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Stout Cemetery - Grundy County, Iowa

350 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 1/25/16 at 6:00:18 AM CST

A:   ALLSPACH, George J.; ALLSPACH, Gertrude S.; ANDREESSEN, Alice; ANDREESSEN, Alice M.; ANDREESSEN, Christina; ANDREESSEN, Daniel; ANDREESSEN, daughter of D. & A.; ANDREESSEN, daughter of D. & A.; ANDREESSEN, Elmer L.; ANDREESSEN, Emma A.; ANDREESSEN, Eskie; ANDREESSEN, Harlan R.; ANDREESSEN, Harry E.; ANDREESSEN, Henry N.; ANDREESSEN, Herman; ANDREESSEN, infant sons of Harlan & Kathryn; ANDREESSEN, Kathryn J.; ANDREESSEN, Marlyn R.; ANDREESSEN, Nanno; ANDREESSEN, son of D. & A.; ANDREESSEN, Vera H. (Wiltfang); ANDREESSEN, Verna L.; ANDREESSEN, William J.; ARENDS, Emma; ARENDS, Fannie; ARENDS, George; ARENDS, Gerhard H.; ARENDS, H. Edward; ARENDS, Hilko; ARENDS, John; ARENDS, Martin D.; ARENDS, Pattie; ARENDS, Robert V.; ARENDS, Roger; ASWEGAN, Jerry; ASWEGAN, Margaret M.; ASWEGAN, Robert T.; ASWEGEN, Harm J.; ASWEGEN, Robertha
B:   BAKKER, Helmer W.; BAKKER, Marie F. (Welp); BEHRENDS, Henry H.; BEHRENDS, Martha A.; BELL, LaVonne C. (Pruisner); BERENDS, Fannie B.; BERENDS, George; BERENDS, Gerhard H.; BERENDS, Louie; BERENDS, Martha L.; BERENDS, Peter; BERGMAN, Edward H.; BERGMAN, Elizabeth K.; BERGMAN, Genevieve; BERGMAN, Hillerd; BERGMAN, infant; BERGMAN, Jacob M.; BERGMAN, Jennie; BERGMAN, Joe; BERGMAN, Rena; BERGMANN, Henrietta E.; BERGMANN, infant daughter of J. M. & E.; BERGMANN, Jacob J.; BERGMANN, Susie; BERGMANN, Wilhelm F.; BOELMAN, Elmer J.; BOELMAN, infant son of H. & M.; BOELMAN, Kathryn; BOELMAN, Martha; BOELMAN, Tena; BOLHUIS, Dorothy; BOLHUIS, Fred; BORCHERS, Dora (Berends); BRUNS, Anna (Beenken); BRUNS, Fred; BRUNS, Gary E.; BRUNS, Grace N.; BRUNS, John D.; BRUNS, Katie (Petersen); BRUNS, Trena; BULTHUIS, Albert; BULTHUIS, Aletta; BULTHUIS, Edward J.; BURCH, John F.
C:   CHRISTIANS, Nellie; CIRKSENA, Florence; CIRKSENA, Pearl Irene; CIRKSENA, Sam; CLAASSEN, Clarence J.; CLAASSEN, Dennis Jay; CLAUSON, Anna W.; CLAUSON, Calvin J.; CLAUSON, Jacob; CLAUSON, Mary E.; CORDES, Susan K.; CUMMINGS, Belva Joy; CUMMINGS, Gayl Arlene; CUMMINGS, Harold E.; CUMMINGS, Mae M.
D:   DEBEER, Elizabeth A.; DEBEER, Fannie E.; DEBEER, John; DEBEER, Mae H.; DEBEER, Margeret; DEBEER, Peter J.; DEBOER, Adeline M.; DEBOER, Anna K.; DEBOER, Estert; DEBOER, Jacob G.; DEBOER, Jacob G.; DEBOER, Peterka; DECKNADEL, Dena E.; DECKNADEL, Edward R.; DECKNADEL, Elso E.; DECKNADEL, Leona; DECKNADEL, Marvin; DEGROOT, George L.; DEGROOT, Tena; DEVRIES, Eliz.; DEVRIES, Mena; DEVRIES, Ralph; DEVRIES, Ralph; DIEKHOFF, Etta J.; DIEKHOFF, Marie; DIEKHOFF, Oltmann; DIEKMAN, Desiree Linn; DILGER, Florence; DILGER, Harvey V.; DILGER, Lena M. K.; DILGER, Theodore; DIRKS, Jans; DIRKS, Stena; DREESMAN, Ella M.
E:   ECKHOFF, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe; EIKLENBORG, Anna; EIKLENBORG, Antje; EIKLENBORG, daughter of F. & D.; EIKLENBORG, daughter of F. & D.; EIKLENBORG, Dena; EIKLENBORG, Frank F.; EIKLENBORG, Fred; EIKLENBORG, Freerk; EIKLENBORG, Fritz; EIKLENBORG, Harold R.; EIKLENBORG, Isabelle I.; EIKLENBORG, Remka; EIKLENBORG, son of F. & D.; EIKLENBORG, son of F. & D.; EILERS, Fannie; EILERS, George; ELLINGER, infant daughter of G. & E.; ENGELKES, Elisabeth
G:   GERDES, Minnie W.; GRIMM, Janette M.; GRIMM, William H.; GRIMMIUS, John; GROVE, Frances E.; GROVE, Gerry G.
H:   HARRIS, Raymond Archie; HEEREN, Margaret I.; HEEREN, Marvin H.; HEMMEN, Esther; HEMMEN, Jacobus; HEMPEN, Antje; HEMPEN, John; HESSENIUS, Annett; HESSENIUS, Ben; HESSENIUS, C. A.; HESSENIUS, Dick; HESSENIUS, Gretje (Neiman); HESSENIUS, Hagen; HESSENIUS, John; HESSENIUS, Maggie; HEYENGA, Calvin W.; HEYENGA, Johanna G.; HEYENGA, Marlys I.; HEYENGA, Mary S.; HEYENGA, W. J., Rev.; HEYENGA, Walter J.; HINDERS, Arend; HORNER, Carrie; HORNER, Harlan W.; HULSEMAN, Fritz; HULSEMAN, Grace
I:   INGALLS, Carrie
J:   JUEL, Minerva
K:   KALKWARF, Marie; KALKWARF, Reinhard; KLASSEN, Ella; KLASSEN, Heiko; KLASSEN, Klassen; KLIEGE, Ernest; KLIEGE, Esther; KONKEN, Fentje; KONKEN, Harm; KONKEN, Harm W.; KONKEN, Henry; KONKEN, John H.; KONKEN, Marie; KONKEN, Marlys A.; KONKEN, Sam; KONKEN, Sophia
L:   LAUTERBACH, Brunk; LAUTERBACH, Jennie; LAUTERBACH, Minnie; LAUTERBACH, Paul E.; LAUTERBACH, Uffe; LINDAMAN, Betty J.; LINDAMAN, Curtis Ray; LINDAMAN, David Lee; LINDAMAN, Roger Ray; LINDAMAN, Vernon H.; LINDAMAN, William B.; LOWE, Crete; LOWE, Elizabeth; LUDERS, Robert A.
M:   MANLEY, Jean Ann (Sunken); MARKS, Dina D.; MARKS, Heinrich C.; MEESTER, Alma C.; MEESTER, Edward; MEESTER, Gertie; MEESTER, Harold W.; MEESTER, Harvey A.; MEESTER, Ida A.; MEESTER, infant daughter; MEESTER, infant daughter; MEESTER, infant son; MEESTER, Jacob C.; MEESTER, Joe J.; MEESTER, Johannes J., Rev.; MEESTER, John E.; MEESTER, Sophie A.; MEESTER, Will; MEYER, Fannie L.; MEYER, Fred; MEYER, Harm; MEYER, Harm T.; MEYER, Hattie E.; MEYER, Hilke; MEYER, Jacob J.; MILLER, Johanna H.; MILLER, John E.; MILLER, Oscar; MILLER, Rena R.; MULLER, Everett; MULLER, Fannie; MULLER, Hemkea; MULLER, Hemkea; MULLER, Koert; MULLER, Letta
N:   NEVENHOVEN, Anna; NEVENHOVEN, Charles; NIEMANN, Cornelia; NIEMANN, Greitje; NIEMANN, Isaac; NIEMANN, John
O:   OELMANN, Jennie; OELMANN, John H.; OSTENDORF, Hermanus; OSTENDORF, Sievertje (Sonnenberg)
P:   PETERS, Jake; PETERS, Marie; PETERSEN, Ellie; PETERSEN, Herman; PETERSEN, Jessie; POTHAST, George; POTHAST, Rose W.; PRUISNER, Arend; PRUISNER, Darlene; PRUISNER, Dena; PRUISNER, Grace M.; PRUISNER, Henry P.; PRUISNER, Peter; PRUISNER, Renske (Bronsema); PRUISNER, Roger
R:   RADEMAKER, Dena; RADEMAKER, Harm; RADEMAKER, Harold G.; RHODEN, Anna; RICH, Andrew; RICH, Anna; RICH, Owen D.; RINDELS, Harold B.; RINDELS, Helena F.; ROSKAMP, Arend, Rev.; ROSKAMP, Bertrand, Rev.; ROSKAMP, Tryna
S:   SAATHOFF, infant son; SCHNELL, Thees; SCHNELL, Trientje; SCHRODER, Grietje (Drenth); SCHUCK, Ella (Dirks); SCOTT, A. E.; SCOTT, B. J.; SCOTT, J. R.; SCOTT, M. E.; SORENSEN, Anna; SPREE, Calvin; SPREE, infant daughter of Wm. & Tena; SPREE, Popke; SPREE, Roger D.; SPREE, Swantje; STOVER, Francis E.; SYHLMAN, George; SYHLMAN, Jennie
T:   TAPPER, Alice; TAPPER, Edzard; TAPPER, Jane E.; TAPPER, Katharine; TAPPER, Margaret V.; TAPPER, Melvin L.; TAPPER, Otto W.; TAPPER, Patti Kay; TAPPER, Theodore E.
V:   VIEL, Bena; VIEL, John; VIET, Ella Dean; VIET, Fannie; VIET, George; VIET, Herman J.; VIET, infant daughter of John & Ella; VINK, Antja; VINK, Conrad
W:   WALDEMAR, Robert J.; WALTERMAN, Grace; WALTERMAN, Hilda K.; WALTERMAN, Klaas; WALTERMAN, Klaus C.; WEBER, Conrad; WEBER, daughter of John & Mary; WEBER, Geerta; WEBER, Laura; WEBER, Millie; WEBER, Pauline (Brill); WILDEBOER, Floyd; WILDEBOER, Marie; WILKENS, Alvin; WILKENS, Mildred; WILTFANG, Carrie K.; WILTFANG, Harry; WILTFANG, Hattie; WILTFANG, Henry F.; WILTFANG, Herman; WILTFANG, Katie; WILTFANG, Vivian; WOLTERS, Henry J.; WOLTERS, Jacobena W.; WOLTERS, Jeanette Marian; WOLTERS, John Henry; WOLTERS, Ruth Lorraine

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