infant daughter; SPAIN, James J.; SPAIN, James J.; SPAIN, James Richard; SPAIN, John; SPAIN, John; SPAIN, John A.; SPAIN, John D.; SPAIN, Joseph Edward; SPAIN, Joseph Edward; SPAIN, Joseph W.; SPAIN, Kathryn B.; SPAIN, Lloyd W.; SPAIN, Lloyd W.; SPAIN, Louis J.; SPAIN, Louis J.; SPAIN, Marcella M.; SPAIN, Margaret; SPAIN, Margaret; SPAIN, Marie; SPAIN, Marie L.; SPAIN, Martha M.; SPAIN, Martha M.; SPAIN, Mary; SPAIN, Mary H.; SPAIN, Mary J.; SPAIN, Mary M.; SPAIN, Michael F.; SPAIN, Michael F.; SPAIN, Michael J.; SPAIN, mother; SPAIN, Nellie; SPAIN, Paul J.; SPAIN, Ronald L.; SPAIN, Ronald Loyola; SPAIN, Ronald Loyola; SPAIN, Theresa; SPAIN, Thomas D.; SPAIN, W.E.; SPAIN, William J.; SPAIN, William P.; SPAIN COOK, Helene Marie; SPELMAN, Catharine; SPELMAN, family monument; SPELMAN, John; SPELMAN, Mary; SPELMAN, Mary C.; SPIDLE, Marilyn J.; SPIDLE, Robert L.; SPRAY, family monument; SPRAY, John; SPRAY, John H.; SPRAY, Katie; SPRAY, Katie; STABLER, Bertha; STABLER, Frank; STUART, Alex; STUART, Alexander; STUART, Donald; STUART, Ellen; STUART, Elspate; STUART, Janet; STUART, Janet; STUART, Jean; STUART SPAIN, Margaret; SWEENEY, Cathrine; SWEENEY, Hugh Francis; SWEENEY, Hugh Francis; SWEENEY, Timothy; SWEENEY, Timothy; SWEENEY SMITHERMAN, Tillie
W:   WAGNER, Bridget; WAGNER, Bridget; WAGNER, Catharine; WAGNER, children; WAGNER, William N.; WAGNER, William N.; WALSH, Thomas; WALTERT, Bly Anna; WARD, Margaret; WARD, Mary; WARD, Thomas J.; WATERS, Elizabeth F.; WATERS, Ellen; WATERS, Ellen M.; WATERS, family monument; WATERS, father; WATERS, father; WATERS, James; WATERS, James; WATERS, James L.; WATERS, James M.; WATERS, John E.; WATERS, Margaret; WATERS, Margaret; WATERS, Mary; WATERS, Mary; WATERS, Mary; WATERS, Mary A.; WATERS, Mary A.; WATERS, mother; WATERS, mother; WATERS, Theresa; WATERS, Thomas; WATERS, Thomas; WATERS, Thomas; WATERS, Thomas W.; WATTERS, Charles C.; WATTERS, Charles J.; WATTERS, Delores Marie; WATTERS, family monument; WATTERS, family monument; WATTERS, Francis B.; WATTERS, Francis B.; WATTERS, Gertrude; WATTERS, Gertrude A.; WATTERS, James; WATTERS, Johanan; WATTERS, John F.; WATTERS, John W.; WATTERS, Joseph Raymond; WATTERS, Mable H.; WATTERS, Margaret; WATTERS, Margaret; WATTERS, Martin J.; WATTERS, Mary E.; WATTERS, Mary Therese; WATTERS, Molly; WATTERS, Patrick F.; WATTERS, Rosemary H.; WATTERS, Sara M.; WATTERS, William J.; WATTERS, William J.; WATTERS, William J.; WATTERS CROWLEY, May F.; WELSH, Catherine; WELSH, Dorothy H.; WELSH, Edward; WELSH, Edward; WELSH, Edward; WELSH, Edward L.; WELSH, Leo E.; WELSH, Loretta; WELSH, Margaret; WELSH, Margaret Ellen; WELSH, Martha; WELSH, Michael; WELSH SMITH, Mary; WILLIAMS, family monument; WILLIAMS, Sarah; WILLIAMS, Sarah; WILLIAMS, William; WILLIAMS, William
Y:   YEGGE, Catherine

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