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Brushy Cemetery - Appanoose County, Iowa

333 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 5/3/15 at 6:00:09 AM CDT

A:   ATWELL, Clara P.; ATWELL, G. S; ATWELL, Georgia M.; ATWELL, Luella; ATWELL, Merrill D.; ATWELL, Sarah; ATWELL, W. Laten
B:   BANKS, Charles; BARTLETT, William; BEAR, Rena A; BRANDON, E. W.; BRANDON, Eddie D.; BRANDON, F. Irene; BROWN, Deborah Dianne
C:   COHEE, W.A. (Arrah); CONE, W.M.; CONN, Jacob J; CONN, Kenneth L; CONN, Wortha Marie; COZAD, J. W.; COZAD, J. W.; COZAD, Pernecia; COZAD, Pernecia; CURTIS, Abbie Nora; CURTIS, Annie; CURTIS, Annie E; CURTIS, Elmer E.; CURTIS, George D.; CURTIS, George W; CURTIS, Infant Son; CURTIS, Jean; CURTIS, John Hastings; CURTIS, Mabel; CURTIS, Mabel; CURTIS, Mary B.; CURTIS, Paul F.; CURTIS, Rachel; CURTIS DAVIS, Ethel; CURTIS GAVIN, Effie May
D:   DAUGHTERTY, Carol Jane; DAVIS, Ethel; DAVIS, Howard E.; DAVISON, Donna; DAVISON, Elma F.; DAVISON, Robert D.; DINNEEN CURTIS, Abbie Nora; DIXON, Frank A.; DIXON, Luella M.; DONNAN, John C.; DONNAN, Melvina; DOOLEY, Mary F.; DOOLEY, Nancy A.
E:   ELGIN, Carl R; ELGIN, Eva L; ELGIN, Eva L.; ELGIN, Infant Dau; ELGIN, Infant Dau (1st); ELGIN, J. H.; ELGIN, Jess R; ELGIN, Jess R.; ELGIN, Lewis; ELGIN, Margaret E.; ELGIN, Sarah C.; ELGIN, Twin Dau's; ELY, Allie May; ELY, Allie May; ELY, Andrew L.; ELY, Catherine; ELY, Emma; ELY, Emma; ELY, Harriet; ELY, Samuel; ELY, Samuel; ELY TALKINGTON, Sarah; ESPY SULSER, Isal
F:   FARRIS, Alta F; FENTON, Alice M.; FENTON, Alva G.; FENTON, Amy; FENTON, Benjamin F.; FENTON, Bessie; FENTON, Bird J.; FENTON, C. V.; FENTON, Charles A.; FENTON, Delila; FENTON, Deloris L.; FENTON, Dennie; FENTON, Doris M.; FENTON, E. Clell; FENTON, E. Dwight; FENTON, Earl O.; FENTON, Edward; FENTON, Elizabeth A.; FENTON, Ellen Mary; FENTON, Elven; FENTON, Ethel L.; FENTON, Exie W.; FENTON, Fane; FENTON, Flo; FENTON, Harry E.; FENTON, Henry J.; FENTON, Ida May; FENTON, Infant Daughter; FENTON, Infant Son; FENTON, Infant Son; FENTON, Isis Irene; FENTON, James B.; FENTON, Jennie; FENTON, Joe; FENTON, John; FENTON, John A.; FENTON, John S.; FENTON, John S. Jr.; FENTON, Kenneth E.; FENTON, Larry Lyle; FENTON, Lonnie L.; FENTON, Lora L.; FENTON, Martha; FENTON, Martha J.; FENTON, Martha J.; FENTON, Mary R.; FENTON, Maxine; FENTON, Merl; FENTON, Merritt L.; FENTON, Milton; FENTON, Myrtle M.; FENTON, Ollan; FENTON, Otha V.; FENTON, Otha V.; FENTON, Otha V.; FENTON, Ottie E.; FENTON, Paul M.; FENTON, Ray; FENTON, Robert Lyle; FENTON, Ronald L.; FENTON, Roy L.; FENTON, Stephen A. D; FENTON, T.K.; FENTON, Thurzy; FENTON, Twins; FENTON, Velma M.; FENTON, W. E.; FENTON, Wilbur E.; FENTON, Zeloa Viola; FRANKLIN, Lida Verl; FRANKLIN, William R; FREEMAN, Delila; FREEMAN, Jane; FREEMAN, Sarah; FREEMAN, W. W.; FROST, Cora A.; FROST, Manford S.
G:   GAVIN, Effie May; GRAHAM, John; GRAHAM, John; GRAHAM, John; GREEN, Alia Kenneth; GREEN, Alia R.; GREEN, Gladys V.
H:   HAMLIN, Mary A.; HAMLIN, William; HAMLIN HAWK, Lucinda; HAWK, Bertha Alice; HAWK, Eula Mae; HAWK, Gerald E. Jr.; HAWK, Gerald Eugene; HAWK, Harold Everett; HAWK, J. L.; HAWK, John; HAWK, Lester L.; HAWK, Lucinda; HENTON, Infant; HENTON, Infant; HERR, Alice J.; HERR, Glen A.; HERR, Helen O.; HERR, Jacob; HERR, John O.; HERR, Margaret L.; HERR, Nellie Mae; HERR, Virginia; HERR, W.A.
I:   IRELAND IRWIN, Eva N.; IRWIN, Benjamin F.; IRWIN, Eva N.; IRWIN, Fern J.; IRWIN, Infant Dau.; IRWIN, Oswald Dorman; IRWIN, V. Jean
J:   JOHNSON, Edna
K:   KAUZLARICH, Linda Jolene; KEEFE, Carie; KEMPER, Henry O.; KEMPER, Rufus M.; KEMPER, Rufus M.; KEMPER, William M.; KING, V. Nicholas; KING, Virgil L; KIRKLAND, Audrey M.
M:   MACIAS, Mario T.; MARGHBANKS, Clara May; MARGHBANKS, Mary Alice; MARGHBANKS, Mary Alice; MARTIN, Alma A.; MARTIN, Henry M.; MARTIN, Lois E.; MARTIN, Paul H.; MARTIN, Richard A.; MARTIN, Thomas E.; MARTIN, Virge J.; MARTIN, William J.; MCANINCH CURTIS, Rachel; MCCLOUD, James H.; MCCLOUD, John; MILLER, Lusina; MILLER, Robert H.; MILLER, Robert H.; MONCRIEF, Emma F.; MONCRIEF, Francis (Frank) M.; MONCRIEF, Garret; MONCRIEF, Mary Ellen; MOORE, Paul C.; MOORE, Ronald Clifford
O:   OFIELD, William George
P:   PEPPERS, Maragaret R; PEPPERS, Margaret R.; PHELPS, Andrew Jackson; PHELPS, Charles W.; PHELPS, George W.; PHELPS, Isabelle; PHELPS, Jennie E.; PHELPS, John G.; PHELPS, John P.; PHELPS, Sarah J.; PHELPS, William H.; PHELPS, William J.; PORTER FENTON, Amy; PRINTY, Alma L.; PRINTY, Alvin T; PRINTY, Bertha G; PRINTY, Charles E.; PRINTY, Cynthia A.; PRINTY, Emmett "Pat"; PRINTY, Flora M; PRINTY, Helen J; PRINTY, Infant; PRINTY, James Mervin; PRINTY, Lewis R.; PRINTY, Lucinda J; PRINTY, Melvin H; PRINTY, P. I.; PRINTY, Paulina B. B.; PRINTY, Samuel; PRINTY, Vera F; PRINTY, William; PRINTY SYDER, Berniece B.
R:   REPP, Osa; REYNOLDS, Alice; REYNOLDS MONCRIEF, Mary Ellen; RUARK, Virginia A.
S:   SCOTT, Helen J.; STALEY, George; STALEY, Martha; STANDLEY, Mary C.; STOCKDICK, Elmira; STOCKDICK, Tola; STOKES, Caroline; SULSE, Henry; SULSER, David A.; SULSER, Elizabeth; SULSER, Harley; SULSER, Isal; SULSER, Nellie Leone; SULSER, Ola A.; SULSER, Ora R.; SULSER, Riley Lynn; SULSER, Roy; SULSER, Sarah J.; SULSER, Taylor Ryan; SULSER, William H.; SULSER CURTIS, Jean; SWAN, Frank W.; SWAN, Grace; SWAN, James N.; SWAN STALEY, Martha; SYDER, Berniece B.
T:   TALKINGTON, Peter Nichols; TALKINGTON, Sarah; TARBELL, Jamie; TAYLOR, Harold Hays; TAYLOR SCOTT, Helen J.; THOMPSON, Leroy; THOMPSON, Lona L.; THOMPSON PRINTY, Flora M; TRACY, Charles W.; TRACY, James N.; TRACY, Marjorie J.; TRACY, Mary E.; TRACY, Mary I.
W:   WALKER, Janite; WELLS, Peppers; WHISMAN ELY, Catherine; WHITE, C.A.M.E.; WHITE, Ellen; WHITE, Esther; WHITE, Flornce; WHITE, Harry T.; WHITE, Horatio; WHITE, Horatio; WHITE, S.A. ?; WILLIS SWAN, Grace; WRAY, Charles E.; WRIGHT, Fay L; WRIGHT, Fay L.; WRIGHT, Lanora; WRIGHT, Paul; WRIGHT, Wilda Veon; WRIGHT, Wilda Veon
Y:   YOUNG, Caroline; YOUNG, Carrie B.; YOUNG, Clara; YOUNG, Clarence Junior; YOUNG, Dessie; YOUNG, Edward A.; YOUNG, George T.; YOUNG, Infant Son; YOUNG, Mary C.; YOUNG, Ola Florence; YOUNG, Zella A.

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