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Assumption Catholic Cemetery - Clinton County, Iowa

406 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 3/12/18 at 7:00:11 AM CDT

B:   BATHALTER, Eleanor M.; BATHALTER, Francis B.; BEEBY, Charles W.; BEEBY, Louisa; BLESSINGTON, Bert; BLESSINGTON, Edward C.; BLESSINGTON, Edward C.; BLESSINGTON, Helen M.; BLESSINGTON, Helena; BLESSINGTON, Herbert J.; BLESSINGTON, Herbert J.; BLESSINGTON, Jennie; BLESSINGTON, John L.; BLESSINGTON, Joseph C.; BLESSINGTON, Joseph C.; BLESSINGTON, Leonard M.; BLESSINGTON, Leonard M.; BLESSINGTON, Margaret; BLESSINGTON, Maxine J.; BLESSINGTON, Miriam T.; BLESSINGTON, Robert W.; BLESSINGTON, Robert W.; BLESSINGTON, Rose Clare; BLESSINGTON, Rose L.; BLESSINGTON, William H.; BORMANN, Andrew J.; BORMANN, John Leo; BORMANN, Marie F.; BOWEN, Sophia H.; BRODERSEN, Rose P.; BRODERSEN, William R.; BROWN, Joe; BROWN, Joseph R.; BROWN, Margaret Ruddy; BROWN, Rose E.; BRUGMAN, Marianne F.; BRUGMAN, Thomas C.; BUCKLEY, Bernadette; BUCKLEY, Cornelius J.; BULGER, Catherine; BULGER, John; BULGER, John Jr.; BULGER, Kate; BULGER, Kate; BURK, Annie; BURK, Annie; BURK, family monument; BURK, Maggie; BURK, Margaret; BURK, Martin; BURK DUER, Kathryn V.; BURKE, Bridget; BURKE, family monument; BURKE, Genevieve J.; BURKE, James; BURKE, John E.; BURKE, Joseph; BURKE, Joseph S.; BURKE BROWN, Rose E.; BURKEN, Darla; BURKEN, Leroy - Butch; BURNS, Alfrieda C.; BURNS, baby; BURNS, Francis A.
C:   CALLAHAN, father; CALLAHAN, Hanna; CALLAHAN, Jeremiah E.; CALLAHAN, John; CALLAHAN, Julia C.; CALLAHAN, Mary; CALLAHAN, mother; CALLAHAN, Rose M.; CASSIDY, James P.; CASSIDY, Susie; CAVANAGH, LaVerrne M.; CAVANAGH, Walter J.; CHRISTIANSEN, Rebecca Jean; CHRISTIANSEN, Tod Andrew Jr.; CLEARY, Joseph T.; CLEARY, Luella M.; CLIFFORD, Ruth G.; CLIFFORD, Thomas G.; CONVEY, Evelyn L.; CONVEY, Paul V.; COSTELLO, Ambrose J.; COSTELLO, Ambrose J.; COSTELLO, Catherine C.; COSTELLO, Catherine E.; COSTELLO, Daniel; COSTELLO, family monument; COSTELLO, Gertrude M.; COSTELLO, Irene I.; COSTELLO, Joseph J.; COSTELLO, Josephine T.; COSTELLO, Margaret B.; COSTELLO, Robert D.; COSTELLO, William L.; COSTELLO WHITE, Susanna P.; CROWLEY, Dan C.; CROWLEY, Ervel J. Butch; CROWLEY, Lewis D.; CROWLEY, Mae E.
D:   DE VOSS, Florence; DE VOSS, Phil; DEVRIEZE, Cyril; DEXTER, Dustin Joel; DIEDRICH, Clarence G.; DIEDRICH, George; DIEDRICH, Marietta M.; DIEDRICH, Rose; DOHRMANN, Cecelia S.; DOHRMANN, Fred C.; DOLAN, Catherine L.; DOLAN, Earl M.; DOLAN, Gertrude; DOLAN, Gregary; DOLAN, Katherine M.; DOLAN, Ligouri J. Sr.; DOLAN, Ligouri James; DOLAN, Patricia Ann; DOLAN, Teresa; DOLAN, Walter J.; DOLAN WOLFE, Margaret; DONAHUE, Edward P.; DONAHUE, Edward P.; DONAHUE, Grace C.; DUER, Dorothy; DUER, Kathryn V.; DUER, Leo P.; DUER, Raymon P.; DUNLAVEY, Michael T.; DUNLAVEY, Nellie C.
E:   EBERHART, Albert; EBERHART, Rosa; EMPEN, Clem J.; EMPEN, Mary C.; ERPELDING, Marie; ERPELDING, William
F:   FARRELL, Annie V.; FARRELL, John F.; FARRELL, Sebastian John; FARRELL, Sebastian John; FINCH SENTMAN, Fay A.; FOSSETT, Mary; FULLAN, family monument; FULLAN, Florence L.; FULLAN, James P.; FULLAN, Mary Doris
G:   GARSIDE, Edwin A.; GARSIDE, Mary C.; GAY HEIAR, Natalie; GOHLMANN, Elizabeth; GOHLMANN, Theodore; GOODENOW DUER, Dorothy
H:   HANNAHER, father; HANNAHER, John; HANNAHER, Mary; HANRAHAN, Aloysius J.; HANRAHAN, Charles T.; HANRAHAN, Delberta A. Debbie; HANRAHAN, Edward J. Pinkie; HANRAHAN, family monument; HANRAHAN, Frank; HANRAHAN, Mary Clare; HANRAHAN, Monica R.; HANRAHAN, Sara; HANRAHAN, William F.; HANSEN, Adolph C.; HANSEN, Carmella; HANSEN, Eleanor; HANSEN, Mae A.; HEIAR, Catherine P.; HEIAR, Gerald A.; HEIAR, James Wayne; HEIAR, Jeffrey Lloyd; HEIAR, June M.; HEIAR, Justin James; HEIAR, Lloyd H.; HEIAR, Lucille E.; HEIAR, Natalie; HEIAR, Norbert H.; HEIAR, Wayne James; HEMMINGSEN, Martha; HILBERT, harold; HILBERT, Harold Robert; HOLMES, John; HOLMES, Thomas; HYNES, Martin James
J:   JOHANSEN, Helen M.; JOHANSEN, Mary Ann; JOHNSON, Elda M.; JOHNSON, Elizabeth; JOHNSON, family monument; JOHNSON, Francis J; JOHNSON, John
K:   KANE, Elizabeth; KANE, family monument; KANE, John J.; KANE, John R.; KANE, Joseph; KANE, Marilyn M.; KANE, Mary T.; KANE, Michael; KANE, Robert G.; KANE BURK, Margaret; KANE REYNOLDS, Rita M.; KAY, family monument; KAY, John; KAY, John L.; KAY, Mary L.; KAY, Ronald L.; KROGMAN, Gertrude M.; KROGMAN, Mary Patricia Cleary; KROGMAN, Milo J.
L:   LANAGAN, Walter L.; LANAGHAN, Catherine L.; LANAGHAN, Celia V.; LANAGHAN, Celia V.; LANAGHAN, Cyril J.; LANAGHAN, Dennis; LANAGHAN, Donald Patrick; LANAGHAN, Eda M.; LANAGHAN, Elizabeth B.; LANAGHAN, father; LANAGHAN, Harriett Mary; LANAGHAN, James C.; LANAGHAN, James P.; LANAGHAN, Leo P.; LANAGHAN, Margaret M.; LANAGHAN, Margery; LANAGHAN, Mary; LANAGHAN, Mary A.; LANAGHAN, Mary A.; LANAGHAN, Mary Agnes; LANAGHAN, Matthew; LANAGHAN, mother; LANAGHAN, Patrick C.; LANAGHAN, Patrick H.; LANAGHAN, Ronald F.; LANAGHAN, Roy O.; LANAGHAN CASSIDY, Susie; LEHMKUHL, Michelle L.
M:   MALONEY, Ellen Irene; MALONEY, family monument; MALONEY, John T.; MALONEY, Mary; MANIKOWSKI, Alex F.; MANIKOWSKI, Alex S.; MANIKOWSKI, Donna M.; MANIKOWSKI, John J.; MANIKOWSKI, Mary Kay; MCALEER, Helen C.; MCALEER, James J.; MCALEER, James T.; MCALEER, Lawrence L.; MCALEER, Robert T.; MCDERMOTT, family monument; MCDERMOTT, James L.; MCDERMOTT, Leo I.; MCDERMOTT, Leonard J.; MCDERMOTT, Luke; MCDERMOTT, Mary; MCDERMOTT, Mary V.; MCGINN, Lillie M.; MINIKOWSKI, Antonie; MONAHAN, Ann; MONAHAN, Bartholomew J.; MONAHAN, Catherine M.; MONAHAN, Corp. Jno; MONAHAN, Edmund Joseph; MONAHAN, family monument; MONAHAN, family monument; MONAHAN, John J.; MONAHAN, John J.; MONAHAN, John J.; MONAHAN, Mary D.; MONAHAN, Mary R.; MONAHAN, S.J.; MONAHAN, Thomas Leo; MONAHAN, Thomas Leo; MURRAY, Thomas
N:   NAUMAN, Michael Merle
O:   O'CONNOR, Bernadetta; O'CONNOR, Mary E.; O'CONNOR, Sylvester T.; O'CONNOR, Thomas C.; O'TOOLE, Anna Irene; O'TOOLE, Bert; O'TOOLE, Charles V.; O'TOOLE, family monument; O'TOOLE, family monument; O'TOOLE, family monument; O'TOOLE, father; O'TOOLE, James; O'TOOLE, John; O'TOOLE, Josephine; O'TOOLE, Kate; O'TOOLE, Lawrence Liguoria; O'TOOLE, M. Loretta; O'TOOLE, Mary; O'TOOLE, Mary; O'TOOLE, Mary Delphene; O'TOOLE, Merle L.; O'TOOLE, mother; O'TOOLE, Sarah; O'TOOLE, Thomas; O'TOOLE, Thomas; O'TOOLE, Thomas J.; O'TOOLE, Walter; O'TOOLE SHANNON, Frances V.; OLIVER KROGMAN, Mary Patricia Cleary
P:   PERION, Raymond J.; PERION, Robert T.; PERION, Winifred B.; PETREHN, Daniel J.; PETREHN, Doris L.; PETREHN, family monument; PETREHN, James H.; PETREHN, James M.; PETREHN, Tracy Kay; PLATT, James W.; PLATT, Joan V.; POWERS MONAHAN, Ann; PRAY, Gladys "Peg"; PRAY, John H.; PROOST, John M.
R:   RAYMOND, Polly E.; REUTER, Carol A.; REUTER, Jerome W.; REYNOLDS, John J.; REYNOLDS, Rita M.; REYNOLDS BRUGMAN, Marianne F.; RODY, John; ROLING, Jennifer June; ROLING, John James; ROLING, Lawrence G.; ROLING, Marie A.; ROLING, Michael Wayne; ROLING, Norman W.; ROLING, Ruth D.
S:   SCHRADER, Howard A.; SCHRADER, Juanita G.; SENTMAN, Fay A.; SENTMAN, Howard T.; SENTMAN, Howard Thomas; SENTMAN, Margaret; SENTMAN, Raymond; SENTMAN, Raymond Jr.; SENTMAN, Thomas Allen; SENTMAN, Ward Thomas; SEXTON, Emma L.; SHANNON, Edward; SHANNON, family monument; SHANNON, Frances V.; SHANNON, John J.; SHANNON ERPELDING, Marie; SHORT, Connie R.; SKALLA, Mary C.; SKALLA, Robert G.; SMITH BROWN, Margaret Ruddy; SOENKSEN, Charles R.; SOENKSEN, Darlene D.; SOENKSEN, Michelle Marie; SPARKS, Amanda Lynn; SPARKS, Maynard A.; SPARKS, Maynard H.; SPELMAN, family monument; SPELMAN, Gertrude; SPELMAN, Mary A.; SPELMAN, Patrick; SPELMAN, Thomas E.; STEVENSON, James A.; SULLIVAN, James J.; SULLIVAN, Kevin C.; SULLIVAN, Mary C.; SULLIVAN, Rev. William J.; SULLIVAN, Robert A.; SULLIVAN, Sharon K.; SULLIVAN, William J.
T:   THOLA, Eldred Al; THOLA, Janiece; TILL THOLA, Janiece
W:   WALSH, Edward J.; WALSH, Emma C.; WALSH, family monument; WALSH, Margaret; WALSH, Mary L.; WALSH, Michael; WALSH, Michael; WALSH, Michael J.; WALSH, William F.; WALSH LANAGHAN, Mary A.; WARNER, Ardon C.; WEIMERSKIRCH, John; WEIMERSKIRCH, Mary; WHITE, Millard L.; WHITE, Susanna P.; WIESE, Roland H.; WOLFE, James Edward; WOLFE, Margaret

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