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St. John Lutheran Cemetery - Chickasaw County, Iowa

173 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 10/27/18 at 6:00:10 AM CDT

B:   BEIER, Ernestine; BEIER, Family Stone; BEIER, Fred; BEIER, Herman A.; BEIER, Herman A.; BEIER, Lily A.; BEIER, Louise; BEIER, Margaretha A.; BEIER, Matilda A.; BEIER, William A.; BENDER, Infant Daughter; BENZ, Martin; BRUCH, Duwane V.; BRUCH, Sharon M.; BUEHRER, Edward; BUEHRER, Ernest
C:   CHANDLER, Emma Mary; CHANDLER, Harry J.; CHANDLER, Infant; CHANDLER, William J.
D:   DREBLOW, Caroline J.
E:   EHLERT, Emma J.; EHLERT, William F.
G:   GIFFORD, Doris; GIFFORD, Gerald "Jerry"; GRAHLMAN, Sam C.; GRIMM, Adolf; GRIMM, Clara; GRIMM, Eliza; GRIMM, Jacob; GRIMM, Louise
H:   HAUS, Henry C.; HAUS, Johan C. F.; HAUS, Margaretha Louise; HAUS, Otillie; HAUS, Wilhelmine; HIRSCH, Corrine D.; HIRSCH, Harold F.; HOCHBERGER, Aaron J. A.; HOSTING, Harriet; HOSTING, Lynn; HOUSE, Mary
J:   JOHNSON, Elaine L.; JOHNSON, Jerry V.; JOHNSON, Miriam G.; JOHNSON, Vern A.
K:   KILCHER, Amelia; KILCHER, Bertha; KILCHER, Infant Son; KILCHER, Jacob; KILCHER, Lillian F.; KILCHER, Saloma; KILCHER, Verna; KILCHER, William; KILCHER, William A.; KILCHER GIFFORD, Doris; KILCHER HOSTING, Harriet; KOENIG, George
L:   LAABS, Caroline W.; LAABS, Ella M.; LAABS, Family Stone; LAABS, Fred W.; LAABS, Infant Daughter; LANGE, August G.; LANGE, Delia S.; LANGE, Family Stone; LANGE, Fred; LANGE, Henry J.; LANGE, Henry L.; LANGE, Herman F.; LANGE, Infant Daughter; LANGE, Infant Daughter; LANGE, Infant Son; LANGE, Lena; LANGE, Louisa M.; LANGE, Raymond H.; LANGE, Ruth E.; LANGE, William; LANZ, Gottlieb; LAWERENTG, Friederia; LEWIG, Clara; LEWIG, Ernest; LEWIG, Irvin E.; LEWIG, Katherina; LEWIG, Ruth
M:   MAHLER, Anna; MAHLER, John; MAHLER, Walter Jacob; MEYER JOHNSON, Miriam G.; MILBRANDT, Dawn M.; MILBRANDT, Delfred; MILBRANDT, Genevieve; MILBRANDT, Marilyn J.; MOLDENHAUER, Caroline; MOLDENHOUER, Christine; MOULDENHOUER, William; MULDENHAUER, Anna Maria
P:   PETERSON, Ella J.; PETERSON, Henry E.
R:   RISNOR, Anna; RISNOR, John G.; ROBERTS, Arlene Frances; ROBERTS, Eliiza M.; ROBERTS, George L.; ROBERTS, Sylvia Grace; ROBERTS, Walter L.
S:   SCHMUDLACH, Aug.; SCHMUDLACH, G.; SMITH RISNOR, Anna; STANGE, Arlie E.; STANGE, Ellen L.; STANGE, Emil H.; STANGE, Fred W.; STANGE, Frieda A.; STANGE, Lloyd H.; STANGE, Margaret S.; STANGE, Marie L.; STANGE, Shelly Ann
T:   TABBERT, William; TANK, Caroline; TANK, Charles W.; TANK, F. A.; TANK, Family Stone; TANK, Henry J.; TANK, Infant Son; TANK, Lena; TANK, Leroy Arthur; TANK, Louise E.; TANK, Ottilie; TANK, Ruth E.; TANK, Sandra K.; TANK, Walter W.; TANK, William; TEGTMEIER, Ellen M.; TEGTMEIER, Gordon L.; TEGTMEIER, Walter F.; TESSMER, Amelia M.; TESSMER, Arnold; TESSMER, Augusta A.; TESSMER, Charles H.; TESSMER, Ella Maria Bertha; TESSMER, Family Stone; TESSMER, Frank; TESSMER, Margaret; TESSMER, Martha A.
V:   VOSS, August C.; VOSS, James L.; VOSS, Leona D.
W:   WESTEDT, Dale W.; WESTEDT, Lena M.; WESTEDT, William H.; WINTER, August; WINTER, Augusta; WINTER, Elizabeth; WINTER, Emma; WINTER, Engel; WINTER, Family Stone; WINTER, Fred Johan; WINTER, Henry; WINTER, Henry; WINTER, Herman; WINTER, Infant Daughter; WINTER, Infant Son; WINTER, Louise; WINTER, Mary L.; WINTER, Minnie
Z:   ZMOOS, Adolph F.; ZMOOS, Alfred D.; ZMOOS, David; ZMOOS, Eliza; ZMOOS, Lydia M.; ZMOOS, Otto F.; ZMOOS, Ruth M.

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