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Oakfield (Exira Twp.) Cemetery - Audubon County, Iowa

There are 772 approved records.

A:   AITKEN CADWALLADER, Almira; AKERS, Alvie K.; AKERS, Byron J.; AKERS, Donald B. "Don"; AKERS, Elsie M.; AKERS, Frank D. "Frankie"; AKERS, Larry A.; AKERS, Lincoln; AKERS, Mary Berella; AKERS, Mary E.; AKERS, Otto G.; AKERS, Robert "Bobby"; AKERS, Robert Henry "Bob"; AKERS, Sylvia E.; AKERS, Sylvia E.; AKERS STAGER, Laura M.; ALDRICH, Ella M.; ALLEN ESSINGTON, Mary; ANDERSEN, Adeline K.; ANDERSEN, Dick L.; ANDERSEN, George G.; ANDERSEN ONKEN, Dorothea S.; ANDERSON, Andrew F. "A.F."; ANDERSON, Arthur G.; ANDERSON, Donald B.; ANDERSON, Evelyn L.; ANDERSON, Genevieve A.; ANDERSON, J. Philip; ANDERSON, Mary M.; ANDERSON, Mildred; ANDERSON, Mildred B.; ANDERSON, Osilla M.; ANDERSON, Ronald G.; ANDERSON, S. Raymond; ANDERSON ONKEN, Anna K. "Annie"; ANDREWS, Claude N.; ANDREWS, Family Monument; ANDREWS, Jennie M.; ARCHER, Norman; ARCHER, Sarah; ATKINSON, Audrey E.; ATKINSON, George W.; ATKINSON, John
B:   BAKER WOOD, Lucy C.; BANNING, Mable; BANNING, Manda; BANNING, Unknown; BANNING, Willie; BARLOW, David; BARLOW BEERS, Rachel; BARTLETT, Arlene; BARTLETT, Elbridge G.; BARTLETT, Emeline; BARTLETT, Father; BARTLETT, George; BARTLETT, Horace M. "H. M."; BARTLETT, Jeannette; BARTLETT, Lawton W.; BARTLETT, Mabel E.; BARTLETT, Mabel E.; BARTLETT, Martha E.; BARTLETT, Mother (Martha E.); BARTLETT, Washington; BARTLETT ANDERSON, Mildred; BARTLETT ANDERSON, Mildred; BARTLETT BILLS, Vivian; BARTLETT REYNOLDS, Lillie E.; BASHAM, Addison; BASHAM, Arthur; BASHAM, Father; BASHAM, J. H. (Joel Hardin); BASHAM, Mother; BASHAM, Sarah Melissa; BAUMGARDNER WALKER, Olive B.; BECK VORM, Vera; BEERS, John W.; BEERS, Lola Ann; BEERS, Lona C.; BEERS, Miles; BEERS, Rachel; BEERS DIMICK, Eva Jane; BEERS SMITH, Emily Jane; BEST, Linda Rae; BIELER RICH, Barbara A.; BILLS, Agnes; BILLS, Elam H.; BILLS, Lucile; BILLS, Merritt H.; BILLS, Millroy; BILLS, Vivian; BILLS, Wilbur A.; BILLS THIELEN, Jo Ann; BINNS, John; BINNS, Rachel; BINNS COTTON, Mary M.; BISOM MILLER, Imo; BLACK JENKINS, Mayme E.; BLANK STONEKING, Elizabeth; BLOM SMITH, Lydia C.; BOEHME, Rose A.; BORDEN, Beverly; BREAKENRIDGE, Albert D.; BREAKENRIDGE, Bernice M.; BREAKENRIDGE, G. H.; BREAKENRIDGE, Gail A.; BRINKERHOFF PEARSON, Adeline; BROWN SMITH, Marilyn; BURNS, Andrew J.; BURNS, Eliza; BURTON, Family Monument; BURTON, Henry; BURTON, Henry Smith; BURTON, Maria; BURTON HUNTER, Emma A.; BUTLER, Maria D.; BUTLER, Maria D.
C:   CADWALLADER, Almira; CADWALLADER, Jesse; CADWALLADER, Lucy Jane; CADWALLADER, Moses; CANNON, Arthur C.; CANNON, Calvin R.; CANNON, Daisy P.; CANNON, Ellis W.; CANNON, John W.; CANNON, Neal Duane; CANNON EVANS, Mildred M.; CANNON HALLOCK, Opal L.; CANNON JACKSON, Ida M.; CANNON MCGOVERN, Hilda A.; CANNON ORDWAY, Alice M. "Ally"; CANNON SAYRES, Dolly E.; CARLEY, Matilda; CARMICHAEL, Mary Ann; CARPENTER, Ruth; CARREY, Agnes; CARREY, Bell; CARREY, Fred; CART, Earl; CART, Earl; CART, Grandma; CART, Mary J.; CART, Robert (Robert W.); CART, Robert W.; CARVER, Clara; CHAMBERLAIN, J. W.; CHAMBERLEN, Almilda; CHAMBERLEN, D. W. "Dan"; CHAMBERLEN, Guy D.; CHAMBERLEN, Joabe G.; CHAMBERLEN, Louisa; CHAMBERLEN, Mary T.; CHAMBERLEN JONES, Ruby; CHASE, Christeann "Tina"; CHASE, Frank; CHASE, George W.; CHASE, George W. "Joe"; CHASE, Guy Gerald; CHASE, Infant Daughter; CHASE, L. D. "Dee"; CHASE, Laura; CHASE, Leon L.; CHASE, Mary S.; CHASE, Wesley D. "Wes"; CHASE JENKINS, C. W.; CHASE JENKINS, Clarissa W.; CHASE LOWERS, Ellen "Nelli"; CHASE WHITNEY, Harriett A.; CHASE WOLFE, Nellie; CHEEVER, Albertus V.; CHEEVER, Infant Twin Son 1; CHEEVER, Infant Twin Son 2; CHEEVER LOWERS, Amanda P.; CHRISTENSEN, Cathryn E. "Katie"; CHRISTENSEN, Charles P.; CHRISTENSEN SYKES, Jennie M.; CHRISTOFFERSON, Jens; CHRISTY SHEAKLEY, Isabel; CLARK, Ina May; CLARK, Juliet D.; CLARK, Ponder; CLARK, Riley P.; CLARK, William; COTTON, Family Monument; COTTON, George E.; COTTON, J. O.; COTTON, Mary M.; COTTON IDE, Sarah E. "Lizzie S."; COUSINS, Joshua; COUSINS, Lenora; COUSINS GEARHEART, Alta M.; CRAIG HARTER, Eliza J. (Elizabeth Jane); CRANEY, Carolee Emily "Kay"; CUPPY BARTLETT, Martha E.; CUPPY BARTLETT, Mother (Martha E.); CURRY CHRISTENSEN, Cathryn E. "Katie"; CYPHERS JENKINS, Josephine
D:   DAFFORD, Caroline; DAFFORD, F. Gertrude; DAFFORD, George H.; DAFFORD, Robert N.; DAFFORD, Rolle B.; DAVIS, Jerusha P.; DAVIS CLARK, Juliet C.; DAY HORTON, Mother; DAY HORTON, Sarah J.; DENNIS, Darwin D.; DENNIS, John S. "Butch"; DENNIS, Mary L.; DEVINE JENKINS, Mollie L.; DEVINE JENKINS, Mollie L.; DIMICK, Calvin I.; DIMICK, Eva Jane; DISSMORE, Mary Elizabeth; DOYLE, George W.; DOYLE, Meredith C.; DRIVER HEATH, Lucy A.; DUNN MURPHY, Jane
E:   EAGLES SMITH, Frances "Fannie"; ESSINGTON, Annie M.; ESSINGTON, Family Monument; ESSINGTON, Family Monument; ESSINGTON, Fannie; ESSINGTON, Lorena (Leila); ESSINGTON, Madealine; ESSINGTON, Mary; ESSINGTON, Mary Ann; ESSINGTON, Roscoe; ESSINGTON, Thomas James; ESSINGTON, William "Will"; ESSINGTON BILLS, Agnes; ESSINGTON SMITH, Grace; EVANS, Gerald R.; EVANS, Judith Ann; EVANS, Mildred M.
F:   FISHER, Ema; FOLEY HENRY, Sarah Alice; FOWLER, Elmer; FOWLER, Lena; FRASIER, Geo. (George H.); FRASIER, George H.; FRASIER, Mary F.; FREELIN, Maude E.; FREEMAN, Clyde L.; FREEMAN, Don F.; FREEMAN, Ethel L.; FREEMAN, Family Monument; FREEMAN, Father; FREEMAN, Floyd; FREEMAN, Frank L. "F. L."; FREEMAN, George; FREEMAN, George H.; FREEMAN, Infant Son; FREEMAN, Lola; FREEMAN, Maie; FREEMAN, Mother; FREEMAN, Verl J.; FREEMAN, Verl J.; FREEMAN HARDWICK, Kathleen; FREEMAN NELSEN JENSEN, Marie; FREEMAN WALSH, Caroline
G:   GALVIN, Susie; GARDNER, Grace Wilma; GEARHEART, Alta M.; GEARHEART, Cleo; GEARHEART, John A.; GEARHEART, Leo; GERHART, L. K. (Lorettta Katherine); GERHART, Wm.; GERHART, Wm.; GILBERT JENKINS, Josephine; GILLMORE CARREY, Agnes; GINGERY, Fred (Fredrick); GINGERY, William (William George); GINGERY HARDWICK, Ellen; GOODRICH WHITMORE, Etta (Anna Harriett); GOTHARD, Wm. T.; GOTHARD STETZEL TOWLES, Rena; GWILLIAM, Emily; GWILLIAM, Emily; GWILLIAM, Jacob; GWILLIAM, Jacob; GWILLIAM, Jacob; GWILLIAM MCGUIRE, Nellie (Eleanor Louise)
H:   HALLOCK, Abigal H.; HALLOCK, Alice B.; HALLOCK, Charlie R. (Charles); HALLOCK, Chestie Irene; HALLOCK, Family Monument; HALLOCK, Family Monument; HALLOCK, Gertrude; HALLOCK, Isaac P. Jr.; HALLOCK, Isaac P. Sr.; HALLOCK, Keese; HALLOCK, Malinda A.; HALLOCK, Mary; HALLOCK, Olive "Ollie"; HALLOCK, Opal L.; HALLOCK, Percy; HALLOCK BASHAM, Mother; HALLOCK BASHAM, Sarah Melissa; HALLOCK DISSMORE, Mary Elizabeth; HANSEN, Ardell L.; HANSEN, Chad Everett; HANSEN, Gertrude M.; HANSEN, Mozelle; HANSEN, Richard N.; HANSEN, Ronald Thomas Henry, Jr.; HANSEN HANSEN, Ardell L.; HANSEN JENSEN, Martha C.; HARDMAN, Roy; HARDWICK, Ellen; HARDWICK, Elsie; HARDWICK, Evelyn; HARDWICK, Florence; HARDWICK, George; HARDWICK, Kathleen; HARDWICK, Mamie; HARDWICK, Minnie; HARDWICK, Roma; HARDWICK, Thomas "Tom"; HARDWICK, Walter R.; HARDWICK CHAMBERLEN, Louisa; HARDWICK GWILLIAM, Emily; HARDWICK GWILLIAM, Emily; HARDWICK JENKINS, Mable.; HARDWICK MAY, Maie; HARDWICK ONKEN, Elizabeth; HARRIS, Charles W.; HARRIS, Pauline; HARRIS AKERS, Mary Berella; HARRIS POWELL, Maria; HARTER, Dale Valentine; HARTER, Eliza J. (Elizabeth Jane); HARTER, Gracie (Grace V.); HARTER, Harie A.; HARTER, John S.; HARTER, John S.; HARTER, Louis C.; HARTER, Margaret A.; HARTER, Mary; HARTER, Preston; HARTER, Samuel N.; HARTER, Velma; HARTVIGSEN BEST, Linda Rae; HEATH, Adaline; HEATH, Adelbert; HEATH, Alice; HEATH, Amherst; HEATH, Charles A.; HEATH, Earl G.; HEATH, Elizabeth; HEATH, Gertrude; HEATH, Ina Ellen; HEATH, Lewis C. "Bud"; HEATH, Lucy A.; HEATH, Mark; HEATH, Mark; HEATH, Myrtle D.; HEATH, Wilford; HEATH BEERS, Lola Ann; HEATH CANNON, Daisy P.; HEATH GERHART, L. K. (Lorettta Katherine); HEATH LAMBERT, Kittie I.; HEATH PARROTT, Martha A.; HENRY, Ralph; HENRY, Sarah Alice; HESTIR, Bertha E.; HIGGINS, Florance; HINKLE, Inez E.; HINKLE, Jack M.; HINKLE, Laura; HINKLE, Marion W.; HINKLE, Mary; HINKLE, Ruth Vivian; HINKLE, Vera L.; HINKLE, Willis M.; HITE, W.; HOCKENBERRY, Clarence; HOCKENBERRY, Family Monument; HOCKENBERRY, Myrtle; HOCKENBERRY, Sarah A.; HOCKENBERRY HARDWICK, Roma; HOCKENBERRY JACKSON, Ida M.; HOOPER HOWELL, Elynor; HORTON, Asa T.; HORTON, Father; HORTON, Mother; HORTON, Sarah J.; HORTON, Thomas J.; HOWELL, Elynor ; HOWELL, Family Monument; HOWELL, Fannie R.; HOWELL, Pauline Harris; HOWELL, Peter F.; HOWELL FREELIN, Maude E.; HOWLETT, Abbie Dell; HOWLETT, Estelle E.; HOWLETT, George Cecil; HOWLETT, Mary J.; HOWLETT, Samuel; HOWLETT ESSINGTON, Mary Ann; HUDSON LEFLEUR, Mary J.; HUNTER, Emma A.; HUNTER, Henry; HUYCK, Mary; HUYCK, Ralph
I:   IDE, Owen F.; IDE, Rachel K.; IDE, Sarah E. "Lizzie S."; IDE ANDERSON, Mary M.
J:   JACKSON, Ida M.; JAMES HARRIS POWELL, Maria; JANSEN BARTLETT, Emeline; JENKINS, B. F.; JENKINS, B. F. (Benjamin Franklin); JENKINS, C. W.; JENKINS, Clarissa W.; JENKINS, Darthula R.; JENKINS, Family Monument; JENKINS, Frank "F.G."; JENKINS, Henrietta; JENKINS, Infant Daughter; JENKINS, Infant Son; JENKINS, Isaac H.; JENKINS, John S.; JENKINS, John T.; JENKINS, Josephine; JENKINS, Josephine; JENKINS, Mable; JENKINS, Malinda; JENKINS, Malinda; JENKINS, Marion E.; JENKINS, Maud C.; JENKINS, Mayme E.; JENKINS, Mollie L.; JENKINS, Mollie L.; JENKINS, Willis S.; JENKINS BARTLETT, Jeannette; JENKINS HALLOCK, Olive "Ollie"; JENKINS SYKES, Marg. J. "Maggie"; JENKS, Ruth; JENSEN, Anton "Tony"; JENSEN, Bertraum E.; JENSEN, Chris M. "Chrissy"; JENSEN, Eloise; JENSEN, H. Marenus; JENSEN, Marie; JENSEN, MarSaliene; JENSEN, Martha C.; JENSEN, Myrtle May; JENSEN, Walter Lincoln "Bus"; JENSEN HARDWICK, Evelyn ; JENSEN HESTIR, Bertha E.; JOHNSON, Eugine Kennerly; JOHNSON, Ida L.; JOHNSON, Lester R.; JOHNSON BURTON, Maria; JOHNSTON, Emmet A.; JOHNSTON, John S.; JOHNSTON, Sarah A.; JOHNSTON, Unknown; JOHNSTON, William A.; JONES, Alma M.; JONES, Erwin A.; JONES, George; JONES, Giles N.; JONES, Mabelle; JONES, Mary C.; JONES, Ruby; JONES, Tom (George Thomas); JONES, Willis; JONES PICKEN, Naomi; JUHL, Peggy S.
K:   KESSELRING, John G.; KESSELRING, Ted Arthur "Teddie"; KINNEY IDE, Rachel K.; KIRK, Norman L.; KLEMISH AKERS, Elsie M.; KLUEVER ANDERSON, Evelyn L.; KNIGHT, Dickie L.; KNIGHT, Norman L.; KNIGHT, Willard; KNOTT HOCKENBERRY, Sarah A.; KNUTSEN, Keith C.; KOOB, Emma M.; KOOB, Gertrude; KOOB, Glen E.; KOOB, Helen J.; KOOB, James L. "Jim"; KOOB, John A.; KOOB, Susie; KOOB, William Anton; KOOB MILLER, Kathleen D.; KRINGEL ANDERSON, Osilla M.
L:   LACEY HEATH BEERS, Lola Ann; LAMBERT, Charles M.; LAMBERT, Frank C.; LAMBERT, Gertrude M.; LAMBERT, Glenn; LAMBERT, Kittie I.; LAMBERT, Littig; LARGEY, James Patrick; LARGEY, James Patrick; LARSEN, Brook Edward; LARSEN, Chris N.; LARSEN, Sena; LARSEN KOOB, Emma M.; LEFFINGWELL, Horace V.; LEFLEUR, L. (Louis); LEFLEUR, Malinda J.; LEFLEUR, Mary J.; LEFLEUR, Oscar M.; LEFLEUR CHASE, Mary S.; LEMAR, Edna V.; LEWIS FREEMAN, Mother; LEWIS SMITH, Elizabeth; LILES CHASE, Laura; LOWERS, Amanda P.; LOWERS, Delbert D. "Dell"; LOWERS, Ellen "Nelli"; LOWERS, Sam; LUDWIG AKERS, Mary E.
M:   MASCHING FOWLER, Lena; MAY, Clyde; MAY, Franklin; MAY, Maie; MAY JENKS, Ruth; MAYBERRY, John; MAYBERRY, Margaret; MAYBERRY MAYBERRY, Margaret; MCDERMOTT, Roy C.; MCGOVERN, Hilda A.; MCGOVERN, Thomas J. "Tom"; MCGOVERN, Tom (Thomas J.); MCGUIRE, Nellie (Eleanor Louise); MCKIBBIN HINKLE, Vera L.; MCMASTER, Becton; MENDENHALL SMITH, Neva (Geneva Belle); MILLER, Harry; MILLER, Henry; MILLER, Ida; MILLER, Imo; MILLER, Kathleen D.; MILLER, Raymond; MILLER BILLS, Lucile; MILLER JENKINS, Malinda; MILLER JENKINS, Malinda; MURPHY, James; MURPHY, Jane; MURPHY HOWLETT, Mary J.
N:   NELSEN JENSEN, Marie; NELSON, Katie B.; NELSON, Mabel E.; NELSON, Roy E.; NELSON, William A. "Willie"; NELSON CHAMBERLEN, Mary T.; NELSON LAMBERT, Gertrude M.; NICHOLS DENNIS, Mary L.; NIELSEN, Niels Peter; NIELSEN, Rasmus; NISSEN SMITH, Corinne Mae; NOLL, Henery H.; NORTON, Ruth H.; NORTON, Wm. C.; NORTON ANDREWS, Jennie M.; NORTON HALLOCK, Malinda A.
O:   OAKES JONES, Mary C.; OFFTERDINGER SHIREY, Schrilda; OFFTERDINGER SHIREY, Schrilda; ONKEN, Alfred C. "Fred"; ONKEN, Anna K. "Annie"; ONKEN, Dorothea S.; ONKEN, Elizabeth; ONKEN, Family Monument; ONKEN, Family Monument; ONKEN, Wilhelm G.; ONKEN, William R. "Willie"; ORDWAY, Alice M. "Ally"; ORDWAY, Theo T.; ORDWAY CARVER, Clara; OSBORN JUHL, Peggy S.
R:   RAY, James F.; RAY BORDEN, Beverly; REDDLE CART, Grandma; REDDLE CART, Mary J.; REYNOLDS, Beatrice B.; REYNOLDS, J. M. (Joseph M.); REYNOLDS, Lillie E.; RICE, Robin Joe; RICH, Barbara A.; RICH, Lorenzo D.; RICH DAFFORD, Caroline; RICH ESSINGTON, Fannie; ROBINSON HOWELL, Fannie R.; ROGERS, Audrey; ROGERS, Carl; ROGERS, Family Monument; ROGERS, H. W. "Race"; ROGERS, Harlem; ROGERS, Lenora "Nora"; ROGERS, Thomas T.; ROGERS, Thomas W.; ROGERS BINNS, Rachel; ROGERS JENKINS, Darthula R.
S:   SALVESON NELSON, Mabel E.; SAYRES, Dolly E.; SCHUTT, Dean E.; SCHUTT, Dean Eugene; SHEAKLEY, Isabel; SHEAKLEY, John K.; SHEPPERD, Elizabeth; SHIREY, Albert R.; SHIREY, Isaac; SHIREY, Isaac; SHIREY, Schrilda; SHIREY, Schrilda; SHIREY CARLEY, Matilda; SHIREY LEFLEUR, Malinda J.; SHIREY LEMAR, Edna V.; SHIREY ROGERS, Lenora "Nora"; SIMPSON, Thomas; SISLER KOOB GALVIN, Susie; SLATER, James; SLATER, Mary; SMITH, Andrew "Andy"; SMITH, Chauncey G.; SMITH, Christopher; SMITH, Corinne Mae; SMITH, Elizabeth; SMITH, Elmer V.; SMITH, Emily Jane; SMITH, Family Monument; SMITH, Frances "Fannie"; SMITH, Frank B.; SMITH, Grace; SMITH, Gussie (Augusta Anne); SMITH, Horace Roscoe; SMITH, Horatio P.; SMITH, Isaac; SMITH, Louis A.; SMITH, Lydia C.; SMITH, Mack; SMITH, Mack Arthur; SMITH, Marilyn; SMITH, Matthew B.; SMITH, Michael "Mike"; SMITH, Neva (Geneva Belle); SMITH, William Michael; SMITH, Wilma E.; SMITH FRASIER, Mary F.; SMITH GARDNER, Grace Wilma; SMITH HALLOCK, Abigal H.; SMITH HEATH, Alice; SMITH HEATH, Ina Ellen; SORENSEN HARTER, Velma; SORENSON, Aaron; SORENSON, Celia; SORENSON, David; SORENSON, Nels; SORENSON, Unknown; STAGER, Edward H. "Ed"; STAGER, Laura M.; STANLEY ATKINSON, Ida; STENDER ESSINGTON, Annie M.; STETZEL TOWLES, Rena; STONEKING, David; STONEKING, Elizabeth; STONEKING, Enix; STONEKING, Godfrey; SYKES, C. Reginald "Reggie"; SYKES, Chas. B.; SYKES, Errol H.; SYKES, Jennie M.; SYKES, Marg. J. "Maggie"; SYKES, Marie C.; SYKES, Merrill Dean; SYKES HANSEN, Gertrude M.
T:   TASH HALLOCK, Gertrude; TEMPLEMAN FREEMAN, Ethel L.; THAYER, Nellie; THAYER, Roswell; THAYER NORTON, Ruth H.; THIELEN, Jo Ann; THOMPSEN, C. G.; THOMPSEN, M. K.; THOMPSON, Bulea M.; THOMPSON, Charley A.; THOMPSON, Clarissa M.; THOMPSON, Dalton L.; THOMPSON, Dalton Leroy; TIBBEN KOOB, Gertrude; TRIPP, Anna M.; TRIPP, Frankie
U:   UNKNOWN, Baby; UNKNOWN, Baby; UNKNOWN, Blanche; UNKNOWN, Eva; UNKNOWN, Melvin; UNKNOWN, Mother; UNKNOWN, Mother; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown; UNKNOWN, Unknown
V:   VORM, Anna; VORM, Leonard; VORM, Theodor "Theo"; VORM, Vera
W:   WALKER, Marion L.; WALKER, Olive B.; WALKER ARCHER, Sarah; WALSH, Caroline; WARNER, Daisy; WERNER, Edna O.; WHITMORE, Etta (Anna Harriett); WHITMORE, Frank (Franklin); WHITMORE HARTER, Gracie (Grace V.); WHITMORE HEATH, Myrtle D.; WHITNEY, Harriett A.; WHITNEY, W. J. (Walter J.); WILLIAMS HIGGINS, Florance; WOLF CARMICHAEL, Mary Ann; WOLF HARTER, Mary; WOLFE, Donald E.; WOLFE, Elsie; WOLFE, George E.; WOLFE, Lloyd; WOLFE, Nellie; WOLFE, Timothy J. "Tim"; WOOD, Emma J.; WOOD, Evelyn F.; WOOD, Family Monument; WOOD, Lucy C.; WOOD, Nathaniel L.
Y:   YOUNG, Charles E.; YOUNG, Roy W.

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