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Pleasant Hill Cemetery - Sioux County, Iowa

2309 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 9/1/15 at 6:00:32 AM CDT

A:   ABRAHAMSON, Mary; AHMANN, Grace M.; ALBRIGHT, Edith; ALBRIGHT, Edna; ALBRIGHT, Elsie; ALLEN, Christopher C.; ALLEN, Headstone; ALLEN, Isabel R.; ALLEN, Lemuel; ALLEN, Margaret; ALLEN, Mollie F.; ALVINE, Elenora (Mrs. G.); ANDERSON, Christine G.; ANDERSON, Douglas Lee; ANDRIESEN, Anna; ANDRIESEN, Frankie; ANDRIESEN, Freddie; ANDRIESEN, Greke "Mother"; ANDRIESEN, Headstone; ANDRIESEN, Sipke "Father"; ANDRIESSEN VANDERFEEN, Sophie (Mrs. Arie); ANEMA, Andrew; ANEMA, Ann M.; ANEMA, Eileen; ANEMA, Jenette; ANEMA, Katherine (Mrs. Paul); ANEMA, Paul; ANGELO PARKER, Sarah E.; ATWOOD, Charles Henry; ATWOOD, George; AULWES, Fred W.; AULWES, Headstone; AULWES, Helena; AURNER, Charles L.; AURNER, John B.; AURNER, Margaret A. (Mrs. John_
B:   BAHR, Bertha I.; BAILEY, Cyrus P.; BAILEY, Elizabeth (Mrs. Lincoln); BAILEY, Harold B.; BAILEY, Lincoln; BAILEY, Lyman S. C.; BAILEY, Martha R. (Mrs. Cyrus); BAILEY, Verne; BAKER, Headstone; BAKER, Malinda; BAKER, Pearson; BALL, Ida L. (Mrs. Theodore); BALL, Theodore A.; BARENTS, Gerrit; BARENTS, Infant daughter; BARENTS, Jennie (Mrs. John); BARENTS, John; BARENTS, Julius; BARENTS, Loucella; BARTLETT, Annie; BARTLETT, Arthur W.; BARTLETT, Charles N.; BARTLETT, Edythe M.; BARTLETT, George R.; BARTLETT, Lydia A. (Mrs. Charles N.); BARTLETT, Pearl Lulua; BATES, Michayla "Lain"; BAY, Ben T.; BAY, Joseph E.; BAY, Mabel D. (Mrs. Ben); BECKER, David L.; BECKER, Headstone; BECKER, Infant; BECKER, Jennie; BECKER, Louis E.; BECKER, Ralph E.; BECKER, Ronald H.; BECKER, Wallace; BECKER, William L.; BECKWITH, Emma S.; BECKWITH, J. C. Dr.; BEIMERS, Paul; BELL ORTON, Anna; BENIT, Babette; BENIT, Edwin G.; BENIT, Eldo; BENIT, Elmer; BENIT, Headstone; BENIT, Henry Sr.; BENIT, Johanne M.; BENNETT, B. R.; BENSON, Edward W.; BENSON, Headstone; BENSON, Lana B.; BENSON, Marvin H.; BENTON, Geo S.; BENTON, Maria (Mrs. G. S.); BENTON, Wm. O.; BENTON HAMMOND, Lizzie M. (Mrs. David); BERGSMA, Galef E.; BERGSMA, Hermina (Mrs. Galef); BERGSMA MASTON, Edna E.; BERTRAM, Charles E.; BERTRAM, Chas; BERTRAM, Dorothy (mother); BERTRAM, Edward; BERTRAM, Harriet E. (Mother); BERTRAM, Hazel (Mrs. Rudolph); BERTRAM, Headstone; BERTRAM, Headstone; BERTRAM, Lorenz C.; BERTRAM, Louisa; BERTRAM, Rosalie; BERTRAM, Rudolph; BEYER, Eva L. (mother); BEYER, John F.; BEYER, John F. (father); BINNS, Ruby P.; BLACK, Arfinda A. (Mrs. L. M.); BLACK, Elizabeth (Mrs. Morried); BLACK, Headstone; BLACK, Levi M.; BLACK, Morrie; BLUE, Barbara M.; BLY, Jennie; BOISEN, Hannah; BOISEN, Harvey L.; BOISEN, Ralph Paul; BOISEN, William; BOLLUYT VANDRIEL, Anna; BONNEMA, Gertrude; BONNEMA, Headstone; BOONE, Allie; BOONE, Andrew J.; BORCHERS, Terry Lee; BOTEL BUSHBY, Joyce E.; BOWDEN, Clara M.; BOWDEN, Frank; BOWDEN, W. Franklin; BRAAFHART, Henry; BRAAFHART, Nellie; BRAAKS, Anna L. (Mrs. Carl); BRAAKS, Anna M. (Mrs. Henry); BRAAKS, Carl F.; BRAAKS, Carl H.; BRAAKS, Flora L. ( Mrs. Louis); BRAAKS, Habbe Wiards (father); BRAAKS, Headstone; BRAAKS, Henrietta (mother); BRAAKS, Henry H.; BRAAKS, Lela H. (Mrs. Carl); BRAAKS, Louis; BRAAKS, Louis; BRAAKS, Louis O.; BRAAKS, Ruth S.; BRAAKS DEGEN, Kathryn B.; BRANDT, Leona M.; BRENTON, Rhonda; BRIGGLE, Clara D.; BRIGGLE, Martha A. (Mrs. Wm. E. ); BRIGGLE, Sarah A.; BRODIE, Edna F.; BRODIE, Helen M.; BROOKS, Saphonia A (Mrs. T. J.); BROUWER JUFFER, Gertrude (Mrs. Gerrit); BROWN, Agnes; BROWN, Alma E. (Mrs. Harley); BROWN, Charles K.; BROWN, Clifford H.; BROWN, Donna L.; BROWN, Edward R.; BROWN, Elizabeth; BROWN, Evelyn F.; BROWN, George T. (father); BROWN, Grace W.; BROWN, Harley G.; BROWN, Hazel M.; BROWN, Headstone; BROWN, Headstone; BROWN, Headstone; BROWN, Headstone; BROWN, Headstone; BROWN, Headstone; BROWN, Helen C.; BROWN, Herbert M.; BROWN, Herbert M.; BROWN, Infant daughter; BROWN, Jacob L. (father); BROWN, James M.; BROWN, James M. Dr.; BROWN, James Marshall; BROWN, Janine B.; BROWN, Margaret; BROWN, Margaret J. (mother); BROWN, Marjorie E.; BROWN, Mary A.; BROWN, Mary S. (mother); BROWN, Minnetta J.; BROWN, R. Ralph; BROWN, Robert C.; BROWN, Robert C.; BROWN, Ruth C. (Mrs. Herbert); BROWN, Son - infant; BROWN, William F.; BROWN, Wm. G.; BROWN BUSHBY, Mildred A.; BRUNKHORST, Headstone; BRUNKHORST, Henry; BRUNKHORST, Minnie; BRUNS, John; BRUNS, Louise; BUCK, Millie (Mrs. W. G); BUCK, Sarah G. (Mrs. Abram); BULTMANN, Bertha; BULTMANN, George H.; BULTMANN, Martha Louise; BULTMANN, Minnie J. (Mrs. George); BURBAGE RILEY, Cassie M.; BURRIGHT, W. B.; BURWETT, Melvin; BUSCH, Karl; BUSCH, Lena Dorethea; BUSCH, Theresa (Mrs. Karl); BUSCH, Willie Walter; BUSHBY, Chris S.; BUSHBY, Flora A. (Mrs. Chris); BUSHBY, Harry R.; BUSHBY, Headstone; BUSHBY, Headstone; BUSHBY, J. Walker; BUSHBY, Jack W.; BUSHBY, Jody J.; BUSHBY, Joyce E.; BUSHBY, Mae K.; BUSHBY, Mildred A. (Mrs. Jack); BUSHBY, Wm J.; BUTLER, Joseph (grandfather); BUTLER, Nancy (grandmother); BYKER, Marie C.; BYKER, Marion; BYKER, Marion; BYKER, Sam; BYRNE, Elizabeth Ann (mother); BYRNE, Ella (mother); BYRNE, Headstone; BYRNE, Headstone; BYRNE, Michael (father); BYRNE, Zana
C:   CAMPBELL, Cora E.; CAMPBELL, Cora E. (Mrs. Robert H. ); CAMPBELL, Elsie R.; CAMPBELL, George E. M.; CAMPBELL, Harriet R.; CAMPBELL, Lois R.; CAMPBELL, Robert H.; CARPENTER, Edward C.; CARPENTER, Headstone; CARPENTER, Jennie; CARTANO, Gertrude M.; CARTANO, Lizzie M. (Mrs. J. Y.); CARTER, George M.; CARTER, John; CARTER, Lenora (Mrs. John); CHALMERS, Hamilton; CHENHALL, James E.; CHENHALL, Minnie (Mrs. James); CHRISTOPHERSON, Bernice (daughter); CLAASEN, C. C. (Christ); CLAASEN, Christ; CLAASEN, Heinrich Hejo; CLAASEN, Heinrich Hejo; COATS, Donald D.; COATS, Donald D.; COATS, Lester W.; COATS, Lillian I.; COATS, Viola (Mrs. Lester); COBB, Father; COBB, Headstone; COBB, Mother; COLE, Chloe E (Mrs. Rev. Jesse); COLE, Clark S.; COLE, Harris B.; COLE, Headstone; COLE, Jesse; COLE WEBBER, Grace A.; COLLINS, Arthur C.; COLLINS, Conrad L.; COLLINS, Dwight C.; COLLINS, Elizabeth; COLLINS, Emma I.; COLLINS, Harry C.; COLLINS, Jennie; COLLINS, Kenneth D.; COLWELL, W. G. "Bill"; CONOVER, Edith M.; CONOVER, H. B.; CONVERSE, H. N.; COOMBS, Cora A.; COOMBS, Nettie E.; COOMBS, Sarah A.; COOMBS MILLER, Mary; COON, C. Fremont; COON, Dorie (infant); COON, Margaret A. (Mrs. C. Fremont); COONS, Al; COONS, Cathy R.; COONS, Loretta; COONS, Mildred L.; COONS, Russell E.; COONS, Russell O.; COONS, Ruth (Mrs. Al); COONS, Susan; COOPER, Cecil C.; COOPER, Emma E. (Mrs. Cecil C.); COOPER, Infant; COOPER, Robert C.; CORBIN, Mary M. (Mrs. Isaiah); COULANDER, Cornelius J.; COULANDER, Cornelius J.; CRAIK, Alec L.; CRAIK, Guy L.; CRAIK, Headstone; CRAIK, Pearle M.; CRANSTON, Mae; CROFTON, Samuel; CROUSE, Catherine E. (Mrs. George); CROUSE, Catherine E. (Mrs. George); CROUSE, David; CROUSE, George N.; CROUSE, George N.; CROUSE VOVERKA, Ella
D:   DALE, James S.; DALE, John W.; DALE, Lois L.; DALE, Mary J. (Mrs. James); DAMON, L. Joyce (Daughter); DANNENBRING, August; DANNENBRING, August; DANNENBRING, Dorothea; DANNENBRING, Ernest; DANNENBRING, Fred C.; DANNENBRING, Henry; DAVIDSON, Hugh; DAVIDSON, Louis F.; DAVIS, Ellen (Mrs. William); DAVIS, William; DAVISON, Hugh; DAVISON, Louis F. ; DAY, Adelia (mother); DAY, Ardess E.; DAY, Delbert E.; DAY, Edwin R. (father); DAY, Eva M.; DAY, Hattie A.; DAY, Headstone; DAY, Herbert B.; DAY, Jennie (Mrs. James G. ); DAY, Kathryn S.; DAY, O. C.; DAY, Velma M.; DAY KING, Daisy; DAY??, Baby; DEBOER, Maggie (Ms.Rein); DEBOER, Rein; DEBOOM, Adelyn R.; DEBOOM, Janet Sue; DECKER, Aaron; DEGEN, Alma M.; DEGEN, Alva M. (Mrs. Eldo); DEGEN, Eldo H.; DEGEN, Hans; DEGEN, Herman H.; DEGEN, Kathryn B.; DEGEN, Mary; DEGEN, Mary (Mrs. Hans); DEGROOT, Abel; DEGROOT, Eva H.; DEGROOT, Evelyn M.; DEGROOT, George; DEGROOT, Headstone; DEGROOT, Louis E.; DEGROOT, Louis E.; DEGROOT, Sadie; DEJAGER, Esther Mildred; DEJAGER, Nellie (mother); DEJAGER, Peter (father); DEJONG, David Lee; DEJONG, Fred; DEJONG, Geraldine; DEJONG, Jennie (Mrs. Fred); DEJONG, Ted; DEKKER, Fannie L.; DEKKER, John H.; DENOUDEN, Alice (daughter); DENOUDEN, Hildebrandt; DENOUDEN, Jacob Levering; DENOUDEN, Kathryn (mother); DERAAD, Albert; DERAAD, Anna; DERAAD, Arminta; DERAAD, Armintha M.; DERAAD, Arthur; DERAAD, Cornelius; DERAAD, Dorothy; DERAAD, Ervin M.; DERAAD, Freda (Mrs. Leon); DERAAD, Gertrude; DERAAD, Gertrude; DERAAD, Headstone; DERAAD, Headstone; DERAAD, Henry; DERAAD, Ira J.; DERAAD, Jasper; DERAAD, Josephine; DERAAD, Laura A.; DERAAD, Leon; DERAAD, Leonard; DERAAD, LeRoy G.; DERAAD, Marine; DERAAD, Minnie (Mrs. Albert); DERAAD, Nellie; DERAAD, Will; DERAAD, Winifred; DEVOS, Gertrude (Mrs. William); DEVOS, Mary Lynn; DEVOS, Russell I.; DEVOS, William; DEVRIES, Alice; DEVRIES, Charles; DEVRIES, Cornelis J.; DEVRIES, Curtis J.; DEVRIES, Headstone; DEVRIES, Johanna D. (Mother); DEVRIES, John W.; DEVRIES, Marion J.; DEVRIES, Peter (father); DEVRIES, Peter (father); DEVRIES, Richard; DEVRIES, Richard; DEVRIES, Sadie; DEVRIES, Susan; DEVRIES, Thomas L.; DEVRIES, Thomas L. Se.; DEVRIES, Virginia (mother); DEVRIES SIMONSEN, Mildred; DIRKS, Albert; DIRKS, Dale L.; DIRKS, Fred G.; DIRKS, Harm; DIRKS, Headstone; DIRKS, Helen A.; DIRKS, Henry; DIRKS, Herman; DIRKS, Howard W.; DIRKS, John; DIRKS, Leonard G.; DIRKS, Leonard George; DIRKS, Margaret A. (Mrs. Fred); DIRKS, Martin E.; DIRKS, Mary; DIRKSEN, Dick; DIRKSEN, Evert; DIRKSEN, Frances; DIRKSEN, Herman; DIRKSEN, Reintje; DITTMER, Amanda; DITTMER, Amanda L.; DITTMER, Anna; DITTMER, Anna; DITTMER, Delbert J.; DITTMER, Elmer; DITTMER, Hannah F.; DITTMER, Headstone; DITTMER, Headstone; DITTMER, Headstone; DITTMER, Henry; DITTMER, Herman; DITTMER, Ida; DITTMER, J. F.; DITTMER, Leroy; DITTMER, Louis; DITTMER, Mary; DITTMER, Milton; DITTMER, Myrtle; DITTMER, Orville W.; DITTMER, Sophia C. (Mrs. Delbert); DITTMER, Wm.; DORTON, Clarence J.; DORTON, Georgie; DORTON, Mary E.; DOUGHERTY, Donald; DOUGHERTY, Jeffery (Son); DOUGHERTY, Leo W.; DOUGHERTY, Lula A.; DRAAYER, Elsie (Mrs. Henry); DRAAYER, Harold; DRAAYER, Henrietta M.; DRAAYER, Henry; DRAAYER, Todd (baby); DREW, Elizabeth (Mrs. Frank); DREW, Frank E.
E:   EDWARDS, Baby son; EDWARDS, Baby Son; EDWARDS, Caroline; EDWARDS, Clara; EDWARDS, Clara E.; EDWARDS, Eliza J.; EDWARDS, Headstone; EDWARDS, Headstone; EDWARDS, Headstone; EDWARDS, Henry; EDWARDS, James; EDWARDS, James; EDWARDS, James H.; EDWARDS, Marie Elizabeth; EDWARDS, Mary Ann (mother); EDWARDS, Nellie (Mrs. James); EDWARDS, Stephen Wilbur; EDWARDS, Thomas J.; EDWARDS, Thomas J. (father); EGGINK, Alla; EGGINK, Hendrikus; EHLERS, Carl H.; EHLERS, Fannie G.; EHLERS, Florence M.; EILERS, Clara (Mrs. Will); EILERS, Dick; EILERS, Johann Gerhard; EILERS, Lena (mother); EILERS, Louis J.; EILERS, Louise (daughter); EILERS, Wilbur G.; EILERS, Will; EILTS, Bill D.; EILTS, Christopher G.; EILTS, Elise Ellen; EILTS, Emma H. (Mrs. Lawrence); EILTS, Henry B.; EILTS, Henry B.; EILTS, Irene E.; EILTS, Kayla Rose; EILTS, Lawrence D. (baby); EILTS, Lawrence V.; EILTS, Marlin R.; EISMA, Allen J.; EISMA, Allen J.; EISMA, Bradley D.; EISMA, Earnest S.; EISMA, Jennie (Mrs. Sipke); EISMA, Minnie; EISMA, Peter; EISMA, Peter; EISMA, Sidney; EISMA, Sipke; EISMA, Todd; EKDOM, Cornelius S.; EKDOM, Geretta (Mrs. Cornelius); EKDOM, Grietje J. (Mrs. Stephen); EKDOM, Hattie (Mrs. John); EKDOM, John; EKDOM, Stephen; ELDER, Eva Pearl; ELDER, Hattie Irene; ELDER, Headstone; ELDER, Marshall M. (father); ELDER, Polly (mother); ELGERSMA, Andrew; ELGERSMA, Nancy (Mrs. Andrew); ELLERBROEK, S. Callie; EMERY, John C.; ERLAND, Myrtle J. (Mrs. Richard); ERLAND, Richard H.; EVANS, Headstone; EVANS, Orpha Ella; EVANS, Susan Elvine; EVANS, Tessie Irene; EVERHART, James; EVERHART, Sadie B.
F:   FARINGER, Fred F. (father); FARINGER, Idella (mother); FARRINGER SCHWENK, Melinda C.; FEDDERS, Henry; FEDDERS, Herman; FEDDERS, Hiltje (Mrs. Herman); FEENSTRA, Dirk; FEENSTRA, Ida (Mrs. Peter); FEENSTRA, Jerald; FEENSTRA, Peter; FEENSTRA, Thelma; FEENSTRA, Tressa (Mrs. Dirk); FERRIS, Albert B.; FERRIS, Elvira; FERRIS, Susie (Mrs. A. B.); FETT, Edward F. (father); FETT, Ella M. (mother); FETT, Gerald E.; FETT, Headstone; FISHER, Alfred; FOLKEN, Amelia (Mrs. John); FOLKEN, Baby #1; FOLKEN, Baby #2; FOLKEN, Dietrick; FOLKEN, Etta; FOLKEN, John; FOLKEN, Sophia; FOLLETT, Chas J.; FOLLETT, Harriet (mother); FORDNEY, Alanson; FORDNEY, Clara F.; FORDNEY, Lora May; FOSBURG, Bennett O. (father); FOSBURG, Clifford M.; FOSBURG, Ella F. (mother); FOSBURG, Harry P.; FOSBURG, Headstone; FOSBURG, Headstone; FOSBURG, Herbert O.; FOSBURG, Infant Son; FOSBURG, Laura M. (mother); FOSBURG, Myrrh O.; FOSBURG, P.; FOSBURG, Ralph M.; FOSS, Bradley V.; FOSS, Catherine Q. (Mrs. Bradley); FRANKE, Daryl E.; FRANKE, Elmer A.; FRANKE, Headstone; FRANKE, Helma C.; FRANKE, Henry; FRANKE, Henry; FRANKE, Jennie; FRANKE, Lydia C.; FRANKE, Mary Anne; FRANKE, Orin C.; FRANKE, Sarah C.; FRANKE, Sheila Dawn; FRENCH, Ephraim; FRENCH, Ephraim; FRENCH, Evaline W.; FRENCH, Headstone; FRENCH, Herbert E.; FRENCH, Ida May; FRENCH, Paul; FRENCH, Ruth E.; FRENCH, Samuel; FRENCH, Will; FRENCH COONS, Susan; FRIEDRICH, Mildred (Mrs. Paul); FRIEDRICH, Paul G. Rev.; FRIEDRICHS, Emma Louise (mother); FRIEDRICHS, Headstone; FRIEDRICHS, Minna; FRIEDRICHS, Richard A. (father); FRITZ, Anna; FRITZ, Burton; FRITZ, Frank M.; FRITZ, Harold F.; FRITZ, Headstone; FRITZ, Headstone; FRITZ, Helena C.; FRITZ, Robert J.; FROST, Clarrissa E. (Mrs. W. H.); FULLERTON, Harley; FULLERTON, Lela Pearl (infant); FULLERTON, Leonard A.; FULLERTON, Maude M.; FULLERTON, Mont D.; FULLERTON POPKEN, Arla L.
G:   GALAMA SINNEMA, Evelyn (Mrs. C.); GANDY, Headstone; GANDY, Nellie; GANDY, W. L.; GANZEVELD, Harold; GANZEVELD, Sadie (Mrs. P.); GANZEVELD VANWYHE, Helen; GARRELS, Anna; GARRELS, Headstone; GARRELS, Lumka; GARRELS ZIMMERMANN, Gertrude; GARRETT, Ellen (Mrs. Richard); GARRETT, Laura (daughter); GARRETT, Olive (daughter); GARRETT, Richard; GARRETT, Richard; GEHNER, Edward H.; GEHNER, Etta M.; GERDES, Otto; GERDES, Otto; GERDES, Rebecca; GERLING, Hadde G. (father); GERLING, Headstone; GERLING, Headstone; GERLING, John; GERLING, Kuna (mother); GERLING, Martha; GERLING CONOVER, Edith M.; GERRITSEN, Fredreaka; GERRITSON, Jeannie Mae; GIBSON, David A.; GIBSON, Infand daughter; GILMER, Elma L. (Mrs. John A.); GILMER, Father; GILMER, Headstone; GILMER, Heastone; GILMER, John (father); GILMER, John A.; GILMER, Mary (mother); GILMER, Mother; GILMER, Olive; GILMER, Olive; GODBEY, Allen C.; GODBEY, Allen G.; GOIN, Isaac N.; GOIN, Ralph Loren; GOIN, Zana B.; GOODMANSON, Bert T.; GOODMANSON, Ernest; GOODMANSON, Ernest Floyd; GOODMANSON, Helen Lucile; GOODMANSON, Helen M. (Mrs. Lewis); GOODMANSON, Lewis A.; GOODMANSON, Lucile; GOODMANSON, Thressa; GRASMAN, Simon; GRAU, Anna (aunt); GRAU, Barry Wayne; GRAU, Celia D. (Mrs. Leonard); GRAU, Edith (mother); GRAU, Erma A.; GRAU, G. Vernon; GRAU, George (uncle); GRAU, Headstone; GRAU, Headstone; GRAU, Headstone; GRAU, Infant son; GRAU, Jennie F.; GRAU, Leonard; GRAU, Leonard; GRAU, Lola E. (Mrs. G. Vernon); GRAU, Lucy (mother); GRAU, Marjorie L.; GRAU, Mike "J. M."; GRAU, Ora C.; GRAU, Paul B.; GRAU, Robert Leo; GRAU, Roger M. (father); GRAU, Stella M. (mother); GRAU, Viola J. (Mrs. Dwayne M. ); GRAU IMBROCK, Evelyn P.; GREIGG, Hattie M.; GREIGG, Headstone; GREIGG, Robert D.; GRIFFITH, Etta; GRIFFITH, James A.; GRILL, John F.; GROEN, Jennie; GROOM, Charlene Patricia; GROOM, Robert Clarke; GRUNNAGLE, Agatha (Mrs. Fred); GRUNNAGLE, Fred; GRUNNAGLE, Herman W.; GUETSCHOW, Lois I.
H:   HAAS, Herbert; HAAS, Minnie B.; HAGGE, Headstone; HAGGE, Herman; HAGGE, Mary; HAGGE, Mary; HALLEY, Rose; HAMERSMA, Angeline (Mrs. Martin); HAMERSMA, Martin; HAMMOND, David; HAMMOND, Lizzie M. (Mrs. David); HAMMOND, Mabel B.; HAMMOND, Samuel; HAMMOND, Sarah J.; HAMSTRA, Lori L.; HARDACRE, Headstone; HARDACRE, James G.; HARDACRE, Joseph H. (father); HARDACRE, Laura; HARDACRE, Mother; HARDACRE, Sarah A. (grandma); HARDENBURGER, Lyddie Pearl; HARMS, Alvin E.; HARMS, Jurgen; HARMS, Katherine; HARRIMAN, Harold R.; HARRIS, Mary A.; HARRIS, Mary A.; HARTSIG, Christine (Mrs. John); HARTSIG, Lydia E.; HATFIELD, Charlie A.; HATHAWAY, Hannah Faye; HATTON, Albert E.; HATTON, Annie (mother); HATTON, Annie (Mrs. T. W. ); HATTON, Florence (Mrs. Thomas); HATTON, Fred; HATTON, Headstone; HATTON, T. W.; HATTON, T. W. (father); HATTON, Thomas; HAWKINS, Headstone; HAWKINS, Henry Jackson (father); HAWKINS, Margaret R. (mother); HECK, Francis O.; HEEREN, Henry; HEEREN, Herman C.; HEEREN, Mae; HEEREN WERLEY, Helena; HEFFERNAN, Albert E.; HEFFERNAN, Julia E.; HEIDBRINK, Betty; HEIDBRINK, Charles; HEIDBRINK, Edward H.; HEIDBRINK, Luella N.; HEIDBRINK, Oscar; HEIDEMAN, Alice M. (Mrs. Grover); HEIDEMAN, Augusta H. (mother); HEIDEMAN, George H. (father); HEIDEMAN, Grover E.; HEIDEMAN, Headstone; HEIDEMAN, Martin V.; HEIDEMAN, Willilam H.; HEININGE, Henry H.; HELM, C. H.; HEMMINGSON, Alfred S.; HEMMINGSON, Bertha (Mrs. Joseph J.); HEMMINGSON, Betsy J.; HEMMINGSON, Emillie Clara; HEMMINGSON, Joseph J.; HEMMINGSON, Louise J.; HEMMINGSON, M. Zoe (Mrs. Leland); HENNRICH, Charles; HENNRICH, Chas; HENNRICH, Headstone; HENNRICH, Helen (Mrs. Otto J. ); HENNRICH, Henrietta (Mrs. Chas); HERRON ROGERS, Christina Eliza; HERWYNEN, Mildred (Mrs. Richard); HERWYNEN, Richard; HERWYNEN, Richard A.; HERWYNEN KRUSE, Jolene B.; HEUER, Craig Alan; HEUER, Craig Alan; HEUER, Fred; HEUER, Headstone; HEUER, Kathrina; HEUER, Norma L.; HEUER, Ronald F.; HEUER, Wilbur J.; HICKS, Belle; HILL, Freda; HILLMAN, Frederick L.; HILTON, Amy; HILTON, Anna; HILTON, Anna; HILTON, Cassie E.; HILTON, Clara; HILTON, Clara; HILTON, Edgar; HILTON, Edgar E.; HILTON, Elia E. (Mrs. Frank); HILTON, Ellis E.; HILTON, Emma; HILTON, Everett J.; HILTON, Flory Bell; HILTON, Joseph; HILTON, Joseph; HILTON, Lee; HILTON, Lois Maxine; HILTON, Martha Julia; HILTON, Mary Ann (Mrs. Edgar); HILTON, Minnie; HILTON, Minnie; HODAM, Gottlob; HODAM, Headstone; HODAM, Wilhelmina; HOFFMIRE, Mary J. (Mrs. E. C.); HOFMEYER DEJONG, Geraldine; HOLTDORF, Albert E.; HOLTDORF, Albert F.; HOLTDORF, Althea L.; HOLTDORF, Clarence W.; HOLTDORF, Clarence W.; HOLTDORF, Emma W.; HOLTDORF, George A.; HOLTDORF, Infant; HOLTDORF, Lillie L.; HOLTDORF, Luella G. (Mrs. George); HOLTDORF, Matilda C.; HOLTDORF, Zana I.; HONE, Chas; HONE, Sarah (Mrs. Chas); HOOGEBOOM, Anna; HOOGLAND, Charleen G.; HOOGLAND, Gertrude (Mrs. Ted); HOOGLAND, Headstone; HOOGLAND, Headstone; HOOGLAND, Martha; HOOGLAND, Peter; HOOGLAND, Ralph; HOOGLAND, Ralph T.; HOOGLAND, Ted; HOOPER, Belva Fern; HOOPER, Stanley D.; HOPP, Gertrude (Mrs. Jacob); HOPP, Jacob; HOPP, James P.; HOPP, Marie; HOPP, Peter J.; HOPP DIRKSEN, Frances; HORTON HUGHES, Mattie; HOULTON, Baby of G. B & G. V.; HOULTON, Chas. Bruce; HOULTON, Flossie T.; HOULTON, George L.; HOULTON, Gertie Viola Mrs. C. B.); HOULTON, Headstone; HOULTON, Headstone; HOULTON, Headstone; HOULTON, Jennie C.; HOULTON, John N.; HOULTON, John N.; HOULTON, Laura May; HOULTON, Mary A.; HOWARD, Clayton L.; HOWARD, Headstone; HOWARD, Headstone; HOWARD, Ida Armilda (mother); HOWARD, John W.; HOWARD, Melinda (Mrs. N.); HOWARD, Newcomb O.; HOWARD, Newcomb O. (father); HOWARD THOMPSON, Ellen; HUBBARD HOPP, Marie; HUGHES, Albert; HUGHES, Albert E.; HUGHES, Charles E. (father); HUGHES, Margaret; HUGHES, Margaret Viola; HUGHES, Mattie; HUGHES, Mattie M. (mother); HUISMAN, David I.; HUISMAN, David I.; HUISMAN, Timothy Ray; HULSHOF, Daughter; HULSHOF, Donna Mae; HULSHOF, Headstone; HULSHOF, Hendrica; HULSHOF, Herman E.; HULSHOF, Kenneth Lynn; HULSHOF, Mary Ann; HULTQUIST, Blake A.; HUNZICKER PLUSS, Bertha; HURLBUT, G. B. Gordon Byron; HUSMAN, Dirk; HUSMAN, Headstone; HUSMAN, John D.; HUSSMAN, Henretta
I:   IMBROCK, Anna Mary; IMBROCK, Carl J.; IMBROCK, Evelyn P.; IMBROCK, Fred Louis; IMBROCK, Freda; IMBROCK, Henry Christ; IMBROCK, Henry Crist; IMBROCK - ELI TRACY, Martha L.; IMBROCK ABRAHAMSON, Mary; IRWIN, Adeline; IRWIN, Hattie B.; IRWIN, Headstone; IRWIN, Hugh T.; IRWIN, Joseph S.; IRWIN, Mary Jane; IRWIN, Mary S. (Mrs. William); IRWIN, Phena M.; IRWIN, William; IRWIN, William N.
J:   JACOBS, Emil H.; JAMES, Elsie; JAMES, LeRoy; JANSSEN, Heyo F.; JANSSEN, Johanna Magdalene; JENSEN, Nettie (Mrs. Marinus); JOHNSON, Amanda C.; JOHNSON, Andrew P.; JOHNSON, Annie M. (mother); JOHNSON, Betsy E.; JOHNSON, Betty; JOHNSON, Donald G. (father); JOHNSON, Donald H.; JOHNSON, Dorothy; JOHNSON, Edward; JOHNSON, Edward C.; JOHNSON, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Fred); JOHNSON, Elouise Marion; JOHNSON, Ervin E.; JOHNSON, Ervin E.; JOHNSON, Etta W. (Mrs. Andrew); JOHNSON, Frances M. D.; JOHNSON, Fred O.; JOHNSON, George A.; JOHNSON, George F.; JOHNSON, Harry B.; JOHNSON, Hattie; JOHNSON, Headstone; JOHNSON, Headstone; JOHNSON, Headstone; JOHNSON, Henrietta W.; JOHNSON, Henry; JOHNSON, Henry F.; JOHNSON, Herman H.; JOHNSON, Kelly; JOHNSON, Lena C. (Mrs. Harry); JOHNSON, Louise C.; JOHNSON, Marie M.; JOHNSON, Mary Jane; JOHNSON, Matilda (Mrs. Edward); JOHNSON, Meint H.; JOHNSON, Mildred; JOHNSON, Minnie; JOHNSON, Onno R.; JOHNSON, Onno R.; JOHNSON, Robert B.; JOHNSON, Robert S.; JOHNSON, Roland W.; JOHNSON, Sophie M.; JOHNSON, Trey Samuel; JOHNSON, William W.; JOHNSON, Winnie (Mrs. Edward); JOHNSTON, Christena; JOHNSTON, Edith; JOHNSTON, Headstone; JOHNSTON, Infant son; JOHNSTON, Mary (Grandma); JOHNSTON, William S.; JONES, Anna M.; JONES, Arthur E.; JONES, Arthur E.; JONES, Charles H.; JONES, Charles H.; JONES, Clarance Elizabeth; JONES, Eliza J.; JONES, Eliza J. (Mrs. A. F.); JONES, Esther A.; JONES, Headstone; JONES, Headstone; JONES, Headstone; JONES, Joseph C.; JONES, Maxine; JONES, Perley; JONES, Ralph C.; JONES, Roy; JONES, Sarah F. (Mrs. Joseph C.); JONES, V. Lucille; JONES, W. J.; JONES, William A.; JONES HARRIS, Mary A.; JONES HARRIS, Mary A.; JUFFER, Gerrit T.; JUFFER, Gertrude (Mrs. Gerrit); JUFFER, Preston J.; JUFFER, Preston J.
K:   KADING, Edward J.; KADING, Erlene P. (Mrs. Edward); KARR, Alexander S. (father); KARR, Alvin S.; KARR, Alvin Scott; KARR, Edward C.; KARR, Elmirs (mother); KARR, Headstone; KARR, Hollis M.; KARR, Ivadel C. (Mrs. Alvin); KARR, J. Leland; KARR, J. Randall; KARR, J. Thurlow; KARR, Mary M.; KARR, Orville A.; KARR, Weston R.; KATJE, Peter G.; KATJE, Sadie P.; KEITH, Eva M.; KELLERMAN, Armand H.; KELLERMAN, Edna; KELLOGG, Elisabeth (Mrs. Edwin H.); KEMPER, Floyd M.; KEMPER, Floyd M.; KENOWITH, Anna E. (Mrs. John); KENOWITH, John P.; KENYON, Emma A. (Mrs. M.L.); KESSEY, Verd J. (baby); KETCHUM, H. Edward; KETCHUM, Headstone; KIDD, Anna; KIDD NEBERGALL, Rose (Mrs. John); KIDSON, Francis; KIDSON, Infant; KIDSON, Lucy; KIDWILER, Chester L.; KIDWILER, Infants; KING, Daisy; KING, Ione L.; KING, Thomas M.; KLAVE, Albert H.; KLAVE, Betty Ann; KLAVE, Headstone; KLAVE, Jo Ann; KLAVE, Martha E.; KLAVE, Norma Elaine; KLAVE, Rudolf; KLAVE, Theda; KLUTER, Charles H.; KLUTER, Charles R.; KLUTER, Fannie A.; KLUTER, Fred J.; KLUTER, Heinrich; KLUTER, Henry; KLUTER, Linda C.; KLUTER, Louis C. H.; KLUTER, Louis F.; KLUTER, Louisa G.; KLUTER, Mathilda; KLUTER, Olive A.; KLUTER, Wallace E.; KLUTER, William J.; KNOWLES, Wayne C.; KNOWLES, Wayne C., D.C.; KNOWLTON, Clara Cathryn; KNOWLTON, Elisa D.; KNOWLTON, Grace L. (Mrs. Wyram); KNOWLTON, Hapsalonia Ann; KNOWLTON, Headstone; KNOWLTON, Irving; KNOWLTON, Unknown; KNOWLTON, W. Irving (father); KNOWLTON, Wyram E.; KOLLMAN, Christopher; KOLLMAN, Father; KOLLMAN, Laverne S.; KOOL, Andrew J.; KOOL, Dreka; KOOPMANS, Anna (Mrs. Fred S.); KOOPMANS, Dustin John; KOOPMANS, Fred S.; KOOPMANS, Henry; KOOPMANS, William; KOOPMANS TENNAPEL, Margaret; KRAMER, Arie; KRAMER, Rebecca Joy; KRIEGER, Hattie C. (mother); KRIEGER, Henry W. (father); KRIEGER, Lois; KRIEGER, Theodore H. (son); KROMMENDYK, Della (Mrs. Henry); KROMMENDYK, Henry; KRUID, Alice Tena; KRUID, Edward; KRUID, Grace (Mrs. John); KRUID, James A.; KRUID, Jerry Allen; KRUID, John; KRUID, John D.; KRUID, Margaret; KRUID, Minnie; KRUSE, Jolene B.
L:   LAKINGS, Louise; LAMMERS, Gerrit; LANDE, Carrie; LANDE, G. W.; LANDE, Headstone; LANDE, J. S.; LANTZ, Clifford; LANTZ, Gracie A.; LANTZ, Gracie A.; LANTZ, Harry H.; LANTZ, Henry H.; LARSEN, Michelle Lynn; LAWRENCE, Darlene; LEAN, Emily L. (mother); LEAN, Headstone; LEAN, Olive E. (Mrs. William); LEAN, Thomas (father); LEAN, William; LEMKE, Helen N.; LEMKE, Richard E.; LEMONDS, Ethel M.; LEMONDS, Headstone; LENDT ALVINE, Elenora (Mrs. G.); LESHER, Elvira J. (Mrs. Wm.); LESHER, Father; LESHER, Harley; LESHER, Harley; LESHER, John H.; LESHER, John Rev.; LESHER, Mother; LESHER, Mother; LESHER, Nancy J. (Mrs. J. L. ); LESHER, Wm. A.; LEVERING, Ira; LEVERING, Jake; LEVERING, Myrtle (Mrs. Ira); LIAS, Headstone; LIAS, Jonathan H.; LINDENMAN, Clara; LINDENMAN, Clara M.; LINDENMAN, Clara S. (Mrs. Emil); LINDENMAN, Elisebeth; LINDENMAN, Emil A.; LINDENMAN, Emil Oscar; LINDENMAN, Gilbert E.; LINDENMAN, Infant son; LINDENMAN, Jacob A.; LINDENMAN, Lloyd C.; LINDENMAN, Mary Elizabeth; LINDENMAN, Rosina S.; LINDENMANN, Elsie (Mrs. J. A.); LIPKE, Ernestine (mother); LISTON, Bruce D.; LISTON, Effie (Mrs. Orlen); LISTON, Headstone; LISTON, Lee Morris; LISTON, Lillian M. (Mrs. Lloyd); LISTON, Lloyd O.; LISTON, Mayona Irene; LOCKHORST, Char; LOCKHORST, Peter; LOZENOORD, Case; LUDENS HOOGLAND, Martha; LUSCHEN, Martha L.
M:   MANTEL, Dora (Mrs. Peter); MANTEL, Effie; MANTEL, Jacob; MANTEL, Jacob; MANTEL, Marie; MANTEL, Marie (Mrs. Jacob); MANTEL, Peter; MARBACH, Anna H.; MARBACH, Lowell H. W.; MARIENAU, Alvina H. (Mrs. Henry); MARIENAU, Anna; MARIENAU, Bernhardt H.; MARIENAU, Christine; MARIENAU, Elma C. (Mrs. William A.); MARIENAU, Fred J.; MARIENAU, Fred W.; MARIENAU, Harold L.; MARIENAU, Henry F.; MARIENAU, Johanna D.; MARIENAU, John E.; MARIENAU, Kenneth; MARIENAU, William A.; MARS, Gertie J. (Mrs. Lige); MARS, Lige; MARSHALL, Edna K. (Mrs. Russell); MASTON, Edna E.; MAYNARD, Dorothy Annetta; MCCABE, Edward; MCCABE, Edward Jr.; MCCABE, Lela (Mrs. Edward); MCCAUGHAN, Edith L.; MCCAUGHAN, Kathryn A.; MCCAUGHAN, Thomas E.; MCCRORY, Charles R.; MCCRORY, Charles R. (M.D.); MCCRORY, Glenn E.; MCCRORY, Headstone; MCCRORY, L. Bernice; MCCRORY, Marie (Mrs. C. R. ); MCCRORY, Ruth A. (Mrs. C. R. ); MCDONALD, John; MCDONALD, Lydia (Mrs. John); MCDOUGALL, Florence E.; MCKELVIE, D. C.; MCKELVIE, Jane (Mrs. D. C. ); MCLAUGHLIN, Edith; MEINES, Grace; MEINES, Headstone; MEINES, Paul Harold; MEINES GANZEVELD, Sadie (Mrs. P.); MEINES PYLMAN, Minnie (Mrs. G); MELLIES, Greta (Mrs. H. ); MELLIES, Herman; MELLIES, Herman W.; MELLIES, John; MELLIES, Mother; MELLIES, Wilhelmine J.; MELOY, John W.; MELOY, Rilla May; MELTON, Gladys J.; MELTON, Judith Ann; MELTON, Kenneth F.; MELTON, Robert L.; MERRILL, Nellie; MEYER, Anna B.; MEYER, Headstone; MEYER, Louis C.; MEYER, Marie; MEYER, William C. (father); MIERAS, Effie R.; MILLARD, Guy W.; MILLARD, Harvey W.; MILLARD, Headstone; MILLARD, Lucetta J.; MILLARD, Ralph W.; MILLER, Berniece G.; MILLER, Billie J.; MILLER, Frances G.; MILLER, Headstone; MILLER, John Quincy; MILLER, Kenneth W.; MILLER, Margaret H.; MILLER, Mary; MILLER, Mary J.; MILLER, Milton S.; MILLER, Richard; MILLER, Richard S.; MILLER, William; MILLER DAMON, L. Joyce (Daughter); MILLER GOODMANSON, Lucile; MILLER HUGHES, Margaret; MILLET, Richard; MITCHELL, Delbert L.; MITCHELL, Delbert L.; MITCHELL, Gertrude Almeda; MITCHELL, Gleon; MITCHELL, Helen (Mrs. Delbert); MOELLER, Daryl E. (son); MOELLER, Etta B. (mother); MOELLER, Headstone; MOELLER, Headstone; MOELLER, John; MOELLER, Lyle L. (son); MOELLER, Marlin M.; MOELLER, Martin (father); MOELLER, Melvin M.; MOELLER, Melvin M.; MOELLER, Mildred E.; MOELLER, Nellie G.; MOELLER, Peter (father); MOELLER, Richard; MOELLER, Rose (Mrs. John); MOELLER, Tena (mother); MOELLER, Verlyn D.; MOELLER, Verlyn D. (son); MOELLER, Violet P.; MOFFET, Carmelous G.; MOFFET, Flossie; MOFFET, Mary Izora; MOORE KELLOGG, Elisabeth (Mrs. Edwin H.); MOREY, Lola L.; MOREY, Vernon E.; MORGAN, Agnes J.; MORGAN, Altha M. (mother); MORGAN, Frank E. (father); MORGAN, Frederick M.; MORGAN, Headstone; MORGAN, Mother; MORGAN, Susan B. (Mother); MORGAN, Willilam A. (father); MORGAN, Wm. A.; MORGAN ??, unknown; MORRIS, Charles B.; MORRIS, Elsie L.; MORRIS, Eva (Mrs. Frank Morris); MORRIS, Frank F.; MORRIS, Headstone; MORRIS, J. Wallace; MORRIS, Mary Jane; MORRIS, William E.; MORRISON, Alex; MORRISON, Alexander (father); MORRISON, George H.; MORRISON, Headstone; MORRISON, Mary (mother); MOSER, Elizabeth; MOSER, Headstone; MOSER, Jennie L.; MOSER, Peter; MOSER, Ward L.; MOSER, Wm. A.; MOUSEL, Betty Ann (Mrs. Merlin); MOUSEL, Merlin; MUELENBECK ZIEGLER, Helene (mother); MUELLER, Chris; MUELLER, John J.; MUELLER, Orville C.; MUELLER, Sophia; MUILENBURG, Headstone; MULDER, Alvin G.; MULDER, Anna (Mrs. Clarence); MULDER, Christopher John; MULDER, Clarence; MULDER, Gerald Edwin; MULDER, Irwin E.; MULDER, Jerry L.; MULDER, Lawrence E.; MULDER, Randal K.; MULDER, Rose (Mrs. Alvin); MUTH, Clarence J.; MUTH, George; MUTH, Hazel M. (Mrs. Thomas); MUTH, Headstone; MUTH, John; MUTH, Martha J.; MUTH, Thomas H.; MUTH, Velda V. (Mrs. Clarence); MUTH, Wendell Howard; MUTH BRENTON, Rhonda; MUTH BROWN, Donna L.; MYERS, Headstone; MYERS, Justin
N:   NANNINGA, Frederick C.; NANNINGA, Hannah; NANNINGA, Headstone; NANNINGA, John F.; NANNINGA, Madge (Mrs. Warren H. ); NANNINGA, Warren H.; NEBERGALL, John; NEBERGALL, Rose (Mrs. John); NELSON, Effie; NICHOLS, Susie; NIEHAUS, Baby; NIEHAUS, Barbara G. (Mrs. Daniel); NIEHAUS, Emma W. (mother); NOBLE, Albert P. (father); NOBLE, Clara C.; NOBLE, George H.; NOBLE, Headstone; NOBLE, Hollis M.; NOBLE, Howard; NOBLE, Janet Audrey; NOBLE, Orpha A. (mother); NOON, Birdie S.; NOON, Charles Henry; NOON, Frances P.; NOON, George F.; NOON, John P.; NOON, Margaret J.
O:   ONKEN, Edwin L.; ONKEN, Reiner G.; ONKEN, Zana M.; OOSTERVEEN, Gerard Richard; OPDAHL, Arthur H.; OPDAHL, Earling; OPDAHL, Gertrude; OPDAHL, Norman H.; ORTON, Anna; ORTON, Carrie Mae; ORTON, Edgar I.; ORTON, Guy William; ORTON, Harry G.; ORTON, Harry Guy; ORTON, Headstone; ORTON, John A.; ORTON, Kate; ORTON, Marie C. (Mrs. John A.); ORTON, Martin William; ORTON, Mary (Mrs. Edgar); ORTON, Steven Lee; OSTERKAMP, Casper; OSTERKAMP, Frauke (mother); OSTERKAMP, Headstone; OSTERKAMP, Henrietta; OSTERKAMP, John Sr.; OSTERKAMP, John W.; OSTERKAMP, Tyler Steven; OSTERKAMP GERLING, Kuna (mother)
P:   PARKER, Fred O. Jr.; PARKER, Frederick O. Sr.; PARKER, Headstone; PARKER, Lena A.; PARKER, Sarah E.; PARKER, SR., Frederick O.; PARROTT, Della (Mrs. Frank); PARROTT, Frank; PEEBLES, Byron; PEEBLES, Byron; PEEBLES, Cora E.; PEEBLES, Eliza; PEEBLES, Glen L.; PEEBLES, Hannah; PEEBLES, Headstone; PEEBLES, Headstone; PEEBLES, Headstone; PEEBLES, Hiram; PEEBLES, Jess B.; PEEBLES, Livona; PEEBLES, Mary E.; PEEBLES, Maude D. (Mrs. Jess); PEEBLES, Philander; PEEBLES, Preston; PEEBLES, Sanford; PEEBLES JONES, Maxine; PEEBLES MORRIS, Eva; PERCY, L. D.; PEREBOOM, Elmer W.; PEREBOOM, Father; PEREBOOM, Headstone; PEREBOOM, John; PEREBOOM, Margaret (Mrs. John); PEREBOOM, Mary; PEREBOOM, Mother; PEREBOOM, Trientje; PEREBOOM, William; PERSY, Child of Solomon; PERSY, Rosina Mary (Mrs. Solomon); PERSY, Solomon; PETERS, Mildred L.; PETERS, Walter H.; PIKAART, Alice; PING, Beulah M. (Mrs. Robert); PING, Helen L.; PING, Michael D.; PING, Michael Dale; PING, Robert L.; PING, Robert L.; PING, Roger L.; PING, Roger L.; PLUIM DEVOS, Gertrude (Mrs. William); PLUMB, Charles W. (father); PLUMB, Emma E. (mother); PLUMB, Headstone; PLUMB, Leila; PLUSS, Bertha; PLUSS, John R.; POLL, Henry; POLL, Mae; POPKEN, Arla L.; PRESTON, Nellie; PRINS, Wilmina; PROKOP, Ray; PRONK, John; PRYOR, A. T.; PRYOR, A. T.; PRYOR, Elizabeth (Mother); PRYOR, Elizabeth (Mrs. Thomas); PRYOR, John H.; PRYOR, Lena M.; PRYOR, Nellie; PRYOR, Nellie; PRYOR, Thomas (Rev.); PRYOR, Thomas H. (Rev.); PYLMAN, Minnie (Mrs. G)
R:   RANGER, Crosley P. (Son); RANGER, Franette M. (Daughter); RAVENSWAAY, Arie; RAVENSWAAY, Jacoba; REID, Charles E.; REID, Charles E.; REID, Eugene; REID, Eugene R.; REID, Lenora A. (Mrs. Charles); REID, Minnie J.; REID, Rodney Lee; REID, Son infant; REID, William J.; REINKING, Alice; REINKING, Arlan; REINKING, Merle B.; REINKING, Randy; RENKEN, Helene (Mrs. John); RENKEN, Herman; RENKEN, John; RENKEN, Margaret; RENKEN, Richard H.; RENSINK, Steven James; RICHARDSON, Alvina; RICHARDSON, Curtis H.; RICHARDSON, Father; RICHARDSON, Headstone; RICHARDSON, Joe O.; RICHARDSON, Joseph O.; RICHARDSON, Ladell Arnold; RICHARDSON, Mother; RICHMOND, Bessie E. (Mrs. William E.); RICHMOND, Willa J.; RICHMOND, William E.; RICKLEFS, Flora H. (Mrs. George); RICKLEFS, George; RICKLEFS DITTMER, Sophia C. (Mrs. Delbert); RIEGEL, Ben A.; RIEGEL, Ethel (Mrs. Ben); RIEPMA, Everett; RIEPMA, Headstone; RIEPMA, Jacob; RIEPMA, Jo (Mrs. Ted); RIEPMA, John; RIEPMA, Minnie; RIEPMA, Ted; RIEPMA, Tony; RILEY, Cassie M.; RILEY, George L.; RILEY, Headstone; RILEY, James Richard; RITER, J. Philip; RITER, Minnie; ROBINSON, Armina (mother); ROBINSON, Armina (Mrs. William); ROBINSON, Frank; ROBINSON, Frank (son); ROBINSON, William W.; ROBINSON, William W. (father); ROEPER, Blanche; ROGERS, Burtren W.; ROGERS, Christina Eliza; ROGERS, George A.; ROGERS, George A. (father); ROGERS, Isabella; ROGERS, Isabella (mother); ROHLFS, Alvin H. (Father); ROHLFS, Marlin D.; RONSIEK, August J. (father); RONSIEK, Carl; RONSIEK, Headstone; RONSIEK, Katherine B. (mother); ROSE, George C.; ROSE, Headstone; ROSE, Loren M.; RUSH, Raymond; RUSH, Walter F.; RYKEN, Gerrit; RYKEN, Martha Alice
S:   SANDERSON, Melvin E.; SANDERSON, William E.; SANTEMA, Peter; SANTEMA, Viola; SARGENT, Annah E.; SARGENT, Morrison (father); SATTERLEE, Agness; SATTERLEE, Arabelle (mother); SATTERLEE, Clark; SATTERLEE, Edna A. (Mrs. Elmer); SATTERLEE, Ethel L. (Mrs Elmer R.); SATTERLEE, Gretchen; SATTERLEE, Headstone; SATTERLEE, Headstone; SATTERLEE, Hulda A. (Mrs. Loren); SATTERLEE, John Wesley (father); SATTERLEE, Loren D.; SATTERLEE, Marie E. (Mrs. Roland); SATTERLEE, Phyllis; SATTERLEE, Roland R.; SAVAGE, Bessie E.; SAVAGE, Clara L. (Mrs. D. O.); SAVAGE, D. O.; SCHALEKAMP ORTON, Kate; SCHIEBOUT, Herman; SCHIEBOUT, Infant Sons - Twins; SCHIEBOUT, Jennie (Mrs. Herman); SCHIMMING, Augusta; SCHIMMING, Frederich M.; SCHIMMING, Headstone; SCHIPPER, Alene; SCHIPPER, Cornelius; SCHIPPER, Cornelius; SCHIPPER, Cornelius Sr.; SCHIPPER, Delbert, Sr.; SCHIPPER, Delbert, Sr.; SCHIPPER, Janice E.; SCHIPPER, Jeanette G.; SCHIPPER, Jennie; SCHLAKE TWILLMAN, Gesina; SCHLUMBOHM, Bernard; SCHLUMBOHM, Lavon M. (Mrs. Lloyd); SCHLUMBOHM, Verna I. (Mrs. Bernard); SCHMEDHANS, Alfred G.; SCHMEDHANS, August; SCHMEDHANS, August H.; SCHMEDHANS, Henry F.; SCHMEDHANS, Katie; SCHMEDHANS LAKINGS, Louise; SCHMIDT, Andrew; SCHMIDT, Carlina; SCHMIDT, Clarence H.; SCHMIDT, Clarence H.; SCHMIDT, Gerhard; SCHNEIDER, Micah Shaun; SCHOUTEN, Bert; SCHOUTEN, Lena (Mrs. Bert); SCHUETTE, Anna; SCHUETTE, Anna C.; SCHUETTE, Betty L.; SCHUETTE, Edward A.; SCHUETTE, Emma A.; SCHUETTE, Esther A.; SCHUETTE, Fred; SCHUETTE, Fred W.; SCHUETTE, Headstone; SCHUETTE, Lena S. (Mrs. Edward); SCHUETTE, Leon; SCHUETTE, Leona; SCHUETTE, Lillian M. (Mrs. Fred); SCHUETTE, Otto; SCHUETTE, Otto's child; SCHUETTE, Viola E.; SCHUETTE, William; SCHUNEMAN, Lorwrenzo; SCHUTT, Arthur E.; SCHWENK, Headstone; SCHWENK, Melinda C.; SCOTT, A. L. (father); SCOTT, Ada Lele; SCOTT, Frank E. (son); SCOTT, Infant Son; SCOTT, Mary A. (mother); SCOTT, Wylie S.; SELZER, Frederick I.; SELZER, Grace B. (Mrs. Frederick); SEWICK, Grace A.; SEWICK, Harry; SEWICK, Headstone; SHAFF, Lillie May; SHAFF, Nancy A; SHAFF, Nancy A. (Mrs. John); SHAVER, Elizabeth; SHAVER, Headstone; SHAVER, Marian Isabell; SHAVER, Theo; SHERMAN, A.; SHERMAN, Carrie S.; SHERMAN, Charles; SHERMAN, Charlotte A.; SHERMAN, Headstone; SHERMAN, Headstone; SHERMAN, James H.; SHERMAN, Lorenzo D.; SHERMAN, Lorenzo D. (father); SHERMAN, Martha (mother); SHERMAN, Mary L.; SHERMAN, Mary L.; SHIMER, Elizabeth (Mrs. H. C. ); SHIMER, Hanford E.; SHIMER, Headstone; SHIMER, James M.; SHIPP, Joelle Lee; SHOEMAKER, Charles Sanford; SHOEMAKER, Edward Leroy; SHOEMAKER, Elsie; SHOEMAKER, Headstone; SHOEMAKER, Headstone; SHOEMAKER, John Christopher; SHOEMAKER, Lucy (mother); SHOEMAKER, Theodore C. (father); SHOEMAKER, William; SHOOK, Mortimer; SHOOK, Susan Jane; SHUCK, Helen C.; SIDERS, Lulu M.; SIDERS, Raymond J.; SIDWELL NANNINGA, Madge; SIEBELS, Agatha; SIEBELS, Anna S.; SIEBELS, John H.; SIMONS, Beulah E.; SIMONS, Lloyd M.; SIMONSEN, Mildred; SIMPSON, George; SIMPSON, William; SINKEY, Ada (Mrs. Clarence); SINKEY, Clara; SINKEY, Clarence; SINKEY, Frank; SINKEY, Jacob; SINKEY, Johanna B.; SINKEY, Mary (Mrs. Peter); SINKEY, Nellie (Mrs. William); SINKEY, Peter; SINKEY, Peter W.; SINKEY, Reka (Mrs. Jacob); SINKEY, Stanley Preston; SINKEY, William; SINNEMA, C.; SINNEMA, Evelyn (Mrs. C.); SINNEMA, Headstone; SMITH, Elizabeth; SMITH, Harry A.; SMITH, Headstone; SMITH, Headstone; SMITH, Josephine O.; SMITH, Mary A.; SMITH, Nellie O. (Mrs. Harry A.); SMITH, Robert J.; SMITH, Rolla; SMITH, William H.; SNEIDER, Theodore C.; SNIEDER, Jennie (Mrs. Geo.); SNYDER, N. Mae; SOETH, Rachael; SOOST, Carl; SOOST, Charles K.; SOOST, Esther A. (daughter); SOOST, Freddie; SOOST, Headstone; SOOST, John; SOOST, Marie (Mrs. John); SOOST, Mata K. (mother); SOOST, Minnie; SOOST, William F. (father); SPEER, Wm Russell; SPRAGUE, Charles F.; SPRAGUE, Charles F.; SPRAGUE, Charles F.; SPRAGUE, Nicholas E.; SPRAGUE, Nicholas E.; SPRAGUE, S.M.S (Sophie M. ); SPRAGUE, Sophie M.; STAFFORD, Ada L.; STAFFORD, Arthur T.; STALLBAUM, Sophia (Mrs. Fred); STATEMA, Anna (Mrs. Peter); STATEMA, Arthur; STATEMA, Geraldine; STATEMA, John; STATEMA, Peter; STATEMA VANKALSBEEK, Nellie; STEELE, Raymond W.; STEWART, Alice M.; STEWART, D. R.; STEWART, Hamilton; STORER, Alfred W.; STORER, Augusta; STORER, Augusta; STORER, Caroline (Mrs. Mirick); STORER, Frank A.; STORER, Mirick; STORER, Mirick (father); STRUCK, Cort J.; STRUCK, Elmer C. H. (son); STRUCK, Headstone; STRUCK, Mildred Irene; STRUCK, Rebecca (mother); STRUCK, Walter Martin; STUCKENBRUCK, Headstone; STUCKENBRUCK, Headstone; STUCKENBRUCK, J. C.; STUCKENBRUCK, Matilda; STUDER VANHUNNICK, Mary C.; SUTER, Martin; SUTER, Martin; SWANSON, Blanche C.; SWANSON, Hans; SWANSON, Karen M. (mother); SWANSON, Karl; SWANSON, Swan E.; SWANSON, Swan J. (father); SWIFT, Hiram; SWIFT, Hiram (father); SWIFT, Nellie D. (mother); SWIFT, Nellie D. (Mrs. Hiram); SWIFT, Russell Hiram
T:   TALLMAN, James A.; TARBOX, Carrie Belle; TARBOX, Carrie Belle; TARBOX, Charles P.; TARBOX, Charles P.; TARBOX, Willie; TARBOX, Willie B.; TARBOX PRYOR, Nellie; TARBOX PRYOR, Nellie; TARRELL, Bertha J. (Mrs. Melvin); TARRELL, Emma; TARRELL, Melvin V.; TAYLOR, Alice D. "Sister"; TAYLOR, Elizabeth (mother); TAYLOR, Eva (daughter); TAYLOR, Floyd; TAYLOR, Francis (father); TAYLOR, Frank; TAYLOR, Frank "Brother"; TAYLOR, Headstone; TAYLOR, Headstone; TAYLOR, Henry; TAYLOR, Infant Daughter; TAYLOR, James; TAYLOR, John; TAYLOR, John J.; TAYLOR, Lucinda L.; TAYLOR, Nellie (Mrs. Floyd); TAYLOR, Olive; TAYLOR, Phoebe L. (Mrs. William); TAYLOR, Roy H.; TAYLOR, Sarah E. (Mrs. James); TAYLOR, Vera J. (Mrs. William); TAYLOR, Wesley Vaughn; TAYLOR, William; TAYLOR, William H.; TAYLOR, William H.; TAYLOR, Wm Gilbert; TAYLOR, Wm. J.; TENNAPEL, Dena; TENNAPEL, Edward; TENNAPEL, Greta Sue; TENNAPEL, H. E.; TENNAPEL, Harm; TENNAPEL, Herman J.; TENNAPEL, Infant Son; TENNAPEL, Lawrence P.; TENNAPEL, Margaret; TENNAPEL, Mary (Mrs. H. E. ); TENNAPEL, Montine; TENNAPEL, Winifred; TERPENNING, Eliza; THEODORFF, Isabel E. (mother); THOMAS, Albert J.; THOMAS, Annie L.; THOMAS, Clifford V.; THOMAS, Emma; THOMAS, Headstone; THOMAS, Headstone; THOMAS, Headstone; THOMAS, James; THOMAS, Jessie M.; THOMAS, Joseph; THOMAS, Mable M.; THOMAS, Nellie; THOMAS, William; THOMAS, William J.; THOMPSON, Ellen; THOMPSON, Headstone; THOMPSON, W. L.; TIEDEN, Elizabeth; TIEDEN, Willie H.; TILFORD, Mattie (Mrs. W. C.); TIMMERMAN, Grandma; TIMMERMAN FOLKEN, Amelia (Mrs. John); TINKHAM, Clarence Milo; TINKHAM, Eliza W.; TINKHAM, Headstone; TINKHAM, Ira; TINKHAM, Tena E.; TOCZEK, Elizabeth (Mother); TOCZEK, Kenneth R.; TOENJES, D. Lavon (Mrs. Harold); TOENJES, Harold C.; TORREY, Horace; TORWELLE, Augusta H.; TORWELLE, Augusta H. (Mrs. Carl); TORWELLE, Carl H.; TORWELLE, Henrietta (mother); TORWELLE, Henry H. (father); TORWELLE, Henry J.; TORWELLE, Mabel J.; TORWELLE, Otto; TORWELLE, William; TORWELLE, William; TRACY, Martha L.; TREIBER, Lillie; TREIBER, M. Elizabeth (mother); TREIBER, Martha M.; TREIBER, Phillip (father); TREIBER, Wm.; TWEEDY, Father; TWEEDY, Mother; TWILLMAN, Adolph; TWILLMAN, Adolph H.; TWILLMAN, Bernice A.; TWILLMAN, Christian H.; TWILLMAN, George J.; TWILLMAN, Gesina "Mother"; TWILLMAN, Harold E.; TWILLMAN, Headstone; TWILLMAN, Henrietta Wilhelmina; TWILLMAN, Henry M.; TWILLMAN, Henry M.; TWILLMAN, Luder "Father"; TWILLMAN, Lynn Marie; TWILLMAN, Mabel L.; TWILLMAN, Mark William; TWILLMAN, Martha; TWILLMAN, Martin L.; TWILLMAN, Wm. L.; TWILLMAN IMBROCK, Freda
U:   UNKNOWN, Father; UTHE, Harold W.; UTHE, Roberta E. (Mrs. Harold)
V:   VANBRUGGEN, Arie; VANBRUGGEN, Arie; VANDEGRIEND, Dorothy; VANDEGRIEND, Peter; VANDEGRIEND, Peter; VANDEHOEF, Adrianus; VANDEHOEF, Agnes (Mrs. Ed); VANDEHOEF, Ed; VANDEHOEF, Elizabeth; VANDEHOEF, Headstone; VANDEHOEF, Johan 'Joe'; VANDEHOEF, Johanna; VANDEHOEF, John; VANDEHOEF, Richard J.; VANDEHOEF, Teunis; VANDENBERG, Marie W.; VANDENBERG, Peter J.; VANDERFEEN, Antonia (Mrs. Frank); VANDERFEEN, Arie; VANDERFEEN, Frank; VANDERFEEN, Headstone; VANDERFEEN, Sophie (Mrs. Arie); VANDERHAM, Fred M.; VANDERHAM, Kathryn F.; VANDERHAMM, Anna A.; VANDERHAMM, Christine; VANDERHAMM, Elmer N.; VANDERHAMM, Eugene O.; VANDERHAMM, Frances L.; VANDERHAMM, Ila B.; VANDERHAMM, John J.; VANDERHAMM, Lorenz H.; VANDERHAMM, Mary E. (Mrs. John); VANDERHAMM, Mildred M.; VANDERHAMM, Oscar H.; VANDERHAMM, Oscar H.; VANDERHAMM MOELLER, Mildred E.; VANDERHAMM SCHIPPER, Janice E.; VANDERKOOY, Jennie (Mrs. Tony); VANDERKOOY, Tony; VANDERMEI, Cornelis; VANDERMEI, Neldred; VANDERPLAS, Raymond L.; VANDERTUIG, Susie (Mrs. Nick); VANDIEREN, Fred J.; VANDIEREN, Fredrick J.; VANDONGE, Ed Sr.; VANDONGE, Edward, Jr.; VANDONGE, Gertrude S. (Mrs. Ed); VANDONGE, Jarold E.; VANDONGE, Jarold E.; VANDONGE, Wayne; VANDRIEL, Anna; VANDRIEL, Arie; VANDRIEL, Ethan Jon; VANENGEN, Daughter Infant; VANENGEN, Edward; VANENGEN, Gertie; VANENGEN, Glenn E.; VANENGEN, John H.; VANENGEN, Trina (Mrs. Edward); VANGORKUM, H. Mr.; VANGORKUM, H. Mrs.; VANHUNNICK, Ed; VANHUNNICK, Johan; VANHUNNICK, Johan; VANHUNNICK, John; VANHUNNICK, Marie (Mrs. John); VANHUNNICK, Mary C. (Mrs. Ed); VANHUNNIK VANDEHOEF, Johanna; VANKALSBEEK, A.; VANKALSBEEK, George (brother); VANKALSBEEK, Henrietta (sister); VANKALSBEEK, Nellie; VANKALSBEEK, Nellie (Mrs. A. ); VANMIDDENDORF DEGROOT, Evelyn M.; VANROEKEL MOUSEL, Betty Ann (Mrs. Merlin); VANSCHEPEN, Alfred C.; VANSCHEPEN, Alice; VANSCHEPEN, Fred; VANSCHEPEN, Fred; VANSCHEPEN, Gerrit; VANSCHEPEN, Gertrude (Mrs. Fred); VANSCHEPEN, Ileen Frances; VANSCHEPEN, Johanna (Mrs. Fred); VANSKIKE, Edith D. (mother); VANWYHE, Alice; VANWYHE, Bryan; VANWYHE, Dennis E.; VANWYHE, Dick; VANWYHE, Elmer; VANWYHE, Fern M.; VANWYHE, Gene Ray; VANWYHE, Gerrit; VANWYHE, Gertrude (Mrs. John); VANWYHE, Gordon; VANWYHE, Gordon; VANWYHE, Helen; VANWYHE, John; VANWYHE, John Wm.; VANWYHE, Kathryn (Mrs. Gerrit); VANWYHE, Kenen Ray; VANWYHE, Laura J.; VANWYHE, Lawrence J.; VANWYHE, Mildred; VANWYHE, Mrs. Dick (Henrietta); VANWYHE, Peter J.; VANWYHE, Sophie (Mrs. John); VANWYHE, Sophie C. (Mrs. Lawrence); VANWYHE, Stella; VANWYK, John; VANWYK, Kenneth; VARENHORST, Erwin R.; VARENHORST, Myrna R.; VELLINGA, Christena; VELLINGA, Christena; VELLINGA, Dewey; VELLINGA, Harry; VELLINGA, Marion; VELLINGA, Marion; VELLINGA, Marjorie (Mrs. Dewey); VELLINGA, Mark Douglas; VELLINGA, Sarah (Mrs. Harry); VERHOEVEN, Jacob; VERHOEVEN, Klaasena (Mrs. Jacob); VERMULM, Anna (Mrs. Herbert); VERMULM, Herbert; VERMULM, Rhonda; VLIEGER, Harold; VLIETSRA, Peter Auke; VLIETSTRA, Frieda; VLOTHO, Anna; VLOTHO, Augusta; VLOTHO, Cleone C. (Mrs. Emery); VLOTHO, Emery E.; VLOTHO, Hattie; VLOTHO, Headstone; VLOTHO, Headstone; VLOTHO, Henry A.; VLOTHO, John Jr.; VLOTHO, John Sr.; VLOTHO, Nora G.; VLOTHO, Orville C.; VOLLINK, Bruce Dale; VOLLINK, Herman; VOVERKA, Ella; VREEMAN, Kent
W:   WAKEFIELD, Headstone; WAKEFIELD, Herbert W.; WAKEFIELD, Jane M.; WAKEFIELD, William A.; WAKEFIELD CRANSTON, Mae; WAKEFIELD NELSON, Effie; WALKER, Cora W.; WALKER, David D.; WALKER, David D.; WALKER, Donald T.; WALKER, Headstone; WALKER, Philip T.; WALKER CHENHALL, Minnie (Mrs. James); WALRAVEN, Coba; WALRAVEN, Dena; WALRAVEN, Headstone; WALRAVEN, Henry (father); WALRAVEN, Marlin N.; WALRAVEN, Nickolas; WALRAVEN EGGINK, Alla; WANDLING, Esther P. (Mrs. Otis); WANDLING, Otis G.; WANDLING, Otis George; WARFIELD, Irene P. (Mrs. P. B. ); WARFIELD, Philo B.; WEBBER, Grace A.; WEBER, Headstone; WEBER, Julius H.; WEBER, Lizzie; WEBERT, Anna J. (Mother); WEBERT, Betty Jean; WEBERT, Charles; WEBERT, Gertrude; WEBERT, Headstone; WEBERT, Leslie S.; WEBERT, Ordean; WELCH, Altivene (Mrs. Henry J.); WELCH, Henry J.; WELLS, Alice K. (Mrs. Frank G.); WELLS, Earl S.; WELLS, Earl S.; WELLS, Esther (Mrs. Charles); WELLS, Frank G.; WELLS, Larry R.; WELLS, Lucius Allen; WELLS, Simon; WELLS, Sylvia (Mrs. Earl); WERLEY, Helena; WESTERGARD, Anna M. (Mrs. Chris); WESTERGARD, Betty N.; WESTERGARD, Chris; WESTERGARD, Fred J.; WESTERGARD, Lawrence W.; WESTERGARD, Terry M.; WESTRA, Charles J.; WESTRA, Elsie (Mrs. John); WESTRA, George; WESTRA, Grace (Mrs. George); WESTRA, Ida (Mrs. Charles); WESTRA, Infant son & dau.; WESTRA, Johanna (Mrs. Sam); WESTRA, John; WESTRA, Sam; WESTRE, Mamie (Mrs. Nels); WESTRE, Nels O.; WHALEN, John Ray; WHEELER, Alfred L.; WHEELER, Alonzo; WHEELER, Baby W. H.; WHEELER, Bernice; WHEELER, D. A.; WHEELER, Dealton; WHEELER, Dorothy Mae; WHEELER, Fanny M.; WHEELER, Francis M.; WHEELER, Grace; WHEELER, Headstone; WHEELER, Headstone; WHEELER, Judson W.; WHEELER, Julia; WHEELER, Maud; WHEELER, Mayme E.; WHEELER, Reppa May; WHEELER, Vina; WHITE, Alvin; WHITE, Charles; WHITE, Donna J.; WHITE, Edward Garfield (father); WHITE, George W. (son); WHITE, Headstone; WHITE, Henry Elmer; WHITE, John Thomas (father); WHITE, Mary (mother); WHITE, Mary (mother); WHITE, Opal J.; WHITE, Ruth L.; WHITE, Thomas Henry (father); WHITE, Verna Stella (mother); WHITNEY, Andrew J.; WHITNEY, Belle M.; WHITNEY, Elizabeth (Mrs. C. L. ); WHITNEY, Lydia M.; WHITNEY, Rosina A. (Mrs. A. J.); WHITNEY ?, Belle ?; WHITNEY ?, Clyde L. (father); WHITNEY ?, Holimein (mother); WIEBERSCH, Grace; WILCOXSON, Burtt L.; WILCOXSON, George D.; WILCOXSON, Harold Leone; WILCOXSON, Harry Clay; WILCOXSON, Howard Frank; WILCOXSON, Josephine (Mrs. Burtt L. ); WILLIAMS, Headstone; WILLIAMS, Henry D.; WILLIAMS, Henry D.; WILLIAMS, Irene; WILLIAMS, Walter; WILLS, Cecil B.; WILLS, Clyde C.; WILLS, Ida O. (Mrs. Clyde C.); WILLS, Thomas; WILLS TARRELL, Emma; WILSON, A. C.; WILSON, Ezra D.; WINDERS, Mary E. (Mrs. William R. ); WINDERS, Mildred E.; WINDERS, William R.; WINDERS GRAU, Lucy (mother); WING, David E.; WING, Francis R. (Mrs. David E.); WING, Headstone; WING, Herbert E.; WING BUCK, Millie (Mrs. W. G); WINKELMAN, Anna S. (Mrs. Roy); WINKELMAN, Roy E.; WINTERFELD, Benjamin James Theodore; WINTERFELD, Julius A.; WISSINK, Coba (Mrs. William); WISSINK, William; WITT, Headstone; WITT, Henrietta (Mrs. H. Sr.); WITT, Henrietta (Mrs. H.); WITT, Herman F. Jr. (father); WITT, Herman Sr. (father); WITT, Minnie (mother); WITT, Willie; WITT, Willie (son); WOLF SHAFF, Nancy A; WOODALL, Headstone; WOODALL, Hessel D.; WOODALL, Kathrine S.; WOODALL, Mary; WOODALL, Mary H.; WOODALL, Thomas; WOODALL, Wm.; WOODFORD, D. S.; WOODFORD, DeForest; WOODFORD, Headstone; WOODFORD, Mary E.; WORCESTER, Son; WORCESTOR, Headstone; WORCESTOR, Julia E. (Mrs. Fred B.); WRIGHT, Albert J.; WRIGHT, Alta Mary; WRIGHT, Annie C.; WUNDERINK, Henry; WYNALDA, Clara (Mrs. Rubin); WYNALDA, Rubin
Y:   YATES, Chas. F.; YATES, Donald Wayne; YATES, Grace E.; YATES, Nettie A.
Z:   ZALME, Fred W.; ZALME, Fred W.; ZIEGLER, Fred; ZIEGLER, Helene (mother); ZIMERLE NICHOLS, Susie; ZIMMERMAN, Arlene C.; ZIMMERMAN, John; ZIMMERMAN, John; ZIMMERMAN, Therese M. (Mrs. John); ZIMMERMAN, William A.; ZIMMERMANN, Gertrude "Mother"; ZIMMERMANN, Hannah B.; ZIMMERMANN, Headstone; ZIMMERMANN, Richard A. "Father"; ZINK, Nelvina; ZWIERS, Alberta

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