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St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery - Buena Vista County, Iowa

173 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 10/9/18 at 6:00:10 AM CDT

B:   BAUER, Johnnie; BENN, George; BRADY, Joseph Michael; BRADY, Katie; BUTLER, "Mother"; BUTLER, George; BUTLER, Joseph; BUTLER, Michael; BUTLER, Patrick
C:   CALLAHAN, Bridget; CALLAHAN, Stephen; CALLARY, Bridget; CALLARY, Joseph; CALLARY FOSTER, Cecilia; CALLARY GLOWCZEWSKY, Rose; CALLARY WEST, Catherine; CAWIEZEL MCKENNA, Catherine Anna; CAWIEZEL TOOHEY, Mary U.; CHEEVERS O'CONNOR, Emma; CLANCY, Annie; CLANCY, Patrick; COLE MCKENNA, Dorothy D.; CONNELL, Andrew G.; CONNELL, John R.; CONWAY, Rt. Rev. Monsignor Clarence Patrick; COOK CALLARY, Bridget; COOKE, Rt. Rev. Monsignor William, V. G.; CRANSTON, Bruce; CRANSTON, Elizabeth "Betty"
D:   DEMERS, Duane F; DEMERS, Louis J; DEMERS, Louis J Jr; DEMERS, Louis J., Jr.; DEMERS, Margaret C; DEMERS MILLER, Mary Ann; DREY LANGE, Lucille; DUFFY, Paul Francis
E:   EHLERS, Catherine B.; EHLERS, Elmer D.; ERICKSON, Mary V.
F:   FOSTER, Cecilia; FOSTER, Clyde W.
G:   GALES, Susie; GLOWCZEWSKY, Rose; GLYN, Peter; GORDON, John S.
H:   HAARUP MCKENNA, Edith Mae; HAMILTON, James R. "Bones"; HAMILTON, Jean; HARTIGAN TOOHEY, Marion; HARTNETT, John; HAYES, Bridget; HAYES, Thomas; HOPKINS TOOHEY, Hannah E.; HUGHES, Albert; HUGHES, Arthur P.; HUGHES, Arthur P.; HUGHES, Florince; HUGHES, Mary E.; HUGHES, Wilbur F.; HUNT CLANCY, Annie
I:   IVIS, Rev. Monsignor Cleophas John
J:   JESSEL, Mary Eileen; JORAY, Eugene W.
K:   KEATING, Matthew; KEATING, Thomas
L:   LANGE, Harold; LANGE, Lucille; LAVEN, Peter Francis
M:   MAXWELL, Anne Grace; MCCLIN, Jane; MCFADDEN, Leo P.; MCKENNA, Bonnie J.; MCKENNA, Bridget; MCKENNA, Catherine Anna; MCKENNA, Donald F.; MCKENNA, Dorothy D.; MCKENNA, Edith Mae; MCKENNA, Elaine; MCKENNA, Family Monuments; MCKENNA, Frances; MCKENNA, George P.; MCKENNA, James; MCKENNA, James Charles; MCKENNA, James Patrick; MCKENNA, Joseph; MCKENNA, Joseph J.; MCKENNA, Joseph Orton; MCKENNA, Michael; MCKENNA, Neil; MCKENNA, Robert E.; MCKENNA, Robert E., Jr.; MCKENNA, Thomas Leo; MCKENNA, William; MCKENNA SMITH, Mary P.; MCLAUGHLIN MCKENNA, Frances "Fannie"; MEIGHEN, Margaret; MEYER, Francis X.; MILLER, Andrew P.; MILLER, Family Monuments; MILLER, Frank E.; MILLER, Mary Ann; MILLER, Richard B.; MURPHY, William
O:   O'BOYLE, Alexander; O'BOYLE, Ann J.; O'CONNOR, Bryan; O'CONNOR, Emma; O'CONNOR, Mary; O'CONNOR, Patrick; OLSON MCKENNA, Bonnie J.; OSGODBY TOOHEY, Fannie M.
P:   PETIT, Xavier
R:   REDING, Anna; RIAN, Mary Bernice; RIAN, Rudolph Joseph; ROY, Albert; ROY, Clay; ROY, James F.; RUSH, Charles H.
S:   SCHMITT, Engelbert Roman; SMITH, Albert M.; SMITH, Becky; SMITH, Charles; SMITH, Elizabeth C.; SMITH, Family Monuments; SMITH, Franklin T.; SMITH, Franklin T., Cpl; SMITH, Mary E.; SMITH, Mary P. (Mayme); SMITH, Michael Q.; SMITH, Thomas Q.; SMITH, Walter E.
T:   TIERNEY, Thomas; TIERNEY TOOHEY, Catherine; TOOHEY, Bertha; TOOHEY, Blanche; TOOHEY, Catherine; TOOHEY, Cornelius; TOOHEY, Family Monument; TOOHEY, Family Monuments (1); TOOHEY, Family Monuments (2); TOOHEY, Fannie M.; TOOHEY, Florence; TOOHEY, Hannah E.; TOOHEY, John; TOOHEY, Marion; TOOHEY, Mary Jane; TOOHEY, Mary U.; TOOHEY, Michael F.; TOOHEY, Patrick; TOOHEY, Patrick J.; TOOHEY, Rosemary; TOOHEY, Tom P.; TOOHEY, William Francis; TOOHEY, William J.; TOOHEY, William Michael; TOOHEY, Willie; TOOHEY MCKENNA, Bridget; TOOHEY RIAN, Mary Bernice; TRYON SMITH, Mary E.; TULLAR, Emma F.; TULLAR, Vivian F.; TULLAR, W. Norbert; TURNER, Edw.; TURNER, Margaret L.
W:   WEST, Catherine; WHITCANACK TOOHEY, Rosemary; WHITNEY, Kay T.; WRIGHT, Bernadette; WRIGHT, Eugene J.; WRIGHT, Katherine C.

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