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Lost Nation Cemetery - Clinton County, Iowa

1715 Approved Records In This Cemetery

Last Record Was Added or Updated On 10/27/16 at 12:24:33 AM CDT

A:   ADAMS, Benjamin U.; ADAMS, Rosie A.; ADRIAN, Albertina D.; ADRIAN, Alma A.; ADRIAN, August E.; ADRIAN, August P.; ADRIAN, Bernice A.; ADRIAN, Catharine A.; ADRIAN, Clarence L.; ADRIAN, family monument; ADRIAN, Hulda L.; ADRIAN, Julius F.; ADRIAN, Nellie L.; ADRIAN, Otto W.; ADRIAN, Ralph J.; ADRIAN, Ronald Lewis; ADRIAN, Shirley A.; ADRIAN, Wilma; ADRIAN FISCHER, Alice A.; AGRENS, Family Monument; AHRENS, Alline; AHRENS, Clara; AHRENS, Family Monument; AHRENS, family monument; AHRENS, Irene E.; AHRENS, Katie; AHRENS, Louis; AHRENS, Louise; AHRENS, Louise H.; AHRENS, Lula; AHRENS, Peter H.; AHRENS, Peter H.; AHRENS, William; AKKINSON, George P.; ALBERS, August M.; ALBERS, Laura A.; ALES, Chris S.; ALES, Laura A.; ALES, Nick; ALES, Rosana; ALQUIST, David P.; ALQUIST, Mildred I.; ANDRESEN, Alfred N.; ANDRESEN, Andrew; ANDRESEN, Anna C.; ANDRESEN, Donald L.; ANDRESEN, Donald L.; ANDRESEN, Marvin A.; APPLETON, Caroline; APPLETON, Robert; ARMSTRONG, Edwin; ARMSTRONG, Emelia; ARMSTRONG, Family Monument; ARMSTRONG, Family Monument; ARMSTRONG, Gernsey; ARMSTRONG, Gernsey; ARMSTRONG, Henry; ARMSTRONG, James E.; ARMSTRONG, Martha
B:   BALSTER, Hannah E.; BALSTER, Louis F.; BALSTER, William; BARKLEY, Birthena; BARKLEY, Louisa R.; BARTELS, August H.; BARTELS, baby; BARTELS, Chris F.; BARTELS, Doris; BARTELS, Emil O.; BARTELS, Family Monument; BARTELS, Gustav C.; BARTELS, H. Christian W.; BARTELS, Herman G.; BARTELS, Julia D.; BARTELS, Ludwig; BARTELS, Marie L.; BARTELS, Mary Ann; BARTELS, Pauline E.; BARTELS, Tillie E.; BARTELS, Wilhelmine C.D.; BARTELS, William; BARTELS, William C.; BARTELS BENTROTT, Elenor J.; BASTER, Albert; BAYCK, Margaret; BECKER, Ann; BECKER, Anna; BECKER, Don Allen; BECKER, Dorothy Marie; BECKER, Kandon K.B.; BECKER, Lizzie; BECKER, Louis; BECKER, Paul Howard; BECKER, William F.; BEHRENS, A.; BEHRENS, Carl H.; BEHRENS, Carl H.C.; BEHRENS, Family Monument; BEHRENS, family monument; BEHRENS, George J.; BEHRENS, Gustav C.; BEHRENS, H.J.; BEHRENS, H.J.; BEHRENS, Maggie K.; BEHRENS, Olga J.; BENETT, Emily; BENNING, Eduard; BENNING, Karl; BENNING, Laura; BENSON, Loleda H.; BENSON, Ralph W.; BENTROTT, Dwane H.; BENTROTT, Dwayne H. "Benny"; BENTROTT, Elenor J.; BERNER, Berniece; BERNER, Christian J.; BERNER, Eva Leana; BERNER, Flora C.; BERNER, Harold; BERNER, Rebecca C.; BERNER, William H.; BERNER, William Jr.; BERNER, William M.; BETTS, E. Orville; BETTS, E. Orville; BETTS, Muriel G.; BEUCK, Johiem; BICKNESE, Ethel M.; BICKNESE, William J.; BICKNESE DOBLING, Irene E.; BLICH, Delos F.; BLOCKER, H.C.; BLOCKER, H.C.; BOCK, Anton F.J.; BOCK, family monument; BOCK, Marie J.; BOETTCHER, Elma; BOETTCHER, Emil; BOETTCHER, Emil; BOETTCHER, Emil; BOMIA, Ann J.; BOMIA, Fred D.; BONNEY, Connie Kay; BONNEY, Harold D.; BONNEY, Harold Dean; BONNEY, Kevin Lynn; BONNEY, Rosemary G.; BORGART, Herman C.; BORGERT, Albert C.; BORGERT, Carl H.; BORGERT, Dorothy W.; BORGERT, Edith R.; BORGERT, Family Monument; BORGERT, family monument; BORGERT, Fredareka L.; BORGERT, Herman H.; BORGERT, Lowiese J.; BORGERT, Lulu M.; BOSTER, Raymond A.; BOSTER, Raymond A.; BOTTE, Andrew; BOTTE, Mary A.; BOWMAN, Arthur A.; BOWMAN, Pearl D.; BRAET, Arthur F.; BRAET, Lanor M; BRAUER, Belva; BRAUER, Carl F.; BRAUER, Lottie M.; BRONSON, Earl H.; BRONSON, Earl H.; BRONSON, Lizzie; BRONSON, William S.; BROWNE, Edith S.; BROWNE, Robert A.; BRUNSON, Ira O.; BRUNSON, Ira O.; BUCK, Anna; BUCK, Carl A.; BUCK, Catherine; BULL, Marian; BULLOCK, Clyde M.; BULLOCK, Hattie L.; BURLESON, Will A.; BURMAHL, Randy Lee; BURMEISTER, Amil C.; BURMEISTER, Augusta M.; BURMEISTER, Dorothea; BURMEISTER, Dorothy L.; BURMEISTER, Ella; BURMEISTER, John; BURMEISTER, John; BURMEISTER, Marvin C.; BURMEISTER, Wayne H.; BURMEISTER, Wilma R.; BURRICHTER, Caroline; BURRICHTER, family monument; BURRICHTER, Fritz; BURRICHTER, Henry; BURRICHTER, MIldred I.; BURRICHTER, Reuben O.; BURT, Harold; BURT, Norma; BUSCH, Adolph; BUSCH, Alan A.; BUSCH, Albert H.; BUSCH, Alden E.; BUSCH, Arthur W.; BUSCH, Bertha C.; BUSCH, Caroline; BUSCH, Dale; BUSCH, Dale Raymond; BUSCH, Dale Raymond; BUSCH, Denis J.; BUSCH, Diedrick J.; BUSCH, Don M.; BUSCH, Dora W.; BUSCH, Dorothy L.; BUSCH, Dorothy M.; BUSCH, Earl W.; BUSCH, Edward L.; BUSCH, Edward L.; BUSCH, Elisabeth; BUSCH, Elmer; BUSCH, Emma; BUSCH, Esther; BUSCH, Family Monument; BUSCH, family monument; BUSCH, family monument; BUSCH, Fred W.; BUSCH, George; BUSCH, George H.A.; BUSCH, Gerad Michael; BUSCH, Gertrude L.; BUSCH, Grace A.; BUSCH, H. Lester; BUSCH, Henry; BUSCH, Henry C.; BUSCH, Hilda; BUSCH, Ivan M.; BUSCH, Jean A.; BUSCH, Johanna; BUSCH, John D.; BUSCH, John D. Jr.; BUSCH, John D. Sr.; BUSCH, Katherine E.; BUSCH, LaVern H.; BUSCH, LaVerne A.; BUSCH, Lawrence H.; BUSCH, Lena; BUSCH, Loren L.; BUSCH, Lulu M.; BUSCH, Matilda C.; BUSCH, Myrtle M.; BUSCH, Raymond; BUSCH, Rochelle A.; BUSCH, Ruth E.; BUSCH, Vernie F.J.; BUSCH, Vonee N.; BUSCH FISCHER, Lillian V.; BUSCH WHITE, Mary; BUTT, Henry "Toad"; BUTT, infant; BUTT, Lois E.; BUXTON, Franklin H.; BUXTON, Franklin H.; BUXTON, Lucy A.; BUXTON, Perry T.
C:   CARVER, Newell S.; CASAD, Helen E.; CASAD, John W.; CHISIIANSEN, Carl; CHISIIANSEN, William; CHISMORE, Charles F.; CHISMORE, Nellie J.; CHRISTENSEN, Alice H.; CHRISTENSEN, Carl Emil; CHRISTENSEN, Caroline F.; CHRISTENSEN, Edward A.; CHRISTENSEN, Emma; CHRISTENSEN, Esther R.; CHRISTENSEN, Eunice O.; CHRISTENSEN, Family Monument; CHRISTENSEN, family monument; CHRISTENSEN, family monument; CHRISTENSEN, Hans P.; CHRISTENSEN, Inger; CHRISTENSEN, Jens; CHRISTENSEN, Niels P.; CHRISTENSEN, Ole; CHRISTENSEN, Robert L.; CHRISTENSEN, Sibyl M.; CHRISTENSEN, Urbane A.; CHRISTENSEN VAN CAMP, Janice Ruth; CHRISTENSEN WITTE, Marjorie A.; CLAPP, Alfred L.; CLAPP, Daniel W.; CLAPP, Daniel W. Jr.; CLAPP, David D.; CLAPP, Eliza H.; CLAPP, Erma; CLAPP, Family Monument; CLAPP, Family Monument; CLAPP, family monument; CLAPP, family monument; CLAPP, Gary L.; CLAPP, Gary L.; CLAPP, infant son; CLAPP, James C.; CLAPP, Joan M.; CLAPP, Leonard; CLAPP, Magdalena M.; CLAPP, Mary Edith; CLAPP, Mildred L.; CLAPP, William J.; CLAPP, Winifred L.; CLAUSSEN NIEBUHR, Betty J.; CLORFELD, Louisa; COLEMAN, Robert James; COMSTOCK, Baron; COMSTOCK, Baron; COMSTOCK, D.D.; COMSTOCK, Don W.; COMSTOCK, Dwight D.; COMSTOCK, Dwight D.; COMSTOCK, Elbert H.; COMSTOCK, Elbert H.; COMSTOCK, Eliza Ann; COMSTOCK, Eliza Ann; COMSTOCK, Family Monument; COMSTOCK, Sgt. D.D.; COOK, Albert; COOK, Ezra A.; COOK, Ezra A.; COOK, Family Monument; COOK, Mary Lavina; COPENHAFER, Alice M.; COPENHAFER, Earl; COPENHAFER, Evaline; COPENHAFER, Family Mounment; COPENHAFER, Ira; COPENHAFER, Ray H.; COULTER, George W.; COULTER, Hazel M.; COX, Allen R.; CRAMER, John W.; CREGER, George; CREGER, Rosalie; CREGER, Vernon; CRESSEY, Bertha; CRESSEY, Clara; CRESSEY, Darrell L.; CRESSEY, Elsie B.; CRESSEY, Family Monument; CRESSEY, Family Monument; CRESSEY, Fanny; CRESSEY, Frank; CRESSEY, Freda S.; CRESSEY, Hannah M.; CRESSEY, John; CRESSEY, John E.; CRESSEY, John H.; CRESSEY, Julius A.; CRESSEY, King; CRESSEY, Mary A.; CRESSEY, Robert E.; CRESSEY, Thomas; CROSBY, Charles; CROSTHWAITE, Bertha; CROSTHWAITE, family monument; CROSTHWAITE, Robert; CUNDILL MYATT, Charlotte
D:   DAILY MILLER, Mary; DAKE, David M.; DAKE, Don Richard; DAKE, Lila F.; DALCHOW, baby; DALCHOW, Dorothy D.; DALCHOW, Lavern E.; DANIEL, Anna; DANIEL, Arthur; DANIEL, Belle; DANIEL, Fred; DANIEL, Harley; DANIEL, Kenneth; DANIEL, Polly; DANIEL JONES, Hazel; DELAMATER, Darold E.; DELAMATER, Sandra L.; DICKMAN, Fred W.; DICKMAN, Frederick H.; DICKMAN, Frederick H.; DICKMAN, Lloyd F.; DICKMAN, Margaret A.; DICKMAN, Martha; DICKMAN, Thelma A.; DMOCHOWSKI, Charles F.; DMOCHOWSKI, Ruth B.; DOBLING, Anna; DOBLING, Arlette J.; DOBLING, Barbara A.; DOBLING, George; DOBLING, Henry; DOBLING, Irene E.; DOBLING, Julia; DOBLING, Lowell R.; DOBLING, Richard W.; DOBLING, Richard W.; DOBLING, Robert L.; DOBLING, Sophia E.; DOBLING, William; DOBLING REYELTS, Charlotte; DOHRN, Johanna A.; DOSLAND, Esther G.; DOSLAND, Raymond L.; DURKOP, Albert H.; DURKOP, Doris; DURKOP, Dorothy F.; DURKOP, Dorthea B.; DURKOP, Family Monument; DURKOP, family monument; DURKOP, Henry C.; DURKOP, Herman E.; DURKOP, Karl; DURKOP, Ludwig C.; DURKOP, Otto; DURKOP, Paul F.; DUTT, Amanda
E:   EDLEMAN, Allen L.; EDLEMAN, Clara Belle; EDLEMAN, Edwin E.; EDLEMAN, Edwin L.; EDLEMAN, Family Monument; EDLEMAN, Family Monument; EDLEMAN, George; EDLEMAN, Gladys Leone; EDLEMAN, Ida G; EDLEMAN, James L.; EDLEMAN, Konnie K.; EDLEMAN, Lloyd C.; EDLEMAN, Lyra E.; EDLEMAN, Mabel G.; EDLEMAN, Mary; EDLEMAN, Milton; EDLEMAN, Ora B.; EDLEMAN, Sadie; EDLEMAN, William; EDMONDS, Henry; EDMUNDS, Family Monument; EDMUNDS, Jane; EDWARDS, Albert E.; EDWARDS, Anna J.; EDWARDS, Clyde E.; EDWARDS, Maxine M.; EGGERS, Eldon L.; EGGERS, Frances V.; EGGERT, Vinola A.; EIPP, Family Monument; EIPP, Philip J.; ENGEL, Mary Elizabeth; EVERS, August; EVERS, Christina; EVERS, Family Monument; EVERS STENDER, Auguste; EVERS STENDER, Auguste
F:   FARRELL, Burgess J.; FARRELL, Sophia J.; FEDDERSEN, Arnold E.; FEDDERSEN, Maxine M.; FERRELL, Alvira; FEUSS, Donald D.; FEUSS, Dorothee Justine; FEUSS, Elfrieda M.; FEUSS, Fred A. Sr.; FEUSS, Henry D.; FEUSS, Henry F.; FEUSS, Janet Mildred; FEUSS, Joyce A.; FEUSS, Nellie M.; FEUSS, Robert D.; FEUSS, Sophie L.; FEUSS EDLEMAN, Konnie K.; FISCHER, Albert R.; FISCHER, Alice A.; FISCHER, infant son; FISCHER, Lillian V.; FLATHERS, Cecelia A.; FLATHERS, Cecelia A.; FLATHERS, J. Elzie; FLATHERS, John W.; FLEMING, Herman; FLEMING, Margaret M.; FLEMMING, Ella Sophia; FLEMMING, Florence; FLEMMING, Henry; FLEMMING, John; FLEMMING, Marie M.; FOGGIN, Fidelia; FOGGIN, John; FOGGIN, Robert W.; FOGGIN APPLETON, Caroline; FRAHM, Johannes; FRAHM, Marie; FRAZIER, Alford; FRAZIER, Annie L.; FRAZIER, Besse G.; FRAZIER, Cynthia; FRAZIER, F. Millard; FRAZIER, family monument; FRAZIER, family monument; FRAZIER, George; FRAZIER, George; FRAZIER, Hellen; FRAZIER, Hellen; FRAZIER, Herbert L.T.; FRAZIER, infant; FRAZIER, Lyman N.; FRAZIER, Martha V.; FRAZIER, Randolph F.; FRAZIER, William; FRAZIER, William; FRAZIER, William; FRAZIER, William; FRAZIER, William; FUGLSANG, Elsie; FUGLSANG, Soren
G:   GALLOWAY, Viola Marie; GALLOWAY WHITE, Madge D.; GARDNER, A.A.; GARDNER, Carrie J.; GARDNER, Ella C.; GARDNER, Family Monument; GARDNER, family monument; GARDNER, Henry A.; GARDNER, Jennie S.; GARDNER, John L.; GARDNER, Lavancia D.; GARDNER, Orre A.; GARDNER, William L.; GEORGE, Porter; GIEBELSTEIN, Mildred F.; GIEBELSTEIN, Vernon A.; GILMER, James; GILMORE, Jerry Lee; GILMORE, Maxine; GILMORE, Paul; GLICK, Ethan E.; GLICK, Eugene E.; GLICK, Family Monument; GLICK, Mary A.; GLICK, Theodora A.; GLYNN, Erwin R.; GLYNN, Hubert Naman; GLYNN, Hubert Naman; GLYNN, Lillian Viola; GLYNN SHELDON, Eleanor M.; GOHLMANN, Eva L.; GOHLMANN, Ronald L.; GOHLMANN, Ronald L.; GOHLMANN, Ronald L.; GOMBERT, Clarence; GOMBERT, Margaret; GOMEZ, David A.; GOMEZ, Kimberly A.; GOREHAM, Family Monument; GOREHAM, Mariah; GOREHAM, Philo; GOREHAM, Royal C.; GRANDT RUTENBECK, Ida; GRAY, Lucy J.; GRAY, Ralph; GRAY, Ralph S.; GREGER, Lillian; GRONWOLDT, Howard W.; GRONWOLDT, Lawrence A.; GRONWOLDT, Lloyd J.; GRUENWALD, Bryce Thomas; GRUENWALD, Elroy W.; GRUENWALD, H. Bernice; GRUNDMEIER, Earl L.; GRUNDMEIER, Hazel E.; GRUNDMEIER, Leitha M.; GRUNDMEIER, Louis; GRUNDMEIER, William O.; GUYER, C.P.; GUYER, Elizabeth; GUYER, Emma; GUYER, Family Monument; GUYER, Helen M.; GUYER, Kenneth L.; GUYER, Theo. G.; GUYER, William T.
H:   HAGEDOBN, Hans H.; HAGGE, Catherine; HAGGE, Charles; HAGGE, Claus B.; HAGGE, Claus H.; HAGGE, Dora M.; HAGGE, Fanny; HAGGE, Hans F.; HAGGE, John D.; HAGGE, Louie; HAGGE, William; HAMANN, Bendina; HAMANN, Henry; HAMANN, John M.; HAMDORF, Family Monument; HAMILTON, Arline M.; HAMILTON, George W.; HANSEN, Antone W.; HANSEN, Christian; HANSEN, Christina; HANSEN, Horace Boies; HANSEN, Horace Boies; HANSEN SCHROEDER, Barbara; HANSON, Verna M.; HARRIS, James M.; HARRISON, Ann Elizabeth; HARRISON, Family Monument; HARRISON, Henry T.; HARTFORD, infant; HARTFORD, Ruth; HASCH WULF, Norma M.; HEDAGER, Christian F.; HEDAGER, Elsie M.; HEDAGER, Emma A.; HEDAGER, Soren C.; HEILIG, Eva B.; HEILIG, Marvin W. "Mike"; HENDERSON, Ada E.; HENDERSON, Family Monument; HENDERSON, Fred F.; HENDERSON, N.O.; HENDERSON, Norman O; HENDERSON KUBERT, A.G.; HENDRICKSEN, D.; HENDRICKSEN, Daisy; HENDRICKSEN, Dave; HERKELMA, Charles; HILL, Allie May; HILL, Alma B.; HILL, Cora Mae; HILL, Family Monument; HILL, Family Monument; HILL, John; HILL, John; HILL, John; HILL, John; HILL, Robert E.; HILL, Ruth; HILL, Ruth; HILL, Thomas; HOGLUND, S.; HOHN, Caroline; HOHN, Charley C.; HOHN, Clidden H.; HOHN, family monument; HOHN, family monument; HOHN, family monument; HOHN, family monument; HOHN, father; HOHN, Grace M.; HOHN, Henry; HOHN, infant daughter; HOHN, infant son; HOHN, James Raymond; HOHN, Karl; HOHN, Kate A.; HOHN, Mary; HOHN, Mary; HOHN, Mary C.; HOHN, Milton G.; HOHN, mother; HOHN, mother; HOHN, Wilma H.; HOLLINGSWORTH, Dorris A.; HOLLINGSWORTH, Helen L.; HOLLINGSWORTH, Robert W.; HOLLINGSWORTH, Ward K.; HOLTON, Charles; HOLTON, Charles (top); HOLTON, Warren S.; HORSTMANN, Darrell W.; HORSTMANN, Harlan D.; HORSTMANN, Muriel M.; HOULE, Arthur Frederick; HOULE, Sarah A.; HOVER, Ada E.; HOVER, Ada E.; HOVER, Homer W.; HOVER, Vivian K.; HOVEY, Family Monument; HOVEY, Family Monument; HOVEY, Father; HOVEY, Georgia; HOVEY, J.L.; HOVEY, J.L.; HOVEY, Jackson L.; HOVEY, Mother; HUFFMAN, Family Monument; HUFFMAN, Harvey Lite; HUFFMAN, infant son; HUFFMAN, Wilhelmina; HUMPHREYS, Douglas A.; HUMPHREYS, Lynda L.; HUMPHREYS, Michael T.; HUMPHREYS, Tracy M.; HUMPHREYS, Tracy M.; HUMPHREYS, Tracy M.; HUNWARTZEN, Augusta C.; HUNWARTZEN, family monument; HUNWARTZEN, John T.; HUNWARTZEN, Martha
I:   IHNA, Anna L.; IHNS, Paul R.; IHNS, Roy F.; ILLINGWORTH, Family Monument; ILLINGWORTH, Isaac; IRWIN, Abigall
J:   JANSEN, Adolph J.; JANSEN, baby; JANSEN, Bernice D.; JANSEN, Cordia A.; JANSEN, Elizabeth; JANSEN, Ernest C.; JANSEN, Fred; JANSEN, Peter; JANSEN, Peter E.; JANSEN, Peter H.; JANSEN, Peter H.; JANSEN, Wilhelmine; JANSEN, Wilhelmine; JANSEN, William D.; JANSEN COULTER, Hazel M.; JANSEN MAYNARD, Irene; JANSEN URBAN, Alice E.; JEBSEN, Donald M.; JEBSEN, Kathryn R.; JENKINS, Family Monument; JENKINS, Florence D.; JENKINS, J.D.; JENKINS, Jay B.; JENKINS, Mrs. J.D.; JENKINS, William Curtis; JENSEN, Andrea; JENSEN, Andreas C.; JENSEN, August A.; JENSEN, Augusta; JENSEN, Bernetta; JENSEN, Family Monument; JENSEN, family monument; JENSEN, Gonke L.; JENSEN, Jens J.; JENSEN, Mary Ann; JENSEN, Richard N.; JENSEN, Richard S.; JOHANNESMEYER, August; JOHANNESMEYER, Ernestine; JOHANNESMEYER, Family Monument; JOHANNESMEYER, Fred; JOHHANSMEYER, Family Monument; JOHNSON, Andrew M.; JOHNSON, Anna M.; JOHNSON, Eva; JOHNSON, Family Monument; JOHNSON, Lizzie; JONES, Floyd L.; JONES, Gladys M.; JONES, Hazel; JONES, Joel; JONES, Joel; JONES, Lois; JONES, Mary A.; JONES, Melvin F.; JONES, Melvin F.; JONES, Richard Lee; JONES, Watson L.; JORDAN, Family Monument; JORDAN, Ira C.; JORDAN, James M.; JORDAN, Lucille H.; JORDAN, S. Clark; JORDAN, Sadie M.; JORGENSEN, Blanche; JORGENSEN, Lawrence A.; JUZELER, Peter
K:   KAMMER, Anna F.; KAMMER, Benjamin A.; KAMMER, Dan C.; KAMMER, Daniel; KAMMER, Family Monument; KAMMER, Family Monument; KAMMER, Family Monument; KAMMER, family monument; KAMMER, Henry; KAMMER, Hilden; KAMMER, Maria; KAMMER, Marie; KAMMER, Minnie; KAMMER, Rosamond U.; KAMMER, Wallace; KAMMER ROHN, Edith; KAMRAR, Homer; KAMRAR, Isaac; KAMRAR, Isaac; KAMRAR, John; KAMRAR, John H.; KAMRAR, Mary S.; KAMRAR, Peter; KAMRAR, Saul H.; KAMRAR, Saul H.; KAMRAR, Saul H.; KANKEL, August; KANKEL, Charles; KANKEL, Minta; KANKEL, Paul; KANKEL, Wilhelmina; KANN, Doris A.; KANN, Leon H.; KAUFFMAN, Carl S.; KAUFFMAN, Carl S.; KEGABINE, Henry; KEGABINE, Sophia; KEGABINE, William A.; KELLER, Anna; KELLER, Charlie; KELLER, Clarence; KELLER, Clarence; KELLER, Family Monument; KELLER, Jacque L.; KELLER, Mildred L.; KELLER, Ollie; KELLER, Ollie; KETELSEN, Anna C.; KETELSEN, Claus; KETELSEN, Family Monument; KETELSEN, family monument; KETELSEN, Hans; KETELSEN, Hermina; KIEL, Anna W.; KIEL, Arthur H.; KIEL, Elsie H.; KIEL, Friederica; KIEL, Henry; KIKUTS, Stanislavs; KIKUTS, Velhelmina; KINGSTRAND, Gladys; KLEPPE, Dennis G.; KLEPPE, Joan M.; KNAPP, Johnnie; KRAMER, Anna L.; KRAMER, Anna S.; KRAMER, Caroline; KRAMER, Charles W.; KRAMER, family monument; KRAMER, G. Arnold; KRAMER, George H.; KRAMER, Gladys A.; KRAMER, Henry F.; KRAMER, John W.; KRAMER, Laura C.; KRAMER, Mary S.; KRAMER, William; KRIES, Dorothy; KUBERT, A.G.; KUCHEL, Beulah; KUCHEL, Dorothea; KUCHEL, Ethel E.; KUCHEL, Ethel Jean; KUCHEL, family monument; KUCHEL, J.F.; KUCHEL, Johanna; KUCHEL, John H.; KUCHEL, Millard A.; KUCHEL, Vernie H.; KUCHEL, Virgil L.; KUCHEL, Virgil L.; KUEHN, Elizabeth; KUEHN, Minnie; KUEHN, William; KUHLMAN, Ella; KUHLMAN, Family Monument; KUHLMAN, Fred; KUHLMAN, Heinrich Wilhelm; KUHLMAN, Henry; KUHLMAN, infant daughter; KUHLMAN, Lena; KUHLMANN, Heinrich Wilhelm
L:   LAETARE, infant daughter; LANGHORST, Adolf Friedrick; LANGHORST, Bernhard; LANGHORST, family monument; LANGHORST, Mary; LARKEY, Lyle; LARKEY, Myrtle; LARKEY, William L.; LATT, Catherine; LEDINBAUGH, Mary; LEINBAUGH, Adam A.; LEINBAUGH, Arthur E.; LEINBAUGH, Darrel L.; LEINBAUGH, Donald W.; LEINBAUGH, Drucilla V.; LEINBAUGH, E. Arlene; LEINBAUGH, Esther S.; LEINBAUGH, Grace E.; LEINBAUGH, Herbert H.; LEINBAUGH, Ida M.; LEINBAUGH, Ihlo F; LEINBAUGH, Iva E.; LEINBAUGH, J.D.; LEINBAUGH, J.D.; LEINBAUGH, James Earl; LEINBAUGH, Lafe F.; LEINBAUGH, M.M.; LEINBAUGH, Robert A.; LEINBAUGH, Wayne L.; LEONARD, Edna E.; LEONARD, Joseph W.; LEONE, Gladys; LEONE EDLEMAN, Gladys; LIETZ, Amber Viola; LIETZ, Edna Marie; LIETZ, Elvira May; LIETZ, Herman; LIETZ, Herman; LILLIE, Carrie C.; LILLIE, Emmely; LILLIE, George; LILLIE, George H.; LILLIE, Hilton M.; LINNEY, Anna; LINNEY, Family Monument; LINNEY, Grace L.; LINNEY, J.G.; LINNEY, Jennie; LINNEY, Joshua; LINNEY, Sarah E.; LITTERER, Kenneth; LITTERER, Muriel; LOESCH, Family Monument; LOESCH, Lydia; LOESCH, Mary; LOESCH, Mary E.; LOESCH, Rosa; LOESCH, Rosa; LOESCH, Valentine; LOESCH, William; LOESCH, William H.; LONG, Elizabeth; LONG, family monument; LONG, J.E.; LONG, John; LONG, Nancy; LOUISFELD, Amelia; LOUISFIELD, Augusta; LOUISFIELD, C. Amelia; LOUISFIELD, Charlotte; LOUISFIELD, Charlotte; LOUISFIELD, family monument; LOUISFIELD, Fredrick; LOUISFIELD, Hilda; LOUISFIELD, Mary L.; LOUISFIELD, Susannab; LOUISFIELD, Wilhelmine; LOUISFIELD, William; LUCKOW, Edith M.; LUCKOW, Urban G.; LYMAN, Benjamin; LYMAN, Emily M.; LYMAN, family monument
M:   MACHANDE, Florence; MACHANDE, Herman Henry; MACHANDE, Herman Henry; MALAMPHY, Arlene; MALAMPHY, Max; MALAMPHY, Michael John; MARCH, Claude J.; MARCH, Ruth Eleanor; MARCH, Sue Ann; MAXWELL, Sarah E.; MAYNARD, Alvin Leroy; MAYNARD, Alvin Leroy; MAYNARD, Irene; MAYNARD, James L.; MCCARTER, Amanda; MCCARTER, Family Monument; MCCARTER, Minnie J.; MCCARTER, Minnie J.; MCCARTER, Phebe J.; MCCARTER, R.; MCCONAUGHY, B.E.; MCCONAUGHY, Family Monument; MCCONAUGHY, Florence E.; MCCONAUGHY, L.; MCCONAUGHY, Salem W.; MCMILLIN, Charles H.; MCMILLIN, Family Monument; MCMILLIN, John H.; MCMILLIN, Sarah M.; MCNEALEY, Louise M.; MERRICK, Bernice; MERRICK, Paul; MEWES, Dora; MILLER, Anna; MILLER, Anna E.; MILLER, Earl H.; MILLER, Fidelia; MILLER, Frieda E.; MILLER, John; MILLER, John A.; MILLER, Mary; MILLER, Mary; MILLER, Melvin Boyd; MILLER, W.H.; MILLER SHERMAN, Marie; MILLS, Herbert; MILLS, Minnie; MOELLER, Ludwig; MOHL, Alice M.; MOHL, Alma F.; MOHL, Carl A.; MOHL, Christ; MOHL, Christ; MOHL, Christ; MOHL, Dora; MOHL, Edward C.; MOHL, Emma; MOHL, family monument; MOHL, Fred; MOHL, Gary E.; MOHL, Lena; MOHL, Marie; MOHL, Marie I.; MOHL, Marie Julia; MOHL, William C.; MOHR, Albert H.; MOHR, Amaline; MOHR, Christina; MOHR, Dickie A.; MOHR, Edward; MOHR, Elizabeth F.; MOHR, Elsie F.; MOHR, Emil P.; MOHR, F.W.; MOHR, Family Monument; MOHR, Fredrick C.; MOHR, Hans W.; MOHR, Holly J.; MOHR, infant daughter; MOHR, Irene M.; MOHR, John D.; MOHR, Lester L.; MOHR, Lester L.; MOHR, Mary P.; MOHR, Ruth A.; MOHR, Sophia L.; MOHR, William D.; MOHR STEINES, Rita A.; MOMMSEN, Anna S.; MOMMSEN, Ralph H.; MUHL, Christ N.; MUHL, Christian; MUHL, Herb G.; MUHL, Ida E.; MUNSTER, Catherine; MUNSTER, Hans C.; MUNSTER, John J.; MUNSTER, Peter; MURRAY, Anna H.; MURRAY, Justus M.; MURRAY, Roy S.; MYATT, A.H.; MYATT, Anna; MYATT, Charlotte; MYATT, Edward; MYATT, Emily; MYATT, Emma; MYATT, Family Monument; MYATT, Family Monument; MYATT, Family Monument; MYATT, Frank; MYATT, Frank C.; MYATT, Fred; MYATT, Glenn C.; MYATT, Henry; MYATT, Kay E.; MYATT, Martha; MYATT, Martha F.; MYATT, Phoebe; MYATT, Thomas; MYATT, Walter H.; MYATT, Walter H.; MYATT MARCH, Ruth Eleanor
N:   NICHOL, Blanche; NICHOL, Blanche E.; NICHOL, Debby; NICHOL, Debby; NICHOL, J.B.; NICHOL, James B.; NIEBEHR HUMPHREYS, Lynda L.; NIEBUHR, Betty J.; NIEBUHR, Robert L.; NIEBUHR, Robert L.; NIPP, Amelia; NIPP, John; NIPP, Katherine; NIPP, Walter; NIPP, William; NODLE, Deby; NODLE, family monument; NODLE, John; NODLE, Ozias; NODLE, Susannah; NODURFT, A.E.; NODURFT, Andrew W.; NODURFT, Bertha C.; NODURFT, Charles B.; NODURFT, Clayton; NODURFT, G.H.; NODURFT, Lloyd C.; NODURFT, Mabel L.; NODURFT, Wilhelmina
O:   OBRAGER, Anna K.; OLSON, Milo; OLSON, Willie; OLSON MILLER, Anna; OSTER DOBLING, Arlette J.; OTT, Donald W.; OTT, Etta; OTT, John; OTT HUFFMAN, Wilhelmina
P:   PAGE, Amanda; PARIS, Eleanor; PARIS, Family Monument; PARIS, John; PARIS, Rebecca; PARIS, William S.; PAULSEN, Albertina; PAULSEN, Glatha L.; PAULSEN, Henry; PAULSEN, John J.; PAULSEN, Kristie Ann; PAULSEN, Marvin A.; PAULSEN, Minnie A.; PAULSEN, Norma A.; PAULSEN, Philomena L.; PAULSEN, Raymond A.; PAULSEN, Roy A.; PAUP, Family Monument; PAUP, G. LeRoy; PAUP, George C.; PAUP, Margaret K.; PEAR, Charles; PEAR, Ezra C.; PEAR, Ezra C.; PEAR, Family Monument; PEAR, George A.; PEAR, Mary A.; PEARSON, Florence; PENNINGROTH, Marina M.; PENNINGROTH, Roland J.; PENNINGROTH, Velda H.; PETER DUTT, Amanda; PETERSEN, Alfred P.; PETERSEN, Bernice A.; PETERSEN, L.W. "Pete"; PETERSEN, LaVonne M.; PHELPS, Allen J.; PHELPS, Family Monument; PHELPS, John Harvey; PHELPS, Katherine; PHELPS, Paul Edward; PHELPS, Paul Edward; PHELPS, Ruth D.; PHELPS PEARSON, Florence; PINGEL, Arthur W. Sr.; PISCH, Olivia Marie; PITHAN, Charley; PITHAN, Family Monument; PITHAN, Father; PITHAN, Naoma; POTRATZ, Louis; POWELL, Katherine M.; PROPST, Dillon E.; PROPST, Lorna E.; PUTNAM, Judy L.
R:   RANDOLPH, Carmaleta F.; RANDOLPH, Kenneth H.; RECHTERMAN, Lena H.; RECHTERMAN, Louis J.; RECHTERMAN, Melba L.; RECHTERMAN, Walter G.; REGGEBERG, Kenneth E.; REILING, George; REILING, Karen Sue; REILING, Viola; REYELTS, Charlotte; REYELTS, George F.; REYELTS, George F.; REYELTS, Robert H.; REYELTS, Robert H.; REYELTS, Robert Henry; RICHARDSON, Agnela Lynn; RICHARDSON, Amanda Lynn; RICHEY, Lowell; RICHEY, Mary; RICHMANN, N. Janice; RICHMANN, Raymond F.; RIPPERTON, Karen Kaye; RODEN, Caroline; RODEN, Ernst A.; RODEN, Harvey L.; RODEN, Matilda S.; RODEN, Olga K.; RODEN, Otto A.; RODEN, Thelma H.; ROHLING, Anna L.; ROHLING, Family Monument; ROHLING, Harry E.; ROHLING, Henry F.; ROHLING, Jessie L.; ROHLING, LaVanche M.; ROHLING, LaVern H.; ROHLING, Lucille M.; ROHLING, Marvin W.; ROHLING, Sophia; ROHLING, Wayne R.; ROHLING, William; ROHLING, William H.; ROHLING SCHROEDER, Jeannette L.; ROHN, Edith; ROHN, John O.; RONNFELDT, Wilhelm Johannes; ROWE, baby; ROWE, Caroline M.; ROWE, John; ROWE, Thomas H.; ROWE, Velma E.; RUGGEBERG, Amanda C.; RUGGEBERG, Bertha; RUGGEBERG, Clara; RUGGEBERG, Clara E.; RUGGEBERG, Dean A.; RUGGEBERG, Dean A.; RUGGEBERG, Dorothy; RUGGEBERG, Edward; RUGGEBERG, Elmer P.; RUGGEBERG, Emil; RUGGEBERG, Ernst; RUGGEBERG, Family Monument; RUGGEBERG, Family Monument; RUGGEBERG, Family Monument; RUGGEBERG, Frank A.; RUGGEBERG, H. Esther; RUGGEBERG, H.J.; RUGGEBERG, Harry; RUGGEBERG, Helena; RUGGEBERG, Ivan; RUGGEBERG, Josephine; RUGGEBERG, Julius; RUGGEBERG, Laura E.; RUGGEBERG, Laura M.; RUGGEBERG, Leyland Stuart; RUGGEBERG, Lizzette; RUGGEBERG, Marjorie M.; RUGGEBERG, Milton J.; RUGGEBERG, Ralph E.; RUGGEBERG, Saundra L. "Soni"; RUGGEBERG, Wilhelmina; RUGGEBERG, William; RUGGEBERG GOMEZ, Kimberly A.; RUSSELL, Mercy C.A.; RUTENBECK, Albert; RUTENBECK, Alma; RUTENBECK, Anna G.; RUTENBECK, baby son; RUTENBECK, Carl; RUTENBECK, Charles; RUTENBECK, Charles J.; RUTENBECK, Eddie; RUTENBECK, Edward J.; RUTENBECK, Emil; RUTENBECK, Emil T.; RUTENBECK, Emil T.; RUTENBECK, Emma; RUTENBECK, Family Monument; RUTENBECK, Family Monument; RUTENBECK, Fred; RUTENBECK, Fredericka; RUTENBECK, Friederich; RUTENBECK, Gustav; RUTENBECK, Gustave; RUTENBECK, Hannah C.; RUTENBECK, Hannah O.; RUTENBECK, Hilda; RUTENBECK, Ida; RUTENBECK, Ida S.; RUTENBECK, infant daughter; RUTENBECK, infant son; RUTENBECK, J. Christoph; RUTENBECK, Laura; RUTENBECK, Martha M.; RUTENBECK, Nellie; RUTENBECK, Nellie E.; RUTENBECK, Rica M.; RUTENBECK, Roy W.; RUTENBECK, Roy W.; RUTENBECK,, infant daughter
S:   SARVER, Donald H.; SARVER, Donald H.; SARVER, Donald H.; SARVER, Dorothy F.; SCHEPERS, August; SCHEPERS, Donna Fae; SCHEPERS, Elmer; SCHEPERS, Emma; SCHEPERS, Erna A.; SCHEPERS, Family Monument; SCHEPERS, Glenn; SCHEPERS, Herman; SCHEPERS, mother; SCHEPERS, Robert Hohn; SCHEPERS, Robert Hohn; SCHEPERS, Ruth; SCHEPERS, Wesley D.; SCHISCHAT, Dina F.; SCHISCHAT, Fred W.; SCHLEMMER, Carolyn C.; SCHLEMMER, Gladys A.; SCHLEMMER, William F.; SCHMIDT, Beulah L.; SCHMIDT, Grace; SCHMIDT, Harry W.; SCHMIDT, Leon H.; SCHOEN, Family Monument; SCHOEN, Fred; SCHOEN, Henry; SCHOEN, Ida; SCHOEN, Ida; SCHOEN, infant son; SCHOEN, Mary L.; SCHOFF, Anna M.; SCHOFF, Charles; SCHOFF, family monument; SCHOFF, Frederich; SCHOFF, Friederich; SCHOFF, Friederich; SCHOFF, Orben F.; SCHOFF, Wilhelmina; SCHOOP, Arthur W.; SCHOOP, Arthur W.; SCHOOP, Pauline E.; SCHROEDER, Albert C.; SCHROEDER, Anna Mae; SCHROEDER, Barbara; SCHROEDER, Carl L.; SCHROEDER, Charles J.; SCHROEDER, Esther L.; SCHROEDER, Everett H.; SCHROEDER, Family Monument; SCHROEDER, Hattie; SCHROEDER, Henry B.; SCHROEDER, Henry F.; SCHROEDER, Jeannette L.; SCHROEDER, John C.; SCHROEDER, Joseph W.; SCHROEDER, Leslie V.; SCHROEDER, Lois; SCHROEDER, Lois A.; SCHROEDER, Marea; SCHROEDER, Marie L.; SCHROEDER, Martha E.; SCHROEDER, Paul A. "Bud"; SCHROEDER, Robert A.; SCHROEDER, Ruby A.; SCHROEDER, Steven J.; SCHROEDER, Vivian M.; SCHROEDER, Wilbert "Gus"; SCHROEDER, William; SCHROEDER STOCKSTELL, Janice K.; SCHUBERT, Barbara F.; SCHUBERT, family monument; SCHUBERT, Irene; SCHUBERT, Leo R.; SCHUBERT, Leo R.; SCHULTZ, Aaron E.; SCHULTZ, Albert; SCHULTZ, Albert W.; SCHULTZ, Aleda A.; SCHULTZ, Anna C.; SCHULTZ, Anna W.; SCHULTZ, Charles F.; SCHULTZ, Dorothea; SCHULTZ, E. Arthur; SCHULTZ, Edward C.; SCHULTZ, Ella L.; SCHULTZ, Elsie E.; SCHULTZ, Esther S.; SCHULTZ, Ethel B.; SCHULTZ, Family Monument; SCHULTZ, Family Monument; SCHULTZ, family monument; SCHULTZ, Herman L.; SCHULTZ, Howard H.; SCHULTZ, infant; SCHULTZ, infant daughter; SCHULTZ, John C.L.; SCHULTZ, John C.L.; SCHULTZ, John G.; SCHULTZ, Kendra; SCHULTZ, Laura A.; SCHULTZ, Lloyd; SCHULTZ, Lloyd E.; SCHULTZ, Louis F.; SCHULTZ, Ludwig W.; SCHULTZ, Mary C.; SCHULTZ, Mary I.; SCHULTZ, Minnie F.; SCHULTZ, Paul C.; SCHULTZ, Paul C.; SCHULTZ, Ruth L.; SCHURBON, Milton F.; SCHURBON, Milton F.; SCOT, Henry J.; SCOTT, Emelia J.; SCOTT, Esther; SCOTT, family monument; SCOTT, infant daughter; SCOTT, infant son; SCOTT, Ira J.; SCOTT, Joseph; SCOTT, Joseph; SCOTT, Josephine H.; SCOTT, Kenneth E.; SCOTT, L.M.; SCOTT, Sarah; SCOTT, Sarah; SCOTT, Silas; SCOTT, William; SCOTT, William; SEVERIN, Louis; SEVERIN, Phoebe; SEYFERT, Arthur E.; SEYFERT, Edgar C.; SEYFERT, Frieda A.; SHELDON, Edmund E.; SHELDON, Eleanor M.; SHELDON, Elias S.; SHELDON, Hattie L.; SHEPERS, Clara; SHEPPARD SCHULTZ, Ruth L.; SHERMAN, Marie; SINKLER, Helen J.; SINKLER, May; SMITH, Clara B.; SMITH, Clifford E.; SMITH, Cora May; SMITH, Dennis Linn; SMITH, Donald Eugene; SMITH, Donald Eugene; SMITH, Elizabeth; SMITH, Elmer; SMITH, Marvin H.; SMITH, Marvin H.; SMITH, Nora E.; SMITH, Phyllis M.; SMITH, Roberta P.; SMITH, Thomas D.; SMITH, Viola May; SMITH, William R.; SMITH DOBLING, Julia; SNARSKIS, Alice D.; SNARSKIS, Edward; SNOEBERGER, Hilda G.; SNOEBERGER, Sam W.; SNYDER, Dillon; SNYDER, Martien; SOENKSEN JANSEN, Elizabeth; SPENCE, Susan E.; SPILLMAN, Amos S.; SPILLMAN, Lottie B.; SPINLER, Dwight Alan; STANTON, Earl L.; STANTON, Erma E.; STAVELEY, Charlotte; STAVELEY, Robert Sr.; STEEN, Mary; STEINES, Rita A.; STEINES, William I "Butch"; STENDER, Anna M.; STENDER, August C.; STENDER, Auguste; STENDER, Auguste; STENDER, Elmer Henry; STENDER, Elsie S.; STENDER, Henry O.; STENDER, Paula E.; STEPHENS, Della Mae; STEPHENS, Edith M.; STEPHENS, Lewis I.; STEPHENS RANDOLPH, Carmaleta F.; STEPHENSON, Dondiaz; STEVENSON, family monument; STEVENSON, John R.; STEVENSON, Mary A.; STEVENSON, Sarah J.; STEVENSON, Taylor L.; STOCKSTELL, Janice K.; STOCKSTELL, Ronald R.; STOFFREGEN, Ernest; STOFFREGEN, family monument; STOFFREGEN, Henry F.; STOFFREGEN, Margaret E.; STUTSMAN, Joseph; STUTSMAN, Joseph; STUTSMAN, Joseph; SYKES, Christina; SYKES, George R.; SYKES, infant; SYKES, John T.; SYKES, Pauline M.
T:   TARR, Amanda A.; TAUBMAN PHELPS, Katherine; TEEPLE, William; TEEPLE, William; TELLER, Gloria R.; THORDSEN, Edwin F.; THORDSEN, Hazel M.; TIMM, Albert F.; TIMM, Christena L.; TIMM, Emil; TIMM, Family Monument; TIMM, father; TIMM, Johann H.; TIMM, Johnnie; TIMM, Johnnie F.; TIMM, LeRoy G.; TIMM, Maria L.; TIMM, Minnie; TIMM, mother; TIMMERMAN, Gerhard; TIMMERMAN, Gerhard; TIMMERMAN, Mary; TINNEFELD, Emil; TRALAU, Margarete; TRALAU, Wilhelm
U:   UNKNOWN, Clara L.; UNKNOWN, Clara L.; UNKNOWN, John; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNKNOWN, unknown; UNRUH JANSEN, Wilhelmine; URBAN, Alice E.
V:   VAN CAMP, Janice Ruth; VETERANS, Memorial; VETERANS, Memorial; VON ESSEN, Alfred; VON ESSEN, Annabelle; VON ESSEN, Anton; VON ESSEN, Carl H.; VON ESSEN, Christine; VON ESSEN, Claus; VON ESSEN, Frida; VON ESSEN, infants; VOORHIES, Margery G.
W:   WADE, Albert; WADE, Family; WADE, Family Monument; WADE, father; WADE, Hannah L.; WADE, Laura; WADE, Lawrence S.; WADE, Lester; WADE, Mary; WADE, Mary Ann; WADE, Mary Ann; WADE, mother; WADE, Salem; WADE, Salem; WADE, Salem; WADE, Salem; WAGNER, Fred C. Jr.; WAGNER, Lucille L.; WALKER, Mildred P.; WALKER TELLER, Gloria R.; WALLACE, Charles H.; WALLACE, Leora S.; WATROUS, Muriel; WAUGH, Edward H.; WAUGH, Frieda T.; WAUGH RUGGEBERG, Saundra L. "Soni"; WAZAC, Betty Jane; WAZAC, Carl Jr.; WAZAC, Carl Sr.; WAZAC, Cynthia "Teddy"; WAZAC, Hazel E.; WAZAC, Nellie L.; WAZAC, Robert R.; WAZAC, Tony E.; WELCH, Karen Sue; WELDON, infant daughter; WENGER, Larry J.; WHITE, Blanche; WHITE, Dan A.; WHITE, Della; WHITE, Edgar L.; WHITE, John A.; WHITE, John William; WHITE, Leonard T.; WHITE, Madge D.; WHITE, Mary; WHITE, Myron K.; WHITE, Robert D.; WHITE, Robert D.; WHITE, Ruth E.; WIESE RIPPERTON, Karen Kaye; WILKEN ADRIAN, Wilma; WILL, Dorothy A.; WILL, Godfred "Bill"; WILL, Leroy O.; WILL, Lois N.; WILL, Magda; WILL, Otto; WILL, Richard L.; WILL VON ESSEN, Frida; WILLEY, Family Monument; WILLEY, Ira; WILLEY, Viola; WILLIAMS, John; WILLIAMS, Lucille; WILLIMACK, Anna; WILLIMACK, Anna; WILLIMACK, family monument; WILLIMACK, Lewis E.; WILLIMACK, Lewis Vince; WILLIMACK, Nettie E.; WILLIMACK, Vince; WILLIMACK, Vince; WILLSON, Lotan E.; WILSON, family monument; WING, Joyce A.; WITTE, Harold S.; WITTE, Marjorie A.; WOLFE BECKER, Dorothy Marie; WOOD, Laetitia; WOOD, M. Celestia; WOOD, R. Sylvia; WOOD, Stephen; WRIGHT, Ethel; WRIGHT, Janice Lynn; WRIGHT, Myrtle; WRIGHT, Norman D.; WRIGHT, Paul; WRIGHT, Vernon G.; WULF, Arnold W.; WULF, Arnold W.; WULF, Brent C.; WULF, Bruce D.; WULF, Bruce Douglas; WULF, Camilla O.; WULF, Darlene M.; WULF, Darlyn; WULF, Dorothea E.; WULF, Elizabeth; WULF, Ella S.; WULF, Elmer A.; WULF, Evelyn J.; WULF, family monument; WULF, family monument; WULF, Floyd; WULF, Gordon A.; WULF, Henry; WULF, Howard L.; WULF, infant; WULF, Joan H.; WULF, John; WULF, Julia; WULF, LaVancha; WULF, Lillian D.; WULF, Lloyd A.; WULF, Lorraine E.; WULF, Louis P.; WULF, Lowell A.; WULF, Lowell Arnold; WULF, Merlin; WULF, Norma; WULF, Norma M.; WULF, Otto F.; WULF, Ruby H.; WULF, William; WULF, William J.; WURSTER, Cheryl K.; WURSTER, William G.
Y:   YOST, Charles W.; YOST, Emmett L.; YOST, Irena E.; YOST, Meriba; YOUNG, Ezra F.; YOUNG, LaVanchie B.
Z:   ZOOK, Ella; ZOOK, Joseph; ZOOK, Nancy; ZOOK, Nancy

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