Healy Cemetery - Cedar County, Iowa

A:   ADAMS, Sarah; ALTENBERND, Edward A.
B:   BOLAND, Annie I.
C:   CANFIELD, Eliza; CANFIELD, William G.; CANFIELD SMITH, Kate C.; CARNES, Blanche M.; CARNES, Grace C.; CARNES, Zen A.; COMER, Artie E.; COMER, Blanche M.; COMER, Cora A.; COMER, Elisabeth; COMER, Elizabeth; COMER, Ernest; COMER, Ernest; COMER, Flora May; COMER, Frank; COMER, Isaac N. Jr.; COMER, Jeptha J.; COMER, John; COMER, John; COMER, Maria; COMER, Mary M.; COMER, Mollie M.; COMER, Nellie M.; COMER, Robert; COMER, Robert; COOK VALET, Ada M.; CRAFTS, Myrtle E.; CRAFTS, William H.
D:   DICKEY, Lester H.; DICKEY, Norma Jean; DICKEY, Richard W.; DICKEY, Rose M.; DICKEY FRANK, Donna; DUNCAN, Matilda S.
E:   EVANS, Crissie I.; EVANS, Family Monument; EVANS, John H.
F:   FAGRELIUS, Charlene E.; FAGRELIUS, Fred H.; FAGRELIUS, Gregory Lewis; FRANK, Donna; FREDERICK, Shirley Jean
G:   GARDNER, Annie; GARDNER, Henry; GLOBES, Frank C.; GRINGS, Joseph; GRINGS, Laura J.
H:   HAIN, Anna Mae; HAIN, Arthur M.; HAIN, Charles S.; HAIN, Elwood P.; HAIN, Family Monument; HAIN, Harry 'Had'; HAIN, Julia A.; HAIN, Linus C.; HAIN, Mary W.; HAIN, Maude L.; HAIN, Paul Frances; HAIN, Pearl D.; HAIN, Sissie K.; HAIN, Thomas; HAIN, Ursula; HAIN ZEISIG, Julia A.; HAZELWOOD, Tommy Joe; HEALY, Abbie; HEALY, Abbie C.; HEALY, Albert F.; HEALY, Angeline E.; HEALY, Arial E.; HEALY, C. C. 'Charlie'; HEALY, C. F.; HEALY, Celinda; HEALY, Charley; HEALY, Chester F.; HEALY, Clarence A.; HEALY, Daniel L.; HEALY, Edwin R.; HEALY, Elizabeth A.; HEALY, Elizabeth A.; HEALY, Elnora; HEALY, Ernest C.; HEALY, Frances L.; HEALY, George A.; HEALY, Glenn Gilman; HEALY, Grace; HEALY, Hazel Marie; HEALY, Henry E.; HEALY, Hezekiah A.; HEALY, Leo C.; HEALY, Louisa; HEALY, Louisa; HEALY, Lucius C.; HEALY, Mary A.; HEALY, Mary E.; HEALY, Oscar Monroe; HEALY, Polly A.; HEALY, Polly A.; HEALY, Sarah M.; HEALY, Sarah M.; HEALY, Tryphena; HEALY, Vera E.; HEALY, William; HEALY, William J.; HEALY, William J.; HEALY BOLAND, Annie I.; HEALY COMER, Maria
M:   MAURER, Albert E.; MAURER, Mabel I.; MCGUIRE, Doris J.; MCGUIRE, Miles C.; MINOR, Charles W.; MINOR, Jehial; MINOR, Julia Ann
O:   OLDS, Joseph; OLDS, Mother; OLDS, Sadie E.; OLDS, Samuel L.; OLDS, Sarah; OLDS, Unknown; ORONSON, Leota L.; ORONSON, Robert A.
P:   PRIEST, Benjamin; PRIEST, Elizabeth P.; PRIEST, Family Monument
S:   SCHAFNIT, Barbara; SCHAFNIT, Family Monument; SCHAFNIT, George F.; SCHILLING, Christ E.; SLATER, Blanch J.; SLATER, Charles C.; SLATER, Ella; SLATER, Ella P.; SLATER, Family Monument; SLATER, H. C.; SLATER, Mary B.; SLATER, Perry A.; SLATER, S. A.; SMITH, Kate C.; SPEERS, Harry; SPEERS, Harry R.; SPEERS, Jennie; SPEERS, Jennie E.; SPEERS, Lulu; SPEERS, Lulu M.; SPEERS, W. R.; SPEERS, William
V:   VALET, Ada M.; VALET, William J.
W:   WITMER, Esther J.; WITMER, Family Moument; WITMER, H. Leroy; WITMER, Jacob A.; WITMER, Jacob W.; WITMER, John J.; WITMER, Margaret; WITMER, Mary Adaline; WITMER, Olive L.; WITMER, Rebecca; WITMER, Richard
Z:   ZEISIG, C. A.; ZEISIG, Charlie; ZEISIG, Family Monument; ZEISIG, Julia A.; ZRIDIH, C. A.
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