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Wiota a.k.a. Jameson Cemetery - Cass County, Iowa

222 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 7/2/18 at 1:51:04 PM CDT

A:   ADAMS, Edwin M.; ADAMS, Mary; ADAMS, Thomas; ADAMS, Thomas; ASH, Archer B.; ASH, Arthur W.; ASH, Martha L.; ASH, Rebecca J.; ASH, Thorton
B:   BALLENTINE, D.; BALLENTINE, Elizabeth; BALLENTINE, Father; BALLENTINE, Lizzie; BALLENTINE, Mother; BELL, Eva; BELL, Eva M.; BELL, Father; BELL, Henry; BELL, Joseph; BELL, Joseph M.; BELL, Margaret J.; BELL, Mother; BERRY, John; BOTH, Casper; BOTH, Catharine; BOTH, Nettie; BROWN, Olivia A.; BRYAN, E. L.; BRYAN, Nancy; BRYAN, Oscar
D:   DARLING, Sarah; DARLING, William; DEWEY, Charlie; DWIGANS, Carrie; DWIGANS, Fred B.
E:   ELLIS, Anna
F:   FELT, Evangeline; FOSTER, Clint D.; FOX, Father; FOX, Fronia; FOX, John P.; FOX, John P.; FOX, Mother
G:   GILBERT, Father; GILBERT, Haden; GILBERT, Mother; GILBERT, Phoebe; GOODWIN, Hiram M.; GRIFFITH, Ann; GRIFFITH, L. Edwin; GRIFFITH, Levi H.; GRIFFITH, Minerva C.; GRIFFITH, Unknown; GRUVER JAMESON, Marietta
H:   HALL, Emily M; HUMERICH, Effie; HUMERICH, Father; HUMERICH, Frank; HUMERICH, G. Franklin; HUMERICH, Louisa J.; HUMERICH, Mary; HUMERICH, Mary J.; HUMERICH, Mother; HUMERICH, Philip; HUMERICK, Anna M.; HUMERICK, Anna M.; HUMERICK, Anna M.; HUMERICK, Elmer C.; HUMERICK, Erlmer C.; HUMERICK, Father; HUMERICK, Infant Dau.; HUMERICK, John W.; HUMERICK, Mina; HUMERICK, Mother; HUMERICK, Wm. (William); HUMMERICK, Fredrick W.; HUMMERICK?, Unknown; HUMMRICH, Father; HUMMRICH, Joanna M.; HUMMRICH, John T.
J:   JAMESON, Deborah; JAMESON, Marietta; JAMESON, Robert L.; JAMESON, W. W.; JOHNSTON, Willie H.; JORDAN, Elizabeth N.; JORDAN, Grace A.; JORDAN, James Warren; JORDAN, John B.
K:   KEASEY, Mary A.
L:   LAHMAN, Emma M.; LAHMAN, V. M.; LAHMAN COOMS, Emma Joe; LEWIS, Ann J.; LEWIS, Joseph P.
M:   MCDERMOTT, Alice Grace; MCDERMOTT, Elizabeth; MCDERMOTT, Family Monument; MCDERMOTT, Infant Daughter; MCDERMOTT, James B.; MCDERMOTT, Martin Luther; MCDERMOTT, Olive Grace; MORGAN, Father; MORGAN, James S.; MORGAN, Mother; MORGAN, Rebecca; MORRISON, G. S.; MORRISON, George N.; MORRISON, Lura; MOST, Anna; MOST, Henry; MOST, Susana; MOST?, Mother
N:   NORTON, Sarah
P:   PARLEE, Louie M.; PARLEE, Raymond Charles; PARLEE, Royce Elmer; PARLEE, William E.; PARLEE, Wm. E.; POLLACK?, ??AS L.
R:   ROBERTS, Arthur; ROBERTS, Arthur; ROBERTS, Charlie; ROBERTS, Charlie; ROBERTS, Eva; ROBERTS, Eva; ROBERTS, Father (J. P.); ROBERTS, Harmon G.; ROBERTS, J. P. (James); ROBERTS, Lucy; ROBERTS, Mother (Lucy); ROBINSON, Anna; ROBINSON, Brittania; ROBINSON, Buelah; ROBINSON, Father; ROBINSON, James; ROBINSON, James; ROBINSON, Joseph W.; ROBINSON, Mother; ROBINSON, Mother; ROBINSON, Sarah A.; ROBINSON, Unknown; ROBINSON, William; ROBINSON, William J.; ROBISON, Frank M.; ROBISON, Robert; ROBISON, Rose Ann; ROE, A. J.; ROE, Louis N.; ROE, Nancy; RUSSELL, Elizabeth K.; RUSSELL, Harold V.
S:   SANDERS, Mary Ann; SANDERS, Wm. Harlow; SEAMAN, Augusta; SEAMAN, Elizabeth L.; SEAMAN, John M.; SHUMAKER, G. R. (Grandma); SHUMAKER, Grandma; SIMONTON, Silas A.; SOPER, ELLA S.; SOPER, Enos; SOPER, Enos S.; SOPER, Loyd A.; SOPER, Sarah; STOODT, Mortz F.
T:   TURNER, Father; TURNER, Frankie N.; TURNER, Hannah; TURNER, Hannah M.; TURNER, Joseph; TURNER, Mary C.; TURNER, Mary C.; TURNER, Phillip; TURNER, Robert; TURNER, Robert; TURNER, Samuel; TURNER WOOD, Harriet
U:   UNKNOWN, Annie? M.; UNKNOWN, Edward; UNKNOWN, Unk; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown
W:   WAKEFIELD, A.; WAKEFIELD, Albert; WAKEFIELD, E,; WAKEFIELD, Ellen; WAKEFIELD, Jennie; WAKEFIELD, Jennie; WAKEFIELD, Joseph; WAKEFIELD, Joseph; WAKEFIELD DWIGANS, Carrie; WATT JAMESON, Deborah; WILLIAMS, Family Monument; WILLIAMS, George E.; WILLIAMS, Hannah M.; WILLIAMS, William C.; WILLIAMS, Wilward M.; WOOD, Father; WOOD, Harriet; WOOD, Jessie; WOOD, Jessie; WOOD, Mother; WOOD, William; WOOD, William; WOOD, William
Y:   YODER, A. W.; YODER, Emmeline; YOUNG, Mary

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