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Elmwood Cemetery - Louisa County, Iowa

3045 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 7/31/15 at 10:09:10 AM CDT

A:   ABEL, A. Merle; ABEL, Lewis G.; ABEL, Thelma; ABEL, Thelma; ABRAHAMSON, Caroline; ABRAHAMSON, Ida; ABRAHAMSON, Martha; ABRAHAMSON, Minnie; ABRAHAMSON, Peter L.; ABRAHAMSON, Tilda; ADAMS, Fannie A.; ADAMS, Harvey M.; ADAMS WHEELER, Bessie M.; ADKINS, Polly A.; ADKISON, Virginia; ALDRICH, Fred J; ALDRICH, George W; ALDRICH, John A; ALDRICH, Leota; ALDRICH, Martha C; ALDRICH, Mary L; ALDRICH, Nancy E; ALDRICH, Russell; ALDRICH, Walter R; ALDRICH, Walter R.; ALDRICH, Willard J.; ALLEN, Alice; ALLEN, Barbara Alice; ALLEN, Charles B. Dr.; ALLEN, Clara; ALLEN, Harry; ALLEN, Harry Don; ALLEN, Jayne; ALLEN, Lena; ALLEN, Mabel; ALLEN, Marjorie Alice; ALLEN, Richard; ALLEN, Vivian F.; ALLEN, W. John; ALLEN, Wayne D.; ALLEN, William Douglas; ALLISON, Elizabeth; ALLISON, John; AMBLER, Thaddie M.; AMSTRONG, Family Monument; ANDERSON, Alfred; ANDERSON, Charles L.; ANDERSON, Chester; ANDERSON, Christena; ANDERSON, Cora Izola; ANDERSON, Edith; ANDERSON, Evalena M.; ANDERSON, Kenneth L. "Andy"; ANDERSON, Leonard "Swede"; ANDERSON, Lloyd "Geno"; ANDERSON, Mary L.; ANDERSON, Pontus; ANDERSON, Russell Harvey; ANDERSON, Walter F.; ANDERSON SWANSON, Sophie S.; ANDREWS, Angus M.; ANDREWS, Angus M.; ANDREWS, Cecil Wayne; ANDREWS, Cecil Wayne; ANDREWS, Hazel A.; ANDREWS, JoDell Jane; ANDREWS, Luther D.; ARMSTONG, Jennie E.; ARMSTONG, Mary A.; ARMSTONG, Robert J.; ARMSTONG, William J.; ARMSTRONG, A. M.; ARMSTRONG, David; ARMSTRONG, Ellen; ARMSTRONG, Family Monument; ARMSTRONG, George M.; ARMSTRONG, Kirk R.; ARMSTRONG, Renwick; ARMSTRONG SAMSON, Irene; ARONHOLT, John; ARWEWRR, William R.; ASBY, Anglesea Y.; ASBY, Eunice Elizabeth; ASBY, Evan B.; ASBY, Paul A.; ASHBAUGH, Alexander; ASHBAUGH, Lydia; ASHER, Benjamin Jacob; ASPELMEIER, Arthur H.; ASPELMEIER, Arthur H.; AULD, Edna; AULD, J. Earl; AUSTIN, Harold; AUSTIN, Mildred L.; AVERY, Joshua Jones; AYNES, Claude A.; AYNES, Lulu I.
B:   BAIRD, Cora May; BAIRD, Family Monument; BAIRD, Mabel E.; BAIRD, Mary Emma; BAIRD, Mary Emma; BAIRD, Maxine E.; BAIRD, Mildred; BAIRD, Rex T.; BAIRD, Robert M.; BAIRD, Samuel; BAIRD, Serilda M; BAIRD, Thomas A; BAIRD, Virgil C.; BAKER, Kenneth M.; BAKER, Viola G.; BAKER, William Oliver; BAMFORD, Infant Daughter; BAMFORD, Lillie E.; BANKS MARCHANT, Almira; BARICK, Isa P.; BARRICK, Baby; BARRICK, Eva G.; BARRICK, Ray E.; BARRICK, Samuel G.; BARTON, Allas; BARTON, Edith; BARTON, Edward J.; BARTON, Elsie L.; BARTON, Mina; BARTON, Pauline; BATES, Blanche; BATES, George H.; BATES, John D.; BAXTER, Clarence B.; BAXTER, Elizabeth A.; BAXTER, Kenneth D.; BAXTER, Mattie B.; BAXTER, Nellie; BAXTER, Pearl H.; BAXTER, Towy E.; BAXTER, William; BAXTER HOBBS, Betty G.; BAYLES, Monument; BAYLES, Stephen; BAZEL, Christiania W.; BAZEL, Elmer E.; BAZEL, Family Monument; BAZEL, Faye; BAZEL, Ida E.; BAZEL, Lela; BAZEL, Willliam R.; BAZEL, Wyman; BE;;, Jane E.; BECHTEL, Clement L.; BECK, Annie E.; BECK, Charles H.; BECK, Conrad; BECK, Ella; BECK, Ella; BECK, Esther; BECK, Family Monument; BECK, Fanie D.; BECK, Freeda L.; BECK, Henry H.; BECK, Joseph Conrad; BECK, Lemma Elizabeth; BECK, Marion; BECK, Mary L.; BECK, Mildred; BECK, Ruth; BECK, Sarah; BECK, Sophia; BECK, William; BECK, William C.; BECK MCCLURKIN, Cassie; BECK SCHENK, Mary; BELL, Alta R.; BELL, Clara; BELL, Clara; BELL, Clemetine; BELL, Edna M.; BELL, Eliza; BELL, Eunice; BELL, Harriet; BELL, Henry M.; BELL, Infant; BELL, Infant; BELL, Jessie P.; BELL, Leonard T.; BELL, Melancthon; BELL, Melancthon; BELL, S. Elizabeth; BELL, Sadie; BELL, Thomas; BELL, Thomas; BELL, Walter; BELL, William; BELL, William; BELLES, Mazie; BERGEN, James G.; BERGEN, Mother; BERGEN, Will; BERRY, Merle M.; BERRY, William E.; BICE, Charles Omer; BICE, Elizabeth; BICE, Elizabeth M.; BICE, Jennie M.; BICE, Simon N.; BICE, Walter L.; BICE, William T.; BIGGERSTAFF, Crystal L.; BIGGERSTAFF, Elsie M.; BIGGERSTAFF, Harry E.; BIGGERSTAFF, Lester E.; BLACK, Jennie; BLACK, John; BLAIR, Birdie May; BLAIR, Ellenor; BLAIR, Elsie; BLAIR, Frank B.; BLAIR, Guy; BLAIR, J. Earl; BLAIR, John Elvin; BLAIR, L. A.; BLAIR, Louis S.; BLAIR, Lydia May; BLAIR, Martha; BLAIR, Mary Maud; BLAIR, Matilda M.; BLAIR, Maynard; BLAIR, Maynard A.; BLAIR, Merle; BLAIR, William P.; BLAIR SEYLER, Fern; BOAL, Joseph D.; BOAL, Nettie K.; BOLINE, Barb; BOLINE, Betty L.; BOLINE, Bill; BOLINE, Carl W.; BOLINE ADKISON, Virginia; BOLON, Charles M.; BOLON, Sophia F.; BOLTS, Hattie; BOLTZ, Eleanor; BOLTZ, Eliabeth S.; BOLTZ, Family Monument; BOLTZ, Hannah J.; BOLTZ, J. C.; BOLTZ, Joseph; BOLTZ, Joseph E.; BOLTZ, Sadie E.; BOMBERGER, Endres J.; BONAR, Duane C.; BOND, Melba Arline; BOND, Melba Arline; BOND, William Allen; BOND, William Allen; BONNER, Albert Rex; BONNER, Beryl; BONNER, Blanch H.; BONNER, Calvin H.; BONNER, Frank M.; BONNER, John F.; BONNER, Rosa J.; BONNER, Sarah I.; BOTTORFF, Omar A.; BOWERS, Bonnie J.; BOWERS, Esther M.; BOWERS, Murl; BOWERS JENNETT, Ruth Joan; BOZARTH, Amanda E.; BOZMAN, A. Doyle; BOZMAN, Albert H.; BOZMAN, Albert Richard; BOZMAN, E. Marian; BOZMAN, Julie L.; BOZMAN, Marilyn Jean; BOZMAN, Mildred L.; BOZMAN, Ora A.; BOZMAN, Robet D.; BRADY, Benjamin; BRADY, Cora May; BRADY, Donald; BRADY, Melvin R.; BRADY, Robert B.; BRADY MOORE, Sarah Olive; BRAGG, Fred M.; BRAGG, Mae; BRAGG, Mainard Orion; BRAGG, Martha J.; BRANIGAR, Clarence D.; BRAS, Family Monument; BRAS, John N.; BRAS, Lenora; BRAS, Sylvia H.; BRAS, T. Russell; BRISSEY, Fae U.; BROCKWAY, Betty; BROEKER, Grace A.; BROEKER, Orville L.; BROEKER, R. Ruth; BROEKER, Ruth A.; BROEKER, Wallace E.; BROWN, Alice; BROWN, Anna I.; BROWN, Archie F.; BROWN, Bert Doyle; BROWN, Bert Doyle; BROWN, Bobbie Lee; BROWN, Carl L.; BROWN, Clifford; BROWN, Cornelia A.; BROWN, Critz A.; BROWN, Delmar E.; BROWN, Elenor; BROWN, Esther E.; BROWN, F. M.; BROWN, Family Monument; BROWN, Family Monument; BROWN, Frances D.; BROWN, George E.; BROWN, Howell C.; BROWN, Hugh L.; BROWN, Inves V.; BROWN, James C.; BROWN, John Everett; BROWN, John K; BROWN, Laura Agnes; BROWN, Laura Belle; BROWN, Lucille K.; BROWN, Luella M.; BROWN, Margery L.; BROWN, Martha; BROWN, Martha A.; BROWN, Mary Jane; BROWN, Naomi Norine; BROWN, Neil B.; BROWN, Rubye M.; BROWN, S. Jean; BROWN, Sarah Arvilla; BROWN, Thomas Patrick; BROWN, Virril F.; BROWN, William P.; BROWN, William S.; BROWN, Zola M.; BROWN CASSIDY, Barbara C; BROWN HARDY, Roberta; BROWN MARSHALL, LeDora Ellen; BROWNING, Ernest W.; BRUCE, Nora M.; BRUMM, Leota; BRYANT, Cecil L.; BRYANT, Duane Max; BRYANT, Family Monument; BRYANT, George; BRYANT, H. Eileen; BRYANT, Herbert; BRYANT, John Walter; BRYANT, Kenneth R.; BRYANT, Lula F.; BRYANT, Marcella A.; BRYANT, Orval H.; BRYANT, Rachel; BRYANT, Rhoda C.; BRYANT, Richard; BRYANT, Ruth Elizabeth; BRYANT, Timonthy G.; BRYANT, Tony Ray; BRYANT, William; BRYANT, William "Max"; BRYANT, Wilma V.; BRYANT CARPENTER, E. Irene; BURGE, Frances Marie; BURGE, George O.; BURGE, Ira Addison; BURGE, Lee Gerald; BURGE, Mamie R.; BURGE, Nancy Sue; BURGE, Nancy Sue; BURGE, Susie M.; BUTCHER, Bessie M.; BUTCHER, Charles F.; BUTCHER, Robert D.; BUTLER, Allie; BUTLER, Charles Otmer; BUTLER, Charles W.; BUTLER, Family Monument; BUTLER, George; BUTLER, J. F.; BUTLER, Margaret; BUTLER, Mildred; BUTLER, Ott F.; BUTLER, Rosena Mae; BUTLER, Sadie S.; BUTLER, Ward W.; BUTLER, William
C:   CAAMPBELL, Agnes J.; CALDWELL, Ella J.; CALDWELL, Homer W.; CALDWELL, John J.; CALDWELL, John Milton; CALDWELL, Martha E.; CALDWELL, Martha E.; CALDWELL, Mildred Lucile; CALDWELL, Milton F.; CALDWELL, Paul W.; CALDWELL, Ruth L.; CALDWELL, Tillie M.; CALLAHAN, Donad W.; CALLAHAN, Esther L.; CALLAHAN, Fred M.; CALLAHAN, Mollie B.; CALLAHAN, Vera M.; CALLAHAN SWAN, Mollie; CALLAHAN SWAN, Mollie B.; CALVIN, Armand A.; CALVIN, Armand Aaron; CALVIN, Lola V.; CALVIN, Ricky Lee; CAMERON, Edgar; CAMERON, Eveline; CAMERON, Frances; CAMERON, Katherine Selena; CAMERON, Lula May; CAMERON, Ruth; CAMERSON, Katherine Selena; CAMPBELL, Beulah; CAMPBELL, Infant Son; CAMPBELL, J. S. Kerr; CAMPBELL, Joseph; CAMPBELL, Mary Jane; CAMPBELL, Wade; CAMPBELL MCELHINNEY, Latha; CANNON, Emily M.; CANNON, Juliet H.; CANNON, Juliet Hephzibah; CANNON, Martha; CANNON, Martha; CANNON, Mary A.; CAPAROON, Alfred C.; CAPAROON, Darlene V.; CAPAROON, Elmer Ted; CAPAROON, Flossie F.; CAPAROON, Maria Jane; CAPAROON, Marie V.; CAPAROON, Orleaf I.; CAPAROON, Raymond; CAPAROON, Sephrona M.; CAPAROON, William E.; CAPAROON, William Sr.; CAPRON, James H.; CAPROON, Edgar J.; CARITHERS, Dorothy Evans; CARITHERS, William Work; CARITHERS ARMSTRONG, Ellen; CARITHERS PATTON, Anna; CARITHERS SEXTON, Mabelle; CARLSON, Andrew J.; CARLSON, Anna L.; CARLSON, Bertha; CARLSON, Fred S.; CARLSON, Glen O.; CARLSON, Hilma; CARLSON, Luke M.; CARLSON, Matilda; CARLSON, Melvin F.; CARLSON, Oscar; CARLSON, S. Elizabeth; CARLSON, Viola; CARLSON ANDERSON, Mary L.; CARMAN, George H.; CARPENTER, Arthur M.; CARPENTER, E. Irene; CARR, Family Monument; CARR, Hattie L.; CARR, Marjorie I.; CARR, Olin O. "Bud"; CARR, Robert J.; CARR, Tamara Kay; CARRICK, Edward R; CARRICK, Maude; CARTER, Family Monument; CARTER, Viola H.; CARY, Betty M.; CARY, Charley E. Sr.; CARY, Emma L.; CARY, Emmett M.; CARY, Letha M.; CARY, Madison M.; CARY KLAUS, Ruth E.; CASSIDY, Barbara C; CASSIDY, Donald L.; CASSIDY, Donald Louis; CASTEN, Charles; CASTEN, Charlotte; CASTEN, Conrad; CASTEN, Elsie L.; CASTEN, Ethel H.; CASTEN, Herman; CASTEN, Johnnie; CASTEN, Samuel; CASTEN, Shirley; CASTEN, Thomas; CASTEN, Victor; CASTEN JARVIS, Sophia; CAVAN, Etta M.; CAVAN, John W.; CAVAN, Zella L.; CAVIN, Kenneth K.; CAVIN, M. Marcella; CAVIN, Marshall; CAVIN, Mary E.; CAVIN, Oliver C.; CAVIN, Robert H.; CAWTHROP, James T.; CAWTHROP, Ruth A.; CEILLY, Infant son; CHAPMAN, James S.; CHAPMAN, John R.; CHAPMAN, Kate; CHAPMAN, Mary Jane; CHARBONNEAUX, Jeffrey L.; CHARLES, Larry Leon; CHILDS, Chaney C.; CHILDS, Clara; CHILDS, Clara; CHILDS, Edward; CHILDS, Elizabeth; CHILDS, Helen; CHRISSINGER, Charles M; CHRISSINGER, Harold L.; CHRISSINGER, Katie J.; CHRISSINGER, Leona; CHRISSINGER, Leslie C.; CHRISSINGER, M. Imogene; CHRISSINGER, Maud A.; CHRISSINGER, Wilbert J.; CHRISTNER DELZELL, Marie M.; CLARK, Joseph; CLUMP, Edith Rose; CLUMP, Edith Rose; CLUMP, Frederick G.; COCHRAN, Family Monument; COCHRAN, John F.; COCHRAN, M. H.; COLLINS, Jane; COLLINS, Lewis W.; COLLINS, Nicholas; COLLINS, Sadie J.; COLLINS, Verdelle; CONELIUS, James C.; CONGOVE, Raymond R.; CONGOVE, Richard; CONGROVE, Eugene O.; CONGROVE, Granville; CONGROVE, Granville; CONGROVE, John; CONGROVE, John G.; CONGROVE, Lula; CONGROVE, Marjory E.; CONGROVE, Mary Jane; CONGROVE, Nancy A.; CONGROVE, Raymond R.; CONGROVE, Richard L; CONGROVE, Virginia B.; CONGROVE HAMILTON, Carrie; CONGROVE PATRICK, Vivian; CONGROVE STEEL, Nora; CONGROVE STEEL, Nora; CONNOLLY, Colton James; CONNOLLY, Colton James; CONNOLLY, Lynette K.; CONSGROVE, Fred W.; CONWAY WILSON, Miriam; COOLEY, Drew H.; COOLEY, Homer D.; COOLEY, Winnifred; COON, Abbie V.; COON, Alfred Jr.; COON, George C.; COON, J. Roy; COON, May S.; COON, Thelma I.; COPELAND, Benton; COPELAND, Catharine R.; COPELAND, Catharine R.; COPELAND, Dall; COPELAND, Dallas L; COPELAND, Kristopher Loren; COPELAND, William; COPPES, Bertha M.; COPPES, John H.; COPPES, Leigh W.; COPPES, Marjorie M.; COREY, Cecil Elmer; COREY, Dean O.; COREY, Eloise; COREY, Elsie L.; COREY, Eva M.; COREY, John L.; COREY, Maxie G.; COREY, Virgil E. Sr.; CORNELIUS, Catherne N.; CORNELIUS, Edward Roy; CORNELIUS, Family Monument; CORNELIUS, James C.; CORNELIUS, Jane; CORNELIUS, Jas. Finley; CORNELIUS, Joseph; CORNELIUS, Mary A.; CORNIC, Frances; CORNIC, Marie W.; CORNIC, Ray L.; CORNIC, Walter T.; COSGROVE KERR, Druzilla M.; COURTER, Alexander; COURTER, Mary E.; COURTER, Paul; COURTER, Russell W.; COURTER, Sallie; COURTS, Carrie; COURTS, Fred; COURTS, Fred Merle; COURTS, Lynn; COURTS, Salinda; COWLES, Henry; COWLES, Mary E.; COWLES, Sarah; COX, Archie J.; COX, Lenora; CRAIG BROWN, Alice; CRAWFORD, Dal R.; CRAWFORD, jJames; CRAWFORD, Lois P.; CRAWFORD, Oscar Lee; CREWS, Tamara K.; CROSON, Cleo E.; CROSON, George C.; CROSON, Georgianna; CROSON, Thomas E.; CROSON, Thomas E., Jr.; CROUCH, Helen L.; CROUCH, Lester C.; CROUCH, Lester G.; CROW, Donald Benjamin; CROW, Donald Benjamin; CROW, Dorothy L.; CROW, Garrett; CUMMINGS, Charles Everet; CUMMINGS, Dean; CUMMINGS, Ella C.; CUMMINGS, Ella C.; CUMMINGS, Ethel; CUMMINGS, Family Monument; CUMMINGS, Family Monument; CUMMINGS, Frances A.; CUMMINGS, Glen E.; CUMMINGS, H. E.; CUMMINGS, Hoyt Z.; CUMMINGS, Infant Daughter; CUMMINGS, Leta L.; CUMMINGS, M. Alice; CUMMINGS, Mary Alice; CUMMINGS, R. Raymond; CUMMINGS, Samuel F.; CUMMINGS, Samuel F.; CUMMINGS, Thomas Zwingle; CUMMINGS, Trina; CUMMINGS, Vey M.; CUMMINGS TODD, Margaret E.; CUNNINGHAM, Kenley R.; CUNNINGHAM, Kenley R.; CUNNINGHAM, Nancy Ann; CUNNINGHAM, Nora O.; CUNNINGHAM, Wiley E.; CURRAN, Allie; CURRAN, Augusta; CURRAN, Baby; CURRAN, Charles J.; CURRAN, Clara Estella; CURRAN, Connie K.; CURRAN, David; CURRAN, Donald; CURRAN, Dwight A.; CURRAN, Dwight A.; CURRAN, E. P.; CURRAN, Emma M.; CURRAN, Family Monument; CURRAN, Family Monument; CURRAN, Ferdinand F.; CURRAN, Florence; CURRAN, Glen W.; CURRAN, Harry D.; CURRAN, Herbert E.; CURRAN, Herbert R.; CURRAN, John S.; CURRAN, John S. Jr.; CURRAN, Maria; CURRAN, Martha E.; CURRAN, Mary May; CURRAN, Max O.; CURRAN, Myrl C.; CURRAN, Nellie G.; CURRAN, Nellie P.; CURRAN, Nora M.; CURRAN, S. Howard; CURRAN HUNT, Josephine N.; CURRAN MELLINGER, Sarah; CUSICK, Amanda E.; CUSICK, Katie
D:   DAHLSTEN, Annabelle H.; DAHLSTEN, Herman E.; DANIELSON JARVIS, Bessie V.; DAVIS, Baby Son; DEAM, Clarence; DEAM, M. Irene; DEAM, William; DEAM BROCKWAY, Betty; DEAN, Delta N.; DEAN, Heather L.; DEAN, Howard C.; DEAN, Peggy J.; DEAN, Perl "Shorty; DEAN JAMES, Pansy N.; DEARTH, Linda Louise; DEARTH, Lloyd G.; DEARTH, Marie E.; DEARTH, Raymond; DELONG, Columbus; DELONG, Emmet W.; DELONG, Isabel L.; DELONG, Linda; DELONG, Lucretia W.; DELONG, Orra E. 'Orr'; DELONG, Reverdy Raymond; DELONG, Urilla; DELONG DORNON, Velma; DELZELL, Arminda J.; DELZELL, Arminta B.; DELZELL, Bruce C.; DELZELL, Catherine Jane; DELZELL, Charles K.; DELZELL, Dorothy S.; DELZELL, Elma L.; DELZELL, Family Monument; DELZELL, Family Monument; DELZELL, Geroge T.; DELZELL, Hallie M.; DELZELL, Hallie M.; DELZELL, Hannah; DELZELL, Harvey; DELZELL, Ina C.; DELZELL, Infant; DELZELL, Irene R.; DELZELL, J. H.; DELZELL, James M.; DELZELL, John H.; DELZELL, L. Arthur; DELZELL, Laurance W.; DELZELL, Lew M.; DELZELL, Mabel L.; DELZELL, Marie M.; DELZELL, Mary Ann; DELZELL, Mary T.; DELZELL, Nellie D.; DELZELL, Ottie H.; DELZELL, Robert; DELZELL, Robert H.; DELZELL, Robert S.; DELZELL, Roberta Maxine; DELZELL, Rosa; DELZELL, Ruth M.; DELZELL, S. P.; DELZELL, Sallie F.; DELZELL, Samuel H.; DELZELL, Thomas W.; DELZELL, Verlee C.; DELZELL, William A.; DELZELL, William A.; DELZELL JONES, Lucell E.; DELZELL KERR, Pauline O.; DELZELL WHITHAM, Jennie; DELZELL WRIGHT, Mary J.; DICKSON, Alma W.; DICKSON, Robert S.; DICKSON, Sarah Ann; DICKSON PATTERSON, Mary; DINNENBRINK PATTERSON, Christena B.; DISTELHORST, Betty Coetta; DISTELHORST, Jeffrey Alan; DISTELHORST, Steven Brian; DODSON, Margaret E.; DOHRN, William; DOHRN, William Ernst; DOPLER, Nellie M.; DORNON, Family Monument; DORNON, Joe W.; DORNON, Margaret; DORNON, Velma; DOTSON, Edith A.; DOTSON, O. B.; DOUGLAS, Dale D. "Doug"; DOUGLAS, Kathleen "Sis"; DOUGLAS, Rosa A.; DOUGLAS, Thomas J.; DOWELL, Curtis E.; DOWELL, Family Monument; DOWNS, Charles A.; DREW WASHBURN, Wilma; DRYDEN, George H.; DRYDEN JARVIS, Sarah M.; DUFFY, Carl W.; DUFFY, Nina S.; DUFFY, Patrick Alton; DUFFY, Patrick Alton; DUKE, Bradley Shane; DUKE, Fred J.; DUKE, Jerry Lee; DUNN, Josephine; DURYEA, Fannie; DUSTMAN POGEMILLER, Matilda P.
E:   EARNEST, Kenneth R.; EARNEST, Robert R.; EDGAR, David M.; EDGAR, James L.; EDGAR, Vinnie E.; EDWARDS, Alta; EDWARDS, E. M.; EDWARDS, Elinor; EDWARDS, Hugh; EDWARDS, Jacine E.; EDWARDS, Leroy K.; EDWARDS, Marguerite; EDWARDS, Paul R.; EDWARDS, R. A.; EDWARDS, Shelly A.; EDWARDS, Susan J.; EDWARDS, Thelma M.; EDWARDS, William S.; ELAYER TALBOT, Jessie; ELLIOTT, Eva M.; ELLIOTT, Francis M.; ELLIOTT, Francis M.; ELLIOTT, Infant; ELLIOTT, Mary; ELLIOTT, Mary Ann; ELLIOTT, Ozoriah S.; ELLIOTT, Ozorian S.; ELLIOTT, Richard; ELLIOTT, William A.; ELLIOTT ENTRINGER, Iva; ELLIOTT HAYS, Rachel; ELSENS JARVIS, Rebecca; ELWEIN MCCLURKIN, Cleora; ENKE, Alda F.; ENKE, Alexander James; ENKE, Cecil J.; ENKE, Cora B.; ENKE, Cora B.; ENKE, Cynthia; ENKE, Dayle Owens; ENKE, Elizabeth M.; ENKE, Emmer L.; ENKE, Francelia W.; ENKE, Goldie M.; ENKE, James; ENKE, Janet Marie; ENKE, Lee R.; ENKE, Leland L., Rev.; ENKE, Lloyd L.; ENKE, Mabel L.; ENKE, Mayme S.; ENKE, Nellie A.; ENKE, Walter R.; ENKE BARTON, Mina; ENKEL, Elizabeth M.; ENKEL, James; ENTRINGER, Iva; ENTRINGER, Peter R.; EVANS, Agnes; EVANS, Florence; EVANS, Frances R.; EVANS, Merrett; EVANS, Robert H.; EVANS, Tom M.; EWART SHADLE, Cathy; EWING, Mary A.
F:   FARMER, James L.; FAULKNER, Eric Dean; FENT, Carl E.; FENT, Ida Mae; FENT, Joseph A.; FENT, Mary B.; FENT, Mary J.; FERGUSON, Miram L.; FINKE, William; FINLEY, John H.; FINLEY, Margaretta A.; FINLEY, Margaretta A.; FINLEY, Robert A.; FISH, John F.; FISHER, David E.; FISHER, Dorothy N.; FORBES MOSS, Edna H.; FORD, Margaret H.; FORTNER, Roy G.; FOX, Alice E.; FOX, Dorothy; FOX, Robert A.; FOX, William H.; FRAIZER, Martha; FRAIZER, William; FRANK, Dollie; FRANK, Dollie; FRANK, Harry Friedrich; FRANK, Harry Friedrich; FRAZIER, Elliott; FRAZIER, Elliott; FRAZIER, Frank; FRAZIER, Jessie; FRAZIER, John W.; FRAZIER, Lola E.; FRAZIER, Martha C.; FRAZIER, Nancy J; FRAZIER, Nancy J.; FRAZIER, William; FREAD, Terry L.; FREDE, Ewald; FREDE, Margaret; FRISQUE, Eathel R.; FRISQUE, Louis L.; FROMM, Robert W.; FULLER, Lemma R.; FULLER, N. Earl
G:   GALAND, Nancy R.; GALVIN, Albert; GALVIN, Merle G.; GARDNER, A. D.; GARDNER, Lucretia G.; GARDNER, Martha Maud; GARLAND, Alice M.; GARLAND, Alice Marie; GARLAND, Charles D.; GARLAND, Leland K.; GARLAND, Steven W.; GARNSEY, Ileen A.; GARNSEY, James E.; GARVIN, Harold; GARVIN, Julia A.; GARVIN, Susan; GARVIN, William B.; GAVIN, A. W.; GAVIN, E. J.; GAWTHROP, James Thomas; GAWTHROP, Ruth Ann; GERGEN, Infant Twiins; GIBBS, Atlice; GIBBS, Carrie E.; GIBBS, Dayle S.; GIBBS, Edward; GIBBS, Erma DeEtta; GIBBS, Ethel B.; GIBBS, Jessie M.; GIBBS, John C.; GIBBS, Louisa; GIBBS, Lucian S.; GIBBS, Merle L.; GIBBS, Oren S.; GIBBS, Wilma L.; GIESE, Arolyn A.; GIESE, Walter H.; GILBERTSON, Charlotta Ann; GILLETTE, Carol; GILMORE, Ann Elizabeth; GILMORE, Frank Morris; GLASGOW, Family Monument; GLASS, Geneva E.; GLASS, Gilbert N.; GODBEY, Charles D.; GODBEY, Jennifer D.; GODWIN, Harold Eugene; GODWIN, Lloyd M.; GODWIN, Lois Marie; GODWIN, Mary L.; GODWN, Scott Douglas; GOODPASTURE, Cassie M.; GOODPASTURE, Charles E.; GORDON LOGAN, Alice; GOUDIE, Gussie M.; GOUDIE, Ida M.; GOUDIE, Mattie M.; GOUDIE, Noah Frederick; GOUDIE, T. Gilbert; GOUDIE, Wilma B.; GRAHAM, D. Y., MD; GRAHAM, J. H., MD; GRAHAM, Laura T.; GRAHAM, Mary J.; GRAY, Ann D.; GRAY, Mary E.; GREEN, Arminda F.; GREEN, Arvilla Mae; GREEN, Benjamin F.; GREEN, Charles S.; GREEN, Cyrus; GREEN, E. Grant; GREEN, Edgar D.; GREEN, Edward E.; GREEN, Emma V.; GREEN, Family Monument; GREEN, Fannie Lou; GREEN, Frank; GREEN, Frank V.; GREEN, Freddie; GREEN, George A.; GREEN, George W.; GREEN, Gertha M.; GREEN, Hosea K.; GREEN, Infant Daughter; GREEN, James L.; GREEN, John C.; GREEN, Layton R.; GREEN, Marie; GREEN, Marie; GREEN, Mary S.; GREEN, Mattie B.; GREEN, Mattie J.; GREEN, Mellissa; GREEN, Mude L.; GREEN, Nellie M.; GREEN, Raymond S.; GREEN, Robert; GREEN, Rosamond; GREEN, William R.; GREEN, Zelma Marie; GREGORY, Charles; GREGORY, Clarence Reece; GREGORY, David George; GREGORY, Frank; GREGORY, Grant; GREGORY, Grant; GREGORY, Gregory; GREGORY, Irene A.; GREGORY, J. G.; GREGORY, Lillian R; GREGORY, Marietta E.; GREGORY, Mary Louise; GREGORY, Mary Louise; GREGORY, Minnie; GREGORY, Nellie M.; GREGORY SWAN, Samantha Jane; GREGORY TRASK, Mary; GREGPRY, Jennie; GRENNE JAMISON, Lena B; GRIFFIN, Eunice; GRIFFIN, H. M., Dr.; GRIFFIN, Hazel M.; GRIFFIN, Isabelle; GRIFFIN, John William; GRIFFIN, L. Leon; GRIFFIN, Larry; GRIFFIN, M. Jean; GRIFFIN, Mary Eva; GRIFFIN, Max H.; GRIFFIN, Maynard H.; GRIFFIN, Minnie; GRIFFIN, Myrtle E.; GRIFFIN, Patrick Alan; GRIFFITH, Edna Jean; GRIFFITH, Ellen M.; GRIFFITH, Helen L.; GRIFFITH, John Elliott; GRIFFITH, Reuben E; GRIM, Cecil L.; GRIM, Fern L.; GRIM, Hazel F.; GRIM, Lorna Lucille; GRIM, Orville S.; GRUBB, Dennie; GRUBB, Elnor; GRUBB, Jennie M.; GUNN DORNON, Margaret; GWIN, Hazel M.; GWIN, W. Carl
H:   HAHN, Arthur E.; HAIGHT, Ronald T.; HAIGHT, Shirley M.; HALL, Donald; HALL, Ina M.; HALL, Ralph; HALL, Rolland; HALL, Ruth; HALL, Verl E.; HAMANN DEAN, Heather L.; HAMILTON, Baby; HAMILTON, Caroline; HAMILTON, Carrie; HAMILTON, Chester W.; HAMILTON, Cora E.; HAMILTON, D. Dee Jr.; HAMILTON, Dabert; HAMILTON, Dennis D; HAMILTON, Diana Kay; HAMILTON, Donald L.; HAMILTON, Donald L.; HAMILTON, Donna Lea; HAMILTON, Frank U.; HAMILTON, Grace M.; HAMILTON, Harriet; HAMILTON, Lonnie R; HAMILTON, Lottie E.; HAMILTON, Mary E.; HAMILTON, O. Eugene; HAMILTON, Olive; HAMILTON, Raymond H. "Pat"; HAMILTON, Robert O.; HAMILTON, S. Curtis; HAMILTON, Samuel; HAMILTON, Saumel W.; HAMILTON, Stephen Craig; HAMILTON, Vera M.; HAMILTON, Virgina L.; HAMILTON HUNT, Margaret Ellen; HAMILTON SWARTZ, Olive; HAMILTON WILLIAMSON, Cheryl Kay; HAND, Gary; HANNAH, John W.; HANNAH, Viola S.; HANSON, Alice Jane; HANSON, Daisy; HARDY, Roberta; HARNED, Charles D.; HARNED, O. Marie; HARRIS, Bertha; HARRIS, Billy Lyle; HARRIS, Creta L.; HARRIS, David Thomas; HARRIS, Earl J.; HARRIS, Elizabeth R.; HARRIS, Exxa; HARRIS, Family Monument; HARRIS, Fred H.; HARRIS, George B.; HARRIS, Hilton F.; HARRIS, Hortense; HARRIS, Jesse; HARRIS, John L.; HARRIS, Joseph A.; HARRIS, Jospeh; HARRIS, Julia Etta; HARRIS, Lucille; HARRIS, Max H.; HARRIS, Minnie E.; HARRIS, Nora; HARRIS, Rhoda; HARRIS, Russell; HARRIS, Sarah A.; HARRIS, Thomas B.; HARRIS, Thomas J.; HARRIS, William R.; HARRIS TILLMAN, Margaret; HARRISON, Earl J.; HARRISON, Frances W.; HARRISON, Ida Mae; HARRISON FERGUSON, Miram L.; HARTMAN, Aidon; HARTMAN, Carolyn S.; HARTMAN, Cecil A.; HARTMAN, Clarence A; HARTMAN, Laura L.; HARTMAN, Leo C.; HARTMAN, Virginia M.; HARTMAN JOHNSTON, Augusta W.; HARTSOCK, Larry LeRoy; HAUSHAHN, Ruth Marie; HAVEL, Edwin J.; HAWTHORNE MCELHINNEY, Mary E.; HAYS, Family Monument; HAYS, Fred A.; HAYS, James B.; HAYS, Josie; HAYS, Josie; HAYS, Julia A.; HAYS, Rachel; HAYS, Roberta E.; HAYS, Thomas R.; HEATER, Charles H.; HEATER, Edna R.; HECKENBERG, Bertha E.; HECKENBERG, George E.; HEITMEIER, Roger J.; HEMPHILL, Hazel A.; HEMPHILL, Mary J.; HEMPHILL, Thomas; HENSLEIGH, .W. M.; HENSLEIGH, Emma T.; HENSLEIGH, Emma T.; HENSLEIGH, Ines A.; HENSLEIGH, Oliver M.; HENSLEIGH, W. M.; HERRICK SIMMIONDS, Myrtle; HERRICK WILSON, Marie; HESLER, Walker A.; HETHERINGTON, Dorothy N.; HETHERINGTON, Helen M.; HETHERINGTON, J. Harvey; HETHERINGTON, John W.; HETHERINGTON, Mary A.; HETHERINGTON, Nellie G.; HETHERINGTON, Ralph F.; HETHERINGTON, Roy M.; HETHERINGTON, Twin Sons; HETHERINGTON, Vernon H.; HETHERINGTON LIND, Mary A.; HEWITT, Agnes M.; HEWITT, Amy A.; HEWITT, Amy Elizabeth; HEWITT, Barbara J.; HEWITT, C. Mellie; HEWITT, Charles H.; HEWITT, Cyrus F.; HEWITT, Dwight F.; HEWITT, G. Irven; HEWITT, G. Irven; HEWITT, Gladys A.; HEWITT, J. Malcolm; HEWITT, John Theo.; HEWITT, Loyal D.; HEWITT, Margaret A.; HEWITT, Margret Jane; HEWITT, Martha H.; HEWITT, Mary N.; HEWITT, Mary S.; HEWITT, R. T.; HEWITT, Robert B.; HEWITT, T. S.; HEWITT, Thomas; HEWITT, Virginia N.; HEWITT, W. J.; HICKENBOTTOM, Mary C.; HICKENBOTTOM, Matthew J.; HICKENBOTTOM, Roy L.; HIGGERSON, Lula; HIGGINS, John W.; HIGGINS, Mary J.; HIGGINS FINLEY, Margaretta A.; HIGGINS FINLEY, Margaretta A.; HILL, Adam; HILL, B. E., Dr.; HILL, D. A.; HILL, Dan; HILL, Eva S.; HILL, Family Monument; HILL, Howard C.; HILL, I. Pearl; HILL, J. J.; HILL, Martha M.; HILL, Mary L.; HILL, Thomas G.; HILL, Wilfred Chapman; HILL MARTIN, Fern; HINGST, Eugene; HINGST, Livina C.; HINGST, William T.; HINISH, George W.; HINISH, Mabel; HINISH, Mary J.; HINISH, Ralph J.; HINKLEY, Norma L.; HOBB, Catherine; HOBB, Samuel Ed.; HOBBS, Baby Boy; HOBBS, Betty G.; HOBBS, J. Maxine; HOBBS, Leland E.; HOBBS, Mary E.; HOKE, Brown F.; HOKE, May M.; HOKE, Winifred; HOLCH, Helen D.; HOLCH, Helen D.; HOLIDAY, Carrie E.; HOLIDAY, Frank; HOLIDAY, Sallie M.; HOLIDAY, Sallie M.; HOLLAND, Harriet; HOLLCROFT, Banjamin Harley; HONEYMAN, Carolyn Lee; HOOBER, Christia; HOOBER, Grandma; HOOBER, J. M.; HOOBLER, Guy; HOOBLER, Letha; HOPKINS, Earnest Ora; HOPKINS, Mary A.; HOPKINS, William H.; HOPKINS SMITH, Nellie; HOPKINS STAPLES, M. Estella; HOPKINS STEWART, Eva; HORNE, Clara A.; HORNE, William H.; HOSTETTER, Chad R.; HOSTETTER, Donald L.; HOSTETTER, Georgianna; HOSTETTER, Jennifer L.; HOSTETTER, Paul L.; HOSTETTER KENNY, Teresa Lee; HOUSMAN, Jerry W.; HOWARD MOORE, Hazel; HOWES, Anne; HOWES, George; HOWES, Mercy S.; HOWEY, Margretta; HUDSON, Allen; HUDSON, Dean W.; HUDSON, Edward; HUDSON, Elizabeth; HUDSON, Eugene Cox; HUDSON, Grace; HUDSON, Irene; HUDSON, John; HUDSON, Lawrence Robert; HUDSON, Mary Ella; HUDSON, Wilma M.; HUDSON ALLEN, Alice; HUFFMAN, Catherine; HUFFMAN, G. D.; HUFFMAN, Guy L.; HUFFMAN, James W.; HUFFMAN, Jessie; HUFFMAN, Louis; HUFFMAN, Sadie; HUFFMAN, Susan M.; HUFFMAN, W. S.; HUFFMAN, William; HUGGINS, Tattie; HUGHES, Mary; HUGHES, William M. Rev.; HULL, James A.; HULL, Margaret A.; HUNGATE, John H.; HUNT, Charles B.; HUNT, Dixie Lee; HUNT, Elizabeth; HUNT, Exxa L. "Peg"; HUNT, Family Monument; HUNT, Family Monument; HUNT, Forrest R.; HUNT, Gayle Ann; HUNT, Gerald D.; HUNT, Hazel W.; HUNT, John C.; HUNT, Jonathan; HUNT, Josephine N.; HUNT, Kate B.; HUNT, Mame; HUNT, Margaret Ellen; HUNT, Milton Gilmore; HUNT, Norman E.; HUNT, Ruth L.; HUNT, Stephen G.; HUNT, Thelma R.; HUNT, Victor R.; HUNT, Virginia Gayle; HUNT, William P.; HUNT, William Stephen; HURD, Clara M.; HURD, James; HURLEY, Judith C.; HUSTON, Catherine; HUSTON, Renwick; HUTCHISON, Carol Joyce; HUTCHISON, Carol Joyce
I:   INGHRAM, Dorothy P.; INGHRAM, Ervine L.; INGHRAM, Mary E.; INGHRAM, Mary E.; INGHRAM, Rebecca A.; INGHRAM, Richard C.; INGHRAM, Richard Curtis; IRISH, Martha L.; ISERMAN, Emma M.; ISERMAN, Esther R.; ISERMAN, Frederick C.; IVINS, Charles C.; IVINS, Enida E.; IVINS, Lillie E.; IVINS, Robert L.; IVINS, Shirley L.; IVINS, Stan C.
J:   JACK, Lawrence L.; JACK, Virginia I.; JACKSON, Alfred W.; JACKSON, Ann L.; JACKSON, Bud R.; JACKSON, Catherine; JACKSON, Charley; JACKSON, Emma A.; JACKSON, Estella; JACKSON, George A.; JACKSON, Lena A..; JACKSON, Leo B.; JACKSON, Martha J.; JACKSON, Vera M.; JACKSON, William Henry; JACOBA, Dora Katherine; JACOBS, David M.; JACOBS, E. Pauline D.; JAMES, Pansy N.; JAMISON, Ermal L.; JAMISON, Family Monument; JAMISON, Iona A.; JAMISON, Isaac M.; JAMISON, John; JAMISON, Lena B; JAMISON MCCLURKIN, Hattie; JARVIS, Alice A.; JARVIS, Amanda M.; JARVIS, Anna; JARVIS, Bessie V.; JARVIS, Caroline M.; JARVIS, Charlotte W.; JARVIS, Edgar F; JARVIS, Ester; JARVIS, Family Monument; JARVIS, Flora; JARVIS, Frank; JARVIS, Franklin; JARVIS, Glen; JARVIS, Harold; JARVIS, Infant; JARVIS, Infant Son; JARVIS, Jack; JARVIS, James; JARVIS, James A.; JARVIS, John B.; JARVIS, John R.; JARVIS, John W,; JARVIS, Leander M.; JARVIS, Mae Alice; JARVIS, Maud A.; JARVIS, Minnie; JARVIS, Myers; JARVIS, Rebecca; JARVIS, Samuel; JARVIS, Sarah M.; JARVIS, Sophia; JARVIS, Vernon; JARVIS, Wilbur L.; JARVIS, Zadock; JARVIS, Zadock; JARVIS GAWTHROP, Ruth Ann; JARVIS PUSHMAN, Geneva; JARVIS PUSHMAN, Geneva; JENNETT, Ruth Joan; JENNINGS, Geraldine E.; JENNINGS, Harvey J.; JENNINGS, Juanita C.; JOHNSON, Alfred G.; JOHNSON, Anna C.; JOHNSON, Carla Denise; JOHNSON, Charles A.; JOHNSON, Charles A.; JOHNSON, Family Monument; JOHNSON, Fred M.; JOHNSON, Gracia I.; JOHNSON, J. R., Rev.; JOHNSON, Josephine; JOHNSON, Keith Edwin; JOHNSON, Mary E.; JOHNSON, Mary E.; JOHNSON, Nancy E.; JOHNSON, Selma A.; JOHNSON, Selma A.; JOHNSTON, Archie L.; JOHNSTON, Augusta W.; JOHNSTON, Delmer H.; JOHNSTON, Eliza Jane; JOHNSTON, Ellie; JOHNSTON, Henry A.; JOHNSTON, James L.; JOHNSTON, Mary; JOHNSTON, Monument; JOHNSTON, Patricia Ann; JOHNSTON, Robert O.; JOHNSTON, Wilber O.; JONES, Arthur E.; JONES, David R.; JONES, David R.; JONES, Eleanor R.; JONES, Josie L.; JONES, Lucell E.; JONES, Lulu M.; JONES, Richard Allen; JONES, Richard Allen "Brandy"; JONES, Robert D.; JONES, Robert D.; JONES, Ruth; JONES, Wilbur C.
K:   KARAGIN, Milor Jr. "Mick"; KARAGIN, Steven L.; KAUFFMAN PIERCE, Gertrude; KCKEE, Martha J.; KEARNS, Edmund Arthur; KEARNS, J. Edmund, Rev; KEARNS, Sadie Elizabeth; KEARNS RHODES, Adda; KELLER, Charlie H.; KELLER, Harriet P.; KELLER PAISLEY, Jane; KELLEY, Carlotta J.; KENDALL, Ernest E.; KENDALL, Grace H.; KENNEDY, Clara G.; KENNEDY, Family Monument; KENNEDY, James A., D.D.; KENNY, Teresa Lee; KERBY, Ada M.; KERBY, Guy F.; KERR, Addie Elvina; KERR, Adrienne Renee; KERR, Baby Boy; KERR, Basil F.; KERR, Burr; KERR, Carrie L.; KERR, David B.; KERR, Delores E.; KERR, Dorothy A.; KERR, Druzilla M.; KERR, Elmer R.; KERR, Gay G.; KERR, Gaylord D.; KERR, George P.; KERR, Gladys N.; KERR, Gladys P.; KERR, Ira G.; KERR, Ira Junior; KERR, James Dale; KERR, Jesse Harris; KERR, Keith Joshua; KERR, Kenneth F.; KERR, Lloyd A; KERR, Lloyd A.; KERR, Loren Jr.; KERR, Lt. Maurice Jr.; KERR, Mary A.; KERR, Mary H.; KERR, Mary M.; KERR, Maude; KERR, Maurice Scott Sr.; KERR, Mildred A.; KERR, Milton E.; KERR, Ott L.; KERR, Pauline O.; KERR, Rex; KERR, Richard E.; KERR, Ruby; KERR, Virgil S; KERR, Willis L.; KERR EDWARDS, Marguerite; KERR SCHOFIELD, Nellie; KESTER, Nicole Dawn; KETCHUM, Leandra F.; KIGER, Charles Virgel; KILPATRICK, Daniel; KILPATRICK, Martha Jane; KILPATRICK, Mary; KILPATRICK, Nellie M.; KILPATRICK, Sarah M.; KILPATRICK, William; KILPATRICK, William Alexander; KILPRATRICK, Susan; KIMBLE, Cora M.; KIMBLE, Gerald W.; KIMBLE, Harvey; KIMBLE, Marjorie N.; KIMBLE, Trevor M.; KINKE, Sophia Charlotta; KINKEAD, Eleanor; KINKEAD, Family Monument; KINKEAD, Joseph; KINKEAD, Joseph; KINKEAD, Joseph M.; KINKEAD CAMPBELL, Mary Jane; KINKEAD PATTERSON, Margaret R; KIRK, Ida G.; KIRK, W. Frank; KIRK JARVIS, Flora; KISSINGER, Curtis A.; KISSINGER, Harold; KISSINGER, Henry; KISSINGER, Lillian May; KISSINGER, Martha E.; KISSINGER, Ruth M.; KLAUS, Carman C. (Tom); KLAUS, Edward A.; KLAUS, Ruth E.; KLAUS GILLETTE, Carol; KLINE, Florence; KLINE, Florence; KONKLER, Frances; KREIGER, E. Irene; KREIGER, Eugene; KREMER JARVIS, Ester; KRIDER, Emma J.; KRIDER, Emma Jane; KRIDER, Eva Pearl; KRIDER, John H.; KRIDER, John R; KRYWORUCK, Bernice J.; KRYWORUCK, Emil; KURZ, Alice V.; KURZ, Alwina T.; KURZ, Charles W.; KURZ, Fred L.; KURZ, Katherine E.; KURZ, Katherine E.
L:   LAFFIN, Alfred J.; LAGEL, Alice A.; LAGEL, Earl; LAGEL, George; LAGEL, George R.; LAGEL, Lena; LAIRD, Aaron; LAIRD, Allison J. Jr.; LAIRD, Allison J. MD; LAIRD, Anna J.; LAIRD, Archie G.; LAIRD, Archie G.; LAIRD, David M.; LAIRD, Ellen; LAIRD, Family Monument; LAIRD, M. Margaret; LAKEY, Harry; LAKIN, Jane; LANFERMAN, Melissa A.; LANTZ, Lessie L.; LATTA, Arvilla M.; LATTA, Eva; LATTA, Family Monument; LATTA, J. Kirk; LATTA, John P.; LATTA, Sophia; LATTA STERETT, Jennie; LATTA THARP, Alceste; LEBOUTILLIER, Alice Mary; LEBOUTILLIER, Sarah A.; LEE, Everett V.; LEE, Jennie A.; LEE, John P.; LEE, Lester H.; LEE, Lucille; LEE, Pauline L.; LEE, Randall G.; LEE, Zelda Pauline; LEFEVER, Charles F.; LEIGHTON, Martha; LESCALLEET, Amanda M.; LEUTY, Adlaide A.; LEUTY, Allen T.; LEUTY, Charles E.; LEUTY, Family Monument; LEUTY, Joseph; LEWIS, Cloyd; LEWIS, John Russel; LEWIS, John Russell; LEWIS, Lucille M.; LIND, Mary A.; LINDER, Carl A.; LINDER, Charlie; LINDER, Clara D.; LINDER, Frankie Amos; LINDER, Guyla L.; LINDER, Hulda Caroline; LINDER, Marie Sophia; LINDER, Mary L.; LINDER, Mary U.; LINDER, Orville J.; LINDER, Oscar J.; LINDER, Paul R.; LINDER, Thomas C.; LINDER, Verlin Ross; LINDER, Vivian M.; LINDER BARTON, Elsie L.; LOFGREN, J. W. "Bill"; LOFGREN, M. Pauline; LOGAN, Alice; LOGAN, Elihu Z.; LOGUE, Artie V.; LOGUE, Julia A.; LONG, Andrew C.; LONG, Andrew C.; LONG, Charlie E.; LONG, Cynthia A.; LONG, Cynthia A.; LONG, Emma J.; LONG, Family Monument; LONG, Harry E.; LONG, Harry E.; LONG, James G.; LONG, Nancy A.; LONG, Samuel P.; LOUDIN MCKEEVER, Annie; LUCKEY, Josiah; LUEDTKE STANFORD, Nancy E.; LUPTON, Martha E.; LUPTON, William F.; LUPTON, William F.; LYLE HUGHES, Mary; LYMAN, Celia Marie; LYMAN, Charles; LYMAN, Charles; LYMAN, Edwin; LYMAN, Louise; LYON, S. Anderson
M:   MACCLEMENT, Family Monument; MACCLEMENT, Jane; MACCLEMENT, Nina Roberta; MACCLEMENT, Theron Porter; MACCLEMENT, William J; MACCLEMENT, William Jamison; MAINE, Dian Kay; MALLOCK, Jane M.; MARCHANT, Almira; MARCHANT, Samuel; MARSHALL, Allie; MARSHALL, Annie J.; MARSHALL, Bertha Cleo; MARSHALL, Family monument; MARSHALL, Gilbert C.; MARSHALL, Harry; MARSHALL, Harry; MARSHALL, Ina B.; MARSHALL, James Leander; MARSHALL, James S.; MARSHALL, Katharine E.; MARSHALL, LeDora Ellen; MARSHALL, Mary; MARSHALL, Sarah; MARSHALL, Stewart; MARSHALL, William J.; MARSHALL, William R.; MARSHALL, William R.; MARTIN, Fern; MARTIN, Jeremy M.; MARTIN, William W.; MARTIN EVANS, Agnes; MATTHEWS, E. Dennis; MATTHEWS, Martha Jane; MATTSON, Hallie B.; MATTSON, William G.; MAUER, Frank; MAXSON, B. F.; MAXSON, Eddie F.; MAXSON, Rachel C.; MC KEE, James Raymond (Military); MCAFEE, Della E.; MCAFEE, James D.; MCALLISTER, Brian G.; MCCARRICK, Doris J.; MCCARRICK, Marvin E.; MCCAUGHAN, D.; MCCAUGHAN, Emma I.; MCCAUGHAN, Mary E.; MCCAUGHAN, Three Babes; MCCAUGHAN, Wilber H. M.; MCCAW, Glenn H.; MCCAW, James; MCCAW, Leroy L.; MCCAW, Lewis H.; MCCAW, Mary E.; MCCAW, Rebecca; MCCLANAHAN, Emma; MCCLANAHAN, Fred N.; MCCLANAHAN, J. N.; MCCLANAHAN, James H.; MCCLANAHAN, Lillie Mae; MCCLANAHAN, William S.; MCCLANAHAN MARSHALL, Sarah; MCCLELLAN, De Witt; MCCLINTOCK, Jane; MCCLINTOCK, Thomas; MCCLINTOCK, Tommy M.; MCCLURE, Alexander; MCCLURE, Donna; MCCLURE, Donna M.; MCCLURE, Family Monument; MCCLURE, Hester; MCCLURE, Icy; MCCLURE, John O.; MCCLURE, Phoebe; MCCLURE, William M.; MCCLURE, William P.; MCCLURKIN, Birdie May; MCCLURKIN, Cassie; MCCLURKIN, Cecil L.; MCCLURKIN, Celia M.; MCCLURKIN, Cleora; MCCLURKIN, Conrad Henry; MCCLURKIN, Edward Logan; MCCLURKIN, Elizabeth C.; MCCLURKIN, Estella M.; MCCLURKIN, Family Monument; MCCLURKIN, Familyy Monument; MCCLURKIN, Hattie; MCCLURKIN, Henry; MCCLURKIN, J. M.; MCCLURKIN, James Halford; MCCLURKIN, Julia A.; MCCLURKIN, Keith Leland; MCCLURKIN, Leona Augusta; MCCLURKIN, Mahala O.; MCCLURKIN, Nancy; MCCLURKIN, Sidney; MCCLURKIN, Thomas; MCCLURKIN, William H.; MCCONAHAY, C. E. "Chet"; MCCONAHAY, Margaret J.; MCCONAHAY, Otto F.; MCCONAHAY, Phronia H.; MCCOY PIERCE, Elizabeth; MCCULLOUGH, George; MCCULLOUGH, Jennie B.; MCDANIEL, Ida R.; MCDANIEL, Jacob; MCDANIEL, John J.; MCDANIEL, Permelia A.; MCDONALD, Albert J.; MCDONALD, Margaret J.; MCDONALD, Mildred D.; MCDONALD, Philip D.; MCDONALD, Philip D.; MCELHINNEY, Albert; MCELHINNEY, Alvina; MCELHINNEY, Annie M.; MCELHINNEY, Bessie A; MCELHINNEY, Charles A.; MCELHINNEY, Clyde Carson; MCELHINNEY, Dale O.; MCELHINNEY, Dale O.; MCELHINNEY, David; MCELHINNEY, Elizabeth; MCELHINNEY, Elsie Z.; MCELHINNEY, Elsie Z.; MCELHINNEY, Esther E.; MCELHINNEY, Family Monument; MCELHINNEY, Florence M.; MCELHINNEY, Gail; MCELHINNEY, Gavin; MCELHINNEY, Harold Lane; MCELHINNEY, J. Melville; MCELHINNEY, James C.; MCELHINNEY, John M.; MCELHINNEY, L. Zell; MCELHINNEY, Latha; MCELHINNEY, Leota Jean; MCELHINNEY, Leota Jean; MCELHINNEY, Lloyd; MCELHINNEY, Lois; MCELHINNEY, Mary E.; MCELHINNEY, Maud M.; MCELHINNEY, Merritt J.; MCELHINNEY, Mildred L.; MCELHINNEY, Ralph L.; MCELHINNEY, Robert W.; MCELHINNEY, Samuel Willson; MCELHINNEY, Samuel Willson; MCELHINNEY, Sarah Jane; MCELHINNEY, Sarah L.; MCELHINNEY, Sarah M.; MCELHINNEY, William R.; MCELINNEY, William; MCGREW, William S.; MCINTYRE, Infant; MCKEE, Alaxander A.; MCKEE, Clark W.; MCKEE, James Raymond; MCKEE, Jerome A.; MCKEE, John Henry; MCKEE, Martha J.; MCKEE, Mary J.; MCKEE, Robert Dean; MCKEE, Thelma Rose; MCKEE, Virginia Maxine; MCKEE, Zelma M.; MCKEEVER, Annie; MCKEEVER, Clinton A.; MCKEEVER, Daisy N.; MCKEEVER, Dorothy M.; MCKEEVER, Harry; MCKEEVER, James; MCKEEVER, Mary A.; MCKEEVER, Merlin; MCKEEVER, Ralph; MCKEEVER, Rick Clint; MCKEEVER, William; MCKEEVER HALL, Ruth; MCKELVEY, John; MCKELVEY, John, Rev.; MCKELVEY BROWN, Inves V.; MCKEOWN, Mildred M.; MCKEOWN, Rallph F.; MCKEOWN CASTEN, Elsie L.; MCKINLEY, Bert; MCKINLEY, Family Monument; MCKINLEY, Nellie E.; MCKINNEY, Lorenzo D.; MCKINNEY, Lulu J.; MCKINNEY VERTREES, Mina; MCKNIGHT, D.; MCLELLAN, Stella; MCMURTRY, Ella R.; MCMURTRY, Zenas R.; MCPHERREN SCHOFIELD, Laura; MEAD, Eliza Jane; MEAD, Lewell Edward; MECKLENBURG, Richard R.; MECKLENGURG, Hazel D.; MEHAFFY, Esther Ann; MEHAFFY, Joseph; MEHAFFY, Lorena Maude; MEHAFFY, Maggie; MEHAFFY, Martin Luther; MELLINGER, Edward Arthur; MELLINGER, Edward Arthur; MELLINGER, Elizabeth L.; MELLINGER, Isaac; MELLINGER, John; MELLINGER, Joseph; MELLINGER, Sarah; MERCER, Eliza J.; MERCER, Family Monument; MERCER, John; MERTZ, Two Sons; METTS, Ada; METTS, Ada; METTS, Louisa; METTS, Martha; METTS, Richard; MICHAELS, Elmer; MILLER, Bonnie Lee; MILLER, Bryon E.; MILLER, Jessie L.; MILLER, Samuel A.; MILLS, Michael E.; MILLS, Michael Eugene; MINNIS, Cleon S.; MINNIS, Eunice; MINNIS, James A.; MINNIS, John W.; MINNIS, Madge L.; MINNIS, Marian R.; MINNIS, Mark W.; MINNIS, Martha Marie; MINNIS, Walter; MINNIS, William "Bill"; MINNIS IVINS, Enida E.; MIZPAH, Mary; MOFFETT, Jessie; MONTGOMERY, Charles T.; MONTGOMERY, Effie E.; MONTGOMERY, James; MONTGOMERY, John O.; MONTGOMERY, Mary; MONTGOMERY, Mary M.; MONTGOMERY, Nancy J.; MONTGOMERY, Roy A . (Military); MONTGOMERY, Steven D.; MONTGOMERY, Susan; MONTGOMERY, William G.; MOORE, Dorothea B.; MOORE, Hazel; MOORE, Henry A.; MOORE, Kenneth R.; MOORE, Mary B.; MOORE, Sarah Olive; MOREHEAD, Carrol G.; MOREHEAD, Edna I.; MOREHEAD SIMMONS, Betty; MORRISON, Baby; MORRISON, Betty Mae; MORRISON, David H.; MORRISON, Infant; MORRISON, J. Moody; MORRISON, Lela M.; MORRISON, Lena Virgin; MORRISON, Leonard Vernon; MORRISON, Margery B.; MORRISON, Robert E.; MORRISON, Samuel Walker; MORRISON, Sarah M.; MORRISON, Una Edessa; MORRISON BUTLER, Sadie S.; MORRISON WHITE, Gladys M.; MORROW, Louisa; MORROW, Willliam; MOSS, Edna H.; MOYERS, David Earl; MOYERS, Doris Louise; MOYERS, Dorothy M.; MOYERS, Family Monument; MOYERS, Floyd A.; MOYERS, George; MOYERS, Jessie M.; MOYERS, Pearl A.; MOYERS, Rebecca E.; MOYERS HARRISON, Frances W.; MOYERS WALKER, Hattie; MUNDELL, Loretta; MUNDELL, Paul Jarvis; MUNSHOWER, Edson F.; MUNSHOWER, Nellie Luella; MUNSHOWER, Sarah A.; MURRAY, Carol B.; MURRAY, Charles E.; MURRAY, Charles W.; MURRAY, Charles William; MURRAY, Henry; MURRAY, Sarah Catharine
N:   NAYLOR, Alpha J.; NAYLOR, Elvin L.; NAYLOR, Harlan H., Rev.; NAYLOR, Mabel J.; NAYLOR, Mildred E.; NAYOR, Harlan Henry Jr.; NEAL, Guy; NELSON, Callie; NELSON, Gustaf; NELSON, Ilylla Marie; NELSON, Ilylla Marie; NELSON CARLSON, Anna L.; NELSON HUNT, Mame; NELSON MCKEEVER, Daisy; NEWCOMB, Charler Eugene; NICHOLS, Alta M.; NICHOLS, Anna; NICHOLS, Barbara J; NICHOLS, Bertha L.; NICHOLS, Clarke E.; NICHOLS, Clifford; NICHOLS, Clifford K.; NICHOLS, Dwight Laird; NICHOLS, Emma; NICHOLS, Emma Mae; NICHOLS, Grant E.; NICHOLS, Harriet A.; NICHOLS, James; NICHOLS, Joshua; NICHOLS, Justin Blaine; NICHOLS, Leo Z.; NICHOLS, Marie Tracy; NICHOLS, Marion R.; NICHOLS, Mary J.; NICHOLS, Merlin L.; NICHOLS, Merlin Leroy Jr.; NICHOLS, Opal P.; NICHOLS, Orval M.; NICHOLS, Robert K. Sr.; NICHOLS, Rodney Max; NICHOLS, Samuel Craig; NICHOLS, Troy Townsend; NICHOLS JARVIS, Maud A.; NICHOLS KERR, Gladys; NICHOLSON, Helen; NICHOLSON, Lloyd L.; NICHOLSON, Nancy; NOLAN, Dorothy Helena; NORDSTROM, Infant Daughter; NORRBUM, Peter J.; NOSS, David H.; NOSS, Marcella M.; NOSS, Patricia J.; NOTT, Bertha D.; NOTT, Donald H.; NOTT, Gary B.; NOTT, Rollie H.
O:   O'DAY FRANK, Dollie; O'DAY FRANK, Dollie; OAKLEY, Belle; OAKLEY, Lillian Lela; OAKLEY, Ollie; OBBS, George N.; OCHILTEE, Margaret Bell; OCHILTREE, Elizabeth; OCHILTREE, Family Monument; OCHILTREE, Margaret G.; OCHILTREE, Marshall; OCHILTREE, O. Stanly; OCHILTREE, Sarah J. N.; OCHILTREE, Thomas; OCHILTREE QUIGLEY, Mattie E.; OGLE, Adda; OGLE, Clarence D.; OGLE, Wilbert T.; OKELL, Family Monument; OKELL, Frank; OKELL, Mary E.; OKELL CARLSON, Viola; ORCHARD, Anderson; ORCHARD, Caroline; ORCHARD, Estella; ORR, Amanda Y.; ORR, Amanda; ORR, Amanda Y.; ORR, Eugene M.; ORR, Eugene M.; ORR, Eva; ORR, Jay Everett; ORR, Leila; ORR, Margaret; ORR, Samuel; ORR, Samuel R.; ORR, Velma M.; ORR KINKEAD, Rebecca F.; ORR MCCLURE, Donna; OWENS, Addie L.; OWENS, Addie L.; OWENS, Albert E.; OWENS, Alma M.; OWENS, Anna B.; OWENS, Bessie M.; OWENS, Chester M.; OWENS, Earl E.; OWENS, Family Monument; OWENS, G. L. "Vern"; OWENS, George B.; OWENS, Georgia; OWENS, Harry B.; OWENS, Harry B.; OWENS, Irena J.; OWENS, Jemima; OWENS, John B.; OWENS, Joseph M.; OWENS, Joseph M.; OWENS, Leonard G.; OWENS, Louie M.; OWENS, Mary Lucille; OWENS, Maude L.; OWENS, Randall R.; OWENS, Robert O.; OWENS, Robert O.; OWENS, Velta E.; OWENS, Vernon E.; OWENS ENKE, Alda F.; OWENS LEE, Lucille; OWENS LEIGHTON, Martha; OWENS WILLSON, Doris; OYSTER, Bernard L.; OYSTER, Susan Elaine
P:   PAISLEY, Frances T.; PAISLEY, Francis T.; PAISLEY, Ida A.; PAISLEY, Infant; PAISLEY, Jane; PAISLEY, Samuel M.; PAISLEY, Sarah; PAISLEY SKINNER, Susannah; PAISLEY SWAN, Ann Eliza; PARK, Royal G.; PARKHURST, Lois E.; PARKHURST, Terry L.; PARSONS, Almira M.; PARSONS, Family Monument; PARSONS, Marcus; PATRICK, Clyde W.; PATRICK, Vivian; PATTERSON, Adda Bell; PATTERSON, Anna M; PATTERSON, Charles R.; PATTERSON, Christena B.; PATTERSON, David Renwick; PATTERSON, Family Monument; PATTERSON, Harvey Galbraith; PATTERSON, James F; PATTERSON, James Wiley; PATTERSON, Kenneth Robert; PATTERSON, Lizzie; PATTERSON, Louisa S.; PATTERSON, Margaret; PATTERSON, Margaret R; PATTERSON, Mary; PATTERSON, Merle Orson; PATTERSON, Raymond L.; PATTERSON, Samuel; PATTERSON CURRAN, Maria; PATTERSON SELZER, Eleanor M.; PATTON, Anna; PATTON, Thomas, Rev.; PEEL, Barton G.; PEEL, Edmond G.; PEEL, Elizabeth; PEEL, Family monument; PEEL, G. H. Arther; PEEL, George B.; PEEL, Isaih B.; PEEL, J. E. A., Rev; PEEL, John; PEEL, John E.; PEEL, Katie; PEEL, Percy M.; PEEL, Rebecca; PEEL, Rebecca J.; PEEL, Richard; PEEL, Tillie C.; PEEL ENKE, Elizabeth M.; PEEL ENKEL, Elizabeth M.; PEPPER, Harry M.; PERKINS, Lillie; PETERS, Eleanor R.; PETERS, George O.; PETERSON, Avis V.; PETERSON, Charles A.; PETERSON, Esta; PETERSON, Family Monument; PETERSON, Helen E.; PETERSON, John; PETERSON, Leah A.; PETERSON, Lon E.; PETERSON, Marlyn A.; PETERSON, Paul A.; PETERSON, Rush E.; PETERSON, Sophie H.; PETERSON, Stanley G.; PETERSON, Yvonne A.; PIERCE, Curtis Peter; PIERCE, Elizabeth; PIERCE, Family Monument; PIERCE, Gertrude; PIERCE, Joshua Lee; PIERCE, LeRoy; PIERCE, Leroy Kauffman; PIERCE, Nancy Ann; PIERCE GILBERTSON, Charlotta Ann; PITTMAN, Clarence E.; PITTMAN, Donna M.; PITTMAN, Family Monument; POBUDA, Janice A.; POBUDA, Joseph A.; POBUDA, Joseph F.; POBUDA, Verlee M.; POBUDA, Verlee M.; POGEMILLER, Albert W.; POGEMILLER, Donald M.; POGEMILLER, Famiily Monument; POGEMILLER, Gladys; POGEMILLER, Henry; POGEMILLER, M. Frances; POGEMILLER, Matilda P.; POGEMILLER, Mildred F.; POGEMILLER, Olive; POGEMILLER, Raymond; POGEMILLER, William; POLLOCK, Bert J.; PONTZIUS, Exie E.; PONTZIUS, Forrest G.; POTTER, Chalmers C.; POTTER, Frances W.; PUSHMAN, Garabed; PUSHMAN, Geneva; PUSHMAN, Geneva
Q:   QUIGLEY, Family Monument; QUIGLEY, Kathleen; QUIGLEY, Kathleen; QUIGLEY, Mattie E.
R:   RAMER KRIDER, Emma Jane; RANDOLL, Gary Lee; RANDOLL, Granville H.; RANDOLL, Louise M.; RANDOLL, Richard G.; RANDOLPH LAIRD, Ellen; RAUSHENBERGER, L. W.; RAUSHENBERGER, Mary E.; RAUSHENBERGER, Sylvanus; REDDICK, N. Maude; REECE, Harry W.; REECE, Lola M.; REECE, Muriel M.; REECE, Silence; REES, Edward T.; REES, Nira L.; REID, D. Llyod; REID, John A.; REID, John W.; REID, John W.; REID, Leila S.; REID, Nancy M.; REID, Rachel Nancy; REID, Rebecka Ann; REID TAYLOR, Margaret; REIMAN, Betty Jean; REIMAN, Stanley L.; RELE EDWARDS, Alta; REYNOLDS, Margaret; REYNOLDS, Oliver, Dr.; REYNOLDS, W. Sidwell; RHODES, Adda; RICE, Mary E.; RICE, Paul; RICE, Ralph C.; RICE NICHOLSON, Helen; RICH ALLEN, Mabel; RICHARDSON, Esther R.; RICHARDSON, Memorial Bench; RICHARDSON, Robert R.; RICHENBERGER, Luellen M. "Lu"; RICHENBERGER, Rex Orval; RICHENBERGER, Robert D.; RICHENBERGERR, Mary Irmalea; RIGGALL, Naomi; ROBBINS, Joseph H.; ROBBINS, Keith H.; ROBBINS, Shirley L.; ROBERTSON, John H.; ROBINSON, John H.; ROCK, Andrew B.; ROCK, Curtis E.; ROCK, Curtis E.; ROCK, Lora; ROCK, Martha F.; ROGERS, Baja Lou; ROGERS, Baja Lou; ROHLFING, Ethel A.; ROHLFING, Louis C.; ROLLER, Marjorie Marie; ROLLER, Raney W.; ROSS, Alice; ROSS, Carl T.; ROSS, Charles; ROSS, Deborah; ROSS, Elias N.; ROSS, Ella J.; ROSS, Family Monument; ROSS, Frank D.; ROSS, Herman E.; ROSS, Jasper N.; ROSS, Jesse C.; ROSS, John; ROSS, John Quincy; ROSS, Laura E.; ROSS, Mae; ROSS, Malinda E.; ROSS, Margaret; ROSS, Mary Ettie; ROSS, Mary Frances; ROSS, Minnie Pearl; ROSS, Thomas; ROSS SWANSON, Geneva H.; ROWE, Rachell; ROYER, James; ROYER, S. Allie; ROYER, Shaphan H.; RUBLE, James S.; RUPPERT WUNNENBERG, Marie; RUSSBULT, Henry; RUSSELL, Frank William
S:   SAMSON, Irene; SAMSON, Louis Merle; SAMUELS, Geneva Marie; SAMUELS, Robert L.; SAMUELS, Robert Leroy; SANDERS, Bertha H.; SANDS, Dick M.; SANDS, Dick M.; SANDY, Anna A.; SANDY, John A.; SANDY, William H.; SCALES, E. Marie; SCALES, Frank B.; SCHENK, Albert; SCHENK, Caroline; SCHENK, David; SCHENK, Mary; SCHENK, Sophia; SCHENK, William Conrad; SCHMIDT, Eugene Russell; SCHMIDT, Miriam J.; SCHMIDT, Paul D.; SCHMIDT, Ralph J.; SCHMIDT, Wanda M.; SCHMIED, Charles "Ed"; SCHMIED, Linda Kay; SCHOFIELD, Isaac; SCHOFIELD, Joseph Clinton; SCHOFIELD, Laura; SCHOFIELD, Nellie; SCHOFIELD, Sara J.; SCHROEDER, Henry Louis; SCHULER, Louie; SCHULZ, Helen M.; SCHULZ, LeRoy C.; SCOTT, Family Monument; SCOTT, George; SCOTT, Leland Parker; SCOTT, Margaret; SCOTT, Mary T.; SEATON, Gordon; SEATON, Gordon; SECREST, Charles R.; SECREST, Joyce L.; SECREST, June M.; SECREST, Lucinda; SECREST, Ralph R.; SECREST, Robert H.; SECREST, Sandra Jean; SEFTON, Family Monument; SEFTON, J. F.; SEFTON, Mina J.; SELZER, Eleanor M.; SELZER, John R.; SEXTON, Clark M.; SEXTON, Clark M.; SEXTON, Mabelle; SEYLER, Albert J.; SEYLER, Fern; SHACKLE, Hattie Zoe; SHADLE, Cathy; SHAW, Lorraine B.; SHEAKLEY, William A.; SHERWOOD, Elda Marie; SHERWOOD, Harley Clyde; SHIPMAN GREGORY, Nellie M.; SHUTTER, Edith; SHUTTER, Grant; SIMMIONDS, Myrtle; SIMMONS, Betty; SIMMONS, Charles Bailey; SIMMONS, Elsie E.; SIMMONS, J. Ben; SIMPSON, Elgie S.; SIMPSON, George H.; SIMPSON, George H.; SIMPSON, Henry Leuty; SIMPSON, J. G.; SIMPSON, Laura; SIMPSON, Mildred C.; SIMPSON, Ruth; SIMPSON NICHOLS, Anna; SISCO, Darcy Rae; SIVERLY, Earl H.; SIVERLY, Edward W.; SIVERLY, Lois M.; SIVERLY, Minnie P.; SIVERLY, Rachel; SKINNER, Francis E.; SKINNER, Gibson; SKINNER, Harriet M.; SKINNER, May F.; SKINNER, Rebecca; SKINNER, Susannah; SKINNER, Willa Maude; SKINNER, William; SKRUKRUD, Robert Allen; SLIGH, Eliza; SLIGH, James; SMITH, Alfred E.; SMITH, Amy M.; SMITH, Anna; SMITH, Beulah S.; SMITH, Charles C.; SMITH, Charles E.; SMITH, Charles H.; SMITH, Clara C.; SMITH, Dale H.; SMITH, Darline M.; SMITH, Dora; SMITH, Dwight W.; SMITH, Grace E.; SMITH, Harold C.; SMITH, Henry; SMITH, J. G. M.; SMITH, Jack; SMITH, James G. M.; SMITH, Jerry; SMITH, Jerry; SMITH, Joe A.; SMITH, Jonas W.; SMITH, Julian A; SMITH, Kathryn Louise; SMITH, Lenn M.; SMITH, Lewis; SMITH, Lois L.; SMITH, Margaret L.; SMITH, Mary; SMITH, N. Larry; SMITH, Nellie; SMITH, Nora B.; SMITH, Richard M.; SMITH, Robert Milton; SMITH, Sammie R.; SMITH, Sherry Lynn; SMITH, Shirley L.; SMITH, Susan; SMITH, Tonya; SMITH, Tonya; SMITH, Wilhelmine; SMITH DOPLER, Nellie M.; SMITH MCELHINNEY, Lois; SMYTH, Myrtle A.; SMYTH, William R.; SPAFFORD, Benjamin F.; SPAFFORD, Mary J.; SPAFFORD, Orvel Glenn; SPEARS, Ann; SPOHN, Frieda K; SPRAGUE COURTS, Lynn; SPRINGSTEEN, Gladys M.; SPRINGSTEEN, Kenneth L.; SPROULL TRUMBULL, Mary; STAFFORD, Fanny; STAFFORD, J. Grant; STANFORD, J. Carl; STANFORD, Nancy E.; STANFORD, Robert L.; STANFORD, Rosemary H.; STAPLES, M. Estella; STEAD, Alma Lois; STEAD, Benjamin A.; STEAD, Gordon F.; STEEL, Charles J.; STEEL, Nora; STEEL, Nora; STEGEMEYER, Elda M.; STERETT, C. Otto; STERETT, Charles E.; STERETT, David C.; STERETT, Eliza; STERETT, Family Monument; STERETT, Family Monument; STERETT, Jennie; STERETT, John; STERETT, Lutie E.; STERETT, Margaret; STERETT HOKE, Winifred; STERRETT, Arabella; STERRETT, Ella A.; STERRETT, Ella A.; STERRETT, Family Monument; STERRETT, Imogene; STERRETT, James; STERRETT, James; STERRETT, Leigh G.; STEWARD, Jane A.; STEWARD, Jane A.; STEWARD, William P.; STEWART, Eleanor C.; STEWART, Ernest M.; STEWART, Eva; STEWART, Family Monument; STEWART, John E.; STEWART, John G.; STEWART, John R.; STEWART, Lillian; STEWART, M. Blanche; STEWART, Martha L.; STEWART, Mary E.; STEWART, Max M.; STEWART, Roland H.; STEWART, Roy W.; STEWART, Sylvania A.; STEWART MOFFETT, Jessie; STITT KERR, Mary H.; STODGELL, Charles R.; STODGELL, Ellen; STODGELL, Evalyn M.; STODGELL, Flora; STODGELL, John W.; STODGELL, Lee; STODGELL, Melissa J.; STODGELL HANSON, Daisy; STODGELL IRISH, Martha L.; STORER, Mary Jane; STOTLAR, Cora M.; STOTTS, Arche E. "Gene"; STRAWBACKER, Henry; STROUP, Della Ruth; STROUP, G. W.; STROUP, Sarah; STROUP, William N.; SUMMERS, Janan L.; SWAFFORD, Harold Ivan; SWAFFORD, Ivon V.; SWAFFORD, Roselle; SWAFFORD, Victor; SWAFFORD THOMPSON, Hazel; SWAN, Alexander C.; SWAN, Ann Eliza; SWAN, Anna Ellen; SWAN, Anna M.; SWAN, C. M. Reverand; SWAN, Cora Bell; SWAN, Dianna; SWAN, E. M.; SWAN, Edith L.; SWAN, Elizabeth; SWAN, Family Monument; SWAN, Family Monument; SWAN, G. M., Rev; SWAN, G. M., Rev.; SWAN, George L.; SWAN, Hannah Caroline; SWAN, J. Fred; SWAN, J. W.; SWAN, J. William; SWAN, James M.; SWAN, Jennie; SWAN, John A.; SWAN, Joseph; SWAN, Joseph J.; SWAN, Margaret M.; SWAN, Mary B.; SWAN, Mary I.; SWAN, Mattie E.; SWAN, Mattie E.; SWAN, Mollie B.; SWAN, Mollie B.; SWAN, Nancy A.; SWAN, Noel E.; SWAN, Oscar K. (Military); SWAN, Samantha Jane; SWAN, Susan; SWAN, Susan L.; SWAN, Wallace C.; SWAN, William C.; SWAN CALLAHAN, Mollie B.; SWANSON, Cecil Edgar; SWANSON, Elmer E.; SWANSON, F. Duane; SWANSON, Geneva H.; SWANSON, Glenn C.; SWANSON, Harriet S.; SWANSON, Nellie M.; SWANSON, Sidney; SWANSON, Sophie S.; SWANSON, Walter Wesley; SWANSON ANDERSON, Evalena M.; SWARD, Stine Carrie; SWARTS, hARILIE e.; SWARTS, Jesse; SWARTS, Matilda J.; SWARTZ, David; SWARTZ, Edgar; SWARTZ, G. Gramt; SWARTZ, Harry L.; SWARTZ, Joy O.; SWARTZ, Mary Ann; SWARTZ, Olive
T:   TACKENBERG, Family Monument; TACKENBERG, Robert Jeffrey; TALBOT, Clara H.; TALBOT, Clarence W.; TALBOT, Family Monument; TALBOT, Jessie; TALBOT, Melville C.; TAYLOR, Fred H.; TAYLOR, George E.; TAYLOR, Margaret; TAYLOR, Mary Elizabeth; THARP, Alceste; THEDE WILSON, Estelle A; THOMAS, Dale O.; THOMAS, Darell D.; THOMAS, Frances L.; THOMAS, Isham; THOMAS, J. Harold; THOMAS, James H.; THOMAS, Jennie; THOMAS, Linda Lee; THOMAS, Lyle D.; THOMAS, M. Jane; THOMAS, Mamie A.; THOMAS, Willie; THOMAS, Willie; THOMAS SCHULER, Louie; THOMPSN, Roxy; THOMPSON, Carl A.; THOMPSON, Emily A.; THOMPSON, Family Monument; THOMPSON, Hazel; THOMPSON, Ira L.; THOMPSON, J. McCleod; THOMPSON, Rose B.; THOMPSON, Samuel A.; THOMPSON, Sue; THOMPSON, W. A.; THURMAN, Beverly Rose; TILLMAN, Margaret; TIMMONS, Annie M.; TIMMONS, Miller B.; TISOR, Floyd LaRoy; TISOR, Floyd LaRoy; TISOR, Jean Madelyn; TISOR, Jean Madelyn; TODD, Blanche M.; TODD, John A.; TODD, Margaret E.; TODD, Martha E.; TODD, Martha Pauline; TODD, Michael Lea; TODD, Milford M.; TODD, Ralph L.; TODD, T. Calvin; TODD, Thomas; TODD, Verma L.; TOMSON, Kelly Eugene; TOMSON, Kelly Eugene; TOMSON, Martha M.; TOMSON, Nancy Nana; TOMSON BURGE, Susie M.; TRASK, Adella; TRASK, Mary; TROTTMAN, Addie U.; TROTTMAN, Jackson H.; TRUMBULL, Charles DeWitt, D. D.; TRUMBULL, Family Monument; TRUMBULL, J. Charles; TRUMBULL, Mary; TUBBS, Don W.; TUBBS, Don W.; TUBBS, Oscar B.; TUBBS, Pearl L.; TURNER, Jno.; TURNER, W. L. "Bill"; TUTTLE, Jack Glenn
U:   UMPHREY, Anna; UMPHREY, Geoffrey Paul; UMPHREY, George; UMPHREY, Mart B.; UMPHREY, Maude Mae; UMPHREY, Thomas J.; UMPHREY GREGORY, Marietta E.; UMPHREY HOWEY, Margretta; UNKNOWN, Mary; UPSON, Emma D.; UPSON, Family Monument; UPSON, Frank L.; UPSON, Frank Leslie; UPSON, Horace; UPSON, Sarah; UPSON, W. Clayton; UPSON HARRIS, Lucille; UPSON REECE, Silence
W:   WA;LER, Jennie Hannah; WALKER, Aleta M.; WALKER, Belle E.; WALKER, C. Lee; WALKER, George P.; WALKER, Hattie; WALKER, J. Edward; WALKER, James; WALKER, Lester Hewitt; WALKER, Nancy; WALKER, Phebe; WALKER, Ross A.; WALKER, Samuel N.; WALKER, Sarah J.; WALKER, Verona V.; WALKER, Vinnie; WALKER BELLES, Mazie; WALKER BRUMM, Leota; WALLACE, James Stanley; WALLACE, James Stanley; WALSH, Edward; WALSH, Edward J.; WALSH, John H.; WALSH, M. Jane; WALSH, Mary; WALSH, Philip M.; WASHBURN, Otis W.; WASHBURN, Wilma; WASSON BOWERS, Bonnie J.; WATSON, James William; WATSON, John Elmer; WATSON, John Elmer; WATSON, Lois E.; WATSON, Roy W.; WATSON, Roy W. "Bill"; WATSON, Troy David; WEAVER ALLEN, Clara; WEBER, Howard E.; WEBSTER, Eli H.; WEBSTER, Harriet; WEINRICH, Elda M.; WEINRICH, Elda M.; WEINRICH, Walter C.; WEINRICH, Walter C.; WESTFALL WALKER, Vinnie; WHEELER, Bernard N.; WHEELER, Bessie M.; WHEELER, Catherine E.; WHEELER, Elisha H.; WHEELER, Harold L.; WHEELER, Harry H.; WHEELER, Jerry Robert; WHEELER, Myrtle; WHEELER, Norman T.; WHEELER, Roxy B.; WHEELER JARVIS, Minnie W.; WHITCOMB, Wilbur W. Sr., Rev.; WHITE, Franklin Thomas; WHITE, Gladys M.; WHITED, George; WHITED, Rosanna; WHITED, Susan; WHITED, William; WHITHAM, Charles E.; WHITHAM, Evelyn M.; WHITHAM, Ferrol M.; WHITHAM, Forrest M.; WHITHAM, James A.; WHITHAM, Jennie; WHITHAM, Tressa F.; WHITMAN, Johnnie W.; WICK, Don W.; WILEY, Esther E.; WILEY, Florence; WILEY, Harvey T.; WILEY, Infant Daughter; WILEY, Lawrence; WILEY, Mary Wilma; WILEY, Pauline L.; WILEY, Ted H.; WILEY, Wilda J.; WILKERSON, Maynard D.; WILLIAMS, Coeta C.; WILLIAMS, Danny LeRoy; WILLIAMS, Danny LeRoy; WILLIAMS, James W.; WILLIAMS, L. Eugene; WILLIAMS, L. Eugene; WILLIAMSON, Cheryl Kay; WILLIS KINKEAD, Eleanor; WILLIS KINKEAD, Eleanor; WILLITS, Francis Murry; WILLITS, Glennie Ruth; WILLITS, Joseph Murry; WILLITS, Richard Britton; WILLSON, Daughter; WILLSON, David T.; WILLSON, Doris; WILLSON, Elda A.; WILLSON, Family Monument; WILLSON, Family Monument; WILLSON, Frank E. (Military); WILLSON, Freda I.; WILLSON, Harold L.; WILLSON, Hattie B.; WILLSON, Infant Daughter; WILLSON, Infant Son; WILLSON, James Armour; WILLSON, James R.; WILLSON, John E.; WILLSON, L. Maude; WILLSON, Leah R.; WILLSON, Martha E.; WILLSON, Mary E.; WILLSON, Maurice M.; WILLSON, May Mertz; WILLSON, Nancy Ann; WILLSON, Oliver L.; WILLSON, S. Bruce; WILLSON, Samuel; WILLSON, Son; WILLSON, Zacheus James; WILLSON LUPTON, Martha E.; WILSON, A. Verne; WILSON, Adaline; WILSON, Almina M.; WILSON, Anna E.; WILSON, Anna J.; WILSON, Arthur V. Sr.; WILSON, Bethany Marie; WILSON, Charles B.; WILSON, Charles C.; WILSON, Charles I.; WILSON, Charlynn Jane; WILSON, Clarissa; WILSON, David T.; WILSON, Donald E.; WILSON, Donald E., MD; WILSON, Doris Lavern; WILSON, Dorothy B.; WILSON, Edna; WILSON, Edna; WILSON, Ella May; WILSON, Ella May; WILSON, Emma; WILSON, Estelle A.; WILSON, Ethel M.; WILSON, Ethel M.; WILSON, Eva J.; WILSON, Evelyn M.; WILSON, F. V.; WILSON, Family Monument; WILSON, Family Monument; WILSON, Fannie B.; WILSON, Floyd E.; WILSON, George; WILSON, Georgia M.; WILSON, Grace L.; WILSON, Harold E.; WILSON, Harold S.; WILSON, Hattie B.; WILSON, J. Earl; WILSON, J. Ralph; WILSON, James E.; WILSON, James H.; WILSON, James Harvey; WILSON, John; WILSON, Jon Edgar; WILSON, Judy Kay; WILSON, Judy Kay; WILSON, Kyle C.; WILSON, L. Ray; WILSON, Leah R.; WILSON, Leota C.; WILSON, Lorna M.; WILSON, Lucy B.; WILSON, M. Myrtle; WILSON, Marie; WILSON, Marion C.; WILSON, Marlene S.; WILSON, Martha E.; WILSON, Marvel K.; WILSON, Mary A.; WILSON, Mary E.; WILSON, Mary E.; WILSON, Mary J.; WILSON, Mary L.; WILSON, Miriam; WILSON, Nellie E.; WILSON, Nellie E.; WILSON, Ralph E.; WILSON, Russell; WILSON, Samuel F.; WILSON, Samuel M.; WILSON, Sean Ryan; WILSON, Susan M.; WILSON, T. D.; WILSON, Thomas Renwick; WILSON, Una Lacey; WILSON, Una Lacey; WILSON, W. G.; WILSON, Wallace Hutcheson; WILSON, Wallace Hutcheson; WILSON, Wayne J.; WILSON, William G.; WILSON, William L.; WILSON, William M.; WILSON, William M.; WILSON, William Wayne; WILSON CARRICK, Maude; WILSON MCKEEVER, Mary A.; WOLF, Levi; WOLFE, Archie; WOLFE, Archie C.; WOLFE, Cecile; WOLFE, Fern; WOLFE, Frances M.; WOLFE, Gerrie; WOLFE, James J.; WOLFE, Mattie A.; WOLFE, Melvin Kim; WOLFE, Willa A.; WOLFE DISTELHORST, Betty Coetta; WOLFE RIGGALL, Naomi; WOLVERTON, Betty Jean; WOLVERTON, Clayton; WOLVERTON, John E; WOLVERTON, John E.; WOLVERTON, Mary E.; WOLVERTON, Mary E.; WOLVERTON, Nellie; WOOD, Iona S.; WOOD, Wesley J.; WRIGHT, Aden W.; WRIGHT, Clarence; WRIGHT, Edda L.; WRIGHT, Emma Lucile; WRIGHT, Etta M.; WRIGHT, Family Monument; WRIGHT, Family Monument; WRIGHT, Family Monument; WRIGHT, Fred H.; WRIGHT, Gay W.; WRIGHT, Ida M.; WRIGHT, J. Ed; WRIGHT, James B.; WRIGHT, James B.; WRIGHT, James W.; WRIGHT, John R.; WRIGHT, Martha M.; WRIGHT, Mary; WRIGHT, Mary J.; WRIGHT, Mildred V.; WRIGHT, Rececca .; WRIGHT, Robert A.; WRIGHT, Robert H.; WRIGHT, Sarah M.; WRIGHT, Susannah; WRIGHT, Susie B.; WRIGHT, T. P.; WRIGHT, William B.; WRIGHT, Zoe L.; WRIGHT, Zoe L.; WRIGHT BRAS, Lenora; WUNNENBERG, Clarence F.; WUNNENBERG, Clarice M.; WUNNENBERG, Marie; WYERMAN, George; WYERMAN, Idella
Y:   YOHE, Abraham S.; YOHE, Amy D.; YOHE, Cecil; YOHE, Chester C.; YOHE, Clyde; YOHE, Elizabeth J.; YOHE, Frank; YOHE, Glovinia; YOHE, Gwen Glovina; YOHE, Iona; YOHE, J. C. E.; YOHE, Louie A.; YOHE, Mary Jane; YOHE, Perry A.; YOHE, Philip W; YOHE, Richard Lloyd; YOHE, William O.; YOUNG, William
Z:   ZIGLAR ALDRICH, Mary L; ZWICKEY, Albert H.; ZWICKEY, Albert H.; ZWICKEY, Alice S.

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