Brooks Cemetery - Adams County, Iowa

A:   ARTHUR, J.N.; ARTHUR, Lydia; ARTHUR, Martha J.
B:   BLAZER HEFLING, Estey; BROWN, Elizabeth Goldsmith; BROWN, Francis Marion (Muir); BROWN, James M.; BROWN, Jerusha Reed; BROWN, Sarah Elizabeth; BROWN EVANS, Nora; BROWN EVANS, Nora; BURCH, Nancy
C:   CAMPBELL, Elizabeth; CAMPBELL, J.; CAMPBELL, Mary; CAMPBELL, William; COLEMAN, Emmett S.; COLEMAN, Jacob T.; COLEMAN, Jacob T.; COLEMAN, Matilda; COLEMAN, Matilda; COLEMAN, Sarah Caroline; COLEMAN, Sarah Caroline
D:   DAVIS EVANS, Eliza Jane; DAY, Mary
E:   EVANS, Eliza Jane; EVANS, J. Edwin; EVANS, Nora; EVANS, Nora Brown; EVANS, Wm R
F:   FIELD, Lydia; FLOWERS, Aneita L.; FLOWERS, Ira Paul; FLOWERS, Lenora B.; FORD, Clark Darwin; FORD, Flossie Augusta; FORD, Myrtle Mary; FORD, Thomas John; FRESHOUR, A.H.; FRYER, Emma; FRYER, John W
G:   GEARY HARLOW, Eva Belle; GLOVER, Elizabeth; GLOVER, Elizabeth; GLOVER, Jonah; GLOVER, Jonah
H:   HAMILTON RITCHEY, Margaret; HARLOW, Eva Belle; HARLOW, George Melvin; HARLOW, James thelbert; HARLOW, James Walker; HARLOW, Jesse Franklin; HARLOW, Joseph Nelson; HARLOW, Martha Jane; HARLOW, Mary Lucretia; HARLOW, Ruby Roxanna; HARLOW, William Arthur; HARLOW, William Issac; HARLOW FORD, Myrtle Mary; HARLOW FRYER, Emma; HARLOW HEFLING, Lydia; HARLOW LAWRENCE, Mabel Evelyn; HARLOW TUCKER, Mary Eva; HARLOW TUCKER, Phoebe Augusta; HARVEY MALTBY, Eliza E.; HAVENS, Glade E.; HAVENS, Lois E.; HEFLING, Estey; HEFLING, Harold Harlow; HEFLING, Lydia; HEFLING, William; HOSSMAN, Glen L.; HOSSMAN, Glen W.; HOSSMAN, Kathlyn W.; HUDNUT, Peter Thomas; HUDNUT, Peter Thomas; HUDNUT FORD, Flossie Augusta
L:   LAWRENCE, Floyd Lovel; LAWRENCE, Floyd Lovel; LAWRENCE, Mabel Evelyn; LAWRENCE HARLOW, Ruby Roxanna
M:   MACK, Catherine; MACK, James; MACK GLOVER, Elizabeth; MACK GLOVER, Elizabeth; MALTBY, Eliza E.; MCGAULEY, Catherine; MCMURRAY, Carl; MCMURRAY, Charles; MCMURRAY, Clifford; MCMURRAY, Mary; MCMURRAY, Robert; MYERS, Jessie; MYERS, Josephine; MYERS, Lewis Jackson; MYERS, William H.
N:   NOLAND, Anna Rebecca
O:   ODELL, Clifford H.; ODELL, Dello T.; ODELL, Effie; ODELL, Estella M.; ODELL, Gaylor N.; ODELL, Grace L.; ODELL, Halleene; ODELL, Harold; ODELL, Harry; ODELL, Huldah; ODELL, Jess; ODELL, Johnny; ODELL, Lowell A.; ODELL, Lydia A.; ODELL, Mabel; ODELL, Marietta E.; ODELL, Mildred W.; ODELL, Noah N.; ODELL, Roy E.
P:   PARDUM BROWN, Sarah Elizabeth; PARISH, Halcyon H.
R:   RITCHEY, Margaret
T:   THOMPSON HARLOW, Martha Jane; TUCKER, Grover; TUCKER, Martin L; TUCKER, Mary Eva; TUCKER, Phoebe Augusta; TUCKER, Samuel Goodwin
W:   WALKER, Samuel; WALTON HARLOW, Mary Lucretia; WOLF, Peter
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